that he cant skate

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u know what would kill me tho, since viktor in the canon universe confirmed that when he was younger he never really listened to anything yakov used to say, so please imagine coach yuuri chiding (its more of a stubborn pout that says 'you know what u did wrong, im not even gonna say it') viktor for maybe putting too many quads in his sp. Viktor's dying from the pout because its too adorable to be on his coach and viktor cant handle it

When he skates off the ice with his free program, giving the teenagers around him a run for their money, Yuuri just slowly shakes his head and opens his arms.

Victor falls into them with a gratified sigh, moved to tears.

“New personal best,” Yuuri huffs against his chest, toying with the sweaty ends of Victor’s messy ponytail. “But I told you not to do that last quad.”

“You’re lecturing me about that now?”

Yuuri pulls back and taps Victor lightly on the forehead, looking awfully smug. “If not now, when?”

Victor’s been crushing on Yuuri for years. Over the last few weeks, the crush has moved into a full-blown, realized infatuation, and in this moment, Victor would dramatically claim that this is the first pull of love blooming between himself and his mentor.

friend if u like the idea of that please read this scene from the body music series by @wbtrashking ive been dead for 15 years

first dates w/ haechan

• ok so
• you’ve been really good friends with mark lee for as long as you can remember
• and you two have somewhat of a tradition
• where every December you guys spend the day together
• go ice skating and get hot chocolate
• maybe do some Christmas shopping
• and you lowkey spend all year looking forward to it
• because you love hanging out with mark
• but lbr you love going ice skating more mark just happens to be there lol
• you love it maybe a little too much because you’re at the rink waiting for mark like fifteen minutes early
• so you text him to kill time
• just kind of asking when he’s gonna arrive
• and mark’s typing for a really long time and you’re starting to get stressed he’s abandoning you
• and when he finally messages you
• he essentially was abandoning you
• “hey y/n I cant come skating today, doctor’s orders im not even allowed to practice : -(( but the great news is hyuck’s gonna take meet you instead don’t be mad at you I am just a small farmer”

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Rich Goranski x Heere! Reader

-okay so you’re Jeremy’s younger sibling
-and only Michael knows who you are because you hung out a lot with Michael and your brother before the divorce between your mom and dad, your mom got custody of you and your dad got custody of Jeremy so it’s been ten years since you’ve seen your older brother
- you didn’t particularly like your mother but I won’t get into that
-after a couple of years you get into contact with your dad and ask him if you can fly back to New Jersey and stay with him again
- he’s totally on board cause he misses you and so does Jeremy honestly
- so you fly back to Jersey and you immediately hug your dad and brother when you see them, it’s a really emotional reunion
-you’re a junior while Jeremy is going to be a senior
-because you haven’t been in Jersey in 10 years Jeremy allows you access to his group of friends and they’re all really cool and nice
-by the way you and Michael’s reunion tho
-y'all were hugging each other and sobbing and did your totally awesome and extremely long handshake that you guys created before you left
-while you were living with your mother your school wasn’t too far from your house so you basically just skateboarded or roller-skated or biked to school cause fuck walking
-you ride the bus now but you carry your skateboard because Middle Borough’s campus is huge?? And you like getting to class early so you ride your skateboard to get to class quick
-btw you, Michael, and Jeremy totally have matching heelies and they g l o w
-so on your first week your riding your board to lunch and see this small beefy Boi on the table telling some outrageous story and when you guy pull up at he table with your lunch he just goes quiet and stares at you??
- you’re still learning everyone’s names so you kinda forgot his name and you’re trying to remember what it is
-Mitch? Pitch? It had a -ich sound- RICH THATS IT
- you two kinda stare at each other for a bit and the table is like ???
- you have Rich in a few of your classes and lemme tell ya he’s that kid that gave you a note that said “get out of my school” because he didn’t know how to word his crush on you
-you would constantly ask Michael and Jeremy tons of questions and they just ??? “Did you have a crush on him ask him out”
-and you thought about it, and decided you didn’t want to make things awkward so you just decided to hang out with him more and get to know him more for a few months and boy did you regret (not really) THAT because now you like him even MORE
-even AJ and Liam from your English class told you they can see your heart eyes from a mile away
-so you finally talk yourself into it and you’re about to ask Rich to meet you so you two can talk but the Boi appears outta now where with a bunch of flowers and he like throws them at you cause he’s n e r v o u S
-he runs back around the corner only to be pushed out again by who you assume to be The Squad because you can even see Jenna’s phone taking pictures
-Rich shakily comes up and is a stuttering mess and he’s trying so hard to control his lisp and he’s just a m e S S help h I m
-you cut him off by telling him to text you to work out the details and they your free on Friday and Saturday night
-Everyone cheers, and there’s a loud FINALLY from Chloe
-you and Rich make a really cute couple???? Rich skateboards but he does stunts and tricks while you’re more of a cruiser
-he had to use those little wheeled walkers that kids use so that he can stand and skate around
-you had to hold him a lot of the time but you didn’t mind you liked the contact
-y'all have a lot of scary movie dates, but it consists of you guys getting pissy at the characters but when you guys do watch a GOOD scary movie Rich is shoving his face into the pillow and whimpering while you cling onto him and nuzzle your face into his shoulder/neck/chest whatever is available really
-Jake and Michael are #1 Wingmans for you and Rich
-they help you guys with dates all the time and will go as far as to plan out your prom outfits, color schemes, etc, they care a l o t
-Jeremy is like weirded out a bit and he’s always anxious when you have Rich over because he has walked in on you guys way too many times
-he always has candy in his backpack, ALWAYS
-you think he’s out but then suddenly there’s m o r e
-Rich gives really nice kisses btw, like they’re nice and soft, but making out wise it’s really passionate and heated but still gentle ya know what I mean??
-Rich is also a very touchy person, he’ll greet you by hugging you from behind and kissing your neck or cheek, he’ll comb his fingers through your hair if one or both of you are stressed out, he’ll give you sleepy kisses when you cuddle and nap together, he’ll make you feel appreciated and beautiful when in bed while he runs his hands over your body, he’s touchy
-little spoon most nights, but if you had a rough day or something he’ll be big spoon and love on ya a lot

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"#seb proceeds to finish the dance whilst ciel does nothing (cause he cant skate for shit)" this is funnier cause since u dont care for the anime you prob forgot there's an awful episode called "His Butler, on Ice" where literally thats what happens


yuri on ice eat your heart out kuro on ice is coming for u!! 🔪

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uhhh are you doing headcanons? if you are, and i know it's weird but could you do like alana pining for connor? like she's secretly really into bad boys? thank you!! ❤️

 hell ya

  • ok ok so
  • alana is perfect, right? and like doesnt have time to date
  • (she has an asexual crisis but realizes she is Crazy Bi and just stressed)
  • but shes like “ok i act perfect and put together so i need a perfect and put together person” so shes like seeking out this Perfect Person to be her Partner but to avail 
  • she has english with connor
  • connor is secretly good at english so its not normal english hes in ap lang w alana
  • he comes to class like 10 minutes before the bell rings and the teacher is like “??????????/ where tf were u??” and hes just like “at the fucking strip club” and the teacher goes NUTS and he just flips the teacher off and does the Senior Slouch with a huff in the desk next to alana
  • alana watches the whole thing go down and her face gets hot and shes just like “………… shit”
  • being the nice ass bitch she is she gives him her number so she can “tell him what he missed” ;;) which makes connor speechless a lil bit and connor??? not having a snarky comment as a comeback for eeverything??? doesnt happen often so he immediately is fuckin into alana but lowkey
  • she kinda has another identity crisis all like “uhh alana wtf??? hes a bad boy!!! and ur a good girl!!!!! he hates school and u love school!!!” 
  • slowly she realizes all the things they have in common like how theyre both invisible etc etc all that sad shit
  • connor is a Coward so he asks her out over text lol and they go to the skate park even tho connor cant skate he just thinks its impressive
  • alana wore a short lavender dress and it compliments her perfectly 
  • AND ALANA CAN SKATE?????????
  • she had like a tomboy phase so she learned and now its just like muscle memory
  • and connor is fuckin awestruck and hes like “shit i really like this girl”

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Okay so i was talking to a friend last night after she yelled about me for writing the Deaf!Jack thing and she was like well at least it wasn't bitty but like imagine deaf bitty - like I'm just thinking a figure skating accident (like ice castles style) which leaves him deaf and then because he cant hear the music anymore so he cant figure skate so he joins that co ed hockey team and its all great and lovely

(continued) and then he goes to samwell and everything is still great and the team are great and they are learning ASL so they can talk to him and then in like the 5th practice he gets checked and suddenly he is flashing back to that botched triple axle and ugh, give me all the figure skating bitty who am i kidding

I am going to be totally honest, I took forever to respond to this because I had to go watch Ice Castles. And I am so onboard with this, it’s not even funny. 

Because deaf Bitty plays hockey as his backup. He can’t leave the ice, not when it’s the only thing that keeps him calm when all he hears is static silence. But figure skating just reminds him that he can’t go back to what he had. So hockey it is. And it works well, the local co-ed hockey team (since few play hockey down in Georgia) doesn’t allow checking, and Bitty gets really good at it. He was already a natural on the ice, and now he just has to focus while he’s on the ice. He just has a hard time passing the puck, since he can never hear which of his teammates are open. But he sees and that is good enough. 

Then he goes to Samwell, and his new team is great, if not a little hard to understand. Shitty does an amazing job of translating a lot of stuff for Bitty, since he is the only one on the team who knows ASL for the first practice. 

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Ice-Skating Villains
  • Anarky: Sonic the hedgehog on skates. He cant do any fancy tricks but he could probably beat most people in a race. Plus, he's always dressed for it.
  • Bane: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. His size and speed aren't really compatible with the balance a person would need but he's the type to keep doing it until he's mastered it.
  • Black Mask: Is completely disinterested in ice-skating but he's a sucker for his parner, if they want to go, he'll suffer through it for them. Although he would be very stiff and slow moving and would probably get told off/kicked up for lighting up (or stubbing out) a cigarette.
  • Catwoman: While very light on her feet, Selina actually doesn't enjoy ice-skating. She can skate around the rink with ease and even do a few little tricks, but its very cold and she's rather sit beside in her big fur coat and drink a glass of mulled wine.
  • Firefly: Hates hates hates hates every minute of it. He hates the cold, he hates being so close to the ground, his jeans are soaked and he's coming back to burn this place down tonight, just watch.
  • Harley Quinn: It took her a while to gain her balance, but being a skilled gymnast means that Harley is quickly able to find her footing and is actually rather talented.
  • Joker: Very fast and eccentric. He's likely to try and make things harder for the other skaters. Gliding around fast and then halting in someones path so he can watch them desperately try and stop before falling (or being pushed) over. Skating beside someone and putting his arms out to cover their line of sight and so on.
  • Killer Croc: No skates big enough for his feet actually exist, but they're un needed. Given the size, shape, and texture of his feet, he can walk across ice with ease. Besides, he not really interest in actually skating, really, he's not, why would he? Shut up.
  • Mad Hatter: Cuts and scrapes everywhere, he wouldn't dress for it and would struggle immensely with keeping his balance, not to mention lots of obnoxious people don't see him skating around at waist height so he gets knocked into a lot. He's not allowed to go to the kids lessons for ovious reasons.
  • Mr Freeze: Was never really exceptionally good at ice skating, but he used to take Nora all the time. He would be steady but had no interest in trying to do any fancy tricks. After Nora was frozen he had no reason or motivation to try, and the boots on his suits are designed to make walking over ice or slippery surfaces easy.
  • Penguin: Is not naturally good at skating, but owning so many penguins that are kept on ice, over the years, with lots of practice, he's gotten accustomed to moving around on the ice.
  • Poison Ivy: Ever graceful. She has no real interest in it but if Harley really wants to go, then she'll allow herself to be dragged a long. Most likely to just casually skate around the rink and make no effort to do anything fancy even though she'd be really good at is.
  • The Riddler: Out right refuses to skate. He knows that he's not good at it and there for cant be seen doing it. He can brag about it and people will make fun of him for being bad at it so he just won't do it. Maybe one day he'll rent out and entire rink and practise on his own but until then, you won't catch him any where near one of those places.
  • Scarecrow: Is about as elegant at skating as he is at fighting. Arms ad legs everywhere, you do not want to get with arms reach.
  • Two-Face: Clings to the railing and skates excruciatingly slowly while glaring at anyone who looks at him funny. // Quickly skating arund while purposely staking into peoples shoulders and arguing with them about it.
  • Zsasz: Is more likely to use the blades of his skates to slit someone throat and make a tally mark than to actually put them on his feet and skate around.