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Hey, Bartender (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Request:  So I have this idea (because in my opinion there just isn’t enough protective Steve and Bucky) where they go into a bar one night. Both Steve and Bucky immediately get bad vibes. They watch as this bartender is getting treated like crap by all these different guys. Like cat calling and unwanted touching. They notice how she doesn’t do anything about their behavior so they ask her about it. She tells them that she can’t otherwise her boss will fire her. This outrages Steve and Bucky. They hear this one group of guys talking about jumping her once she’s done closing. Steve and Bucky walk her home that night, and every night after until she finds a new job.

“I don’t know, Steve, this place looks a little shady,” Bucky grimaced, taking a quick look around the bar, having to squint in the darkness despite his enhanced abilities.  There was a heavy haze in the air, a combined stench of old smoke, cheap cologne, and spilled alcohol stinging at his throat with a biting dryness that had him ready to leave before even taking his seat.  A deep groan escaped his throat when Steve clearly ignored his input and dropped onto the bar stool, leaving Bucky no choice but to join him.  “This place is nasty,” he continued, grabbing a napkin to wipe the cushion before sitting, “I have no idea why you keep coming in here.”

“They have the only bartender in town who gets my drink right every time,” Steve smirked, watching you approach.  “Hi, (Y/N),” Steve greeted you enthusiastically, “how’s business tonight?”

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Bottoms Up

A/N: I felt like it’d been a while since I’d written anything that focused on Yoongi, so I really wanted to write something~ I started this a few weeks ago and then got distracted by life and finishing up college for the semester, but I finally finished it so here I am~ Hopefully you all enjoy it lol

Words: 3,007

Genre: Smut

Clubs aren’t your thing—but you give them a chance, because you don’t want to seem like the party pooper amongst your group of friends. Despite their efforts to get you to show some skin, though, you still end up walking into the club wearing a tank-top, skinny jeans, and a pair of laced up high-tops. You weren’t here to be hit on—you didn’t want some creep trying to slide his hand up your inner thigh. You were here to socialize, down some drinks to get over your regret of coming, and then hopefully leave with the first friend in your group who would call it a night.

So, you saddle up to the bar, waving at your friends as they scuttle out onto the dance floor—all high heels and short skirts. Once they disappear into the throng of grinding bodies, you spin on your stool, turning to rest your elbows on the counter top—

…and the bartender is right in front of you. Skinny, but well rounded—dark hair hanging slightly into his eyes, black button up fitted to his torso perfectly. His face remains void of any emotion, but when he catches your surprised stare and the slight part of your lips, he smirks.

“What can I start you with?” he asks, voice deeper than you had expected, a bit rough, but still clearly heard over the music of the club. You pause at the question, your mind blanking.

“I…I’ll take a rum and coke, unless you have something better to give me,” you say, trying to scrape up your remaining shred of composure. The male cocks an eyebrow, looking a little contemplative.

“You wanna get drunk? Or do you just wanna buzz so you can still punch the guy that tries to steal your panties? I mean you gotta throw me a bone here.”

“I don’t even fucking know, man,” you say honestly, leaning back a little to motion at yourself. “Look at me. I mean—it’s not exactly like easy access is written all over my jean-clad legs.”

The bartender hums, reaching down to snag a shot glass. “I’ve been looking at you for a minute or two now and you’re surprising cute despite the outfit,” he comments, reaching behind him to grab a bottle of Kahlua. “Clearly you’re not here to let anyone finger you in the back alleyway, though,” he continues, chuckling when he catches your blush and stunned look.

With skill, he snatches up a bottle of Grand Marnier and Bailey’s too, layering the liquors in a shot glass with exact precision. When he’s finished, he gently slides it towards you, meeting your questionable stare.

“It’s good. Sweet liquor for a sweet girl. Take it—it’ll help you loosen up a little.”

“Are bartenders usually this flirty?” you question him, downing the shot in one go (because damn this dude is making you warm already).

“Only to those who perk our interest,” he responds, taking the shot glass from you after you set down. You laugh, feeling somewhat incredulous.

“Yeah? Should I consider myself lucky then?”

“Depends on your definition of lucky,” he chuckles, eyes fliting to the side when another couple up the bar slurs for him. Smile dropping from his lips, he quickly moves around, throwing some ice into a glass—filling it a third full with rum and the remainder with coke.

“Suck on that till I get back,” he says briefly, sliding it to you, and you watch him, brows lifted in surprise as he quickly goes to tend on other patrons.

Taking the cool glass into your hand, you gently swirl the contents before taking a long sip.

You’re not sure what that bartender is aiming for, playing with your emotions like this, but…dammit, you really don’t mind.

Ten minutes later, dark and mysterious bartender is back in front of you, elbow propped on the counter, interest sparking in his irises as he listens to you ramble about all the things you don’t really like about clubs. You hadn’t exactly meant to just…open up to him, but…you’re beginning to think your tolerance is a bit lighter than you had assumed.

“I’m baffled you’re even here,” he muses, refilling your glass. “It seems like you’d rather be at home, reading a book, or doing some kind of other dorky, yet cute thing.”

Right? I don’t know, man—I wanted to not seem like the boring friend, but even when I’m here I’m still hiding at the bar,” you say, sighing, and rest your cheek in the palm of your hand. The bartender breathes a laugh, regarding you thoughtfully.

“You could always go.”

“Yeah, but…,” you begin, eyes flitting up to his, and his stare has you feeling a bit weak. “You’re here.”

At that, that man pauses, any movement stopping as his eyes fall from yours, lowering to regard the countertop. You watch him, cheeks hot, regret sinking in your stomach. Luckily, after a few seconds—instead of walking away or anything else that could potentially break your heart—he meets your gaze again and opens his mouth to respond.

…however, just as he does, the same drunk couple form before shouts for him at the other end of the bar and, sighing, the dark haired male hurries away. You’re once again left staring after him, hands fidgeting against your half-downed glass.

What the hell are you doing?

A little less than 20 minutes later—mister dark and mysterious having somehow disappeared from the bar without you noticing, you push your finished drink to the side and slide off your stool. You don’t want to drink anymore—you really don’t want to be here—and now that the flirty, cute bartender is gone, you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself.

More than anything, you just want to tap out and go home, but, before you can, one of your friends spots you near the edge of the dance floor and hurries over. Grabbing your wrist, she tugs you into the mass of people, and you can’t think to tell her that you’re really not in the mood for dancing—especially considering that she has already dragged you into the middle of the action.

So, reluctantly, trying to let any of your worries go (as well as thoughts of the dark-haired bartender—who you may or may not have fallen for), you begin dancing with your friends. At first, things go well—you loosen up a bit, swing your hips, feel the music—but after a few minutes you feel a pair of hands land on your hips. Glancing down—catching sight of pale, long fingers—you realize that this isn’t one of your girlfriends.

“Sorry–,” you begin, taking a step forward, trying to let the person know that you’re not about that tonight—but the fingers only tighten, and you feel a males chest lightly press against your back.

“You said weren’t about dancing, yet when I stopped by the bar on my way out for the night and noticed you were gone, I find you out here on the dance floor,” the deep, familiar voice speaks, and fuck the heat you’d felt before is igniting your blood once more.

“You—I thought—”

“My shift was over. I left to grab my stuff and planned to come back to the bar to take you home with me, but—”

“I…what??” you say, flushing red, turning your head to try and face him, but his fingers dig into your waist, holding your still, and his lips press heatedly against your neck. That has you gasping, grinding back against him as his teeth and tongue work at your throat.

“My name is Yoongi, by the way,” he says, sucking particularly hard, and your knees nearly buckle.

“Yoongi,” you repeat, testing the name on your tongue. But his name alone rolling from your lips has Yoongi growling quietly, one of his hands sinking lower to grip your ass through your jeans. You bite your lip to keep from moaning, lifting one of your hands backwards to tug his hair.

“If you were going to take me home then take me already,” you breathe, grinding your ass back yet again, and before you can gather your head you’re being pulled off the dance floor, Yoongi’s grip tight on you wrist.

“Then let’s go.”

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Been seeing a bit of discourse over the fact people think shipping Link with anyone is wrong because he’s (mild spoiler) probably 15 or so like it’s mentioned that Zelda is in a memory.

Realistically though if Link functioned like a real human, needed to sleep, took time to recover, couldn’t die and come back etc; it could take him years to gather all the shrines and save Zelda.

He’d be older by the time he got any leisure time to spend with Sidon if he kept at his quest for a few years diligently. Plus I don’t see either of them rushing into something especially when Link is a mostly silent guy, it would take them a lot of time spent together to even build a close friendship let alone something more.

At least that’s how I see it, kinda wish people would focus more on real issues instead of policing people’s fictional shipping choices. I’m sure there are people out there purposely shipping this problematically but I don’t appreciate when people lump me in with them just because I ship something in my own AU way.

As I’m sure some of you have seen from my previous asks and posts that I advocate for fictional freedom, but that does not mean people should be putting shipping content in the main tags. Be aware not everyone enjoys the ship, it can be a struggle for new blogs wanting as many notes as possible to not put it in the main tags but you are making non shippers uncomfortable and bringing negative attention to the ship.


Been A Busy Bee…🐝📝

Where did the weekend go? 😩😭 It was all a blur I swear…Got back from SanFran yesterday evening and all I did was stuff my face with food, watch 13 Reasons Why (Still a bit triggered I can’t lie…😪) and writeeee. Work today was good though…I got a raise which I’m thrilled about ☺️😋but I’ve also been talking to my publisher about this whole book signing thing but I’ll let you know more about that another time so erm stay tuned? 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

Hope you guys are doing good though! 😋💚

… I’m starting to seriously regress so I’m going to start using my coping blog for like a couple of days or a week

I’ll be logging out of this account on every device I own but if you need me, I’ll be over at @ktp8

stay rad guys! ♡


Hey all! just wanted you guys to know that I’ll be taking a break from Growing Up for a bit. Last few updates I noticed I’ve been forcing myself way too much to finish this and I’d rather not risk getting burn out before this story can even finish. 

No worries though its only temporary and I’ll be uploading a couple of mini side comics from time to time. Honestly by the time I come back to this I’m also hoping to be better as a comic artist.

Letting Go?

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi! Can i request a scenario where reader n taehyung are lovers, but the reader is sick or hv some sort of cancer, she died. But taehyung met/saw her after a few weeks. U can decide the ending. Plssss and thanks in advance! :)


GENRE: Angst

I’M BACK but not really. :’( I just wanted to post this because I’ve been writing this scenario for the longest and I just finally finished! So i hope you’ll like and enjoy this anon! I will be back soon guys, I mean like being active wise. I’ll probably post some things here and there but not actively. School’s almost over so hopefully I will come back, actively though. But anyways, enjoy this! :’)

I´d been holding on to you for so long, but now I must let go

He sat outside the room, the room you were in, hands shoved into his face as the only sounds being heard throughout the hollow halls were the sound of his cries. He was shedding tears as they rapidly streamed down his face, making him lose his sense of mind because all he thought about was that you were no longer here.

Taehyung sat on the floor with his back against the wall as he cried to himself for what seemed like many years, but it had only been a few minutes since you passed away. He couldn´t believe it - you were really gone. After many months of pain, you finally rested to peace. No more suffering. But now it was his turn.

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At times I feel like I don’t deserve all of your wonderful attention as my attention span to everyone is hard to keep track of, yet I realize it’s only because you guys care. I hope you know I appreciate every ask, reply, piece of art, chat you guys send even if I can’t get to everything.

I’m getting close to 950 followers following the big milestone of 1000. It’s hard to believe that you guys are always here to interact. It warms my heart, even though this asshole gets his kicks. 

I sincerely just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart over the course of my absence and even now as I am beginning to come back to more activity. Even if my activity slows and I procrastinate on here, I am always here and always watching everything. 

I adore you guys so much as a community as you feel like a huge family. I’m just one Thresh out of a bunch but I’m ever appreciative to your time, effort, and patience. I’ve made so many friends it’s overwhelming but honestly very uplifting.

You continue to drive me to be the best I can be on this blog <3 Never stop being you~ I may focus on one person to the next and I can be sparse, but I promise you it’s not intentional. Thresh is just a picky mofo and I get drained from writing as it takes a lot of brain power.

I put my heart and soul into responses for you all and hold myself to a standard on here always, in a good way however.

I just want you to know you are all appreciated and loved by this Chain Warden right here <3

anonymous asked:

What if the reader goes back to the mall to get the turtle that John wanted so badly, because when John disappeared only memories were left. But when the reader gets there the turtle is dead, and the reader was trying to be strong b/c the boys had already lost John once and now they lost him a second time, but then the reader just snaps and starts sobbing in the pet store.

You guys are hurting me with these little stories, how could you?!?!?! (i literally went oh no…) But honestly, this is what i deserve lol

It still hurts though

                        ——- ( どうもありがとう – !! ) ——

I’ve only been back on Gai for a week and already have so many people here and I’m?? Honestly so so happy! I came back to Gai’s blog to help improve my mental health, and it’s definitely working, and you guys are such a big help!! I can’t thank you all enough aaaa I hope I can continue to live up to your expectations with Gai!! And shout out to my first follower and amazing person who has been here since the beginning on the original blog 3 years ago– @littlelotus27 !! Thank you so much!!   ( I can’t believe it’s really been that long since I first made Gai though!! ) 

                     Again, thank you all, and a shout out to all of these amazing blogs !! 
                                                       ( in no particular order! )

@kimimarothechosenvessel / @selenophilephile (and your many other amazing blogs), @cinderspewed, @shannnaros, @scngre, @leafintellect, @snakesage / @howyouth, @hanayuga, @yuhaie, @frogprinceus, @icebloodedprince, @offenceanddefence, @uzumengan, @narumakii, @auburnprotection, @rcsengann, @goldenyondaime, @virtusferocia, @desertgourd, @shiemiaihara, @super-kame-love, @kaless39, @conceptualmortem, @aethrl, @ecclesiasticc, @namikage, @bloominggates, @rico-hyuuga, @chameleonwitch, @bakisensei, @shreddedtoribbons, & @broken-support !! 

Nightly rant.

Every day I’m caught between a back and forth battle of not caring about anything and caring too much. I am so caught up on my appearance. Anything and everything about it. I don’t even hide it anymore by saying I’m okay. A stranger asks and I could outright say the vitiligo occurring on my lips sometimes makes me cry when I look in the mirror because another guy will probably think it’s disgusting that the pigment is disappearing from my mouth. I can’t control it, though…and it fucking sucks. I can’t control the litany of skin issues I have all over my body, and I also think any person I meet will think it automatically makes me disgusting and not worth the time of day. How do I ever just say okay to it and decide it doesn’t matter. Because it does. Heaven forbid I push it all fucking aside to meet a guy who I think is worth letting in, and then I re-learn all over again a different hatred I have for myself when the guy no longer wishes to see or speak to me because I guess he’s seen me the way I see myself. Not to mention having a fucking lifelong health problem and feeling like you can’t even embrace being gay because it makes sex pretty unenjoyable or hard to explain to a partner why you’re not really feeling it time and time again. Constantly asking myself why I’m still around when I feel like I’m just a wasted shell of a being and I’m not fucking living. Fuck.

@sunmaia​: the maze runner random is so funny cause u know as soon as tdc trailer comes out everyone will rise from the ashes n u won’t be able to escape it (i’m excited)

@newtmos​:  it’s okay we’re all going to be right back when tdc gets us back on our feet for our third rising from the grave

@isaacoftheinternet​:  We’ll be back with a boom as soon as we get more news :3

@ofcoursenewtrhymeswithcute: tdc will bring us back, though i never really left just not on tumblr

i love u guys!!! :’)

Prompt: "So there I was,like, COVERED in hot oil.."

Pt. 3 of @mustardyellowsunshine ’s wonderfully invigorating writing prompts is another sentence challenge. Once again. I will be delving into the world of my Ballet! AU. Simply because you guys seem to like it so much! this time im aided by a delicious cup of wine and come soothing music. Please forgive the rambles. *cracks knuckles* Lets get this show on the road!

@inunanna @grapefruitwannabe as always, i write for you two beautiful ladies. 


Inuyasha sat with his back against the glass in the ballet studio, a cool bottle of water in one hand and a small towel in the other to wipe his brow of sweat, listening intently to the story being told to him. A gentle smile gracing his lips as its teller waved her hands around animatedly.

“Yeah, I had to go on stage wearing this GOD AWFUL feathered headdress and Sango was in this little-bow-peep style dress and a bonnet and next thing I know, one of the live sheep goes crazy and mows over Hojo, like straight up takes out his knees, and takes a dive straight into the crowd!” Kagome laughed, unscrewing her own bottle of water and taking a sip.

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thatpuddingperson  asked:

Gonna say something, when I first found your videos I though you and Mike were dating and I look back now and think, "How dumb and stupid and wrong I was."

Haha in today’s culture, it’s ingrained in us that when we see a girl and a guy hanging out that they’re dating, so I understand. I’m guilty of it, as well, and have been working on correcting that instinct my brain puts out.

(Though we actually did date back in 2013 before I came out, so depending on which video you watched, you might not be wrong lol)


On our way to the PC room yesterday. We woke up early and I ended up having a huge fight with my sister about money and her constant excuses. So I spent like an hour crying in bed as Sun hugged me and comforted me and advised me as to how to handle this constant circle my sister is on when it comes to bettering her life. Yesterday would have sucked if it wasn’t for this guy. We ate random stuff at the PC room and played for hours. Then we ordered samgyeopsal at home and fell asleep at like 9. Even though we live together now, the weekend still feels too short. I’m not ready for today. Take me back to cafe dates with friends and lazy days of laughter and love with Sun.

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Okay but picture this. Tickle fights with dark and anti. And though they total gain up on you. You find out anti is ticklish. So you and dark get him. But when you find darks tickle spot. It's death time for you and anti. No matter how bad you guys get dark. He's gonna give it back to you 10fold.

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Stop sending me requests that are fucking fun and cute!! I can’t refuse such requests!!!


Hey guys! I just want to let you know that I’m leaving on vacation in like 10 hours and will be back home on Friday. Though i will have access to internet, i can’t promise i will be able to update the blog at once. So i promise i’ll add all new pictures from the second day of convention today at some point and reply to your asks of course. But after that… well, we’ll see. Don’t forget that The Flash is finally back with new episode on Tuesday! See you all! X