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Forgetful (Jack x FemReader) Fluff drabble

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(A/N): This could technically be considered a continuation of ‘Oh my God’ but whatever

Request:  Can I request 58. “My clothes look good on you.” with Jacksepticeye and the German reader from my last request? Maybe after they’ve spent their first night together? Thanks in advance!

58. My clothes look good on you.

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Warnings: Sexual reference ??


Gold sunlight lazily spilled through your drawn curtains, smearing over your peaceful face.

Your nose twitched in reply.

Stirring awake quietly, you opened both eyes in a heavy haze; automatically feeling a warmth on your left. Directing your jaw to look, your gaze came into sudden contact with a mess of faded green.

Sighing inwardly, you smiled at your wandering thoughts. Lost looking at your wonderful boyfriend. Though your hand felt a pulling want to caress this hair, you shied away from doing so. You had no desire to wake him quite yet.

So instead you slipped around slowly and faced the opposite direction.

He felt it, and came alive himself; only barely though.

“Morning..” Jack grumbled, confusion hitting him hard for a moment. He registered the fact you both were lying in your room, and not his own.

“Good afternoon, lover boy.” you smiled.

Your hand went to the corner of the cream coloured duvet, about to toss it off of you so you could get up.

“What are you doing?” Jack pondered, his accent thicker than normal in his hazed position.

“Getting dressed and stuff.” you laughed “Has to happen at some point. Du bist ein erwachsen.”

You threw your legs over the side of the bed, and was about to push yourself up when Jack’s arms reeled you back in. Pulling your back tight to his chest.

“I don’t think so.” he scoffed.

You chuckled quietly and patted his arm “Okay, I know, but we have to-”

“Nope. You can stay here.”

You went to get up again, but his arms just tightened.

He blew into your ear jokingly and you giggled, causing him to laugh as well.

“Here’s a deal. I have a shower, you make the bed, and we spend the day binging movies and make a video later?” you bargained, putting your head back to look up at him.

Jack let out a soft groan and pretended to think before saying “Alright, deal.” and he kissed your forehead.

You smiled and struck yourself upwards once he let go. You twisted around in a stretch and yawned; quickly covering your mouth.

Trotting to the bathroom door, you turned back around when you heard Jack call your name. You tilted your head at him in question.

“My clothes look good on you.”

You didn’t understand at first, until you noticed Jack was shirtless. Then everything from last night came flooding back, and your face was dusted a pretty shade of powder pink.


(A/n): I love writing for youtubers gosh dang. Plus this one was cute too

Moving On

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: alcohol. swearing. SADNESS.

summary: TEN moments in the journey of moving on

I rose from the dead to bring you all some PAIN. It took me a while to get this done because I wanted to get it right. A big thanks to @l-nmanuel for being my sunshine, @linslovelylocks for helping me out with the Pain, and @gratitudejoyandsorrow for making me read Love & Misadventure (which inspired this fic). (@imkindapassionate-kindasoulless)

words: 2,592

ONE (play is all it takes for her to fall in love)

You remember seeing him for the first time in a school play, all untidy black hair and dark wild eye. He was confident, almost arrogant in the way he commanded presence onstage. You ran to him after the play to congratulate him on his excellent performance.

You expected a haughty smirk from the lead actor, but instead he grinned bashfully and admitted that your pieces in the school magazine was always the highlight of his Tuesday.

“If only I was as good a writer as you are, I could write the greatest play in the history of ever,” he had said.

Just for a moment there, you saw the bleeding edge of insecurity underneath his sunny exterior. All it took was an exchange of numbers, a series of texts overnight, and by the next day, the two of you were already best friends.

TWO (people play acting. or are they?)

Lin is pacing the length of his bedroom, looking absolutely terrified for his audition tomorrow.

“I wish I could help,” you say absently, editing your article on your laptop. His head immediately snaps to you.

“Help me act out some scenes?”

You raise your eyebrows at him. He grins, pulling on his ‘but-I’m-your-best-friend’ face. You’ve never been able to say no to that smile. He grabs your laptop from you and types something, then shows you a list of prompts. So you spend 5 hours switching between at least 20 different characters, ranging from an angry grandmother to a hot girl he meets at a bar. You both turn to your laptop to see the final prompt.

‘A and B are best friends. A’s reaction to B getting married. ’

“Congrats,” you say, turning to him, already in character.

“That’s a lie.” He gives a mirthless laugh.

“I’m not! Congratulations,” you repeat, wondering where he was trying to steer the script.

“You’re lying! Why aren’t you happy for me? What are you trying to say?” he said fiercely, his black eyes boring into you.

“I’m trying to say that I’m in love with you!” you yell.

Right after the words leave your mouth, your heart stops. That isn’t part of the prompt. Your feelings aren’t supposed to get tangled with your improvisation. Wait, your feelings? For him?

“You have no right to say that just before I’m getting married,” Lin hisses.

“I’ve tried, you idiot. You think I want this?” you snap.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do anything about it,” he says, looking down. Your heart drums against your chest, and then you grin.

“Aaaand, scene.”

THREE (times he rewrote the script and it was still rejected)

He slumps down in the seat next to you, everything in his movement looking drained. You ask him if anything is wrong, but he just shakes his head mutely. You try again, taking his hand in yours. And for some reason, he tells you.

“My script was rejected,” he says quietly. “I thought I already knew rejection, but not this. I put everything into this. I rewrote the entire thing 3 times.”

You squeeze his hand. “Keep rewriting. You have all the time in the world.”

His smile is sad, and grateful, and something in your heart tightens. You smile back at him, hoping that he can’t see the butterflies in your stomach. You stare at his brown eyes. They aren’t the colour of the ocean, but you can drown in them anyway.

“Mi corazón,” he says, smiling at you.

“My nerd,” you reply affectionately.

(at) FOUR (a.m. he decides to get a tattoo because he can’t stop thinking about someone)

Lin gets paired up with Natalie, the future valedictorian, for a project. You see them and the first thing that you feel is a loud, stinging pang of jealousy, but in the back of your mind, there’s a click that tells you they’re meant to be. You ignore it and keep it to yourself, because that’s what you do best.

He texts you. ‘hey i’m getting a tattoo of a mic, come with?’

You accompany him to the tattoo parlor as he gets the mic. He’s over the moon as you drive home.

“What do you think?” he asks, trying to catch a glimpse of his tattoo for the first time.

“Personally, I wouldn’t get a tattoo that says daddy in cursive, but-”

“What the fuck?” he yells, wheeling around to try to see his back in the mirror.

“I’m kidding! Who inspired you to get a mic anyway?”

His face transforms into a wide, carefree smile, and his entire being relaxes. “Natalie.”

You turn up the volume of the radio so he doesn’t hear your heart breaking.

FIVE (Gordon Ramsay insults. technically, the last one isn’t an insult.)

You’re there when Lin finally kisses her.

It’s her birthday, and she tries to pass it off as low-key by calling it ‘just a barbeque’, but the truth is that it’s a very expensive beach party. You and Lin are piling food into your plate, trying to fit in with the rich kids by shouting Gordon Ramsay-esque insults.

“The pork is so raw it’s still singing Hakuna Matata!” you yell, stabbing it and taking a big bite.

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t fucking cook it!” He says in a terrible British accent.

“Maybe you should give this piece of meat to the gods; I hear they like burnt offerings.”

He puts both hands on your cheeks. “What are you?”

“An idiot sandwich,” you say, faux tearfully. The two of you cackle in amusement, stealing bits of food of each other’s plate. Lin is about to launch into Ramsay mode again when Natalie approaches the two of you.

“Hey, guys,” she says happily.

“Hello, linda,” Lin interjects quickly, taking her hand. It’s a joke he always uses when trying to pick up girls - calling them linda so they’d say “my name isn’t Linda” and he can reply “linda means beautiful in Spanish” and watch them turn red.

Instead, a dusty pink blush spreads across her cheeks. “Quiet, you,” she laughs. Lin’s eyes light up in disbelief, like ‘holy shit, this amazing girl knows Spanish, she just got even hotter’. His eyes flit to you for permission, and you give him a big thumbs up.

You watch as Lin walk Natalie to the edge of the water, and they sit down. Gently, he puts his hands on her cheeks and says: “What are you?”

Natalie grins. “The love of your life?”

Even from a distance, you can hear Lin’s warm laugh, fading away as he leans in to kiss her. Everyone ceases their conversation to cheer and whistle at them. When Lin pulls away, he’s wearing a smile similar to a Cheshire cat’s.

Daniel, Lin’s roommate, lunges forward and pushes Lin towards the water. Natalie’s friends catch on to the idea and push her towards the water until the two of them are knee deep in water. You laugh along with everyone, until the crowd starts to dissipate. You return to your room.

It’s past midnight when Lin tiptoes into your room to grab fresh clothes that he keeps in your drawer. “Good night, Lin,” you whisper as he passes your bed.

He gasps. “Shut up, (Y/N).”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Shut. Up.” You can’t see his face in the dark, but you’re pretty sure he’s smiling as he leaves the room.

SIX (songs that aren’t even dedicated to her)

The worst thing about being in love with your best friend is that you can’t tell your best friend about it.

Your heart skips a beat when Lin texts you. ‘heya i’m making you a mixtape! it’s cute and adorable and fluffy (like me)’

You reply within seconds. ‘hm, what’s it about?’

‘SHIT sorry that message was for natalie!! actually, since you are a fellow pretentious fuck when it comes to music, can you help me out with the mix?’

‘sure. tell me about it.’

‘okay so i already have Perfect by Ed Sheeran, for obvious reasons, and Don’t You Forget About Me. what else?”

‘Ignition (Remix)!!!!’

‘are you fucking kidding no way’

‘come on, dude.’

‘fine. I’m also feeling The Fray. How To Save A Life?’

‘no wtf that song is mainstream and irrelevant. Heartbeat.’

‘good one. 505?’

‘YES. also. Cherry Wine.’

‘It’s done! It’s a mini-mix, i’m putting together a longer and better one for her birthday. THANK YOU, wingwoman.’

‘send it to me for prooflistening!!’

My Only Sunshine, by Lin-Manuel

Heartbeat - The Fray
505 - Arctic Monkeys
Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly
Perfect - Ed Sheeran
Cherry Wine - Hozier
Don’t You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

‘nice job, cabrón.’

SEVEN (billion people in the world and she chose to fall in love with the one who doesn’t love her back)

“Natalie’s parents are thinking of saying no if Lin proposes to her,” Chris announces, placing a plate of eggs in front of you.

“What?” you splutter, dropping your spoon. “No. The wedding has to happen.”

Chris gives you a long, measured look. “I thought their wedding being cancelled would save you from a great deal of pain.”

“It doesn’t matter if I tear my own heart in two. Because if Lin is happy, then it is worth it-”

“God!” Chris’ eyes narrows. “What could possibly be worth it?”

“Everything that I have lost!” you shout. “Lin!”

Chris breathes in and out slowly, and there’s something like pity in his eyes when he looks at you. “7.5 billion people in the world and you had to choose the one who doesn’t love you back.”

EIGHT (bottles of beer and she still misses him)

“What’s up, big shot?” you slur, holding the phone in one hand and a bottle of cheap beer in the other.

“Fuck,” he exhales, realising you were drunk. “I’ll be at your place in 5 to make sure you’re okay.”

“You’re so far away, Lin,” you complain. “Souls don’t understand the notion of distance, you know that? They only know how right it feels to be with one another. I miss you even when you’re just a room away, because my soul only feels the absence of yours.”

He laughs, and through the haze of alcohol you feel warmth spread through you, like a sun peeking from behind the clouds. “You only miss me when you’re drunk.”

“I’m drunk because I miss you,” you say softly. A beat of silence passes, and time stands still. You wonder if he hung up.

“Natalie’s calling.” The sound of her name shatters the moment like glass. You can’t find it in you to reply.

“Don’t do anything stupid until I get there,” he jokes. His voice is rough, scratchy, and he mutters a goodbye before hanging up.

True to his word, he appears 5 minutes later in your doorstep. He notices the empty bottles of beer on the floor and sees you lying down on the couch. Without hesitation, he gently pushes you to make space for him and lies down next to you.

You grin sleepily up at him. “Thanks for coming, but I’d rather sleep.”

“Sleep, mi corazón,” he whispers softly, pulling you closer to him. You know that he isn’t going to stay the night, but it’s still a slap to your face when he’s gone in the morning leaving nothing but a note taped to a glass of water.

For the first time, you feel white-hot jealousy flare up in you. All you wake up to is a hastily scrawled note, while Natalie gets to wake up to the life-sized, walking, talking Lin: to the sizzle of him cooking bacon, to his raspy humming, to his brown eyes half-lidded with sleep, to him.

(he’s on cloud) NINE

“(Y/N). You should fall in love. It’s amazing.”

He sounds drunk, but he actually isn’t. Drunk on love, maybe. It’s a joy for you to see your best friend like this, but it hurts like hell to see him like this because of another girl. It’s like he can’t stop talking about her, he always slides her name into every single sentence, twisting every conversation to relate it back to her.

You become so worried about losing your best friend that you check his phone to see what your name is in his contacts. You breathe a sigh of relief when it’s still mi corazón. You look for Natalie’s contact. Mi alma.

Mi corazón, my heart. You’re his heart; you know what he likes, what he hates, you see all his dark and you love his light.

Mi alma, my soul. She is his soul; he lives and breathes her, she sees the stars in his smile, everything he does is either with her, because of her, or for her.

TEN (years after meeting him and she finally lets him go)

Lin appears in your house with two cups of coffee. “I’m thinking of proposing to Natalie,” he says, after taking a long sip from his cup.

“Do it,” you cheered, grinning. He looks at you, searching for any kind of falseness, but there is none.

“I- Are you sure?”

“Yes. When I met you, I thought you hung all the stars and the moon in the sky. But I came to realise that you are just like me. You know the shape of my soul and the words of my heart. You’re my first love, Lin, and you always will be. But I deserve someone who loves me back, so I can be the poem instead of the poet I’ve always been. I’ve been stuck in your orbit for years, and this is me breaking free.”

He bites his lip and stares at the ground. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you say softly, pulling him into a hug. You savor the moment, drawing it out for as long as possible, and then you pull away. The smile that he gives you afterwards is worth everything.

The next day, you’re out at dinner with Natalie, and you can tell that she has something to say by the way she cuts her chicken into smaller pieces than is necessary. “I think Lin’s going to propose to me.”

“Really?” you enthuse. “That’s great!”

“Any words from his best friend?” she asks.

You’re silent for a long moment, trying to find the words. “Take care of him. He looks like he has enough love to give to everyone, but sometimes he needs love as well. Be honest about his work. He enjoys criticism. He’ll sometimes think he’s the dullest of the bunch, when in reality he’s the brightest. With every word, pen stroke, and touch, you’re going to fall deeper in love with him. Please, just love him with everything you have.”

She holds your gaze, and between the two of you, there was some kind of resolve; an understanding. She knows. And she knows you’re moving on.

“Oh, and Natalie?” you ask, just before the moment fades.

“Yeah?” she says, with a smile that eases your mind. Not many people deserve Lin, but she definitely does.

“Don’t you fucking dare break his heart.”


Top- 3/13/17 Bottom- 3/17/17

I struggled with taking the bottom photos, please forgive my drama queen eyes 👀

+The good news is that I broke my record! I went a whole month without clawing up my face. As you can see from the top photos, my scars were starting to fade and it was a very happy feeling that I am glad I was able to witness that kind of healing, I am very proud of myself. +The bad news is that I spend a very significant amount of energy and time trying to cope with my OCD. Resisting the urges, replacing self destructive rituals with gentle skin care routines, combatting the rising anxiety by taking extreme measures to avoid and prevent triggers, etc. +So of course this relapse has been very disheartening, as they all are, but at the same time very grounding. I’m trying to just stay positive & continue to the self lovin’ stuff my therapist and I have been working on for 2 years now. **I have to remind myself that these are the moments that really count- when I am so disappointed, disturbed and discouraged. Bouncing back from this is what I have been training for. **Recovery isn’t a linear process. I’ve learned this lesson thousands of times, and this time won’t be the last. My skin will heal again, and bleed again, and that’s going to have to be okay. It’s not fair for me to hate myself when I am putting so much honest effort into helping myself. That’s definitely never come easy for me, so I have to try to forgive myself for my setbacks & not abandon myself.

*And if you can relate to this, I hope that you know that you deserve to forgive yourself, too. Keep trying, keep writing, keep reading, keep dreaming & keep reminding yourself that you were designed to win this battle, we will heal

anonymous asked:

… So you deny that 90% of the Earth's population exists? Am I wrong?

i used to run a bar, back in the day. right about twelve years ago now. maybe that’s not what most folks would consider back in the day, but i aged fast. you would too, in my position. 

it was a great place down in the south, decent sized joint with a close knit staff. always bustling with business. saw quite a few commotions in that tavern. more often than not, that’s where the town’s rumour mill would catch wind. despite being a northerner myself, the cowboys seemed to like me well enough. i made a handful of friends. god, i loved our cook. great woman, jess.

now, i closed the bar at the peak of its popularity. everyone had their own idea why, some of those ideas being the right one, but— anyway. i left. i got the hell out of dodge. closed the bar as quickly as i could, packed my shit and left as soon as the sun started rising, gossip and friendships be damned.

i just didn’t have any other choice.

i’m always waiting for sunrise these days. i never used to be a night owl, really, i was one of those “early to bed, early to rise” types. sure, sometimes my work kept me up, but i had some semblance of a sleep schedule goin’ for me. i was a productive member of society, for whatever that’s worth now. i suspect it’s nothin’. 

i don’t take to the night too well. i find myself waiting in that darkness, sometimes clutching a knife close to my chest. anything i think could hurt someone. something. i don’t look out the window. i don’t do anything but look straight ahead until the first pieces of morning overtake the room, wash it in that grey-blue haze. i always feel like i’m waiting for the other shoe to fall. for the ax to finally land on my neck. 

i moved back to good ol’ new england afterward, straight into the depths of the woods. i’ve really never been a paranoid person, but i can’t feel safe in a crowd anymore. can’t stand towns, really can’t stand cities. who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? 

i do. that’s why i stay the fuck away.

it’s about 6:37am on a tuesday morning, and there are two knocks on the door. soft, in quick succession. an even softer falls against the wood, like it might be a mistake. like someone’s hand was shaking. i hadn’t heard a car, hadn’t seen one in days, even–

i open the door slowly. revel in the creak, how unwelcoming it sounds. my nearest neighbour is a good drive down the mountain, moved here to take care of her grandmother and didn’t relocate when she passed. nice woman with a faint boston accent, emotive dark eyes.

she’s standing on my doorstep, and her hand lashes out to grip the door frame. i don’t see a car. “hi,” she says, and there’s some edge in her voice i can’t identify. some cut to it. “hi,” she repeats. her eyes are wild.

“can i help you?” i ask, carefully measured with what i hope is the right amount of nothing, but she’s already pushing past me, stumbling into my kitchen.

she’s suddenly digging through my drawers, tearing the whole place apart. i notice she’s barefoot as she turns to me and hisses, “phone.” 


“where is your phone?” and her mouth is opened like she’s about to say something else, but nothing comes. a choked syllable seems to trail off to its untimely death. she only looks at me. she only looks past me.

a chill passes over the room and when i turn to shut the door, to tell her to get the hell out, i see it. he’s standing stock-still in the yard, hands tucked into the pockets of his coat. the tall figure he cuts is still the same offsetting sharpness i remember from twelve years ago. his eyes gleam like disaster, like doom, like the ax about to fall.

i’m not afraid of him, i find. i’d like to make my morning coffee now. i’d like to have breakfast. i’d like him to leave.

“straightpeoplereceipts,” he practically sings, self satisfied and unbearable. “you deny that ninety-percent of the world’s population exists?” 

i take a glance at the woman in the kitchen behind me. something seems to click then, and i don’t look back. i shut the door.

Brace yourself

this is a collab fic between me and @mon-cher-angelique !, this is my  first time ever even writing story, so ya. (mon-cher-angelique is the true genius behind this, i was just kinda there) Mon-cher-angelique is also posting this same fic on their account too so check them out! (btw this idea was partially based off of @bunny-yams art) 

Word Count: 3900

Pairing: HamilSquad x Reader

Summary: The reader decides that it’s finally time for some braces but what will their boys think? Will they even tell them. Only time will tell.

The clinically white walls of the unrecognisable office swirled around your body in a drug infused haze, a feeling of numbness having already surpassed your mouth and running downwards towards your legs. Any pain that your body was registering and attempting to communicate with your non-functioning brain cells were quickly being overridden by the anaesthetic that was coursing heavily through your bloodstream and rerouting your neurons to fall into a sublime forgery of blissful ecstasy. As you attempted to move your heavy limbs off of the dentist’s chair that you had been trapped within for the past 2-3 hours, you began to realise how heavy and limp your legs had become as the numbness spread and infected every nerve in your system. All because your teeth had been caged into a 3 year commitment that they never truly agreed to.

Your body slowly shifted, sliding down the chair in an uncomfortable and uncontrollable manner. The orthodontists was busy else where currently, leaving only the nurses to watch your embarrassing  fall to the cold, hard ground in the sterile office. You splurted out an incoherent string of apologies but every word seemed to arrive into the atmosphere in a forced and muffled manner, very different to the melody of chords that used to arise from that small box in your throat. Was this how you would alway sound now? Like a child whose teeth had never even arrived or a person wearing a set of teeth guards as they played a contact sport.  

The nurse took a minute to even comprehend what was going on but she soon snapped out of it and helped you off the ground, which took a few times considering you could barely move your body. Finding it a difficult process to even lift your body in this distorted state. The Orthodontist came in shortly after the nurse finally managed to get you back on the chair. He spoke in a very soft tone, almost patronizing yet despite your mental state, you could tell it was unintentional.

“Hello (Y/N), how do you feel?”

A slur of words came out and the orthodontist quietly chuckled to himself,basing his judgment off of your face that was crinkled in anger at the lack of movement your body possessed.  The orthodontist turned his back to you and gathered a bunch of tools that would be useful in this new, painful chapter of your life. With his back still turned to you, he started asking you pointless questions such as want color toothbrush you wanted. The decisions seemed futile so you simply pointed to a random colour which in turn the nurse provided you. Your whole mouth felt as dry as the desert and like it was stuffed to the be with cotton wool.

The doctor continued to ramble into you about care for your braces and the necessities that could no longer be avoided. Concentrating was possibly the hardest thing to do when the drugs were still in your system, your eyes never being able to focus properly on the orthodontists unattractive face. No wonder they had to earn a lot of money, if they all looked like him then they would need it. His hooked nose that bent to the left, his beady little eyes that didn’t have a colour and his messy hair that wouldn’t seem to sit still no in any direction. To be honest though, since you started dating your boys, you had found every male unattractive and staring up the doctor’s nose hairs did not improve his image. One of the nurses, you think her name was Maria, gently tapped the orthodontist’s arm to indicate that you were barely able to sit on a chair, let alone remember his easily forgettable monologue. Yet seeing how slutty this Maria dressed, she could have possibly tapped the orthodontist for a booty call or a quickie, probably the reason why her boobs were practically hanging out of her shirt for the whole operation.

“ (F/N), (L/N).” The doctor muttered as he stared down at his clipboard with your information on it. Look, he had already forgotten your name, probably something to do with Maria’s tits. “Due to the need to install some fillings and do some minor dental repair - We were required to put you under anaesthetic. It seemed to have affected you dramatically and as per usual, you are unable to drive and it is certainly suggested to stay away from all alcohol and any drugs that are not prescribed. As you are unable to drive it is required that you have someone to come and pick you up from the office.Do you have anyone? Do you need me to call your next of kin or your partner?”

You slowly shook your head, there was no way you were letting your boyfriend’s see these braces before you had enough time to adjust. You smiled as your remembered that you had called your older brother to come and pick you up, then you stopped smiling because of the pain. A knock echoed through the surgery room, causing the inhabitants of the room to turn and wait for the grand entry. A tall, frizzy headed man peeked through the door with a nervous grin on his face.

“That would be me, the most amazing brother this world has ever seen.” You groaned as Thomas Jefferson spoke, a cheeky grin lighting up his entire face. Gosh, why couldn’t you have called Madison or someone? “It’s alright doctor. I’ll take them home and tell their boyfriend everything they need to know. they are just embarrassed about having to get them back on because they didn’t look after them well enough the first time.” His gloating came as a sharp jab to your ego. It was true that the only reason you were needing braces this late in life was because you had some jack all to keep them perfect. You didn’t wear your retainer, your dental hygiene was often poor except for a brushing and you never wore tight enough bands. Plus, What was all this boyfriend nonsense? You clearly had a polyamorous relationship - why wouldn’t he just say it? You growled angrily at Tom as you crossed your arms and stared daggers into his skull. Why the fuck did you pick him?

“That’s great…(Y/N)!” The awkward pause between his sentence and your name was to provide time for Dr Reynolds to actually look down at your papers and find your name. You just wanted to be out of this hell hole and you wanted it quickly. Dr Reynolds handed Thomas  enough pieces of paper to make a small manuscript as rambled on about the importance of food and instructions on how to care for the metal cage in your mouth, all while you were just mumbling to yourself and fiddling with your fingers. You gripped your brothers long sleeve and tugged on it as gently as your fumbling hands could, quickly grabbing his attention. He gave you a kiss on the cheek and a pat on your head and gave you a hand single that represented that he would be just a minute. Thomas was a very kind, gentle man and he never left his siblings when they needed him instead he would take them under his arm and coddle them until he deemed any danger to be gone. His attention was quickly snapped up by the orthodontist once more before your tugging quickly began, making him sigh gently as he swapped the sleeve trapped in your clutches with his own hand as an attempt to calm you. He didn’t understand what emotion you were feeling as the drugs continued to backhand you into reality. Once Thomas and your orthodontist were done talking, Thomas walked up to you and spoke softly.

“Hey (Y/N), you ready to leave darlin?” his southern drawl started to peak out. It was a creature comfort to hear your brothers natural accent. You managed to speak out a spluttered form of yes, embellishing the new lisp that you hadn’t had for almost 7 years. Your entire body was flaccid and lax, your eyes barely managing to stay open as you narrowly attempted to keep your body awake. Thomas scooped up your slack body, which naturally draped itself and contorted to provide him a gentle grip so he was able to carry you. Thomas pecked your forehead gently as he carried you bridal style down the flights of stairs and into his imported, fancy car that your parents had bought him.

“Y-youuuu shaid that I had a boyfriend. I h-have four, shhhhithead.” You groaned. Everything about talking was annoying; your added lisp, your stutter and the elongated way you stretched out your words. Not to mention the pain.You were almost crying “Ow…”

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I know it hurts…I went through it myself remember but think about the positives. Your teeth will look amazing darlin! Heck, I will even buy you all new veneers so they are pearly white just like mine. Besides, your boyfriends will love it.” His words were met with an evil stare as he gently placed you in the passenger seat of the car, letting you do your own buckle because you were strong and independent. Plus he had copped a beating from you before and he didn’t want to relive those terrifying memories - especially when you were in this foul of a mood. “The only reason I didn’t mention them was because I doubt that Dr Reynolds would understand. So look, I am sorry. Just please don’t hit me while I am driving.” His words were gentle as he shifted his bulky frame into the hideously painted, custom maroon Lamborghini.

“Fine but-t onshy becaushue you ashked nicely, youuu fuckerr”


On the drive home, you began to question the driving system of America - How the fuck had they let your brother on the road?If it wasn’t bad enough that you were already in pain, having Thomas speed over every bump as though he was a race car driver, almost made you break your word about no hitting him.  The wheels of his ugly yet expensive car came to a speeding halt on the bitchumen road outside of your New York apartment building, barely parking in between the clear white lines of the car space. “We’re here!” he said as he turned to you with a Cheshire cat grin spreading across his defined cheekbones.

“Shank Fuck forr shat!” you groaned as you quickly opened the door, before hastily unbuckling yourself. Your brain failed to recognise in its desperate attempt to free yourself of your brother, that the nerves which played a cumbersome role in maneuvering , your entire body were  currently fired, leaving your lax figure falling to the  unbreakable gravel beneath the custom wheels of your obnoxious brother’s car. Thomas was still busy trying to change the radio back to whatever songs he was playing before you infiltrated his radio system on the drive here when he heard the distinctive crash of your body colliding with the road. Thomas quickly threw off his seatbelt and dashed to the passenger side of the car only to see you passionately bombarding the ground with kisses. His grin disappeared to a flicker of worry before a hyena like cackle filled the air, how typical was it for you to complain about his driving in the most dramatically way even if you were high on drugs.

“My driving isn’t that bad (Y/N).” He chuckled as he bent down to his knees and gave you his hand. Holy shit, had your brother had a manicure? Madison must have had something to do with this, you could tell. Taking his hand into your own grip, you let him pull you up so your feet landed gently on the solid floor beneath you.

A heavy groan escaped your lips before and words could be formed by your dazed brain. “For onsh I’mm not trying to complain about your shhhit driving” your new lisp heavily impairing your speech like a drunk man on his sixth beer. Your brothers laughter died down to a slight giggle as he propped your lax body up with his toned arms. Letting you balance yourself  on his broad shoulders in an attempt to disconnect you from your current partner, the ground.

“Alright alright, let’s get you off of the nasty, grotty road and get you home, I don’t think the ground appreciates how you are touching it anyway” with whatever body movement you had left, you rolled your eyes at what he said as he picked you up again to bring you inside. He bested your weight easily, as though you were no more than a feather, as he lead you into the lobby of your shabby apartment building that you shared with your boyfriends; Lafayette, Hercules, John and Alex. Stumbling, wobbling and terrifying was the only way to describe your fifteen minute long journey to level4, your apartment being on level 8. It was at this point in time when Thomas realized he forgot every document that the orthodontist had provided you with on caring for yourself in your…impaired state. “Fuck” he muttered aggressively. “I’ll be right back (Y/N), I forgot your papers. Don’t move okay? No trying anything stupid, I need you to stay in one piece so the boys don’t kill me”

He sat you down on the ground, giving you another coddling kiss on your cheek before he raced back down the flights of stairs to retrieve them. You sat there for the first five minutes just fumbling with your thumbs acting like a toddler who couldn’t be left alone without supervision for 5 minutes without causing mischief. Some people passed by and they gave you strange looks, recognising you as that weird girl with four boyfriends from level 8 but you just shrugged it off. It had become normal for you to do that. You were starting to wonder where Tommy was, did it really take this long to get some papers? Especially with his long legs. After a what felt like a millennium of waiting, you saw your older brother nearly trip up the stairs in a rush to get back to you. You started to giggle wishing you could have seen him actually trip, the mere thought of him tripping made you smile. Something that Thomas hadn’t seen in the hour and half since he picked you up from the orthodontists office, New York traffic was a nightmare.

“What are you smiling about? Oh whatever, it probably something immature, you are on drugs after all. Not that you don’t laugh at stupid crap for no reason without drugs but you’re just a weirdo (Y/N).” He brushed it off like he didn’t care, but it made the fake French man ecstatic to see you smile, he loved seeing you happy. “Come on, let’s get you up stairs now before your boyfriends hunt me down and accuse me of stealing you”.

He allowed you to lean on his shoulders yet again before hiking up another four  flights of steep stairs to get you back home finally. As you reached your apartment, he knocked on the door loudly, purely to piss of alex because he knew alex hated that obnoxious loud knock, Thomas’s favourite pastime was pissing off your shortest boyfriend. Noises echoed from the inside of your home, the sounds of booming footsteps echoed into the hall as four men clearly raced to answer the door. The door was viciously swung open to see your four men as excited as Pomeranians hearing the word ‘walkies’ in an obnoxiously high pitched voice. Alex was the first to shove everyone other man aside in order to see their little angel arrive back home. You had left the house that morning proclaiming you had a doctor’s appointment but you never specified what that meant or involved, hoping that no would notice the embarrassing barriers clasping your teeth together. It was impossible not to notice a set of braces, so you knew it was best to keep your mouth shut and not say a word. What would happen if they kissed you? The last time you kissed a boy when you had braces, he cut his tongue on the snipped wire when he tried to French kiss you. Thank god it wasn’t your boys.

“(Y/N)!!! My god your home. I missed you! How was your appointment?” His babbles bombarded your sense as you felt the short man jump into your warm and unexpecting embrace. His started planting kisses all over your face, once again resembling a small dog that had been away from his owner for too long. Suddenly is dreamy gaze turned sour, realising who the man behind you was. “Why are you here Jefferson?”

John had to stifle a giggle as Alex’s face started to resemble an angry tomato, caught somewhere between rage and blushing. His furs with Jefferson managed to surpass the office doors every time he left for work, bringing his hatred for your eldest brother into the small apartment you all shared.

“I came to drop off my sister, fuck face. Don’t look so surprised, I can show affection to people Hamilton. They just have to deserve it.” He retorted back with a cheeky smirk spread across his face, your closed fist colliding with his beefy shoulders in a hard punch. “Ow, piss off metal mouth. I am just telling your idiot of a boyfriend over here that I care enough to pick up my little sibling from the orthodontist when they had their braces put on. Where were they, Huh?”

You face palmed your face aggressively, letting a sigh out. Why the fuck had he said that?

“Orthodontist? Metal mouth?” John said confused. What on earth was Jefferson talking about today? . “Why would he call yo-” John cut himself off quickly realizing that you got braces. The men had known you used to have braces “Open up let me see” he spoke sternly. You tried to refuse, squirming you head away from his grip but eventually you gave in. The pain of having your face prodded and briskly moving away from someone’s touch spread through your face, feeling like a car colliding with a tree.

“Oh mon amor…why didn’t you tell us?” Questioned Lafayette as a pout quickly enveloped his face. His large eyes looking genuinely shocked and upset with your hidden medical agenda, making your heart break into tiny pieces.”Were you scared we would tease you? We would never tease you mon cher! We love you… why hide it?”

“Ish hurtss.” You cried back, your bottom lip wobbling as tears streamed down your face, clouding your beautiful eyes. “I n-no like my brashis.” You whispered as Hercules pushed through the men and hugged you tightly, slowly leading everyone including your brother into the apartment’s lounge room. Setting your body gently down on the couch, pecking your forehead gently, he was far to scared to kiss your lips.

“Do you mind dropping the affection? I’m here too you know and it’s bad enough I have to see them kiss ponytail over here.” Said Thomas as he spread himself out on the couch, letting his feet sit on the coffee table as though he owned the place. You grumbled angrily as you have him a hard smack to the chops, trying to get him to take back the statement and to understand his place here. Alex looked fuming as he got up ready to start a fist fight with your brother, one hard stare from you brought your little lover him back to reality.

“If you don’t lishk it, then pisssh off fuck facesh.” You spat back quickly, letting yourself be cuddled by Hercules. Lafayette seemed to think this was a hoot as he started to holler in fits of laughter, slapping his hand roughly against the side of the couch. Alex looked like the cat who caught the rat, a smug grin and a raised eyebrow with a small head nod let Thomas knew where he stood here.

“Your lisp is adorable baby.” Said John as he kissed your cheek gently, slowly walking out of the room and into the kitchen. You made grabby hands for your boyfriend as you watched him walk away, what was he doing? “Don’t worry kitten. I am making you something to eat. What do you want?”

“Oh about that. Yeah, here’s some papers turtle boy. It’s says what they can and can’t eat.” Said Thomas as he threw the white bag to John, filled with papers given to you by the orthodontist. Johns face contorted into a shocked expression, the colour draining from his face.

“What did you mean they can’t eat popcorn?!?!” Screamed john as he scanned the typed words. How could they not eat popcorn or hard candy, that was there lifeline these days. All five of them would come home and make a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie, a small token of appreciation for the person who did everything in the tiny apartment. John attempted to win over his lover “I’ll tell you what. We can eat it one last time, just the five of us,” all the boys moved their heads simultaneously nodded their heads, trying to get Thomas to catch on. “We can settle down and watch a movie. Snuggle up to the most beautiful person ever with the most adorable lisp I have ever heard. The five of us…Just us.”

“Fine, fine. I know when I’m not wanted here. Remember, my Mac and cheese will be nice in your teeth. Eat that for dinner.” huffed Thomas as he grabbed his distastefully purple jacket and gave you a small kiss. You loved your big brother no matter what happened and it was times like these that you truly appreciated him for what he is.

“NO YOU FUCKING DON’T OTHERWISE YOU WOULD HAVE LEFT HALF AN HOUR AGO RAT MAN!! BUGGER OFF YOU FUCKER!” Screamed Alex loudly, stomping his foot on the ground like an upset child. “AND YOUR MAC AND CHEESE IS SHIT THOMAS. “ he slammed the door behind your brother, not wanting to hear or see his political nemesis for another week until the next cabinet battle.

You giggled as you sat on the couch with your boys, your metal braces in clear view for your partners to see. As Alex returned back into the loveseat that you all shared, he carried a fluffy blanket from the linen closet. Draping it over your body before plopping down beside you. John returned from the small kitchen with a bag of ready made microwave popcorn, dripping in butter (just how you liked it) under his right arm and a bowl of hard candy in his left. He slapped them down on the table as Hercules put on a movie and Lafayette fiddles with your hair gently. Maybe having these braces weren’t so bad.

“You knows, I love you boysh.”

“We know mon amor. We know. You know we love your braces and your lisp? It sounds adorable.” Questioned Lafayette with a wink as his arm slipped across your shoulder and pulled you close so that all of the boys sat together on the same couch with you.

“I know. My amashing boyfriendsh.”

Black Coffee Love Pt. I

Pairing: Reader x Seb

Featuring: Sebastian Stan, the barista

Warning: fluff

Prompt: your favourite coffee shop happens to be the spot he decides to take shelter from the rain.

Song for the imagine here: (x)

Following Parts:

Part II

Outside, rain had started to drizzle down along the street and sidewalks, people hustling by pulling out their umbrellas. You had ordered your coffee already and you were pulling out your lap top, when the bell chimed loudly by the door, signalling that someone entered the coffee shop. You looked up briefly after opening your lap top, your eyes just level enough to see over the screen at the grey hat, shielding the new-comers face.

It was very rare when you saw new people at the café. It was a small café, hidden by the other large industries surrounding it. Making it barely ever noticed. The barista came over to you, placing your black coffee on the table, then walked off. You grabbed hold of the hot mug, enjoying the warmth that radiated off of it. You were wearing your favourite knitted cardigan, it kept you warm on the coldest of days.

The new-comer was looking around for a spot to sit, since the café was on the small side, most the seats were taken by frequent customers. The only spot open was at your small table, since everyone knew that you enjoyed your space when writing. It was always difficult for you to focus when someone was sitting in front of you. So, what did the new-comer do? Walk up to you. You glanced up at him as he cleared his throat.

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Hey guys! Here’s a Fairy Tail one-shot for Gajevy requested by the wonderful and amazing @the-mysterious-redfox. She’s been dying to get me to post something so here ya go! It gets just a bit NSFW-ish at times. Please leave a comment or anything really if ya like! I love feedback.

Prompt: Blanket fort

Pairing: Gajevy

Length: 1.6k

Gajeel was sorely tired from the past week and everyone knew it. He had been lashing out at the entire guild, even Levy. He knew he’d crossed a line, but dammit he was upset. On his last mission, Lily had been injured because Gajeel had been overzealous. They’d taken on an entire dark guild together, and he was so arrogant to think his Iron Dragon Roar would take them all down and keep them there. He was wrong. One wizard came at Gajeel from behind as he was singing his own praises. Lily had reacted, taking out the wizard, but received a nasty wound to his abdomen in the process. His partner was in the infirmary and would be there for some time, and it was all his fucking fault.

Gajeel could feel a haze of anger, regret, and frustration build around him with every step he took home. Finally there, he opened the door expecting Levy to give him the cold shoulder. He wouldn’t like it, but he understood. He’d screwed up and needed to pay the price for his actions. Walking inside his home, for the second time this week he was wrong.

The room was lit with the soft glow of twinkling lacrimas, and Gajeel could hear the patter of rain. It hadn’t been raining outside, had it? Was he so removed from the world that he hadn’t noticed? No, his clothes were dry. The large couch in the living room was piled with pillows and blankets. The chairs had been pulled from their normal positions in the kitchen and covered with sheets to make what appeared to be a tent. He could even smell the faint aroma of cookie dough coming from underneath the sheets. Had he accidentally walked into his neighbor’s house? Was he passed out somewhere daydreaming? Then he smelled her. His Shrimp was in the that mass of fluff and she was coming out. Levy popped her head out of the fort.

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The ringing of a warning bell was heard through-out beacon. The chimes gave heed to all students that the next class period would start in 10 minutes.

As teams and groups of students began to disperse to their rooms, a pair was long forgotten in a darkened nook of Beacon Academy. A young man with burning red eyes pulled at his partners cloak and shirt, tugging it down past her collar bone. Her hands gripped at his arm and received a holding grasp to her chin in response. Chapped lips brushed against hot skin, kissing her softly and with tender care. As the girl shifted in the shadows under the tall boys touch, a soft moan was elicited from her.

“Mmm…Qrow…st-st-ah ahhhhh” She struggled to get the words out, mind in a deep haze at the feeling of his grasp getting tighter.

Trying once more, her voice managed to whisper, “Qrow, st-stop. Cl-class.”

Her partner seemed lost in his own world, sucking at the nape of her neck.

“Mmm?” His throat hummed with the question, arms pulling her closer to him. His lips became needy as they continued to tenderly love the woman in his arms.

“Qrow, please, we’re going to be-mmmm…going to be late.” The young woman tried once more, her face deepening in red. Her hand, dwarfed by his own, gripped tightly to him. Though she attempted to pull him off of her, neither energy nor will was on her side.

Lifting his head slightly to address her, his hot breath reached her ears as he growled, “Oh, really?”, bringing forth a pleasant shiver from the girl beneath him. Continuing his work on her, he spoke through pressed lips against her soft, blushed neck, “You really want me to stop, Short-Stack? Just for a silly class?”

His voice clung to her, drowned her as he purred her nickname.Her only response to his question was moans and shudders. Chuckling against her, Qrow’s finger released from her neckline and tugged at her zipper, undoing her slowly. A heavy fog settled in her mind as she threw away logic and rationale for passion and strong, loving arms.

“Do you…”

The zipper unhooked itself slowly.

“Want me…”

Pausing her undressing, Qrow looked up at her with burning desire. Her gaze dropped to him, matching him in want.

“…To stop?”

The last bell sang through out all of Beacon, signalling that any student caught out of class was late or skipping. The chime barely registered through the muddled mess of her consciousness as the thoughts of ‘perfect attendance’ floated away into the mists of her mind.

Making her decision with pitiful defeat that coated her face, she pleaded with him, “Qrow…”

Eyes locked, Qrow stood his ground.


Melting into him, Summer Rose gripped his hand tightly.

“Please…don’t stop.”

Summer was the model student any teacher would be proud to have in their class. She was punctual (until Qrow), focused (until Qrow), and a straight A student (Okay, well, she actually raised Qrow’s grades, but the point still stands).

Ask anyone at Beacon and they’d tell you that Qrow was a terrible influence on his partner, Summer. Ask Qrow, he’d say she was bad from the start, he just helped bring it out. Ask Summer, she’d change the subject frantically while turning red.

It’s shit like this that makes everyone sort of pissed later on when these two confirm their relationship. They should have been caught 10x’s over and it makes Raven and Tai feel stupid and furious.

anonymous asked:

please please please do 17 29 and 30 for Kylo plsss

Ok ok ok ok!

Modern AU Kylo +  “I think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.” +  “I like the way your hand fits in mine.” +  “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

Feeling the haze of sleep slowly wear off, your eyes began to gently creep open. The room around you was still dark, revealing hardly anything to you aside from the vague shapes of objects around you. With a sigh you shifted in your place, scooting your body backward. Just as your body moved you could feel the warm mass of weight behind you shift as well, his hot breath fanning over your ear. A smile slowly crept over your lips as you heard him move again, obviously awoken by your sudden movement. Turning to face him you sleepily smiled at him.


With half lidded eyes he smiled back, “Morning.”

Shifting again he unwrapped his arm from around you and brought it between you, gently taking your hand in his.

“Did you sleep good?”

Kylo smirked faintly, “Mhmm.”


Knowing Kylo constantly suffered from insomnia and other things that deprived him of sleep you couldn’t help but feel relieved that he had rested. For at least once, he could give himself the rest he so deperately needed. The room fell silent again for a few moments, aside from you and Kylo’s breathing. Quietly he observed your hand in his, rotating your arm just slightly to get a better vantage point. A smile just barely tugged on the corner of his lips once again.

“I like the way your hand fits in mine.”

You smiled, gently rubbing your thumb over the side of his hand. In comparisson to your own hands, Kylo’s almost entirely swallowed yours every time he held them. 

“I do too, it’s quite easy to fit them into yours.”

Gently Kylo brought your hand to his lips, placing a chaste kiss to it. The simple sensation of affection made your heart swell. For a man who was so incredibly shut off from the world and most certainly brooding, he was surprisingly affectionate and emotional behind closed doors. Giggling faintly at the now ticklish feeling of his lips on your skin you gently pulled your hand away from him.

“I’m gonna make us some pancakes.”

Kylo’s eyes finally began to open fully, his brows raising faintly, “Pancakes?”

You shrugged, “It’s a lazy Sunday. Why not?”

Kylo hummed in content as he reluctantly let you go, allowing you to roll out from under the covers. The second your body left the warmth of the bed however, a chill instantly brushed over your skin. You had almost forgotten you went to bed wearing nothing. Rubbing your hands over your arms you carefully tiptoed over to Kylo’s dresser and began rummaging around. To your luck you instantly found where he kept his sweatshirts, something that would most certainly fit you. Considering Kylo’s size, the sweaters he wore were generally long enough to go past your upper thigh. 

Carefully you slipped the cozy garment over your head and shimmied into it, assuring it fit just right. With a smile you closed the drawer and turned back to Kylo.

“You want the pancakes plain or with fruit?”

Suddenly something in Kylo’s expression seemed to shift. The smiling face you had left cozily wrapped in covers was now sitting up, seeming to furrow his brows with an air of serious contemplation. You arched a brow.

“Kylo? You ok? …It’s just pancakes.”

For a moment he shook his head, as if snapping himself out of a daze.

“No, no it’s not the pancakes. No, like…it’s just, I can’t believe you’re wearing my clothes.”

You smiled at him warmly, “Oh. Do you like me in your clothes?”

He nodded, still seeming to be lost in some serious thought.


Biting your lip faintly you pulled at the sweatshirt, assuring it stretched a little further. Even with the flirtatious look on your face, Kylo seemed lost in a daze. Dropping the smile you arched a brow.

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

He cleared his throat, nodding slightly, “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.”

You nodded, knowing better than to push him especially at this hour, “Alright. I’ll get breakfast started.”

Kylo nodded as you sauntered out of the room, carefully opening the door. The moment you walked out Kylo laid back on the bed as he brought his hands into his hair, shutting his eyes.

“I’m fine. I just… I think i’m in love with you…and that terrifies me.”

From the moment Kylo had held your hand in his, the thought had always lingered in his mind of how he felt for you. Seeing you this particular morning however, adorned in one of his slouchy sweatshirts, he was certain. Releasing a deep breath, Kylo’s eyes slowly opened to stare at the ceiling, thoughts reeling through his psyche.

“I’m in love with you.”