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I have this crush on a guy that I have known forever but we don't speak anymore(we went to primary school together and he moved away and none of us girls speak to the boys from primary school) I messaged him the other day by accident and I flipped out and he was chill about it and really sweet and we smile at each other and his friends say he likes me. I go to an all girls school, and we have a formal(like prom) and I kinda want to ask him but I am toooo scared to ask. What should I do?

If you want to ask him, just ask him, there’s no harm in that. And even if he says no, at least you’ll know you went for it :)


I wanted to put boyfriend’s gift stuff in something nicer than just throwing it all into a plain white envelope so I went to a nice card/gift place and I would’ve looked over this card bc it was on the rack of funny cards and funny cards are usually terrible and not funny at all! and what I really wanted was a small box! BUT THEN I WAS TURNING ONE OF THE RACKS AND I SAW THIS AND WAS ALL OMGDSOKFJSDLKFjalkdjfaa

and then i got it and walked back quickly to the store where i work

Prompt #4- Stitchersmeet day 5

obsessedrandomness gave me the prompt of camsten + masquerade. 
It got out of hand, and probably weird. I love it though. I hope y’all do too.

“What do you mean, you’ve never been to Prom?” Camille nearly choked on her tea as she looked at Kirsten.
“It just wasn’t something I was interested in.” She shrugged. “There’s nothing dramatic about it Camille, so stop making it in to something it’s not.”
Camille stopped, her mouth open and ready to spit back fire when Linus and Cameron walked in to the break room. She took the opportunity to corner them. “You guys went to Prom, right?”
Unaware of the conversation and feeling caught off guard, the boys looked between each other before looking back at the girls.
“Yeahhhh.…” Cameron let out suspiciously. Linus nodded his head in agreement, “that’s the first night I ever got to second base.”
Cameron’s face contorted as he looked at Linus, “Okay, man. Let's…” He stopped himself as he turned back to Camille, “why are you asking us this?”
  She tapped her foot as her hands found her hips, “Kirsten, here, has never been to Prom.”
A chuckle escaped Cameron and Linus but their faces turned stone as soon as she narrowed her eyes at them.
“Really? You never went to Prom?” Linus piped up.
Kirsten shrugged, “No one ever asked me. I wasn’t the most popular girl in high school.”
Cameron’s lips slid in to a thin line, “imagine that.” he said sarcastically.
“I just don’t see the big deal.” Kirsten placed the glass she was holding on to the table and moved past them, out the room.

She glanced at the clock on her phone as she heard the knock on the door. It was almost eleven that night and she felt exhausted. A day full of stitching and having to deal with Camille was enough to leave anyone crawling for their bed. But she pushed past her duvet and got out.
The knocking increasing. “I’m coming.” She said with a deep breath.

She swung the door open and Cameron was standing in front of her.
Only, he was dressed in a suit wearing a masquerade mask.
“What are you doing?” She asked as he stepped past her over the threshold. In his hands were a plastic container and a small speaker.
He walked over to the dining table and set the speaker down, clicking his phone in to place. A soft and slow instrumental tune began playing and he turned to face her.
“Cameron, what are you doing?” She questioned again, but received no answer.
He walked towards her pulling open the plastic container and reaching for her wrist, placing a simple ordained wristlet on her. The red rose glistening soft and smooth against her skin.
She sighed as he let her go. The warmth of his fingers leaving her feeling colder than before. He reached in to his suit jacket and pulled out an eye mask. It was similar to his gold and black one, but it was surrounded with lace. Complimentary without being matching. It was perfect.
She took it out of his hands and placed it over her own eyes. A smile coming from him as the music changed to something a little more contemporary, but still slow. He held out his hand. “Dance with me, Stretch?” He asked.

She grabbed his hand.

Best prom ever. 

(Theory by melagreek98) I found it guys . Cece always wanted to be like Ali ,because she always wanted to have a sister and so she picked Ali and had her as a role model . Cece went after Ali ,she started following her …she knew about A and her real brother Charles ! As a result , in order to pretend to be Ali’s real sister and live in her house with her , she killed miss D at first ,because she knew the whole story and that Cece was just obsessed with Ali ,but she wasn’t a Dilaurentis member …In the prom ,she appeared to Ali and confessed as A and told a fake story (that’s why it doesn’t fit) . Throughout the 5 years that will follow , Cece confess to Ali that she isn’t really Charles and the real A is still out there .Ali calls the other girls and that’s the «HE» that comes for them

sappy post time

Yesterday I was kinda sick, mostly a sore throat and everything hurt (don’t worry. I don’t have a fever right now or anything. just a sore throat that seems to be slowly going away!!) and I was sad because my boyfriend and I’d planned that I’d go with him when he moved some stuff into his new apartment and we’d hang out for the day and I thought it wouldn’t happen now. But it happened anyway and he brought me warm almond milk tea (that he made himself!) when he picked me up and then we went to a bakery before going to his apartment bc I wanted warm breadstuff. And then we brought stuff from his car into his apartment and we watched Merlin together (lol) and then we went to the grocery store to buy stuff to make french onion soup. And then he made french onion soup. And then ~the part you don’t get to hear about~ happened (lolwinkwinklolol). And then we had the soup with garlic french bread with swiss cheese melted on it which was super delicious while we watched another episode of Merlin. And then he put stuff away and I helped clean some stuff in the kitchen andalso he got his $$ cuz it was disbursed woo! And then I got a warm almond milk tea with boba from Lollicup. And then we went to Juice it Up and he tried a wheatgrass shot for the first time (i had a sip lol) and got a smoothie and then he dropped me off at home and it was the best day i have the best person in my life. SOMETIMES YOU ARE JUST SO FILLED WITH GOOD EMOTIONS THAT YOU DONT THINK YOUR BODY IS BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE ALL THESE EMOTIONS AND AAAGKGLSDKLLGSLD. but they’re nice emotions so its ok

Throwback to when I went to prom dateless because I love to wear pretty dresses, enjoy dancing, and would never miss the chance to have an amazing night with my friends. The presence, or lack thereof, of a boy, does not change these things. So to everyone out there who may feel inadequate because they’re alone, at any point in life, please reflect and try to think about some of your favorite qualities. These wonderful characteristics that you have will never leave you; they are what make you special, and are the reason you are never alone: you always have yourself to count on and to love.

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ok so S liked this girl D for like a full year and D liked her back but they were both too chicken to admit anything even though they flirted and basically went on dates and then a guy asked S to prom and she said yes but then it got out that she's bi but S denied it be otherwise the guy wouldn't go w her to prom and D said yes to somebody else and then the night of prom D and S admitted they should've gone together and kissed and now they're dating and to this day the guy doesn't have a clue


send me gossip without context (except i turned my ask off beCAUSE I GOT SO MUCH so this is at a hault until i finish what i have!!! thank u for understanding!!)

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i was at my junior prom and spent the majority of the time with the girl i liked (because my other friends third wheeled me) but then my friend came by all alone and i danced with them for a bit so not to be rude - unfortunately some punk snuck up from under and swooped the girl i liked away and i never in my entire life felt so pathetic. later on find out she got a bf and im vibrating in anger/unhappiness ahahaha

Oh anon, I’m so sorry about that–school dances never seem to go the way they do in the movies. :/ But don’t let it get you down, as hard as that may be.

At my prom a couple years ago, when the slow dance came on, my friends and I were dancing in a circle and then a bunch of guys asked my friends to dance. I was the only one in my group of friends who wasn’t asked by anyone to dance. So I went to the ice cream bar and stuffed my face. The person serving ice cream and I talked for the rest of the prom. I hated prom (it was so overrated) but I loved my dress so much. The only positive thing I got from prom was my dress.

Conversation with Students

My 7th grade math students were copying down the notes from the video lesson I was playing for them. The video went to the next page before they were finished writing.

Entire class: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I went to pause the video.

Me (jokingly): Come on, guys. You need to write faster! Think of this as college.

Student (dramatically): College?!? But I never even got to go to prom!

That got the whole class, including me, laughing.

Me (smiling): Just keep writing, people!


I found it guys . Cece always wanted to be like Ali ,because she always wanted to have a sister and so she picked Ali and had her as a role model . Cece went after Ali ,she started following her …she knew about A and her real brother Charles ! As a result , in order to pretend to be Ali’s real sister and live in her house with her , she killed miss D at first ,because she knew the whole story and that Cece was just obsessed with Ali ,but she wasn’t a Dilaurentis member …In the prom ,she appeared to Ali and confessed as A and told a fake story (that’s why it doesn’t fit) . Throughout the 5 years that will follow , Cece confess to Ali that she isn’t really Charles and the real A is still out there .Ali calls the other girls and that’s the «HE» that comes for them

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My prom was just a few months ago, and I got up the courage to wear a suit (I'm a pretty closeted trans boy). I thought I looked damn nice, I even recut my hair earlier that day, but a guy who I'm friends with spent all night laughing at me and calling me 'it'. I had a panic attack, went essentially non-verbal, and could barely get myself home. Needless to say, I won't be going to senior ball.








i am so sorry about your experience, babe. i am sending lots of virtual hugs and pets :((((

tell me about your prom!

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I'm a guy. My "crush" is a girl that I went to HS with (and the girl I should have asked to senior prom instead of the girl I did ask). We went to different schools though we would come home for breaks and watch movies and cuddle during the summer. She lives out of the country now and will probably live in a different state when she comes back. She comes back here periodically but I don't want to just hook up when she's home so I haven't made a move yet. I want the real thing with her haha.

Aww I’m so sorry that’s tough :( I hope something works out for you

So generally, I hate prom, and here’s why.

The first time I went, my date twerked on me for a solid three minutes while I awkwardly skedaddled away.

The second time, I was trying to have fun after getting into an argument about parking with my date. So, whilst trying to have fun for senior prom, the song that goes “I like big butts and I cannot lie..” comes on. 

Now I absolutely love this song. And I was already dancing and shit. 

But we were dancing with two other people; a guy, and his date (that was like a family friend so he didn’t really like her like that).

So, when this line comes on, my date proceeds to stare at this girl’s ass, look up at her, and fucking smirk. What balls.

And THEN. This girl looks are me like “what the hell” but then SHE smirks, and looks at HIM. So I’m just like..but this is such a great song. Why must you prepubescent, horny ass teenagers ruin it for me. 

Meanwhile, this girl’s date is completely oblivious, and MY date proceeds conjure some audacity to ask “what’s wrong”

I don’t like prom. 

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SO here's the story of prom in as little words as possible: I went with a guy i didn't really like, but I knew he REALLY liked me... so yeah he was really super sweet but like too sweet. and he would text me pictures of the sunset and sunrise while he was on vacation. but i didnt want commitment and he obviously did but i didnt tell him that naturally but he found out that i was telling everyone else that i didnt want to date him and he was really sad and he uninvited me to his prom :(

ahhhh i know what it’s like, okay well, you should probably go talk to him and explain how you’re feeling and everything but also, now, you can go with someone you really want to go with, and someone you won’t be afraid of hurting or be afraid of what he might think it means and everything, tbh, it’s better if you don’t go with someone only bc THEY like you, even if they’re really sweet and your friends, go with whoever you feel comfortable going with

talk to me

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my junior prom was terrible. I invited a senior guy I was really into from my mock trial team. he ditched me as soon as we got there and spent the entire night grinding with, like, 20 other girls and couldn't give me the time of day. senior prom was much better. I looked fucking good, went all out with the dress and everything. dickhead guy? was invited by some friends and halfway through he was asking me to dance so he could "apologize". I said no. it was a good night.


nice nice nice excellent

i like this i like you I AM V PLEASED RN

((im sorry abt junior prom tho knadkjsjkn i didnt even go maybe i should’ve???? i only went to one prom & it ended up not that great :///)) 

tell me about your prom!

I have work tomorrow night because I agreed to switch my shift to cover a shift for someone else. It’s a closing shift, but I can deal because it’s only a four hour shift and at the end of it I get to see L. bc he’s picking me up.

I dunno, while I was thinking about making this post I also started thinking about how I used to be afraid (and I guess in some ways, I still am) - afraid of being that girl who is too dependent on her relationship with a guy, afraid that I was foolish for putting so much of myself into this (I am pretty much not afraid of this second part anymore), etc etc. But I dunno, I think, after this long, after growing in so many ways myself, I think I am able to tell when I am doing something that’s okay for me and when I’m not. It’s not “a romantic relationship” as a Thing that makes this important to me, it’s that there’s someone in my life who matters a lot to me and who i would enjoy sitting around doing boring things with. I think that’s what the difference is. Why shouldn’t I put so much of myself into something that I find wonderful when the other person in this partnership is doing the same.

And I think this is actually part of an ongoing process of being unafraid to love or to take chances. I don’t know.

#tbt its friday who gives a fuck anyway

I remember when I was a senior in hs and time for prom I went up to guys that I knew had dates and I asked them to go to prom with me and it was hella entertaining to see them be like ??? who is this fuckin rando asking me out I don’t even know her name

Lol had to keep my bored loser ass entertained and it WORKED

I was an artist…nay I am an artist!