that he just got hit with a door

Daddy calls home in the middle of a work day


“Hi honey. This is Daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?”

“No Daddy. She’s upstairs in the bedroom with uncle Philip.”

After a brief pause, Daddy says, “But honey, you don’t have an uncle Philip.”

“Oh yes I do, and he’s upstairs in the room with Mommy, right now.”

Brief Pause

“Uh, okay then honey, this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy that Daddy’s car just pulled into the driveway.”

“Okay Daddy, just a minute.”

A few minutes later the little girl comes back to the phone.

“I did it Daddy.”

“And what happened honey?”

“Well, Mommy got all scared, jumped out of bed with no clothes on and ran around screaming. Then she tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser and now she isn’t moving at all!”

“Oh my God!!! What about uncle Philip?”

“He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on, too. He was all scared and he jumped out of the back window and into the swimming pool. But I guess he didn’t know that you took out the water last week to clean it. He hit the bottom of the pool and I think he’s dead.”

Long Pause

“What…swimming pool? Is this 486-5731?”

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Headcanons for batfam when sleep deprived or insanely tired?

Bruce: He’d be pretty much the same but sometimes he would slip up on normal easy things like talking or pouring drinks and things like that

Dick: He finds everything and anything funny when he’s super tired. He could probably get stabbed or something and he’d laugh, which would freak out the offender and whoever is with him

Jason: He has no coordination when he’s really really sleep deprived. We’re talking running into doors, missing stairs, dropping things. It becomes habit to use plastic cups when he’s really tired

Tim: Tim is pretty much always tired but he can function fairly well. He might zone out a lot more and look like he just got hit by a car, but otherwise he’s pretty much the same.

Steph: She’s one of those people who gets really hyper and then will crash after a while. She is more effective and productive when hyper but once she crashes, she’s out for a while

Damian: He’s like Bruce in the fact that he’s pretty much the same except he also moves slower than normal and is more likely to put up with people (because he’s too tired to deal with them)

Cass: She’s less likely to be able to focus. She often has to ask people to repeat themselves because she can’t remember what they said and/or wasn’t really listening due to the whole your brain doesn’t really work when half asleep thing

Duke: He’s one of the only ones who routinely gets a decent amount of sleep and he thinks that the rest of the family is insane. But if he does get sleep deprived, he yawns a lot and will fall asleep wherever he can

Babs: She’s notorious for being able to sleep with her eyes open while standing. Many people have had entire conversations with her before realising that she fell asleep half an hour ago

Target Practice (Steve x Reader)

A/N: I miss Steve! So here’s a short Christmas drabble on him for day 4 (?). Also, sorry I didn’t post a drabble yesterday, guys. I’m trying here but sometimes I’m just so lazy… I’ll try to do better and post at least 15 drabbles in total before my trip to New York!! 

prompt: snowball fight with your friend but oops, you hit captain america. 

word count: 653

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You were greeted with fresh fallen snow when you woke up in the morning as you got out in your big puffer jacket and sweats to get the newspaper. You waved to your cute next door neighbor as he coincidentally got out at the same time. A bright smile appeared on his face, realizing it was you who waved. Your face heated up in reaction, wishing you had the confidence to talk to him. He was just so out of your league, but you were happy that he didn’t seem to mind that you were his neighbor.

Before the two of you could say a word to each other, you whipped your body around and started to retreat back into your house without a word, gripping the stack of papers against your chest tightly. Shivering slightly, you shook off the few snowflakes that fell on your bangs as you set down the newspaper on the kitchen island. You sat around the bar stool as you waited for nothing in particular before your phone began ringing desperately. You checked the screen briefly to see if it was worth answering.

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Missed Call // Jin

Drabble game request: Jin + “Come over here and make me.” + Roommate AU | for anon(s)

Word count: 2,300 words (idk how it got this long, I’m sorry)

Character: Seokjin x reader

Warning: Extremely cheesy. Prepare yourself to cringe. Please put away small objects within range ( just in case you feel like throwing something at me and hit your computer screen instead)

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i was going to reblog the post for this ship meme thing but then i realized i only wanted to do for iwaoi so i’m going to do that lmao

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: oikawa when he’s a little too egotistical and on days when iwa chan just looks so cool, oikawa needs all that headspace to think about what he did to deserve this catastrophe. 
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: iwaizumi did it in the third grade but got really embarrassed and put white out over it (like that was going to be less suspicious) 
  • Who starts the tickle fights: oikawa bc he has no sense of danger 
  • Who starts the pillow fights: iwaizumi usually hits oikawa with a pillow because of something oikawa said but it’s oikawa that goes All Out No Mercy Pillow Fight 
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: oikawa usually falls asleep last and watches iwaizumi with a small affectionate smile but immediately after, takes a million snapchats to annoy makki about how cute his iwa chan is! (iwaizumi does it when oikawa falls asleep on him during the middle of the day) 
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: oikawa did the one time he was allowed to cook but oikawa looked so proud and cute that iwaizumi ate the entire thing without much compliant 
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: iwaizumi, oikawa sleeps like the dead so it doesn’t bother him. (oikawa is the one that doesn’t bc he doesn’t want iwa chan to know that he’s awake) 
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: oikawa purposefully looks online for cheesy pickup lines to say to iwa chan but iwa chan has cool, spontaneous suave lines that it takes oikawa a full week to get over it 
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: oikawa. alphabetical and by colour. 
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: they fight over it tbh 
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: they usually have candles around the place regardless because iwaizumi buys them just in case there’s a blackout and oikawa likes those scented candles. 
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: iwaizumi likes drawing constellations on oikawa (bc growing up with the weirdo resulted in him memorizing most of the constellations) but he also likes drawing moustaches on oikawa bc it’s funny 
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: their families usually end up going on vacation together so it’s kind of useless but the two of them always end up picking the same magnet to get for the other when they go on vacation. 
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: oikawa and gets dramatic when the magazine says they’re not compatible. 
All I Wanted Part 2

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All I Wanted Part 2

A/N: By popular demand. Here is Part 2! And i apologize if…I just apologize…

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warning: Your heart may break…

Summary: Reader wants to be closer to Chris. Wants to help support him and his career a bit more but he always seems reluctant to let her. Its not until she reaches her breaking point that he realizes he may have gone too far.

All I Wanted 

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 “Are you sure Chris knows youre coming? He didnt mention it to me.” Sebastian has been questioning you all night since you called him and told him to stop by to pick you up before heading to the premiere. 

After the door shut behind Chris, you got hit with the worst feeling in the pit of your stomach you never felt before. 

There was something about the way Chris said he loved you. It didnt sound like all the other times. Something was off about it. And it scared you. 

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Call Me When You’re Sober

Originally posted by tonystrk

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Based on the song of the same name by Evanescence 

Warning: Mentions of abuse, alcohol use. Angst. 

A/N: This is to the anon that requested for a Tony fic. I wasn’t going to go into this direction but I was listening to my Spotify playlist and this song came up. Hope you enjoy this nonnie!

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Habituate {Shiro x Reader} Gang Au!

Chapter 1

Warning: Drug use, indications of rape, cursing, abuse, depression, and more throughout the story.


You knew this would happen yet you still refused everyone’s help. If only you would’ve let one of your friends walk you home after the study party.

You felt menacing eyes burn a hole on your back as you nervously walked down the street. With each step you took you could feel the sexual intentions of the man behind you. With every step you took he seemed to get closer.

You’re skirt blew with the soft breeze that hit your thighs. A terrified chill went up your spine as you wrapped your arms around your chest. After a few minutes your timid steps thankfully brought you to the doors of a mini mart.

When you got through the clear doors you were greeted by a burst of cool air. The man at the register looked just about done with life. You walked towards the back of the store feeling safer knowing there was someone else around. You opened your book bag and took out your phone to hopefully call help.

Each attempt lead to nothing; not a single person you knew answered. You’ve been inside this place for twenty minutes, you had to leave soon. You peeked through the shelves and saw the creep still standing outside.

You need help. If you don’t get any who knows what that guy will do once you get outside? Oh to hell with it; you’re leaving right now. You had the police on dial and ready to call if anything did happen so it would be okay, right?

You confidently walked outside but your bravery soon flushed down the drain as he gave you a perverted sneer. With arms still clutched to your chest you continued on your way home, speeding up your steps in the process.

You’ve had enough of this disgusting man. You had to tell him off, if you didn’t who knows what he will do. With rage filling every vein your body turned and that’s when it all went downhill. The man grabbed your shoulders and pinned your body against the wall of an alley.

The brick wall knocked the wind out of your lungs and your body was pleading for air. Your vision was fuzzy but that didn’t stop you from feeling callused palms move up your shirt. The feeling was sickening. Tears threatened to paint your cheeks as you frantically struggled out of the man’s grasp.

As you were about to scream the muscular man in front of you slapped your right cheek. Now not only were your cheeks wet but now they were bright red.

“Say one damn word and you’re dead. Scream another time and you’ll be cut limb by limb.” His deep menacing voice filled your ears and left your body in a state of fear.

“Please don’t… Don’t touch me.” Your attempts at getting away continued to be futile. His bear like palms continued to touch the warm skin under your torso as you continued to cry, fearing your own life.

He brought his grimy mouth to the skin of your neck and kissed the soft skin gently. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt too much.” He laughed evilly and carried on with his touches across your skin.

You were now hopeless; no one would save you and you’d be raped. Raped by this utterly repulsing man. You felt disgusting, damaged, nothing more than an item to be used. Your body went limb and your head hung, it was as if you were lifeless. You might as well have been because the light that used to shine in your eyes so brightly was growing dull.

“Excuse me but I think the young lady would enjoy if you stopped touching her.” The voice came from the end of the alleyway. A tall, well built man stood there. You couldn’t notice too many of his facial features due to the dark night sky. You looked towards him, hope filled in your eyes again.

The almost rapist turned to the striking young man with a scowl on his features. “Why the hell do you care? Also, what if I don’t stop? What are you going to do?”

As the man walked towards the two of you the perverted scum tensed up. It was as if he knew who he was; is the guy dangerous? What if he wanted the same as your perverted stalker did?

“I suggest you don’t mess with me, it seems that you know who I am,” Now that he was closer you could see just a bit more of his face. Oh lord, he was insanely charming, even with the scar etched across his face. “If you don’t I’ll make sure my friends give you a lesson on manners. Now scram, you scumbag.”

The pervert dropped you to the ground and ran off faster than lightning. The cold cement made goosebumps scatter across your bare legs as you looked up at your savior.

You took in every feature etched onto his face as he extended a hand towards you. You tensed up at the thought of someone like him touching you.

He must have been able to feel your nervousness because he gave you a nurturing smile. With his smooth voice he finally spoke to you again, “I understand why you wouldn’t want to have help from someone like me. Please trust me though, I just want to make sure you’re alright. I mean alright as possible after what happened.”

The sleeves of his dark hoodie were rolled up, revealing a sleeve of gorgeous tattoos on his right arm. Each one an intricate design that clearly had some meaning to the man. His right palm had a few scars, possibly from knife fights? I mean he may have been in a gang of that other guy was scared.

You decided to just take his hand and let him help you. As you were standing on two wobbly legs the tears on your cheeks started to dry up. Unexpectedly you felt soft fingertips graze right under your eyes, wiping each year away.

Your eyes widened and you tensed up again. “W-what are you doing?” With your left hand you grasped onto his extended wrist.

“Look I know being around men may suck ass now but don’t worry. I won’t do what he did. I promise, just let me take care of your wounds.” You just now realized that there were scrapes and bruises dusting your smooth skin. Your cheek still stung slightly as you nodded your head.

“Fine, but try anything funny and I won’t hesitate to call the cops,” He chuckled softly and lead you out of the alley and towards the open streets. “By the way, what’s your name, hero?”

With a kind smile and his left hand in the pocket of his jeans he looked down at your frame. A white as snow, tuft of hair fell over his eyes as he started to speak again. “Shirogane Takashi, call me Shiro though. May I ask what a pretty lady like your self is called?”

A bright blush instantly dusted your features when hearing his compliment. With your eyes looking towards the ground you answered. “It’s (y/n) (l/n). Tell me exactly why that guy was so scared of you.”

Shiro laughed wholeheartedly and sighed in content. “If you really must know I’m the leader of Voltron. You’ve probably heard of us, I mean we are the head gang around here.”

With eyes full of shock you looked over to the kind hearted man. Someone like him is a gang leader? No way, he’s too caring. He has to be lying right?

“No way… You’re the leader of Voltron? The most notorious gang of Los Angeles?”

Shiro gently grabbed your shoulders and pressed your body against a wall. “Are you afraid? Even after I just saved you,” He looked down at you with a teasing smirk and brought his scarred hand towards your bruised cheek. “If I really wanted to hurt you I already would have. But look at me, I’m going out of my way to make sure you’re okay. So don’t start judging me.”

He released you from his grasp and walked away waiting for you to follow. You exited out of your trance and went towards where he was walking, not about ready to be left alone once again. You trailed right behind him as he casually walked through the streets.

“So Shiro, if you’re the leader of such a notorious gang why did you save me?” With curious (e/c) eyes you looked up at his hazel orbs.

You felt a warm palm mess up your soft locks. His touch was comforting, it felt familiar, his entire aura did. “I’m not a bad person, everything I’ve done is for a purpose. All the bad things you’ve heard about me I did for someone special to me.”

Wow, you weren’t expecting him to say something like that. Now you felt kind of like a bitch for judging him. You couldn’t forget that he was still a person, perfectly capable of emotion and love. Maybe he had a significant other he had to protect. “Oh, may I ask who that special person is?”

“I do these things yo one day find a friend of mine. We haven’t talked in years and I hope to find her soon. Going to do many different towns helps in all honesty.” He looked up at the starry night sky. The sky filled with hope and beauty. A beauty Shiro longed for; beauty the young man only wished to see again.

You two continued to walk as the tall man next to you reminisced the past. The girl he loved; good God he needed her back. She’s what kept him sane, kept him human. If he would’ve never talked to her that day then who knows where he would be. They only spoke a few words but that simple conversation with the girl he never saw again were perfect.

Soon the both of you arrived at a seemingly dead bar. “You’re over twenty one right? Wouldn’t want someone like you getting into trouble.”

You nodded your head and walked inside after he kindly opened the door for you. The strong scent of alcohol and thick nicotine filled air overwhelmed your senses.

You were quickly lead to a back room of the bar. Thankfully there were less toxins filling the air and more kind faces. Each person had piercings or tattoos, each piece of art etched onto their skin seemed to have a purpose. Their eyes held a story filled with yearning, yearning for something you had no idea what for.

A tall, lanky, young man walked over to you with a pleased smirk on his face. His right eyebrow lifted in amusement as he bit his pierced lip. Cocoa tufts of locks shaded his ocean blue eyes. In his right hand was a glass filled with some sort of intoxicating drink. He took a sip from his cup as he looked over your form once again.

“Didn’t know you wanted to bring me a gift. Especially one as pretty as this fine lady, thanks man.” The charming boy brought his free hand to your (h/c) locks, caressing them softly.

“Sorry Lance but she isn’t going to be your new toy,” Shiro pulled you into his chest and got you away from this Lance guy. “I saved (Y/n) from some pervert trying to rape her.”

Lance slammed his drink on one of the many class tables with a troubled expression. “Dirty asshole. Why do guys do that? Don’t they see that beautiful women are to be treated with respect and not bullshit?”

“I know, I’m just glad I saved her. This girl is special, she isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met.” Shiro lead you to a coffee brown, leather couch and the both of you sat down. Shiro to your right while Lance seated himself to your left.

“So, (Y/n) I can definitely tell you aren’t in a gang, so what do you do?” Lance took two more cups from a pile set up for the crew and poured the three of you the hazel tinted liquor. With long slender fingers he handed you and Shiro the glasses and took the last one into his hand.

“Lance stop trying to cozy up to the new girl. She probably thinks you’re trying to drug her or something.” Another attractive young man glanced in your direction.

The black t-shirt he had on exposed the tattoos decorating his forearm and collar bone. White medical bandages covered his palms and wrists showing that he may have been in quite a few fist fights. There was even a scratch of two decorating his left cheek. His midnight black hair was pulled back by a rubber band yet there were still some pesky strands of hair that framed his face.

“Keith, I don’t need any of your sass right now. So either scram or think of something nice to say.” Damn Lance, did he and this Keith guy have a bad relationship or something?

As if he read your mind Shiro bent down and whispered into your ear. “Don’t worry they’re always like this. It may seem surprising but these two guys are pretty close,” He turned to the two boys having a mini glaring contest. “Now you two behave while I treat a couple of wounds (Y/n) got earlier.”

With strong arms Shiro helped you out of your seat and walked you to a bedroom. He say you on the soft mattress as he grabbed a first aid kit. With gentle touches he treated the scrapes on your knees, arms, and cheek. “That guy bruised you pretty bad right on your forearms. How hard was he on you?”

“Thank you for everything Shiro. You didn’t have to save me but you did. I don’t know how I could ever thank you.” You looked into the comforting brown eyes of the man in front of you.

Shiro finished bandaging one last wound and looked up at you. A nurturing smile was etched onto his chiseled face. “All in the day’s work of a leader like me.”

Ok. This actually will be a 3 part drabble. :) First part is found here. ENJOY!

Kagami’s mouth was dry, the feeling pulling him from his deep sleep. He blinked blearily as he looked around the room, his brain trying to piece together where he was. The pain in his eyes as he blinked brought everything back, his head hanging as he got to his feet. He needed to brush his teeth and wash his face. He pulled his shirt off and dropped it next to his bag as he fished out his toothbrush. As soon as he was done he could hopefully sleep in the bed and convince himself this was all a nightmare. He was just barely drying his face when he heard the sharp knock. He headed to the door with a frown, the towel draped over his left shoulder as a few drops of water hit his bare chest. Maybe it was room service, not that he had ordered anything.


The word was out of his mouth before the door was completely open. As he saw Aomine standing before him, Kagami’s stomach dropped. He wasn’t prepared for this yet. He needed sleep and time to process his emotions. Of course that wasn’t going to happen now. Not with Aomine staring at him like he was.

“We need to talk Taiga.”

Kagami practically winced at the roughness of Aomine’s voice. It was no longer smooth and deep, the voice Kagami craved to hear. No, this sound was raw with too much emotion and it stabbed Kagami straight in the chest. That wasn’t a voice anyone ever wanted their partner to have.

“I need some time Daiki.”

Kagami’s voice wasn’t any better, if anything it was worse, but he would run away from this problem as long as he could.


One word from Aomine and Kagami’s eyes were filling with tears again as he quickly looked away. He wasn’t cruel enough to shut the door on his fiancée normally, let alone when he was pleading with Kagami. He stood back enough to let Aomine in and shut the door. Darkness swallowed them both. Kagami hadn’t bothered with any lights and the lack of light seemed to make the tense atmosphere spike even more.

“I can turn a light on…”

“No. Just leave it. I need to say something. It’s probably better this way.”

Kagami’s eyes squeezed shut. This wasn’t happening. Aomine was not going to break up with him. He wasn’t cheating on him. This wasn’t fucking happening. His fists were in tight balls at his sides, his breathing labored as he tried desperately to keep silent. Aomine didn’t need to know he was falling apart.

“Taiga…I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to have you find out about anything before I was ready to tell you.”

Fuck fuck! Stop talking. Please stop talking!

Kagami’s lip was trembling as he stifled a sob with his fist. He wasn’t sure if Aomine could see any part of him in the dark but he prayed he couldn’t. He prayed he could just disappear right now.

“That woman that you saw me with at work, and the numbers that are on my phone, they are realtors.”

Kagami had never opened his eyes so fast in his life, his pupils trying to adjust to the darkness, his eyes desperately searching for Aomine’s outline.


“Realtors. They were helping me find a house Taiga. A house for us. I went after work to see the houses they were offering, that’s why I was so late home. I smelled like perfume because they practically bathe in that shit. Not sure why every realtor thinks that’s a tactic for selling, but it was a real pain in my ass. I barely stood next to them and it got all over me.”

“A house,” Kagami spoke in amazement, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Yeah, a house. I wouldn’t pick one without you though so I was narrowing it down to like three or something. The woman at my work is a friend of Satsuki’s. She is the one I decided to go with and she’s been helping me for the past few weeks to search for everything.”

“A house,” Kagami’s lip was quivering again, tears softly rolling down his cheeks as his voice broke.

“Taiga…baby…please…” Aomine’s voice gradually got closer until his hands finally touched Kagami’s arms.

Kagami felt them slide up to his shoulders, then his neck, then on either side of his jaw. His head was tilted up as he felt warm lips on his right cheek, then his temple, then over his eyelids. Aomine’s lips caressed over his face, inch by inch. He kissed away his wet tears, his thumbs brushing tenderly over his jaw. Kagami could feel the warm breath on his face, the feeling only making his tears fall faster.

“I love you Taiga. I love you so much baby. Please never doubt that. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you. I wanted to surprise you, but I screwed it up. Please forgive me.”

Kagami let out a half sob half laugh, his voice wavering as he spoke, “I should be the one apologizing. I was such an idiot. Daiki…I’m so sorry…I’m…”

“Shhhh no, don’t. Don’t be. It took longer than I suspected and I should have simply told you. I should have answered you when you were upset and I fucking should have stopped you from leaving. That’s all me. I’m so sorry to have put you through that. To make you doubt how much I love you. I’m so fucking sorry Taiga.”

Kagami was sobbing again, this time silently as his body shook. He knew Aomine would know, but he couldn’t help it. His emotions were frayed as Aomine continued to kiss away his tears, his fingers carding through his hair gently, and his voice soothing.

“Shhh baby it’s ok. Please don’t cry.”

“I thought I wasn’t enough. I thought I was going to have to live without you,” Kagami was leaning into Aomine now, his words broken with tear hiccups and gasps for shaken breaths.

Strong arms wrapped around him as Aomine pressed their foreheads together, his voice soft but fierce, “Never. You will never live without me and you will forever be the only one for me. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you Kagami Taiga.”

“Me too. Me too. Please…Daiki…” Kagami was gripping the back of Aomine’s shirt as his body shook. He needed Aomine. He needed to feel his words, needed to feel his body wrapped around his, needed to feel the love he could hear.

Aomine knew. There was no more words as Kagami felt his head tilted up again as warm, familiar lips enveloped his.

Distracted Driving

request: How about an imagine where you worry about shawn snapping and driving?

Closing SnapChat, you tossed your phone on your bed and waited for Shawn to get to your place. He had once again recorded a video and posted it, all while driving. You were happy he was posting on SnapChat, but you hated it when he did it while driving. You thought it was just as, if not even worse than, texting and driving.

When his Jeep pulled into the driveway, you got ready to deliver a speech to him. You heard your mom open the front door and tell him that you were in your room, and when he opened your door you hit him on the head. “What the hell?” He asked, confused.

“Stop snapping and driving, you’re gonna be the death of me I swear to God, Mendes.” You scolded him, opting to pace across the length of your room. “You know I don’t like when you do that!”

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop. I promise.” He complied, wrapping you up in his arms.

About a week later, you were watching a movie with your brother when your phone started going off because of your Twitter. Curious, you opened the app and saw that fans werw tagging you and Shawn’s family in tons of tweets, alerting you all that he was once again snapping and driving. “This child, I swear,” you mumbled, running a hand over your face.

“You ok?” Your brother asked, pausing the movie.

“Yeah, yeah, just gotta deal with my idiot boyfriend. You can finish the movie, I’ll probably stay over at Shawn’s.” You grabbed your purse and walked out to your car, and strated the ignition. You drove to the Mendes residence and smirked when you saw Shawn’s Jeep. You opened the doorto the house and let yourself in. You saw Aaliyah in the kitchen, and walked over to her. “Where’s your brother?” You asked, not seeing him.

“I think he’s in the den with my parents. They seemed pretty angry at him when he got home.”

Nodding, you unlocked your phone. “Have you checked your Twitter?” Getting a negative answer, you showed her the screenshots that fans were tweeting. “He was on SnapChat and driving again, and I think some fans said he was speeding, as well.” You set your phone on the counter, and looked at Aaliyah, “I’m sure your parents are giving him a piece of their minds.”

A few minutes later, Shawn and his parents walked out into the kitchen, and Shawn rolled his eyes. “You gonna yell at me, too?” He asked, and you shrugged.

“Depends, do you want me to?” You asked, hopping off of the stool you were sitting on. Shawn shook his head, and you sighed. “I just worry about you, Shawn.” You took his hand and went to his room, and sat on his bed. “One of the girls in my physics class lost her boyfriend last year because he was texting and driving, and she was distraught for months. I- I don’t want that to happen to us.” You stuttered, eyes watering.

Shawn’s throat tightened, and he felt bad. “I’m sorry, baby, I swear I won’t do it again.” He whispered, now realizing the risks he was taking and what the outcome could be. “I’m sorry.” He spoke again. “I never realized.”

You two cuddled for the rest of the night, as Shawn wanted to do anything to make you feel better, and you were still in the mindset of what might happen if he continued to snap and drive.

a/n: almost wrote some bad, bad angst. sorry it’s short :(

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I want to request 32 "Make me" + DINO :D -LK Anon [I love your blog~]

32. “Make me.” (DinoxReader)

sleepover drabble

Dropping your keys after many attempts of fumbling to open the door to your apartment, you fall into a fit of giggles, beginning to regret the 7th jaeger bomb. Buried in the scent of his cologne you find yourself leaning against your best friend Dino for support,

“Just open the door already,” He whines, letting out a small hiccup as he leans up against the door frame for support.

“Got it!”

You announce, finally opening the door and with it taking away Dino’s only source of support, sending him tumbling onto the floor.

Smacking your hand against the wall, you hit the lightswitch causing the apartment to light up, revealing the crumpled heap of Chan on the floor.

Seeing your bestfriend rolling on the floor you dissolve into a pool of giggles, and you somehow manage to kick off your heels to allow your feet some sweet relief as you’d spent most of the night dancing like a headless chicken.

“One more drink before bed, come onn…”

Being the bad influence you always are you lean down, grabbing hold of Dino’s hand and beginning to, very slowly, drag him towards the living room.

With each step he begins to slowly drag himself up from the floor until he’s stumbling behind you, still holding your hand tight in his. Soon you feel yourself trip over the corner of your rug and onto the soft second hand couch you bought last summer.

A loud thump signalled that a very tipsy Chan had landed next to you on the couch, soon you could feel his warmth radiating against your skin causing small shivers to trail down your spine. Your mind reached cloud nine as his hand found its way onto your leg, drawing small patterns as he stared up at the ceiling.

Never had you seen someone so beautiful than now.

The look of blissful contentment stilled on his face as he turned to gaze at you, a small dopey smile forming on his lips as the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream caused you to let out another small giggle.

The space between you seemed almost static as he inched closer, small jolts of electricity radiating from your finger tips as you felt yourself trace a delicate pattern on the top of his arm. As time stilled, finally you felt the soft touch of his lips against yours. You moved in sloppy harmony as shivers raced all over your body, setting every nerve on fire.

“Lee chan, how dare you kiss me in this condition!” You announce, pressing a finger into his chest with another drunken laugh.

“I demand you stop this instant!”

Continuing to joke, the warmth of his hand slowly meets your cheek with a gentle caress. Cupping your face to look up at him, eyes fixed on nothing but each other. Leaning in to gently brush his nose against yours, he gives another dopey smile.

“Make me.”

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We need help.

There’s been a car accident–and while my hubs is fine physically (if very bruised) we now don’t have a vehicle.

Some very irresponsible, reckless person was going full speed out of another parking lot and ran into my husband while he was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store I work at, hitting it so hard they almost tipped our car over. They tried to blame my husband, the cops knew that was impossible due to the damages made. These people got to roll away from the accident, as they only damaged their front end…but our car starts, but won’t run. It had to be towed and impounded. Our right doors are stuck shut, our glovebox won’t open, the car won’t run, the windshield is busted (somehow the car door windows are ok, which was weird). Right before Christmas Eve, he was just trying to get groceries so I could make us a holiday dinner, and instead we have this to deal with. We both have deli jobs in a grocery store, we were already feeling miserable and overworked for the holidays…

Even though it was the other party’s fault, we live in Michigan. Michigan is a no-fault state, so we can only claim up to a $1000 dollars for repairs. Our insurance is very basic, we cannot afford collision coverage and still manage having an apartment and food, so we don’t have a replacement car to get to our jobs. Yes, we intend to sue them as it was confirmed via police report it’s their fault, but it sure doesn’t help us now. Hubs doesn’t have people that can take him to his job, as his store is farther away, and I barely have people available to take me to mine. We NEED to continue to work to keep our apartment, to keep eating, to keep paying bills, to pay for insulin for my cat…

…earlier this year, my diabetic cat Kero already put us in a lot of debt from getting pancreatitis, and he nearly died. We’re still trying to recover from it. He is my whole life, my muse, my inspiration, and my therapy cat. I need him. He’s alive, but at such extreme cost to us I can’t even consider going to a doctor for anything. But he is my sunshine, my son, and I need him. A lot of the time I feel like I can’t exist without him.

…and now this car accident?

So, I give up. I’m going to ask for help. I’m asking you guys here on tumblr, I’m asking friends, anybody, anything–if you can spare anything that can help us get by, my husband’s Paypal is:

Maybe we should consider doing a gofundme? Idk, I’ve never tried one before. We first have to get the car out of impound and find out what’s wrong with the car and how much it’s going to cost to repair it, IF we can repair it. Who knows, we might need a whole new car, we don’t know yet. We need to keep buying insulin for Kero. We need to keep paying off our debt involved with him. We need to keep paying our bills and buying food. We might have to start paying for uber/taxi services to get to work when friends aren’t available to take us. We’ve finally hit a big enough hole we need help to crawl out of. It feels like my life has gone downhill badly in the past year, that everything bad that can happen, is happening. This was almost too much for me to handle, I’m just grateful my husband is physically okay. But financially, this has completely wrecked us.

Good Night Calls

Chapter 6

By @johnlockedslashprincess and @weetiebel

Chapter 5:

Delirious sighed with the door closing behind him. He just got back home, his bag hitting the floor with a silent thud and he heard the sound of his dog, Ted, jumping to the ground, his claws scratching the wooden floor.

“Oh, finally. Where the fuck have you been for so long?” Luke called from the living room; he had been looking after Ted whilst he had been away. Del was sure Cartoonz was going to kill him for not telling him anything about the fact he was staying longer than planned. Jon smiled when Ted came running to him and jumped onto him, licking at his hands.

“Hey, Teddy, how have you been? I know, I missed you too. I won’t go anywhere again, I promise.” He said, even though he knew he was lying as he was going to Evan’s wedding in just a few weeks time. Luke appeared in the doorway frowning at him.

“Do you know you were supposed to be back like a week ago? You could’ve at least let me know.”

“I’m sorry, Luke. I… had some troubles.” Jon looked at him with apologetic smile, not wanting to go into any further details.

“Oh yeah, like getting plastered at Evan’s and forgetting your phone there, I’ve heard something.” Luke said sarcastically. “You look like shit, dude. What did Ohm do to you?”

“Nothing.” Delirious sighed again, picking up his luggage from the ground and walking away.

It was the next evening when he decided to let it all out. He was at Luke’s house, sitting next to him on a sofa with a beer in his hand. They were playing Mario Kart just for fun and he couldn’t keep his thoughts off of Ohm.

“I think we almost had sex.” He muttered.

Luke turned his head towards him. He was used to Del talking random shit, but this caught him off guard a little. “What?”

“Me and Ohm. I got drunk at Evan’s party and he came to pick me up. I had no idea why actually. But I woke up next day, totally blank, with hickeys all over my body.” He took a gulp, feeling the crimson on his cheeks.

“Are you kidding me?” Luke raised his eyebrow.

“He told me he didn’t fuck me. And that I didn’t fuck with Vanoss. That’s all I know. I don’t remember anything.”

“That happens when people get drunk, Delirious. You say it like it’s the end of the world.” Luke said with a reassuring smile.

“And we also made out. Just a night before. With his sister and niece sleeping just a foot next to us while we were both sober. But we never said a word about it. Jesus Christ, it sounds fucking awful saying it out loud.” He wanted to slap himself for everything he’d ever done.

“Oh my god, you’re both idiots, you know that? You’re acting like you’re fucking fifteen, Jonathan. Why did you do that? I thought you were crying your eyes out because of Vanoss and now you’re… what? Sucking Ohm’s dick?”

“Yeah…” Delirious sighed, feeling a bit broken and a lot more confused than he’d ever been before.

“And how does Ohm feel about it?” Luke asked, and Jonathan’s gut twisted. He looked up, meeting Luke’s eyes. “Oh fuck off. Did you even talk about it?” He was raising his voice.

“No, he hates me. He doesn’t even want to talk to me.”

“Of course. And that’s why you got hickeys on your neck.” Luke shook his head. “You know, Delirious. You should try to get your head out of your ass for once and sort the mess both of you made.”

Delirious looked at him again, feeling like a child after an ass whooping. Luke was right, there was no sense in crying about it. But there was no way he was talking to Ohm right now. He was too much of a bitch to do it himself.

The days were passing by, Delirious was slowly getting back to his normal life, playing video games, recording and editing videos, keeping his mind away from the things that happened. He and Ohm haven’t played or even talked since he left the apartment and it was getting harder and harder every day to make himself talk to him. So he didn’t, and Ohm had never contacted him, so Jon presumed it was what Ohm wanted. To get rid of him.

It was kind of nice, to be back to his old life. Being able to talk to Evan how he used to before, their friendship had never been as strong as it was these days and he was actually happy to be his best man. He couldn’t wait to see him again, to see Sydney and all the guys.

He wasn’t letting himself wonder about what could’ve been different if he didn’t act like a total dick to Ohm. But he was missing him and hearing his voice every day before going to bed.

“So what’s the plan, dude?” He asked Evan one day after a long GTA gaming session. Evan’s marriage was just in a week’s time and they never talked about it since they saw each other at E3.

“Hmm?” Evan mumbled, his voice barely there. Delirious laughed, Evan was amazing but sometimes he was just fucking incredible.

“Earth to Vanoss. You’re getting married, you asshole. And you asked me to be your best man. I just wanna know what to get ready for.”

“Well, you know. A suit, nice pair of shoes and some pin up flowers. But I will probably take care of those. So your task is just the suit and shoes. And maybe a few words about how awesome I am and how much you owe me.” Evan laughed cheesily and Del laughed with him.

“I think I can manage that. Can I wear a clown’s mask?” Del joked and snorted slightly to his mic.

“You can do whatever as long as you come.” Evan said softly, Del could almost see him smiling and he couldn’t help himself but laugh even more.

“I was just joking, man.”

“Yeah… Hey Delirious. I was just… it may sound a bit stupid, but you never told me… Uhh.” Evan was mumbling to his mic and Delirious was frowning at his screen as he started editing the new material.

“Yeah? What?” Del asked.

“You know. About you and Ohm.” Evan explained.

“Oh.” Delirious breathed out, his head blank out of nowhere. He was trying not to think of him and his rabbit friend so hard he might’ve freaked out a bit, thinking about his glowing eyes that were piercing his mind and the strong hands that had touched his body so many times. “Uh, we… well. Nothing much happened, you know. Except me being a colossal brainless idiot and him being… angry.”

“I’m sorry, Delirious. I was just thinking, cause I haven’t seen you playing together since you got back from LA. And you seemed to be really concerned about him back then.”

“I was. I still am. But I don’t think he wants to talk to me anymore.” Del sighed, squeezing his temples.

“You haven’t talked to each other?” Evan asked in surprise.

“No. The last thing he told me was…” Delirious paused and laughed before speaking again, the irony washed over his body. “He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me in your bed.”  

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“No, I’m fucking serious, man.” He said when a message from Bryce popped up on his skype, inviting him to play some Rainbow Six. He said quick bye to Evan, glad he had an excuse to end the conversation, taking a few minutes to man up a bit before joining Bryce’s skype call.

Ohm slumped into his desk chair, Buddy following quietly behind him. He popped his headphones on and beckoned his poochie pal onto his lap, cuddling into him.

It had been almost a month since E3 where Ohm had done just as Del had suggested, and gone home after the fight. They hadn’t spoken since then, and it aggravated Ohm. He felt like he needed to apologise, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so, scared of even more heartbreak and rejection. So he had left it hanging, and by the way things were going, so had Del.

Bryce had asked him to join him in a game of Rainbow Six Siege. So he had agreed; the little gaming session definitely needed after his stressful day at work. However, what he didn’t consider was the fact that both Cartoonz and Delirious were in the call when he joined.

“Hey dude!” Bryce joyfully jeered into his mic, almost deafening Ohm as his sound was on full blast without warning.

“Hey.” Ohm replied, Bryce never failed to amuse him. He was always so happy and cheerful.

“We all decided to do another ‘dream team’ thingy, as we haven’t done one in ages!”

“We?” That’s when the realisation hit. He hadn’t even bothered taking a look at the list of names in the call, assuming it was nobody he had to worry about. But there it was, ‘H2O Delirious’. He took in a sharp breath as he read the name, and then read it a second time. He had been trying to avoid that name, telling his fans when they asked ‘why?’ that it was just coincidence they hadn’t played together, and that they would soon.

“Yeah, Delirious and Cartoonz, you idiot.” Bryce laughed, tutting afterwards causing Cartoonz to laugh.

“Are we really that unimportant to you!?” Cartoonz joked, pretending to sob. There was no way Cartoonz didn’t know about the ordeal. Why was he even talking to him?

“No, you’re not!” Ohm exclaimed a bit too loudly, causing Buddy to jump off to try and find a quieter place to nap. “You’ll matter.”

Bryce giggled, it sounded like he was shaking his head in disgust. “You’ve done it now, Ohm, they hate you.” Ohm knew he was joking, but it hurt. They probably did after what he had said to Del.

Cartoonz laughed. “We always have!” He joked again. Ohm was surprised Cartoonz wasn’t more forceful actually, being the older protective brother he was to Del. It was weird how mild the insults were. Maybe he didn’t know?

“Anyway, let’s get into this Goddamn game.” Del suddenly interrupted, causing Ohm’s heart strings to tighten a little. It had been so long since he had heard his voice over Skype. The only connection he had left with him was being a fan and watching his video. Not saying it was a bad thing, but it was definitely a demotion.

The gaming session became more tense as they started playing, like usual Ohm got ignored, but this time intentionally rather than in pure obliviousness. It hurt. Bryce ended up being the only one to call him out on mistakes and cheering him on, and after a while Ohm became quiet. Letting the other’s chat amongst themselves.

Del seemed to be his normal self, being silly and laughing his unforgettable laugh. God, Ohm wanted to see him again and hear his laugh in real life once more. He wanted to touch him again, brush arms with him, hug him, kiss him.


“Yes?” Bryce voice cutting through his thoughts. “What?”

“Weren’t you listening to me!” He exclaimed, giggling slightly under his breath.

“Well!” Ohm mumbled, trying to think of an excuse. But Bryce was having none of it.

“Who are you going to pick?”


“Yes ‘Who’, Ohm.” Cartoonz cried, chuckling. “I swear you literally lose your brain sometimes.”

Ohm scoffed, smiling to himself as he continued to listen to their moaning. There was a reason why he loved all of them. They were his best friends. He had forgotten what it was like to play in his little gang and he had forgotten the main point of it, friendship.  

They played well over 3 hours before saying goodnight; Ohm had been quiet for at least 2 of them. He hadn’t really had anything to say and was scared he would flirt by accident. However, this lack had caused Bryce concern.

‘Hey dude, you feeling alright? You were pretty quiet.’ He read the text message Bryce sent him.

Ohm wasn’t sure whether to tell him the reasoning behind it. He was scared for the first time in his life by Bryce. He didn’t want him to ignore him like Cartoonz and Delirious had through the video. Bryce was too nice to lose. But, he didn’t want to lie to him, didn’t want to disclude him from the group like he had been so many times. He didn’t know how much he could tell him about what had happened.

‘Look, I fucked up. Me and Delirious had a fight, like a big one.’

‘Oh, what about? It can’t be that bad dude… Can it?’

‘It was pretty bad… We haven’t spoken in a month, Bryce, a month.’ Ohm swallowed harshly as he read their conversation back to himself, scared he had made the wrong choice. What was he going to say if Bryce asked more questions? Bryce didn’t know about the whole Vanoss thing, hell, he didn’t even know they were at E3.

‘Oh, well, talk to him? Idk, I’m not good at this stuff.’

A sigh of relief left Ohm’s lips as he read, thank God Bryce wasn’t asking any questions about it. Bryce was such a nice person. Everyone knew it. Ohm had no idea why Bryce even hung out with him, he was like a beautiful flower among a field of boring grass, he really was.

‘Yeah, probably. Thanks Bryce, for being understanding.’

‘Sure, and just remember, no matter how bad it was, Delirious could never hate you; nobody could, Ohm. I’ll always be here for you, and so will our little team. We’ll have your back, even if there is a bit of conflict within. Okay?’

Ohm stared at his screen, amazed by the younger boys compassionate words. He didn’t deserve this, they didn’t deserve Bryce.

‘Okay! Thank you, Bryce. For being here. Anyway, I better let you go to bed. Have a good night, buddy, and thanks again, you have no idea how much you have helped already. Night :)’

‘Night :)’

And with that the green outlined tick disappeared into blank space and Ohm was left alone once again, however he didn’t feel so alone after Bryce’s kind words. Maybe this was going to be okay, maybe he could just say sorry and it all be better, maybe Del wasn’t as mad at him as he thought.

Ohm grabbed his phone off the side, scrolling to J - Jonathan.

‘Hey, you probably don’t want to hear from me tonight after that awkward gaming session, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for everything. I know I had hurt you, and I hope you can come to accept you did the same to me. But this isn’t about that. I don’t want our friendship to get ripped apart by all of this, and I sure as hell don’t want Bryce’s or Cartoonz’s relationships to falter either. I know you told Cartoonz about it, just as I have told Bryce something ‘happened’ between us. Luckily he didn’t ask questions and just accepted the fact something was wrong. I’m sure he was thinking how childish we were being, let’s be honest, this is Bryce we are talking about. Anyway, I’ve let this go on too long; this silent treatment and this text. So, yeah. I hope you can come to understand that this isn’t just about us, but about our little group. I don’t want to hurt anyone else.

I’m sorry.


Ohm added the final word, even though it was quite obvious from the text’s context who it was, in case Del had deleted him from his contacts. He sat there for a minute, maybe even an hour, checking through it to make sure he was conveying the right thing, and making sure it wasn’t too forceful; that was the last thing he wanted to be.

Finally, he called it a night, sending it and hugging his phone close to him just in case of that sudden buzz. But nothing happened. Not even a sound. So he popped it on his bedstand, and snuggled into his blankets, before drifting off to sleep.

Ohm bundled balloons into the back of his car before attempting to close the boot, only popping one in the process. It was Alex’s birthday, and Ohm was excited. He loved birthdays, he loved seeing people happy, especially Alex. She meant everything to him and more.

He jumped in, exhaling before starting up his vehicle. It was 5 am in the morning and he knew he had a long journey ahead. He wanted to surprise her before she got up - Susan’s idea - so he had gotten up extra early despite the ridiculous time he went to bed.

The drive wasn’t what was frustrating about it, it was the morning traffic around his home. Everyone seemed to get up early for work in the city, so he took a different route as he tried to make it in time, up a lane, along a housing estate. It was quiet, peaceful almost. Everyone still tucked under their covers, sound asleep. He felt bad for driving through the undisturbed neighbourhood.

Suddenly, this all came to an end in the moment he was driving through a crossroad and another car had come speeding along from behind a turn on the untouched morning road, plummeting into Ohm’s car as he drove around the unexpected corner. He saw the car by just a glimpse of his eye before he felt the energy of the two vehicles colliding into each other, his face getting hit by an air bag. All he could hear was the sudden crunch of metal against metal and then there was just a silence.

Dizzy from the unexpected turn he raised his head which had collided with the steering wheel to see a young man in front of him, around late teens, with blood running from his forehead and his body smashed in between the cars as his corpse had launched from his unbuckled seat. Ohm wanted to scream in terror, but he couldn’t, his voice was stuck. All he could do was stare, his blurred vision capturing the scene.  

His own head was bleeding, and his glasses smashed into the side of his face. He couldn’t feel his lower body as it was wedged, almost so tight he thought he was cut in half. His front windshield had smashed causing a rain of glass to fall over him. Everything hurt, he didn’t know what was wrong, and that was the worst thing of all. He started to panic, the dread of dying falling over him as he heard the shouts of people coming out of the houses to see. He didn’t want to die now, he couldn’t, not on Alex’s birthday. He didn’t want this to be the memory of him on her fifth birthday. This was just a dream, a cruel, messed up dream.

He began to feel sick, the blurred world spinning around him and black dots clouding his vision. He grabbed his phone, going to his emergency contact - Susan.

“Hey big bro, don’t tell me you’ve overslept and you’ll be late.” He heard her voice when she picked up, it was sleepy, but it was his sister’s voice and it made him feel so much better.

“Hey Sue, I’m not going to be able to make it to Alex’s birthday.”

“Ry-Ry? Why? Are you okay?”

“I….” He stumbled, choking on his words, what was he gonna tell her? “I had an accident.”

Susan choked on her morning coffee but Ohm couldn’t hear it anymore as his face hit the steering wheel and he let the phone slip to the floor, his body was submitting to the shock it had just gone through.

Susan was screaming at him but he didn’t know it, he was blinking to the darkness that was slowly embracing his vision and he was muttering the last words just for himself to hear before he lost his consciousness: 

“I love you so much.”

Part 7 coming soon 

the first time bones receives a legitimate compliment from spock he doesn’t even notice it for several seconds. the vulcan is straight-faced and blunt as ever, seemingly casually pointing out that he’s the best surgeon in the fleet

he’s so used to the not-so-indirect jabs and insults that he’s ready to bite something back at him and it takes him a moment to go hold on a damn moment. spock’s just paid him a compliment and suddenly he’s forgotten how to react to him

his brain stalls and his face has gone completely blank and spock momentarily entertains the illogical idea that he’s maybe broken the cmo

they kind of stand there until bones slowly grinds back into motion, mouth briefly moving soundlessly until his brain spits something out, which is a strangled “you’re a real flatterer, huh, spock”

he quickly makes a tactical retreat all the way to his office after that and as soon as he’s through the doors chapel asks him why he looks like he just got hit with a stun blast

all he can manage is a strange flapping motion with his hand before collapsing in his chair to stare blankly at the opposite wall and wonder what the hell just happened

I’ve always seen in Hunk/Lance stuff as Hunk being the one who’s secretly in love with Lance, but I’d think it’s probably more likely that Lance is the one who’s heels over head for Hunk

Yes, Lance is the one who has a not-so secret crush on Hunk

Lance who immediately upon meeting Hunk decided that he’s the One™

Lance spending any moment not dedicated to studying with Hunk, making him do crazy stunts just for Hunk to stay with him

Lance pulling Pidge into their adventures, but always staying by Hunk’s side

Lance covering up his amorous feelings by being snarky towards Hunk

Lance hitting on Allura to move suspicion away from him because he thinks he might be too obvious

Lance being worried as hell when Hunk was taking forever to find his Lion, and praying in any language he knew that he got out alive (when he thought he was dead, a literal part of him died until he came back)

Lance, behind closed doors, blushing like a schoolgirl because “omg he said I looked cool in my Paladin suit!”

Lance enjoying any food Hunk makes, even if it makes him sick to his stomach

Lance trusting Hunk to have his back in missions

Lance being totally in love with Hunk

Lance being totally in love with Hunk


You know what I wanted more of?

Thomas and Jimmy behaving like bickering siblings.

Thomas stealing Jimmy’s towel so he has to run naked, arms in the air, through the corridor with cries of “LOOK AWAY NOW YOU PERVERTS!”

Thomas and Jimmy kicking each other under the dinner table and getting steadily more competitive until Thomas accidentally misses and kicks Mr. Carson

Thomas singing “Jimmy’s got a crush on a girl…Jimmy an’ Ivy sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Until Jimmy hits him.

Thomas and Jimmy battling with pillows in the corridor until one bursts just as Mr. Carson opens the door to find out what the devil is going on and both of them immediately blame the other.

Thomas chasing Jimmy at a full sprint, serving tray held above his head, as Jimmy screams “Oh shite oh shite oh shite Thomas stop I was only kiddin’ Thomas PLEASE!”

Jimmy bothering Thomas until Thomas get’s serious and glares, “Jimmy, stop it.” Jimmy doesn’t and winds up with a smack in the face.

Jimmy being melo-dramatic and throwing himself to the floor with a “Well, I may as well be dead now, then.” And Thomas calmly sitting on him, as Jimmy struggles to breathe, and asks him what’s wrong.

Jimmy and Thomas teaming up on Alfred, throwing flour at him every time he isn’t looking and then pointing to indicate it’s the other one.

Thomas and Jimmy sniggering to each other until Mr. Carson barks at them to be quiet, which only makes it worse as they try to hold in their giggles, winding up hunched over, shoulders shaking, whispering one word of whatever they’d found funny and they’re both in hysterics again. 

“Arsehole.”/ “Prick.”/ “piss-master.”/ “snob.”/ “Degenerate.”/ etc

Jimmy ambushing Thomas in the bath with a bucket of cold water to the cry of “you little bastard!” And Thomas gasping, then having to apologize to Mr. Carson for swearing so loudly without getting Jimmy in trouble

The entire men’s corridor being kept up by sounds of bickering, a struggle, then a lamp breaking and suspicious silence.

“I’m telling.”

“Don’t you dare.”



More of our mischievous boys behaving like naughty brothers.

I could see Sirius and Remus adopting a baby and Sirius is about to leave to go somewhere while Remus is at work and he’d be out the door and be like

“Hmm, something’s missing.”

He looks around and shrugs and continues walking to the store and then it hits him when he’s like halfway there


And he runs back and Remus got off early and he’s just sort of sitting on the couch waiting for him like

“You forgot our eight month old baby at home alone and now I’m going to hit you.”

And Sirius didn’t get a single kiss for a week.


Word Count: 1735
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: SO. MUCH. FLUFF.
Summary: Bucky takes you out to find the perfect gift for your birthday
A/N: GO TELL @magic-and-timetravel HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Taylor is the most wonderful soul, you guys. She’s an asolute treasure. INSPIRATION:
seriously just go through the whole tag. this shit is gold.

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Put this on,” Bucky demands, handing you one of your scarves.

Ha, yeah right. Like you’re gonna–oh. He’s serious. Your face scrunches in confusion as you take the cloth trying to think of a reason you’d need to be blindfolded.

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Talk To Me.

Summary: Minseok really wouldn’t be doing a good job as your boyfriend if he couldn’t get you to be unstressed when you need it. 
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Reader x Xiumin
Word Count: 1,019

-Admin Amy

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You turned on your light as you walked into the door of your rather empty apartment. You toe off your shoes and trudge slowly to place your heavy bag on the table in your kitchen. You just got back from one overtime shift from your job, feeling exhausted as ever. You turn on your phone to check the time, the bright screen hitting your eyes really strongly. 

12:42 AM

You being to rethink all of the events that has happened to you today. Seemingly, on this lovely day, everyone decided to bombard you with every little piece of work possible.

Y/N-ah, do you think you can help me out with my split of the project? i’m super busy this weekend…

YN-ah I think you might need to work overtime tomorrow, Chanhae said he’s not going to work tomorrow…

Y/N-ah you should go with us to the party this weekend! 


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