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Cheap Vegan Essentials

Below is a short list of foods which I think should be in the basket of every new vegan when they go on that first vegan shopping trip. Prices will vary according to location, but in the vast majority of places these foods will be some of the cheapest items in any supermarket.  You can find a selection of simple recipes that make use of these items as their main ingredients here.

  • Rice: Rice is an extremely cheap and filling staple. A cup of rice contains roughly 45 grams of carbohydrates and 4-5 grams of protein. In an airtight container it lasts around 6 months. It is even cheaper when bought in bulk. 

  • Beans: Beans are one of the most accessible protein sources and have been a staple around the world for thousands of years. Just one cup of soybeans, for example, contains a massive 28.62 grams of protein, while even standard baked beans contain around 14 grams. They also contain lysine, which is missing from most other plant sources.

  • Chickpeas: Chickpeas can be purchased very cheaply canned, and in large bags in bulk if you’re willing to prep them yourself.  Each cup contains about 15 grams of protein, tonnes of fibre as well as magnesium and folate. 

  • Lentils: Similar to chickpeas, lentils can be bought canned or in large bags as bulk products. A cup of cooked lentils contains a massive 18 grams of protein, they also lower cholesterol, improve heart health and help stabilise blood sugar. 

  • Oats: Oats are very cheap, can be bought in bulk and have great shelf life. They are high in protein, fibre, and B12; they are even thought to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 

  • Cereals: Most cereals, especially supermarket’s own brand products are very cheap. Whole grain cereals like bran or oat based products are high in fiber, calcium and iron, and most are fortified with B vitamins.

  • Pasta:  Pasta is another great product to always have on hand, it is one of the least expensive items in any supermarket, can be bought in bulk and has a very long shelf life. Depending on the type, pasta can be a good source of fibre and carbohydrates; it is a high energy food and is very filling.

  • Potatoes: Potatoes are one of the cheapest foods available in most supermarkets, at an average of just $0.56 per pound. They are versatile, filling and despite their reputation as unhealthy, they are an excellent source B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, and pantothenic acid.

  • Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are as versatile as white potatoes, are high in vitamins B6, C, D, iron, magnesium and potassium. They’re also a more balanced source of energy than white potatoes, as their natural sugars release slowly, avoiding blood-sugar spikes.

  • Noodles: Many varieties of noodles are vegan, they are very cheap and last a long time. Noodles are very filling and contain high levels of B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, riboflavin, and calcium.

  • Nut butters: Depending on the type, nut butters can be purchased very cheaply and in large quantities. It has a surprisingly good shelf life, is an excellent source of heart healthy fats and is very high in protein. 

  • Falafel: Falafel is usually cheap to buy pre-made but it is even cheaper when made at home just using chickpeas and spices. It is filling, can be used to make great vegan burgers and is a good source of protein, fat and soluble fibre. 

  • Hummus: Though buying pre-prepared hummus is usually relatively cheap, it is far more cost effective to make your own in larger quantities, depending on the recipe you usually only need chickpeas, tahini and  lemon. 

  • Couscous: Couscous can be great in salad or as its own side dish, it is cheap to buy and is a convenient option since it is so easy to prepare. It is a good source of lean protein, dietary fibre and B vitamins. 

  • Tofu: Tofu has an odd reputation for being expensive, quite probably among people who have never bought it. Tofu has been a Chinese staple for thousands of years, it is now widely available in supermarkets and is far cheaper than comparable animal products, averaging less than $2 per pound. It is filling and is high in both protein and calcium.

  • Tempeh: Tempeh is similar to tofu in price and use, but has a different texture and slightly different nutritional properties. The fermentation process and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fibre and vitamins compared to tofu, as well as firmer texture and a stronger flavour

  • Seitan: Seitan is made with wheat gluten and is extremely high in protein, as well as being one of the cheapest sources of protein per dollar when made at home and is around the same price as low quality beef in stores. It has a steaky texture and is very filling.

  • Frozen fruit/vegetables: Large bags of mixed frozen vegetables can be bought extremely cheaply almost anywhere. Despite popular opinion to the contrary, frozen vegetables are almost as healthy as fresh produce since they are frozen while fresh and don’t endure the loss of nutrients associated with long travel and extended shelf time. Frozen fruit like mixed berries can be a cheap way to prepare smoothies or dessert.

  • Canned fruit/vegetables: Having a few cans of fruit or vegetables around is always a good idea, things like canned peas or corn can be a side on their own, canned peaches or orange pieces are an instant dessert and canned tomatoes can be used to make sauces. 

  • Bananas: Bananas are one of the cheapest fruits available, especially when bought in bulk and deserve a mention based on their nutritional value and their versatility. They can be used in desserts, as a healthy snack and can be used to make cheap vegan ice cream.

  • Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like lemon, orange and limes are cheap to buy in bunches, especially when in season and can be eaten as a healthy snack or used as a cheap way to add flavour to existing dishes. 

  • Vegetable stock: Vegetable stock is good to have around for a variety of purposes; it will add flavour to any dish from gravies to soups and roast dinners. It is extremely cheap and relatively healthy if you go for a low sodium option.

  • Olives: Olives are a healthy source of fat, they are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and contribute to good health health, as well as being good sources of iron. They can be bought in large jars very cheaply and can be a healthy snack. 

  • Olive Oil: Thought to be the healthiest oil to cook with, it is heart healthy and can be used to add flavour to a variety of dishes like pastas and salad.

  • Spinach: Spinach is often called a super-food in terms of nutritional content, it is is high in niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, calcium, iron and a multitude of vitamins. You can also buy large bags of pre-prepared spinach very cheaply.

  • Kale: Kale has a different flavour and texture to spinach, but has similar uses. It is a great source of dietary fibre and is packed with nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium. Even a 500g bag should only set you back around $2.50. 

  • Bread: Many new vegans assume bread is off limits, but many breads are vegan. Even speciality loafs are very cheap considering the amount of meals they can contribute towards, and they can be a good source of carbohydrates and protein. 

  • Plant Milks: Plant milks have an undeserved reputation for being expensive, this is only in comparison to heavily subsidised dairy milks, though even then the price is comparable, in fact, some supermarket’s own brands are even cheaper. Plant milks are packed with calcium and are usually supplemented with vitamins B6 and B12.

  • Non-Dairy Spreads: Non-dairy spreads can be made form a variety of sources, from soy or olives to coconut oil. They tend to be comparable to dairy butter in terms of calcium, but without the unhealthy fats and cholesterol. They are usually priced similarly or cheaper than their dairy counterparts.

  • Peppers: Peppers tend to be very cheap to pick up in large bags, particularly bell peppers. They can be stretched over several meals, and can add flavour and texture to curries, stir fries and salads.

  • Nutritional Yeast: Seen as something of a speciality health food, nutritional yeast is actually very cheap, lasts a long time and is one of the best sources of vitamin B12. It has a nutty, cheesy taste, so you can use it in place of anything you’d usually sprinkle cheese on. It is also great in soups and when used to make “cheesy”, creamy sauces. 

  • Flax seeds: Each tablespoon of ground flax seed contains about 1.8 grams of  omega-3s. It is included in this list as they make a great egg substitute in baking, can be sprinkled on cereal, yogurt or oatmeal. It is cheap to buy, and even a small packet lasts a long time.
  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is not only far healthier than milk chocolate, it is usually cheaper to buy in the same quantities and is far more filling. It is versatile for use in baking and desserts and is a healthy snack in small quantities.

  • Selected Produce: Fresh vegetables are not always expensive. Seasonal vegetables are usually cheap in most supermarkets, but some vegetables like carrots, turnips, onions, cabbage and cauliflower are inexpensive all year round, and can often be bought on offer or as “irregular” (but still perfectly edible) for even less.
  • Herbs and Spices: Having a range of spices on hand is always a good idea; things like cumin and garlic can add depth and flavour to simple meals and they last a very long time. Investing in a good spice rack and some curry powder will save you money in the long term.
Clues that Ransom and Holster have collected on Bitty’s secret boyfriend
  • It’s a guy (dhu)
  • He’s athletic (because Bitty likes them that way, refer to Ransom’s Excel sheet on dudes Bitty has dated, made out with, hooked with)
  • He’s tall and bigger than Bitty (that’s not hard, but Bitty has been seen wearing bigger shirts lately)
  • He’s an old Samwell student (Dex hard heard Bitty say “Oh honey, remember the Quad? They added new trees, they’re lovely-” over the phone)
  • He’s handsome and was featured in The Swallow’s most beautiful people (Overheard by Nursey- ”Well, is that award more important than your face on The Swallow’s list of most beautiful people? Because I KNOW your mom has it framed on your trophy shelf.”)
  • HE ACTUALLY LIVED IN THE HAUS WHAT IS THIS I CAN’T BREATHE (Overheard by Chowder- “Ransom and Holster are making the frogs work for dibs- not like you, love, you gave your dibs in a very noble way-” Chowder would not stop !!!! while handing that information)
  • Ergo: Bitty’s secret Boyfriend is John Johnson the Goalie.

/noun/ the peace of being indoors during a thunderstorm

Summary: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,644
Author’s Note: This story was on one of my old Tumblr writing accounts that I just deleted, but it was one of my favorite stories and didn’t want it to collect dust in my drive.


You’ve always had an endless fascination with books and novels of various different shapes, sizes, and lengths. The way someone could paint an entirely different world with the mixture of just 26 letters, whisk the mind away from reality, stir emotions inside someone—emotions of laughter or sadness or one of complete contentment. The influence a simple novel could have on a person’s viewpoint has always fascinated you.

During your younger years, you would find yourself trekking to the nearest bookstore, if only to simply run your fingers along the spines of all the latest releases. You would open a random novel, just to skim the first sentence, allowing the words of a complete stranger to fill you with familiarity.

Not much has changed in the years following your childhood. Something about corner bookstores have always lured you with the promise of peace and quiet, an escape from the harsh reality you occupied yourself with. You constantly looked forward to the days you could run away and hide within the shelves of the shop, no matter rain or shine, sleet or snow, 30 pages of homework to get done during the night, you always made an effort to visit at least once or twice a week as soon as you entered college.

Today is no exception to the rule. With midterms rapidly approaching, you’re already drowning in papers, projects, and upcoming tests, the stress practically eating you alive. But still, instead of returning to your apartment, you find yourself turning down the familiar sidewalk in the opposite direction. The rain overhead is steadily pouring down today, serving as little warning bells that perhaps making the trip to the bookstore might not be the best option.

Judging from the gray clouds, it’s clear that the weather has other plans for the remainder of the day—the lightning that suddenly shoots across the sky is a clear indication of that—but you find yourself not minding much. The heels of your boots clash gently against the sidewalk, your hair curling slightly as the water comes in contact with it, but all those worries and annoyances dissipate off your skin like steam as the familiar shop comes into view. With the lights on inside, the place looks like a beacon of hope, allowing the smile to spread itself across your face as you quicken your pace to shoulder open the door.

The bell rings overhead as you gently shut the door close, running your hand through your hair quickly to rid some of the water trapped in your locks. After exchanging a smile with the familiar cashier at the counter, you make your way deeper in the store. Like usual, there isn’t anything in particular you’re seeking, but just being surrounded by text, aisles and aisles of hardcovers and paperbacks fills you with comfort.

You’re just starting the turn into contemporary novels, when one particular black, hardcover spine catches your attention, causing you to stop dead in your tracks, eyes widening with recognition as you distinctly remember this particular novel being one of the very few you’ve wanted in your own personal collection of books: John Green’s Looking For Alaska.

Your lips curl up into a smile, momentarily unfazed by the fact that the book had been placed on the highest shelf, towering a few inches above you, even as you stand on your tippy toes, even as your fingers barely manage to graze the book you want. It takes five times before you plant both feet firmly back on the ground with a gentle huff, considering the next movement to grab the book.

You’re just about to consider getting a running start between the two shelves, before a slightly amused voice cuts in through your concentration: “Need some help?”

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Jimin as a boyfriend

Originally posted by pjiminiebts

  • woo boy lets begin shall we
  • the home boy jimin has lips hella plump
  • he kisses you a lot with those mf
  • honestly such a sweet boyfriend
  • basically the literal human version of an angel
  • from hell…
  • you cant get anything done with his beauty
  • who is the prettier one in the relationship?
  • he really enjoys to tease you just to see you pout like a baby
  • “aw is the little baby pouting”
  • “look at those chubby cheeks puff out…my baby”
  • you can be scary when you get back at him
  • “shuddup shorty”
  • “at least I can reach the cups on the top shelf
  • he will chase you around the house unless you take it back
  • you squeals and his cute little giggles are heard around the dorms
  • the boys ‘puke’ at you two being so cute
  • you two blush bc shy little babies in love
  • he smells like sandalwood and super musky
  • v v v v masculine but his looks say other wise
  • “baby lets go eat”
  • “minnie im not hungry.”
  • “I dont care I want you super plump”
  • “nooo i need to diet”
  • he gets mad when he hears you say you need to diet
  • shows you how wonderful you are no matter what you look like
  • you two go to the sauna and have fun
  • “Bet you can’t stay in here longer”
  • “Bet shorty “
  • you both end up caving bc its too hot
  • you guys are the like  lady and the tramp
  • cuddles for weeks
  • sleepy selfies
  • awkward photo booth couple photos
  • he is so in love with you that he thinks you are the universe in his eyes
A quickie in the library

Originally posted by alexhoghsource

Pairing: modern!IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3693
Warning: Smut, cursing
Tagging : @whenimaunicorn

Notes: It’s finally here! My dirty thoughts that kept flashing on my mind as I was trying to study are finally written. I hope it’s not too disappointing, I had a hard time to set the background story and the smut was more difficult than the others, I don’t know why. But anyway it’s here and I like it! I hope you will too. Enjoy! (I had to pick that gif, I can’t take my eyes off it.)

“Come on Y/N, it will be fun!” Ivar has been trying to convince you to go out with him and some of his friends for 30 minutes.

Sitting on your bed in your little student apartment, only wearing a long black tee shirt, which belonged to Ivar, you did your best to stay focus on your book. You wanted nothing more than to go clubbing and dancing until your feet can’t bear it anymore. But you had your exams, and you had to succeed, it was primordial. You sighed and gathered your hair in a messy bun before looking at him.

“You know I can’t fail this, I need to study. After, we can do everything you want, I promise. But right now it’s not possible.” You said in a soft voice, trying to appease the anger you saw growing in his eyes.

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enneagram as things in middle class suburban houses

1: the family chore list, which hasn’t been updated in over two months

2: pictures of extended family members that even the family doesn’t recognize

3: a shelf dedicated to the children’s awards but all the awards are shitty ones like “second longest long jump in the school track and field championship”

4: goth teenager that has locked themselves in their room for at least a year now who only emerges to raid the family wine cabinet

5: textbooks people have never read on subjects no one is interested in lying abandoned on a shelf underneath a coffee table

P6: the cat that hides whenever visitors come over

CP6: a folder labelled “proof you’ve been cheating on me” on the desk in the office, filled to the brim with absolute nonsense

7: four bikes in the garage which were used for a week after they were purchased and never again, hung from ceiling racks

8: motivational wall quotes in stupid font like “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” that cost like 60 bucks at a home deco store

9: the tennis balls on strings in the garage, hanging from the ceiling

The Last Jedi-Could it be...?

Ok y’all, I’ve watched that new trailer like 4 times now and I have come to a realization. 

So for the most part, the trailer is pretty straight forward. But there is one bit that has everyone scratching their heads. 

“The balance”

When Rey responds with this, we see two images. From what I can guess, the first image is a book shelf in a tree. And the second one is a hand over a faded picture of the Jedi symbol. Now I’ve studied this part so many times, my head hurts. First off, why the f**k are there a few books on what seems like a tree?! And who’s hand is that? Seem like questions with no answers, (at least right now) correct? Wrong! 

Don’t get me wrong, I got no clue what the book shelf is all about. That is an answer I’m gonna have to wait for. But I think know who’s hand is that. Now you might be wondering “How could you possibly know that? It’s just a hand!” You’re right! But look closely. Notice something interesting? This person is wearing a glove. Look even closer, and the glove looks yellow. And who do we know where’s a yellow glove in the Star Wars universe? What’s a major theory going around about this movie involving an unnamed cast member? Mainly this guy:

Oh yeah, you better believe you know where I’m going with this. I believe that our mysterious yellow-gloved hand in the trailer of The Last Jedi is none other than our favorite blueberry child: 


anonymous asked:

You are the entire reason I ship terumob. They're so cute. I love your writting and it's amazing. So far my favorite is Of Nearly Letting Go. It's a damn shame ONE never got to the aftermath of the mogami arc. :o It said you were looking for writing prompts?? Maybe Chapter 9 but from Teru's perspective?? It'd be interesting to see his internal thoughts of the big reveal

Ahhh sorry it took me so long to get to this! 

I tried rewriting scenes before, but I just can’t quite make it interesting enough when all the dialogue is already established. SO. I hope you don’t mind that I adjusted your prompt a tiny bit… now it’s the aftermath of chapter 9 from Teru’s POV.

I really hope you like it, and thank you so so much for the prompt and for reading my fics!!

AO3 link

In Liminal Space

Teru has no idea what kind of book he’s holding right now. He was looking at the shelf pretending to pick one out for at least a few minutes, but if he was actually expending any energy on reading through the titles, he immediately forgot about them again.

The only thing he knows is that it’s large and heavy and shaking in his hands.

Teru is absolutely no stranger to the sensation of wanting to kick his past self right in the teeth an indefinite number of times. But it’s a relatively new twist that he would feel it this strongly about a past self that’s only a few weeks old. He was under the impression by now that he’d gotten better than that.

Yet here he is, playing through a past argument in his mind again and again, remembering this bitter, satisfied sense of superiority when he brought up the cats to prove a point.

And now it just makes bile collect at the back of his mouth.

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… so.. what we’re th green and yellow memories? Hmmm my headcanon is that, those were both happy memories that Rick didn’t want Morty to remember as well.

Green could be something life-changing positive memories that was too much for Rick for Morty to remember because Morty (as we all know) tends to get cocky when he finds out that his Grandpa actually cares for him. Green could also be childhood memories (like the good ones)… though Rick said “ever since your mind was blown” hmmmmm.. maybe Rick has been visiting Morty as a baby and would erase Mortys memories every time though.. that could also be for the yellow memories (which my headcanon for them is warm memories, nurturing and caring ones) which explains why Morty questioned the picture that Bird person had on Season 2 episode 5 “Get Schwifty”.

There are at least 16 or so green memories and 2 yellow memories… I noticed how placed one of the memories on the table but was placed back on the shelf. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me that there were at least 3 or 4.

I dunno… it just made me wonder about those memories…

Also.. the red ones were what Rick wanted to Morty to forget right?
I curious about that one memory that was labeled “virginity”… Rick.. what did you do? > - >

You’re Drunk

So, I wrote this prompt for day 3 of sanvers week before I committed to my smut every day idea, and I liked this enough to want to post it as well. It probably won’t go on AO3, but it’s on here at least.


@404artnotfound​ voluntarily beta’s my bullshit and therefore she is better than all of us.

@queercapwriting​ I saw u talking about angst, does this count? Playful angst…? In a college AU???? Listen I tried.

“No, Kara.”


“I’m hanging up now. I have to study.”

“But it won’t be fun if I go alone!”

“You said Lena was going! Go and have fun with her!”

Kara huffs petulantly down the phone line, farewelling her sister begrudgingly before hanging up. Alex rolls her eyes. Some frat party on the other side of campus is pretty much the last thing on the list of things Alex wanted to do with her free time. Anyway, finals week is approaching up and she wouldn’t be allowed a second of fun without the gravity of her mother’s disapproval weighing on her mind.

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KonMari Pro-Tip: Folding

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical about the KonMari folding method. Most of my clothes are on shelves in my closet and I can pretty much see the whole stack but I figured the world was raving about this new technique and I might as well give it a try. 

They are just clothes after all and if I hated it I could unfold them and go back to the way things were to sweat. 

Well, I am totally converted. 

It was true, even though I could see all of the clothes before, the ones on the bottom got the least ware and ended up being pretty squashed and pathetic looking. 

I love how I can see everything at a glance and every item has it’s spot. I do think it works better in drawers then on shelves BUT if you use some old shoe boxes as shelf dividers it really helps things stay in place. 

Below is a video of the one and only, Marie Kondo demonstrating how folding a shirt is done: 

Requested (Pete Dunne x Reader) + “You’re just a bitch because you’re closer to hell, you midget.”

“You’re just a bitch because you’re closer to hell, you midget.” + Pete Dunne

A/N: Requested by anon! I’m so glad you guys love Pete Dunne as much as I do. I wonder if he’ll ever end up on Raw or Smackdown. I’d love it. I love my bruiserweight <3. For the record, I don’t ever write the accent, because I feel like the imagination part of it, it has a bit of a charm.

Word Count: 1,930 (I’m sorry i love Pete)

Originally posted by petedunnesource

(Y/N) (L/N) was the shortest of the short. Tiny. She was known backstage as the “midget makeup artist”, even though she technically wasn’t a midget, and honestly, to her she didn’t seem that short. 5’0” was not too short, was it?

Often times when she did the roster’s makeup for the NXT roster, she often used a step stool, and though the other girls tried to convince her, she downright refused to wear heels. After what happened in sixth grade when she broke her ankle? Hell no.

Ah, NXT, how she had gotten there, she sometimes wondered. She had started out in her home state of Pennsylvania doing makeup for news crews and small time tv shows, but people started to notice her talent. People in the athletic department. Specifically? Wrestling. Wrestling needed people who could do makeup well enough to stay on despite sweat and movement, and so you were hired.

She’d bought an apartment in Winter Park in Florida for surprisingly cheap. It was only after she moved in, though, that she realized how close the arena where the NXT division was based out of, trained, and performed when not touring.

And so, one week after she moved in, she walked to the sports and training center, where she was to meet her new boss in the design wing and then have a meet and greet with her new clientele.

At first step through the door, after the initial assault on the sense of smell from B.O., she dropped her coat, and slung it over her arm.

She walked in and looked around, taking in her surroundings, where various wrestlers were punching bags and sparring. Few noticed her arrival, as the heavy rock music was blaring over the loudspeakers. She knew the song and hummed along, and as she stepped in, a man in a tux walked towards her.

Triple H, in a button up shirt and slacks stood before her, and she almost bowed.

“Oh my god, you’re triple H!” She squealed quietly, and the old man chuckled, extending a hand to her, which she shook.

“That I am, dear, but you can call me Mr. H. You must be (Y/N) (L/N), our newest edition to the design crew.”

She nodded, “That I am, sir, and I’m real excited to be here.” She gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth before dropping it slowly, “I’m so sorry, Mr. H, my accent comes out when I’m happy.”

Triple H nodded, chuckling, “Well then I should hope your accent will always be present while you’re working here. Shall we?”

Wow, he was politer than she’d expected.

The tour of the NXT department began right there in the bottom floor with the rings, when Triple H whistled and everyone froze.

She gulped when all the pairs of eyes in the room turned to stare at her, and she could feel her cheeks flush red.

“Who’s the short stack?” Asked a british voice, and your cheeks flushed again, but this time in anger as you whipped your head towards the ring where a long haired, brutish-looking wrestler was sneering at her and she clenched her jaw.

“The name is (Y/N). Not short stack.” She bit out, and Triple H’s hand landed on her shoulder with a chuckle.

“Take it you don’t like short jokes?” The brute in the ring said and she crossed her arms.

“I can name things I enjoy more.”

“Reaching the top shelf?”

Snickers were heard from the surrounding room.

“Pete,” Triple H said, obviously fighting back laughter, “Be nice, please. She already has to put up with you for at least a year before her contract is up. You will both be in for a long one if you can’t get along.”

Her and the Bruiserweight glared at each other, and she stuck her tongue out at him, making a blonde girl giggle.

The blonde skipped up to (Y/N), “Hi there! I’m Liv, you’ll probably spend most of your time on me. I get so worried about my hair.”

(Y/N) chuckled, “Why? It’s perfect!”

And that was how that day had started, and how (Y/N) had made a best friend named Liv Morgan, and a nemesis named Pete Dunne.

In fact, she was supposed to be dealing with the former at that very moment, and Liv’s manicured nails snapping in front of her face brought her from her reminiscent reverie, and Liv was giving her a look.

“(Y/N), are you alright? You seem kind of out of it…” Liv asked, concerned, and (Y/N) chuckled, picking up her scissors and starting to brush out Liv’s hair.

“Oh nothing’s wrong. I guess with the end of the year coming up I’m thinking about how I got here in the first place. It’s crazy to think about, you know?”

Liv nodded, “Have you decided you’re gonna stay here?”

“Of course, Liv, I can always take college classes online. I could never give up doing what I love.”

Liv smiled at (Y/N) in the mirror, “I’m glad you’re staying, I know Pete makes it hard for you sometimes.”

The hairstylist groaned, Pete. The bane of her existence. The pain in her ass. The biggest annoyance in Florida and possibly the United States. The brash, British, tough, mean bruiserweight who she…was in love with.

Only Liv knew how (Y/N) really felt about the UK Champion, and only Liv knew why she had never tried to make any advances. Pete was mean to her. He constantly remarked about her height, her accent, her weight, her looks.

Count on (Y/N) to have a crush on the biggest asshole in sports entertainment.

But, it wasn’t always like that. Sometimes, when it was just them and Pete was absolutely sure that nobody else was around, he was sometimes friendly. At least, as friendly as he was capable of. He still sneered a lot.

He would ask her about Pennsylvania, what it was like. He would ask her about work. He would talk to her like a co-worker, but all of it changed when someone else walked in. Then, she was short stack.

“You should really ask him what’s up, (Y/N). You have to figure out what game he’s playing,” Liv murmured, and the shorter woman shook her head.

“Liv, I know he doesn’t feel the same, what’s the point? Maybe the longer I’m here, he’ll warm up to me more.”

Liv rolled her eyes, “For god’s sake doll, it’s been a year. He shouldn’t still be acting like a junior high boy.”

(Y/N) sighed, “I don’t know, let’s just do your makeup.”

And that was what she did, but it was when she was packing up her things was when things started to go wrong. First, she dropped a 40-dollar eye shadow palette on the floor, shattering it and making the world’s largest mess.

Then, upon opening the closet to find a broom, sixteen spiders, 3 moths, two brooms, a vacuum cleaner and the souls of the damned came falling out at her feet, covering her shoes and pants in cobwebs and dust.

It had taken an hour to clean up and kill the spiders, and clean the closet to the best of her ability, and then upon going to change her pants, she found herself with two options: Wear the dirty ones, or change into her pajama shorts, which happened to be Pete Dunne’s fucking merch, and exposed a little too much of her short legs.

So, she had done her best to clean up the pants, and had grabbed her purse and walked towards catering, where she rounded a corner and slammed into an all-too familiar chest and had fallen, dumping her bottle of water on herself and dropping her purse rather forcefully, throwing loose tampons and makeup products around her, and for a minute she just sat on the floor, burying her head in her hands as Pete Dunne doubled over laughing above her.

“Oh shut the hell up, you overgrown Dalmatian.” You snarled from the floor, trying to brush her things back into her purse.

That silenced the bruiser, who scoffed, “You’re just a bitch because you’re closer to hell, you midget.”

She stood, brushing off her legs, looking at the floor, fighting back her tears. Today was so hard. She kept her face cast downwards as she pushed past Pete.

“Yeah, I guess I am,” she deadpanned as she walked away from him, but only for a few seconds, as she heard his footsteps following.

“Hey, (Y/N), you okay?”

She stopped, before whirling on him, “Since when in the fresh fuck has the great Pete Dunne gave a rat’s ass if I was okay or not?” She snarled, and Pete stopped.

The floodgates had opened, there was no turning back now.

“From the day I walked into this building, you have been a bipolar asshole, talking to me one night, making fun of me the next, you’re a real dick, you know that? I try my hardest each and every night to make you like me, I always bring you water, I always make sure there’s food ready at catering, I always sew your jacket when you tear it, I always put your mouthguard with your things when I find it laying about, I always protect your championship belt. Do you know how many time’s Tyler’s tried to steal it to fuck with you? I never let it happen. I always wear your merch, I always-“


The furious woman stopped, angry tears now pouring down her cheeks as Pete closed the distance between them.

“All…all that stuff was you?” He mumbled, looking at her almost sheepishly.

“Yes, you fuck, all of it was me. I fucking like you, and you don’t even care!”



“I like you too. I’m sorry, I just…I don’t know how to deal with things like that. I thought maybe if I was a dick to you, then you would stay away from me and I could ignore this stupid crush I have, but I can’t. I…I’m sorry.”

(Y/N) gawked at him, amazed at what she was hearing, before pinching herself and regaining her composure. She coughed awkwardly, “Apology accepted.”

He chuckled, and then she chuckled, and then they were both giggling, and then both of them were doubled-over laughing in the hallway, and then he was pulling her into him, and she was hugging him, and he was kissing the top of her head.

“I’m a real idiot, aren’t I?” He laughed out, and she nodded.

“Yeah, you are, you big doof.”

“Let’s go to dinner,” He said, stepping back from her slightly, “Consider it our first date as not-enemies.”

The five-foot woman smiled, “Okay, Mr. Dunne, I will go on a date with you, but you should know you are currently in my debt greatly for a year of tears.”

He laughed, taking her hand and kissing the back of it, “Then I’ll take you shopping tomorrow. You can buy as many books as you want. And we can discuss you calling me a Dalmatian.”

The two of them laughed, and as he handed her his water bottle to replace the one she spilled, she smiled. He was such a schoolboy.


Sana has had a long and exhausting day at school. These days it seems like all the teachers teamed up to make the students’ lives as hard as possible. But Sana won’t let that bring her down. She knows she is a good student and a few rough days are fine, she can handle it. Her way of dealing with the stress is to get home and take time to relax.

As soon as she steps a foot through the door to her house, she doubts she’ll have much time to relax on her own. While Sana takes off her shoes she hears laughter from the living room. That’s not unusual. What’s unusual is that Sana isn’t hearing the laughter of five guys. She’s hearing Elias for sure but the other person sounds like … a child. Which doesn’t make sense for Sana in that moment at all. That’s why she leaves her shoes and bag at the door and quickly goes to the living room door. She opens the door just so little that she can see who is inside. Once her eyes fall on Elias running around the living room, chasing a little child that is laughing uncontrollably a big smile finds its way on Sana’s lips. Sana is not sure why exactly she is seeing her brother play tag with a child in her living room but it’s funny to look at. It also brings back own memories of her eldest brother chasing Elias and Sana around the house or in the garden.

A few moments Sana just stands at the door, leaning on the door frame with her arms crossed in front of her. It takes Elias a minute or two to notice his sister being finally home. But when he does, he stops chasing the little girl, who is oblivious to Sana being there. Elias stands up straight and quickly goes over to the door, where Sana is still standing.

“Hey, Sana! Great you’re home!”, he says, still smiling and looking back and forth between his sister and the little girl.

“I completely forgot that I have a job interview in…”, he looks down at his watch, “… 15 minutes  but I also agreed to look after Lily for an hour. But I really need to go now, you’ll look after her, right? Her mom will be here in 45 minutes or so.”

With that Elias walks past Sana. He doesn’t wait for Sana to answer. Confused, and a little overwhelmed with the information and task Elias just dumped on her, Sana turns on her spot and watches as Elias runs into his room and comes back to put his shoes on. While he does that Sana walks up to him and blocks his way to the door.

“Elias.”, she says and waits for her brother to look at her. He looks up and raises his eyebrows as if he can’t think of anything Sana would want to say to him in this very moment. “Why did you agree to look after Lily when you have a job interview? Am I supposed to babysit her now?”

Elias is preoccupied with putting his shoes on, checking his pockets and backpack to look if he has everything he needs.  While doing that he looks at his sister again and nods. He’s in a rush and talking so fast that it’s almost impossible to understand what he’s saying. It would be impossible if Sana didn’t grow up with him.

“I forgot about the job interview. There was an emergency where dad and Lily’s mom are needed. She couldn’t find a babysitter so quickly and asked if we could babysit.” Elias is almost panting. He is rushing to get out of the house. Elias had told Sana about the job interview and she didn’t forget about it. So how could he?  

Elias goes to open the door but then remembers somethings. He runs into the living room and quickly tells Lily: ”Hey, Lily. I need to go now to do something important but my sister, Sana, will be here with you, okay? She’s really fun, I promise.”

From where she’s standing Sana can’t see Lily but she hears a small ‘Okay’. Then Elias runs past her and opens the door and runs into the person standing right in front of the door, with his hand raised to ring the doorbell.

Elias looks up at him, says Sorry and turns to Sana to quickly say: ”Oh, and I also forgot that I made plans with Yousef. Please explain it to him. Love you. Wish me luck. Bye.” He keeps on talking while walking down the stairs until Sana and Yousef hear the main door close loudly.

With a very confused look Yousef turns to Sana and raises his eyebrows. But before asking anything he takes a second to look at Sana and smiles.


Sana smiles back at him. “Hi.”

A few seconds they stand at the door and Yousef is content with it but he’s also still confused. He was supposed to meet Elias here to think of new YouTube- video ideas. That plan obviously won’t work out now because his best friend just ran out of the house. For a second Sana forgets that there is a child in her living room, she doesn’t really now. She has met Lily and her mom twice before but that was at big dinner-party type things.

“He forgot about his job interview.”, Sana tells Yousef.

Then her eyes widen. Now she remembers Lily sitting in the living room. Sana looks over her shoulder and looks back at Yousef with slight panic in her eyes. Even before Yousef can ask if she’s okay, Sana decides to ask him something.

“Do you have a little bit of time now?” Yousef looks at Sana, his head tilted to the side, trying to figure out why she would ask that. Usually Sana is not this direct. When they hang out, only the two of them, it’s usually not because Sana asks. It just happens.
Yousef tries not to get his hopes up too much, the panic in her eyes is not what he hoped she would look at him like when asking something like this.

Yousef nods. “My plans just got cancelled by Elias running out of the house.”

“You’re good with kids, right? I mean, you work in a kindergarten. And you want 12 kids someday, so you need to be good with kids, don’t you?” Sana is too busy hoping he agrees to help her babysit that she doesn’t completely realize what she’s saying.

Yousef can’t help himself and has to smile about Sana being so jittery and kind of nervous. It’s not often that Sana lets her guards down like this. Plus, she mentions the 12 kids. Yousef thinks back to the conversation they had in the kitchen weeks ago. The first real conversation they ever had. Yousef’s smile grows until he bites his lip to stop himself.

At the same time Yousef has no clue where this conversation is leading. None at all.

“I like to think I’m good with kids, yes.”, Yousef responds and immediately Sana opens the door more and points to the living room. The living room door is also open. Yousef and Sana both look at the little girl sitting on the floor and skipping through the pages of a book. Yousef observes how Sana’s panicked face softens a little when watching the little girl. Then Sana turns around and catches Yousef looking at her. She smiles shortly and blushes which Yousef notices and starts smiling too.

“Elias agreed to babysit her because he forgot about his job interview.” Sana explains.

Yousef nods and walks into the house. He closes the door behind him and waits for Sana to lead the way. Sana doesn’t need to explicitly ask him to help her. Yousef knows Sana enough to know she doesn’t like asking for help, ever. That she trusts him enough to do that makes him happier than he wants to admit to himself. Looking after a kid that is probably around 5 or 6 years old is not that hard anyway and he gets to spend time with Sana.

Sana looks at Yousef one more time and leads the way to the living room. Sana knows that it’s ridiculous to be so nervous to babysit a child. Especially when the child is 5 years old. She’s not a baby anymore. There’s still an uneasy feeling in her stomach that makes Sana unsure about this whole thing. She likes children. But she feels more comfortable when their parents are present so that they can deal with any problems their child may have.

Sana stands in front of Lily, who is looking up at Sana. To do that Lily has to lean back too much, which is why Sana decides to sit down on the floor, across from Lily.

“Hi, I’m Sana.” Sana doesn’t know what exactly to say. She doesn’t remember when it was the last time she was alone with someone under 16 years. Even with all her cousins she loves Sana is barely alone with.

Lily smiles broadly at Sana and nods which makes her brown her fly all over the place. Playing tag with Elias probably caused her hair to fall out of her ponytail. “I know.”

That makes Sana smile. At least Lily is not a child that doesn’t like to talk, Sana thinks. Because that makes everything harder. Still, now Sana is not sure what to do or say. Should she just let Lily play on her own, read her a book, play tag like Elias did? Lily goes back to turning pages in the book on her lap. It’s one of the fairy-tale books Sana’s mother put on their big book shelf. Sana lets her gaze wander through the room and finally turns to Yousef.

Yousef has been standing at the door and observing the situation in front of him. It amazes him how cautious Sana is around the little girl. There is still confidence in the way Sana sits down in front of the girl and introduces herself but it’s different from what Yousef has seen of Sana before. Behind the obvious confidence, Yousef can sense her nervousness and insecurity about the situation which is new. And very cute. His lips quirk up into a smile and Sana just looks at him with her eyebrows raised and a questioning look. Sana nods at Yousef as if to say that he should join them. So he does. He pushes himself of off the wall and walks to the two girls. Like Sana did before, Yousef sits down in front of the little girl. There’s only little space between Sana and Yousef. The little girl is still busy with turning pages without actually looking at them. She probably went through the book three times since Yousef stood at the door.

The little girl notices that someone new joined her and looks up from the book. With big eyes she looks at Yousef and then at Sana. Finally she turns her attention on Yousef again.

“Who are you?” Lily asks Yousef. Sana looks from Yousef to Lily and back to Yousef and sees how he instantly breaks into a smile.

He sits up straight and answers the girl. “My name is Yousef. I’m Sana’s …”, he stops for a second and instinctively turns to Sana. He could feel her gaze on him. With her legs crossed under her, Sana listens carefully to what Yousef says and when he stops and looks at her, she just looks back at him. Not answering for him. Did she know what they were to each other. Can Yousef tell the little girl what he actually thinks?

He ends up saying:” I’m Sana’s friend.” Yousef doesn’t dare to look at Sana. He fears seeing her reaction to that might be something he doesn’t want to see. He proceeds to talk to the little girl. “And who are you? I see that you already know Sana and Elias.”

Sana watches the guy sitting next to her and the little girl in front of her talk and all she can think in that very moment is: How cute can they be? Yousef’s tone when speaking to Lily is extra soft but he doesn’t talk to her like she’s a baby which Lily probably very much enjoys.

Sana misses a small part of their conversation because she was too lost in thoughts and secretly admiring how easy it is for Yousef to connect with children. She wouldn’t ever admit to that but the fact that he is good with children makes him even more attractive in her eyes.

“Elias played tag with me. Can we play tag?” Lily asks Yousef. Wow, how much could Sana have missed in that one minute she didn’t pay attention? They became friends fast.

Yousef nods but turns to Sana once more. He catches her watching them with a smile on her face, dimples showing. Without being able to take his eyes off of Sana Yousef answers Lily.

“We can do that. Do you want to ask Sana if she wants to play too?” Yousef doesn’t look anywhere but into Sana’s eyes for a few seconds and Sana doesn’t look anywhere but into Yousef’s eyes. He is not even saying or doing anything special but why does him sitting next to her, shoulders barely touching, make Sana feel so happy and content with her life in that moment?

Lily’s voice breaks the trance Yousef and Sana are in. They both look at Lily again.

“Sana, do you want play tag with us. Please?” Lily changes the position she sits in to lean a little forward, towards Sana. With a big smile and the cutest hopeful look on her face Lily waits for an answer. Sana’s smile matches Lily’s when she nods and agrees to play. Yousef tries not to stare at Sana but she makes it impossible for him when she is so cute like this.

“But let’s go outside to play tag.” Sana suggests. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because Lily furrows her eyebrows and pouts. The smile Sana was sporting seconds ago vanishes and once more panic fills her eyes. Yousef notices and doesn’t know if it’s more funny or more heartbreaking to see Sana react like this.

“But we played here with Elias.” Lily still pouts and crosses her arms in front of her. Sana takes a deep breath as if she wants to say something but she doesn’t.

Yousef speaks up and Sana’s head quickly turns to him. “Lily, I think Sana is right.” To that Lily looks at Yousef with a disappointed look and shakes her head. But Yousef doesn’t give her the reaction she wants. Working in a kindergarten teaches you to say No to children, no matter how cute they are and how much they pout or throw a tantrum.

“It’s much more fun playing outside. There is more space to run and there are swings outside!”

Lily suddenly jumps up and claps excitedly. “Swings!”

She jumps up and down and then takes Yousef’s hand and tries to drag him up from his spot on the floor, next to Yousef. Yousef stands up and looks down at Lily who is ready to run outside. Sana’s still sitting down but looking up at the two people standing in front of her.

Yousef holds his hand out to Sana to help her up. His eyes are trained on her. Sana looks from Yousef’s eyes to the hand he’s holding out for her. She’s glad that he supported her, even if it is just a small thing. She takes his hand and lets him pull herself up and to him. She ends up standing millimetres away from him. Both, Yousef and Sana, staring in to each other’s eyes forget everything for the shortest moment but as soon as Sana notices how close they’re actually standing she clears her throat and takes a step back. Her hand that is still in Yousef’s falls next to her and she presses her lips together.

“Let’s go now. Yousef, Sana. I want to go outside now.” Lily takes Yousef’s hand a ‘drags’ him with her. Before they leave the living room Yousef looks over his shoulder to Sana and grins at her. As soon as he turns away from her again Sana closes her eyes and breathes deeply in to recollect herself. What she doesn’t know is that Yousef tries to calm himself like she does while walking away from Sana when he’d rather go back to the same spot he was standing just seconds ago.

Sana knows that Lily is in good hands with Yousef. That’s why she isn’t worried about getting snacks and something to eat from the kitchen before going outside. When Sana goes outside, her eyes instantly find Yousef in his white T-shirt standing at the swing set. Lily sits on one of the swings but doesn’t move. Instead she asks Yousef a lot of questions. Yousef stands with his back to Sana, so Sana decides to wait a little bit before approaching them.

“How old are you?” Lily asks him.

“I’m 20. And how old are you?”

“5.” Lily answers and shows him her hand a wriggles her fingers.

“Do you like Elias?” Lily asks.

Sana hears Yousef laugh which makes her smile. She walks a few steps but doesn’t interrupt the conversation.

“I do. He is my best friend.”

“Really? But he told me he is my best friend today.” Lily says that in the most serious tone Sana has ever heard a child talk in.

Yousef chuckles again and saves the situation. “Did he? But you can have more than one best friend.”

To that Lily giggles and seems very satisfied with the answer. But she keeps on asking. Sana would have been overwhelmed with so many questions but Yousef is doing alright.

“So is Sana your best friend then?” Lily says but when Yousef doesn’t answer quickly she continues to talk. Sana is pretty amused by now but still very interested in Yousef’s answer.

“I.. no, she has other best friends.” Yousef answers finally. How would he describe their complicated relationship to a child?

“But you said you can have more than one best friend. Don’t you like Sana?” Sana has to concentrate a lot to not laugh out loud. Lily doesn’t make it easy for Yousef. Sana walks a little closer again to not miss anything Yousef says.

“I like Sana. I like Sana a lot, actually.” Yousef finally answers and Sana starts smiling broadly again. She wishes she could see his face right now but if she did she couldn’t listen now.

Lily continues talking about Sana and Yousef. Why she’s so interested Sana doesn’t know but she really doesn’t mind either. “So why is she not your best friend then?”

Yousef tilts his head a little and Sana can imagine what his facial expression looks like now. Eyebrows raised, a small smile on his lips and nose scrunched up in concentration. “I don’t know. Good question. Maybe we should ask her when she joins us.”

Sana waits a few moments until she walks the rest of the way to them and announces her arrival with “I brought snacks.” Lily jumps down from the swing and runs up to Sana. Yousef on the other hand turns around on his spot and watches as Sana helps Lily choose if she should eat sliced apples or a banana first. Yousef watches as Sana smiles, with her dimples showing, when Lily just can’t decide.

When Lily finally decides for the apple, she takes a slice and immediately shouts: ”You’re it.” And pokes Sana in her stomach. Lily starts running but Sana just stares after her. With the tray full of snacks and drinks in her hands, Sana react for a short while and then looks at Yousef. He’s standing at the swing set, arms crossed in front of his chest, smiling and nodding at Sana and then in the direction of where Lily ran off too. Sana closes the distance between her and Yousef and pushes the tray from her hands into Yousef’s arms.

For a while Yousef sits on the swing and watches Sana run after Lily or Lily running after Sana who is desperately trying not to run too fast but at the same time to act like that’s the fastest she can go. For some time the girls forget that Yousef is even there, at least that’s what Yousef thinks. Once in a while he hears Lily start laughing loudly which Sana joins with her own laughter.

“Hey!” Sana says to Yousef. The first time this whole time Yousef is at the Bakkoush house today he has his phone in his hand. He looks up at Sana who is standing a few steps in front of him. She has her hands in the pockets of her light blue hoodie. She smiles down at him and he has to squint with one eye because the sun is shining bright. The sunlight around Sana makes her look like an angel and her dimple-y smile distracts Yousef.

“Hi.” Yousef responds with a smile of his own but to him nothing matches Sana’s smile.

“Aren’t you playing with us?” Sana asks. She looks away from Yousef and behind him for a moment. Yousef doesn’t get the chance to think of a funny answer to make her laugh because he feels someone poking his back and hears a little girl’s voice shouting: “You’re it!”

Sana and Lily laugh at Yousef’s surprised look and while Lily starts running away immediately Sana stays stood in front of Yousef and smiles mischievously. Yousef puts his phone in the pocket of his pants and stands up.

“You teamed up on me?” Yousef asks the girl standing in front of him. Sana, trying to restrain her laughter pressing her lips together, nods. Yousef’s eyes follow the small movement and he starts slowly walking towards Sana. “That’s unfair.”

Sana rolls her eyes but still smiles. “Life is unfair, Yousef. Deal with it.”

Grinning Yousef raises his eyebrows and nods. He takes a few more slow steps and once Sana realizes what he’s doing, backs away slowly until they both break into a sprint. Sana runs between the swing-set, under the slide to the basketball basket. Yousef always right behind her. Sana has to abruptly stop because Lily crosses her path and that’s how Yousef catches Sana but they almost fall over because of the abrupt stop. Sana instinctively holds onto Yousef’s shirt and his hands promptly go to her arms to steady her. They are both a little out of breath, and not only because of all the running they did.

“Sana, you’re it!” Lily shouts.

“That was enough cardio training for the rest of the week.” Sana states after she closes the door and leans on it. Lily’s mother just came to pick her up. It wasn’t 45 minutes like Elias said. Lily was with Sana and Yousef for one and a half hours. That doesn’t sound like much but almost every second of that time was spend playing tag, hide and seek or any other game that demanded a lot of running.

“Is the basketball star Sana Bakkoush complaining about a little bit of running?” Yousef comments on that. Sana laughs at his comment, partly because it’s cute and partly because she doesn’t know how to answer to that. Yousef’s leaning on the wall across from Sana and they just stand there for one or two minutes just smiling at each other.

“But.. Thank you for staying. And helping babysit.” Sana thanks him. If he didn’t stay, she would have had a harder time. She actually had fun this afternoon.

“No worries!” Yousef answers and watches Sana push herself off of the wall. They walk into the living room and Sana starts collecting all the stuff Elias apparently found for Lily to play with. Yousef goes to help her and asks: “Do you like kids a little more now?”

Sana holds the book she picked up from the floor and turns to Yousef. “What do you mean? I told you I liked kids.” She remembers their conversation in the kitchen a while back.

Yousef narrows his eyes and looks at Sana critically. “I remember not being completely convinced, to be honest.”

Sana puts the book back on the shelf and turns around to Yousef and walks two steps to shorten the distance between them. “Just because I don’t want 12 kids like you do doesn’t mean I don’t like kids.” Sana picks up a stuffed animal from the sofa and shortens the distance between her and Yousef a tiny bit more.

Yousef remembers the Friday after he had to call Sana to get a drunk Elias home. The way she walks towards her now reminds him of the way she walked towards him with a soccer ball under her arm. He smiles at the memory and even though Sana doesn’t know why he is smiling, just matches him with her own smile.

“Well, you only want two kids. When someone likes kids, they don’t want just two kids.” Yousef replies. Now there are only three steps between Yousef and Sana and they stand there, looking each other in the eyes.

“Are you honestly telling me you would like to have 12 kids that need your constant attention after a this exhausting time with just one?” Sana asks because she knows it’s not the same as being a teacher in a kindergarten.

Yousef doesn’t look anywhere but into Sana’s eyes and nods.

“If it is this much fun, then definitely yes!”

anonymous asked:

Hey love! Listen I was wondering if you can make another alternate ending to the prompt 'Jay leaves Carlos for evie.' Can it be where Harry, umm and Gil come to Auradon. And Harry flirts with Carlos and tries to ask him out and has like this obsession with him. containing Jealous!Jay and Jealous!Evie and them getting all protective. Who know maybe Mal too? Thank you, it doesn't have to be written right away don't stress! Have a nice day! :)

Okay, so I kind of tweaked this prompt a little bit! It’s kind of a mix of the fic you’re talking about and the prompt I gave earlier this week.

Basically, Jay, Mal and Evie are in a relationship and haven’t quite asked Carlos to join them yet and get mighty jealous when Harry makes a move on him.


Rated: PG13 

Harry Hook on the Isle was deranged and impulsive and violent. He shoved people into water, stole from anyone, fought with everyone and listened to no one.

Harry Hook in Auradon is…a little less terrifying. He’s rough on the tourney field, snappy and as crude as ever. But he’s not violent. All the time.

So Carlos is really doing his best to give the guy a second chance. Even when Harry stands too close for comfort and puts an uninvited arm around his waist.

He admits the attention is rather…flattering. It’s unusual for someone to pay Carlos so much time and really want to talk to him. But then again, a lot of things have been unusual lately.

Ben brought over more Isle kids, but that wasn’t really that start of anything.

They started their senior year at Auradon Prep, but that wasn’t a big deal.

No, the start was…probably when they all came back from the Isle the second time.

Yep, Carlos nods to himself. That’s when shit changed.

Mal, so panicked and self-conscious of every little thing she did, found comfort in the arms of Jay, who resented his constant urge to steal, and Evie, still nitpicking her own flaws.

But not Carlos. Even when he told Mal that she was beautiful, perfect, that she should only ever try to be herself and, honestly, he loved her like crazy. She had patted his hand, watched him curiously, and genuinely thanked him.

Then she went to Jay and Evie and confided in them. Because, apparently, Carlos’ heartfelt speech wasn’t enough.

It’s not like the three of them are flaunting it. They’re open, but quiet, about their relationship. Evie holds hands with Jay and cuddles with Mal while Jay and Mal kiss in their dorm.

And Carlos awkwardly walks in on that some days.

Whatever. He’s not surprised by it. Evie is breath taking and Mal is stunning and Jay is charm on legs. They’re all wonderful and gorgeous and lovely and deserving of each other.

Carlos is Carlos.

He is…not ugly. No, definitely not ugly, especially with how Lonnie loves to loudly declare how cute he is and even Audrey complimenting his fashion. Carlos is the youngest though, gets put into separate classes form his friends, he struggled the most with being evil.

Special, Evie called him one day, you’re special.

It seemed like a compliment at the time, but Carlos has begun to think that special is just the coded word for different.



But not being surprised is different from not being hurt. Carlos isn’t jumping for joy that the three most important people in his life are fucking and loving and cuddling and caring for each other while he…spies on them sometimes.

Jay’s into the girls and the girls are into him and they’re also into each other and Carlos is just…avoiding his dorm as much as possible.

Which has him in the library with Harry Hook. Again.

Even if his hands are all over Carlos, it’s nice. At least he’s being noticed.

“Come now, love, I’m much more pretty than a book.”

“I dunno. This one has a new, hardback cover.”

Harry chuckles, rests his chin on Carlos’ shoulder. “Ya wound me, dear. Pay me some attention.”

Carlos knows he’s being flirted with. Partly because it’s Harry Hook who flirts as often as Jay does and partly because the physical affection from the pirate is the most he’s gotten in a while.

It’s flattering. It makes him feel…wanted.

But when Harry spins him around, pushes Carlos up against a shelf and leans incredibly close, he feels less hell yeah, someone likes me! and more like oh shit, someone likes me.

Because Harry’s lips are centimeters from his face, strong hands still pushing him into the books. “Ya’ve got to be the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen.”

“Uh. Thanks?”

“Ya’d look so damn pretty without all these clothes on.”

Umm… “Well, that’s rather inappropriate. We’re right in front of the books. We’re not even in the young adult section.”

Harry laughs again, pulls back. “How about mah room then? I can kick Gil out.” He grins, “unless ya prefer he stayed.”

Carlos bites his cheek. He knows about sex, about boys and girls and how everything goes together but he hasn’t had it. He knows that Jay and Evie and Mal fuck each other and that makes him curious and…excited in ways that they probably wouldn’t like.

And Harry’s been nice and kind of sweet lately. He’s built and tall, just like Jay, kind of hot. He’s not getting into Carlos pants here and now, but, maybe, one day…

It could happen.

Not in a library of course. Even his three friends have managed to keep their affections soley in the dorms. If they ever heard Carlos was fooling around in a public area, they wouldn’t believe it. Evie would probably just laugh at the idea.

“Get away from him, Harry.”

Crap. Speak of the devil and she will appear with deathly high heels and a razor sharp eyeliner.

“Oh, relax princess,” Harry drawls, eyes flickering to Evie. “I’m just making him an offer.”

“I don’t think Carlos is interested.” She squirms and turns to Carlos quickly. “Are you?” Evie asks, sick expression on her face.

He is, kind of. At least, Carlos is interested in affection and attention and feeling special. And Harry has been providing that lately.

But in sex?

“It’s not like yar group is appreciating him,” Harry runs a hand down Carlos’ face, cups his cheek gently. “Don’t be pissy because I like him. One crew’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Okay, ow. He’s definitely not having sex with Harry Hook. Ever.

Even if he did bring up a pretty good point.

“That’s disgusting and disrespectful,” Evie snips, reaches for Carlos.

“I know an abandoned pup when I see one.”

“We didn’t abandon anyone! Carlos is a part of everything we do!”

“He is?”

“I am?”

Evie looks at him and Carlos notes that they’re the same height. She normally towered over him in heels. It’s easier to see her soft expression, her full lips and lovely eyes. It’s not fair for Evie to be as gorgeous as she is. “Of course, you are. Why wouldn’t you be?”

“Because you and Jay and Mal are…”


In love.

Happy without me.

Evie crinkles her brow, sighs softly. She’s close enough that Carlos can smell her perfume. “Come back to my dorm. We need to talk.”

“Ya can swing by my dorm when ya’re done.”

“They are thousands of books in this room,” Evie turns away, holds tightly onto Carlos’ hand, “find one with instructions for being a gentleman!”

They turn out of the library, through the halls and dodging students. After a minute, Evie slows down, huffs quietly. “Sorry. I just… I hated that.”

“Yeah. You’re usually not so confrontational.”

“No, I mean,” Evie sighs. “Harry touching you.” Her hand drops his suddenly. “We thou - I thought that you liked him, but you looked so confused back there. Do you like him?”

Carlos shrugs. “I mean, I guess I like that he’s in Auradon instead of suffering on the Isle.”

“No, I mean…you guys aren’t a thing, right?”

“We’re not having sex.”

“Do you want to?”

Carlos closes his mouth and stares.

“I mean with Harry!” Evie hisses. “Do you want to have sex with Harry?”

“Oh. Uh, no. I don’t…want to have sex with Harry.”

That sick, chilling sensation in his stomach is growing. It started in the library, with the oh-so kind comparison of himself to garbage and Carlos ignored it as best he could. But it’s freezing again, spinning the realization that Harry only ever wanted…

Not Carlos. It was never Carlos he wanted.

“Pup? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Carlos swallows heavily. “I thi-. Yeah. I’m fine.”

Evie reaches for his hand again, pulls him along. “You don’t look fine. You look…like how I use to. After talking to my mom.”

He remembers those days. Evie’s broken face, broken heart, broken self-esteem. “I guess I just…” She gets it, Carlos reminds himself, Evie understands this. “I liked someone liking me. Someone wanting me.”

“Oh, Carlos.”

“You and Jay and Mal,” he pulls his hand away, wipes it on his pants. “You guys have your…thing. I get that. I’m happy for you guys. I - I dunno - I wanted something like that too.” He has missed her so much. He misses talking to Evie, confiding in her, being close with her.

She doesn’t reach for him this time, just watches his face even as Carlos stares at the ground in his thoughts.. “Do you still want that?”

It probably won’t happen, Carlos knows. At least not for a while. But he should be grateful for what he has. He still has Jay as a roommate, Evie and Mal when they’re around. He has Dude and friends in Auradon - Ben and Jane and Lonnie and sometimes Audrey and Chad. It’s more than he ever had on the Isle. It’s the most Carlos has had in his life.

Why does he still feel so lonely?

“I guess so. I don’t know when it’ll happen.” When he looks up, Evie is wiping at her eyes, trying to avoid smearing her mascara anymore. “E?”

“We should have had this talk a long time ago and I’m gonna kick their asses for this.”


“Come on, pup.” She holds out her hand, gives Carlos the choice of coming to her, “we gotta talk with the others.”

He grabs her hand and follows.

Evie pushes open the room to her room, where Jay and Mal lay side by side, deep in discussion, facing each other.

Mal lifts her head. “Hey, princess. Wha…” he voice trails off as she looks at Evie and Carlos holding hands. “What’s up?”

“It’s now.”

“No,” Jay says slowly, sitting up, “what abou-.”

“He’s an ass. And I’m going to kill him.”

“Why?” Mal scrambles out of bed, rushing to them. “What did Hook do?”

“Nothing?” Carlos asks rather than answer, squeezing Evie’s hand and looking between the three of them. Something is going on. “He was just…a dick.”

Jay snorts from the bed. “I could have told you that. People who have never met Hook could have told you that.”

“Well we kind of have been too.” Evie huffs.

Mal takes a step back, relieved at the lack of damage she has to do (for now) and sits in her desk chair. “What do you mean?”

“Carlos,” Evie turns to him, holds both of his hands, looks into his eyes. “We have not been the best of friends lately. After everything that happened, it just seemed… Like you didn’t want to be a part of this. You didn’t struggle fitting in like we did and you’re younger than us and we didn’t mean to make you feel unwanted.”

“What?” Jay swings his legs off of Mal’s bed, walks closer. “What made you feel like that?”

It’s hard to speak, his mouth feels so dry and the ice of Harry’s words is still pooling in his stomach. After all these months, he has what he’s been craving and Carlos is faltering under the attention.

“Just say what you said to me a couple of minutes ago,” Evie prompts, squeezes his hand. “What you liked about Harry.”

“You guys all have each other and I…liked that he liked me,” Carlos mumbles. “He made me feel wanted.”

“Like what we have, right?”

Carlos nods at her words, keeps his eyes lowered. This is humiliating. He’s so needy and whiny, he should have kept his problems to himself. Dealt with it alone, not dragged his friends down in all their happiness. He’s weak and self-centered and they’re just gonna isolate him more.

He jumps at the arms around him, stills when Jay hugs him tightly. “I’m sorry, pup,” he mumbles into Carlos’ hair. “We didn’t think you were into stuff like this yet.”

“Like what?” He’s a pretty big fan of love and warmth and acceptance.

“Like relationships and sex.” Jay rests his head on Carlos’ shoulder. “You’re younger, we didn’t think… We thought maybe you would be grossed out by it.”

“Well, I’m not grossed out by it. I have a healthy libido.”

Jay laughs and Carlos feels the vibrations from his chest.

“You’ve never had sex though.”

Carlos turns to Mal. “No. Why?”

“Nothing, that’s fine.” She rises from her chair, moves closer. “We won’t pressure you, that doesn’t change anything.”

“Change what?”

Evie pulls his attention back. “You said you wanted to be a part of this, right Carlos?” He nods and she grins. “We want you to be a part of this too.”

He stares. “…What?”

“Me and Mal and Jay and you.”

He can’t respond before Mal is adding, “we talked about it all the time, but we never thought you’d want to be a part of us.”

Jay finally releases his hug. “We thought you liked Harry. We didn’t want to get in the way of that.”

Carlos swallows. “You’re not… This isn’t some pity thing because I don’t want that.”

No!” Three voices exclaim at once.

Evie grabs his face, forces him to look at her. “We want you. We love you too. We just made our own assumptions and that wasn’t fair to you.”

Mal winds an arm around Evie’s waist. “I don’t do pity.” She reminded harshly. “If I didn’t think you were worth my time, we wouldn’t be extending the offer.”

“We will go totally slow. We’re all still kind of new to this too,” Jay explains, brushing Carlos’ shoulder. “But it’s always been the four of us. It should have been like that since the beginning.”

He leans into Jay out of reaction, so familiar to seek comfort in him even though it’s been so long since Carlos allowed himself to touch his friends. Jay puts an arm around him fully, looks at Carlos with undivided attention. When the smaller teen looks, Evie and Mal are watching him the same way, cuddled into each other.

He’s wanted them for as long as he can remember.

In the silence, in their patience for his answer, Carlos realizes it’s gone. The ice from Harry’s words, the chilling sensation of not being good enough, the fear of being abandoned.

Because Jay’s arm on his shoulders is warm and Evie’s hands on his are gentle and Mal is watching him with pride.

Carlos swallows, leans further into Jay and nods with a smile.




I’d decided to book a week off work, with no ulterior motive than to just have some time off. Just giving myself a little room to breathe, some time to clear my head, to relax and immerse myself in having no worries and doing absolutely nothing; to be blissfully un-busy.
By the Monday afternoon I was bored.

I was stood looking around my flat in silence, arms folded, bottom lip extended, and it was only in that moment that I realised being un-busy didn’t really suit me. Not anymore. Maybe when I was younger, it was fine, but after having a full-time job and living on my own had awoken this need in me to actually keep myself busy.

“Well fuck.” I mumbled to myself. “This is rubbish.”

I’d made such a fuss about taking the time off. Dave had once again been reluctant, but I’d fought another battle and he’d finally caved. I couldn’t ring up and just be like I’ve changed my mind because he’d laugh and get smug, and I’d spend the rest of the week at that sat at that desk being utterly miserable.
I needed to try and make the most of this time off.
I picked up my phone and clicked on my recent calls, finding Harry’s name within seconds and then pressing it, holding the phone up to my ear and praying he’d be free. The rest of the gang were at work, Mo was working, and Harry was one of my final hopes.
He answered pretty quickly.

“Hey, you.” His tender voice called.

“Hi! You okay?”

“I’m great, how are you?”

“I’m alright, but I’m bored. I booked a week off work and I have no idea why. I’m like… four hours in and I’m bored out of my mind.”

He released a low chuckle, a slight shuffling sound pushing through my speakers, and I could picture his dimpled smile perfectly.

“You regretting it?” He asked.

“Well, that depends. Are you working?”

“No, um, I’m working the weekend so I have today and tomorrow off. You wanna do something?”

“I need to do something.”

“So you’re using me for entertainment?”

“Are you complaining?” I raised my brows.

“Not at all.”

I smiled down to the floor, blushing somewhat, pleased that he didn’t mind that he was now on my list of people who I wanted to spend my time with. Harry was happy that I was choosing him to keep me occupied; to extinguish my boredom.

“Good. You better not be.” I cooed. “So, what can we do?”

“I was thinking the other day, about the book you got me for Christmas. I was looking through it. I still love it, by the way.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

“But I was also thinking… you never took me down to that bookstore. Where you got it from. You said you would.”

“I did.” I giggled.

“So let’s go, and we’ll take the day from there.”


I was looking at Harry rather than looking at the literature.
His eyes were glistening as he glanced over the words of a giant book he’d picked out, something historical that looked ridiculously complicated and ridiculously heavy.
But he looked so happy.
Stood among the poetry and wonder of the written word, Harry Styles looked exquisitely blissful, his smile affectionate, his curls defined, eyes alight and heart heavy. He looked wonderful. Truly beautiful.
I concentrated on his large hands as he flicked through a few more pages, running his hands down the paper and inhaling the scent of the book in his hands and those that surrounded him.
The bookstore was tiny, and every single shelf looked like it could fall apart at any second under the weight of the books they’d homed. Every single inch of the place needed painting, or at least dusting, but it was perfect. It felt like home whenever I walked in. Dodging down those tiny little aisles and searching for hidden treasures was one of my favourite things to do.
Harry seemed to be enjoying it too.

“I need this book.” He sighed wistfully. “But we have entire day planned, and it’s just gunna weigh me down, isn’t it?”

“It looks heavy.”

“It’s pretty fucking heavy.” He nodded, placing it back on the shelf. “I’ll have to come back another day. I hope it’s not gone.”

“It won’t be. I’m pretty sure Arthur only has about ten people who come in here. He knows everyone by name. He’s great.”

“Well, I need to meet him.”

“You do. C’mon.”

I instinctively took his hand in mine, pulling him towards the back of the store, whispering a timid curse to myself when I noticed Harry tightened his fingers around my hand. I thought back to when we’d shared a taxi just over a week ago, and found our fingers intertwining, and it had felt like the most normal thing in the world.
It didn’t feel normal in the light of day without a drink in me. I could tell that it was weird that I’d just naturally take his hand in mine and think barely anything of it. I found that my fingers wove through his like silk, our touches easing together.
And even though I was silently cringing as I dragged him in the right direction, wondering how we’d ended up being that way together, I still didn’t want to pull my hand from his. I liked that I could feel his thumb rubbing against my skin, like a silent comfort. I liked that my hand was stretched to suit the size of his grasp.
I liked everything about it.

“Arthur!” I yelled gently.

We stood behind the tiny counter at the back, our hands still linked, and a few moments later he pottered through the back door, his glasses falling off the end of his nose before he pushed them back up, bringing the two of us into focus.

“Florence!” His smile grew with the word. “Where’ve you been?”

“I’ve been busy, but I’ve still been raving about this place, don’t worry.” I giggled. “I brought a friend of mine. This is Harry.”

Harry automatically reached his hand across the counter to the frail man, who reached back, and his smile warmed my soul.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” Harry greeted.

“I can’t remember the last time someone called me sir.” Arthur chuckled, gently shaking his hand.

“I told Harry all about this place. He’s been very eager to visit.”

“You have a lovely store.” Harry returned his hand to his side, squeezing my own hand with his other. “It’s a great collection.”

“Thank you. I’m very glad you like it. What’s your name again, sorry?”


“And are you Florence’s boyfriend?”

“No!” He replied quickly, the two of us speedily tearing our touch apart. “We’re just um… We’re good friends.”

Arthur let out a soft snigger, shaking his head at the two of us. I glanced up to Harry, seeing the quizzical look in his eyes, and the sweet smile on his lips.

“Yeah, I’ve read enough novels to know how that turns out.” Arthur finally said.

“You must have been reading some cheesy novels.” I tried to diminish the weight of the words he’d just said.

“All the great novels are.” He concluded.

Freckles of pink were blooming in Harry’s cheeks, a meadow of flushed roses crafting upon his soft skin as he looked towards his feet, bashful and giddy over just a few words.
My stomach bounced watching him.
My head ached watching him.
I’d told myself that I wanted to enter this new stage of our friendship with an open mind and an open heart, but it still felt completely bizarre when my stomach would flip over such minor tremors in his body, how sometimes even just a few words from his lovely lips could make my heart beat a little harder. It wasn’t a feeling I was accustom to. Watching him often felt like watching the sunset. This feeling that was overwhelming, consuming, magnificent and warm, like his splendid glow could illuminate every single person within reach of his light.
No one else had that effect on me. I knew that.

“Uh, I… It was lovely to meet you.” Harry choked, snapping me back to reality as I turned to look away from him. “I’m sure I’ll see you very soon.”

“Have a lovely day.” He wished.

“Thanks again, Arthur.” I said, gradually turning on my heel.

It was like I felt like being outdoors would clear my head, like I could just forget Arthurs knowing snigger and that Harry would no longer feel like a warm sunset, but just like every other person in my life. I thought being outside would wash away those couple of minutes that had made me feel so weird and flustered. I felt like I’d gotten lost in a world I wasn’t familiar with, maybe one of the worlds from one of the surrounding novels.
But when I finally got outside, I turned to watch Harry quickly following, his cheeks still pink.
It was my universe.
They were my feelings.
Accompanied by the sound of seagulls, and the boats that were pulled into the docks on my left hand side, I began marching down the street, thinking I was moving with speed, but it took no effort for Harry to keep up with me. Harry and his stupid, long legs.

“You alright?” He asked me.

I knew he’d pick up on something, because Harry was used to slowing his pace down to accommodate for me. I was running away again, like I always did, but I was trying to keep it discrete.

“I’m fine.” I shuddered, not turning to face him.

“You sure?”

Suddenly, I stopped, halting abruptly and taking a few deep breaths, forcing myself to just take a moment and calm down, because I was getting worked up.
Harry came and stood ahead of me, his brows creased as he looked down to me.

“My sisters having an engagement party next month.” I gasped.


“I don’t think I’m gunna go.” I focused my gaze on the ground.


“What the fuck has she ever done for me?”

I was taking one emotion and twisting it into another. I had been completely dumbfounded by those unfamiliar thoughts of Harry, and I couldn’t deal with them. So, I altered where my thoughts were, turning his potion into poison and conjuring up the thought of my sister.

“What?” Harry was completely thrown off course by my tone.

“She hasn’t ever done anything for me.” I was shaking. “And-and we’re not even close. I want her to feel fucking miserable when I don’t show, because she’s never done anything for me.”

I was working myself into a frenzy, barely pausing to breathe as I rushed through my words, barely even noting what I was saying. I just felt like I needed to say something; anything to take my mind to somewhere new.

“I think she’d be upset, if you didn’t show, Ren.” Harry spoke gently.

“Good!” I cried. “I want her to be upset!”

“Is that the type of person you’re gunna be? Really? The type of person who repeats hurtful actions rather than loving ones?”

I raised my head and looked at him, noticing that my bitter words had clearly left a bad taste in his mouth.
The girl stood in front of him wasn’t the girl he knew.
She wasn’t someone I knew, either.
Throughout all the years of being beaten down by my family, I’d never let it grow into a resentment. I’d never let it develop into something where I felt the need to beat them down, too.

“I… I dunno.” I finally breathed.

“You shouldn’t want to stoop to her level, Ren. You’ve always made a conscious effort to rise above that bullshit. Don’t change now! Don’t mimic her! Your only intention here is to hurt her, and that’s not you! I know it’s not.”

He was desperately trying to get through to me, trying to push out this weird anger that had just forced itself upon me.

“I… I don’t want to hurt anyone.” I muttered.

“Then don’t hurt her. You… You should go. Do what you’ve always done and rise above it. I know it must be easy, for me to say that,” He sighed. “But you… You’re an amazing person, Ren. I admire you, genuinely. Stay true to yourself, please. You’ve come so far.”

I nodded, swallowing harshly, feeling sad that I’d let an anger fall over me and be the most prominent feeling I had.
I knew I’d never been good at handling my emotions, but in that moment, I completely lost myself, just in an attempt not to deal with something that I was feeling.

“Will you come with me?” I asked him.


“To-to her engagement-do? It’s okay if you don’t want to, but, you made things easier over Christmas. And I’m guessing it’ll be the first time I see my mum and dad since. So, I dunno. I think I’d just like it if you were there.”

He was silent for a while, rubbing the back of his hand over one of his tired eyes.
Suddenly, all I could think about was if he’d had another tough night, another evening of restless sleep, and no one there to comfort him.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” He huffed. “I mean, they think we’ve broke up. Wouldn’t it be weird?”

My eyes went wide, my fingers finding the material of my coat and pulling on it, mumbling to myself a little before I managed to blurt out a sentence.

“Uh… Well… The thing is… I actually never told my parents we broke up.” His head whipped to me as soon as I said that. “I just… I never got round to it… Or… Fuck it, I just didn’t want to tell them. I wanted them to think we were still together.”

I watched a smile force itself upon his lips, and a few seconds later he just burst out laughing, turning on his heel and marching in the other direction, running a hand through his hair and shaking his head.

“What?” I cried, doing a little jog to catch up with him. “What?”

I looked up to the side of his face, his dimple digging into his cheek and his nose beginning to crinkle, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“It’s just funny.” He shrugged. “Because I never told my parents we split up either.”


I could tell that Harry was smug about the fact that he was sat on the opposite side of the bar than he usually was, Louis shaking his head at the two of us as he made us a second lot of cocktails, once again, free of charge.
Harry had a smirk etched into his face the entire time.

“I’m gunna slap you!” Louis scalded.

Why?” Harry played innocent.

“You’re very pleased with yourself, aren’t you? That you’re not working and I am.”

“It’s just fun! I never come into work unless I’m actually working. I like it.”

“I fucking don’t.”

Louis and Harry could have been mean to each other all night, and it would still be painfully obvious how much they cared for each other. Louis had been one of the few people that Harry trusted when it came to his dreams, and that made me like him automatically. I had met Louis a few times, and of course I liked him anyway, but that fact merely increased how highly I thought of him.
He gave Harry the middle finger, but it was still ridiculously endearing.

“How’ve you been, Ren?” He turned to me, lifting his eyebrows, very suggestive.

It was a little strange, knowing that whenever our friends saw us spending time together, they would automatically predict we were getting back together. Whenever one of them gave me a look, like the one Louis just had, I really wanted to burst and tell them that we’d never been together. I was trying to figure out how I felt about Harry, and I could have really done with being able to do that without my friends and his friends eyeing our every move. It seemed to put all of our movements under a magnifying glass, and when I was trying to keep things realistic and simple, I didn’t like my feelings and my actions being amplified by others.

“I’ve been good. How have you been, Louis?”

“Other than having to work with this horrible bastard,” He gestured towards Harry. “I’ve been pretty good.”

“And you’re not feeling even just a little bit sad that you’re not on this side, drinking with us?” I smirked, batting my eyelashes.

“You’re as bad as each other you two!” He slammed our drinks in front of us. “I gotta go serve. I’ll be back in a minute. And you both better start being nice to me!”

He scurried off to his left, attending to a woman who was leaning across the bar, probably just in the hope of being a little closer to him, squishing her breasts together and smiling dumbly.
It didn’t surprise me when I saw Louis pass over his card to her after preparing her order.

“Today was good.” Harry smiled, drawing my eyes back to him. “Will you be bored tomorrow, too? We could do something.”

“You not bored of me?” I raised my brows.

“That’s never gunna happen.”

Once again, I found my head dropping, unable to look him in the eye as I giggled to myself, overcome by his aura once again.
I just wasn’t used to boys looking at me in the way that Harry did. I wasn’t used to having a boy watch me with low eyes and a huge smile, or the way he always sat close to me, held himself as close as possible. I was used to either being a temporary interest to a charmless male, or a despondent sidepiece to a boy who didn’t really care about me.
When Harry looked at me and said certain things, sometimes it felt otherworldly.
I looked back up, finally thinking up a suitable comeback which could get a laugh out of him and make it easier to ignore how flustered I’d become, but the words died in my mouth.
I watched as a girl came and tapped Harry on the shoulder, inviting him to turn and see her, and she was quite the sight.

“Sorry for interrupting, but don’t you work here?” She asked him.

“Uh… Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“I’ve seen you before.” She took it upon herself to sit in the seat beside him. “You look different with your hair down.”

“I hope that’s a compliment.” Harry turned so he wasn’t just facing me, accepting the girls company.

She had these beautiful, giant blue eyes, long blonde hair that reached almost down to her hips, and the friendliest smile in the world. Even I felt a little captivated by her. I wouldn’t have blamed Harry if he’d opted to completely turn away from me.

“It’s definitely a compliment. Even though, you look good with your hair up, too.”

I could feel that my hands were forming into a fist, a large intake of air pushing into my nostrils, and I turned away from the interaction. I almost felt sick.

“Uh, thank you.” Harry nodded.

“So, I saw you hand one of those cards out the other night,” She continued, leaning a little closer. “Does that mean you’re single?”

I glanced to her again, annoyed because she was being ridiculously polite and she seemed frustratingly lovely and yet I still felt like telling her to fuck off. I couldn’t even understand what was happening, other than the fact that I hated the thought of him handing his number out, and I hated the thought of this girl speaking to him in the way she was.
And I hated the thought of Harry sleeping with some girl that he didn’t even care about.
Because this was how I imagined it had gone. He’d been in a bar, maybe he’d even been working, and some random girl had approached him and flirted with him, and put her body on his, and he’d accepted her affections. He’d accepted them so openly that he’d lost his virginity to her, probably without her knowledge that it wasn’t a meaningless one night stand to him. He’d lost something within a woman who wasn’t aware of what she was taking, and I hated that.
I really fucking hated it.

“Uh, yeah.” Harry eventually answered, seemingly slightly uncomfortable as he cleared his throat. “Yeah, I’m single.”

“Then, can I have one of those cards?” She questioned.

I looked away again, raising my glass upward and putting the tip of the straw in my mouth, noticing from the corner of my eyes as Harry leant forward slightly, reaching into the back pocket of his jeans to retrieve a card for her.
My hands started to shake.
I completely looked away, glancing down to the other side of the bar, seeing the faces of happy drinkers who weren’t fazed by this girl. Fuck, I shouldn’t have been fazed by her, but I was. I didn’t want to think about all the reasons I was bothered by her, because it was too overwhelming for me to handle, but she was really fucking bothering me, and if I thought for a second that I had a single leg to stand on, I would have asked her to leave him alone.

“I’ll call you.” I heard her say. “What’s your name?”


“I’m Genevieve.”

“Nice to meet you.” He mumbled.

“I hope to see more of you soon.”

I plucked up the courage to look again, watching as she walked away, checking back over her shoulder to shoot him one last friendly smile, and then she went to join her friends again.
Harry ran a hand through his hair before twisting on his chair again to face me, and he seemed a little stuck for something to say.

“She was pretty.” I squeaked, my voice unnaturally high, my eyes on my drink.


“But I’m sure you’re used to it. Handing out your card. Must be a nice confidence boost.”

“Look at me.”

“You must really-”

“Ren, look at me!” He almost yelled.

I turned to face him, biting my tongue and trying not to scrunch my nose, watching him look at my face and figure out my exact emotion.

“What?” I asked.

“Are you jealous?”

“No.” I didn’t know I was lying, but I was.

“If I had known you were going to get jealous, I wouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong!” I squawked. “I’m fine!”

“You’re a terrible liar!” He half laughed. “Are you jealous? Just tell me!”

“I don’t know!” I yelped. “I don’t know how I feel!”

I could feel myself getting worked up and frustrated, but then I saw him smiling, this huge grin popping his lips upwards, the feeling began to wash away.

“You’re jealous.”

“Why is that funny to you?”

“Just… You. You’re jealous about me with someone else. I… I didn’t think I’d ever see the day.”

“It doesn’t mean anything!” I argued.

“It means something.” He fought back. “I don’t know what, exactly. Not yet. But it means something.”

“It’s just rude to flirt like that when you have company.” I shrugged, still reluctant to accept that I’d felt a large dosage of jealousy.

“Then I won’t do it again.” He was still grinning like a fool. “I’ll focus all my flirting on you, if that’s what you want.”

“Don’t be stupid, Harry.”

“Okay.” He held his hand up in surrender. “Whatever you say.”

I’d given Harry another reason to be smug, because as much as I was denying it, not just to him but to myself, I was exceptionally jealous about that girl, and how she’d spoke to him, and how she’d acted with him, and the fact that he’d willingly handed over his number in the way he had.
I stirred my drink with straw, whispering my next statement, because maybe I didn’t fully want him to hear it.

“I don’t think I have any right to be jealous.”

He reached out to me, taking my hand and wrapping his own around it, and his touch managed to sooth the shakes that I’d had since she approached him.

“Don’t let anyone, or anything, convince you that the way you feel isn’t justified.” He soothed.

With a deep inhale, I nodded, wondering why everyone in my life was having to teach me how I should deal with my emotions. I’d become so accustom to running from them, so used to looking the other way and simplifying intricate things.
But the main thing was that I was taking all those lessons on board, and even if my progress was slow, things were finally starting to sink in. That was what mattered the most to me.


“How many days until Christmas?” Harry asked me as we turned onto my street.

“What?” I laughed, buttoning up my coat now that the wind was crashing into us directly.

“How many days until Christmas?”

“I don’t bloody know!” I laughed. “Loads. Why?”

“I wanna sing Fairytale of New York to you.”

“Oh god. I don’t wanna hear it.”

“Yes you do!” He objected. “Don’t lie! I know you loved it.”

I had loved it, though I didn’t really want to tell him that, and it was only the 20th of March for crying out loud. I wasn’t ready to hear that bloody song yet.
Even if it was Harry drunkenly trying to sing the words again.
Neither of us were too drunk, but I knew Harry had consumed enough that he would be able to get a decent night’s sleep, and I liked that. He deserved to have a lovely night’s sleep.
I felt like maybe Harry deserved a lot of things he didn’t have.

“You’re a fool.” I told him.

“What are we doing tomorrow?” He asked next.

“Who said we’re doing anything?” I cried.

“Me. I demand that we spend the day together.”

“You demand?” I cried.

“Yes. I demand.”

I laughed to myself as I held the door open for him, letting him inside my building again.
I’d told him I’d be fine getting home on my own, but once again, Harry had been pretty insistent that he got me home and made sure I was safe. I rolled my eyes, but I didn’t fight it, just asked if we could walk. Maybe I just wanted a bit of extra time with him.
We took the few flights of stairs, and suddenly we’d ran out of words. It must have been one of the first times all day that I’d struggled for something to say. Even when I’d been overwhelmed by my feelings and even when I’d gotten jealous of that girl, I’d still managed to blurt something out, because speaking to Harry was incredibly easy for me.
Even though we weren’t speaking, I noticed as we wandered up the stairs, that he was still smiling, and I smiled in return.
We reached my floor too quickly, our wonderful day together coming to an end, and even though I hadn’t actually said I’d spend the next day with him, I couldn’t help but think that as soon as I awoke, I would call him and make some kind of plan with him.

“Thank you, for today.” I spoke quietly as we walked down the corridor.

“Ren, can you just… stop… for a minute? Please?”

Suddenly his tone had dropped, and his smile was gone. The seriousness in his voice made my stomach churn, but I did as he asked. I stopped, standing still and turning to face him, seeing the way he closed the gap between us, his eyes down to his feet, moving his body closer to mine.
I took a few steps back, shuddering under the intense atmosphere, almost collapsing as he lifted his head and focused his eyes against mine.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered.

“I need to know how you feel.”


“Ren, if you feel anything for me, please let me know.”


“Because if you feel something for me, then I want to do this differently.”

I distanced even more, my back crashing against the wall behind me, but Harry pushed ever closer, the front of his body almost greeting mine as I looked up into his olive eyes, his face sombre.

“Do what differently?”

“If you feel something for me, then I want to do this properly. I want to… take you out on a date. I want to… know that I can hold your hand when we walk down the street together. Fuck, I want to hold your hand all the time.”

“You do?” I trembled.

“If this is just a friendship, that’s fine… But, it feels like it’s not. It really fucking feels like there’s something here, and if there is then I want to do this properly. I need to know how you feel. Please tell me how you feel.”

My breathing was coming out in harsh pants, desperate to run again, but I think that’s why he cornered me. He knew me well enough that if I could just walk away from it, I would. So he didn’t let me.
He raised his hand, cupping my cheek with his large hand, running his thumb under my eye and waiting for me to say something to him, to open up and tell him how I felt.

“I-I’m confused.” I nudged my cheek further into his touch.

“I feel like the only reason you’re confused about this, is because you’re still convinced that I don’t want you. Well, I’m here, now, and I’m telling you I do. I do want you.”

I told him that I would do this, that I would accept this new stage of our friendship, but I think one of the reasons I was still in confused, and hesitant, was because I had convinced myself that Harry wouldn’t feel anything towards me. As much as I was trying to grow, it still didn’t seem right to me that a boy like Harry could want a girl like me. I hadn’t let myself truly see that as an option.
Not until that very moment.
He was there, edging closer and closer to me, so close I could feel his breath against my lips. He was rubbing soothing circles over the skin on my face, and he was telling me he wanted me. He didn’t want a fake relationship with me, he didn’t just want the girl who comforted him in the middle of the night when he was scared.
He wanted me.

“Can… Can we go inside, please?” I quaked. “Can we go inside and talk about this? Just… sit down and talk about everything?”

“Fuck, Ren… I don’t want you to think I’m trying to rush you. I’m not trying to rush you, fuck. I just want… fuck.”

“You’re not rushing me.” I moved my hand, lacing my fingers through the hair on the back of his head. “It’s fine. Let’s… Let’s just go and talk.”

He nodded, biting his bottom lip before he finally pulled away from me, distancing our lips once more, and I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it.
I smashed my head back against the wall, trying to find the stamina to move and follow him as he made his way towards the door to my flat, running his hand through his hair. I stayed in my spot and watched him, clearly trying to soothe his racing mind, rolling his shoulders before he reached out for my door handle.

“Ren, you didn’t fucking lock it again.” He managed to chuckle.

That made me laugh too, finally feeling normal enough to distance from the wall and walk the small distance down towards him.

“Woops.” I giggled.

“You’re such-”

I watched his face drop as soon as he pushed the door fully open, standing on the outside and looking into my flat with dead eyes.
I stopped myself still, just seeing his reaction.

“What’s wrong?” I gasped.

“Ren… I… Fuck.”

I quickly ran to his side, panicked as I approached him and turned, looking into my flat in the same way he was.
It wasn’t hard to miss what had made him react that way.
It was easier to see how trashed the place was at first, how things were strewn all over the hall, my TV shattered on the floor beside my door.
I took a step inside, slowly turning to look into my living room.
That’s when it became clear that most of my possessions, the ones that were easy enough to carry, were missing.
That’s when it became clear that my complete ineptness had resulted in my flat being burgled.

anonymous asked:

Okay, but really...Otabek is soo EXTRA????...i mean he skates to 9th sinfony from beethoven! You just got to love that^^

yes yesyes he is omg
He looks so stoic and put together but he’s the biggest nerd. He probably has weird remixes of classical music and electro in his hard drive that he never intended to make see the light because he’s too embarrassed to put them on while he’s dj-ing. Of course when he and Yura start hanging out they magically find their way out of hidden folders and Yuri loses his shit. He demands to be sent some of his worst/best remixes and circles through them to put as his ringtone. Otabek is both terribly pleased and flustered, but of course it doesn’t show on his face. Yura guesses it anyway.

Otabek Altin has eclectic tastes and in his (terribly little) free time likes to stretch lazily on his small, ratty sofa reading Shakespeare’s sonnets while buff tattooed guys scream their lungs out in the background playing from a vinyl. He has a vast collection of sturdy leather boots that all look exactly the same and has an honest to god working vintage walkman. He likes to saunter through small thrift shops and buy dusty cassette tapes to add to his growing pile, and the walls of his apartment are covered with yellowed band posters. He polishes his motorcycle at least once a week, and generally putting things in neat stacks relaxes him. His books are ordered by genre, and the poetry shelf is so cluttered it trespasses into the narrative one - but is, in his opinion, still grossly lacking. His guilty pleasures are Johann Sebastian Bach, succulents and trashy zombie movies. He probably collects stamps and he brought his childhood teddy bear directly from Kazakhstan, can’t sleep without it.

He wakes up at indecent hours to do push ups before going to train at the rink, mercilessly drilling his routines till there’s no air in his lungs anymore. He moonlights as a DJ, because music talks to him, resonates within him like nothing ever before, and of course to put aside some money - he’s paying for his basic expenses by himself, trying not to burden too much his family, as skating is already so expensive.

Otabek Altin is solid as a rock, large as life and kind of disillusioned. He can’t really express his emotions through facial mimicry by some weird joke of destiny, doesn’t know how to make small talk and has a terrible memory for faces. He’s too honest, can’t find it in himself to circle topics through pleasantries instead of going straight to the point, but has also a distinct dry, deadpan humor that’s really funny if you know how to recognize it. He’s polite, but can come off as cold. Isolation comes scarily easy to him, but he also likes the tangle of sweaty bodies twisting in time with the thrum of his music on the dance floor.

Otabek Altin, more than everything, is self aware. He knows his dreams are probably too big to be within his grasp. That doesn’t mean he won’t keep trying to reach them.

and by the gods, do I love him

dating nct hansol!!!1!!!

• hansol’s pretty quiet
• you guys speak satoori w each other a lot and everyone in the group thinks it’s super funny and entertaining
• the quiet couple in front of everyone else
• but when you two are alone you guys laugh like, 25/8
• you’re the only person that knows where he’s the most ticklish
• he’s ticklish, literally everywhere except his stomach ok he’s, it’s great
• “if we ever have kids-”
• “hans-”
• “let’s name the first one after a character in dragon ball”
• you guys watch anime together all the time omg
• yuta sometimes joins
• you guys don’t mind, yuta’s like, you guys’ best friend. he’s the sassy best friend in every best trio friends movie
• wiggles
• dancing
• he’s so good at dancing
• he tried to teach you how to dance once
• he still uses the video he secretly took to blackmail you
• he watches it when he’s tired or upset. always makes him laugh.
• jk please give hansol all the love. he deserves it. poor boy, locked up down in the basement.
• hansol is super protective
• like an older brother who actually cares
• he asks you a lot of questions like “how are you today?” “did you have fun today?”
• once he asked if you ate and you said no and he was like “oh my-” and hung up
• he drove all the way to your house with yuta and taeyong and made them move a whole bunch of snacks and drinks and food and made the other two guys move them into your house and he gave you a small awkward hug and brushed through your hair with his fingers and was like “you need to be healthy okay? even if you’re busy, please eat”
• and boy were you guilty bc you literally forgot to eat bc you were watching the office for the 17th time and binge watching all the anime that you’ve ever watched, ever
• he sometimes calls you every 5 minutes if he feels uneasy about you going somewhere alone and when he can’t accompany you and keep you safe
• “where are u now”
• “…the same place i was 5 minutes ago hansol. at the bus stop.”
• your parents first thought he was rude and told you not to meet him
• but then they talked to him a bit and realized that he was really quiet and unresponsive bc he was nervous
• they love him now ok your siblings love him too bc he’s super cool and tall and god he’s just a tree
• he got you a super fluffy teddy bear once
• it’s holding a heart that says “i love you” and it’s one of those voice recording bears, he recorded himself saying “i love you”
• it’s your most treasured item ever
• hansol gets jealous pretty easily but he never voices it out to you, he just gets a little more affectionate.
• he puts you in between his legs or puts you up on his lap and plays with your hair and gets crazy close to your neck (god), rests his chin on your shoulder, kisses your temple
• he takes a lot of pictures of you it’s the sweetest, cutest thing.
• his phone wallpaper is a picture that he took of you playing with jaemin and jeno
• his lock screen is a picture of you and him together after one of his dance performances
• hansol doesn’t cry much but when you do, he’s often lost and kind of awkward, but he gives you a nice hug and gives you nice kisses on the top of your head
• hansol gives really nice, sweet kisses
• his hands rest on your hips and your arms wrap around his neck and sometimes your hands tangle in his hair
• sweaty, in his white button up dress shirts (BRINGING THAT BACK), dark black pants, after practice = seX. ok im sorry.
• but fr that exists and it’s great ok.
• hansol loves talking to you, he’s pretty like, boring on text bc it’s “awkward” and “strange” to him, he calls you a lot
• hansol tried to cook for you once
• he did pretty well the first time actually
• then he got too confident and then almost burned the house down the second time he tried cooking.
• the closest thing to cooking you guys do is microwaving chinese food and making jello
• hansol is super tall and his height comes in handy, very often.
• “got you covered.”
• his biggest turn on is when you’re in one of his shirts that are too long on you, with a pair of shorts or nothing underneath except for your underwear and when you get on your tippy toes trying to get something on the highest shelf and your thighs kind of shows and god he loves it so mu c h, never have you guys not at least made out when that happened
• hansol is very, dominant
• he loves dirty talk goD.
• his hand sneaks into your inner thigh, a lot, ok bye im dead
• reading manga, eating snacks, and watching anime on your laptop on hansol’s bed, totally not involved in any sex, is a thing and it’s one of the dorkiest things you guys do, but it’s also one of the most common thing in your relationship
• hansol has a really high alcohol tolerance
• you, however, do not and hansol also, takes videos of you drunk, and uses it for blackmail.
• hansol has got a lot of shit on you and that’s what makes your relationship 98% more interesting.
• you guys sometimes just sit down and watch weird shit he’s recorded of you and laugh
• “ur so dumb”
• “hansol shut up”
• yuta has a lot of shit on both of you
• yuta sends one weird thing he has on the two of you every two weeks in a group chat.
• you, don’t even know half the things yuta send and when or how or where he got these videos
• he literally sent a video of you kissing a cow’s tail on new years while yelling “HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!” and pinched the cow for not wearing green and started crying because you were alone today and it was easter and bunnies made you cry bc they’re so fluffy and cute. it was a saturday. in june. you were with hansol and yuta and probably doyoung too. hansol tried to stop you from crying. yuta swears you weren’t drunk and that you were sane and you were just possessed.
• you were probably drunk.
• “wow u guys are really cute together”
• “johnny. im cute together with everybody.”
• “(y/n)”
• “hansol i love u”
• hansol’s lowkey not insecure at all
• he’s very confident about your feelings for him
• he knows you love him
• and it’s true you do love him
• hansol doesn’t say “i love you” a lot
• but he says it occasionally and it totally melts you
• hansol has a tumblr
• so does johnny
• they get together and scroll through their memes and send you the funny ones
• half of them are made by you
• but they don’t need to know that
• he carries you bridal style pretty often
• he’s so kept to himself bc he’s a strong “busan man”
• but we all know, you esp, that he’s a baby and a little 9 year old boy trapped in a large, 183 cm man’s body
• he calls you princess
• hansol, ok this is like really underrated and not canon, but hansol loves it when you read for him like, read his favorite books to him out loud or reads anything out loud, he loves your voice and he just, loves you reading things for him
• ok on a side note, hansol loves your singing, doesn’t matter if you can or can’t sing, to hansol, it’ll sound good, no matter what.
• hansol friggin loves your hair
• hansol friggin loves your smile
• hansol and your selfies are on point ok
• sexy selfies, hot selfies, cute selfies, couple selfies, YOU NAME IT, YOU GUYS ROCK IT.
• you guys keep the whole “WE’RE A COUPLE” thing lowkey
• ok but you guys have couple rings
• and couple bracelets
• you guys took a vacation to an amusement park and you guys bought one of those cute animal ear headbands and took a whole bunch of selfies
• it’s your phone wallpaper
• you guys have super intense staring contests
• pokemon battles
• you guys go out and buy and collect pokemon cards and have battles
• intense ok. intense.
• pokemon go
• pokemon go all the time
• “what? are you ok-”
• messy bun, trainers, talk tops and jackets for you, and messy bed hair, comfy adidas pants, a lightweight shirt for hansol.
• hansol isn’t THAT interested in fashion but he always manage to look good
• you guys go to the beach sometimes and goD it’s fun
• he sprays water on you and you two make sand castles and write each other’s names in the sand like “I LOVE HANSOL!” “I LOVE (Y/N)!”
• on halloween you two dressed as vampires
• you guys looked hoT.
• hansol is always there to comfort and talk to you when you feel bad or have a problem or feel insecure
• he’s not a good talker, really, but he’s such a great listener
• but sometimes he’d talk for hours about topics that he’s passionate about
• it’s really cute
• aegyo is funny with hansol
• he’s so good at aegyo, that it makes you just, CRINGE SO HARD SOMETIMES AND YOU GIVE HIM HUGS and HE LAUGHS
• hansol’s LAUGH.
• you learned so much satoori from hansol ok this is random bc i talked about satoori 49405005 bullets ago but fr you guys’ satoori is the best
• you get very defensive over hansol
• if anyone insults hansol-
• ok if anyone other than the nct members, jokingly-
• -insults hansol, you will burst like a volcano
• hansol loves you for it but sometimes you get a lil scary
• but he still loves you for it bc you’re the first person who was willing to protect him like that
• hansol isn’t very good with words on a daily basis, but still
• one time-
• one time you guys have just started actually dating and all the pressure of being a good girlfriend was honestly driving you crazy
• and hansol, didn’t know how to really, comfort you. but he wanted to.
• so, hansol, being as extra as he is, decided to write you a letter about all the reasons why he loves you and stuff like that, you know
• and he made yuta give you the letter LOL
• and when you read it you started crying and hansol sat next to you and patted your back gently and gave you a nice hug and kissed you
• yes that was your first kiss
• and yes it was amazing
• ok hansol is pretty extra. in a really lowkey way.
• hansol’s room is full of posters
• anime posters
• and manga
• ji hansol. one of nct members that’ll probably say “you had a crush on me? that’s embarassing.” in the future
• “hansol. we’re married”
• “…still!”
• hansol is fr a super tall, hot, nerd.
• and you love that so much ok no joke wow this is amazing how’d you land such a wonderful guy
• you love hansol
• hansol loves you
• pls get married and have beautiful children together.

ok THIS IS HANSOLLLLLLLLLLL. hansol has been giving me mad feels these days i just can’t w hansol. JI HANSOL IS WONDERFUL. please give him more love.

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Hi there, Timelord2126 here. Can you do a fic where Superman finds out about Lena and Kara and shows up to give Lena "the Talk"? Bonus point if you have her (Lena) fangirl before or after the meeting.

Superman Pays a Visit

The second Lena hears the boots on her balcony, she knows it’s wrong.

It’s too heavy, and too loud. When Kara lands, the noise is always for Lena’s benefit; a light tap to alert her to the super hero’s arrival - they both know that Kara could land silently if she wanted to. It’s an almost ballet style grace - to watch Kara descend from the sky.

But this, this is different.

The sound is menacing, in a way; and she almost calls for help before she even turns, but she catches a glimpse through the window in the reflection off her computer screen.


Taking a deep breath, she squares her shoulders.

She’s been expecting this visit for months, ever since her arrival in National City. When Clark Kent had shown up at her office with CatCo’s newest reporter, she had assumed that his alter ego wouldn’t be far behind. But he had yet to stop by, even after she and Kara had started dating almost two months ago.

It’s overdue, she supposes. Although it would be like Superman to wait until its nearly eight o'clock at night to show up - when Lena’s tired and overworked, and utterly over the events of the day. She wants nothing more than to go home, to poor a nice glass of wine, turn on a nice symphony - she’s leaning toward Tchaikovsky’s 6th, but that’s dependent on whether she gets a chance to talk to Kara on the way home; otherwise the mood may call for something a little more somber - and crawl in a nice hot bath with the thickest novel on that’s sitting on her shelf waiting to be read.

That’s all she wants.

Only now there’s a Kryptonian looming on her balcony.

And not the one she wants to see, either.

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Wedding date

A Drabble Games fic requested by @queencaitlin135, featuring Fili

02: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”
03: “I almost lost you.” 


The silvery chime of a bell heralded your arrival as you pushed open the door of the Blue Mountain Roastery, letting the warm smell of coffee waft over you. A smile immediately brightened the face of a plump, raven-haired lady behind the counter who balanced a large tray of freshly baked pastries, ready to find their home in the glass bakery case.

“Good morning, dear,” she called, “so nice to see you again.”

“Thanks, Dis, it’s great to be back.”

Dis’ younger son pushed an unruly mop of dark curls away from his face to greet you with a cheeky grin from where he stood on a stepladder, stocking a display shelf with small bags of coffee beans.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.”

“Hey, Kili,” you chuckled. “How’s the wedding planning coming?”

Kili gave a mutinous roll of his eyes, lowering his voice. “Let’s just say Mum’s idea of a small wedding is different from mine and Tauriel’s. Eloping has never sounded so good.”

“Well, not long now, at least,” you consoled him, turning toward the counter and steeling yourself for the flutter of your stomach that had nothing to do with hunger.

Your eyes met Fili’s sea-blue ones over the cash register, and his stubbled cheeks dimpled with a dazzling smile as he wiped his hands on his apron before resting them on his hips.

“Haven’t seen you all week,” he noted, with a teasing twinkle in his eye. “Don’t tell me I almost lost you to Starbucks.”

“Bite your tongue,” you mock-scolded, “I was at a conference for work.”

“Well, you’re in luck, your favorite table is empty and I’ll get the usual started for you, hmm?”

“Thanks, Fili,” you grinned, making a beeline for the table in the corner as the bell tinkled again, bringing more people into the cafe.

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Lacuna {CH2}

Originally posted by nnochu

CD (Character description) {CH1}

Summary: Both Jungkook and Yoongi are looking for love. They both are growing lonely. They want someone who they can share their power and their pack with. Who will they choose?

Pairing: Jungkook X Yoongi X reader

Genre: Everything

Disclaimer: You should read the character description first

“Just go already!” you shouted at Namjoon as the grape scurried to the door to your apartment. “I’m making sure you’re going to be safe little me” he ruffled your hair and smiled as you continued to push him out of the small apartment complex.

“Just because you’re a giant does not give you the right to make fun of me” you huffed and pushed him out.

“Alright Y/n, have a good night!” he screamed walking down the steps.

You sighed and closed the door, a craving for ice cream brewed inside of you as you waltz over to your freezer opening it to find no ice cream. 

“UGHHHHH” You huffed out slamming the freezer door.

Walking over to your door and slipping on your sneakers, you grab your credit card and walk out of the door.

Mint? No, Vanilla? No, Chocolate? Yes!

You picked the ice cream and turned around not noticing the tall man behind you, bumping into the hard chest and spilling the ice cream everywhere you grunt in annoyance.

“I’m so sorry” you apologised getting to your knees realising its no use since the chocolate substance has spilt all over the floor.

“No, I’m sorry. Here let me buy you a new one”

You could tell who it was from the voice, you looked up to see Jungkook staring back at you. 

“Oh hey! Y/n right?” he smiled, suddenly you had become mute and could only express your answers in actions.

You nodded your head and smiled.

“C’mon” His hand found the small of your back and brought you to the cashier, after paying for his crisps and your ice cream you two headed out into the night. Shivering from the cold you felt him place his jacket around you.

“Thanks” you muttered, he nodded towards you and breathed in the cold still air.

“Let me walk you home” he offered, you shook your head no.

“No it’s fine, it’s cold and I just took your jacket. It’s only a ten minute walk from here” He stared at you, not being able to pull away.

“Esm- I mean Y/n, if anything happened to you I couldn’t forgive myself” he stumbled over his words, mixing up your name with his dead girl friends.

“Okay, yeah sure. Why not?” you turned on your heel and walked in the direction towards your apartment, him memorising every step to it.

“So what’s good to do around here?” you ask, trying to make at least some what of a conversation.

“Um, well nothing really. I don’t know why you came to this town in the first place. Theres so many better places to go” he smiled laughing.

“Like where?” you questioned.

His eyes lit up like a child’s at a candy store.

“Japan, America, London, Rome…Paris!” he smiled brightly.

“I’ll keep that in mind when I win the lottery” you chuckled stopping at the entrance to your apartment.

“I’ll take you there” his smile dropped showing he was dead serious.



“You just happened to bump into her at the corner store?” Jimin asked the young boy as he stepped foot into the mansion.

“Yes, I did. I needed a snack” he shook the packet of crisps in his left hand.

“A) We don’t eat and B) you hate that flavour if we do eat” Tae laughed pointing at the barbecue flavoured chips.

“God fine!” he threw the chips at Taehyung.

“So what if I was watching her? I have to make sure that bastard wolf doesn’t ask her out” Jungkook huffed and sat down in his arm rest.

“Are you afraid he’ll imprint on her?” Jimin asked sitting up popping a blood tablet into his water.

“Of course I am! You know when those fuckers imprint we can’t do anything about it” Jungkook spat and took a sip of the blood in his cup.

“Tell me again why we can’t do anything once they’ve been imprinted on them?”  Jimin laughed at the boys question.

“Because when the wolf imprints on the girl, the girl stinks of wolf and she slowly falls in love with the one who imprinted on her” Jimin explains.

“Did you have to say the first part?” Taehyung chuckled.

“It’s true! Right Jungkook?” he asked the younger boy for more recognition of his efforts.

“Yeah” he mumbled “I’m going to my room” Jungkook uttered to the boys as midnight fell. 

Jungkook opened and slammed the bedroom door, thinking about imprinting and how to stop it. Where as on the other side of town Yoongi was thinking of the exact same thing.

“Just imprint on her, problem solved” Hoseok told Yoongi while they were playing some game.

“It wouldn’t be fair though” Yoongi told him as he furiously pressed buttons on his controller.

“To who? To that blood sucking freak? Since when did you care about him?” Jin whined watching the two fight over the game.

“To her, I don’t want her falling in love with me from my power. I want her to fall in love with me because she generally wants to” Yoongi smashed a button on the controller making him win.

Hoseok threw his controller on the ground and turned to the older boy.

“Can you believe this?” he asked Jin pointing to Yoongi. “Since when do you care about feelings?” Jin asked taking a sip of his sprite.

“She’s different.”

“Namjoon I can’t believe you” You huffed over the phone.

“I’m sorry I have a lot of work to do today” he pleaded over the phone with you, little did you know he was currently making many explosions from the postions he was brewing.

“And that is why you come to the library to do work!” you shouted getting shushed by the other busy students.

“C’mon Y/n you know me, I don’t study” he laughed. You rolled your eyes and gave another huff.

“Yeah, I still wonder how you got into this university. I’ll speak to you later.” You end the called and sit back down, opening the Philosophy text book and reading through the abnormally long paragraph.

“This seat taken?” you look up to find the familiar boy pointing to the wooden chair.

“U-Um sure, go ahead” you smiled up at him making his heart flutter. “Thanks” he sat down staring at you rather than his book. 

“Seems hard” you say looking at his textbook, something about medicine clearly you wouldn’t understand.

He looked down at the textbook he grabbed from Jin’s shelf not realising his friend was pre studying medicine to get into the course.

“Oh…yeah. Not really actually” he laughed along with you.

“Well I’m glad I can have one friend that at least has a brain, Namjoon doesn’t even study” you giggle looking back down to the text book.

He stared at you for a couple of minutes, taking in your beautiful appearance. Thanks to his incredible sense of smell he took in the strawberry perfume you had kept even since you were a kid. He was enjoying the minutes he had of solitude until a dark energy came over to you two.

“Jungkook!” you waved, smiling. He smiled back at you, mesmerised at how much you look like his ex. His smile quickly faded as he spotted who you were sitting with.

“Yoongi, I didn’t know you read” he smiled.

“Jungkook, I’m surprised you know where the library is!”