that has to be annoying

The Martians are awesome telepaths, the Zelon incredible supermen, the Rakith wise clairvoyants. In a superpowered galaxy, no one human power measure up against any alien counterparts. But every human has their own, unique power, and that makes fighting them very, very annoying.

You know what’s so annoying? Lance keeps going around flirting with all these girls who literally use him or are just flat out uninterested (no offense to Allura tho LOL)

When he literally has Keith who clearly cares about him

Wants to be by his side

Flirts with him (almost to the equivalent of how much he flirts with those girls)

Literally always puts up with him no matter what, even if he does get annoyed sometimes

Never truly gets angry at him, even though I’m sure he’s wanted to on multiple occasions

Gets so hurt when he forgets an important moment between them, which shows how much he cares about him

Gets so easily jealous over him

And just the way he looks at him too 

It’s so annoying because he has a perfectly decent guy right there who I’m almost 99.9% sure likes him, but he could literally care less or notice. Like dude, open your eyes and look at what’s right in front of you already…

Just two chicks hollering

[ @avistella  and her OC Fujiwara Kumiko (Vivi)]

Part 2 of my gift set! Its not all that because I drew it while in the back of my classroom, but its the thought that counts right-

Again, Happy Birthday fren!

Go outside you hermit

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I know that almost everyone has asked this and your probably annoyed to death by this question (actually I don't really know, POWER OF ASSUMPTIONS), but when will "The Thought" continue path be updated? I know about the lack of having a computer but its been a year!

i could say something snarky like “haha u fools, every time the beast is mentioned i slumber a week more” but honestly the answer is simple

i just wanna work on it when i’m happy to work on it. it was a joy project, something made for funsies, and i don’t wanna force out pages for this kind of thing. i’m glad people are still finding and reading the comic, that there are still active translations (the dub alone is in korean, russian, and spanish!), and that there is still interest in it.

i’m currently happy on hashing out other projects, with an outline for when i get back to the thought safely set aside. i made myself sick rushing it, i’d rather not do that again.

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Just found out the girl I'm head over heels for who I thought was my best friend has actually found me super annoying and only been tolerating my existence for months now... rip

hey that sucks a lot but guess what!! now you have the opportunity to find someone who appreciates you for you

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(Same anon) "its annoying when people are anti religious" its also annoying when religious people choose to willingly lie to themselves about oh say the existence of literal magic. Yall can be just as annoying and religion has also done a lot more harm than good. The inquistion? Isis? Thugee Kali sacrifices? Yall are more than just annoying youre bloodthirtsy and murders. If u dont like being lumped in w those ppl then dont lump all anti-religious people together.

so anyway anti-theists are still annoying

Mission Briefing : Map Revision

A step we might regret later: handmade maps for each level. I did some tests today and I think that it could be done (more or less) quickly this way. But the disadvantage is obviously: I would have to revise each map also by hand, as soon as the level design changes afterwards. That could be quite annoying later. Therefore: the level design has to be as fixed as possible - only after that, the maps should be created. 

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Thanks frien ^^

1. morning rituals: Uhhhh I get up and take a shower, eat breakfast, makeup and stuffs, and I’m out the door… and somehow I wake up at 5:30 and only get out of the house at 7:00….. I’ve only just realized this too what the heck.

2. biggest fear: Not being there when someone needs me after I’ve promised that;; and spiders.

3. cloudy or sunny: uhhhhh a little of both? If i had to choose tho cloudy

4. a band you didn’t like at first but grew on you: Twenty One Pilots xD… I used to think they were stupid and too popular and annoying but oh boy has that changed.

5. song stuck in your head: rn? THE ENTIRETY OF HAMILTON

6. unrealistic dream: Head of storyboarding at some huge game company like Bethesda, as many flaws as they have, I have more hours logged into Skyrim then I’d ever want to admit.

7. dream superpower: Shapeshifting… I still can’t believe anyone would ever want anything else like you can have nearly all the other superpowers if you have shapeshifting come o n

8. any regrets?: My entire life?? (for the memes) Nah but actually I’m so far down the road of procrastination and just disinterest in so many school related things like… I love learning but this is stupid and I need to be s t o p p e d. Or forced to do things. (Did I just overshare? Have fun with that.)

9. superstitious?: Nahhhhh sonnnnnnnnn, but thriller and horror stories mmmm I am alllll about that.

10. something that makes you feel alive: I mean God, but als PHILOSOPY and VIDEO GAMES and HAMILTON AND MUSIC AND FRIENDS ESPECIALLY.

11. favorite genre of film: Thriller and horror are tied, Romance is a millisecond behind (but nothing tooooo cheesy… for the most part?)

12. favorite move: I think it’s always gonna be Howl’s Moving Castle cause yeah I mean what else is there….. Cause I could watch it over and over and over and ov

13. favorite season: FALLLLLLLL bc i be trippin 

^what the heck (but actually yes it is my fav)

14. favorite color: Purple fo lifeeeeee

15: fave foods: Lo mein, anything for taco bell basically, P I N E A P P L E O N P I Z Z A Y O U W O N T S A Y A N Y T H I N G I F Y O U W A N T T O L I V E

16: worst habit: procrastination

17: how many countries have you been to?: I doubt the existance of everything aside from (maybe) the entirety of America.

I tag @spillywolf @whatdowedoaboutcasifer @friggin anyone else who wants to do it bc i have but a few friends and they are all tagged.


Holy shit guys read every heart a doorway by seanan mcguire

-the main character is an asexual girl
-the Hottest Guy In School is trans
-its about a school for kids who had amazing adventures in alternate realities and are coping with being back in our world
-the writing style is amazing
-the characters are amazing
-its also a murder mystery
-this is an actual line from it: “Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.”

i dont trust people who rely on “the law” for morality.

it’s always some smug “well that’s the law, vote and change it if you don’t like it!” presented as some sort of gotcha. ignoring the fact that we know laws and legal precedents in the past have been ethically wrong, abusive, racist, bigoted, you name it, and many laws continue to be such to this day; ignoring that changing these laws has always been a much more complicated and dangerous ordeal than “just voting”. “we” as in “we the people” didn’t make the laws; we never have. the rulers did, and those same rulers enforce those laws through force. always have and always will. the “social contract” theory is horseshit, we don’t get to negotiate away laws we disagree with without a significant investment of time, money, and labor; these things are out of the reach of most people. therefore, the idea that the law is any kind of metric for morality -even in so-called ‘democratic societies’- is inherently fallacious and ahistorical.

which brings me to my conclusion that people who say shit like this don’t really care about ethics at all; they’re just going “Yeah, well the Law is on my side! If I call the police/a judge/some other representative of the State, they’ll side with me and you’ll be forced to comply!”

it’s intellectually lazy at best and an insidious philosophy of Might Makes Right at worst. usually a combination of the two imo