that he refuses to put back where it belongs

True love// Draco x muggleborn! Reader

I’ve gotten multiple requests for this topic so I’m just doing the one– imagine where Draco’s dating a muggleborn reader


You walked down the hallway and you passed a group of fellow Slytherin students. You heard the usual insults that you heard almost everyday. ‘Filthy mudblood’'Go back where you came from. You don’t belong here.’ You simply shook your head and continued on to class. Every little while you would be mocked or things would’ve been thrown at your head by other housemates. They were probably just upset that a muggleborn got into Slytherin.

After everything your housemates put you through, you refused to tell Draco in fear that he would get upset or start a fight with someone. You kept everything bottled up. Day after day the same group of boys did they same things. You grew more and more tired of the whole situation. You decided to skip lunch and go to the library. Reading always calmed you down a bit. You found a quiet corner with your favorite book and spent your time reading. You assumed that everyone left so you were sure that you wouldn’t be bothered.

After a few minutes you heard laughter explode through the room. You sighed before standing up to put your book away. You looked around to see who decided to disturb your peace and quiet but you ducked down quickly realizing that it was those boys.During school you weren’t scared by them, because you knew that they wouldn’t do any harm to you but if you were ever alone with them then you were worried as to what they would do to you then. You hid behind a book shelf and listened to their conversation. ‘I wish I could just hex that stupid no good mudblood. She doesn’t deserve to be in Slytherin and she doesn’t deserve any of the respect she has.’All the boys laughed obnoxiously. You heard someone call for them outside of he library and they all left. You quickly put your book back and rushed out before they couldn’t see you.

You went to find Draco, you needed to tell him what was going on. Not because you wanted him to do something, but just so he was aware so he could protect you. You found him in the common room talking to Blaise. You stood there for a minute before letting out a cough. Draco turned to face you, and right away he knew something was wrong. “Something the matter love?” You simply nodded but looked over at Blaise, who had his concentration on something else. Draco gave you a small nod and you two headed up to his dorm. He checked the dorm then closed the door behind him. You sat on his bed and he eventually joined you.

He grabbed your hand and you gave him a small smile. “Now care to tell me what’s wrong?” Draco asked you. You looked into his eyes as yours became a bit blurry, you wiped a stray tear from your face. “A couple of guys have been bothering me.. they are mad at how I’m in Slytherin even though I’m muggleborn. They call me names like mudblood and they throw things at me. And today they almost caught me in the library.” Draco’s face was full of rage. He stood up of the bed, his face was redder and he looked upset. “This has to stop! I’ll tell my father, hell do something about this!” You let out a quiet scoff. Draco gave you a confused look. “What would you tell him hm? That your muggleborn girlfriend is being patronized by purebloods and he needs to stop it? Your father would agree with the boys who are doing this to me! You too were standing by now. Draco’s head fell and he sighed. ”I’m sorry love, I just- I want you to be safe.“You walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck. You placed your head below his chin. “That’s why I told you. Because I knew that if you knew, you could protect me. You have power over them and they listen to you.”

You looked up at him, and gave him a small kiss. “I love you y/n, I don’t care if your not a pureblood like me. Your better than any other wizard or witch I’ve met. And I’ll do nothing to keep you safe.” Draco looked down and smiled at you. He gave you a kiss on the top of your head. “i love you too Draco. No matter what.” He wrapped his arms around your waist. You two stayed like that for a while. “Why don’t we go for a walk? It will take your mind off of things.” Draco offered. You smiled a little. “i would love that” You intertwined your fingers with his and you two headed out the door.