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My Touching Folder

This one is a bit hard to understand I guess.  It’s just where I collect touching moments, times I’m proud of Niall, or times I feel strongly represent part of Niall’s personality.  Things that are very Niall-esque or meaningful to Niall I guess.

Niall taking a picture in empty Croke Park because playing there means so much to him.  He never takes random pictures in the other empty stadiums like this.

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Damian probably gets so uncomfortable when villains & criminals say anything sexual around him. And I think he’d appreciate being babied (cus you know Dick probably would if Damian felt like crawling out of his own skin) when they returned for the night bc he’d be SO uncomfortable when he got home. Like Idk I was just thinking abt how gross Prof Pyg was w Damian and how uncomfortable he should be w it

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I just read so many of your asks omg I love your writing so much! Is it alright if I can get something with Midorima and Hanamiya, please? ^.^ Also, good luck with the blog~ ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

ahhhh you’re far too kind thank you!! i’m so happy to hear you enjoy my writing ^^ and my sincerest apologies for the late reply ; q ; i hope these are alright!

Midorima: Midorima wanted your first anniversary to be beyond perfect so of course he’d stay up until 4:30 am researching flowers and their meanings. It was perfectly understandable.

There’s a knock on your door around midday. Midorima is stood in front of your door holding a bouquet that looks like it costs more than your entire outfit put together and what’s clearly a box of chocolates wrapped in an all too cliché red bow. You can’t help but giggle and he instantly flusters.

“Now, If I’m not mistaken, today is our anniversary. I think celebrating special events of this manner are important and—,” he stops to gesture to the gifts and he hands them over to you, “Well, Happy Anniversary, _______-san.”

Hanamiya: He was never one to share his emotions psychically or verbally but that didn’t mean he didn’t try. The moment he walks into his room to see you fresh out of the shower, hair wrapped up in a towel and sitting there snug in one of his basketball jerseys and nothing else made him rethink his approach to life. At that precise moment, Hanamiya can’t think of enough ways to express just how you make him feel like he’d just won the national lottery, no matter how irrationally mean and arrogant he could be.

He goes through the motions of preparing for bed; tearing off his clothes and throwing them on the floor messily — regardless of your scowl — and hoping into bed, beside you. Instinct is to wrap his arms around you; so he does. He curls his long arms around your waist and holds you to his chest. Your wet hair bothers him so he flicks it over your shoulder as gently as he can muster so he doesn’t hurt you unintentionally and proceeds to snuggle against the nape of your neck.

“I know I don’t say this enough, but—” he presses his lips against your skin and hums low in his throat, “You’re really lucky to have me.”

The asshole easily avoids the pillow you throw at him.

[– Please stop comparing Loki to Bucky Barnes. Loki committed mass genocide (of the frost giants) even before the possible torture from Thanos (which is just speculation), whilst Bucky was trying to fight a war in order to stop people who were committing mass genocide.

Not to mention the fact that Loki is well aware of what he is doing and was offered many routes out by Thor, yet takes none of them because he convinces himself he is the victim who deserves everything. Bucky is offered a way out ONCE by Steve and takes it the moment he is aware of what he is doing, he stops hurting people. 

Regardless of some parallels they may share, Bucky and Loki are nothing alike in circumstance. Loki is a villain, regardless of how tragic. Bucky is a victim. A villain is aware of their actions, how they hurt others and chooses to continue. Bucky had no choice, Loki did, many times in fact. It’s as simple as that.

What really made me appreciate Elliot’s characterization is that even though he has social anxiety, he still has the ability to speak his mind. And also be glib about it. With Tyrell, he said no, he wanted to keep his job. It seems small to us, especially in the manner in which he phrased it. But he still did it. For someone that has severe anxiety over anything and what people will think or do to you, that’s a huge indicator of what kind of person he is. He’s still strong minded and opinionated. He just doesn’t know how to voice those opinions that will make sense to anyone outside of his own mind. As well as when he’s debating with Mr. Robot about blowing up that gas pipe. His morality and loyalty are extremely evident in those moments. And it doesn’t get shaken easily, or at all for that matter. He’s a lot stronger than he allows not only other people to see, but himself to see as well. He is able and capable. It’s just his severe anxiety that makes him think he can’t at times. But when faced with a real decision to make, like putting that Vera guy away, he chooses his morality over his addictions. And that just comes from this solid sense of justice that I see engrained in who he is as a person.

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So I was at this party with this guy that goes to my school and he asked me to give him a BJ and I said no bec I don't really do that stuff with guys I'm not in a relationship with and when his friends asked him If I gave him one (I guess they planned it idk) he was like "no I didn't want her to touch me cause she's a whore and I don't know where her mouth has been" and now they all talk about me and make rude jokes about me and omg I hate them all😭 what should I do? ... He's such a liar 😔

Hes just a fuckboy asshole who thinks he’s cool. Try you’re best to ignore him/them i know words hurt but you know what really happened and thats what matters. He just doesnt want to admit you or anyone would actual deny him a bj because he thinks hes all that and a bag of chips

Mani taught that in Adam a part of the not yet liberated light has been concentrated. That is why Adam – humanity – is touched to regeneration from the Kingdom of the Light. However, this Adam has been created blind and deaf by matter. He is unconscious of the Light that is present in him and hence is deeply asleep. Then his redeemer approaches, called Ohrmazd or Jesus, the radiant light that awakens him, opens his eyes and liberates him from his oppressors. The light shows him the light soul imprisoned within him and thus unveils his dual origin: on the one hand the divine Spirit, on the other his dialectical body. The light illuminates Adam with its liberating knowledge, the Gnosis.

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"i never really loved you" please!

“Wh-what do you mean?” You whispered breathlessly. It felt as if every cell in your body was actively melting.

“You were just…something to do for a bit, I never really loved you,” he slurred drunkenly. Trying to get him home, resulted in him letting you know what his real thoughts were.

“Oh,” you whispered. “Well, then, I’ll just go,” you muttered and left your drunken ex-boyfriend in the bar. You pulled your phone out of your purse and called the one person you direly needed.

“Hey, sweetheart, what’s up?” Liam asked kindly into the phone. His smile was bright and you were so mad at yourself for taking it off.

“C-can you come pick me up?” You whispered.

You heard a shuffle and you let out a small little cry. Covering your mouth, Liam cooed. “Of course, buttercup, what’s the matter?” He asked.

“He didn’t love me,” you mumbled brokenly.

Liam cursed under his breath. “I’ll be right there, sweetheart,” he promised and hung up. He arrived quickly and hopped out of his car and wrapped his arms around you tightly. “I’m so sorry, my sweet girl,” he said to the top of your head. “I’m so sorry,” he repeated and held you close to his chest. You sniffled more.

“Take me home?” You asked.

He nodded. “Of course,” he kissed your forehead but you didn’t move or flinch or make your way toward the car. You stayed in his embrace and Liam could only hope that in a few months, he’d tell you that none of it mattered what that guy said.

Because Liam always loved you more.

(I used Liam, you didn’t specify, I hope you don’t mind!)

Happy 4th!

Kili flinched every time a firework went off. He had the TV on loudly as well as the radio on his phone going. Dwalin and Dis had watched him worriedly but had gone to pick up dinner. Fili was outside, driven out by Kili’s need to drown out the sound of explosions. 

He used to love fireworks. Sky flowers. He still did. He wanted to enjoy them. He could see them on TV and be fine about it, but hearing them go off? At first he had thought it was a loud gun but then there was the hiss and spatter of the firework igniting and he had dove for cover. 

Dis had dropped her glass in shock. 

Kili sat in a corner, hands over his ears, eyes screwed shut. He could still hear the fireworks. The explosions. He kept thinking he was one place when he wasn’t. It was like he couldn’t scrub the sand out from under his skin, no matter what he did. Sometimes he tried, standing in the shower for long minutes, scrubbing fiercely at his skin. It never worked, even if Kili needed it to. 

A cold glass was pressed against his forehead and Kili jerked back. He looked up to see Fili squatting down in front of him, a glass of water on offer. 

Kili took it, his hands shaking, and took a sip. Then he took a gulp. Then he drained it. 

Fili took the glass and stood to refill it. He shut the TV off, leaving Kili’s phone playing Metallica, and returned. This time he sat with Kili, a hand on his knee. Kili sipped his water, trying to keep his breathing even, and watched Fili watch him. 

“Do you remember the last 4th?” Fili asked. “We went to Castle Island with Kina. She loved the fort and the Constitution’s cannons going off.“ 

Kili remembered. That had been a good day. They’d ended up meeting up with a bunch of others on the Esplanade later, listening to music and watching the fireworks over the Charles. Kina had been thrilled, playing with other kids, everyone chatting with strangers and being decent human beings. It had been nice. The two of them had ended up caught kissing on camera, which had then been shown nationally, which had ended up with Kili’s phone exploding in catcalls. 

“I remember,” Kili said, voice hoarse. 

There was a series of loud BOOMS that sent Kili crashing back the few inches into the wall. His back hurt from all the tension. He shoulders too. He wanted to run, to hide, to have a gun or a knife or something in his hands to defend himself. 

“Please don’t hate me for this,” Fili said. 

Kili looked at him, bewildered, and almost meeped as Fili leaned in, taking his face in his hands, and kissed him. It was awkward but as Kili heard the whine and screech of air being displaced by heat he surged forward. Fili held him, kissing him, letting Kili crawl into his lap and cling to him. They kissed, ignoring the salt from Kili’s tears and the way his hands clenched too tightly in Fili’s shirt, distracting from everything else around them. 

“We’re home!” Dis called out, door banging open. “Sorry it took so long, we grabbed a case of beer while we were out." 

Kili broke the kiss, head falling down to thunk against Fili’s shoulder, trying to even his breath out. The blond held him, hand rubbing up and down his spine slowly, saying nothing. 

“Interrupting?” Dwalin asked, standing in the doorway with an arched eyebrow. 

“Distraction,” Fili said. “It was kind of working?" 

“C’mon, let’s eat,” Dwalin said. He had this look on his face, this knowing smile, like he knew something that they didn’t. Kili didn’t like it. “Figure we can break out some card games after. Cards Against Humanity or we wanna see who bluffs best in Bullshit?" 

Kili tumbled inelegantly out of Fili’s lap and got to his feet. When he got to the kitchen he was pulled into another hug, this one from Dis. She patted his scruffy cheek and smiled. 

“My poor boy,” she said softly. He flinched at another firework and let his mom boss him around. She put him to work, getting the table set and the food out, and then all three of them put their collective minds to keep Kili from thinking. If Kili jerked suddenly or looked skittish Fili would take his hand and squeeze. Kili couldn’t bring himself to get angry or reject him, not now, not when he needed what Fili was offering. 

Maybe he could let the other in a little. Just a little, mind, just to test the waters. Maybe. Maybe…

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Hello!! Can I have a Namjoon scenario where u see him everyday but u never remember his name only bc u suck at remembering them and so he takes matters into his own hands so you could remember it? Idk you can go any direction with this :)

~:)~ Sorry for the wait!

   You closed your locker as you started walking out of the school property. You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, you whipped it out and answered the text you received. You were so busy texting your friend, that you didn’t even realize that someone was in front of you and bumped into them. 

  “Whoa!” you heard a deep voice say as he caught you by the waist before you fell. You clutched onto your phone with your dear life, good thing it didn’t fall. “Are you okay?” 

   You looked up, greeted by poofy blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a wide smile with a confused expression. You nervously smiled before stepping back from him and his long arms. 

  “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks!” you chirped. Oh, shit. You forgot his name again! This has been the 6000th time you’ve talked to him for the past month and you still have no idea what his name is or what letter it ever starts with. Your cheeks turned red from inner embarrassment. It’s not that you don’t want to remember him, hell, he’s pretty cute, too. You “tsk”ed yourself as you loked at the ground. 

  “I’m glad you’re okay. Y/n, right?” he said with a questioning expression, even though he knows damn right that was your name. 

  “Yup, and you’re…?” you asked, throwing all your pride down the drain. He looked up and chucked, revealing his Adam’s apple. 

  “Y/n, you still don’t know my name, huh?” he asked as he stuffed his hands into his black jean pockets. You scratched the back of your neck. “My name is Namjoon.” 

  “Namjoon! Oh, yeah! I’m sorry, I just suck at remembering names, please don’t take it personally.” you apologized. Your heart beat picked up as he stared at you. 

   “Let’s go out to the ice-cream parlor around the corner. My treat?” he asked after a while of staring at your with a smile. A questioning expression crawled up onto your face. 

  “Alright, but may I ask why?” you questioned. He started walking passed you, making you run and follow him. 

  “Well, y/n. Since you can’t remember my name, perhaps if we spend a little time with each other you’ll remember me in no time.” he said nonchalantly and smiled at you. You returned a nervous smile. 

   “And so, that’s how my parent’s ended up choosing the name “Namjoon” for me.” he finished as he took a sip of his strawberry milkshake. You nodded your head as you took a sip of your own. For the past half-hour, Namjoon has been telling you the very interesting story of how he got his name, now for sure you won’t going to forget it. “Is my name worth to remember?” 

  “Of course! It’s not like it wasn’t in the first place, I just have some difficulties.” you giggled. He smiled. You both finished your shakes and started leaving the diner. The sun was setting and you saw your house ahead. 

  “Well, that was quite a way to edge your name into my head, Namjoon.” you said, emphasizing his name. He chuckled and looked down at the ground before meeting your eyes. “You have a wonderful name!” 

  “I think you’re the one with the wonderful, beautiful name, y/n.” he said, his voice went low all of the sudden. You smiled before walking up the steps to your porch, you came to a halt. You spun around towards him. 

  “What’s your name again?” you asked innocently. You held in your giggles as you saw the shocked expression on his face. 

  “What..” he mumbled to himself. You couldn’t hold it anymore and let your laughter out. You noticed his facial muscles relaxed. 

  “Just kidding! Have a good evening, Namjoon.” 

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Cooking headcanons for Killer, Crocodile, Hawkins and Drake please.

Mod Opossum:


-I think he pretty much always cook noodles. Whenever he cooked, no matter what time of day, he’d cook noodles.

-Can we picture him in an apron? I can.


-I’m thinking that high class full of spice kind of cooking. Probably expensive meat cuts or foreign kinds of meat even.

-Shirtless? I think yes.


-It’s never fate for him to cook.

-So he won’t.


-He doesn’t really…cook his meat. He’s a dinosaur. He likes it raw.

-Which is a problem for everyone else since he’s pretty much a carnivore.

Mod Miny:


- He can manage cooking, but like Opossum I see him only cooking noodles.

- Oh fuck yes on the apron. Someone probs got him a frilly one as a joke


- I actually have a tough time seeing him cook because he seems more like the type to have people cook for him.

- But I do think that when he does cook, he is capable of doing gourmet level cooking.


- He doesn’t cook. He burns shit. Never on purpose. But he’s just bad at it.

- Every time he goes near the kitchen, his crew concocts some reason for why he shouldn’t.


- I think he can cook, but he doesn’t generally like to.

- He probably sticks to really simple stuff whenever possible so that he doesn’t have to waste a lot of time actually cooking.

do you think harry gets jealous of luke sometimes? i mean he’s all insecure and goes “why you always hang out with him? what if you’re drunk and want to snog, lou?” and louis rolls his eyes because he loves when harry is jealous but he goes all “harold he’s my friend, my brother. nothing will happen between us” and you know harry pouts like a puppy and insists on the matter because he’s insecure and luke IS HOT “sure, lou? i can’t get drunk with you, luke can, so…” louis shushes him with a kiss, of course. “luke doesn’t wear white jeans. luke doesn’t have long, silky hair. luke doesn’t have a huge cock. luke is not you and i love you, harry styles.” and probably harry is crying by now so am i.

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Idk why I'm telling you.. I just wanted to tell someone.. I fell in love with this guy who likes me too. He's became like my best friend. He's not talking to me as much anymore, and its bringing me so much despair.. I was so afraid of falling in love and I think its going to end. Heartbreak scares the shit out of me but with this boy I think it's inevitable and its killing me..

firstly: any boy who breaks your heart is not worth your time. The one you are meant to be with will come and the ones before will cease to matter. if he’s changed his mind about the two of you, it is not a reflection of you or your worth or your future love life or anything like that. some things are just not meant to work out, and as painful as that is in the moment, every failed relationship opens the door for something better to take its place.

that being said, this doesn’t have to be doomed to failure. SO many things can factor into him distancing himself. the main key here (and in p much all relationships) is communication. like seriously 99% of problems can be solved by just talking about them. maybe he has other stuff going on that’s distracting him and pulling him away from you? maybe he’s scared of commitment, or of heartbreak just like you are? the best thing to do in these situations is to just come right out and say “okay, what’s going on? things used to be different and now they’re like this and I’m not okay with it and I just want to know what caused this to see if we can fix it.”

once that’s out on the table, you’ve done your part and the ball is in his court. you can’t force anyone into anything so he might just not really give you answers or he might just reveal that he’s a piece of shit idk, but in that case then you know that your time is better spent elsewhere. I wish you nothing but the best and I am so sure that regardless of this boy you are going to find endless amounts of love and happiness.

Tear In My Heart (Jercy)

Chapter 1:

Jason knew from the moment he met her that she is the one for him. Though, she isn’t typically the type of girl he goes for; tall, tanned skin, brown hair. Jason doesn’t even know why he even likes her anyway, she has to argue with Jason no matter what he says, she’s always grumpy in the mornings, she yells when she speaks, and she glares at him every time he tries to be nice to her. He couldn’t win with her! Jason seriously doesn’t know what his problem is. How could he even like her? Well..maybe it was the fact that she doesn’t fall at his feet when he smiles. Or the fact that she definitely isn’t falling for his all-american boy next door charm either. That had to be it.

He had no logical answer as to why he was crushing on his sister’s best friend. Jason never crushed this badly on someone before and he doesn’t understand why. All he can think about is Perrie Jackson and her stupid wavy black hair that goes a little off her shoulders that Jason so badly wants to run his fingers through, her stupid almond shaped sea green eyes he could just stare into all day, her cute turn-up nose that Jason wants to boop, and how when she’s excited about something she talks really fast in her cute New York accent that Jason loves to tease Thalia about. And don’t forget her height, oh how Jason loves how short she is compared to him and how he loves to tease her about being 5'3. Gods, Jason has it bad.

Jason ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Crushing on his sister’s best friend wouldn’t be so bad if Thalia and her group of men haters didn’t have this stupid vow. Jason never really cared much about the swearing off men until after school and staying pure until marriage vow before, he was actually relieved Thalia took the vow, he didn’t wanna see his sister get hurt by some guy only trying to get into her pants. Jason only started hating the vow now because of course Thalia and her pack of men haters talked Perrie into joining their little “group”, it was more like a cult now that he thought about it, and of course she too took the vow to swear off men. That made things for Jason a little bit harder considering that now he has a zero percent chance of even getting Perrie to even consider liking him back.

When Jason first met Perrie, before Jason could even turn on his charm, Thalia made it clear that Perrie was off limits to him. Mentioning something about not wanting to get hurt, whatever that met. Jason wasn’t really listening, he was more focused on the beautiful New York beauty in the other room. Thalia just rolled her eyes, mumbled something about boys being stupid, and proceeded to pull Perrie to her room. Jason didn’t see what was the problem with liking his sister’s friend. It’s not like he was going to hurt her. Thalia should be happy it’s him and not some random guy at their school, Jason was one of the very few good guys in their school left.

“You okay there buddy?” Leo said looking over at his best friend. “You looked out of it for a while now.”

“Yeah..yeah I’m okay. Just thinking..”

“Well if you’re finished planning your non existent wedding with shortie, I’m ready to kick your ass in Call of Duty again.”

"Oh please you can’t kick my ass if you even if I had my hands tied behind my back Valdez,” Jason picked up his x-box remote. “And I wasn’t planning my "non existent wedding”. But you would know a lot about those wouldn’t you Leo? You know, with your crush on Savannah and all.“ Jason smirked.

"Oh is this a challenge I hear Grace?” Leo looked over at his best friend, a mischievous smirk growing on his lips.
Jason knew he should have backed out the second he saw the mischievous smirk on his best friend’s face, but Jason was never the one to back out of a challenge no matter the consequences. “Maybe.”

Leo’s smirk grew. “Alright Grace, I bet I can get Savannah as my girlfriend before you can even get one single date with Perrie.”

“And if I win?”

"I’ll be your slave for a month. And if I win, which I will of course, you’ll do whatever I say for a month. Deal?”
Making a deal with Leo was like making a deal with the Devil. But Jason had this bet in the bag. Leo was his best friend and all but Leo couldn’t get a girl to like him to save his life. There was no possible way Leo could get his crush Savannah to date him. There was no way. Jason was sure she had no idea he even existed, but who could blame her, Leo wasn’t really that popular with the ladies. This was gonna be one of the easiest and hardest bets Jason has ever done, and he was prepared to win.


Leo smirked and they shook hands, making the bet official.

Jason doesn’t know how he was gonna get Perrie to even consider going on a date with him or how he was gonna get past Thalia to even try and ask her out, but Jason Grace has a plan. And his plans always work.

2k14 Day 211

Thieves are not deserving of love.

Sometimes, people steal so they can eat, but those people are not thieves. Those people need to survive. But not everyone who takes, needs. He did not need your heart, or your time, or your sleep. He did not need to become the best parts of your days, only to turn them into the worst in a matter of weeks. He did not need to break your heart, then take it, then break it again before he returned it. After all, things borrowed should never be changed. It is not good etiquette. But what use is pretending that etiquette ever mattered? Perhaps he wanted to pretend, but you cannot. What has happened has happened, and the alterations he made are not easily undone. He took things for himself and gave you back something with holes. He has stolen something that he never deserved.

Words do not change events, which we both know to be true. But flesh always heals, and your heart will, too.

I’m sorry, my love.