that hair is unf


the swagger on that stage before he even spoke was like woah.

he was loving himself tonight. that pink awoke a new leto.
and that leto was hypersexual. even more than normal.

Real men wear pink (in their hair).

Jared Leto // MTV VMAs // 8/30/15

Numbers (1/1)

Rating: M

Summary: Emma can’t help but wonder where she ranks. Killian reveals.

Warnings: Mentions of bigotry. 

It’s not like she’s kept track, per se.

Emma Swan has never cared about black books or numbers: for herself or her partners. After her first (and rather disastrous) relationship, men had been a one-and-done sort of deal. No sordid swapping of past tales. No coffee and eggs in the morning. And definitely no numbers (she had donated a fair amount to the Save Haiti Hotline when one guy was persistent about her digits.)

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Happy Man Bewb Monday! Instead of #EvansChess it’s #EvansChest! This pic is new to me and he needs more of these thin henley shirts like right now!!! 😍

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