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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

There was a time when were regarded as royalty. You might even go so far as to say I was king. Which would make you a princess…

Klaus to Hope

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Imagine Lavellan losing her balance when Solas tips her back for the Fade kiss. The two of them tumbling together, all elbows and knees and it’s awkward but they’re laughing because of the giddiness of the moment and kissing, still kissing, until Solas has the sense to pull away and help her to her feet. 

Oh, look. I made myself sad again.

More reasons to smile

A kid could’ve just gotten their braces off

A family could’ve just bought their first official house

A hijabi could’ve gotten complimented on the way they tie their hijab

An older sister could’ve just helped her recently openly gay brother perfect his winged liner

A kid could’ve just stood up to their bully

Someone could’ve just gotten asked to a dance by their crush

A student could’ve just gotten accepted into the college of their choice

A family in need could’ve been given their own Christmas tree

Someone who recently lost weight could’ve just noticed their new muscles

Someone could’ve just gotten their first paycheck

A kid could’ve just finished their letter to Santa

A healthy baby could’ve just been born despite multiple health scares

An addict could’ve just admitted themselves into rehab

A person in the military could’ve just made it home for Christmas

Someone could’ve just made the basketball team

A college student could’ve just finished the project that’s been stressing them out for weeks

A couple could’ve just said their first I love you

A woman could’ve just said yes to getting married

A gay married couple could be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary


6x16|| The five times Harvey Specter tries to move Heaven & Earth for Mike Ross and the one time he does.


The Man in Business Suit Levitating (?!?) emojis, ranked

(yes that’s a real emoji) (Your guess is as good as mine)


He’s so happy! Look at him! I imagine there is a stern-faced agent behind him being all like “Agent Smith get back here” and he’s all ”Screw you Agent Johnson I can fly wheeeeeeee” 10/10 I hope he does well in life.


I don’t think he knows he’s flying. I think in a minute he’s going to look down to get his pen and freak out. FBI never trained him for flying. That’s not even a federal crime. 9/10 for giving my the mental image of shenanigans. I’m a simple man.


It’s stern-faced Agent Johnson! He can fly but isn’t very happy about it. He remembers when gravity was a thing. He misses those days. 8/10 I hope you find gravity again soon friend


He’s really creepy. That smile is not an “I’m happy” smile. It’s not even a “I’m going to kill you” smile. It’s a “hello fellow car-bon based life” smile. It’s very odd. Also he’s levitating and that’s not normal either. 7/10 if I give you a high score will you go away please?


Here we see the worst effects of capitalism. Look at this poor guy. “Look! You are granted one of mankind’s oldest and greatest dreams! You can fly!” “Yeah, but I still need to get up early for my meeting. Sigh” 6/10 he just makes me very sad tbh


How the mighty have fallen. In 2012 the slenderman was the toast of the internet! Everyone was talking about him!. Look at him now, appearing on LG emojis. He sits at home every night, re-watching Marble Hornets and pouring himself another glass of wine. “I’m still relevant, dammit!” 4/10 of course you are slendy. Of course you are

Emoji one

He is not so much levitating as “being lifted by the air caught on his hat”. Look at that thing. No-one needs that much hat. It’s literally as big as his torso. What are you using that for? 3/10 can’t trust someone with that much hat.


Now, see, one of the three integral parts of “man in buisness suit, levitating” is the man. Take hime away, like you did, and all you have is a business suit levitating.That’s not the same thing and I resent that you think I would be fooled by it. 1/10 WHEN WILL THE LIES END?!