that guy from transformers

What if?

A: hey b wake up
B: babe what do you want…
A: Remember that guy from ben ten? The Kevin Levin guy? Remember how he could transform into anything? What if he transformed into kryptonite, would be be able to kick supermans ass??
B: omg yes.

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This is a little manip I made for OnlyOneKing_12, and it´s my very first head-swap with 3D footage! This is not perfect in anyway (I need to be more patient), but I had fun and I hope that Vincent likes it. ;D

And before you ask, I have no idea how long this took me. The footage adds up to around 5 hours, but that includes all the things I cut out: the rendering, all the crashes, all the things I tried out but failed with (correcting the colors on the feather, trying to key the hair to fall more naturally, fix the lag in the head turn, etc), so I can´t really tell you exactly how long it took.

I would love to make more of these videos, where I time-laps my messy messy process. Is there something specific you guys would like to see me do?

Of The Night: part 5

I uploaded this earlier but it got deleted somehow (ಥへಥ)

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you were genuinely surprised by the scene in front of you. Jimin danced in perfect sync with Jin, Jungkook,Taehyung and three other guys you hadn’t met yet. The song had a menacing ring to it and it suited the guys well, even Jin and Taehyung, who seemed so happy and nice when you met them, suited the cold eyes and threatening expressions. The way they moved was intense and you couldn’t bring yourself to look away, so you didn’t. You sat down in the farthest corner of the room, admiring the way Jungkook transformed from the awkward, uncomfortable guy you’d met before to this confident, smooth person who moved in front of you. It seemed like you were right about Jungkook being cool around people he knew.

Taehyung looked focused, serious and almost aggressive as he danced. His eyes flicked to you and he smirked as he mouthed along with the song. Fuck, you thought. If they actually recorded this then you were impressed. The song changed to something with a faster pace, though you didn’t think that was possible, highlighting the three guys you didn’t know. Their parts were aggressive, raspy raps and while two of them didn’t seem like strong dancers, the third held your attention. You found yourself following his movements, even when he was in the background, he was smooth, casual and almost fluid in the way he moved. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he caught you staring and he clapped Jimin on the back as he passed behind him.

Jimin smiled at you, a genuine honest to god smile and he’d never looked cuter. His hair was pushed back, covered by a backwards turned cap. The song changed again and the group’s dangerous appearances dropped as they became excited. Taehyung was back to being smiley and cute, Jungkook flashed between a casual coolness and the most adorable grin you’d ever seen and you weren’t sure which was real, was it possible for him to be both?

You focused back on Jimin, you’d never seen him like this. He was so playful, happy as he grinned and messed around with the group. His eyes scrunched up a he smiled broadly at you, making some weird squealing noises as Jungkook kicked Taehyung’s ass. Jungkook lifted one of the rappers onto his shoulders and the group shouted. They were so goddamn cute and you couldn’t believe the giggles that were coming from their mouths. Jimin poked his tongue out at you, wiggling it suggestively as the song ended and the group stared at you as they moved into their final formation. You clapped, smiling bashfully as several pairs of sharp eyes focused on you.

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“That was surprising,” you said excitedly as Jimin fell down next to you, pulling the cap off his head to run his hand through his sweaty hair, “I didn’t know you could dance? Is that you guys singing too?”

“We write, compose, produce and choreograph everything ourselves,”

You looked up to see one of the three guys you hadn’t met staring down at you, his expression irritated.

“That’s cool,” you smiled politely, your stomach twisting uncomfortably. The way he looked down at you, as if you were prey, frightened you a little.

“You’re scaring her,” Jimin sighed and the guy blinked in surprise.

“No I’m not, I’m just talking,” he frowned, looking down at you and you looked away from him, staring at Jimin as he smirked up at the guy.

“Whatever,” he mumbled, turning and walking out of the room.

“That’s Namjoon,” Jimin laughed, “He looks angry but he’s harmless. The guy who looks dead on the floor is Yoongi and the one you couldn’t seem to take your eyes off was Hoseok,”

“I wasn’t staring at him,” you protested.

“It’s okay, we all know I’m the visual here!” Hoseok laughed loudly from across the room as Taehyung and Jungkook ran towards you.

“Y/N!” Taehyung yelled, “who looked cooler, me or Kookie?”

Jungkook looked at you expectantly and you laughed, feeling like they finally accepted your presence.

“Jungkook,” you nodded towards the youngest.

“I told you, hyung!” Jungkook shouted and Taehyung shoved his shoulder, pouting.

“I’m gonna eat those chips you’ve been saving,” Taehyung growled before laughing himself out the door.

“Tae!” Jungkook shouted in panic, chasing after him.

“They’re not as…” you trailed off, eyeing Hoseok watching himself dance in the mirrored wall and Yoongi passed out of the floor.

“Intimidatingly hot as everyone makes them out to be?” Jimin finished for you teasingly, standing as he reached out for your hand, “Yeah, we’re all just really weird to be honest,”

You took Jimin’s hand, letting him lead you from the dance room. He wore a pair of loose black shorts with a muscle tank and you admired the way his sweat caught the light on his arms, accentuating his toned muscles. It was the same for everyone else in the group, was it a vampire thing or were they just super fit? But all you’d seen any of them eat were snacks and meat and if they could eat shit like that and stay fit you were going to be pissed.

“You’re wearing my pants,” Jimin smirked down at you and you frowned.

“You dirtied my skirt,”

“You could’ve taken a shirt too, you know,” he trailed his eyes down your neck, resting his gaze on the series of small bites peppered over your collarbones and one large bite on your neck.

“They know the nature of our relationship,” you smirked at his hungry gaze, “you’re the one who told them, I didn’t think you’d care if they saw?”

“I don’t,” he clenched his jaw and for a moment you saw something in his eyes, but you weren’t sure what it was, “it just shows them you’re mine,”

Jimin pulled you into the house and you were thankful the lights were on this time. You smiled as you passed Taehyung sitting on the top of a large bookcase, eating a bag of chips while Jungkook glared at him from the floor.

“Who’s the cool one now!” Taehyung shouted as you and Jimin headed up the stairs.

“Jungkook!” you called back to stir him up and you laughed as you heard a loud thump and Jungkook call out in pain.

Jimin tugged you back into his room, closing the door as he stripped off his shirt.

“What are we doing?” you asked, sitting on the foot of his bed.

“You’re going to bed,” he said, rummaging through the clothes on his floor, “I’m going to take a shower,”

“Why do I have to go to bed?” you frowned at him.

“Because it’s almost 3am,” he smirked as you fumbled through his stuff to find your phone. 2:43am, holy shit time flies, you thought. You shoved his covers aside, laying back against his pillows as he turned off the lamp beside his bed, turning to leave the room.

“Are you gonna come back this time?” you asked him and he turned to stare at you.

“Do you want me to?” he raised an eyebrow and you nodded, “Then I’ll be back,”

And just as he said, not five minutes later Jimin returned freshly showered. He climbed into the bed next to you, his wet hair tickling your forehead as he tucked your head under his chin.

“You’re a lot sweeter than I expected,” you said honestly, yawning as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You wanted to ask him what he meant by saying you weren’t allowed to fall in love with him, was it a joke?

“Would you rather I be a jerk?” he muttered, “use you for blood and sex and leave you bare and bleeding like I do to other girls? Because I can do that if you’d prefer,”

“No,” you said quickly, curling into him, “this is nice,”

“That’s what I thought,” he chuckled, “now go to sleep, ill drive you home later,”


Yesterday’s makeup transformation from snapchat! 👻Nattyicee23
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the most fascinating thing about shia labeouf is how his shift to performance art was so sudden and drastic

like one minute he was just that guy from even stevens and transformers, then sudenly he plagiarizes someone, then he’s in an art exhibit with a bag over his head, and it just keeps going

was this something he always strived for? did he go through his whole career planning to make a full 180 at some point?

who knows

only shia knows

I wanna hear a cover of Like a Comet done by some crazy like cranked-to-11 Hair Metal band or something. Like get those guys from the band Lion that did the ‘86 Transformers movie theme to take it off the rails or something like that.