that guy is like weird asians

ok i forgot his name but ya’al remember that weird white guy who was making videos on how to hook up with asian girls and he was like grabbing them and shit? i swear 2 god some guy at the bar last night was trying those techniques on me. weirdest shit i have ever experienced. this guy was trying to make conversation  as i was waiting for my drink by the bar- and he’s like talking about THE most normal shit- and then he’s like gripping the back of my neck under my hair ??while he’s talking about like how he just moved to toronto?? i’m still shook

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Dude, my mom came out of my room and was like "Hey, who's the cute Asian guy on your computer? Is he a friend? You shouldn't keep him waiting." So I told her it was Mark, and she was like, "Wow, THATS Markiplier? He's really cute! Like, really cute. Maybe I'll start watching his videos with you. I still think watching people play video games is kinda weird, but I mean... Wow." Long story short, I think my mom has a crush on Markiplier.


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just wanted to tell you, as a filipina from an asian household who grew up with plenty of other asians: your comic is funny, relatable, and tastefully done on top of being well-drawn. i feel like this is just another instance of people getting offended on behalf of another race because in reality, they're the ones who don't get it. we like our rice cookers. rice is a staple food for us. no need to make it weird guys, hanzo's just excited about a SWEET DEAL on a core asian household appliance.

Thank you my dude….thank you so much.

 And also, as someone from a latinx household where owning a rice cooker is about as important as having wifi, where rice takes up 50% of your damn plate, where rice cookers  are given away as prizes on game shows…IF IT’S HALF PRICE YOU CAN BET I’M GETTING AT LEAST 2. 

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Is there a reason you like Korean guys so much? They're basically metrosexual and act like women. White dudes in America (actually basically any other race like Black guys) act way more masculine than these guys. I don't know why you bother to be honest. If you want a girlfriend, just date another girl, not some Asian guy pretending to be one.

umm, ?? idk if you have a problem with me but

First of all, it’s not like I have some weird fetish or fixation on Korean guys (that’s creepy and wrong on so many levels. jeez I reblog a couple kpop posts and suddenly this..), and secondly, why are you generalizing and acting as if more “feminine” traits are less ideal? Especially talking as if having masculine traits are the attributes that I should prefer, which tbh, is kind of jackassy. 

And I understand that there are different expectations and standards for what is considered attractive/ideal in these countries (and so should you). But if things like makeup and looking bomb af with it makes you “basically metrosexual and a woman” then you need to lighten up and open your eyes. There’s no need to condemn people that maintain their appearance, and you negatively using women in your comparisons implies that acting like one is insulting, which is really demeaning and rude. Honestly this entire ask is so narrow-minded–I get that a lot of Americans/Western nations prioritize rugged, manly men that can bench press seventy five logs at once, but it’s no reason for you to take it and degrade others.  

I’ll date a guy for who they are, not for the masculinity that you seem to be describing. I like many kpop idols because of their personalities, not just how they look and act, and if some male idols happen to demonstrate more feminine traits, then what of it? They’re not any less of a person/man because the way they act, and if anything it makes them more human. My buddy pal, if you could kindly take your toxic ideals about men and how they should act and leave, I’d really appreciate that. 

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I saw in one of your previous Voltron Family posts, that Keith looks young. Do people flirt with him because of that?

Yes. At the age of 40+, Keith still looks like he’s 25 to late 20′s so he gets hit on by college students when he picks up his kids. The poor guy. It’s honestly a weird thing with the Asian race. I would know because I am one and people still mistake me as 15. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

A lowly Daft Punk fan tries to understand Justice

What I know so far:

-The Weird Al lookin one who went through a Jesus phase is Gaspard

-The pretty emo one who kind of looks like an Asian princess is Xavier

-They’re hella gay for each other but not(?) a couple

-Xavier eats a lot

-They suck each other’s dicks so they can stay a band

-Xavier is a monkey and Gaspard is a bison…?

-They literally ship themselves

-In interviews Xavier is basically Thomas and Gaspard is basically Guy-Man

-They enable the fangirls

-Xavier always looks sad/scared and Gaspard is perpetually done with everyone’s shit

-Hella gay

-Xavier is a cinnamon roll plz protect him


-I’m pretty sure Gaspard is plotting my murder


-Gaspard can play the flute

-They’re like a walking fanfiction

-”Gaspaaaaaaard” is the “Thomaf” of the Justice fandom

-They’re a French duo who makes electronic music and is with the same record company Daft Punk used to be a part of?? Jesus Christ no wonder the fans overlap so much

Feel free to tell me if I got something wrong or missed anything

Angry Girl Review: Eleanor and Park

One time in college I turned in an essay and my professor underlined a sentence I’d written and told me it wasn’t the appropriate register for a university essay and I have crazy respect for her so I tailored my papers for the rest of the semester but this isn’t a university essay so I’ll start off with




Let’s start with the most glaringly obvious: the racism! 

The sad thing is that half these descriptions are obviously supposed to be flattering except they’re… not… 

Wow ninjas and East Asia what a novel concept wow 

Wow because East Asian men aren’t emasculated in American media at all


by the way this is so very Memoirs of a Geisha-y because Park happens to be a half-Korean kid who LOOKS more Asian than his brother

But Park has green eyes!!!!! so magical!!!! So EXOTIC!!! Also “almond-flavored” please that’s not the most cliched description for Asian eyes in the book

Here have some more grossness around those oh-so-exotic “Asian” eyes

Please let that sink in for a moment. Like Ming the Merciless. Who, as you might know from the Flash Gordon comic, was originally introduced in 1934 and is a pretty clear stand-in for, uh… yellow peril. upon googling, looks like this:

Sooo…. yeah.

But then Park has a couple of self-hating moments where he of course implies that Asian women have it easier:

“White guys think they’re exotic”. And that is flattering why, Park? “Exotic”, really? And Eleanor isn’t exactly doing a great job of not contributing to this harmful mentality when she explicitly thinks that he’s “prettier than any girl”. Again:

But then!!! Eleanor makes it all better!!! By saying this!! In the middle of a STEAMY LOVE SCENE!!!! (which by the way neither steamy nor lovely just creeped me out a lot because of the following passage):

This Othering, this fetishization, does not stop through the entire book. Finally, we get towards the end: 

So no, Eleanor never gets over Othering her boyfriend.

Wait hold on Asian women don’t get a pass either, as Park’s mom is painted as the oppressive parent who doesn’t like “weird white girls”, but according to Eleanor…


“his” Dainty China person because of course Park’s mom isn’t a person, but a literal object to be moved and shifted according to the whim’s of Park’s dad, a Korean war vet. 

Here have some more bad stereotyping of Asian women as “thin pretty and petite” and Eleanor’s own self-hatred and fat-shaming:

Black women aren’t exempt from being props to uphold Eleanor either. Her two “friends” at school (I say “friends” in quotes because they don’t really comment on anything except how cute Park is and they all make fun of those OTHER nasty white girls in gym class together), oh, and Rainbow Rowell writes them like this:

“It was an honor that they’d let her into their club”…the “you’re not like THOSE white people club???" 

"I got a man”, REALLY??? 

Park’s “Asian”-ness As Other and He Could Have Been Edward Cullen, What is the Goddamn Difference

I would have felt better if Rainbow Rowell had written Park as a vampire or a werewolf or some other inhuman creature, the stuff of teen girl YA fantasy because a) vampires and werewolves don’t actually exist and therefore you can write them any way you want, albiet cliched, whatever–at least you’re not contributing to some very harmful societal stereotypes. 

Park, as you can see from the previous citations, is written out to be this “edgy” indie boy who wears eyeliner and listens to the Smiths (which wow I rolled my eyes at) and is also a loner at school in and his edginess and “magic” make him stand out in much the same way a vampire or a werewolf or otherwise nonhuman creature would. These descriptions of Park really made me think of Twilight and no, not because they are things that “normal” teen girls say or think but because we’ve seen this archetype of, for lack of better word, “magical boy” that comes barging into sad-manic-pixie-dream-girl’s-but-not-like-the-other-girls’-life and sweeps her off her feet:

How artsy, edgy, and NOT PREPPY, he wears all black.

Who else had a face “like a chiseled marble statue in its perfection”? (psst, it was Edward Cullen)

who else was described as “godlike” “angelic” and all that crap? Vampire boy Edward Cullen. Louis and Lestat and Claudia, all of our favorite too-gorgeous-to-be-real fairytale creatures.

But when you use those kinds of descriptors for a character who is very visibly POC and then give them an uncommon feature like ~green eyes~, do they not become a kind of mythical creature in, the stuff of exotic fantasy? Do they then become dehumanized and not real, only the kind of boyfriend a girl can aspire to get?

The answer, of course, is yes. But dreaming about dating a vampire or a werewolf is so very different and again does not carry the same weight as being hellbent on dating a ~perfect Asian boy~. Because at this point it is not about Park. This is not Park’s story, even though he shares half the title. This is Eleanor’s story, the manic pixie “not like the other girls” girl, with her crazy red hair and her weird clothes and her desire to get away from it all. 

Eleanor’s entire story is painted on a canvas of abuse and neglect and sadness, so of course she needs some magical boy to literally swoop in and save her– at the end, Park takes her to Minnesota where her uncle lives, away from the safety of her stepfather who is out for her blood. Eleanor is the most precious person in the world to Park, so much that he doesn’t care about his family anymore and the only person he cares about is her. How the hell is that any kind of healthy way to have a relationship?

Park’s Asian-ness is only brought up in the context that it is different to what Eleanor is used to, that it is EXOTIC and MAGICAL and because of that she likes him. No, but it’s in the text, where Eleanor openly admits to fetishizing:

I didn’t end up CARING about Eleanor’s family situation at all. Her relationship with her mother was completely one-dimensional, as was the relationship with her siblings and her stepfather. It was almost as though the backstory was there to make Eleanor more sympathetic to the reader, which as a reader I didn’t end up buying because there was literally no depth to any of it.

Similarly, Park’s relationship with his parents is weird and disturbing and also one-sided. His mom speaks broken English and is demure but madly in love with his dad, who, need I remind you, “liberated” her from her oppressive country. Miss Saigon, anyone? Park’s dad is typical American machismo, a simple kinda guy, but at heart a good one. I feel like the PARENTS’ relationship was something I was more interested in than Eleanor or Park, had it not been written like a weird yellow-fever wet dream, where the white dude comes home and just makes out with the Asian woman all the time and she stays home and tends to their perfect house and their perfect family. 

Rainbow Rowell has explicitly stated in an interview that one of her inspirations for writing Eleanor and Park and for making Park Korean was that her father had been in the Korean War:

1. My father served in Korea, in the Army.

This is probably the most obvious explanation.

My parents separated when I was in the second grade, and I never knew my dad that well. I didn’t grow up with him around. But I remember being fascinated by the fact that he was in the military – and stationed in a place where there had been an actual war, even though he was there decades after the worst of it.

There was this photo of him, in uniform, hanging over my grandmother’s coffee table – an unrecognizable teenager with short hair and tiny wire-rimmed glasses.

Every once in a while, if he’d had a few drinks, my dad would talk about the Army. How he signed up at 17 to avoid getting drafted and sent to Vietnam. The Army wouldn’t send a 17-year-old to Vietnam, he said. (I have no idea if this, or much else my dad told me, is true.)

He was especially proud of having protested the Vietnam War while he was in Korea. There was a clipping from a military newspaper with photos of the protest. I was 12 or 13 when he showed me this, and I definitely didn’t get it.

Over the years, I’ve had people tell me I must be confused about my dad, that there weren’t Americans soldiers left in Korea in the ‘70s. But there are still American soldiers in South Korea. We never left.

Anyway, the other thing my dad would talk about, every once in a while, was a girl he’d known in Korea. My mom says he carried this Korean girl’s photo in his wallet for years after he came home. He’d been in love with her; my mom thought he still was.

I used to wonder about that girl. About how he met her. Whether she spoke English. Whether she was his age. Whether it was some secret love affair, or something her friends and family knew about … What if she was his soulmate?

What if fate and circumstance and the U.S. government had come together to deliver my father across the continents to his soulmate – and he just left her there.

He could have stayed, I thought. He could have brought her back. Omaha is a military town; people bring wives and husbands back from all over.

I remember being so angry with him. First for leaving the person he was meant to be with; then for leaving my mom, the person he wasn’t meant to be with; and then for leaving all my brothers and sisters and me in his wake.

So … in Eleanor & Park, Park’s dad gets sent to Korea because his brother has died in combat in Vietnam. He meets his soulmate there. And he brings her home. 

He “liberates” her. And puts her in his pocket like a China Doll, right?

These were only a few selections out of the many, many in the novel. Over and over again we’re slammed in the face with the fact that Park is Asian, he’s half-Korean, but only in the way he looks and almost always in the context of his relationship with Eleanor, never by himself. Half the book is supposedly written from Park’s perspective but he never really introspects on his identity except during that scene when he’s with Eleanor, bitter that there aren’t any “hot Asian guys.” Not even Asian AMERICAN, just “Asian”. As though the author were not aware of the hybrid culture that exists in the country–maybe because Park’s “the only Korean in Omaha?”

What first love story is there to tell? They start off hating each other and he makes her a mixtape and asks if she listens to the Smiths, and given that this book came out after Five Hundred Days of Summer… 

I’m not sure what the point of the book was. To make people want hot Asian boyfriends?

This read like bad Tamora Pierce Circle of Magic Trisana Chandler/Briar Moss AU fic.

changlinarmy replied to your post “It’s a mistake I’ve made too, but… It seems very odd that authors tend…”

Hakkai is -7kg under his size. Gokû is -4kg, Sanzô is… -12kg ! Considering they are asians, it’s true to say our guys are all at average weight… But, in my opinion, the weird thing is Gojyo’s weight : -9kg under his size ! He should clearly weight more due to his muscular mass and fighting style which solicits muscles like Gokû. Gokû’s weight is pretty good for his size : it reflects he has muscles.

My size is exactly Sanzô’s size and his weight correspond to mine when i was discharged from hospital after a big surgery. I was clearly thin at this moment, with no muscles at all and i’m a girl…! Our Sanzô is clearly the thinnest of the group but considering his fighting style, he don’t need to be too muscle so it’s fine. I think our Hakkai is at a good weight too for same reasons :).

Anyway, how a man appear depends of his bones too. Perhaps, Gojyo’s bones are very slight so it explain his weight. :b My final conclusion is : the four boys are perfectly fine ! <3

Hmm, I’m not sure where you’ve gotten your numbers from, but I was going based off of the stats listed on the Saiyuki wiki, and calculating Body Mass Index, which is an averaging system based on height and weight. (I’ve been on a bit of a fitness kick lately, so I got curious about how they all measured up.) The guys all fell between 19.8 (Goku) and 21.1 (Gojyo), putting all of them on the slightly low end of the healthy range (18.5-24.9). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it was more a musing that for some reason, I think of Hakkai (and Sanzo, with the 22-inch waist Sensei gave him) as being thin. Sinewy is a good way to put it, too, as @jelainethefirst said, and if one considers that muscle is heavy, it makes sense that the least muscular of them comes in a little lighter and a little narrower. However, considering again that muscle is heavier than fat, maybe Gojyo should be heavier, haha!

Of course, I imagine that the poor conditions on the road have changed their health, likely for the worse, but how the periods of days on the road eating canned food or whatever they could hunt or scavenge measures up against the feast days stopped in town where they run up the gold card on steak and dumplings is something of a mystery. 

They’re all within the right range, though, and like you said, absolutely perfect as they are!

Thoughts and Observations on Until Dawn’s First Person Prototype Version

So I’ve been watching this video with the newly-uncovered prototype first-person version of Until Dawn that was original going to be a PS3 Playstation Move game, and I of course have some thoughts and observations about it. Also for people who don’t want a watch a 42-minute video you can just read this, since i pointed out most of the important stuff lol

pictures and commentary under the cut!

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always found it weird that when asian-americans voice displeasure over whitewashing asian characters some white guy playing devil’s advocate will go “ well i asked an ACTUAL JAPANESE PERSON FROm..JAPAN “ and its like, the situations are completely different? like living in america, you consume media and i don’t know why white people’s first instinct is to run and ask someone in another country what a situation that doesn’t affect them at all just for the sake of some thinly veiled racist “ gotcha “ or some shit

prolly worded this wrong

dianasaidwhat replied to your post “I think the scariest adult experience I had along those GNC lines was…”

I’m one of those Asians who does have boobs and looks super feminine without trying and I used to get weird envy from white women and creepy comments from men (including Asian men). Once when I was 17 a guy who was 20 called me jailbait! I still want to throw up in my mouth a little when I think about it. Those kinds of comments decreased dramatically when I moved to Japan and is part of the reason I am hesitant to leave.

Arrrgh the weird envy is so creepy. I’m sorry :-(

Like, I may bitch about being misgendered occasionally but mainly presenting as androgynous/masculine was a lifesaver for me when I was a teenager. 

That’s when I kept on getting these messages, “you need to look more feminine” and whenever I did look more feminine, I had men fucking swarming me and saying gross shit. I’ll never forget I was at the mall one day (80s kid) and a sailor from the nearby neighbor base started hitting on me. I told him I was 14, he said, “I don’t mind, do you have a car?” and had to yell at him that I was 14 and of fucking course I didn’t have a car and to go away before I had to call the mall cop.

After a few years of that kind of harassment, I discovered goth, punk, and Bowie, and completely gave up trying to be feminine. Most of the time I was mistaken for a pudgy, badly dressed Asian boy, which meant I was totally invisible and got no attention at all. I LOVED IT. 

The older I get the more invisible I get, also part of sexism but not an aspect that particularly bothers me, and it’s less dangerous than being hypervisible.

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I know it sounds weird, considering the whole premise of the show was about fighting adult tyranny, but sometimes I wish we got more of the relationships between the operatives and their parents (aside from Nigel of course, there was a lot of story that revolved around him and his dad). I think growing up as an Asian American kid I also really loved Numbuh 3's mom, who was an Asian parent not screaming about grades and actually wanting her daughters to be happy, albeit she showed up like, once.

YES!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! and honestly, its not weird at all i think it would have fit into the point of the show perfectly fine

abusive adults were the bad guys, and good parents/ good adults who worked hard to protect kids (moosk) were still good guys and thats a really important part of knd’s message. not in some obnoxious “good allies should be praised” way, but in the serious way of addressing that children should 1) have certain expectations of their parents 2) know the difference between being treated fairly and unfairly and 3) know that when they grow up, they do not have to be an evil adult- becoming evil as you age is not shown as the only option because that would be terrifying and hopeless

given that, heck…i really really wish we had more episodes about the child/parent relationships or even just the parents themselves. i wish we knew all their first names for example- or like with nigels mom, we find out at the last second that she was a historic figure in knd history but we never get to see that elaborated on which sucks! we dont even know her name!

im super happy to hear that knd made you feel that way and that you loved the depiction of kuki’s mom! genki is pretty wonderful, and kukis dad is actually my favorite of all the parents, i love how much character he has

and yes above all- to your point- im so glad everyone in sectuh v was shown to have good, supportive, loving parents- given that they are all from different backgrounds and all have to face a great deal of hardships as knd operatives being hunted down by dangerous people all the time

aa…knd is such a good show…

id actually been thinking about how i wish there had been an episode where all the sectuh v parents got together for like a friendly dinner or something, organized by numbuh 3 and numbuh 2′s moms (i headcanon that after op CLUES they become pretty good friends)

Just got done seeing Power Rangers. It could have been a bit better, but it was still pretty good. Build up to them suiting up took them awhile but I really liked the movie was about the kids and building their bond rather than just giving them the suits and throwing them at Rita.

Some things I really liked. They switched the colors around so the black guy isn’t the black ranger and the Asian chick isn’t yellow. Billy is autistic and my favorite character and Trini is gay. Brian Cranston made a good Zordon, but I felt they could have given him more to do. Alpha looked weird but he was great in motion. Same for the armor.

And lastly, It’s Morphin’ Time, Go Go Power Rangers, Ay Yi Yi, and THE SONG were all used. Long story short, if you’ve ever liked Power Rangers, you’ll like the movie. Maybe even love it. If you’ve never seen it, you’ll still at least like it.

“Racist piece of shit”

“Vanoss” is a character much like Bat Owl is. Of course we know Evan doesn’t have a head of an owl in real life. People’s drawings could and mostly is referencing Evan’s GTA V character that is not asian and lighter skinned. If people were trying to go for realistic Evan, there would be a lot more changed rather than just the skin tone.

Saying someone is a racist because of the way they colour someone is the same as telling someone is a racist because the way they draw Vanoss’ eyes. He’s asian and has slightly slimmer eyes, but do people draw him that way? No. Do they get told to kill themselves and that they’re a piece of racist shit? No. I personally draw him with wider eyes than he has. Do I have experience with asian eyes? Of course I do, I look at myself everyday. It’s just the way people draw him!

No one is intentionally white washing Vanoss. At all.

Also, Please explain to me in full detail as to how you telling people to kill themselves and breaking down their self esteem has anything to do with your argument against the artists about the way they draw or colour Vanoss. Please, I would love to know. Because in my opinion, if they are as “racist” as you say they are, you’re just as bad of a person as you perceive them to be. 

As a person who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, you don’t think you’re a horrible human being for telling someone to go kill themselves…all because of the way they choose to draw or colour a fictional person? 

Hell, why not call everyone a racist because none of us know what Delirious looks like and we’re just basing him off of his GTA V character. He could be any other ethnicity! A lot of drawings of the BBS guys is based off their character! Whoa, weird concept how fandom draws people based on the character we associate them with.

You’re no hero for accusing someone of being a racist for how they color a person’s skin and then continuing to belittle and harass them about it. Especially when your arguments literally only have one statement such as “their colouring his skin too light because he’s asian”. Also, Light skinned asian people exist!!! Whoa! 

Blocking them is a really easy process. If you seriously don’t like the content someone creates, instead of wasting your time being an asshole, try ignoring them. Your only defense from what you told me was that “you don’t want others doing the same”. I’m sure others are fully capable and mature enough to know to block someone or something that they don’t like. 

There is a huge difference between creative criticism and just being a plain asshole. The way you are currently approaching it is in the fashion of a complete asshole. Try actually developing an argument before you try to fight for something that doesn’t really even exist. I don’t understand where you get off on breaking people down but it just makes you look like a shitty person and ruins your reputation than the artists’.

The way you’re acting is completely disrespectful and unnecessary for an easily solved problem. Continuous harassment and belittling isn’t going to get someone to do what you ask, especially when you hound them on and on and most of the time it isn’t even about what you’re trying to prove. 

So really, please grow up and leave the people alone. They are not here to serve to your every need and will, they are here to create content for what they love and your input is not needed.

It’s so weird seeing these guys who say they like Star Trek but also lament modern Star Trek being “infested by SJW”. Like, this guy literally said that one of the reasons he wasn’t interested in Discovery is that it might be infested by social justice warriors. Star Trek. Might be “infested” by Social Justice. Star Trek the first show to have a black woman not playing a maid, the first show to have an interracial kiss; the show that had a black woman, an Asian-American man, and a Russian (in the middle of the Cold War) as main characters in non-stereotypical roles, in the 60s; the show that had a good number of racial minorities and women in significant roles, the show that had said women in outfits that were feminist at the time, the show were Kirk once advocated for abortion and contraception and regularly for women’s rights.

This show might be infested by Social Jusitce

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Did you see Kendrick's intro for Coachella? How do you feel about his alter ego, kung fu kenny? He even used characters in the performance that I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what they mean. I'm just on the fence because all I see are comments of how great he is, but it looked so weird to me. But also guess it's the same way as an Asian guy rapping. I just wanna get another person's opinion on this, especially yours because you're so smart. Am I seeing a problem that isn't there?

I haven’t seen it but Kung Fu Kenny? That sounds like it’s probably full of really racist shit. I don’t know. I haven’t seen it so I can’t say but just off the fact that he has an alter ego that relies on Asian culture is kinda side-eyeish.

The Parthenon

Castiel knelt down just off the path and called softly to the beige cat sitting nonchalantly on the ruins of a once great structure.  Well, to be fair, it was still an amazing structure, but not what it had been during the height of the ancient Greek’s power.

Around him the tourist site was overly crowded with people tromping around and yelling and taking pictures and tour guides waving flags to keep their groups together and moving.  Castiel’s father had taken a “moment” to sit down and draw some wildflowers growing out of one of the cracks of a stone that Castiel didn’t even think was ever actually a part of the Parthenon.  He’d been sketching for over thirty minutes already.  It was like the man had no concept of time.

Castiel had wandered around the great structure twice, observed the views of the city sprawl, and bugged his dad three times that they needed to get going.  There were other sites to see in Athens than the Acropolis and they only had four more hours before they had to be back at the cruise ship.  He had been shooed off three times.

Now he was trying to tempt one of the feral temple cats to come down off her lofty perch and entertain him.  One of them had run away when he’d gotten close, but this one seemed content to watch him and listen to him click and whistle at her.  Then she stood up suddenly, but had to sit down and lick herself to make it seem like she wasn’t really interested in coming over.  Then she hopped down onto the ground and walked her little cat-self over toward him.  Castiel smiled and reached out a hand.

Just as he was about to pet her head a voice said, “Ugh, you’re not actually going to touch it, are you?”

The cat darted away behind her rock.  Castiel sighed in annoyance and turned to look at whatever peabrain had scared her off.  It was a kid about his age, no older than sixteen anyway, with short spiky hair and a face that had been out in the sun too long without sun block if his pronounced freckles were anything to go by.  Castiel just stared at him.

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Mistakes o-O

Disclaimer : If you just for some random reason want to read this and know you will start to hate for no f x x king reason, your presence is dismissed :3 Thank you

Hai :3 Um I was a little hesitant on posting a story because I usually just like reading others experiences because they are goals af XD but since I enjoy reading stories as well as others…I might as well go ahead and share my own weird, painful, but very enjoyable moment I have went through.

Okay, so I go to a school where we have a volleyball team mostly full of Asian guys- not to mention idol look-alike Asian guys XD- and I happened to share a the same P.E. period as them. On this glorious day of P.E., it was just free time, meaning we could do whatever we wanted XD

Me being lazy af, ended up just leaning on a wall with two of my other good friends of mine. The volleyball team was playing volleyball (lmao) on the left of me.

Now, the volleyball team is notorious for not giving a single f x x k on how hard they play or where they may hit the ball and my dumb a x x just decided to chill right next to where they were playing. Mistake #1.

One of my friends needed help with a math formula for her to remember and she wanted me to show her how to do a certain problem on her phone. My whole peripheral vision of the volleyball team- which I was watching for the majority of the time- was blocked, due to my focus on solving a math problem in P.E., next to where the volleyball team were playing. Mistake #2.

Out of no f x x king where, a volleyball hits me straight on my left eye. I was surprised I didn’t even drop my friends phone because I immediately covered my face due to my eye feeling like it touched my brain XD It really was bad to the point I almost cried and I don’t usually cry at all when exposed to pain.

So while I’m holding my face, all of the sudden, I feel arms wrap around me and rock me back and forth and repeating sorry the whole time. I’m so in shock, I freeze for a second and he doesn’t let go of me until I actually hug back 0/////0 As soon as I do hug back though- and laughing off the pain-, he moves one of his hands to my cheek, f x x king caresses it and is still holding me from the small of my back. He’s examining my eye the whole time and I don’t even try to look back at him. Mistake #3 XD

Need I remind you, my friends are still beside me and I wish I saw the look on their faces because as soon as I left the gym with them to get a bag of ice, they were telling me how taken aback they were that he ran to hug me, let alone, actually put his hand on my face XD 

I was a wreck after that for the whole day and til now I don’t like to be around the volleyball team while they are playing a game, because it really was traumatizing for me tbh XD

Like a day or two after that incident, I talk to one of my friends who also saw what went down and she told me, usually he doesn’t really comfort people who get hurt during one of their games when it wasn’t him who caused it- which he didn’t when I was hit. 

Lmao I feel special (0// w /////O ) >…<

Lord, I’m so sorry this was long but I hope you guys enjoyed this :3

Have a good day fellow lovers not haters <3


Step into Christmas, won’t you? For @niftybottle : because I wasn’t sure what you’d like, I’ve come bearing three gifts. This one takes place in an ideal Warehouse world where the first episode of season 4 happened, and then none of the bad stuff ensued. I bet, based on the title of this first present, you’ll be able to guess what I’m calling the other two.


Pete rarely had expectations. About much of anything, but really not about what he might see on any given day in the Warehouse. And because he rarely had expectations, he was rarely surprised.

But then on Christmas Eve, he walked into the Christmas aisle.

And he was surprised.

In front of him was something kinda like a Nativity scene. That wasn’t the surprising part, because yeah, it was the Christmas aisle.

No, the surprising part was… well, it was actually two surprising parts: one, that the scene was life-size, and two, that parts of it were actually alive. Which made three surprising parts, really, because the parts of it that were alive were being played by Myka and H.G. Although “played” was probably the wrong word. Nobody was doing much moving—they were paused in the scene—but their mouths didn’t seem to be stuck, because they were having a pretty serious argument, something along the lines of “this is your fault” and “no, it’s your fault.”

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