that he refuses to put back where it belongs

Burning Low

“You’re not going to believe me,” Yuuri insists.

“No piece of dog related information can be kept from me, Yuuri.”

Yuuri huffs, buries his face in Makkachin’s fur. They’re lying on Viktor’s bed, atop plush sheets, the hum of Euro pop soft in the background. Yuuri’s wearing ratty sweatpants and a T-shirt, dotted with the occasional curl of Makkachin’s hair. Viktor can’t look away. Their fingers are laced over the poodle’s plump belly, something that keeps happening, ever since the Cup of China. There are two periods in Viktor’s life: B.C., Before China, and after. Viktor loves the after.

“Vicchan was a stray,” Yuuri mumbles.

Viktor tries not to laugh. “Oh, love, I know there were posters in your room with my face on them– you can say you bought Vicchan.”

Viktor,” Yuuri whines, burying his face into Makkachin. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Okay, okay,” Viktor chuckles. “So Vicchan was a stray.” He wiggles over the top of Makkachin, presses a kiss to Yuuri’s forehead.

“Yeah,” Yuuri breathes, soft. “When I found him and brought him back to the onsen, soaked in muddy puddle water and curls all matted, I thought he was some kind of gift from god. A poodle all my own. So I could be just like you.”

“Clearly, your parents agreed.” The brown eyes flicker up to him, twinkling.

“No,” Yuuri admits. “They told me Vicchan probably belonged to someone else. That we had to put up signs saying we’d found him.” He snorts gently through his nose. “…I sobbed for hours.” Makkachin snuffles, licks Yuuri’s cheek. “I plucked up Vicchan and locked myself in my room–my parents had to talk me down through the door. They told me they knew I loved Vicchan, but that maybe there was some other little boy out there missing him, loving him.”

“And you,” Viktor says, “my softhearted Yuuri, you were willing to give him back.”

Yuuri presses his lips together. Amused. “No,” he contradicts again, quietly. “That didn’t work. After all, who could love Vicchan more than me? I refused to put up the Found Dog signs up because of that.” There’s a pause, and Viktor fills in the gap. Until. “Then, they told me that Vicchan could be missing the place where he belonged.”

“Oh, Yuuri,” Viktor says. Maybe they shouldn’t discuss Yuuri’s dog– sometimes when he looks at Makkachin, the cinnamon eyes still glaze over.

“How could I take Vicchan away from what he loved? So we put up signs,” Yuuri finishes, smile small. “I was ready to give him up. Ready, even if it broke my heart.” Their fingers tighten across Makkachin’s belly, and it’s natural to lean forward and kiss him, all ruffled hair and round cheeks, gentle eyes. Viktor’s Yuuri. Viktor’s everything.

“Let’s end this,” Yuuri says, in Barcelona. The man who is his everything, and he wants to end it.

You don’t have to break your heart, Viktor thinks. Oh, you don’t have to break your heart

How do you sleep? // Theo Raeken x Reader


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Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count : 760- ish

Summary : you get stuck with Theo at a Motel California room.

note : Let’s pretend Theo is in season 3 and motel California and plays lacrosse. I’m Theo Trash. 

Warning : very fluffy

not my gif. hope you like it! 


You walk in the room, Theo followed closely.  You were best friends with Lydia and Allison but they were better friends so they decided to bunk together, you got stuck with Theo since you got into the pack very recently too. You were very sceptical about him but still treated him like a friend. You were a banshee like Lydia but with stronger powers but you couldn’t control them, at all. Not even a bit. You were working on it.

You put your phone down on the side table, you just wanted to get out of your tight jeans, you cussed at yourself saying ‘shouldn’t have worn these just because my butt looked good’ you think to yourself and tug at the belt loop pacing around the room.

“You look comfortable” Theo comments putting his bag on the side of the room. You roll your eyes, “thanks” you reply sarcastically. you kept pacing, right when you turn around to face him, you are hit in the face with something soft, cloth, you pull it off your face, it was his jersey. You smile a little at him, almost saying thank you through gestures.

You quickly change into it, it almost fitted you like a dress so you weren’t uncomfortable. He was already lay on the bed with legs crossed at the ankles and his hands under the back of his head. He was in his sweat pants, only. He looked handsome, very handsome. You shrug off all the thoughts that might result in you jumping on him and get on the bed.

“Looks good on you” he compliments and you die a little on the inside. “Thanks” you mutter, you had never seen him from this ‘I-want-to-jump-you’ perspective. you sit on the bed mimicking his actions. “So, I had a question” you start looking up at the ceiling.

“How do you sleep?”

He looks at you completely confused, “I close my eyes and try to relax?” he says which almost came out like a question. He didn’t understand what you meant.

“I mean, do you sleep like a starfish, like take up the whole bed? Do you drool, oh do you snore? If you snore I swear I’ll push you off this bed” you say everything that comes to mind. He shakes his head, “I won’t interrupt your beauty sleep if that’s what you’re asking” he says looking over. You smile sheepishly, “Neither will I” you say to him, you look around, you weren’t that sleepy. “Stay on your side okay?” You say, sorta warn, but you weren’t sure if you were warning him or telling yourself to stay on your side.  

He chuckled “Sure” and slowly turned around to the other side, facing away from you. You immediately said “No, no” and pull his arm to turn his face to your face. “I don’t like that” you say vaguely.

“Don’t like what? Me getting comfortable?” he asks raising an eyebrow and turning on his side to face you.

“I don’t like it when people sleep with their backs to my face” you say and he was completely lost.

“That makes no sense, whatsoever” he says obviously wanting more info on the issue.

“If they turn on you when you’re sleeping, they will turn on you when you’re awake” you state.

“You’re an irrational weirdo” he says and grins while shaking his head, he was amused.  “It just makes me uncomfortable” you say hugging yourself after pulling the flimsy blanket cloth over you.  His jersey smelled like his cologne which was heavenly. You close your eyes and slowly try to drift into sleep.

You couldn’t sleep on your back, neither could he. You were completely restless. He groaned. “(Y/N) what are you doing?” he asked. “I can’t sleep” you complain. He quietly puts his hand on your waist and flips you to your side, facing away from him. “No. No” You refuse. “I don’t mind you ‘turning your back’ on me, sweetheart” he says.

Even after flipping you, his hands don’t go back where they belong. The jersey wasn’t that thick so you could feel his hands as if they were almost on your skin. He gently pulls your back into his chest. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck. His breathing pattern relaxed you into sleep. “Now stop complaining and sleep” he says firmly.

“I guess it doesn’t apply to cuddling” you mutter and he chuckles. “Sleep (y/n)” he says again smiling, you could hear it. You nod and drift to sleep.

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Gajevy + "Twins", Gruvia + "Confession", Jerza + "First Kiss", Laxana + "Home"

Gajevy + Twins

    Gajeel couldn’t stop his eyes from drifting to his mate’s swollen belly, it was something had been obsessed with for weeks now much to Levy’s amusement and more recently irritation. However, the latter had faded a little in the last few days when he had quietly told her that it was because it was their future…their future. That was something that neither of them could take for granted anymore, not after coming so close to losing it during the war, and so she had welcomed him, watching with soft eyes as he rested his head against the bump and listened for their child, their future. And what a future. It had been that night as he lay there listening, that he had finally heard the heartbeat, or rather the heartbeats that ran in counterpart to Levy’s…twins.

Gruvia + Confession

   Gray couldn’t breathe, eyes wide as he stared at Juvia, unable to stop his gaze drifting to her still healing wounds, ice creeping into the air around him as he recalled how she had looked lying there in her own blood.

“Juvia…” It didn’t sound like his voice, but he knew it had come from him because now she was staring at him, tears forming in her eyes. Suddenly unable to bear the distance between them he darted forward, unsurprised when she met him midway, both of them wrapping their arms around one another, tears damp on their cheeks. With her pressed against him, alive…wonderfully alive, he knew that he couldn’t wait until the war was over to give her the answer he had promised and slowly he pulled back, tilting her face up with a trembling finger before pressing a chaste kiss to her lips. “I love you.”

Jerza + First Kiss

   Jellal let out a startled noise when Erza suddenly yanked him closer, although his surprise quickly gave way to anger because this close it was impossible to miss the extent of the cuts and bruises covering her skin, evidence of the battles she had endured without him. His eyes softened as she stared up at him, reaching out and ghosting a hand over the worst of them, only to blink, caught by surprise again when she leant briefly into the touch before moving closer and kissing him softly. It wasn’t chaste or hesitant like he had imagined their first kiss would be, instead it was heated, underlined with a desperation that he understood all too well and after a brief moment he let himself get swept up in it. It only lasted a moment, but it was a confirmation of everything they were and weren’t, everything they had the potential to be and everything they were fighting for and he could only nod numbly when she pulled back with a soft murmur.

“Don’t make it our last…”

Laxana + Home

   It was stupid. Makarov had already revoked his exile and welcomed him back, his guild mark once more back where it belonged, his fingers drifting to it now as though to reassure himself of that fact. Yet despite that acceptance here he was, hovering in the doorway and staring into the guild, finding himself completely unable to take another step. It wasn’t the new guildhall, or even all the changes that had occurred in the seven years that had been lost on Tenroujima, he couldn’t put a finger on it, growling under his breath as his feet refused to obey his commands.

   He was caught by surprise a moment later when someone grabbed his arm and yanked him along with them as he stepped inside, blinking when Cana released him a moment later and smirked up at him, although her expression softened after a moment of studying him and it felt like all the tension just drained out of him with her next words.

“Welcome home.”

Yes…he was home.

A wee Thor & Loki fic based on the Ragnarok trailer (and yes, also this post) - enjoy!

Thor’s head ached.

He pulled himself upright with a groan, almost falling right back over in the opposite direction before slapping a hand down on the ground to keep himself steady. Ears ringing, Thor gave his head a shake. It didn’t help. Looking around, he saw concrete and metal and debris everywhere. He stared in confusion for a long moment, wondering what had happened, before he heard a soft moan nearby. In a flash it all came rushing back.

Looking for father. New York. Confronting Hela. Mjolnir. An explosion.


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Tradition (Viserys Targaryen x Sister!Reader) AU

“Viserys, you don’t have to-” Daenerys was cut off by a scoff.

“The ‘crown’ your mutt of a husband bestowed upon me last night did not work so I will leave.”



“Viserys, please-”

“NO MORE!” He pulled a bag and began to put things in it; a short dagger, a coin purse and some other things as he stormed around the room picking up objects, his face twisting in disgust at some of the Dothraki wares.

“Viserys, I’m sorry but you threatened your nephew-”

His chuckle cut her off this time. It was dark; full of malice and unlike the drunken laugh of bitterness he had as he stumbled his way into the tent where the gold was poured over his head. “Dany, you clearly do not understand, do you? I AM A KING! THIS IS TREASON! You and your dog’s spawn is no nephew of mine as you are no sister of mine. I am leaving and when I get the throne you will have no claim. If I have to slay you and your army of filth to ensure you have no claim, so be it.”

“But what about Y/N? What will happen to our- my sister?”

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Robbing Stopped (Lucifer Morningstar)

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 1157
Warning(s): Fighting, blood, swearing
A/N: Sorry for the really dumb title, I just couldnt think of anything other than that lol. I hope you all enjoy this one.
Request:  Love you Lucifer writings!! I’ve got this idea in my head but am a terrible writer! Reader works at Lux and is closing for the night(alone) someone comes in to rob them and they end up getting pretty beaten up. Lucifer finds them and reader refuses to go to the hospital cause she’s Dans sister and he doesn’t know that she works at Lux so Lucifer takes them up to his loft and tends to their wounds. Lucifer also not knowing until then that it was Dans sister. Thanks!!

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Can you do the Nordics trying to convince their S/O to come out from under a blanket where they are currently sitting and their S/O refuses to leave the comfort of their blanket? Thanks~ (Sorry if it's really weird or random it just came to me)

Don’t worry, it’s fine. I had a lot of fun writing these!!


  • He wouldn’t try to convince them to come out, he would join them, cuddling with them for as long as he can.
  • Cue the rest of the Nordics trying to drag them out.
  • Please, it’s been four hours.


  • He would definitely be the one to use blackmail if he had to.
  • But it works like a charm.


  • This kid would get so agitated it’s unbelievable .
  • He will literally start acting like a kid if his S/O is too stubborn to get out. He’ll whine and pout until getting pissed and storming out of the room.


  • If his S/O refuses to get out, he will literally pick up them and the blanket.
  • Like he doesn’t care what they say they’re not getting put down. It’s punishment for being stubborn.


  • He would actually think it’s pretty cute and would join them and cuddle with them. 
  • He’d get his way though once they fall asleep, stealing the blanket and putting it back where it belongs.

His heart had been the one taken, yet he’s lying with his ear pressed against her chest as if he’s afraid that hers has somehow vanished.

bright red, cupped in his hand and cradled against him and they had almost been too late, it had almost been crushed and she knew hers couldn’t be taken, but in that moment she knew it would have crumbled to dust with his all the same.

His hand is spread flat on her ribcage, his long legs tangle with hers and must be poking out from under the blanket at the end of the bed. Soft dark hair tickles her breast as he listens, listens.

waking him up by sliding into the bed, hauling him against her and digging her fingers into his hip and nosing at the crook of his neck, feeling the sudden bloom in his chest, racing as he rolls on top of her and presses her against the mattress.

They’re both covered with a thin film of sweat, he must taste the salt when he lifts up to press kisses over the spot where her heart resides and then settled his head back on it again. She drew patterns on his shoulders with her fingertips and tilted her head back on the pillow.

“how long?” she asks in a sob, shoving down the soft flannel pajama pants he acquired from somewhere, “how long did he-” “shhh,” he mumbles, lips covering hers, “it doesn’t matter now.” and his single hand is suddenly everywhere at once.

It’s either very late or very early, and somewhere out there is the woman who saved his heart at the expense of her own, and another who sent hers away, over the town line. Such fragile things, hearts, so easily shattered. Lies and loss, and she’d almost lost him, again.

“Emma,” he groans, a prayer and a curse as he slides home and home again, and her heart is fit to burst, it aches and she arches beneath him, “Killian,” she whispers, locking her legs around him and refusing to let him go.

She’d held his heart in her hands, she’d felt it beat in her palms and she’d been terrified that she was going to drop it, hurt it, not be able to put it back where it belonged. She’d wanted to curl herself around it and protect it, she’d wanted to hide it away where no one could ever find it and take it again.

they collapse together, pressed chest to chest so tightly that she can’t tell if it’s her heart she feels or his, and then slowly she realizes that it’s both. they’re beating as one.

He took her hand and pressed her palm against his chest. She could feel the steady thump and she closed her eyes. It was back in place, and yet she was still holding it in her hand.

“It’s yours, you know. Even when he had it. Even now. It belongs to you.”

He was still lying with his head on her breast, listening to the beat of what resided under her skin and yet belonged to him all the same.

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super SUPER awkward first time sex between josh and chris. bumping noses against each other, having no idea what they're doing, aiming to kiss each other and missing, the whole "first time experience". lots of fumbling and cursing and apologies before they finally "get it right" ;)

Fandom: Until Dawn
Pairing: Climbing Class
Words: 813
Notes: This is probably going to get a sequel. Eventually. Yes, yes, very soon it’s going to get a sequel.

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