that guy that got killed first time in the game

So I just watched Delirious' playthrough of Until Dawn..

And can we talk about how precious this man is? Maybe this has been mentioned before but my god, the way he pronounces words is so endearing. How he says “hooman” (human), “koot” (cute), “cofoos” (confuse). He made this game 5x more hilarious and bearable for me to watch.

That aside, I’m so happy that he ended up making a lot of the right choices in the game and saving a lot more people. He only ended up killing 1 person, and was one of the few youtubers I watched who managed to save Chris, and one of the fastest to figure out the true intentions of the flamethrower guy. Because tbh, I was kinda hesitant to watch at first since he can be unpredictable at times. He may be one of the people in the crew who gets teased a lot, but as shown in this game, he can be pretty damn intuitive. And I’m so happy I ended up being pleasantly surprised by Delirious’ playthrough :)

(Sorry this got so long lmao, I just had a lot of feelings about this)

We don't choose our family. (BATFAMILY/JASON TODD X READER) part 1

Batfam/jason Todd imagine.

Note- this imagine literally took 2 weeks and I wrote it in my math class.
Also (y/b/d) means your birthdate

Scenario- you have been fighting along side the batfam for over 7 years now but what if they knew who you really were, where you really came from, which clown prince is your father.

Warning- mention of death, fighting, slight cursing.



“Come on Tim, you have to try harder than that.” You said as you once again managed to pin the third Robin on the blue training mat. You got off of his chest and watched as he stared at the ceiling with a smirk on his face.

“I am, I am, you know I’m only running on about on hour of sleep.” He said standing up and running a hand through his hair roughly.

“Tim.” You groaned in exasperation. “We talked about this, no training unless you had at least 3 hours of sleep.”

He chuckled and walked past you to where his usual cup of black coffee was waiting for him. You glared at him and flopped backwards on the cold mat and let out a sigh. You still had no idea how that boy could drink straight black hot coffee, after a training session.

“What did they do to you, this time.” You heard the voice of the first Boy Wonder say as he stood next to you and peered downward, letting out a soft chuckle with his arms crossed.

“Nothing, I’m just considering shooting Tim with a tranquilizer dart, that could put down a bear,“ you said tilting your head to the side as you heard heavy foot steps coming down the stairs of the Batcave.

“I second that,” you heard Bruce say as he sat behind the bat monitor and took off his tie, running his hands over his face and slumping over.

“So, I see the date didn’t go well?“ You ask as you stood up and teased Bruce about his charity date. You were all for the idea and thought it was great. Whoever the highest bidder was, won a date with play boy millionaire, Bruce Wayne.

It was funny to you, because the big bad Bruce Wayne got auctioned off to a 75 year old woman. Let’s just say she got a bit frisky with him as the first thing she did when she walked on stage to collect her prize was “accidentally” squeeze his butt when he hugged her.

Needless to say you and every other person in the audience, including the rest of the batfamily started laughing so hard, you fell on the floor and had to leave the room to compose yourself.

“You can shut up at any point, (y/n).” Bruce said forcing out a chuckle, as the rest of the batboys covered there smiles with there hands and Tim bit his knuckle to keep from laughing.

“I don’t understand.” Poor little Damian said from where he was training Titus a new trick. You laughed and shook your head,getting ready to go home for the day.

“Are you seriously gonna leave without saying goodbye to your favorite robin?” You heard the gruff voice of the one and only Jason Todd say as he killed the engine on his newly modeled silent motorcycle.

“I could never do that.” You stared with a smile as you walked over and wrapped your arms around Jason’s neck as he wrapped his around your waist, while burying his head into your neck.

It was no secret that you had a crush on Jason, well at least still a secret to him. Jesus, you hoped it was. You had met Jason when he was still very angry at Bruce for “replacing” him. You were one of the reasons Jason actually decided to rejoin the batfam. Only you didn’t know that.

You were exactly like him, growing up in the bad part of Gotham, living in the streets, having no parents and he felt as if though you would understand why he was mad. Two years after your first meeting and various other encounters he came to the batcave unarmed and apologized for his behavior and wanted back in the family but of course, Bruce, needed to test him first.

You helped him through the pain, testing, distrust and frustration as he worked his way back to redemption and you just couldn’t stop thinking about him, feelings for more than just a friendship started to bloom in your heart.

That was 5 years ago, making it 7 years that you had actually known him.

You had been in love with him for 5 years and still didn’t have the guts to tell him. You fearlessly took out super villains as a night job but still couldn’t tell the guy you’ve known for years, that you liked him.

You even grieved about your feeling to dick who just laughed at you and said how “ironic” this moment was, something you did not take lightly, seeing as you pinned him against the wall until he said uncle.

A big difference between you and Jason was Bruce took you in when you were around 20 and he took Jason in when he was around 10. (At different times of course, considering you met Jason when he was 21 and you were 20)

When you first got into the vigilante game, you took your anger out on everybody who dared wrong the city you loved.

Bruce met you when you were beating up a robber in a alley and pulled you off of him before you could get your kill shot in.

He taught you that it was ok to fight the bad guys but you couldn’t allow yourself to stoop to there level. After that you just tended to stay around Bruce and discover his identity, as well as his family’s, and you’ve been there ever since.

Good memories, good memories.

“Ok, now I gotta really get going because there is a bed at home with my name on it.” You said as you let go of Jason and turned to grab your workout bag.

“Bye guys.” You said and were left off with a chorus of byes that were cut off by the eerily familiar chuckle coming from the bat monitor.

The Joker.

Your bag slumped out of your arm and hit the floor as you turned to see the pasty face and crazy eyes, you knew all to well.

You looked to see Jason hands turn into fists and a glare settle on his once relaxed face, as he gritted his teeth swinging his legs off of the bike and stood behind Bruce, who was in full alert.

“Well, well Gotham, what’s it been now? 5 years, 7, 4, ah who cares?” The joker said as he leaned way to close to the camera. You walked and stood on the other side of Bruce as everyone else crowded around the monitor.

“It seems while daddy was away, the children never came out to play.” He said with a flourish of hand gestures and chuckles.

You let out a sigh of relief, as your realized he was talking to the entirety of Gotham, not just you. When the joker was locked up the crime rate in Gotham dropped significantly, that must of been what he was talking about.

“Anyhow let’s get on with the point, the last time my people saw their prince, batsy was hauling me to time out.” He said frowning as you felt a rough hand grab yours pulling you closer to them.

Turning to your right you saw Jason had a tight, yet reassuring grip on your hand, but kept looking at the screen with a fierce glare and his jaw locked. He pulled you so your shoulder was brushing against his. You would have smiled if this had been a better situation.

“Well I think because I was so good and waited so long I deserve a little reward, I want my daughter.” He said turning so serious at the end of his sentence, a shiver ran up your spine.

You had a iron grip on Jason’s hand as you looked at the screen in complete horror. It was to soon, you wanted more time.

“Oh, and if you think of not following my demand, there’s a small group of people who would beg you otherwise.” The joker giggled, pointing the camera towards a group of about 12 people who had on torn and dirty clothes with tear stained faces.

“You have until midnight, or else I have my fun.” The joker yelled making all of the people jump as he turned off the transmission.

“He has a daughter?” Tim questioned slowly as they all continued to stare at the black screen.

“How could I have never known about that.” Bruce said standing up and rushing to put on his suit.

“Well we have to find her before he gets to her, she’s obviously dangerous if that thing, wants her.” Jason said giving your hand a slight squeeze as you stared up at him, feeling your heart shatter.

This is exactly what you thought would happen. They thought that you were a monster, a killer, a villain, just like your dad. You hid a secret from them for 7 years, one of the worst secrets you had ever had. You would definitely break there trust and be tossed in arkham.

You were the daughter of the joker himself.

You didn’t remember anything of your father because you ran away from home when you were 3. The “run”, really just consisted of going to the park and falling asleep on a bench.

When the police arrived to see a small little girl asleep on a park bench, they immediately asked you where you lived. You told them exactly where your house was but when you arrived it was empty. The only thing left was the furniture and appliances, everything, even the things in your bedroom were gone. At least this is what you were told, you couldn’t remember because you were only 3 when it happened.

The police scoured Gotham for months to find your parents and even put your story in the news, for someone to come claim you. In the meantime you were put in foster care, a temporary situation which turned permanent.

When you were around 13 you started to receive these horrible letters about how the boogeyman was coming for you soon. You were so terrified you told the headmaster of the foster home but she brushed them off as a prank.

The next letter also came with a package. A DNA test to prove you were related to this boogeyman. Your eyes almost shot out of your head when you realized that the test required a DNA sample.

This “boogeyman” had to sneak into your room and put a cotton swab in your mouth, he was in your room when you were dead asleep. After that you didn’t sleep well for years, you still don’t. You started training hardcore in any type of martial arts you could, because you were so scared that he would come for you.

On your 18th birthday you got one more letter. It was a picture of a baby being held by a man but he was bent over so the only thing you saw was his bright green hair and pale ghostly skin. You flipped the photo over and saw written on the back in cursive loopy handwriting.

(Y/b/d)~~~ Papas coming for you little girl.

You gasped in horror as you flipped the photo again and saw that the baby was wrapped in your baby blanket, the only think you had when you “ran away” and your birthday was written on the back.

This man or monster, this “boogie man” who has tormented you most of your teen life was your father.

It was years before you figured out that the man in the picture was also known as the clown prince of crime, the most hated villain in Gotham, the joker.

“(Y/n.)” Jason said turning so you were facing him, snapping you out of your memories. “It’s gonna be ok, they’re both going back to arkham and out of our hair.” He said as he pulled you in for a hug and stroked the back of your hair.

You pushed your face into Jason’s neck and breathed In his same old scent of musk and cigarette smoke. He was never going to forgive your for this. Your father killed him, beat him with a crowbar,used his feelings against him, and took him away from everyone he loved.

“I’m sorry Jason, I’m so sorry.” You said in the tiniest whisper into his neck, luckily he didn’t hear you.

“We have a location on the joker, we gotta go now!” Tim yelled from the platform where Damian and Bruce were sitting in the batmobile.

Dick left as soon as the transmission had ended on his own motorcycle but you weren’t really paying attention.

You moved out of Jason’s warm embrace and looked up to give Tim a thumbs up, he gave one back then jumped into the batmobile. Bruce started the engine and peeled out of the cave with a loud screech.

“Look I promise we will finish this talk later, after all this, I have some really important things to say.” Jason said before running over to where your motorcycles were resting grabbing his and speeding out of the cave behind Bruce.

“Believe me, what I say is going to be more interesting.” You said before running over and jumping on your bike.

You quickly exited the cave on your way to finally meet your fate.

———————————————––––––––––––––– PART TWO OUT NOW

My Camp Camp High school AU ((ft. Japanese settings because I’m trash for this)). I only did Comedy Trio and
Stage Trio as I didn’t have time, but I will probably update more if possible.

• Comedy Trio:

- Max: Second year. He was the type of student who usually skipped classes, got into fights and even stole things from people due to his parents’ neglect. However, after being caught pick-pocketing a woman, Max was forced to work with David to help other clubs in the school ‘till the end of his third year as a punishment. He did improve his relationship with other people tho ((and secretly felt not so bad about that)).

- Nikki: Member of Sports Club, same class with Max. They got along quite well, and she usually helped him play truant whenever possible, sometimes went along with him ((if she felt like it)). 24/7 hyped as fuck. Not only was she good at sports, Nikki was also a pro in fighting and stuff, and because hardly anyone could beat up a beast like her, bullies are terrified of her and scared to went near her. Her bffs and gf were proud.

- Neil: Also Max’s classmate, head of Science Club, which was the youngest president in the club’s history so far. He enjoyed doing experiments, firmly believed in physical laws and such things. Even though Neil knew that his friends skipped class a lot, he tried to cover up for them and helped them with distracting the teachers. Also having a love-hate relationship with Magic Club’s member, Harrison, but terrible at dealing with it.

• Stage Trio:

- Preston: Third year, Drama Club President. He was loud and acted dramatically to most things, also criticised people a lot ((but for their own ((and the play)) good)). Preston used to be bullied in his second year, which affected him severely, but Max - a first year at that time - saved him and they knew each other since ((I’m a Maxpres trash just kill me))

- Harrison: Second year. Member of Magic Club. An arrogant guy on the outside, but actually harmless and gentle inside. Got along with Nerris and Preston - who were his childhood friends. He often seen argued pretty much with Nerris ((and Neil, too, if they were on the same spot)), mostly about his magic being great and wonderful ((and real)), which Preston had to stand between them so many times that he eventually got sick of it.

- Nerris: Member of Board Games Club. She was a huge nerd in DnD, also video games with dating sims or action genre. She also loved cosplaying ((especially dressing as a “mahou shoujo” - magical girl)) and often asked her gf aka Nikki to be a model for her. Nikki didn’t like girly stuff that much but the idea of being a warrior seemed cool to her ((and also for her gf)), so she agreed anyway.

P/s: Yes I am a Comedy Trio x Stage Trio shipper and I don’t regret anything about that.


“I do things because they feel good. I killed your High Sparrow, and all his little sparrows. All his Septons, and all his Septas. All his filthy soldiers. Because it felt good to watch them burn.


i queue for conquest, and call jungle first.

three people call it after i do, and one of them just autolocks rat.

OBVIOUSLY, at first, im pissed. like.. its 1:30 in the morning, i just wanted to play loki, i didnt need this.

these guys in lobby were all “hell yeah full jungle”, and bc i was too tired to care, i kinda just went with it while odin actually played the game like it was supposed to be played.

none of us took a lane, we just ran haywire around the map, and we got first blood by invading early.

40 minutes later, we fucking win with a ridiculous amt of kills and honestly i just laughed the entire time because nobody expected this shit to work. hell, we even went into the game like “holy shit if we win”. we were all set up to lose and everything, but no.

watching this unfold was so funny because we’d all move in one big cluster through the first few levels, so if one of us ganked, we all ganked. throughout the entire game though, it was like we were ALWAYS in teamfights, regardless of our lack of teamfight potential.

odin was basically like a babysitter lmao, he’d follow us around and place cages to save our asses.

this had to be the most fun ive had in a while omg.

these guys were so chill too. none of them were toxic, even, they were just looking to fuck around and even said they were glad to run into odin and i because they thought theyd get banned/reported. i guess it was a good day to run into a loki main ahah

The types of people on

Clean up crew: Doesn’t actively try to kill anyone but if someone dies near them they will eat them or pick up someone else’ left overs. Not an easy target because they won’t compete with you. They’ll usually just speed away until you leave them alone. A pacifist. Awesome.

Fuck you: Their only purpose is to destroy you. They will go out of their way to eat you. It doesn’t mater if they’re already in the top 10 and you’re at 10 length. They’re coming for you. If they’re long enough they will encircle you and wait until you inevitably run into them. Basically a demon. Wants to watch the world burn. 

VENGEANCE: You accidentally got in their way once, now their only goal in life is to get you back. They will follow you forever. Do everything in their power to inconvenience or kill you. Usually ends up dying in their endeavors. Petty. Ineffective. 

The little guy: The smallest snake in the whole game that thinks they’re hot shit. Will try to kill someone in the top 10. Barely succeeds. The equivalent of a very short person yelling “fight me!” at a giant. 

The beginner: Has no idea what they’re doing. Will run directly into someone. Probably their first time playing. A precious cinnamon that must be protected but is also an easy target. 

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I really don't see Mori approving of Dazai having something fun like video games. I think he just picked that hand held off of one of his recent victims. He just grabbed it out of curiosity and was hooked. The guy he took it from didn't have a charger though, so Dazai's fun ended after the battery died. -Sorry if this was sent twice. My phone froze the first time I tried to send it. So I don't know if you got the first one.

I did not, in fact, recieve your first one. And, yeah, I’m crying right now. I’m just… imagining Dazai being so curious about this video game so he picks them off from people he’s killed and plays them until they die. So, seeing how much he loves them, Oda convinces Ango to pitch in and buy him a new handheld game. 

(Dazai breaks it within the week. But it’s the thought that counts.)

important details from the new christmas commercial:

• arin & dan looking like gay dads preparing for the holidays
• arin’s fedora
• the editing is gOLD please applaud that shit
• dan’s cute little yell after being pelted with boxes
• Matt going ham
• arin and dan are rlly close
• “Santa has feathers?” “Fuck.”
• BRIAN!!!
• “Looks like the chicken’s, come home to roost.”
• sleepy ross pls let him rest
• the happy lark
• SUZY!!!
• “Suzy we got a jiiangle jaangle problm on are hands, Santa’s goin’ nUTS.”
• “fUC k yOu dECiE veR.”
• “Guys plese keep it doown.”
• don’t tip that fedora at me mother fucker
• comedy from Dan
• they look married okay?
• dan fixing his junk
• they all looked really pretty btw

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Can I have some angst that doesnt end well? With RFA +V and Saeran if possible.

OK here you go just a

ou go just a warning the Yoosung one is really long OK! So buckle up this is gonna be sad. And if this is not what you wanted then pleaselet me know so I can re-write it!

And dear lord you guys are trying to kill these men…and woman.


Between gaming and school he had no time for you. You could understand studying that was a necessity. But every night when he came home you ran to the door to greet him but he would just push you to the side telling you that he was stressed and needed to game to make him feel better. And thats ok the first few times but not everyday. But being the good wife that you are you still made him dinner, did his laundry, and even washed his dishes. But all you got was a ‘thanks. 

 The day of your anniversary came by. You and Yoosung were so happy on the day of your wedding.  Your friends and family were there it was perfect. Part of Yoosungs speech went like 

“MC I promise to make time for you even though I’m busy I will never forget to hang out with you you are not only my wife but my best friend.”  

And in the beginning of your marriage that was true…..for a while. After his classes he would run home and tackle you with hugs and kisses exclaiming how much he missed you. But over the months his excitement faded more and more to the point where you were basically old news. 

“I’ll spend all my time with you my ass” You mock setting the table for a romantic dinner.

 Then the door opens and you run to see Yoosung.  

“Yoosung~” You say cheerfully. “Your home”

 He just looks at you sadly and walks past you. You give him a cold stare. Finally he looks up at you confused. Tears are dripping down your face. 

“Whats wrong MC” He asks. 

“Have you even looked at the chatroom today. He glances at his phone and sess all the ‘Happy Anniversary’ texts theres even one from V.

 “Shit I’m so sorry” He says.

 “Oh, what sorry that all our friends remember our anniversary but you dont. You yell.  “Its just school an-” You cut him off. 

“No, Yoosung its always school you never have time for me anymore” You yell through tears. “You know what I’m calling Seven to come pick me me up” 

Tears are dripping down his face youve never seen him this sad. You pick up your phone and call Seven all Yoosung can do is watch in horror as his wife walks out the door.


He came home late….again drunk…again. You had enough of this he had been doing this for the past few weeks since his “career took off”. You were happy for him, dont get that wrong. But this excessive drinking and partying was to much for you. You decided to talk with him.

 ‘Hey Zen, honey.” You say sweetly.

 “Yeah MC” He slurrs.

 “I think this drinking is getting out of hand.” You say genly putting your hand on his lap.

 He slaps your hand away and you stare at him in shock. 

 “You don’t tell me what to do woman” He sneers lighting a cigarette.

 “Don’t smoke on our new couch dear.” You remind him.

 “Im the one who bought this thing” He yells.

 “Yes but your wife gets a say too!” You yell back on the verge of tears.

 “Whatever” He says looking off.

 “What happend to the man I married” You say walking away.

 Once you get out the door you call Yoosung.

 He answers the phone.

 “Hello?” He answers sounding tired 

 Yoosung. You sob into the phone

 MC is that you….why are you crying. He says hecticly

 Zen is such an asshole why did I even marry him” You sob

 MC what happened. He asks with a scared tone.

 Ill tell you can you please come pick me up. You say shakily. 

 Ok Ill be there in a minute MC hold on. He says.

 When Zen wakes up the next morning your gone he then remembers what happened last night. 

 He lost his MC.


 He came back from a mission and you were so excited to see him. He had been gone for about 3 months and you had been so lonely without him. You missed his pranks, his jokes, and just everything about him was perfect to you. He was such a loving husband to you. You were getting ready to go to the airport Jumin was getting you a ride and you were so thankful. When you arrived you told Driver Kim to wait outside. But when you walked in Seven looked awful you could feel the worry and anxiety from all the way across the airport.

 “Seven~” You scream.

 You go to hug him and he flinches back but you wrap your arms around him and he loosens up.

 “I missed you” You sob.

 He smiles but then turns to a frown he looks behind him and hugs you tighter you feel tears go onto your back.

 “MC you have to listen to me ok” He says frantically

 You nod confused.

 “Someone followed me back their extremely dangerous I need you to get as far away from here as possible” He whispers.

 “What? Seven I-I cant leave you” You sob into his chest.

 “MC…please don’t make this harder for me to say goodbye” He hugs you tighter. 

 He pulls way wiping your tears from your face. “MC don’t cry just know that Iove you”

 “I know but-” He start.

 “MC were running out of time please just go” He begs.

 You hesitate but look into his eyes “Goodbye Seven” 

 You run to Driver Kim’s car and get in.

 “Take me to Jumins’s house now!” You scream.

 As you drive away you see an explosion and cry harder. Your Seven is gone forever.


 “MC not now I have to work” Has become a common phrase in your house. He has become almost robotic like he has no emotion at all. Now hes not good with emotions he never was but now he has almost none including love. You were so done so you stormed out the door to take a walk but you saw the headlights racing towards you to bad you didn’t care anymore.

 “MR. HAN MR. HAN” An employee ran into the meeting room.

 “What is it” He says sounding annoyed.

 “Its your wife sh-” He didnt even finish his sentence before Jumin was out the door.

 “Please be ok” He says to himself over and over.

 When he gets to the hospital he immediately runs over to your room. 

 “Doctor please do you know what happened.” He pleads.

 “She got hit by a car” He says quietly.

  “I will sue whoever did thi-” He was cut off.

 “You didn’t let me finish, many witnesses said that it looked like she saw the car coming she stared right at it” He finishes.

 “So your saying she committed suicide” He looks over at her covered by the cloth. “Why MC” He sobs.

 Jumin was never ok after that he often just skipped work and drank wine. The RFA tried to help him but he didn’t want it he just wanted to be alone

 Ok I spent hours on that so please let me do another one I’ll do the ones I didnt do tomorrow ok. 


“…on the fifth of next month.  And don’t forget: tonight’s the big homecoming game, and tomorrow night is the homecoming dance. It looks like the game is going to be pretty packed, so make sure you buy your ticket ahead of time in the cafeteria…”  How could anyone forget about homecoming?  you wondered to yourself as the announcements went on. The whole school was buzzing with excitement for it.  Although you hated to admit it, spirit week and homecoming were one of your favorite parts of the year.  You’d had your dress picked out for months now.  You’d seen it while shopping back in June and knew it was perfect.  You did not have a date picked out for that whole time, however.  It didn’t really matter, though.  It would be nice if (c/n) asked you to it, but you weren’t really relying on that happening. As of now, you were just going to go to the game and the dance with your friends.  It would be fun.

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Imagine saving your friends when Negan rounds them up and it impresses him

(Someone had requested me to do a imagine based on the season finale and this is what I came up with…Hope it makes sense and you all like it! Yay for badass reader!! and for Negan being slightly scared XD Gif not mine/ Found it on google) 

The morning Maggie got sick you had been told to stay in Alexandria in order to help with the defense in case the Saviors came in.

You were a great help on runs but now it was better to keep you in Alexandria to fight back in case of an emergency.

You were keeping watch with Gabriel the whole day and as night fell you felt strange. You told him “I can’t believe nobody’s back…”

“Maggie’s getting a treatment…she’s probably staying overnight…” Gabriel said.

You looked at him worried and said “Yeah…but what about Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita…they left way earlier this morning they should’ve been back by now…”

He looked at you and shook his head “I don’t know maybe they’re still looking for Daryl…”

Worried and frustrated you told him “I need to go look for them…something doesn’t feel right…”

You tried to get down but he held your arm trying to keep you from leaving.
“What are you thinking…?”

“Gabriel I need to go…you’re capable of keeping this place safe with the others…don’t worry about me…”

You got out of his grasp and walked down.

As you got to the ground you went to the armory and got a bag to put weapons in it. Looking around the guns you came upon the RPG launcher that Daryl and Abraham had found. Feeling that your friends might be in serious danger you grabbed the launcher and brought it along.


You got to the car and drove on the road in hope to find all of your friends at the Hilltop colony as they said.

You drove on the route you all first took but unfortunately as you got somewhat closer you noticed the road was blocked by a bunch of tree trunks. You looked at your map and tried the other routes.

One had a bunch of walkers chained and others also had tree trunks.
You were now at the last route and you hoped it was the one your friends took. 


As you drove you noticed from far away car lights and the shadows of people.

You drove a little closer and noticed it was a circle of people. Scared you turned the lights of the car off and took out your binoculars to try and get a closer look. You didn’t see your friends but seeing the RV meant they were definitely there and something was going on.

You drove slowly and got even closer. 


You got out of the car and got your bag.
As you got a closer look you saw your friends on their knees and a man waving a barbed wired baseball bat at them and talking to them in a condescending tone.

In that instant you knew they were in danger. Seeing their numbers and how they all had guns you decided it was better to scare them with the RPG launcher than to just go up to them with a riffle.


“So who is it going to be…” The man said. You then heard him singing Eennie minnie mo but before he could finish you appeared from behind holding the launcher. The sight had relieved your friends and it scared his men so they backed up a little bit. The man with the bat just looked at them with serious expression. 

You then yelled at the man.

“Hey! It’s not going to be anyone of them! Let them go! Or i’m blowing your cars and supplies up and everyone one of you dies!”

He turned to you and smirked “What?” He looked at you from head to toe and turned to Rick and said 

”A friend coming to save the day, now aren’t you all fucking lucky!” .

Looking back at you he then told you 

“You think you can threaten me…with that?” While pointing you with his bat

He then continued “I ain’t scared of you just wait till i’m done with one of your friends here! " 

He turned back to Rick and said

"What kind of joke are you playing me Rick!…Now I really have to take someone out!” While laughing and walking along the line.


Feeling personally attacked and hating it when people don’t take you seriously, you lined the launcher towards your left to get all of the Saviors as much as you can and obviously to avoid your friends getting injured.

You then told him “This ain’t a fucking joke!” And shot the launcher.

It instantly blew all the cars and the Saviors who had stood by that side.

Surprised Negan ducked at the impact and yelled “What the fuck! What kind of shit is this?!”

Half his men were taken out and the other half had left in fear of you blowing up the place again.

In that  moment your friends got up and fought the rest of the Saviors left back. 

They got their weapons and got Maggie and Daryl to safety as they were sick and injured.

You all held the guns to the Saviors in order to keep them hostage. 

You switched your launcher to a automatic gun and pointed to Negan’s head before he could take a run for it.

You then told him “Where are you going? I thought you liked games…seeing how you were singing Eenie minie moe to chose one of my friends to kill…”

For the first time in Negan’s life, he knew the meaning of the word fear and he raised his arms in surrender.

You smirked and said “Not as fun when the tables are turn huh! I like playing games too…how about I do to you what you did to my friends?”

Although he was scared he couldn’t help but smile and said “Alright…You guys got us…let’s just say it’s all a misunderstanding”

You shook you head and said “You threaten my friends…my family…that’s not just a misunderstanding… And not to mention you underestimated me!

"Alright, alright” he said and got to his knee in front of you

 He looked at your friends behind you and said “I’m impressed…by your group…”

He then looked in your eyes and continued

“By you…”

“That’s what I thought!” You said and knocked him with the butt of your gun.

I’ll admit it: I’m not over “Who Killed Markiplier”…

Look. I’ll be honest with y'all. I started to watch Mark’s stuff because he was this doofy guy doing doofy stuff in video games. The “original work” he created at first, although cool, never really caught my attention all that much, because, I guess, they seemed very silly and kinda gimmicky. I can’t put my finger on it; something akin to lacking a purpose, besides “a funny video” just to be funny? I donno…

But, holy moly, this whole who-dunnit series, that is… it’s some wonderful story-telling, plain and simple. It’s a very solid display of balancing form and function. Especially from a visual perspective (my goodness, I am LIVING for the cleverly edited ‘one-take’ scenes)! Paired with the simple, goofy one-take Jim reports (a pretty impressive thing in and of itself). Like, what a way to give weighty, well-told origin/backstories to what essentially started out as these joke characters that, I think, were schtick and nothing more? A good amount of thought went into this, and it certainly paid off. There’s A LOT OF PLOT provided in such a short series, and it’s pretty dang impressive. I didn’t expect to be so smitten with this whole thing. I know this won’t ever enter his orbit, but…

Well done, Mark, well done.

Overwatch Story Time

Once I was playing competitive, and we were holding the objective fairly well until the enemy team flanked us and absolutely DECIMATED our team, activating the payload. Well, this one guy starts cussing us out over the mic because we “didn’t kill the healer” and left shortly thereafter. The rest of the match, these two guys were complaining about him and how “toxic” it was that he left so early in the game while we got demolished.

The first round ended, and I learned that they’re both sort of hypocrites because they decided the match wasn’t worth their time and left, leaving only me and one other, since a fourth team member followed suit. It was just me, playing Roadhog, and a Mercy, and I think both of us realized there was no winning for us (we’d have to take the objective and keep it until the end, facing off against a very powerful team of six). When we left the spawn room, everyone went full fire on us, except for one Soldier: 76, who kept waving at us, not firing once.

He was friendly because he knew just how deep we were in, and even got (most) of his teammates to do the same (I turned a corner and caught him shaking his head at Reaper and Mercy, telling them not to shoot). Mercy kept going at us every now and then when she spotted us (saw both Mercys ult and have a Mercy Battle, which was hilarious), Reaper would alternate between friendly and unfriendly, and Junkrat fired, but only if we tried to take the objective (he was cool, otherwise). Soldier and Orisa sat outside the spawn with me (Mercy went off doing whatever, and I don’t really know who the last player on Soldier’s team was since they just disappeared; they were likely on the point, also). Despite the fact we lost, that was one of the best comp match I’ve ever had.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is a prequel to the original Five Nights at Freddy's!


I’d like to offer my two cents on this.

This theory has been floating around the Internet, mainly on the FNaF wiki, that the newly-released sequel is, in fact, a prequel. And I have to be honest, I was skeptical at first, but I can really see it now. Let’s look at what we got here!

1. Phone guy

A big question right from the moment the trailer was unveiled was, how the hell is phone guy back? He was attacked on night 4 of the first game and presumably killed, as the transmission cuts out there, and his nightly sage advice is replaced on night 5 by robot demon talk. People have speculated that it’s a different person this time around, perhaps even Mike from the first game, attempting to pass on some advice based on his own experiences in the Fazbear restaurant, but I think that if this were the case, Scott would have hired another actor. The dude has a massive cult following, I think he’d have the resources to be able to find at least one good voice actor to help out if he wanted to.

This then led to speculation regarding whether or not the aptly-named phone guy actually died in the first game. Maybe he’s not even a guy at all. What if it’s a recording, as is this game? What if it’s one of the animatronics somehow messing with you? Well, my answer is much simpler: he DID die in the first game, but it’s irrelevant as this takes place beforehand. If the fact that a main character death has been seemingly retconned hasn’t convinced you, fear not; here are some more facts. 

2. The Missing Children and the Bite of ‘87

This is pure speculation, but please hear me out because I think that it makes sense. On the sixth night, you get a call from phone guy, who says:

Hello…uh…what on earth are you doing there, uh didn’t you get the memo, uh, the place is closed down, uh, at least for a while. Someone used one of the suits. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, the one used in…now none of them are acting right. Listen j-just finish your shift it’s safer than trying to leave in the middle of the night. Uh we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday. You’ll be on day shift wear your uniform, stay close to the animatronics, make sure they don’t hurt anyone okay, uh for now just make it through the night, uh when the place eventually opens again I’ll probably take the night shift myself. Okay, good night and good luck.”

This little monologue has nods to a few things, namely something horrible happening that leads to the place closing down. He states that the restaurant is now dangerous - “(finishing your shift is) safer than trying to leave” - which completely contrasts his usual tongue-in-cheek, seemingly uncaring tips like “yeah yeah there’s nothing to worry about but just in case, you should probs watch Foxy or something idk”. No, he cuts the bullshit. He says that shit’s going down, you should not be here, something has happened and it’s not safe. He tells you that the only reason you should stay put is to hide from the animatronics because leaving in the middle of the night while all this is unfolding would be dangerous. Gee, if the infamously flippant phone guy is suddenly so serious, something truly horrible must have happened, right?! Well, I think that the disappearances and presumed deaths of five children is reason enough to take shit seriously all of a sudden. 

Also, I’ll address the elephant in the room. The murderer/kidnapper used Golden Freddy as his costume with which he lured the children away to kill them. He simply says that it was “a spare one” that they had, and explicitly says “a yellow one”. Golden Freddy also features in the game as a main character as he now has his own AI screen in the custom night, so it must have been him. This could be why he’s dismantled in the original game; when he appears, he’s limp, his eyes black, like an empty costume. But we see some bare endoskeletons in the backstage room, one of which could have easily belonged to him. He was probably discontinued by the company following this event.

In regards to the Bite, again this is just speculation, but I think that this exchange takes place the night before the Bite. We learn that the guard now has the day shift, and there’s one last event taking place before they close down, a birthday party. I see no evidence against this: the bite occurred the following day during the party, and possibly happened to the security guard. I say this because he’s instructed to stay very close to the animatronics and to protect anyone in harm’s way - “stay close to the animatronics, make sure they don’t hurt anyone” - so maybe Jeremy got too close. Maybe while protecting a child or something. The bite probably was caused by Mangle (new Foxy), causing her to be discontinued altogether along with her cutesy friends. This does leave the question of how Foxy himself got all dismantled too, but consider this: the main other three, Freddy, Bonnie and Chica, are in a similar state of disrepair. Perhaps the four of them were replaced by these new guys because they tested better, but these horrible occurrences caused customers to respond very negatively to them, leading management to decide “We better relocate and head back to the original cast, get rid of these new guys who seem to be nothing but trouble”. Except Foxy, since he apparently never tested well from the start - Phone guy says that kids found him too scary, hence the re-design. 

I know that this does leave one question though:

3. What up with the “Old guys”?

I’m aware that Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy, all sporting their designs from the first game, return for the sequel. It is said that these new guys, with their bright color palettes and cutesy designs, have replaced the original four, which means that everything I’ve said is irrelevant and there’s now a gaping hole in all of this, right? Well, my answer to that is, not necessarily. Who’s to say that the bite didn’t occur (in FNaF 2) at the restaurant’s second location, while the restaurant in the original game is the third? The game emphasizes that FNaF 2 is the “grand re-opening” of Freddy’s Pizza, but it’s never said that it’s re-opening after the events of the first game. Yes, the “previous location” is mentioned in passing, but Mike is never named. Pirates Cove is never mentioned, nor are any of the things that made the first game unique.

You could argue that the first game has doors, while the second one doesn’t, for the reason that it’s “modern”? Well, maybe they were re-installed as a safety measure. You could argue that the Freddy Fazbear head features as a means of defense in the second game but not in the original. Well, maybe they figured that the doors were good enough. I know that sounds stupid, but then again, the company is run on bullshit. Phone guy’s “advice” in the original game reeks of bullshit and untrustworthiness, and the company obviously doesn’t give that big of a shit about you if they’re playing you $4 an hour.

So here is my theory on the timeline in the FNaF universe:

  • Freddy’s Pizza opens. We have Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy and Golden Freddy.
  • Things go well, but some kinds respond negatively to the restaurant and characters, mostly aesthetically. 
  • To keep relevant and keep customers flowing in, they decide to change things up and have a Grand Re-opening.
  • They dismantle Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy, dump 'em in a closet for spare parts, and redesign them to be more appealing to kids; especially Foxy, who customers found too scary. 
  • They also try to introduce some other characters, such as a marionette who gives out presents and a cute little guy who sells balloons. 
  • An employee steals a Golden Freddy suit, lures children backstage and kills them. This is controversial and damaging for the restaurant’s reputation. 
  • Not too long after, the Bite occurs and the place shuts down.
  • Years later, they re-open, but on a tighter budget because they’re still in hot water: there’s no grand re-opening, budget cuts are put in place for things like electricity, employees are put on minimum wage, the restaurant is made significantly smaller, and they get rid of the new cast, going back to the original four (even though GF is kept for spare parts back-stage, and Foxy is just left behind his curtain until they figure out what to do with him.) 

Hopefully this makes sense. :) 

This game is so fun to speculate and theorize about, so there’s my two cents. Feel free to agree, build on it, disagree, send me death threats, whatever! 

Top Anime Recommendations

Let’s see how this goes

I’m not putting them in any specific order because I can never pick a favorite.

1 Hetalia: The episodes are only about five minutes long(except for Paint It White which is half an our long) but with all the hilarious and weird stuff going on and the fact that there is just so much going on, why would you want something longer? Plus there are really good fangames and fanfictions. 

2 Soul Eater: One of the few anime I have found that actually get multiple seasons. This was my first anime and it’s just really good. It’s a great mixture of comedy and action. I love it so much.

3 Ouran High School Host Club: I can’t even describe this it is just perfect.

4 Fruits Basket: I admit the anime isn’t the best but the manga is amazing and the anime is still really adorable. So if you like the anime, read the manga. Please. It is perfect.

5 Angel Beats: Sad but amazing. My only complaint is that my notp becomes cannon and my second otp is pretty much nonexistent in the fanbase. The music is just amazing though!

6 The Blue Exorcist: This may possibly be my current favorite. I just get really emotional at certain points because the main character is literally Satan’s son and he goes to a school full of people who would kill him in a heartbeat if the truth was revealed. Plus the movie is amazing and I may love it more than the actual series.

7 K Project: I had to attempt to watch this multiple times because I would watch the first episode or two and then stop either because I forgot or was busy or not interested, but it got so good! I can’t describe it very well because it’s been a while since I watched it but just trust me when I say it is amazing.

8 Sword Art Online: It’s a video game. But if the players die in the game, they die in real life. Obviously that makes for a recipe for emotional disaster. Many. Times. 

9 Deathnote: Just watch it. This guy literally kills people with a book.

10 Attack on Titan: If you have managed to make it this far in your anime life and not hear of this, I want to know your secrets. Seriously. It is everywhere. 

11 Black Butler: I don’t know how to describe this but it’s a good show.

12 Avatar the Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra: A lot of speculation on whether or not these are “actually anime” but they are still good and Atla was my childhood so deal with it. Plus books three and four of Lok are perfect and amazing.

13 Fairy Tail: I haven’t actually finished this yet but I don’t care. It is good so far. That is literally all I can say.

14 Rave Master: Another disclaimer, I have only ever read the manga but it is really good. I have heard the anime isn’t as good as the manga but the manga still rocks so you should read it!

So yeah, that happened. 

Guilty little liars and puppet master Alison.

I’m convinced Alison is the puppet master of all this and that the liars murdered or hurt someone that night. Someone in a yellow top.

I’m rewatching the pilot with the clear thought in mind that the girls hurt Alison that night and that she is behind the big A game. All others have been minions of hers. She is the puppet master

This entire show is about Alison, games and manipulating people like puppets.

Each of the girls did a complete redo of themselves after Ali went missing.

Spencer was interning for the mayor, taking classes at Hollis and redecorating the bar. She stayed BUSY.

Hanna lost weight and started dressing like Ali. She became an IT girl.

Aria went to Iceland.

Emily got herself a boyfriend and made swimming her passion

“ Do you remember what Ali said that night ? About our secrets keeping us close ? I think it was the opposite. ”- Spencer.

I think Spencer is referring to the secret the 4 liars are keeping. They know somewhere deep down that they hurt Alison that night.

Hanna reacts for a second and shakes her head then quickly puts on a smile. See photos

Hanna quickly changes the subject,helps Spencer select a shirt  and they soon part ways. Hanna walks out having shoplifted sunglasses.

Emily and Aria run into each other at school. The following two lines strike me as strange.

“We kind of lost touch Emily remember ?” -  Aria
“That’s what we had to do” - EMILY

Aria was Alisons chosen one.
She is the first to get an A text. Mona as A working for Alison sent this.

Emily gets the next msg. A hand written one. I think this was really Alison. Emily is her favorite and she got jealous of Maya

Spencer gets a mean A msg about her wanting Melissa’s boyfriends. Typical of Ali and her relationship with Spencer

Hanna gets a mean msg from Ali because Ali is jealous that Hanna has replaced her. Looks like her and is the new IT girl.
Wilden arrested Hanna. I think he did it at Alison bidding. Ali knew Hanna was shoplifting. She has been watching them
and taking advantage and tormenting them.

When Ashley asks Hanna if she is shoplifting to get attention from her father Hanna looks really upset. I think Hanna started shoplifting to feel some control after what happened that night.

When Maya tells Emily they found Alison body Emily was hoping Ali had come back so she could absolve herself of the guilt she felt for hurting and possibly killing Alison that night. With the body being found ..‘just like that my life is broken..’ the song plays.

It just takes a second for my world to come crumbling down.  Oh I’m sure in the distance you can hear that awful sound.

These lyrics are very telling of the girls being guilty of something they have since repressed as a pact they made that night after they hurt Alison.

“I heard the police took Hanna to the police station today” -Aria
“you don’t think shed ever talk about ?-” Spencer

“The Jenna thing ? We made a promise”- Hanna

See pics of liars looking guilty not grieving

I think the real thing they are talking about is what they did to Alison. Why auto relate the Jenna thing and Alison’s death? When Hanna interrupts Aria and Spencer she is saving them from opening a can of worms they promised to keep closed so she says..the Jenna thing?

The discovery of her body rocked this community and today we gather to say goodbye to Alison Dilaurentis. Ali’s funeral has news coverage. Ali loved the idea of immortality. Not to mention watching the 4 liars running around scared their secret is out while they grieve for Ali at her funeral

Alison could have orchestrated for the body to be identified as hers through the use of detective Wilden

The girls realise they all have gotten msgs from A

Jenna is at the funeral

“Rest assured I will find out what happened that summer.” - Wilden after he telling the 4 liars he will re-question them because it’s not a missing persons case it’s a homicide now.

The girls are look terribly worried. If they did nothing wrong that night why are they so worried!!! Alison is the one they hurt. She is in hiding and Wilden is working for her to get the liars to tell the truth and they are torturing the liars are revenge.

Do you think he knows about ?”- Hanna
“How could he ?” - ARIA

They all get a text. Their first one as a group

“I’m still here bitches and I know everything.”-A

I’m convinced the person staring at the closed casket and pic of Alison is Alison herself at her own funeral.

What do you guys think? Can you imagine if Alison has orchestrated this game the whole time. Always 20 steps ahead. She got to have her immortality moments and she controls the girls to this day. They have killed for her and buried a body for her now. 

The pilot is telling, Alison is the center of the mystery, and the center of a deep secret between the 4 liars, the reason for their constant torture is the secret they refuse to admit to, that they hurt Alison that night. Since then she has played them like pawns in a psychotic game .

More episode analysis to come !

We broke MIddle Earth

Once myself and a group of friends, around the time we all got into Tabletop Games, started one of our first games, set in Middle Earth, around the time of the events of the latter half of the Lord of the RIngs.

It became apparent very early that we were not going to take this seriously, as some of the party members included an Elven woman (maybe, the guy playing ‘her’ never actually specified a gender) who’s first and only response to danger was to seduce anything with a heartbeat and a Dwarf who had a special 1 hit kill attack that involved being thrown at enemies and doing a spinning axe attack.

Our first major quest saw us team up with Radagast the Brown, to go and kill a dragon that had been stirring up trouble in the north. After stumbling through the dungeon, I had been blinded twice, fell into a ravine once and attacke by spooky skeletons.

We finally reached the dragon and fought and killed it. Radagast had been wounded, however, and was unconcious, so we had to carry him back down the mountain. The exit was much steeper and harder to navigate, however, and we sort of accidentally dropped Radagast off of a cliff and killed him.

We promptly got as far away from there as possible, because in any case, we had to help out at the Battle of Minas Tirith. Our game plan going into the battle was climb onto one of the giant Oliphaunts, kill all of the evil guys riding it, and claim it as our own.

Our plan succeeded.

We named our new Oliphaunt war machine, the 'Litany of Fuck,’ and covered him in anti-Mordor slogans, including 'Orc Stomper’ and 'Sauron sucks dicks.’

We also afixed a giant cannon, just above his head that would launch rocks, boulders and the Dwarf at the enemy.

We reached the Black Gate for our final battle before the campaign ended, and rudely interrupted Aragorn’s motivational speech and charged right at the Mouth of Sauron, trmapling him to death. The eight remaining Nazgul attacked, so we charged at them too. All but one were instantly killed and the last one was moved down by light arrows, fire spears, rocks, and the Dwarf.

And that’s the story of how we single handedly both doomed and saved Middle Earth.

Magcon Preference #5: His Nickname For You

Cameron: Babe. When you guys first started dating he tried to do something original but it just didn’t work. Today you were at Nash and Cam’s apartment, playing video games, when you killed Cameron and he whined “Babeeeee.” Nash rolled his eyes and said “Really?”

Sammy: Sam had something for Sweetypie. Something about it got him going. If you had a dime for every time a simple nickname turned into a steamy makeout session, you’d be pretty rick.

Jacob: Love. You always questioned Jacob when he called you this, it’s like, he wasn’t British. And so it was just really weird. “Love!” He screamed from the front door, you rolled your eyes.

Aaron: Lovely. “Hey lovely.” He seemed to call you that all the time, just so you knew you were. And it was truly the cutest thing ever, he just wanted to make sure you knew it, and after dating Aaron for a quick month, you knew you were lovely.

Matt: Doll. He always called you doll. Like he would be like “Doll come and looks at this.” And he’d call you that because you were his little doll. And he would keep you safe because he didn’t want his doll to break.

Carter: Sweetcheeks. You were sitting on the couch and you head Carter walking behind you, and he said “Sweetcheeks.” You ignored him, he knew how you hated when he called you that, so you ignored him. “Sweetcheeks. Sweetcheeks!” You ignored him and he sighed and said “Why do you hate me Sweetcheeks?”

Nash: Bae. Lets not lie, it’s really obvious, he would just walk in the room and scream Bae, at the top of his lungs, just because…. he could, and it wouldn’t ever get annoying.

Jack J: Kitten. It had started as a name he only used in bed ;) And today you, Jack, Jack and Sammy were all hanging out, when Jack said “Hey Kitten, can you get me a drink?” You gasped and smacked his shoulder lightly, you got up going to get him a drink, and you heard the other boys laughing at him.

Shawn: Darling. “Hey darling!” He called over Skype, you rolled your eyes and said “What’s with you and that nickname.” He smiled and said “Well, you see, your my darling, and it’s cute.” You smiled and said “Aww, that’s so cute!”

Hayes: Sweetpea. “Hey Sweetpea, what you doing?” You smiled and buried your head in his shoulder, and then he said “You always blush when I call you that, Sweetpea.” You had fallen asleep on the couch while watching a movie with Hayes, and now you were sitting here blushing like a maniac. “I know you do Sweetpea, it’s cute.”

Jack G: “Babygirl, your killing me.” You smiled, and flipped your hair, to the side. You were straddling him on the couch, you and him had been wrestling, you smirked down at him and said “You know how babygirl gets me going.”

Taylor: Shorty. “Hey shorty.” Taylor laughed behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and placing his chin on your head. “I’m not that short!” “Ya you are Shorty.”