that hairstyle is completely unfair

dear bobby stans, bobby lovers, bobbites, bobbity boo boos, spongebobbys whatever y'all wanna be called,

I am asking you, as a fellow bobbite (I think it’s cute, okay?? Don’t judge me), to please, please, please call out Bobby and YG Entertainment for their blatant appropriation of black culture through Bobby’s use of dreads.

When I say “call out” I do not meant harass, bash, or bully. I ask to please educate them on the matters politely, and explain as to why it is offensive so hopefully they will stop.

I understand that YG doesn’t ever listen and continues to disrespect and exploit cultures without batting an eye. Even so, it never hurts to try, plus if we never talk about it then it will never be addressed. Cultural appropriation is a rampant issue within Kpop (especially YG who just can’t seem to keep their damn paws off other cultures) and it’s important to continually call it out, so that people realize this isn’t okay.

Dreads are historically and culturally significant to black people and shouldn’t be worn by anyone that is not of said culture. In fact, black people are the only people whose hair types are able to do the hairstyle in a healthy manner. Any other hair type would have to go through some serious damage in order to achieve such a style.

Actual black people are denied jobs, denied education and made fun of for wearing their natural hairstyles. Have you guys seen the madness going down in South Africa where girls are actually not allowed to wear their hair natural because it’s seen as “unprofessional”??? That seriously boils my blood.

And then suddenly Bobby thinks it’s okay for him as an Asian person who has never gone through such experiences to plop on dreads to match his damn hip hop aesthetic without even realizing how demeaning and offensive it is to black people. Like baby, don’t play dumb with me. You have lived in the States and have profited off of black culture and have been largely exposed to it. I get that cultural appropriation is a really subtle form of racism but it really doesn’t hurt to do a simple google search. You are at fault as much as the stylists and YG.

What makes YG think that it’s okay to wear such a significant cultural style while people of that actual culture are being penalized for wearing their own culture’s hairstyle? That isn’t just unfair; it’s completely ignorant on their part to never bother to research why this is offensive. YG’s got a lot of money; I’m sure he can afford one Google search on why he should cut out his constant cultural appropriation.

And then there’s the issue of anti-blackness not only in Korea but in all of Asia. I’m not going to deny it; a lot of Asians are anti-black. We look down on black people, shaming darker skin and deeming their features “ugly”. It’s disgusting and seen all over Asian countries, South Korea included. There is a lot of anti-blackness in Korea which is seen through blackface, how dark skin is seen as “ugly”, the stereotypes and jokes surrounding black people etc.

So let me ask you, YG; who the hell do you think you are to appropriate black cultural elements while simultaneously mocking and shaming black people?? Why do you think it’s okay to take what you want from their culture and make fun of them at the same time?? That shit just doesn’t add up.

You do realize that you have many fans that support you from those cultures you’re profiting from and exploiting right?? You realize you are disrespecting them, using culturally significant items and styles and bastardizing them to fit whatever aesthetic you want, right? You realize this is offensive and wrong and that it really takes no money, no time, no effort to stop right??

This constant cultural appropriation needs to stop. Of Black culture, of Native American culture, of South Asian culture, of Latinx culture etc. It’s offensive, insensitive and plain ignorant.

Please educate and call out Bobby, even if you aren’t a Bobby Stan. Don’t defend him for his actions because it is important for him to know that he is at fault and that he should try his best to avoid such actions ever again.

But especially as a Bobby Stan, you guys really need to call him out. He needs to know that even though we love him a lot, we will not pardon his actions and that we do not approve of his cultural appropriation.

Whenever any idol ever commits such actions, please call them out and educate them on the matter!! Every fan and person of every culture deserves to be respected and we need to act in order to stop problematic actions such as these in the community.