that guy i went to prom with


I wanted to put boyfriend’s gift stuff in something nicer than just throwing it all into a plain white envelope so I went to a nice card/gift place and I would’ve looked over this card bc it was on the rack of funny cards and funny cards are usually terrible and not funny at all! and what I really wanted was a small box! BUT THEN I WAS TURNING ONE OF THE RACKS AND I SAW THIS AND WAS ALL OMGDSOKFJSDLKFjalkdjfaa

and then i got it and walked back quickly to the store where i work

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No one is asking me to prom. I don't have many guy friends but I mean no one??? I really want to go :( I think that people find me attractive so I'm starting to wonder if people generally don't like me. I mean I'm nice and I don't think I'm annoying?

since i don’t know you, i can’t say why ppl aren’t asking you. however, you could always do what what i WISH i’d done, and do the asking yourself! i didn’t get asked and i went alone, luckily two of my other friends did as well, but i still wish i’d asked someone to go with me. esp at the end of the night! 

good luck with whatever you decide, but remember prom is just a blip in your life’s timeline, and doesn’t matter much in the big picture. 

sappy post time

Yesterday I was kinda sick, mostly a sore throat and everything hurt (don’t worry. I don’t have a fever right now or anything. just a sore throat that seems to be slowly going away!!) and I was sad because my boyfriend and I’d planned that I’d go with him when he moved some stuff into his new apartment and we’d hang out for the day and I thought it wouldn’t happen now. But it happened anyway and he brought me warm almond milk tea (that he made himself!) when he picked me up and then we went to a bakery before going to his apartment bc I wanted warm breadstuff. And then we brought stuff from his car into his apartment and we watched Merlin together (lol) and then we went to the grocery store to buy stuff to make french onion soup. And then he made french onion soup. And then ~the part you don’t get to hear about~ happened (lolwinkwinklolol). And then we had the soup with garlic french bread with swiss cheese melted on it which was super delicious while we watched another episode of Merlin. And then he put stuff away and I helped clean some stuff in the kitchen andalso he got his $$ cuz it was disbursed woo! And then I got a warm almond milk tea with boba from Lollicup. And then we went to Juice it Up and he tried a wheatgrass shot for the first time (i had a sip lol) and got a smoothie and then he dropped me off at home and it was the best day i have the best person in my life. SOMETIMES YOU ARE JUST SO FILLED WITH GOOD EMOTIONS THAT YOU DONT THINK YOUR BODY IS BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE ALL THESE EMOTIONS AND AAAGKGLSDKLLGSLD. but they’re nice emotions so its ok

I went prom dress shopping today totally not expecting to buy anything and I ended up falling in love with a dress and putting a down payment on it omg I’m going to prom in a pretty lil dress, you guys!!!!

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frank/dewees 2 :)))))))

you saw a change, and you took it, didn’t you. 

2. “Have you lost your damn mind?!”

At their prom night, so very fucking special, Frank, Dewees and some other local kids broke into a public pool.

 ”’s ridiculous” Frank had complained about the whole big fuss, “I don’t wanna play dress up and walk around pretending I’ll actually miss that fucking place, I want to do something fun” and James Dewees kind of just happened to the kind of guy you went to for exactly that. Because maybe he was a little crazy but the best kind of way and it rarely bothered Frank, since James was that high you got from doing something stupid. 

  “We’ll go swimming” Dewees had suggested and he had lighten something up in Frank’s eyes: “fucking genius” and suddenly the whole prom thing hadn’t felt nearly as lame as minutes before. 

  James had that affect on things.

Just a couple of kids going on a night swim, fully dressed in their fancy-ass prom clothes; Frank insisted  he’d climb over the fence and James gave him a push, and they could all hear a ripping sound when Frank’s jacket got stuck in something, but none of them really cared. The smell of chlorine made Frank’s throat burn, but he ran and jumped, too; all noises softened into a dull roar underwater when he sank, sank, sank, deeper into the turquoise that almost blinded him with it’s brightness.

  “Have you lost your damn mind!?” Dewees scoffed while Frank could breathe again, and Frank spit water on his face, laughing.

  “Yeah. Have you?”

  “Dunno. Probably.”

  In the moment’s buzz, Dewees wrapped his hands around Frank and gave him a bear-type of hug, so warm Frank felt like he could drown in it. He felt small and secured in comparison to the other - his clothes were soaking wet and pulling him down, but James held him so safe that nothing could ever hurt him. It was a dark, cloudless, starry kind of night, and James smelled like cheap cologne and cigarettes.

James yelled for all of their sakes, “It’s over now”, and Frank joined him, “it’s fucking over” and they had never been as happy as they were that night at the pool. Everything was so soft and good that night, it was full of promises and relief, fearless anticipation for the future right ahead of them.

 Later on the same evening when they sat on James’s porch, just the two of them, Frank leaned against Dewees’s shoulder and exhaled; “you’re my best fucking friend, you know that?”

  “Sure.” James managed, and thanked the gods for the darkness that so mercifully hid the color he had felt rising on his cheeks. He dumped his cigarette.

  “You’re the best.” Frank yanked on James’s jacket and grinned, wet hair glued onto his scalp and forehead, skin glistening in the few beams of light, “now let’s get inside, I’m cold.”

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

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april and march!

March: I went on the most fun vacation!! I went to the beach for spring break with four of my friends!

April: prom!! Ah prom was so fun! I had the best guy for my date and all my friends were in my prom group and we had dinner before prom and then we went to my farm after prom!

Lol I’m going to a prom thing for my group home next Friday we did it last year and my then girl friend and I went together with the guys and it was a shit show. at least this year won’t be a shit show but now I still have to dress up noooo 😡

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I've been meaning to ask this but I keep forgetting, lmao. But anyways, I was curious actually, if your high school did Prom? I don't really know if other countries do prom bc I know the US does, just not sure if the other parts of the world does it too. If your high school did, did you attend? What was your experience like? If not, was there their formal dances that was happening?

yeah my school had a prom!!! we also had semi-formal (which was in like the middle of the year) too!! but having not very many friends + social anxiety + extremely low self confidence held me back from attending any of those events ahaha and i was super intimidated by everyone at my school because i went to a pretty preppy school so it was all gorgeous sporty girls who were super fit and outgoing and jock guys who were a little obnoxiously loud and yeah i didn’t really like my high school or the people in it and i attended exactly 0 school events T_T i didn’t even go to my graduation, much to my parents dismay, ahahaha

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Okay so there's this guy and he's 15 and I'm 13 and he's been like my older brother all my life (we are neighbors) but he used to like me when we were little but I always liked his brothers but know I REALLY like him I think about him 24/7 and I went to a basketball game and he was there with his girlfriend( one of those for prom and dances only) but he sat there and stared at me the whole time and during the game when he played he had to sit in front of me and he kept leaning on me.

Yep, looks like he likes you! 

Good luck 🍉

I remember at our “prom” (okay I went to an alt-ed high school so we were small scaled but we still had a prom of sorts) I went alone cos frankly I didn’t really dig any at the school at the time and I think the guy I had been dating stopped going and we had broken up or some shit. I know he wasn’t around in my last months before graduating. 

Anyways, like I said, I went alone. I had some friends I hung with though. One of the girls (well, she was kind of a friend. I honestly was a loner for the most part but I hung out with people I tolerated. At this point in my school life, the only people I enjoyed being around was, I think one or two other students and a few teachers)  was a lesbian and brought one of her gf’s (yes she had multiple) to the dance. The gf didn’t go to our school. 

The gf had a nice personality and I ended up hanging out with her a bit. We ended up dancing together quite a bit and she just was really nice to me. Later on one of the lesbian’s friends (who was also my friend) told me it seemed like the gf was hanging out more with me than she was her gf and that it kinda seemed like I was trying to take her. 

I actually wasn’t trying. I feel like if I was TRYING I coulda gotten way farther haha! Hell, she was the hottest person in that building. BUT my problem at this time in my life was that I was in denial about being attracted to women. So I was of this mindset that “okay yeah she’s cute and is really sweet to me but I’m only into men so yeah this isn’t anything”. Which is sad cos if that girl was sweet on me I missed an opportunity. 

Still, it gave me a thrill to know I could just steal a girl like that. Hell, I remember saying the one girl had more than one girlfriend and that she wouldn’t miss one LOL And hell, looking back and having a better understanding of polyamory, who’s to say the little lady couldn’t date us both, haha! 

I dunno man, I’m rather mad I suppressed most of my feelings for girls (other than experimenting sexually with one friend in the summer before my sophomore year) cos knowing what all I did with guys growing up, I coulda done similarly with girls too and that woulda been nice.

I will admit, thinking I was a girl and just being overall hesitant about being “gay” in the place I live didn’t help. I also gave more of a fuck back then. I mean the fact I freaked as much as I did when a rumor I was bi went around in my early high school years says something. Now I’m just like I want it all who the hell cares who doesn’t like, haha. 

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I was going to go to prom with my best friend but we had a big fight the day before, so she agreed to go only if I paid her 50$. So I paid her 50$ to be my prom date.

I think that’s a credit to YOUR devotion that you were willing to pay up to not ruin prom for either of you guys. And 50 dollars is a helluva lot of money when you’re in high school! I’m sure I could turn that into a statement of disappointment/being pathetic but would rather not see it that way. It meant a lot to you. Are you still friends? Did you have a good time at prom? 

Returning self-fact: I never went to prom. I ignored the event entirely/felt inadequate and too nerdy to belong. I stayed home even though a friend invited me to go and offered me a dress, and a second person might have tried to ask me to go but I inadvertently shot them down by saying that I didn’t care about it (I realized in hindsight hours later that he was probably talking to me about plans for prom night because he wanted me to go with him to prom. But I can’t be sure. I could be totally full of myself and I’ll never know. Hhfff).

I have always had mixed feelings about prom. I never wanted to go because I knew there wouldn’t be boy who would ask me. But then I met you. I actually wanted to go to prom because of you. But you didn’t ask me and I’m not going to ask you because you don’t feel the same. I don’t want to go unless it’s with you but I’m being forced to go so I guess. I’m glad you enjoyed your prom, I’ll try to enjoy mine.
—  Words I’ll Never Tell You


70% of all clothing is made for tall & thin guys. Another 20% made for big and tall. And then there 10% made for me. Guys 5'9" with a tiny belly. My waist size is 33/28 length. DO U KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A 28 LENGTH!! ITS 10% HARD!! But I found it….. Ernesto’s 4th & south “ they do mostly custom made suites. But They cater to all, even the 10%ers……. I wore a suit to my fathers funeral , wore a tux to the 3 proms I went too decades ago. And I wear a tie under my sweaters sometime. But I don’t do suits” Everyone does suits. I don’t want to to what everyone’s doing. If everyone did something else. I WOULD DO SUITS!! It’s sounds silly & I don’t know why. But it’s that important to me to not do what everyone’s doing. The worlds blended enough already. In fact it’s saturated in blend. #NoSuitesRequired #InMyWorld #brandnew #cashgame #casinolife #salesgame #saleslife #MOOD #gram #fashion #fashionlife #FashionableKillers #menswear #dapper #grinding #jewlife #jewliving #jewmoney #lifestyle #mensch #menofbusiness #philly #sj #neighborhood #israel #parx #poker #reppintime #salute #TheRaw by parxpoker

I have work tomorrow night because I agreed to switch my shift to cover a shift for someone else. It’s a closing shift, but I can deal because it’s only a four hour shift and at the end of it I get to see L. bc he’s picking me up.

I dunno, while I was thinking about making this post I also started thinking about how I used to be afraid (and I guess in some ways, I still am) - afraid of being that girl who is too dependent on her relationship with a guy, afraid that I was foolish for putting so much of myself into this (I am pretty much not afraid of this second part anymore), etc etc. But I dunno, I think, after this long, after growing in so many ways myself, I think I am able to tell when I am doing something that’s okay for me and when I’m not. It’s not “a romantic relationship” as a Thing that makes this important to me, it’s that there’s someone in my life who matters a lot to me and who i would enjoy sitting around doing boring things with. I think that’s what the difference is. Why shouldn’t I put so much of myself into something that I find wonderful when the other person in this partnership is doing the same.

And I think this is actually part of an ongoing process of being unafraid to love or to take chances. I don’t know.

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6, 16, 38, 41

6. If people floated instead of walking, how far off the ground would you be?
Honestly, probably so high. I love being high off the ground and feeling like I’m flying. I’d never want to come down.

16. Do you like feeling tall?
Haha, I guess I am pretty tall, as I am 5′9′’ and am in the 95th (or 98th, I don’t remember what my doc said) percentile for kids my age. It feels good sometimes cause I can reach stuff and feel higher off the ground, but it also sucks because wearing heels and boots makes me even taller and I’m taller than most guys at my school. When I went to prom freshman year I couldn’t wear heels because my date/at-the-time-boyfriend was exactly my height, but now I’m taller than he is haha. So if I was asked to prom this year by the guy I like or a guy that I would wanna go with, I would probably have to throw out the heels option again.

38. If you could change any one thing about your current surroundings, what would it be?
Right now my current surroundings is my house, and it sucks. It’s a trailer. SO I’d make it an actual, nice house for my family to live in. My parents deserve that.

41. If you could choose one instrument to master overnight, which would it be?
I already play the flute, and I’m no master, but I’m pretty good at it, so I’d have to go with piano! I love it and am teaching myself right now.