that hair in the 1st one tho

hello! i just tried out Painter on my phone and i just made my very first digital painting!!! i dunno how to use brushes and layers tho since i just started using this app so i just used two brushes and one layer…

here’s fanart of Yamato/Rocker-senpai from the game Notice Me Senpai (*´∀`*) im in love with Rocker-senpai im cyrkrignfndggsgsgs im in too deep i swear. i cant wait to get his 1st and 2nd cg im already at 3 hearts

if u also noticed, i cant draw hair jfc its supposed to be styled upwards but i failed lotsa times and i kept using the blending brush so it turned into a fringe im sorry i failed (´;Д;`)

notice me Yamato i can play the drums we can jam out and rock the world together 😍😍😍