that he says 'heck' all the time


I was talking to my friend about Voltron(mostly Lance of course) when I came up with some Lance angst. I typed it all up and thought I should share so here it goes.

I sometimes lie awake at night unable to sleep because i have no idea what Allura was going to say about the blue lion before Lance interrupted her. That and how the information applies to his role on the team.

I know that people are all like “Keith always jumps in to save shiro” and all that jazz but what about Mr. “save Coran from explosion” Mr. “Desperately misses his family” Mr. “mom’s hugs”

So what if they get seperated and Lance does whatever the heck he has to in order to bring them back together

And when he finally succeeds he’s got new scars and a solemn maturity about him

he still jokes around from time to time but subtly does whatever he can to make sure they are always safe

Checking on the crystal, running regular system diagnostics, making sure each of their comm systems are working properly, running checkups on each of the lions, always bugging the team about helmet safety, asking Coran to teach him about Common Diplomatic courtesies so he doesn’t accidentally cause hardship when they meet with new Kingdoms and governments

never allowing the team to see him shirtless any more because he doesn’t know how he would deal with the questions when they see his heavily scarred chest and/or back

but of course someone sees him when he’s not paying attention. he’s facing away from the door when they walk in casually but then they freeze and dart out and press their back to the wall in their room a hand over their mouth trying to hold back tears or panic or both depending on who it is

Edit: I typed this up on my phone so excuse formatting

Nearly every celeb bromance at least one idol says “isn’t that a place for couples?” “Is it okay just the two of us?” “Isn’t this a little strange?” BUT WHEN JAEBUM SAYS IT IT’S A GOD DAMN UPROAR. Shut. Up. We all know how shy he is and how embarrassed he gets, we could have all guessed he’d respond that way, not because he’s homophobic but because his friend is making him go on a date while being recorded!!!!

He literally went on a date with our own Youngjae, walked around the park holding hands, laid in a tent together, and was cute as heck. He isn’t super touchy all the time like Jackson, but when you do see skinships with the members it’s so meaningful and heartfelt, he’s hung out with known lgbtq+ members and had no problem with it. He isn’t homophobic, had he been on ‘So We Got Married’ the whole time he would have been just as embarrassed and asking if it was really okay for them to do these things so sit down and shut up about this.
J2 Houscon panel summary

-J2 walk out to huge applause from the crowd. They do their typical jump at the end of the introduction song.

-They start off by asking how everyone liked the new episode and thanking all the fans for helping them get renewed for a 13th season!

-Jared and Jensen both say something containing y’all and say that they hope everyone is enjoying the “y’all” drinking game. Both proceed to say y’all about 5 more times.

-The y’all thing reminds Jared of a story. One time he and Genevieve were driving through Amarillo and got pulled over for speeding. Jared and the cop were talking about the ticket and Gen kept making faces at the police officer. After the office left Jared asked Gen what the heck she was doing making faces at a police officer. She responded that she couldn’t understand a single word the cop had been saying because his Texas accent was so thick. Jared said he understood every word.

-Fan asks the boys if they could film anywhere where would it be? Jared responds with a loud TEXAS (the crowd cheers). Then, more seriously, he responds with Austin, his favorite place in the world. Jensen says he would love to film in the Grand Canyon, or any other place with natural beauty in the US, the stuff you can’t fake on a set…

-During one of the questions, Jared says to Jensen, “Hey! We are brothers.” Jensen, acting exasperated responds with, “Actually… we’re not.”

-A fan asks if the show ran for 30 years, would they still want to continue? The boys have fun with the answer. Jared jokes that Jensen will be 80 years old in 30 years and Jensen gives Jared a glare. Jared then asks the crowd if they would still watch the show in 30 years, to which the crowd gives a loud cheer. Jared then answers more seriously. He says whatever life brings them… He’d be up for a movie, or even shorter season in the future (like 4-6 episodes). Jensen says there is no magic number they are trying to reach.

-The same fan asks if they have had any supernatural experiences of their own? Jared talks about a time he was staying in a hotel in Austin. Jensen talks about some stuff that happened last week while they were filming in an old mental hospital. He said right before they were about to role sound an old light fixture in the hospital just fell and shattered all over the floor without anyone touching it. He also talked about how he and Jared convinced the liaison to let them walk around the supposedly haunted 4th floor. The boys went when it was night time so they had to borrow Sam and Dean’s flashlights. The liaison showed them a tiled room she refuses to go into, because it was where they used to do electroshock therapy. Jensen gets excited and walks right into the room and jumps in the tub. He says he has a false sense of security when it comes to the supernatural, because he has been playing Dean for so long.

-Another fan asks J2’s opinions on grapes. Jared says he prefers frozen and green. Jensen says he used to be a green grape man, but now he likes red.

-Fan asks if Sam and Dean came with a warning label what would it be? Jensen says, feed often… or else (for Dean). Jared says, might contain gas, don’t start fire… (for Sam).

-Someone asks what their favorite monster to hunt is? Jared says he enjoyed hunting fairies. Jensen says, good old fashioned ghosts… vampires are too easy. Jared then says, what about zombies? The boys then proceed to act out how easy escaping a zombie would be. Jared is the zombie and is following Jensen around the stage, but Jensen just keeps walking away.

-A fan asks if they could choose a happy ending for Sam, Dean, and Cas what would it be? Jared says he doesn’t think the show will end until the boys both die. Jensen agrees and says it must end tragically.

-Someone asks Jensen if he remembers filming Ten-Inch Hero, and he jokes that no, he forgot about it. The fan continues to ask what was his favorite moment from filming, and didn’t he start dating his wife during filming? He says yes, and that his favorite moment was starting to date his wife.

-A girl asks what advice they have for an aspiring actor? Jensen says to get involved, and to be resilient. Jared talks about how he had thousands of failed audition pages laying around his apartment in LA when he was doing Gilmore Girls. He tells the girl to just remember to remind yourself why you care about acting.

-Fan asks what their favorite moment/ proudest moment with kids has been? Both Js say they could never pick just one. Jensen talks about how last week JJ was over at the Padalecki’s house and she and the boys were playing hide and seek. Tom accidentally smashed her finger in a door and she started crying.  As soon as JJ started crying Tom did too. He kept saying he was sorry to JJ over and over. JJ looked at Tom and said, “It’s ok Tom, I forgive you.”

-Someone asks if Dean would be ok with having Crowley as a hunting partner? Jensen says it reminding him of a Dick Cheney story.

-A woman asks who they would recast in the Avengers if they could? This sparks lots of different answers from both the boys and the audience. Castiel would be Pepper Potts. Crowley would be the Hulk. Sam might be Hawkeye, because he gets beat up a lot. Dean would be Captain America.

-The band comes out and calls for the last question. Jensen heads over to the keyboard and starts playing a soulful/romantic version of the last question song. Jared eventually joins him. Finally, the fan asks the question. What is the ultimate goal for AKF? (Jensen is still playing the soulful keyboard melody). Jared says his goal is to allow young people to keep spreading the love.

-The boys both hug the fan, Jensen sings a little, and the panel ends.

Punk!Percy Girly!Annabeth

Okay just a little one. Percy cussing all the time. Like if the sun was in his eyes, or someone looked at him wrong, or just any and all inconveniences. Him cussing like a sailor. So then you have Annabeth who doesn’t even say hell or damn. So when they start going out Annabeth really cracks down on Percy’s foul language and doesn’t like it when he slips. Percy trying his hardest not to cuss, but instead of saying the generic alternative cuss words like friggin, crap, darn or heck he makes up his own on the spot. Him yelling at the top of lungs “Son of a bed post” “Holy Mother of blue teddy bears” then him just making up words that make no sense at all like (my personal alternative cuss words) “Schiznuts” “Crabnuggets” “Fudge muffins” Percy doing this because he loves Annabeth’s smile and laugh when she hears his alternative cuss words that make no sense at all. 


Are you kidding me?!

Okay, I’m a huge fan of Destiel, but why the heck are people still hounding them about making Destiel canon? It’ll never be canon! How many times do they have to say it, Destiel will never happen!

I’m bursting my own bubble to tell you all that every scene Cas and Dean has, every moment they share are not hints of them loving each other romantically. As you can see from previous episodes, even from ones before Cas appeared, Dean cares for his friends and family. He treats them differently from how he treats other people. He holds them close and never lets go, no matter what bad decisions they make and the same is with Cas.

Cas is like a brother to Dean, his best friend.

I can see why people like the ship, I absolutely love it myself, but if you can’t keep your fantasies to the fandom instead of harassing the actors about something that will never happen, then you need to step away from the fandom and seriously think about what you’re doing and how it’s affecting others.

And now that Jensen has stated what they have been saying for years in this blunt manner, to get through y'alls heads that Destiel will never be canon, you guys want to attack him for it?

What the heck kind of fans are y'all that y'all attack him over SM for stating the truth?! For goodness sake, you guys are the reason we Destiel fans are labeled as ‘aggressive’, ‘rude’, and so many other negative things.

If you’re attacking Jensen and Jared for what Jensen said, you’re not true fans.

Because true fans will burst their own bubbles, take off their Destiel tinted Gucci sunglasses, and see that there is a line and crossing it is the worse thing you could do to another person.

If you can’t ship properly, get out of this fandom and learn how to be a decent person. No one wants to see anyone attacking our favorite actors just for saying the truth about a ship that will never happen.

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Over the summer Tsukki goes on exchange trip to America for like two weeks or something and he can't talk to yams because of the time difference but when he gets back he has a Statue of Liberty headband on and says that after leaving New York he spent the weekend in Texas before he flew back. Tsukki didn't mean to but he picked up Texas slang like saying y'all and shit. Yams thinks it's cute and the team is confused because who the heck knows what y'all is in japan?🌸

Tsukki also says something along the lines of “Y'all’d’ve…” and everyone’s heads explode.

- mod ri

i’ll be honest and say i’m not mad or worked up at all lol (partially because of how detached I am from the show in general but also bc i’m just going with the flow of what the writers dish out) 

even tho i’m chill, i’m still not about to excuse robert. holy heckin heck!! he done did wrong, plain & simple. he’s not a literal toddler or a fresh-faced teen navigating his first relationship. the man knows that his actions are wrong. he’s fucking 30. he’s dealt with this shit many, many times–including while with aaron. he knows better, i expect better, and aaron and robert both deserve better.

he’s self-destructive and foolish whenever he becomes afraid that he is alone or too weak to cope with something. so i understand him, and i think the writers wrote him well and in-character. i have no anger toward the writers, and i’m glad they stayed true to robert because it makes it easy to know what to think. it soothes me to know that this is just robert being his typical afraid self not him actually lusting for someone else. there is no legitimate threat to the authenticity of robert and aaron’s love. there is, however, a threat to their trust and health.

which is why i won’t excuse robert. a grown man had better be accountable for his actions no matter how tragically flawed he may be. i’m looking forward to him coming clean to aaron in a sincere, heartbreaking, tears-filled scene. i’m betting on rob taking responsibility tbh. that’s been the trend lately–he fucks up, but then he actually deals with the fall-out now rather than throwing people into grain silos.

anyway, weird sl lmao

a collection of my favorite aaron tveit stories

  • he left next to normal when he got cast in wicked but the producer of wicked encouraged him to go back to next to normal because he thought it was going to be a hit. aaron went back to next to normal and it was a hit, and aaron gave the wicked producer a hand-embroidered pillow that said “you were RIGHT!”
  • he loves baking sweet potato pies and says he usually eats the whole thing himself
  • he is known for always knowing all his lines and everybody elses but one time his parents visited the set of graceland and he couldn’t remember anything and he kept messing up just because he knew his parents were watching
  • a fan sent him a bobblehead of himself with no letter or anything with it, so he didn’t know “who in the heck” gave it to him. later on, that fan met him at the stage door for catch me if you can and asked if he’d gotten the bobblehead and he “attacked” and hugged her and told her how much he loves it and how he always makes its head wobble for his friends
  • at the 2013 audience choice awards there was an open bar and aaron had to help present a few awards part of the way through:
  • his first week in wicked on broadway he tripped and fell over on stage and the audience laughed at him and he jumped back up and kept going
  • with his fiyero outfit: “i didn’t like it. it was all up in my neck business.”
  • when asked what his favorite breed of dog is, he went on a big tangent about different breeds, how he just loves all dogs, how you should rescue dogs if you can, and how the most important thing is that you love it and take care of it
  • when asked if he prefers cats or dogs: “dogs all the way. cats and i have an understanding, but we choose not to interact often.”
  • he had a giant head when he was a kid so the other kids called him “aaron airhead” and he went home and told his mom and she said “that’s because you have a lot of brains”
  • his stuntman for graceland is indiana jones in disney world. aaron is very excited about this
  • in high school, aaron was the lead in all the musicals, played three sports, worked construction with his dad in the summers, and was the president of a business club he created. he then was offered a full-ride scholarship to an ivy league school (cornell) but turned it down to study music and acting. also, aaron can’t spell the word “pink”
  • everything about this moment (she’d given them cards for a game):
  • and in that ^^ same interview he bashfully complimented the interviewer for her “nice, yellow dress”
  • he loves to golf and says golf commentary relaxes him
  • he used to make up “five-act plays” for himself when he was on tour with rent, to entertain himself. aaron says: “i thought everyone was like this!”
  • re: people making fun of him for the things he likes: "that wouldn’t be very good :(”
  • he can clap with one hand and says that that’s his special talent. forget that he is a broadway singer, can play several instruments, speaks more than one language, etc etc. he can clap with one hand, and he is very proud

A quick little comic of my experience doing Yuusong’s route in Mystic Messenger so far. The first panel is almost a direct quote from one of the phone calls he has on day 4. Yeah…

I’m on day 7 and I can definitely say that Yuusong is really not impressing me. He was cute at the beginning, but now he’s just border stalkerish and I’m not having a good time. I knew I should have just paid the $2 to just go after Jumin’s route. Or maybe Zen’s route would have been a little more chill in the stalker department, heck, I’m really enjoying the interaction with Jaehee too. Over all I’m really impressed with the game, and I’m just hoping Yuusong’s route gets better.

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now that victor is around and helps edit KY's stuff Phichit teases/jokes that Victor is putting him out of an editing job

LOLOLOL Yes they have this conversation all the time but ofc Phichit is just kidding. Whenever Victor edits Yuuri’s works all he really ends up doing is writing little hearts and emoji faces everywhere and Yuuri sighs and says “Victor, I love you but this really isn’t helpful”

Victor complains that it’s all so perfect and that there’s NOTHING to edit. Then he sees Phichit’s thousands of notes (because it’s a book, and books are always edited the heck out of before they’re released) and he’s like “oh”

Some times I’m all for Harry figuring out his sexuality during hogwarts and he’s open about it with everyone (I always wanted Cedric to bring out Harry’s gay side honestly).


I’m also in love with Harry figuring his sexuality out after the war. When the weight is lifted off Harry’s shoulders and he can think for once. He may have even married Ginny due to rushing things and thinking he’d be so much happier. He may have subconsciously married Ginny out of love when actually Harry feared he’d lose the weasleys and he thought he needed a position to actually be part of the family. Harry slowly figures himself out. Step by step. He meets Draco and it’s fucking magical.


I’ve had enough of poor salty men wasting my time then calling me just a ‘stupid slut’ when I refuse to meet with them for 2 hours of sex for £80.

They’re on a sugar daddy website and are looking for escorts! They just want sex, heck I’ve come across a man on there boasting how he’s never paid out because 'there’s girls just wanting to be fucked on here’ !!!!

Please can we team together as a force and say something to SA!
We need to be given the option to have them kicked of the site for wasting everyone’s time if they get so many complaints/votes against them!

Please can we at least try cause it’s really grinding me down atm. I feel like I’m just going on there to argue.

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How did this happen guys??
This blog was suppose to be a side project but now I’d say it was my main blog xD I’ve met such wonderful friends here and I know I’m currently going through a bit of a hard time at the moment ~ so thank you all for sticking with me when all my ooc posts have been me basically having mood swings <3

Hopefully you’ve still been enjoying interacting with Atem whenever I have been able to get content out ^.^ I really do love this muse and I wish to thank everyone for helping me to make this muse into the awkward mess that he is. It has been one heck of a ride and I can’t wait to see what else awaits - no doubt plenty of Angst. We all know how much I love my emotional roller coasters. 

Okays all the sappy stuff and a general follow forever will be under the cut: 

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Taking a Trip to the Mall: AC Edition

Altair: spends all his time playing those coin-operated games that never let you win… and when he wins he loses interest and goes into a shop where they sell shoes… and gets bored as heck. Takes some of the load off of Edward when Jacob and Ezio start buying too much. Tries not to let Jacob or Shay wander off, but gets lost briefly himself before rejoining the group.

Ezio: enjoys going clothes shopping, but the advertisements and such really get to him… and he insists on taking his shirt off in the Abercrombie and Fitch. He doesn’t get kicked out, but is instead offered a job as a “model” for the shop. He takes the job, and spends a short shift showing off, much to Desmond’s embarrassment and the delight of teenaged girls.

Edward: wants ice cream. Would rather see if there’s a liquor and smoke shop than anything else, but grudgingly carries some of Ezio’s purchases. Tries to ogle the women in the displays at Victoria’s Secret, but the stuff he’s carrying is too much and too heavy. Knocks down several mannequins at Macy’s and gets politely asked to leave.

Haytham: goes into the “manly” shops, and the tea shops. Buys a shaving kit, and finds a kid toy that he gives to Connor (who promptly loses it). Tries coffee from three places until he’s found a cup that is satisfying. Gets tired of Connor complaining that all coffee tastes the same, and sends him away without telling Desmond. Takes interest in some of the books at the bookstores Evie wants to see, and makes a mental note to borrow some of them from the library.

Connor: Haytham banishes him to the children’s play area on the third floor, but he sneaks out and looks at all the sporting goods stores. None of it really seems useful or necessary to him, but he buys a pocket multitool for the heck of it with money he “borrowed” from Desmond. Cuts his finger on accident trying to figure out how to take it out of the package, and gets kicked out of a toy store for trying to “liberate” the stuffed Bambi toys.

Arno: goes into jewelry shops, looking for something nice to give as a gift, but can’t decide what looks best. Gets annoyed and slightly overwhelmed at the salesperson who is trying to rush him into buying something he doesn’t want to commit to yet. Secretly thinks that the stuff on display in some of the stores are ridiculous. Goes inside one clothing store to correct them on the spelling/conjugation of the French on their adverts, and gets escorted out.

Shay: goes into a Sephora or a MAC on accident and somehow ends up getting a makeover. After he escapes this torture, he tries to find a bathroom so he can wash it all off, but gets lost. Ends up buying a bottle of water and using it to rinse off his face with a packet of tissues. Tries to find the group, but gets distracted by a rotating pretzel display. Somehow ends up breaking a plate or something in Williams-Sonoma and runs like heck and hides for an hour, then resumes his aimless wandering.

Jacob: is all over the place, buying all sorts of crazy junk, and trying to get Edward to carry it for him, promising it’ll “only be a while”, but he ditches Edward at some point to go look at video games and ends up spending hours playing games in the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store without clue nor care as to the time or the location of the others. When he gets hungry he buys a bunch of those upside-down clown ice creams from Baskin-Robbins and eats them in the Kid’s Area (third floor).

Evie: immediately finds the nearest book and stationery stores and tries to get Desmond to buy her almost everything, but resigns herself to less items and chooses a more reasonable amount. Asks Haytham politely to help her carry some of her books (to which he agrees in good humour, as he has already found his coffee). Takes an interest in some of the trendy smoothie and FroYo stores, and decides to come back later to get some.

Desmond: has a very taxing day paying for all sorts of things that he’s pretty sure are going to be ignored (with the exception of Evie and her books and stationery). He’s pretty sure he maxed out his credit card, and is all out of cash money. He plans on going to the bank, but without everyone (perhaps just Evie and/or Haytham) tagging along. Wonders where Shay, Connor, and Jacob ended up, and has to load everyone else into the van (how else could they all get there when Desmond is the only one who can drive?) and embark on a search party with Evie as Haytham keeps an eye on everyone else.


Anon I don’t know if you knew this, but I adore the ‘family survives major incident but assumes the other is dead’ trope. It’s one of my favorites and ends up in stories of mine all the time, so I am 100% behind Jamie having a sibling out there somewhere. Heck. With as little canon as we have, he could.

Also can I just say that I’m so glad Rat with two moms caught on? Like, I almost exclusively see him as written with those specific parents and that makes me so happy to see!

Himalayan yak chews? no, suspicious

Bully sticks? no, suspicious

All natural bone? heckin heck yeah, says Mommy Nature’s boy Asher

okay imagine calum asking you one night a secret so you’re like ??? the fuck can i tell him, he already knows a lot so you’d think about it for a few minutes and then you’d give up, not finding anything interesting to say so you guys would carry on doing whatever you’re doing and hours later you’d finally find something “oh that’s actually quite bad” and calum would be like “what the heck are you talking about?” and you’d say you’d been keeping a secret for a very long time so he’d have all of his attention on you and when he’d hear you’ve been using this weird nickname to talk about him with your friends his face would be so priceless like he’d be amused, but at the same time he’d be a bit mad like “Richard? Do i look like a Richard or what?” and you’d just laugh and respond with a negative answer and he’d keep asking questions about it and you wouldn’t give much away and he’d ask you to never call him richard behind his back again and aww i can so easily imagine his amused but a bit upset face and it’s making me upset now

You know what would make a good story?

Just Kaze, Rinkah, and Corrin trekking all the way to Shirasagi Castle. I mean do you even see how long the distance is?

There’s no way that journey was uneventful! Like man, all the possibilities!

(warning: spoilers under the cut)

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TMNT Boyfriends: Michelangelo

Mikey is an amazing boyfriend.
His S.O. is his world, the light of his life. Being a mutant turtle, he can’t really give you everything he thinks you deserve, so he tries to make up for that by living you endlessly.

Confessing: Mikey’s main concern (beside getting turned down) would be you not taking him seriously. Yeah, he’s a flirty goof ball but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you with his entire heart. He would go to Leo for advice, which would be some what weird but very helpful.

PDA: Mikey is all over PDA. He’s constantly holding and kissing you everywhere you go. Heck, he’ll even make out with you in public! PDA makes him smile and flirt more then normal.

Dates: Mikey is always planning something to do. Movie marathons, pizza runs, gaming together, let’s say we’re going to watch tv and then make out on the couch dates.

First Kiss: For the first time ever, Mikey is actually kind of scared. What if you don’t want to kiss him? What if you think the kiss is weird and gross? It would take a couple of tries for him to get into the groove, but he figures it out.

Making Out: Meet the King of Making Out. He’s also The king of something else, but we’ll talk about that later. Anyway. Mikey makes out any place, any time. His place, your place, the couch, the kitchen, literally any where.

The First Time: Mikey is stoked. The baby turtle will finally be a baby no more. He wants it to be romantic and beautiful. He’d ask to spend the night at your place and go on over. Comes back in the morning and he’s actually glowing.

His Perfect S.O.: Someone who he can goof off with but still be seriously in love as well. You can game together and laugh like crazy, but he can still be heavy with you. Someone who supports him 100%.

His Family: At first, his bros wouldn’t reall take the relationship seriously. But they would finally see how much Mikey cares and be happy. Master Splinter, who understands Mikey’s big heart, would be incredibly happy.