that guy really was jamming omg


Father Crowley.

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OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU WRITING GENIUS. Why haven't I discovered you earlier?????? I really could have used some inspiration from your works when I was writing my English folio, honestly. Doctor Dreamy is just... I am lost for words... I cannot wait for Part Two!! ❤️😅

omg this was so sweet thank you, lovely!!

Anonymous said: omg I saw doctor dreamy is getting updated today and I’m screaming lmao

Anonymous said: you’re updating my fave fic on my birthday!!!!

i’m glad you guys are excited!!!!!! also happy bday to the second anon!

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Omg I'm so glad you guys mentioned Jin and jimin's cover of butterfly! I was watching that live this morning and my heart was soaring! Jimin's soft voice paired with Jin's guitar skills was sooo 😭 and it also really made me want to have a guitar jam session with Jin!

It’s soooo good, isn’t it? 😭❤️ they’re just there chilling and then this happens and it’s just such a nice thing to watch and hear ❤️❤️❤️ Seokjin has really been rocking that guitar I’m telling you❤️

xoxo, admin Mars and admin Em!


alrighty so my very first thing on this blog, domestic!joshua , as requested by the lovely @jisoostar ♡ I hope you enjoy this!!

it was so cute to write

○ owning a house w/ josh would be the cutest thing ever honestly
○ like first of all
○ can you imagine waking up to him every day
○ sleepy josh w/ messy hair and a soft smile? sign me UP
○ ok like i see him as someone who wants his house to be really clean
○ but never really wants to do the cleaning himself……
○ but also feels rly bad asking u to clean
○ “gosh the living room is getting kinda messy…..”
○ “then clean it?”
○ “idk..would u do it…please?”
○ you’d always end up doing the cleaning
○ but his laziness in cleaning is made up for by him cooking and doing the shopping for around the house and like laundry
○ will probably over decorate for holidays
○ “i got more halloween decorations!!!”
○ “josh..thats great but it literally looks like a haunted house in here”
○ “i know isnt it GREAT?!”
○ just gets really excited over holidays and spending them with u in your home
○ artist!joshua would come out tbh
○ he’d spend so much time decorating the christmas tree cookies with green frosting and tiny sprinkle ornaments
○ eventually gets frustrated and just throws on random frosting and a shit ton of sprinkles
○ christmas morning would be thE BEST
○ you’d wake up to a non-sleepy josh, he’d be leaning over you just WAITING for you to wake up so he could see what you got for him and he’d be SO EXCITED to see ur reaction to what he got u
○ “y/n wake up!! come on its CHRISTMAS!!!!”
○ josh is just an excitable little angel omg
○ ok but like back to house decorating
○ i feel like he’d be the type to really be into feng shui or have like a very serious aesthetic for your home
○ you’ll come home with like new red drapes or something and he’d just be like
○ “oh no…y/n….this doesn’t match the rest of the house….”
○ he’d leave u really cute sticky notes in the morning
○ like on the mirror in your bathroom saying
○ “good morning beautiful, have a lovely day ♡”
○ he’d very often come home with like flowers or one of ur fave snacks or just anything to let u know he was thinking of u on his way home
○ eating dinner together would be so sweet
○ he’d always ask you abt ur day and listen intently to u rant about the drama at work
○ he’d probably get so into what u were talking abt he’d stop eating
○ if u had an especially bad day at work he’d cook u ur fave meal followed by cuddling while watching ur fave movie/tv show
my heart is fluttering thinking about it omg
○ he’d honestly be the best stress reliever i just-
○ he’d be an even better listener on those days and would hold you in his arms and stroke ur hair while listening to you, nodding along to everything you say
○ you guys would have a music room in ur house
○ he’d spend a lot of his free time in there
○ like his guitar would be in there, all the albums u guys own with a really good sound system, and any instruments u play
○ would want to have jam sessions with u in there ALL THE TIME
○ like u guys would probably spend more time in there than anywhere else honestly
○ likes when u sing along to the music you’re listening to
○ like he’s just walking past the music room and hears ur voice and just stops outside the door and peaks in and smiles to himself
○ he loves your voice ;;;
○ ok so like you’ll have to go away for like a week on a business trip or smthn
○ and like time apart isnt anything super rare for you guys, but it’s mostly him thats gone
○ and so he’s spending a week alone in the house…and he’s like….really sad
○ like ofc he loves the house cause its your guys’
○ but its different without you there
○ and he’d have trouble sleeping in your bed without you there in his arms like
○ he’d just be so sad w/o you there
○ and you come back and he’s waiting for you with flowers and his arms wide open
○ you run into his arms and you guys just hold each other for like 10 minutes
○ and when you pull away joshua is like
○ “this house isnt a home without you in it”
○ so in conclusion, domestic!joshua would be the sweetest, fluffiest thing ever

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yooooo this is my jam thanks for this

i’m gonna state who their godly parent is along with some other stuff

S.Coups for me, would be a son of Zeus. Children of Zeus (although there are few in existence in the books lmao) often take up the role of the leader and we all know Seungcheol is a very efficient leader. At CHB, he’d be known as that really nice guy that’s always there to help the newer campers. He’s also quite a charmer as seen by the way the Aphrodite girls practically drool over him.

Wonwoo would be a son of Athena. He seems to be the intelligent, strategic type and also seems like the one to have an appreciation for arts and architecture. He usually goes by unnoticed at camp and is often referred to as “that tall, quiet Athena kid who doesn’t talk to anyone” but boy, when it comes to capture the flag Wonwoo’s strategies are fool-proof.

Mingyu is no doubt a son of Aphrodite. With his good looks, he can woo practically anyone. Most campers are often in awe of how tall he is and they tell him that he could be a model if he ever decides to leave camp. He gets all blushy whenever they say this, though. He’s also known to get really playful and flirty with just about anyone.

Vernon is a son of Apollo. He has a knack for making up his own raps and that’s kind of like poetry in its own way. Other than this, he’s also really skilfull with a bow and arrow, as expected from a child of Apollo. He’s usually in charge of archery classes for the younger campers and they like him a lot because he’s nice and he gives them little cubes of ambrosia after each class.

wgm with hoshi
  • okay so hoshi is super duper giddy while he’s waiting for you in a toy store.
  • while he’s waiting in there, he gets distracted by a robocar poli toy on the floor and starts playing with it so instead of him surprising you, you surprise him by sneaking behind him.
  • he falls over from his sitting position and hits his head on the shelf and it’s just total chaos you didn’t know what to do but laugh and rub his head.
  • hoshi keeps the biggest smile on his can reassures you that everything is fine and starts to punch his chest saying “i’m a strong guy! i’m a strong guy, see?”
  • he gets close to you quickly and suggests to play hide and seek in the toy store and you’re like wat????? we just met and now you want to hide form each other???
  • he’s like “it’ll be fun! i’ll go hide first and you look for me!”
  • after two minutes of convincing you close your eyes and count to 60.
  • you turn around and see a trail of rose petals on the floor that leads to an elevator. and in the elevator, there’s a petal on top of the number 3 so you pressed it.
  • when you got the the third level, more petals were there and a couple yards ahead was hoSHI HOLD ON I’M GETTING FEELS
  • he’s standing at the end of the trail with a stuffed pig in his arms and this huge smile on his face like omg he is so cute. 
  • he’s like “ah! you found me!” in that really cute voice you give to little kids and you’re like “what is all this?” and he’s like “it’s me being a romantic husband.”
  • after you guys are together for a while, he does a lot of skinship. tbh he initiated skinship really quick at the beginning but was really shy about it. this time he isn’t as shy, he just goes for it.
  • he tries teaching you the dance to jam jam and you guys record it and post it on youtube.
  • you were wearing matching outfits in that video.
  • the outfits were onesies of totoro. totoro onesies. imagine hoshi in a onesie omg.
  • one day you were happening to make a pb&j sandwich and hoshi saw when he came down the stairs and proceeded to dancing jam jam in front of you.
  • he took the bread and knife out of your hands and danced with the bread and knife.
  • and yes, he threw the bread in the air and the bread landed smack on his face, jelly-faced down.
  • he eats the bread still and you’re dying of laughter while you clean his face like what even if this person.
  • he’s really spontaneous and you guys go out often at really random times because he’s like “i’m bored. let’s do something!”
  • he takes you to the han river and you have a picnic there and play soccer and he lets you win because it’s polite but he doesn’t go on saying “oh i let you win” because HE IS NICE AND KINDHEARTED AND ACCEPTS DEFEAT EVEN IF HE DOES ACTUALLY LET YOU WIN TT___TT
  • he takes you to namsan tower and writes the cheesiest note on a lock and kisses the key goodbye and you guys take a selfie together with you two making silly faces with your locks.
  • he takes you to practice with the rest of the seventeen members and they all rushed around you and hoshi literally had to make himself be a wall so you don’t get stampeded by hyper seventeen.
  • brags to them about you knowing jam jam and they make you dance and you’re like i need to do it with hoshi and they’re all like “OOooOoOoOOOooooOOO SOoOOOo ROOoOOoMANTIC!!!!”
  • before you dance, hoshi squeezed your hand and says “FIGHTING!!!!” and midway the rest of seventeen joins you dancing.
  • always tries to cook for you but only once out of the eight (get it lol)  times he cooked was it a success.
  • once he begged you to get a pet and you went out and got him a goldfish and he named it yoshi.
  • he said that yoshi was like your son and that you guys should raise him to be a proper man and you’re like it’s a fish hoshi, you need to chill.
  • he then goes to the pig he gave you when you first met and brings it to yoshi and it like “this is your noona be nice to her” and you just /facepalm/
  • he talks to yoshi every time you guys meet for the show and probably spends more time with the fish than you since it ever made its appearance.
  • teases you about how you’re jealous over a fish and you threatened to eat it. 
  • he hugged the bowl so you wouldn’t dare.
  • then he hugged you and said sorry. BYE.
  • but when it was finally time to leave, you saw hoshi sad for the very first time. :(((((
  • when you guys were saying your goodbyes, he had yoshi in a bowl in his hands and was like “what about our son? i guess he’s coming with me, right?” shet i’m heart broken and you had your pig and it was just a mess.
  • he hugs you forever and you have to remind that he has a schedule to follow.
  • he left first in a car and in the car ride, he’s literally talking to yoshi as if it was you. 
  • “i’m sorry for not being the best husband out there, i promise that if this opportunity comes again, i won’t do the mistakes i did and i will be a good man! i love you!!! fighting!!!”

more wgm scenarios

Joshua as a boyfriend :-)

Group: Seventeen

Member: Joshua, my love

AN: I really love Joshua omg. I hope you liked them! xoxo

Mingyu Version

Wonwoo Version

Joshua my baby would be so sweet. He would always be playing guitar and singing to you. He would pull you into his lap and teach you little by little how to play his favorite songs. He would kiss your cheek when you would play the right string. After you guys would get done with your little jam session he would put his guitar away and lay down the the bed pulling you with him. He would whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you two nodding off to sleep. Joshua would be so sweet and kind to you. He would love you so much and he’d let you know all the time.

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