that guy is like weird asians


I hate all you fucking nasty fangirls. You’re disgusting. The boys can see these comments you freaks. They know English, they can read. And really?? A shipping comment is the one with the highest amount of likes? Of COURSE they’ll see it then!

They’re friends. They’ve known each other for years. Don’t make their relationship weird for them!!!

As a gay man, I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing girls fetishize mlm relationships, especially east asian ones. People aren’t gay for your entertainment.

Any time a guy shows ANY affection for another man, you immediately conclude that they’re fucking. Can’t you see how toxic this is? Can’t you see it further pushes the idea that men can’t be emotional? The second a guy has a close friendship, you call it gay. No wonder men are so stoic, they don’t want everyone assuming they’re fucking their best friend. I’M TIRED. STOP IT. Fuck I hate fangirls who do this. You’re all disgusting.

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Do you have any advice on writing transgender characters? I'm cisgender and I have some ocs that are trans and I want to portray them correctly and respectfully. I really love your artwork and ocs btw!

ahahahh,, Thank you so much!!.. Oh man. I’m just 1 trans person and I.. can’t speak for everyone. But I guess like, I can share some of my? Pointers, and things I’d, personally like to see in trans characters

general things to avoid: 

terms like “transgendered” or “a trans”, overtly infantilizing  OR excessive fetishizing a trans person,  the assumption that all trans ppl are straight… … also intersectionality is still A Thing.. (what is it to be an asian transman vs a white transwoman? Being trans isn’t a free pass or an excuse to be a Jerk)

  •  the story doesn’t have to revolve around their transness.   Like.. yes, douchebags and bigots will always exist, but I think it’s important for trans characters to see themselves as valid, and they shouldn’t be portrayed as.. angst machines who only, constantly bemoan their dysphoria.. allow your trans characters to love themselves and be happy……
  • . uhh I know this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone but it’s Kind Of Weird when, okay. Say you’re writing a trans guy, and his deadname is.. I feel it’s best to avoid scenarios like “my name used to be  Paulette but now it’s Paul…” or “Hi I used to be Maria.. now I am.. Mario” 
  •  it’s good to let your character know that they can. pretty much express themselves any way they want?? Like a transboy character doesn’t have to be overtly masculine the same way a transgirl doesn’t have to be hyperfeminine. trans people transition in different ways. EG. a transgirl doesn’t have to “pass” in order to exist as a Real Girl via the cis gaze.
  • A lot of research, and a little bit of empathy goes a long way..

Jen Sookfong Lee is a Vancouver novelist whose grandfather immigrated to this city from China in the early 1900s. Lee’s writing has centered on the Vancouver area and the experiences of its Asian minority groups  – a demographic that makes up some 43% of the population.

We spoke to Lee in a tea shop in Chinatown that used to be her grandfather’s barbershop. She told us about some of the discrimination he faced in the early 20th century – how white supremacists went through the neighborhood breaking windows and beating up Asian men. It’s not the kind of thing that Lee ever saw growing up, but she’s been deeply disturbed by some of the anti-Asian rhetoric that she’s seen in Vancouver since the election of Donald Trump. White supremacist groups have tried to rally in this city, emulating what has taken place in some places in America, albeit with little success.  

She says that Canadians are aware and concerned about the deep divisions in the United States. 

“Now there’s a lot of us feeling like oh thank god that we’re not you guys. Because it feels really scary and weird and awful. And I think as a sort of reaction to that, a lot of people are turning inward to Canadian culture at this point… a lot of people are not traveling to the states, a lot of people are trying not to consume American culture; they’re trying to read Canadian books or watch Canadian TV shows. It’s a thing.”

- Ravenna + Lulu

(Photo: NPR/Ian Stewart) 

so people headcanon THB (and all the characters) all kinds of ways. I love it! I love the variety. most of it is real good shit.

but here’s a thing I’ve noticed

if we made the Average Headcanon THB, it would look something like this:

Merle: stocky. short. white. grey hair. braids of some kind, usually around the beard. flowers incorporated. glasses. questionable fashion sense. his look is pretty standard.

Taako: average-thin. tall. white. wavy blonde hair. hat, umbra staff, often depicted wearing skirts, crop tops, otherwise stereotypically “feminine” clothing. his look varies the most out of any of the boys. this is what MOST of them look like though.

Magnus: very bulky and muscular. tall. not white. short auburn hair, sideburns, no beard. a few scars. usually shown with his weapons, and wearing armor.

are y'all uh… noticing this?

do you see what I see?

because I see a lot of non-white Merles and Taakos. good shit, OPs. but in any given fanart, if ALL OTHER CHARACTERS are depicted as white, Magnus Burnsides is the one most likely to be depicted as a person of color. if a TAZ fan headcanons any single character as not being white, it’s GOING to be Magnus.

and I feel honestly kiiiiinda weird about that.

not because it’s bad to see Magnus as not being a white guy. I don’t think that’s the case at all. I don’t picture him as a white dude tbh. In my head he looks pretty darn Southeast Asian actually.

but because he’s the muscle. he’s the brute. he’s the intimidating one. the brash one. the one that can crush most people he encounters with his bare fists.

yeah, personality wise, he’s a sweetheart most of the time. he’s got depth. he’s got dimension. his life’s dream is to have a dog on the moon. but he’s also very quick to attack. he’s the least afraid of violence, the most inclined to physical labor, and generally seen as kind of the dumbest member of the party.

I just… I REALLY want y'all fellow white people to think about your headcanons… especially if you see Merle and Taako as being white… especially if you see Magnus as being black, tbh,,, ask yourself why?? ask yourself if you’re okay with saying the big dumb hard laboring brute is also the only non-white main character?

if any taz fans that aren’t white see this post and have any opinions on it, I’d love to hear them. I may be totally wrong. I may be looking at this through my own racially biased lenses. I just… personally, this trend really rubs me the wrong way. just. please check yourselves, guys. think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it? that’s all I guess

BTS as drunk situations I have been in

Jin: When I was so hungry at a party that I wanted to eat a piece of cake but then I realized that there were about 10 pieces I alredy have bitten into and forgotten about

Yoongi: The time we were taking the train to a houseparty while being drunk and I fell asleep while my friends were turning up to my favorite song.

Hobi: that one time we were at a boring birthday party when the first good song played and we started to dance like there’s no tomorrow even though all the people looked at us strangely.

Rapmon: When I thought I broke my crush’s water-tap after going to the bathroom but I was actually just too drunk to turn it off the right way.

Jimin: When I was so drunk that I made out with a guy I just met that day while the others were watching weird asian porn (don’t question that one)  

Taehyung: When I was hammerd for the first time properly so I took a hell load of pictures and videos to document it (which were all on my snapchat story that I imedeatly deleted the next morning)

Jugkook: When I said that I wouldn’t drink that day but then woke up on a couch without a blanket, soaking wet pants that smelled like sex on the beach and no memory while still being drunk

credits to @park-loins who I got the idea from. I just did the same but with my situations. Hope you like it and don’t forget to tag yourself!

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Dude, my mom came out of my room and was like "Hey, who's the cute Asian guy on your computer? Is he a friend? You shouldn't keep him waiting." So I told her it was Mark, and she was like, "Wow, THATS Markiplier? He's really cute! Like, really cute. Maybe I'll start watching his videos with you. I still think watching people play video games is kinda weird, but I mean... Wow." Long story short, I think my mom has a crush on Markiplier.


Angry Girl Review: Eleanor and Park

One time in college I turned in an essay and my professor underlined a sentence I’d written and told me it wasn’t the appropriate register for a university essay and I have crazy respect for her so I tailored my papers for the rest of the semester but this isn’t a university essay so I’ll start off with




Let’s start with the most glaringly obvious: the racism! 

The sad thing is that half these descriptions are obviously supposed to be flattering except they’re… not… 

Wow ninjas and East Asia what a novel concept wow 

Wow because East Asian men aren’t emasculated in American media at all


by the way this is so very Memoirs of a Geisha-y because Park happens to be a half-Korean kid who LOOKS more Asian than his brother

But Park has green eyes!!!!! so magical!!!! So EXOTIC!!! Also “almond-flavored” please that’s not the most cliched description for Asian eyes in the book

Here have some more grossness around those oh-so-exotic “Asian” eyes

Please let that sink in for a moment. Like Ming the Merciless. Who, as you might know from the Flash Gordon comic, was originally introduced in 1934 and is a pretty clear stand-in for, uh… yellow peril. upon googling, looks like this:

Sooo…. yeah.

But then Park has a couple of self-hating moments where he of course implies that Asian women have it easier:

“White guys think they’re exotic”. And that is flattering why, Park? “Exotic”, really? And Eleanor isn’t exactly doing a great job of not contributing to this harmful mentality when she explicitly thinks that he’s “prettier than any girl”. Again:

But then!!! Eleanor makes it all better!!! By saying this!! In the middle of a STEAMY LOVE SCENE!!!! (which by the way neither steamy nor lovely just creeped me out a lot because of the following passage):

This Othering, this fetishization, does not stop through the entire book. Finally, we get towards the end: 

So no, Eleanor never gets over Othering her boyfriend.

Wait hold on Asian women don’t get a pass either, as Park’s mom is painted as the oppressive parent who doesn’t like “weird white girls”, but according to Eleanor…


“his” Dainty China person because of course Park’s mom isn’t a person, but a literal object to be moved and shifted according to the whim’s of Park’s dad, a Korean war vet. 

Here have some more bad stereotyping of Asian women as “thin pretty and petite” and Eleanor’s own self-hatred and fat-shaming:

Black women aren’t exempt from being props to uphold Eleanor either. Her two “friends” at school (I say “friends” in quotes because they don’t really comment on anything except how cute Park is and they all make fun of those OTHER nasty white girls in gym class together), oh, and Rainbow Rowell writes them like this:

“It was an honor that they’d let her into their club”…the “you’re not like THOSE white people club???" 

"I got a man”, REALLY??? 

Park’s “Asian”-ness As Other and He Could Have Been Edward Cullen, What is the Goddamn Difference

I would have felt better if Rainbow Rowell had written Park as a vampire or a werewolf or some other inhuman creature, the stuff of teen girl YA fantasy because a) vampires and werewolves don’t actually exist and therefore you can write them any way you want, albiet cliched, whatever–at least you’re not contributing to some very harmful societal stereotypes. 

Park, as you can see from the previous citations, is written out to be this “edgy” indie boy who wears eyeliner and listens to the Smiths (which wow I rolled my eyes at) and is also a loner at school in and his edginess and “magic” make him stand out in much the same way a vampire or a werewolf or otherwise nonhuman creature would. These descriptions of Park really made me think of Twilight and no, not because they are things that “normal” teen girls say or think but because we’ve seen this archetype of, for lack of better word, “magical boy” that comes barging into sad-manic-pixie-dream-girl’s-but-not-like-the-other-girls’-life and sweeps her off her feet:

How artsy, edgy, and NOT PREPPY, he wears all black.

Who else had a face “like a chiseled marble statue in its perfection”? (psst, it was Edward Cullen)

who else was described as “godlike” “angelic” and all that crap? Vampire boy Edward Cullen. Louis and Lestat and Claudia, all of our favorite too-gorgeous-to-be-real fairytale creatures.

But when you use those kinds of descriptors for a character who is very visibly POC and then give them an uncommon feature like ~green eyes~, do they not become a kind of mythical creature in, the stuff of exotic fantasy? Do they then become dehumanized and not real, only the kind of boyfriend a girl can aspire to get?

The answer, of course, is yes. But dreaming about dating a vampire or a werewolf is so very different and again does not carry the same weight as being hellbent on dating a ~perfect Asian boy~. Because at this point it is not about Park. This is not Park’s story, even though he shares half the title. This is Eleanor’s story, the manic pixie “not like the other girls” girl, with her crazy red hair and her weird clothes and her desire to get away from it all. 

Eleanor’s entire story is painted on a canvas of abuse and neglect and sadness, so of course she needs some magical boy to literally swoop in and save her– at the end, Park takes her to Minnesota where her uncle lives, away from the safety of her stepfather who is out for her blood. Eleanor is the most precious person in the world to Park, so much that he doesn’t care about his family anymore and the only person he cares about is her. How the hell is that any kind of healthy way to have a relationship?

Park’s Asian-ness is only brought up in the context that it is different to what Eleanor is used to, that it is EXOTIC and MAGICAL and because of that she likes him. No, but it’s in the text, where Eleanor openly admits to fetishizing:

I didn’t end up CARING about Eleanor’s family situation at all. Her relationship with her mother was completely one-dimensional, as was the relationship with her siblings and her stepfather. It was almost as though the backstory was there to make Eleanor more sympathetic to the reader, which as a reader I didn’t end up buying because there was literally no depth to any of it.

Similarly, Park’s relationship with his parents is weird and disturbing and also one-sided. His mom speaks broken English and is demure but madly in love with his dad, who, need I remind you, “liberated” her from her oppressive country. Miss Saigon, anyone? Park’s dad is typical American machismo, a simple kinda guy, but at heart a good one. I feel like the PARENTS’ relationship was something I was more interested in than Eleanor or Park, had it not been written like a weird yellow-fever wet dream, where the white dude comes home and just makes out with the Asian woman all the time and she stays home and tends to their perfect house and their perfect family. 

Rainbow Rowell has explicitly stated in an interview that one of her inspirations for writing Eleanor and Park and for making Park Korean was that her father had been in the Korean War:

1. My father served in Korea, in the Army.

This is probably the most obvious explanation.

My parents separated when I was in the second grade, and I never knew my dad that well. I didn’t grow up with him around. But I remember being fascinated by the fact that he was in the military – and stationed in a place where there had been an actual war, even though he was there decades after the worst of it.

There was this photo of him, in uniform, hanging over my grandmother’s coffee table – an unrecognizable teenager with short hair and tiny wire-rimmed glasses.

Every once in a while, if he’d had a few drinks, my dad would talk about the Army. How he signed up at 17 to avoid getting drafted and sent to Vietnam. The Army wouldn’t send a 17-year-old to Vietnam, he said. (I have no idea if this, or much else my dad told me, is true.)

He was especially proud of having protested the Vietnam War while he was in Korea. There was a clipping from a military newspaper with photos of the protest. I was 12 or 13 when he showed me this, and I definitely didn’t get it.

Over the years, I’ve had people tell me I must be confused about my dad, that there weren’t Americans soldiers left in Korea in the ‘70s. But there are still American soldiers in South Korea. We never left.

Anyway, the other thing my dad would talk about, every once in a while, was a girl he’d known in Korea. My mom says he carried this Korean girl’s photo in his wallet for years after he came home. He’d been in love with her; my mom thought he still was.

I used to wonder about that girl. About how he met her. Whether she spoke English. Whether she was his age. Whether it was some secret love affair, or something her friends and family knew about … What if she was his soulmate?

What if fate and circumstance and the U.S. government had come together to deliver my father across the continents to his soulmate – and he just left her there.

He could have stayed, I thought. He could have brought her back. Omaha is a military town; people bring wives and husbands back from all over.

I remember being so angry with him. First for leaving the person he was meant to be with; then for leaving my mom, the person he wasn’t meant to be with; and then for leaving all my brothers and sisters and me in his wake.

So … in Eleanor & Park, Park’s dad gets sent to Korea because his brother has died in combat in Vietnam. He meets his soulmate there. And he brings her home. 

He “liberates” her. And puts her in his pocket like a China Doll, right?

These were only a few selections out of the many, many in the novel. Over and over again we’re slammed in the face with the fact that Park is Asian, he’s half-Korean, but only in the way he looks and almost always in the context of his relationship with Eleanor, never by himself. Half the book is supposedly written from Park’s perspective but he never really introspects on his identity except during that scene when he’s with Eleanor, bitter that there aren’t any “hot Asian guys.” Not even Asian AMERICAN, just “Asian”. As though the author were not aware of the hybrid culture that exists in the country–maybe because Park’s “the only Korean in Omaha?”

What first love story is there to tell? They start off hating each other and he makes her a mixtape and asks if she listens to the Smiths, and given that this book came out after Five Hundred Days of Summer… 

I’m not sure what the point of the book was. To make people want hot Asian boyfriends?

This read like bad Tamora Pierce Circle of Magic Trisana Chandler/Briar Moss AU fic.

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just wanted to tell you, as a filipina from an asian household who grew up with plenty of other asians: your comic is funny, relatable, and tastefully done on top of being well-drawn. i feel like this is just another instance of people getting offended on behalf of another race because in reality, they're the ones who don't get it. we like our rice cookers. rice is a staple food for us. no need to make it weird guys, hanzo's just excited about a SWEET DEAL on a core asian household appliance.

Thank you my dude….thank you so much.

 And also, as someone from a latinx household where owning a rice cooker is about as important as having wifi, where rice takes up 50% of your damn plate, where rice cookers  are given away as prizes on game shows…IF IT’S HALF PRICE YOU CAN BET I’M GETTING AT LEAST 2. 


I just started my first year of high school 2 weeks ago and made a friend in biology class right? She’s black and we went to lunch together. While in the line this eastern Asian boy with his group of white boy friends turns to face me and smiles and waves and I’m turning around to see if he’s talking to someone else because I’ve never met him before but he’s waving at me and I wave back awkwardly like the awkward human being I am. *sigh and the next day I’m in line with my friend again and

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FATED (Part 1)

(You can read the synopsis in the Masterpost below)

Masterpost  |  Part 2

Pairing: Suho x reader. (AU)

Warnings: none yet.

Words: 1615.

A/N: I know this part is short but it’s just to settle things down. I’ll keep going with the story from here. Opinions are always welcomed! ^.^

This is a part of the August challenge for my network. Here’s the prompt I used:

I work nights and you have an 8am class, so we always end up running into each other at the campus coffee shop.

(Gif credits to its owner)

When the clock finally hit 7:00 a sigh of exhaustion and relief left your mouth. You had been wanting to go home since you had started to work at 23:00. Every single day since they hired you, when the time to finish your work period was coming, you couldn’t help but wonder why did you accept a night shift, and wouldn’t find any valid reason. Of course, when the night was coming and your entry time was near you remembered exactly why you had accepted it. You were as poor as a rat and if you wanted to keep studying, you needed that job to pay for basically everything.

Rob came in cheerfully greeting everyone, as always. You hated him. He was a nice guy, but he used to come to work every morning with a shiny smile and his stupid rested face after having slept all night… Like you all had that chance! Sucker.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” he smiled trying to be nice, as he leaned on the counter in front of you, “How is our newest worker doing today?”

“Call me Sweetheart once again and I will rip your eyes out of your face using this teaspoon,” you answered showing him the one you were wiping and mimicking his pose.

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A lowly Daft Punk fan tries to understand Justice

What I know so far:

-The Weird Al lookin one who went through a Jesus phase is Gaspard

-The pretty emo one who kind of looks like an Asian princess is Xavier

-They’re hella gay for each other but not(?) a couple

-Xavier eats a lot

-They suck each other’s dicks so they can stay a band

-Xavier is a monkey and Gaspard is a bison…?

-They literally ship themselves

-In interviews Xavier is basically Thomas and Gaspard is basically Guy-Man

-They enable the fangirls

-Xavier always looks sad/scared and Gaspard is perpetually done with everyone’s shit

-Hella gay

-Xavier is a cinnamon roll plz protect him


-I’m pretty sure Gaspard is plotting my murder


-Gaspard can play the flute

-They’re like a walking fanfiction

-”Gaspaaaaaaard” is the “Thomaf” of the Justice fandom

-They’re a French duo who makes electronic music and is with the same record company Daft Punk used to be a part of?? Jesus Christ no wonder the fans overlap so much

Feel free to tell me if I got something wrong or missed anything

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Is there a reason you like Korean guys so much? They're basically metrosexual and act like women. White dudes in America (actually basically any other race like Black guys) act way more masculine than these guys. I don't know why you bother to be honest. If you want a girlfriend, just date another girl, not some Asian guy pretending to be one.

umm, ?? idk if you have a problem with me but

First of all, it’s not like I have some weird fetish or fixation on Korean guys (that’s creepy and wrong on so many levels. jeez I reblog a couple kpop posts and suddenly this..), and secondly, why are you generalizing and acting as if more “feminine” traits are less ideal? Especially talking as if having masculine traits are the attributes that I should prefer, which tbh, is kind of jackassy. 

And I understand that there are different expectations and standards for what is considered attractive/ideal in these countries (and so should you). But if things like makeup and looking bomb af with it makes you “basically metrosexual and a woman” then you need to lighten up and open your eyes. There’s no need to condemn people that maintain their appearance, and you negatively using women in your comparisons implies that acting like one is insulting, which is really demeaning and rude. Honestly this entire ask is so narrow-minded–I get that a lot of Americans/Western nations prioritize rugged, manly men that can bench press seventy five logs at once, but it’s no reason for you to take it and degrade others.  

I’ll date a guy for who they are, not for the masculinity that you seem to be describing. I like many kpop idols because of their personalities, not just how they look and act, and if some male idols happen to demonstrate more feminine traits, then what of it? They’re not any less of a person/man because the way they act, and if anything it makes them more human. My buddy pal, if you could kindly take your toxic ideals about men and how they should act and leave, I’d really appreciate that. 

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I saw in one of your previous Voltron Family posts, that Keith looks young. Do people flirt with him because of that?

Yes. At the age of 40+, Keith still looks like he’s 25 to late 20′s so he gets hit on by college students when he picks up his kids. The poor guy. It’s honestly a weird thing with the Asian race. I would know because I am one and people still mistake me as 15. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

i wish someone made modular fantasy warriors like anvil industries makes modular modern/future soldiers/guardsmans

because i want some Human Troops™ but i don’t like WFB Empire guys at all

if LotR minis were the same scale instead of itty bitty I would buy a whole slew of Haradrim to be my good guys because I want a vaguely north african look for my dudes, and also fuck your racist bullshit

(seriously, just paint their skin ACTUALLY BROWN to black and paint their headwear/veils blue and you’ve got some decent medieval-era Tuareg-lookin’ guys. not great- their weapons and poses are sort of uninspired -but decent)

frostgrave minis are okay but they’re a bit expensive for the low complexity, and they got those weird leg stand things which you’d have to trim off so you could glue them to proper 25mm round bases. and while at least they’re not 16th century Holy Roman Empire-lookin dweebs, they are depressingly European-lookin. Could maybe fudge something with the barbarians to make ‘em look more like central asian dudes- Kazakhs and such -but meh

historicals are generally one or more of: too small, too crappy, too fucking racist

(no seriously i went looking for anglo-zulu war historicals just in case the Zulus looked suitably badass… y i k e s)

kairic acolytes have a sort of Egyptian look to them and if i replaced the heads i might have something there but like… i’d still need to sculpt shoes for them because you don’t fight barefoot in the damn desert. and I’d probably want to sculpt some kind of upper body covering for them, too- you don’t run around with that much exposed skin when there’s blowing sand.

in short, ugh

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How do you feel about being shipped with anyone other than tweek? Like kenny or clyde

The difference in being shipped with Tweek and being shipped with the other guys is that I liked Tweek in a weird and confusing way when the Asian girls first starting shipping us, and with the other guys I have always just seen them as friends. Also, Clyde’s straight and Kenny’s with Butters, so even if I wasn’t with Tweek nothing would happen between Clyde and I or Kenny and I.

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Quit calling racist white women "bitch" if a black person does something horrible I don't call them nigger. You guys seem to think being racist against blacks is worse than being sexist or anti Semitic or racist against hispanics asians etc. that's why I don't support blm or any of that bullshit. Deal with black on black crime and the entire black culture of calling girls whores and sluts and rapping about rape and domestic violence like NWA. You guys are hated by every race

i suddenly lost the ability to read once i opened this message. weird! anyway donate to my paypal!

Thoughts and Observations on Until Dawn’s First Person Prototype Version

So I’ve been watching this video with the newly-uncovered prototype first-person version of Until Dawn that was original going to be a PS3 Playstation Move game, and I of course have some thoughts and observations about it. Also for people who don’t want a watch a 42-minute video you can just read this, since i pointed out most of the important stuff lol

pictures and commentary under the cut!

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So I’m going to make a recommendation here. Has anyone seen “Into the Badlands”? It’s a show originating on AMC. I just checked it out yesterday. It was one of those shows I was saving to watch til I had some time. I’m on vacation and planned on doing absolutely nothing but binge watching. Believe me, relaxing is not something I’m good at. But anyway, This show is amazing! It’s martial arts (which I love), there’s badass women, a badass, sexy good guy (who is Asian) who’s girl is a beautiful young black woman, who also happens to be a doctor, basically. There’s a weird kid with weird powers (still don’t know what that’s about). I guess it’s like post apocalyptic. I’m old and it takes a minute for shit settle in, but honestly, I’ll gladly watch this again. There aren’t many episodes per season and of course netflix only has season 1 right now. Anyway, if you appreciate martial arts and badass females, give this show a shot.