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Billboard Music Award Recap
  • BTS walked on the magenta carpet & shocked America
  • BBMAS kept using ‘Fire’ as the background music
  • ARMYs were chanting & singing BTS songs from the sidelines
  • the abundance of individuals there for Bangtan was overwhelming
  • the boys killed us by serving A+ looks
  • ARMYs nearly broke twitter because of all the retweeting & voting
  • Namjoon did so well translating & answering all the interviews in English
  • they held a Vlive for fans which was just so thoughtful and wonderful
  • Hobi somehow spilled cola on Jin XD
  • BTS was so cute standing up and clapping every time an artist won an award >#<
  • Jin transformed from ‘car door guy’ to ‘third guy from the left’
  • Vogue called Taehyung the most ‘fashion forward’ dressed
  • Yoongi cackled when Vanessa Hudgens started rapping
  • Kookie didn’t shy away from taking pictures with girls
  • Tae kept popping up in other celebrities’s feeds & flirting to the cameras
  • Hobi was so energetic & taught Laura Marano how to dance ‘Fire’
  • Jimin kept switching between soft and smol to smoldering and dangerous, like hOt dAmN
  • Namjoon mentioned ARMYs even before the thank you speech started
  • Yoongi got his hands on the award so fast right after
  • BTS made history today by being the first k-pop group to be nominated & winning an award on BBMAS 

Jeremy Heere is just your average dork trying to survive life in his suburban New Jersey high school. When he swallows a pill-sized supercomputer called “The Squip” that promises to bring him everything he desires most, he is transformed from complete geek to the coolest guy in class. But is being the most popular guy in school worth the risk?

Line 1 and 2 from ‘The Story of Tonight (Reprise)’ have the same implications – Hamilton is urging Burr to be more active in his relationship – but they express this sentiment very differently.

Line 1 includes both the first person subject ‘I’ and the object ‘you’ and so places Burr and Hamilton in the same sentence, showing solidarity. In contrast line 2, isolates Burr, ‘you’, and places the whole impetus of the line on him, and only him. Since ‘Wait for It’ follows this song, it could be pre-empting Burr’s solo which is inundated with the phrase ‘I am’, reflecting Burr’s lone wolf status and the fact he is always alone – physically, Theodosia Sr and Jr are never on the stage.

Line 1 is a declarative, but it’s power is qualified by the use of the verb ‘wish’, which softens the statement, and transforms it into a suggestion. ‘Wish’ also concords with past tense modality which is why we see ‘you had brought’. This gives the line a kind of passive, after-thought quality, which contrasts sharply with the imperative, present tense of ‘go get her!’

Similarly, by using the conditional ‘if’, Hamilton challenges the integrity of Burr’s emotions. The whole plot revolves around these kind of challenges (‘If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?’, ‘I will lay down my life if it sets us free’, ‘if you really loved me, you would share him’, ‘If they apologize, no need for further action’), with characters constantly testing each other or their circumstances. The musical is a series of battles >>> Will probs expand on this point in another post since it’s such a major thing.

The deixis of ‘this’ before ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ is very referential and specific, and actually highlights a connection between Hamilton and Theodosia. The maturation from ‘this girl’ to ‘this woman’ mirrors the way the Rev Set see Hamilton in ‘My Shot’, ­­  where their view of him transforms from ‘this kid’ to ‘this guy’ (‘who is this kid, what’s he gonna do?’ and ‘let’s get this guy in front of a crowd’). Dare I say it, Hamilton and Theodosia are counterparts in Burr’s life – both mature under his wing (I mean, ‘Theodosia writes me a letter everyday’… sound like anyone else we know?).

(@lamsandjeffmadstrash this is dedicated to you since you gave me the line ‘oh shit’ and then I analysed that scene… or a very small portion of it anyway 😘)

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DC has Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, Mera, Lois Lane, Zatanna, Iris West, Carol Ferris, Starfire, Raven, Batwoman, Miss Martian, Jessica Cruz, Wonder Girl, Huntress, Star Girl, Power Girl, Bumblebee, Spoiler, Hawkgirl and much more. With all those heroines why this insistence on turning Harley and Ivy, one of their few female villains, into ones?

I know, right? You would really think people would have enough comic book heroines. Why not keep the few villainesses that we have? It really shows that a lot of these people pushing for this are (in the most extreme cases) actually just misandrists trying to pretend that females could never do anything wrong. 

If you really wanted more gender diversity, you’d be proud of having some strong villainous female characters in addition to the heroic ones. Showing that whether they’re good guys or bad guys, women are a force to be reckoned with. Softening up a character’s morality kinda has the opposite effect in my opinion.

What if?

A: hey b wake up
B: babe what do you want…
A: Remember that guy from ben ten? The Kevin Levin guy? Remember how he could transform into anything? What if he transformed into kryptonite, would be be able to kick supermans ass??
B: omg yes.

[Oneshot] Jungkook - First Love

Word Count : 1,160

Genre : slight fluff, kind of angsty

A/N: I was about to make it as a drabble, but I didn’t realize the word count reached 1k c:


One skip of heartbeat for his brown eyes.

Two skips of heartbeat for his figure.

Three skips of heartbeat for his smile.

The internal organ inside your chest just seemed to recall its old routine all over again, one that could only be done when you looked at him. You never expected this encounter, but he was right in front of you, alive, breathing, not just a pixelated image on your phone screen.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

His name still rolled on your tongue smoothly, with no crack of voice and such.

“(Y/N).” He looked equally in disbelief. The passers-by’s voices suddenly diminished around the both of you, followed by their restless shadows.

Jeon Jungkook was your first boyfriend, and it was safe to say that he wa your first love, too. He accepted your almost eccentric self just the way you were, and you accepted every nook and cranny of his timid personality. Just like two puzzles that didn’t look alike, you both somehow managed to click yourselves somewhere in each of your sides.

But his family decided to move out of the small city you both met in, aiming for a better future and a safe place from all the debt collectors, so you had to say your goodbye. You both were too young, and no one — not even yourself — could assure the both of you that long distance relationship would work. So you both broke the tie, together with the communication that you knew would just make you beg to be together with him again.

While you’d finally manage to suppress the deadly horror of longing, he suddenly showed up again in your life, just as if he was mocking your hard work with his sweet presence.

“You still look the same.” He approached your frozen limbs, as your mind still couldn’t digest the reality that Jungkook really was right in front of you.

“Thank you.” Your mind was in a jumble, it processed his words earlier as a compliment. Once he raised his fingers, you instantly grabbed them, trying to feel the warm skin against yours. He was real. This wasn’t a dream.

Jungkook chuckled at your still-blank face, before his arms circled around your shoulders tightly, just like how he always did it when he walked you home after school.

“I miss you so much.”

Steam was waltzing above your cup of coffee, and you secretly took a glance at the person behind it.

Jungkook tapped his finger onto his own cup, unaware of your staring eyes. You still couldn’t believe how he still looked flawless after all these years — his skin still looked so smooth, his nose was still as tall and slender as you remembered it, and the only difference was the missing two buns of cheeks that you adored so much. They were replaced by the sharp edges of jawlines, and tall cheekbones that transformed his image from a small guy to a mature man.

He cleared his throat, and the thundering voice from his throat startled you from your trance. “How have you been, (Y/N)?”

You shrugged your shoulders with a smile. “As good as I’ve ever been.” You chuckled. “What about you?”

“I’m good, too. My family is officially debt-free.” He showed off his signature bunny grin, and that made you realize that so many girls could’ve fallen in love with him when he left.

“That’s really great to hear. I’m so happy for you,” you responded with a smile equally bright. He sighed contentedly, before leaning in from across the table. “How’s your college? Did you get in to the major that you want?”

“Yeah, apparently. My father gave up convincing me to take Law after my attempts of running away.” You laughed the dark memories off like it didn’t affect your familial relationship at all, but Jungkook frowned with evident worry. “You never give up on rebelling, do you?”

You nodded with a sheepish expression. “But it’s all good now.”

Silence seeped in. You glanced at his hands, and now you were dying to hold them again, but there wasn’t any special excuse for you to do that like you did in the past.

“How about guys, hm?” His brave question brought your sight back to his face. He never liked talking about romance nor dating — it took you about two weeks after you two got together to make him say “I love you” while looking straight to your eyes. Yet he could ask you that oh-so-easily.

You swirled a strand of your hair with your finger. “No one special.” You avoided his captivating orbs. “To be honest, no one has been special ever since we… broke up.”

Just then, his hands that were radiating cosiness traveled across the wooden table, grabbing your free ones in his.

Your eyes widened in surprise, and though he was chuckling deeply, you could see through his reddened cheeks and nervous voice. “To be honest, the same goes for me.”

A relieved smile washed over your face. You were worried when he appeared at your vision; did he have a new girlfriend already? It’d been a couple of years, that’s a long enough time to find a new person, right?

Instead, you pulled his chin forward, clashing his plump lips to your peachy ones. They still felt the same, only a bit frostbitten in the midst of winter, but they never failed to make you crave more.

A thousand of memories flooded your mind, from the first time your view darted at his lost face in the school, all the secret basecamps you two created just for the comfort of the both of you, all the shared laughters and spilled tears only you and him knew, until the moment he waved his goodbye in the train station.

But the sudden rush of thoughts was interrupted with a sonorous sound of clashing glass plates the waiter was struggling with, and that brought you back to the idle, brown-painted cafe, where you two reunited this day.

You pulled back from the kiss, huffing from the cold and the overwhelming softness of his lips. He stared at you, giving a full look of his ethereal brown irises.

You replied his smile with a small grin. You never believed you managed to get someone as perfect as him to be by your side for a fairly long time, and maybe — just maybe — fate could’ve decided to bring you back to him for any reason it has.

“There’s something I didn’t tell you the day I left for Seoul,” he started. You were too focused on his face, engulfing every bit that you missed from years back.

“What is it?”

He took a deep breath, before saying,

“you are the best first love I could ever ask for.”

Your grin grew bigger.

“The same goes for me.”

You both laughed, and he hummed in thoughts.

“Say, what about we try again?”

If ALL THE HATE Lindsey Shaw received from emison sick shippers wasn’t enough, now this IMDb fake thing come up and she is getting more hate from people, EVEN IF HER CHARACTER IS AD, y’all have NO FREAKING RIGHT to spit hate on her. PLL IS A FICTION STORY about how bullying and hate can transform people, didn’t you guys learned nothing from this?

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Do you think the next transformers cartoon would be good on netflix. I know Voltron has done well on there, so transformers might work there. I mean they already have transformers prime and rid on netflix. My hopes would be for the guys who did transformers animated, but a lot of the team from that went onto the current tmnt cartoon or other things

A Netflix-original Transformers cartoon seems like a prospect that’s still some way off in the distance. In the end, they’ll always get more eyes on it just by putting it on Cartoon Network than on Netflix.

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Oh my gosh, your writing is so good! Can I request Fulcrum (he's so lovely ^v^), Kaon and Rodimus comforting their s/o after they have a nightmare? I love your blog! :D

Anything for you, friend! :) And thank you so much, it is always reassuring to hear that. Also, I agree, Fulcrum is the bomb!  >;)

  • Fulcrum’s peace keeping protocols kick in immediately and he’s instantly holding you tightly and stroking your hair. He will gently ask if you want to talk or do something to get your mind off of your nightmare. I’s okay, he’s here and you’re safe. He’ll probably cuddle you to death. Nightmares are a big deal to him, he knows how you feel. Just ask him about Styx. Luckily, you two have each other now.
  • He listens carefully to what you have to say if you decide to talk about it. He only leaves to get you something warm to drink to soothe you. He’s intent on making you as comfortable as possible so you can go back to bed. Expect lots of kisses and lots of blankets to be thrown at you. He’ll probably blow the situation out of proportion because he’s a concerned mother hen.
  • Jokingly offers to bore you to sleep with his tech talk or stories and isn’t above being silly or cheesy to make you laugh. Will tell you funny stories and make god awful impersonations. Also tells you that you are scary when you don’t get enough sleep, so go to bed nerd. He’ll be nearby if you need him.
  • Kaon hates to see you distressed and calmly asks you to tell him what’s wrong. He doesn’t say anything when you explain you’ve had a nightmare. He just pulls you closer to him until your basically in his lap and he’s telling you that’s it’s over now and that he’s here for you.
  • Tells you nothing could ever hurt you when you have such an electrifying boyfriend who loves you dearly.  Despite that, he urges you to tell him about your nightmare so he can lay your fears to rest, spend precious time cuddling you, and figure out if he needs to kill whatever caused your nightmare.
  • Strokes your cheek a lot and teases you by being patronizing cause he’s a dick but really does care about his loved ones. Urges you to go to sleep but if decide you aren’t sleepy anymore, he doesn’t push it. He’d rather you go back to bed but will indulge you if you want to stay up. Doesn’t take much for this mech to spoil you rotten if you’re in distress.
  •  Rodimus is worried after hearing you’ve had a nightmare. There’s a period of silence before you can see the light bulb in his head turn on. He’s got a plan for once: He must forsake his identity as Rodimus Prime and become…a Rescue Bot. This freaking dork obnoxiously rolls to the rescue and explains that he’s gotta save you from the bad dreams.
  • If for some reason you didn’t fall asleep in bed, he picks you bridal-style and takes you there, complete with fake emergency siren noises that wake up everyone in the vicinity.  Otherwise, he rescues you by attacking you with his medicinal kisses, hoping to chase your nightmares away.  He just wants to hear your cute laugh.
  • Once he’s settled down, he seriously asks if you want to discuss your nightmare or sneak out somewhere and hang out. (Seriously he will offer to take you on a ride in the Rodpod.) Either way, he’s staying with you the entire night and making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Reminds you that he’s here for you and nothing can hurt you when Roddy’s here.

Note: my responses from now on will probably be shorter to save you guys from the pain of reading huge paragraphs.