that guy's t shirt is too cool

  • Justin: "I'm a 28 year old dude, and my boyfriend is 52. My friends are all cool with the gay thing, but how do I approach the age gap? He's a pretty cool guy and not all a granddad. Cheers!" And this comes to us from 'Yes I Know It's Weird'.
  • Griffin: Okay listen. Are you listening?
  • Justin: I am.
  • Griffin: It kinda sucks that he's not at all a granddad. If I was a homosexual I would totally want a granddad boyfriend.
  • Justin: Yeah, totally.
  • Griffin: Think of the benefits.
  • Justin: Many.
  • Griffin: Too many to name.
  • ...
  • Travis: Oh, get him a t-shirt that says 'World's Best Grandpa' but mark out grandpa and write 'Boyfriend'.

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namkook ;)

Yessss, I was hoping for this one. I like this pairing. I find it adorable how much Jungkook admires Namjoon. 

  • Who’s more dominant: Most days it’s a toss-up. Namjoon isn’t very dominant to begin with, but Jungkook is generally so submissive that he becomes the dominant one in the pair by default.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Jungkook all about the snuggle time.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Jungkook is almost always the little spoon. He’s kind of a baby, and he loves it.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Listening to music or–even better–going to live shows. Namjoon knows all the cool underground acts.
  • Who uses all the hot water: Jungkook does. Namjoon is a ten-minutes-in-and-out kind of guy.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Whose t-shirt it is; between the two of them, they own waaaaaay too many plain t-shirts to tell.
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Jungkook has A-level neuroses about things being organized, so he does most of the cleaning. Namjoon can get a little stuck in his head, so he survives by creating a system which then becomes habit, otherwise he can go weeks without noticing a mess piling up around him.
  • Who has a season pass on their DVR/Who controls the Netflix queue: Jungkook does because he likes to marathon shows, but sometimes he settles in for a Deep Artsy Film™ with Namjoon.  
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Namjoon. 
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Namjoon.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Jungkook.
  • Who remembers anniversaries: Jungkook, but they haven’t been dating long enough to celebrate one yet. Kook thinks it’s a little excessive when couples celebrate “four month anniversaries” and stuff. Years are worth marking. He may have some plans in the works for a couple months from now, something dealing with a trip to the beach. Joon loves collecting crabs even though he’s hella allergic.
  • Who cooks normally: Neither one of them is big on cooking. They prefer going out. Jungkook may be asking Jin for lessons though.
  • How often do they fight: Jungkook still isn’t sure just how much he can push Namjoon, so they bicker more than they fight as he tests out those boundaries. After all, before they got together, Namjoon was just a hyung, and Jungkook was bound by age to behave a certain way. He kind of thinks the whole buttsechs thing gives them some room to renegotiate that.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Namjoon is smart enough to realize that Jungkook rarely checks his phone during the day, so he doesn’t send too many messages, just the occasional “what up?” or pictures of stuff he finds cool or interesting; sometimes he’ll send links to music.
  • Nicknames for each other: Jungkook still calls Namjoon “hyung” most of the time, but lately he’s been testing out Joon’s responsiveness to other nicknames. Namjoon goes with the classics: Jungkook-ah or Kookie. In bed, it tends to be “baby” or “sweetheart.”
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Namjoon is the hyung, after all…and Jungkook is broke.
  • Who steals the covers at night: Neither. They both have a habit of kicking the covers off.
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Namjoon buys Jungkook a lot of music and art supplies, since he uses them up so fast. Jungkook likes practical gifts, stuff that he’ll actually use, so that’s what Namjoon tries to go for even though his romantic heart says “buy him flowers, couple rings, write out sappy poems on parchment and frame them…” It’s a struggle. Jungkook, as mentioned before, is pretty broke and what little money he does have he’s saving up for their anniversary and knows that the stuff Namjoon needs the most, he can’t afford: new recording equipment, instruments, etc. He hasn’t bought Namjoon too many gifts for that reason. There was the time he found a Ryan plushie that Namjoon didn’t already own, a cool necklace Jungkook found at the thrift shop, and a well-intentioned gag gift.
  • Who kissed who first: Jungkook.
  • Who made the first move: Jungkook did. By kissing him.
  • Who remembers things: It depends on what kind of things. Jungkook remembers the day to day stuff better than Namjoon.
  • Who started the relationship: Jungkook is the bravest motherfucker ever when he makes a move on his hyung; his hyung who he’s respected for years, who he’s worshipped from afar, who’s given him advice about school, girls boys when he figured out he liked them too, life… But this crush, god, it’s grown so heavy with the years, weighing him down until it hurts, and he feels like if he doesn’t just let it out somehow, he’s going to burst. It’s New Years Eve, and everyone is tipsy at the sunshine line’s annual Happy Birthday, Earth! bash (yes, you have to include the exclamation mark every time, Taehyung has emphasized). Jungkook’s no different; he’s also had his share, and he’s hot, and horny, and Namjoon looks amazing with his long legs encased in soft black denim and his pink hair falling just a little in his eyes. He looks flushed from alcohol, his lips are cherry red, and it’s fucking New Years; Jungkook is not letting this opportunity pass. He takes one last shot of tequila at ten minutes to midnight. “Hyung!” he shouts, parting the sea of people largely by force. “Hyung!” As Namjoon turns, he grabs the taller man by his biceps, and plants one on him. It tastes of tequila and heat, a little bit of salt from Namjoon’s lips. Jungkook presses closer, alcohol making him bold, aggressive. Namjoon’s hands cup his elbows. Jungkook swipes his tongue over the older boy’s lips, and when they part, he goes deep, not giving him a chance to protest. When he finally comes up for air, people are clapping. Yoongi, a little red in the cheeks, mutters into his red Solo cup, “Finally.” Jungkook looks around him, bewildered. People are staring. Oh, shit, people are staring. “It’s 11:55,” Yoongi comments idly. Shit. Shit. It’s not even midnight yet. No wonder people are staring. They’re still waiting for the countdown; they have nothing better to do. But then Namjoon looks at Jungkook, and it’s soft and lovely and everything that makes Jungkook’s heart soar in his chest. He smiles, and Jungkook grins back. “Hyung,” he laughs. In response, Namjoon kisses him back. By the time the New Year happens for real, they’ve stumbled into the back hall where their coats are piled up. Happy Birthday, Earth! gets celebrated with some hardcore making out.
  • Who cusses more: They’re both bad, and it only gets exponentially worse when they’re together.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Jungkook and Namjoon don’t like people fussing over them when they’re hurt, so beyond helping each other out with practicalities, they don’t mention it much. Besides, Namjoon is always fucking something up, and Jungkook is a rowdy boy, so he’s almost always bruised and a little battered.
  • Who is the dirty talker: Namjoon.
  • A head canon: It’s Namjoon’s birthday, and Jungkook’s been worrying for weeks what to get him. Snooping via Namjoon’s roommate, Yoongi, had only resulted in an unsatisfactory, not to mention unaffordable, list of suggestions. For his birthday, Namjoon had splurged and restocked his paint kit, even picking up a few of the nicer brushes he’d seen Jungkook eyeing with envy at the art supply store. Then he bought Jungkook canvasses; not just cheap canvasses, but the nice, big ones that never went on sale. He almost cried. But he didn’t. Because he’s not a baby anymore, dammit, and he can survive the squishiness that is Kim Namjoon he can’t, he really can’t, goddammit, he’s so weak. Finally, Jungkook thinks he’s got it. It’ll be cute and funny and practical, and Namjoon will give him that fond smile he does like whenever Jungkook’s being a good boy. It’s an awkward present, tentatively wrapped in cheap red paper plastered with conical birthday hats, a huge box with the sides plastered in tape. Namjoon stares at it, more than a little puzzled, then begins to peel it apart. When he figures out that the paper tears easily, he pokes a finger through and rips it off the top, revealing that the box is hollow. Inside of it there’s a package of toothbrushes, the floss that he prefers, and a miniature bottle of his orange mouthwash. Nestled in next to that are some soft rolls of cotton that, upon further inspection, reveal themselves to be new socks, underwear, and two plain white t-shirts folded neatly. Namjoon pulls them out, eyeing them for any sort of gag. The only thing he can spot is that the tags are labeled with Sharpie. Each one has his name on it. “Ah,” Jungkook clears his throat, looking anxious, “You, um, you keep running off with my t-shirts when you leave. I figured maybe you should just have some. At my place. Like…to keep there. Yeah.” Namjoon feels a suspicious tickle in his throat. He picks at the paper some more, peels it down the front to reveal a knob. He knows this wood. He knows this drawer. This is–his throat closes up, and his eyes go watery. “Why are you crying? Oh, god, is it bad? You hate it?” Jungkook babbles, “I should have just gotten you a gift card for iTunes. I–” “It’s perfect,” Namjoon blurts out, tugging Jungkook into his arms, practically into his lap, and pressing his lips against the other boy’s temple. Jungkook’s given him a drawer. He’s given up a drawer in his dresser, and he’s packed it with an overnight kit, and Namjoon feels so soft and in love. They kiss, and it’s salty and wet, and Namjoon laughs as he sniffles. “Thank you, baby. Thank you.”

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A Look at Love - Jinyoung

He was clad in his leather jacket with a white button-up dress shirt under that he paired with black jeans and Vans. He wasn’t one to club, but the guys told him it’d be good for him to have some fun instead of coop himself in his room.

“Hyung, it’ll be fun.” Yugyeom, the youngest who was finally going to experience the club life, reassured. “Don’t think too much.”

Mark came by and nudged the weary one. “Come on, I’ll buy you a drink when we get there.”

Jinyoung tried to turn up his mood, but it wasn’t working. All he kept thinking about was how things went down between the two of you. He couldn’t even pinpoint what the problem was that led to the break. He wasn’t a believer in breaks and neither were you, but it was better to leave it like that than an official breakup for the time being.


I can’t share this on my FB/Twitter/IG yet, but I’m so flipping excited from this I need to share!! My friend is having a Harry Potter themed birthday in NYC next month (which happens to be my bday weekend too!), and I saw this cool Etsy store for a customized HP shirt!! You pick your house, Quidditch position, name, and your favorite number, and they make the shirt to your order! I was so excited over the ones I made her and @some-guys-schlong, I made one for myself!!! I can’t wait to wear it soon and share this awesomeness!!!

thepoette replied to your photo “Prepared the Tim Hortons to finish my very last commission of 2017….”

Whoa! You look great!! I remember when I first followed you, you’re always so dapper looking with that cool style. But I like this regular t-shirt, chilled out look! And there’s something in your energy in this portrait. It’s like this kinda rebel without a cause, James Dean thing. You have this whole ��attitude! That’s very awesome!

-very embarassed muttering- 

You guys are way too sweet tonight, STAPH

( though that’s the first time I hear something like that , rebel without a cause? ahaha ~  I do get told I have a….severe/serious face when I’m concentrated on what I do.) 

So a flight attendant on the plane I took back home from Spring break noticed my Blink 182 shirt and said she had them on a flight many years ago and said they were the nicest people. She said Travis essentially gave autographs to anyone who asked and said something along the lines of “Well, you probably don’t want just my autograph, you can come get the rest of the bands too” and was really polite and I thought it was really cool to hear from an older lady that they are nice guys

nerdy luke loves it when you, his way more popular girlfriend, kiss him and say good morning in front of the school. but when he hears other popular kids snickering at you guys, he starts to feel insecure. “like you guys even have have boyfriends as caring as luke! let alone have one!” you yelled at a group of girls nearby who were laughing at him. they immediately shut up, and luke squeezed your hand and thanked you. but he starts to feel throughout the day that you were too popular and cool to date him, so he decides to change that one day. he wears his dad’s old black leather jacket over his band t-shirt. he does his hair more nicely than he usually does, and puts in his contacts instead of wearing his glasses. luke ripped his black jeans at the knees and wore his black sneakers. he waits outside for you at school the next day and notices that more girls are giving him flirty looks. he started to feel uncomfortable until you walk up to him. “woah! luke, is that you?” and he nods, standing up and hugging you tightly. “i thought you were to cool for me so I tried being cool too.” you smiled, touching his cheek with your hand. “as much as I’m turned on by this look,” you motioned at him. he smiled proudly. “i miss my old lukey.” you opened his backpack and took out his extra pair of glasses. he took out his contacts quickly and put them on, grinning. “perfect,” you said, kissing him lightly on the lips. “you don’t like me being cool?” he asked. “i like you being you,” you said, holding his hand and walking inside to start classes.




Wearing clothes scares Taylor Kinney. Well, not all clothes. But when he saunters into the West Side studio where he’ll be wearing several looks for our men’s style issue, he exhibits what I can only describe as a fight or flight response. “Oh, no! I’m not wearing that!” he says with a nervous laugh pointing to a bright-print shirt hanging on the clothes rack. You can’t blame the guy. The shirt, scribbled with shocks of primary colors, scares me a little, too. So I’m already impressed by Kinney’s astute eye. Don’t let his humble, everyman baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans getup fool you — this guy also knows something about style. The 33-year-old actor from Lancaster, Pa., hit his career stride playing handsome, rough-around-the-edges Kelly Severide on NBC’s hit firehouse drama ‘‘Chicago Fire’’. Filming keeps him in Chicago for about 10 months a year. Maybe this city’s down-to-earth style fits him better than L.A. “God knows there are trends there I can’t keep up with … or care to” he says. Anyway, the print shirt: False alarm. He’s looking at the wrong set of clothes. Quickly, a scrum of stylists usher him over to the rack of clothes he’ll be wearing today. Among its offerings: Belstaff motorcycle jackets and leather pants. Jackpot. Kinney, an avid motorcyclist and admirer of that brand, is excited. Still, I think clothes do scare him — I mean, he can hardly keep them on. Consider the evidence. The weekend before this shoot, he participated in Chicago’s Polar Plunge, shirtlessly gallivanting in the icy March waters of Oak Street Beach with his fiancée slung over his shoulder. Her name, for the record: Lady Gaga. She’s a singer. You may have heard of her. Looks great in a meat dress. He’s known for being shirtless on Chicago Fire so often, his pecs deserve their own credit. Though on that, Taylor says I’m dead wrong. He’s not shirtless that much. “Maybe once this year.” he says. But yeah, he gets this irony. He’s engaged to one of the world’s biggest style icons for whom clothes are art. On that he says: “I appreciate her passions and her drive and her world, but I’m not the biggest fashion guru. I’m a flannel, t-shirt, and jeans guy, and she does her thing, but I don’t dive into that world.” So we sat down with him to talk style, how a guy knows when to get engaged, and life with Gaga.   

You’re a motorcycle rider — how does that inform your style. “Some of the stuff we wore today — there was a pair of leather pants that Belstaff makes. They make great leather motorcycle jackets. I’ve been riding since I was a kid. I got my first street-bike when I was 17 and I’ve had motorcycles ever since.”

I hear you’re a Chuck Taylor fan. I have three brothers and we’re all close together in age so it was a lot of hand-me-downs. To differentiate us we’d all get different colored Chucks. I have this really neat picture — I don’t know, I must have been seven years old — and we all have different color Chucks on.”

Do you have any go-to brands? “I like utility. I like Carhartt stuff. I like flannels. I think I’ve only ever worn Levi’s. Ten years ago, I splurged on an expensive pair of jeans and I hated them. You can always depend on a good pair of Levi’s.”   

Does Gaga push you into more adventurous style directions? Does she shop for you? No, but I might steal some of her stuff now and then…”   

Meat dresses? Do tell “No. Just…t-shirts and jeans…”

Ok, so no meat dresses. But you’re getting married, so how’s your suit game? “I’ll get help there. I’ll have someone help me out with a tailored suit that fits well and looks nice…but I’m not out there doing that on my own.”

How do you know when it’s time to get engaged? I just knew. It wasn’t a light bulb going off.”

Do you have any ring shopping tips? “No, I don’t have any tips, but it was exciting. We did it together. And then it was up to me. Then I did the legwork.” 

Did you get down on one knee when the time came? “Oh, yeah. All that good stuff. It was in Manhattan. It was snowing. It was beautiful.”   

Anything else you want to add? I love my fiancé!”  

You know what I love.

That in so many photoshoots lately, whoever is in charge of the clothes puts the guys in these cool jackets and shirts; expensive, trendy, high fashion stuff. And they look styled and put together and fashionable and sick as hell.

And then there’s Michael.

They probably wanted to put Michael in high fashion stuff too but

Michael says no. Michael wants to look like a rockstar from the 70s and he doesn’t care if that isn’t in style right now. He does it anyway and doesn’t let anyone change him. Michael Clifford is so aggressively exactly who he is, no matter what anyone thinks of him.

And fuck I think that’s beautiful. 

Boybands AU Part 6 - Tanaka Ryuunosuke's trainee days

First of all: Tanaka deserves more love. Secondly: Taeyang is my real-life Tanaka (beside Shiota Kouhei ofc).

So here is a small scenario I came up with while watching Taeyang’s “I’ll be there”

  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke dancing to Taeyang’s ‘ I’ll be there ‘ without his shirt on (he convinced Nishinoya, Kinoshita and Narita to be his backup dancers)
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke making other trainees question their sexuality
  • “Are there any straight guys left here?” Ennoshita asks Suga
  • Suga shakes his head solemnly and points to the youngest boys
  • Hinata is having a nosebleed while shouting “SENPAI YOU’RE SO COOL”
  • Kageyama is tending to his own nosebleed, while nodding vigorously at Hinata’s words
  • Tsukishima is having an identity crisis in the corner
  • Yamaguchi excused himself to go to the bathroom
  • “You’re hard Ennoshita” Suga says
  • “You too, senpai, but I’m not pointing it out, aren’t I.”

I cried when they came up the stage and cried more when they left. I didn’t want them to leave, I miss them so much. Sorry if I sound selfish but 1 year was too much for me.
I wish success to Matrix. The showcase hit over 10M hearts!
They worked hard for the baby’s as you can see they were sweating so much after 3 songs! Zelo’s shirt was drenched!
Waiting for the release!!! The MV was so cool! The dance, the song, and when they said it was about their lives it touched my heart.
Thank you for the showcase, it made me so much happy.

[Jnetz] Jnetz reaction to EXO 's number 61 in A-nation

- The people who don’t know EXO call them by the numbers on their shirts isn’t it? (smile) The number 88 and 61 seem popular, right?

- Aaaa, Number 61 is really cool <3 even the big heart and the last bow he made in the end are cool too… i think i fell in love with him.

- Today i went to Anation, there was a korean boy group called EXO right? the one that has a member whose number is 61!!!!
His voice is super Ikebo  (t/n: ikebo = ikemen boy means handsome guy) , His legs are O letter shaped, his ears’ shape is very interesting. His Japanese is good and he is so cool when he is rapping !!!!
I heard that he has an instagram account, i followed him fast.

- Firstly number 61 is a kawaii virus. (t/n: lovely virus)

- I like number 61 …www All of EXOL san are nice.

- This is the first time i have seen EXO at Anation. Everyone did a good job despite the rain (^W^)  It was so sparkling like what Hongi san said.
Even though i dont know each member’s name, but i like number 61.

- When i saw the sentence “EXO performs at Anation in Japan” on the VCR i had no idea who EXO was but… I really like number 61, he is so tall!!!! And so cool !!!  

- Because it is summer vacation now i always hang out and can’t stay in twitter much, but today is Anation :(( <3 <3 I’m so happy… My friends who went to Anation with me kept talking about how cool number 61 and 21 are and the concert is brought to a climax when EXO perform. I’m so glad.

- Number 61 is tall/lanky.
Number 61 is tired.
Number 61 worked hard till the end.
Who is number 61?
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋso funny.

-Number 61 is popular, isnt he??? Although he was absent today but i like number 68!!!! Haha.

-Number 61 is so lovely.

Cre: 桑梓影有一座山 
Translate by: Alex

I don’t know if this will help many people, but I personally can’t stand things touching my neck, makes me gag. But I love boy tees with logos on them, which all have too tight necks. So this is what I do to my shirts now, which makes them super comfy and adorable!
I figured a lot of spoonies can’t stand their necks being touched either or get too warm for a lot of reasons, so I wanted to show you guys this awesome option to keep wearing cool shirts :3
Hope this helps someone!

THOMAS: Tweek’s a cool guy!
THOMAS: We hanged out together the other day. Ass Bitch!
THOMAS: We have math together so we- S-Shit!- studied together.

THOMAS: I mean… I guess I’ll always be a little bit jealous, but I trust Craig and Tweek. Fuck! BITCH!
THOMAS: And I know they’re important to each other so I obviously wouldn’t make- COCK!- Craig not hang out with him.
THOMAS: He’s Craig’s best friend, s-so I wanna get along with him too. Aww Shit!! 

Thoughts on HTTZ
  • so many sassy faces and gestures someone’s really out-sassing themself lately A+
  • the puppet that blows a cloud of smoke like he’s stoned jfc
  • Ian sitting on Josh’s lap what are you doing
  • pelvic thrusting is totally not inappropriate for a kids show right
  • the little girl make the throat slitting motion at Josh’s storytime
  • Ian don’t flip Josh off that’s not very nice.
  • puppets making out
  • This video was brought to you by Converse
  • And also’s Josh’s cool jacket collection
  • Josh still can’t dance
  • Those costumes
  • Josh finally gets a girl and it’s a puppet. Poor guy.
It Started With A Compliment: Chapter 1

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Summary: Jack doesn’t stick out much. Hiccup sticks out a lot. Jack reads comic books and Hiccup wants to read comics too. Too bad Jack doesn’t have a say in this predicament. A Reverse Punk Nerd AU.

It started with a compliment. A compliment that came out of nowhere, and left Jack confused.

     “Cool shirt.”

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Me & All My "FRANDS" Project

Hey everyone! So my friend Kayleigh ( hangupthephone ) and I have a really cool fan gift idea for Walk the Moon. We kinda wanna keep it a surprise for fans and the band both until it’s done so, we won’t say too much about it but what we need is pictures from the Talking is Hard Tour! So any pictures of you guys waiting in line, any pictures from the show itself, any of you guys meeting the band afterwards, fan art, short messages, and/or little momentos (i.e.: pictures of a drum stick, shirt, poster, bass or guitar pick, ticket, whatever) would be great! We’ll be giving the gift to the band hopefully when we see them in June but if not then we’ll mail it to them. It’s super short notice we know but we need pictures from every TIH spring show(March-May). So please help us out. We will give each and every one of you who help credit for your photos and provide your info (name, city, Twitter, tumblr, Insta, etc) if you want us to. Try to have pictures into us by June 14th and make sure you include where the show was and the date of that show if you remember it. Thank you so much for anyone who sends in pictures or who spreads this news around! We really appreciate it! You can send pictures to