that he isn't alone in the world

cersei: *blows up a section of King’s Landing with wildfire, feels no grief for her son’s suicide she caused, is becoming less and less like the woman she used to be, gets murder boners, will let Jon and Dany’s forces face the undead alone because she cares more about lowering their numbers than saving the world*


dany: *has little mercy for rapists, slave masters, and shitty leaders that don’t care about their people, shows entitlement for a throne many other characters have been fighting for as well, warns a guy that tried to assassinate her that if he tries to do it again she’ll kill him* 

fandom: oH MY gOD she’s mAD KING 2.0 !!! MAD QUEEN DANY!!!


I have never forgotten what I learned from Eric. Kindness, honesty, and more respect for human beings than I’ve ever known anyone else to have.

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Could you write something where some guy keeps harassing y/n at the bar or club (like touching her or and stuff) while Harry's in the bathroom and Harry comes out he just gets so protective of her and isn't having any of it


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Sun suddenly burst through the clouds overhead, dazzling Qui-Gon’s sight. The glare caused Obi-Wan’s features to blur and dissolve. For a moment, Qui-Gon didn’t see the boy. He saw an elder man, alone, living on a desolate planet, his only companions his dark memories. 

Then a sudden truth pierced him. That isn't me. It is Obi-Wan. Or was it? 

The sun retreated behind the clouds. The world became clear again. The future is not fixed, but fluid, he told himself. Visions did not have to come true. 

— Jedi Apprentice: The fight for truth.

Summary of Hamilton Songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: Yo I'm Alexander Hamilton and these are all the bitches I've fucked and/or fucked up
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Let's see how many things rhyme with Burr (also BRRAAAAH BRRAAAAH)
  • My Shot: Hamilton's not throwing away his shot or the fucking mike like holy shit this song is good
  • The Story of Tonight: We are best buds and this song is in no way foreshadowing sad events what are you talking about lets have another round
  • The Schuyler Sisters: WERK BITCH
  • Farmer Refuted: Hamilton: "My dog speaks more eloquently" Everybody: "OOOOOHH!"
  • You'll Be Back: The king's an abusive boyfriend who can't let things go and is also really cute--DA DA DA DA DA
  • A Winter's Ball: We're reliable wITH THE LADIES!!!
  • Helpless: Eliza is a cinnamon roll who needs her happy ending stfu
  • Satisfied: Angelica fucking wrecks it like holy shit this song will bring me back to life
  • The Story of Tonight Reprise: "She's married to a British officer" "Oh shit..."
  • Wait For It: And we all fall in love with Burr cuz he tears this shit up
  • Stay Alive: "I'm a general! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!" (And Hamilton will fight anyone like holy shit boy calm the fuck down)
  • Ten Duel Commandments: The awesome sounding counting game of fUCKING DEATH
  • Meet Me Inside: Hamilton gets called to the principals office
  • That Would Be Enough: Dude seriously Eliza just wants you to not fucking die like how hard is that
  • Guns and Ships: Just...I just can't...just listen to this one fucking french asshole give it all he's got
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: Basically Washington telling Hamilton not to fuck up
  • The World Turned Upside Down: America wins the war and this shit is intense (also "Immigrants, we get the job done")
  • What Comes Next: The king is still bitter--"AWESOME! WOW!"
  • Dear Theodosia: Dads and their kids make me cry every time also we see parallels between Burr and Hamilton like holy shit this is cool
  • Non-Stop: Hamilton slow down you're scaring ppl
  • What'd I Miss: Jefferson arrives 15 minutes late with Starbucks
  • Cabinet Battle #1: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  • Take A Break: Ok am I the only one who notices the beat of nothing when the sisters are like "Angelica, Eliza...the Schuyler sisters" like where the fuck is Peggy is she dead i think she's dead holy shit NO
  • Say No To This: Hamilton you dumb fuck say no to this
  • ...also Maria can belt like you won't believe
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr is done with everyone's shit (also this song is life)
  • Schuyler Defeated: Burr drops some major foreshadowing with "I swear your pride will be the death of us all"
  • Cabinet Battle #2: "...France"
  • Washington on Your Side: Hamilton better watch his back
  • "Southern motherfuckin' dEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICANS!" "OH"
  • One Last Time: Washington has had enough of everyone's shit and is going home (like seriously he's the smartest person in this play he leaves before shit hits the fan)
  • I Know Him: Oh King George! We were wondering how you were doing...still creepy?...ok moving on
  • The Adams Administration: "Sit down John, you fat motherFUCKER"
  • We Know: Hamilton fucks up and no one's surprised at this point (also I love the little "No one else was in the room where it happened" addition from Burr like it just rubs salt in the wound here for their "friendship")
  • Hurricane: More Hamilton backstory/Wait For It Reprise
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN I REPEAT SHIT HAS HIT THE GODDAM FAN (also Angelica: "I'm not here for you" Everyone: "Oooooohhh!")
  • Burn: Ok let me just say Lin-Manuel Miranda has done such a good job with Eliza's character like for someone who we don't know anything about history wise, he really brought her to life in ways that make me want to cry
  • Blow Us All Away Reprise: philip no
  • philip no
  • PHILIP NO (also ha ha ha with the name of the song ha ha ha I'm laughing so hard I'm crying)
  • Stay Alive Reprise: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • It's Quiet Uptown: I'm dead there's no god there's no light at the end of the tunnel everything's helpless and there are tears flooding my cheeks
  • The Election of 1800: Everyone is thirsting after Hamilton like leave the man alone at this point dear god
  • Your Obedient Servant: Burr and Hamilton are passive aggressive af
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Reason for my death: Burr's "Wait!" when he shoots (and dear god I hope someone learns something from this like sometimes a fight isn't worth everything please I'm begging you learn to forgive)
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza I'm so proud of you and I hope you find happiness in the end because I FUCKING DIDN'T THIS SHIT HAS ME BAWLING MY EYES OUT
  • ...time to listen to it all over again

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Hello! Can I have hanzo, lucio, and zenyatta react to a new recruit (their crush) that was brought from our time on accident by tracer, and isn't allowed to leave gibraltar because 76 is afraid of people like talon finding them and capturing them for what they know about overwatch? They really want to see what this world is like in 2077, but 76 is really strict about it.


  • He is shocked when you first appear
    • You staring at awe
    • Even saying that they were video game characters
  • Turns out you were from the past
    • He’s a little weirded out by how accurate that game was
    • But the way you look at him
      • Like what he did didn’t bother you
      • Makes his chest grow warm
  • He feels for you
    • Far in the future from your family
    • All alone and trapped in the base as a prisoner
  • He’ll ask to accompany you around the town
    • Is told no by Soldier 76
    • While Hanzo understands
    • He doesn’t care
  • Sneaking you out
    • He’ll watch you excitedly walk around
    • Not having been out since arriving in this time
  • He gets in trouble for this
    • However, he’ll blame Soldier 76
    • If you had just said yes


  • He is a little surprised
    • But takes it surprisingly well
    • He wants to know everything about this game
  • He enjoys hearing about your life
    • Just day to day life before the crisis
  • He argued with the decision to keep you at the base
    • As long as you’re accompanied there should be nothing wrong with you going downtown
    • Soldier 76 asked him if his feelings were getting in the way of his rational judgement
  • Lucio will talk to you instead
    • Telling you what the future was like
    • How his childhood was like
  • He’ll play you a few of his compositions
    • Asking you what you think about it
  • He tells you as soon as he’s able he’ll show you the future
    • Letting you see beyond the walls of the base


  • He is unfazed when you arrived
    • He is interested when you mention that they’re all in a video game from your time
    • He’ll ask about what life was about
    • What it was like before omnics
  • His heart aches for you when he learns about your situation
    • He argues about the decision
    • Stating that the right to choice should be respected
    • He is patient
    • And will keep bringing this up
    • Until Soldier 76 relents
  • You can leave the base as long as you’re accompanied
    • Your first trip is with the Shambali monk
    • He’s talking about omnics and the Iris the entire trip there
    • You nodding
      • Interested in it
  • He lets you run around
    • Going from one store to the other
    • Just having fun
  • His heart grows warm at your smile
Whom The Gods Favor (1/?)

I am in under the wire but proud to add this little offering for the Monster Hunter + Soulmate day of Fantasy Pretzel Week. I haven’t a clue if I will ever get more than this little bit down but @barpurplewrites encouraged me to go ahead and just write up what I could and I am glad she did because this was really fun and I really hope I get the chance to share the rest of the story with you guys. 

1.2k |  Rated: T | I’ll link archives if I ever finish it. 

Despite the wind and rain lashing the Irish countryside the small pub was warm, awash with light, laughter, and the smell of hearty food, it was quaint, too quaint, and as Emma Swan stood on the threshold she felt a warning run up her spine–not everyone here was human. She evaluated the room with the practiced ease of years dealing with the preternatural but there were no obvious signs of what she was up against, no dark spots, no color shifts, no shimmers indicating magic, no malicious, hungry eyes, staring back. A few patrons gave her a passing glance or a nod but none seemed to be overly interested in the soaking blonde in a red leather jacket and jeans. If she had been younger she might have ignored the warning but she had learned to trust her favor, had scars both physical and emotional to remind her that while the Gods were fickle their favors could always be relied upon, and so she kept her guard up–an easy task since she rarely let it down.

She strode to the bar and slid onto the stool. A short, bearded man approached her with a dour expression. Emma ordered a hot chocolate which earned her a huff. So much for the friendliness of the Irish. Not that Emma wanted to make friends, she was here on a job and once it was finished she would move on to the next one and the next. It was a good life, rewarding in its way as she used the favors the Gods had bestowed to help humans with their problems or with the more vile preternatural elements in the worlds. She wasn’t strictly a Hunter but had been known to kill or trap a monster when needed. She hoped, for Belle French’s sake, that there would be no creatures this time around.

When Belle had contacted her about her missing child Emma had wanted to refuse. When babies were taken they were rarely recoverable–eaten, used in spells, transformed, taken to another world, whatever it was the kid wasn’t coming back– and she told Belle to just accept her son was gone. But the woman was stubborn, full of a fire that Emma couldn’t help but admire, and not afraid to play dirty.  

“Don’t you wish your parents had tried to find you?” Belle had asked.

“How did you–?”

“I do my research. You were weeks old when they found you on the steps of the temple. You grew up in and out of foster homes, never knowing who your parents were or why you were left.”

“My parents abandoned me because I was Blessed,” Emma said darkly.

“Or you were stolen by a god and then blessed and your parents are still looking for you.” Belle shot back.

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I've got this feeling that if Sam is serious about working with the bmol and this isn't just some kind of scheme... Sam told Mick to give him time to convince Dean... That just awfully reminds me of s4. Sam making a decision behind deans back and we as an audience know that in this instance Dean is the one who is right. Well at ledast this time he isn't alone he has cas and Crowley and Rowena probably too.

Anonymous said: So I really hope that Sam knows what he is doing and kind of wants to infiltrate the bmol because otherwise I’m getting some s4 vibes over here. Dean against tje rest of the world actually doing the right thing but no one listens to him. At least this time around he has cas and Crowley right?

^ I am so amused. You two should be friends.

Are we just getting season 4 vibes because that’s the biggest example of Sam working behind Dean’s back? In that case it was so absolutely wrong of Sam and he couldn’t SEE it because he was in a horrible descent arc where Ruby was corrupting him, mind and body, and feeding his powers. Season 4 was so awful for Sam as Sam I don’t really ever want to be light comparing Sam to it, because he REALLY learned.

I was thinking it’s more like season 10, where Sam goes behind Dean’s back to save him, but mostly because Dean’s given up as he thinks. He knows Dean could be argued around to it if he was just regular old Dean and thinking clearly about wanting to live, and makes the choice he thinks is best for his brother even if it means going behind his back. If he IS serious about this and has bought the sales pitch rather than doing it for infiltration/Mary protecting reasons as people are speculating, then he thinks the pitch about saving them from their own awful lives is a good one and Dean would like it too, while he ALWAYS knew it was wrong working with Ruby and from 4x01 he’s worried about telling Dean, lies about it, and withholds stuff for most of the season. 

With the BMoL if he’s serious, he said already that he thinks Dean can be persuaded to go along with it and that he’d want it - his sense of right and wrong told him the demon blood thing was too awful to share, but in this case Dean’s already seemingly grudgingly accepted MARY’S choice to work with them and it’s just whether Sam can convince him to JOIN the BMoL rather than go through another round of having accept his family is working for them but not join himself. Like, there’s already a line here that Mary crossed, and seems to have been forgiven. (Although it’s more that she lied to them, and Dean doesn’t know half the stuff Sam does after that episode and we don’t know if Dean would be told about the Colt between episodes or if that’s a reveal for him too - considering Sam cried over seeing the Colt again, you’d think we’d need at least half a weighty scene for Dean finding out…) 

It’s the smart choice instead of the heart choice thing, but applied in a way which is too removed from the emotional situation. Everyone’s pointed out for weeks how Sam should be most hurt by Mary’s choice because the BMoL tortured him, and so he’s far more the one who stood to be personally injured than Dean. Of course Sam compartmentalised all that in the fight and was the one to give Mary a chance first. And I think he may be misinterpreting Dean saying he doesn’t like Mary’s choice to thinking Dean’s made a choice with his head not his heart here and is going to be more reasonable. Dean always acts emotionally but he doesn’t want to fight with his family and he still thinks this is wrong and the season can’t really have Dean give in now Mary AND Sam are working with the bad guys because we need balance and a POV character NOT doing it so I suspect Dean will stick his ground and not join them or Cas is going to come back like

Originally posted by miss-malaphor

So yeah, Dean and Cas and probably Rowena and maybe Crowley if the whole Lucifer thing doesn’t get in the way, are gonna be the obvious resistance to the BMoL while Sam and Mary are going to be on the inside… 

But I don’t think Sam not being able to convince Dean will be like, the sort of split that season 4 caused, even if they’re now misunderstanding each other’s motives if Sam is genuinely set on joining the BMoL. Dean’s forgiven on a family level, the personal stuff, wit Mary, but it’s not like he’s warmed up to the idea of working with the BMoL, he’s just not actively disowning Mary for doing it. Sam tends to think things through from so far outside the box (where the box is his own feelings) he can logic his way through like, an entire obstacle course without thinking he’s taking any emotional damage, although I really don’t think this can be healthy for him :P His repression is very different from how Dean bottles up emotions because Dean still feels them, just tries not to express them. Sam tries not to feel them at all. I think this is what Dean was telling him about picking a side - he wants Sam to get angry and feel something about it. Sam goes to feel out Mary’s side of it, and then literally picks a side, which even seems to go against his own stated feelings on the matter (he says hunting is his life to Mary at the start, and while it was magnificent bullshit on one level either way you look at it, I think he did also agree with what he was saying in the cops and robbers speech to the Alpha because holy crap that was good). So again he hasn’t picked a side INTERNALLY he’s picked one EXTERNALLY by thinking it might be the smartest choice after all even if it didn’t feel good in many ways to him and the BMoL have represented themselves as an enemy in his head all season.

(This all seems to be addressing Sam’s way of doing this head on so maybe we are getting a storyline to belatedly make up for Sam working with Lucifer without more than a few worried side-glances at the end of last season)

Anyway I love Sam and this episode made me love Sam more than I ever had before, so I absolutely can’t see how this is as bad as him working with Ruby because we’re with him here. I mean we’re not WITH him with him, but the story is showing us Sam’s internal processes in its own way where Sam doesn’t really reveal those to us ever, and I have honestly never found him more fascinating or compelling, because these decisions are BAD but they’re not BAD DECISIONS if you know what I mean? I mean, not in the scale of a guy who drank demon blood for a year and started the apocalypse :P

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Tim and Dami prompt, what about the family is in the manor, and there's a really nasty thunderstorm. And Dami isn't used to them, cause where he's from they don't really have thunder and lightning so he freaks out. And he's used to running to Dick, so he does but he goes into Tim's room instead, just kind of dives in the bed with Tim. And after the usual posturing Tim lets him settle in and when they're asleep they cuddle. Dick goes looking for Dami, finds them and ends up leaving them alone

The colossal crash of the entire world shaking on its axis woke Damian in a panic, and Alfred the cat went running off, screeching the whole way. Damian felt immediately guilty for that; Titus was bouncing around on his toes, suddenly awoken from his own slumber. Aside from that, his room was empty.

Blinding light sliced in through the glass and turned the space into a chiaroscuro of sharp lines and jagged shadows, and only a split second later the window rattled with the force of the thunder. Damian was out of his bed and halfway down the hall before he realized he had moved.

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For the anon looking for policeman Phil fics, Isn't He Pretty, Isn't He Insane? by daeguk is really good and Phil is a policeman :)

Isn’t He Pretty, Isn’t He Insane?in a world where a person’s soulmate has an identical birthmark, police intern phil lester is completely alone; that is, until he starts receiving cruel gifts from a psychotic serial killer. seeking out the comfort of a boy on the phone, dan howell, while desperately trying to figure out the killer’s messages, time is running out by each fractured second.

- Tori

leave dino a l o n e

people don’t seem to realize that we don’t know idols personally, we are fans. we don’t have the right to pry into their lives bc 1. it’s none of our business anyway, and 2. it’s just having respect for them,,,,,, so leave dino alone p l e a s e and focus on things like what’s happening in houston or at least just focus on yourself jfc it isn’t that hard. people are dying and losing their homes and you’re all worried about a perfectly capable eighteen-year-old boy’s leaked video and him having a girlfriend???

  • Jessick Hater: Rick LOVED Jessie.
  • Me, A Richonne Trash: But.. it was one a dank garage...and.. it was after he killed her husband... and... they didn’t even have sex. Right before the kiss the conversation between the two was about a hunch of all the missing people from the group and Jessie says, "tell me there's more," and he kisses her. Right before Rick kisses Lori when they were having a conversation about a hunch to go to the CDC Lori says, "Tell me something with certainty," and Rick replies with, ''I love you.", then Rick and Lori kiss. With Jessie, he goes right for the kiss, he does not say anything. Why didn't he say anything before the kiss? Gee, I wonder why. He liked the idea of going back to normalcy when he arrived in Alexandria. He was completely lost, and Jessie didn’t really help with that. And when he saw her die, it was closure in a way. He never got to get closure with Lori, he never saw her die, he never got the satisfaction of being able to say, “I did everything I could to keep her alive.” Whereas, with Jessie he tried. He didn’t want her to die, but she did. She was like the ghost of Lori, except a blonde one. She literally wore flannel. Y’know who would wear flannel all the time? Lori. She reminded him of Lori. There are way too many parallels between Lori and Jessie that it's too obvious. She might as well had ‘LORI’ written across her forehead, and when he saw Pete put his hand on the small of Jessie’s back he instantly thought of Shane. He would constantly fear back then that Shane would take away his family from him. "What do you want my children to call you, daddy is that it?" "I'm better for Lori, than you, man!" So, he rests his hand on his gun in his holster. Who aimed a gun at him? Shane. Who basically was going to kill him over Lori? Shane. This also happened before he KNEW that Jessie was being abused by Pete. The Shane and Lori thing was never resolved for Rick, and honestly if it didn’t get resolved soon it was going to take over him forever. He brought in all of his inner demons and trauma into Alexandria, and how the hell was he going to move on from it? By projecting Lori into Jessie. He wanted to make sure that she didn’t die, because he feels like he failed Lori by not keeping her alive. “I don’t want you to die.” He says to Jessie, as in, he doesn’t want Lori to die within him just yet. He’s not ready to let go of that part of his life. He still misses Lori, and Alexandria reminds him of her of their old life.<p><b></b> “Lori would’ve liked this place.” he says to Daryl on the porch of their new home. Rick wasn’t ready for Michonne, and neither was Michonne for Rick. She had her own figuring out to do. “What do you want?” A dying Deanna says. “I want this place to work.” “No, what do you want for you?” Michonne has always been focused on protecting people, and moving along to avoid the thoughts of Andre, and her old life. She kept moving to keep her mind off of it. She was afraid to be with someone else so intimately, and open herself up to another man. But who is the perfect man for her to do that? Rick. She opened up to Andrea, to Carl a lot about her old life, and Rick. They brought her back. Michonne brought back Rick by being the best thing for him in his life. She was always there, and he was always there for her. They both just needed to figure out there own trauma. And I think that’s so rad, because as it showed with the Jessie thing..( I wouldn’t even call it a relationship, it wasn’t a fling either, more of a blip, it was not meant to be. just like if lori would have lived, after he already killed Shane, it still would not of worked. Why? Because he killed Shane who was practically his brother.) that the Rick full of loss and full with trauma couldn’t work with anyone, let alone with Michonne. And honestly, Michonne does not deserve that. Without Jessie, and Jessie dying it would’ve taken much longer for Rick to process that trauma, and move on from it into the new world. The new world needs Rick Grimes. And the flashes of Jessie when he sees her dying? It's like Lori dying all over again. "No, No, No". You know what Rick says back at the prison when he finds out Lori is dead? "No, no, no". Except this time he isn't crying, or falling to the ground having a breakdown.. He has to be there for Carl his son. He has to let go of Lori, and he has to hold on to the new world. He has to show the new world to Carl. He can't be stuck in time. He's gotta move on. ''I'm a struggling man, and I've gotta move on'' Beth sings. "I couldn't put it back together," He says to a hallucinated Lori on the phone. The normal Jessie flashes it's Lori alive, the blood Jessie is Lori, and when he has to cut Jessie's arm off.. he's cutting off his old life, he's literally cutting off the guilt and shame he feels for not keeping Lori alive. He's cutting off his old life finally, and moving on with the new. At the beginning of the Richonne episode he's cutting a hole for his belt for it to fit. He doesn't put on his wedding ring. He's making a new life, a new world for Carl, Judith, and himself, and of course his love, Michonne. Rick Loved Jessie? Nah, just projection man. Rick is in love with Michonne, and Michonne is in love with Rick. They are meant to be, they always have been. Richonne found eachother in all of this. "Finding her in all of this was everything." David says to Michonne. Richonne is canon, now. Bye

Augustus and Gemma IV (Pt. 1; Excerpt) 

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When I thought about God!Alcor restarting the world, I could only think that his godness ended up with kinda reverse of GF finale? Like, there Dipper says "Ready to head into the unknown?" and Mabel says "Nope. Let's do it." and this time it is reverse. Now, it is Mabel who asks him if he is ready to head into the unknown and despite wanting to reincarnate and simply be human again for so long, Dipdops smiles a little and says that he isn't, knowing he never will be fully ready for this but -p1-

he holds her hand and Mabel just laughs a little heartily and he laughs a little as well in response and pulls the ‘Dipper’ part -his soul- out from his God!cor form and it explodes in a what could be called the next big-bang-ish thing and they are holding hands as a new world starts.

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I can't find Isn't He Pretty? Isn't He Insane? anywhere! Was it deleted? Thank you btw!

Isn’t He Pretty? Isn’t He Insane?in a world where a person’s soulmate has an identical birthmark, police intern phil lester is completely alone; that is, until he starts receiving cruel gifts from a psychotic serial killer. seeking out the comfort of a boy on the phone, dan howell, while desperately trying to figure out the killer’s messages, time is running out by each fractured second.

- Tori

He was your sun. Your moon. Your star. Your world. Your galaxy. Your universe. You were so wrapped up in loving him that you forgot to love yourself. And you deserved it. All the love you gave him, you deserved it for yourself.
—  you know who you are.

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The way he always said her name when they were together alone felt like a love confesion. It looked more intimate than actual love scenes. It's like the time stopped and she was the most precious thing in the world. Can you imagine when the others brought her name up over those years?? The first months he isn't even able to say it because it hurts so much. She's not there to hear it and she will never be... and when he finds the strength to say it, he feels empty.

Okay this is canon considering Bellamy didn’t say Clarke’s name once after leaving her sooooo

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Kevineil should be the next big thing, I love it. I can only really see it happening in the context of Kandreil, but moments just specifically Kevineil would probably happen all the time (cos Andrew isn't always down or has shit to do or whatever). Honestly the best thing would be the softness, cos they don't have to worry about Andrew this-is-nothing Minyard's disapproval. But also Kevin loves railing Neil so i mean best of both worlds really. Just imagine: soft morning sex.

i adore kevineil in both contexts, honestly (alone or as part of kandreil) and tbh im so happy i woke up to this! here’s a little mini hc list regarding these two boys and soft morning sex:

  • kevin is Not a Morning Person, as we all know. he is, however, more than happy to wake up to neil’s soft kisses over his parted lips and stubbled jaw and down the line of his neck
  • sleepy kevin is a tactile being, ok. he shifts onto his side, buried under the covers, and pulls neil flush against him so they can make out all slow and sweet, eyes barely open, heavy with sleep. 
  • they run their hands all over each other- stroking down chests, squeezing along biceps, cupping necks and cheeks and pulling each other closer even though they’re already skin to skin
  • neil probably slips a thigh in between kevin’s legs and grinds his morning wood against his thigh
  • when they fuck, it’s in a spooning position– neil turns over and it’s so easy for kevin to push inside him, one hand tugging softly through neil’s curls and the other draped over his side to tug at his cock
  • normally they fuck loud and harsh and dirty, but mornings are all soft sighs and quiet whimpers and wet kisses on necks
  • afterward they turn to face each other and spend another 15 minutes just kissing and nuzzling against one another under the covers :):):)
The Little Mermaid {Sentence Starters}
  • "And now, look at me. Wasted away to practically nothing."
  • "I'm 16 years old! I'm not a child anymore!"
  • "What would I do to see you smiling at me?"
  • "Don't you take that tone of voice with me, young lady!"
  • "Oh, I can't make out a heartbeat!"
  • "How many wonders can one cavern hold?"
  • "I set certain rules and I expect those rules to be obeyed."
  • "You could've been seen by one of those barbarians! By one of those humans!"
  • "The human world, it's a mess."
  • "Know him? I don't have to know him! They're all the same!"
  • "I haven't seen this in years. This is wonderful!"
  • "Have you lost your senses completely?! He's a human!"
  • "You went up to the surface again, didn't you? Didn't you?!"
  • "Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything?"
  • "Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it's important?!"
  • "Oh, you really delight in these sadistic strains on my blood pressure don't you?"
  • "They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch!"
  • "It's a talent that I always have possessed."
  • "The only way to get what you want is to become a human, yourself."
  • "You wanna kiss the girl!"
  • "But you'll find that nowadays, I've mended all my ways. Repented, seen the light, and made a switch."
  • "Things are working out according to my ultimate design."
  • "My dear sweet child, that's what I do. It's what I live for."
  • "What a lovely little bride I'll make!"
  • "I've never seen a human this close before. Oh - he's very handsome, isn't he?"
  • "I dunno, he looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me."
  • "I just don't know what we're going to do with you, young lady."
  • "It's she who holds her tongue who gets her man."
  • "I just don't see things the way he does."
  • "Well, it was ruined! That's all, completely destroyed!"
  • "I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."
  • "I'm not asking much. Just a token really, a trifle."
  • "Come on, they're not all that impressed with conversation."
  • "Get out of here! Leave me alone!"
  • "She's a demon! She's a monster!"
  • "We haven't discussed the subject of payment. You can't get something for nothing, you know."
Zombie Masterlist

A Bite Too Late - RedHershey

Summary: In an AU, post-zombie apocalypse world, Phil returns to the shelter from a search for food to find his companion that he’d been surviving with for about a year, Dan, bleeding on the ground.

Breathe My Rust - hunterfics (ao3)

Summary: The one where Phil rescues Dan in a zombie apocalypse and they accidentally fall in love.

Crash - rosewoodpirate

Summary: Dan finds Phil alone in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and has to decide whether he can trust him.

Dan Of The Dead - grosshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil versus the zombie apocalypse.

Deer In The Woods - romaticphantasies

Summary: Dan has had enough. Louise has been dead for six months, and he hasn’t seen another living person in three. The world will not miss him. It might even be better off without him.

Don’t Let Them Get You - forphansake

Summary: A disease broke out, turning people into something else, the infected. They were dead, mindless creatures. Dan and Phil only have each other in this new world of vile things, but can they hang on for that long?

Lay Me Down And Let Me Sleep - kimboxes

Summary: He swallowed past the acidic bite of bile that permeated his back taste buds. He wasn’t going to puke; he wasn’t going to be weak. Not now. Not when Phil needed him. “No, this isn’t happening. This isn't— Phil, Phil, listen to me, we have to get you out of here. We need to leave.” 

Left Alone - athenianphanfics

Summary: Dan and Phil are the only survivors of a zombie apocolypse.

Radioactive - sonja-blayde

Summary: It’s been a month since the zombie apocalypse began and Dan and Phil are running really low on supplies. How will they survive?

The End of the World - indiestripper

Summary: Dan struggles to keep the motivation to live in a world overrun by undead mutants as he worries about the well being of his missing boyfriend Phil.

We Go Together Or We Don’t Go Down At All - didnotthinkitwouldcometothis

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a tricky situation in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

World War Phan - williambend-over

Summary: In which Dan and Phil find themselves having to survive the zombie apocalypse from their bathtub.

Zombie Bite - snappingfruit

Summary: Phil is trying his best to survive in a world overrun by the undead. But he is haunted by memories of his friend, Dan, being taken by zombies. He doesn’t know what happened to him, and he can only hope that he’s okay.

Zombie Ethics - zeldainhiding

Summary: Zombie AU with a twist… ft. lots of terrible innuendo.

Zombies And Flower Crowns - Namyon (ao3)

Summary: Imagine your OTP in a zombie apocalypse. They are traveling together and one day they find a meadow full of flowers. They decide to stay there and rest. Person A (the happier one) makes a flower crown and gives it to Person B.