that guy with the monkey idk his name

Okay, I'm here to dumb it down for some of ya'll

So if Taeyang or whatever took a simple selfie or simple video of himself with his normal face and said exactly what he said ‘Happy Monkey new year’ with that little monkey emoji then that would have been fine and dandy cause it’s the year of the monkey and it’s the Chinese New Year.

BUT because this foolish man decided he wanted to morph his face into a black mans face, for absolutely no reason that can be found, then that’s not okay. Black people have always been referred to as monkeys and this guy made himself look like a black man and said Happy monkey new year and we as black people cant see that as anything other than racist.

Why is this so hard to understand? Your fav is problematic or just really fucking stupid idk idc stop defending racism. Please, it’s 2016, just stop.

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