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Day 1
Day 2424
Today I’ve been feeling up and down. Loved and ignored. Happy and sad. No matter what I’ve been feeling I will always be grateful in one thing: trusting myself. I am so happy with the person I am today, 2424 days into hormone therapy, and I thank that little boy in the first picture who had the courage to do something I am still in shock of. I was scared and depressed before day 1 but I found a community of people online who supported me and will forever attribute the bravery I had on that day (June 16th, 2010) when I started hormones, to them. Since then the community has grown into something beautiful and I am so blessed to be part of it. Now it’s my turn to help people and it feels amazing that everyday I look online and what I’ve always wanted has happened. I’ve always just wanted to help people and be a resource for them. Here I am, 6.5 years into this, and feeling so fulfilled by the work that I do. Helping people is what I am meant to do and maybe this comparison will help people, maybe some people will hate it. But I’m so proud of who I am today and even though I feel low, ignored, and sad. I’ll always have the feeling of love and happiness by my side, especially coming from you guys, the amazing online trans community that we all built together. ❤🐝

  • meihem shippers: *puts Mei and Junkrat in a relationship where BOTH of them have apologized for their behavior when they first met, has them BOTH understand each other's boundaries and headcanons how they'd comfort each other when things get tough, basically just wants Mei and Junkrat to get along and be happy in a well-balanced relationship*
  • antis: this is Abuse™
films to watch

so i saw a post listing films in foreign languages and i thought i could expand on the list a little bit but my addition got so massive i decided to move it to a separate post. this list will focus on my target languages and feature a little bit of french as well just to spice it up. 

films are good for several reasons

  • usually quite fun
  • actually challenging if u watch w/o subtitles and the easiest way to achieve immersion in the privacy of your home
  • “productive procrastination”
  • might give u cultural insight as well
  • or encourage you to learn some history!!!!
  • i’m really tired of people watching almodóvar and being like uuuuuuhuuuu look the great spanish director and forgetting that not only are there spanish films not directed by almodóvar but also that spanish is spoken in other countries as well and GUESS WHAT they produce culture

ok here we go!!!!! im really lazy and my computer is agonizingly slow so i can provide no links. if something interests you search for it et voila

WARNING!!!!! long post 


  • magia salvaje - this is an uber cool colombian film showing largely unexplored areas of colombia which i think is the most beautiful country on earth. it was recommended to me independently by a friend from my spanish class and my colombian pen pal gal. from its website: “magia salvaje es la cinta del mundo natural más ambiciosa realizada en el país (…) [realizada en] 85 locaciones y 20 ecosistemas. (…) un tributo a la belleza de colombia“ tl;dr: cool shit u should watch, it’s available on yt
  • señor ávila - a p good series filmed by the mexican hbo starring tony dalton as an exemplary father and husband that starts working as a paid killer for the mafia, but it’s not all peachy because it affects his personal life and his son gets into some really deep shit. gets a bit grim at times but good nevertheless
  • retrato de un comportamiento animal - really cute indie film made in uruguay. an unlikely couple on a trip to brazil. expect nice landscapes and voseo
  • relatos salvajes - dark humour from argentina, a series of episodes in which people go absolutely bonkers over the most petty shit and also get p violent when you wouldn’t expect them to be. produced by pedro almodóvar if that serves as any recommendation.
  • la historia oficial - another one from argentina. drama. set during the dictatorship and based on true events, follows a family through a period when they would literally tear lil kids from their mothers and drown the parents if they were enemies of the state. watch it
  • juana la loca - spanish historical drama about their queen joan the mad
  • el laberinto del fauno - can we just, omg, ok, i love that film so much. fantasy, set during the civil war in spain. a little girl discovers this world with monsters and other creatures and it’s scary as shit but she goes through these adventures because she cares for her family. watch itttt
  • doce hombres sin piedad - this is the spanish version of the american classic 12 angry men, recorded in 1973. you can watch it on youtube.
  • gran hotel - spanish tv series, historical drama sort of downton abbey style. weird shit is happening in this lovely hotel, what do we do??? apparently available on netflix
  • como agua para chocolate - cute film “about how life used to be in mexico” (imdb) based on the p famous novel by laura esquivel. lovely colours, romantic love and a lot of nice food
  • los diarios de motocicleta - starring gael garcía bernal in an adaptation of che guevara’s memoir in which young che travels the world on his motorbike
  • no - ok this is some amazing shit (oscar nomination holaaaa). it’s a chilean film with gael garcía bernal set in the 1980s. in 1988 pinochet held a referendum in which basically if u said “yes” he stayed as te country’s official and lawful leader and if you said “no”, well, he went. the film is about the campaign that sought to get rid of him
  • talento de barrio - sorry but i couldn’t omit that one. it has daddy yankee in it, period.


  • la dolce vita - please do yourself a favour and watch it
  • la grande bellezza - as above. this is my favourite film of all time. look for the soundtrack on yt and you will know why
  • il bidone - early fellini follows petty thieves in rome
  • il prefetto di ferro - set in the 1920s. giuliano gemma as cesare mori aka the iron prefect who comes to palermo to deal with the gangs. good shit
  • ladri di biciclette - directed by vittorio de sica, set in post-ww2 rome, “a masterpiece of italian neorealism” (wiki). a desperate family needs their bicycle to survive
  • amarcord - comedy/drama, set in the 1930s. coming-of-age. “Fellini skewers Mussolini’s ludicrous posturings … that <<imprisoned Italians in a perpetual adolescence>> by mockig himself and his fellow villagers in comic scenes tha underline their incapacity to adopt genuine moral responsibility or outgrow foolish sexual fantasies” (wiki). won oscar for foreign language.
  • gomorra - tv series based on famed novel by roberto saviano. rival mob clans. good shit
  • il vangelo secondo matteo - “trattando in maniera antidogmatica un argomento di carattere religioso, l’opera fece sensazione e scatenò un aspro confronto intelettuale sulla stampa, proseguendo le non sopite polemiche per le accuse di vilipendio della religione” (wiki). three oscar nominations.
  • una vita violenta - poor kid in rome attempts to transform his life after leaving prison
  • la notte - marcello mastroianni in a study of a deteriorating relationship
  • la nostra terra - cute film which is literally my aesthetic aka people working the land. educated guy from bologna comes down south to start a community and sell organic veg he will grow himself. featuring creepy mafia guy freshly released from prison and sneaky southerners
  • la mafia uccide solo d’estate - drama but also a comedy fresh from palermo. lil boy observes how the mob influences people’s lives
  • il capitale umano - drama. a car accident ties together the lives of two families. people go crazy. great performance by valeria bruni tedeschi
  • il rosso e il blu - follows the lives of three school teachers as they get really involved in the fucked up lives of their students. confusing but oddly satisfying
  • latin lover - fun comedy of how a famed actor dies leaving behind a shitload of lovers, wives and children who all meet for his funeral.


  • trash - an AMAZING brazilian film about two favela boys trying to solve a criminal mystery and unearth corruption before an ill-willed police officer gets to them; all thanks to a wallet found in the dumpster they work in. really good cinema with appearances made by rooney mara and martin sheen
  • singularidades de uma rapariga loura - modern portuguese film based on a short stories by eça de queirós. a blooming romance meets an unexpected obstacle. spot on aesthetic and cleverly blended cultural references. directed by manoel de oliveira who is THE MAN, check out his ther shit such as the p recent o convento starring john malkovich and catherine deneuve
  • saneamento básico - p straightforward but fun brazilian comedy in which a small town community will do anything to raise money to fix their sewer system
  • this is embarrassingly short i will make a separate post to expand 


  • farinelli - an AMAZING film based very loosely on the life of the most famous castrato singer, farinelli. loooveeeee
  • la religieuse (2013) - a really stuningly made adaptation of denis diderot’s novel about a girl thrown into a convent against her will and desperate to get out who discovers some dark family secrets.
  • tom à la ferme - weird indie canadian film with xavier dolan, a gay man travelling to meet his dead boyfriend’s family and terrorised by said’s boyfriend’s horrible brother. more dark family shit for u
  • yves saint laurent - nice biographical film with pierre niney
  • dans la maison - terrifying and fascinating drama about how one seductive teenager ruins some families. 10/10 would recommend
  • les choristes - really good film about how a music teacher transforms the lives of a class of “difficult” boys. set in the 1940s to spice it up
  • les liaisons dangereuses (1959) - adaptation of laclos’ classic novel, set in the present day. directed by roger vadim.

that’s it - I hope at least one person finds it interesting/helpful!!!

i once promised a crash course in polish thing and i know i’m delaying it horribly but sometime next week i will prepare a similar post about polish films (if u folks are interested, ofc)

I drew the lineart for this a week ago.

So Pedophiles seem to be migrating to Tumblr and trying to set up a pro pedophilia community

Well i’m sorry but your kind aint welcome on Tumblr!

Yes Tumblr is a safe haven for nerds,geeks,witches,spiritual people, hippies, gays, fat people, hipsters, transgenders, non-binary people and misfits of all kinds. These people need a safe space cos society makes fun of them for being themselves when they help the way they are. Or if they choose not to conform to societies norm.

But your pro pedophilia community is not welcome on tumblr as you just want to sugarcoat it to make it look innocent and acceptable. 

Their is nothing acceptable about being attracted to children or wanting to have sex with a child!  Don’t you dare sugarcoat it with saying you are None Offending Pedophile or a MAP (Minor attracted person) because what you are doing is wrong, vile and us Tumblr folk don’t want you guys here!

So take your pro pedophile community elsewhere….far away from Tumblr as nobody wants you in our safe spaces or creating you own in our safe space we call Tumblr!

  • Me: I'm bisexual
  • Straight Person: Your Faking it, You're going through a phase, You're really gay on the inside
  • Me: Help me out guys, can I have some help from the rest of the LGBT community?
  • Lesbians and Gays: No we are gonna side with the straight people on this one, oh also don't come to our pride rallies if you're with a person of the opposite gender. You just aren't gay enough honey. Also we may suspect that you are just experiementing so take your time and your sexuality is probably invalid
  • Me: wtf...
  • (obvi this is not all lesbians and gays but there is a large number of people within the LGBTQ+ community that are very anti bisexual.)
A quick PSA

Hey there! As you can probably tell, I absolutely LOVE talking to you guys on Tumblr. It’s something I try to do at least once a day and I love that the community keeps my inbox full with great questions, jokes, and stories.

However, I wanted to make a quick statement about the nature of what I answer. I know a lot of people ask me for advice and occasionally I’ll reply with my outlook on the situation. I’m also incredibly picky about what I choose to reply to though.

Unfortunately, I am not a professional when it comes to more serious/heavy matters (i.e. suicidal thoughts, self-harm, abuse, etc.). I know I’ve mentioned I used to practice psychology and as much as I’d like to help everyone out there, I am not comfortable doing so, especially on Tumblr. I don’t want people to feel like I’m tuning them out, but at the same time it’s not fair to me to be put in those situations and it’s not fair to you to get lackluster advice from a regular guy.

I understand that my videos and this community help people get through hard times, but if you are having serious issues that are affecting your health and are a potential risk to your actual life, PLEASE reach out to the appropriate resources. There are clinics, hotlines, and websites with selfless, caring people who will discretely help you far more than I ever could.

Please keep safe and please value yourself enough to understand limits, boundaries, and when you should seek a professional, because you are absolutely worth that much and more.

Thanks for listening. I love you all. Seriously 💛



a similar thing happened to me when, in high school, i came out as a “confused” lesbian, i.e. i didn’t “really” know if i was gay or bi. all the sudden, every guy that had ever treated me like shit (i’ll say “they”, i’m talking about a group of different guys, their names run together because this happened pretty much every time i came out, because like most gay people, i’ve come up multiple times, and between the ages of 14 and 18 it was always a big deal and always ended up like this. much less so now that i’m in college.), had these genuine feelings for me and wanted to treat me the way “only they knew i had always deserved” and show me that i just needed “a boy like them who had always been there for me” and shit like that. all the sudden they were ready to be #1 Best Boyfriend Of All Time. like, where was that when i was trying to pass as straight? they didn’t have a change of heart. none of them actually wanted to date me. some of them had girlfriends at the time (who were ironically my own friends, one of whom was my fucken…..sister. 👀) they made sure to never actually say they wanted to be my boyfriend, because they didn’t, they just wanted me to continue feeling confused about them.

they were just upset that there was a POSSIBILITY that i would figure out that i really was gay (read: i was, but unfortunately, their manipulation was working, so for about a year i said i was bi. that’s not to say that all bisexual teenagers are just confused or lying! but in my case, i was both. some of yall might even have been following me at that point! yikes. now you know.)

i didn’t realize what was going on until my “friend” had me breaking down in tears during class one day because he was prodding me about relationships, and i was so conflicted about my “feelings” for him that had been eating away at me for probably a year and a half, and i thought to myself, i’m about to make his day and tell him that i just had an epiphany that from now on, this girl only loves girl pussy!!!!! (and anything else a girl might have, this girl does NOT love transphobia). (also, lmao, that’s not the story of how i realized i was gay, i realized that when i was exactly 7 years old standing in the hallway to my moms bedroom but that’s another funny story. this was the story of how i stopped denying it because of homophobic, rapey assholes who tried to intimidate me into being straight.)

MORE THAN ONE boy man (this continued after high school) that i had, in their words “led on” (read: either projected my feelings onto as a closeted teenage lesbian, or was just nice to in general as a friendly person), resorted to STALKING ME UNTIL I WAS IN COLLEGE. also some of my friends, some of whom had it worse, most of whom would come out as lgbt in the next few years. funny how that works out :(. (by funny i mean sad and absolutely 100% related: i hate the myth that lesbians and trans girls don’t get sexually harassed by straight guys; we absolutely do, often times way more, and at a way younger age. but that’s a rant for a different day.)

“okay but this guy clearly had good intentions”. first of all, most of those guys i just mentioned, had good intentions. while one of them sticks out in my mind: he was also my best friend, and didn’t realize what he was doing. he wanted to control me, sure, but he wanted to control me because he thought i was making a mistake, that he knew what was best for me. our relationship, even if it was technically just friendship with weird sexual tension, ended up being toxic and abusive because of that. in his mind he was looking out for me, but really, he made me confused and insecure for years. another one, who we will call Such A Sweet Boy, ended up doing terrible things to multiple girls because he was just Such A Sweet Boy and he didn’t realize what he was doing, and nobody could believe Such A Sweet Boy could do anything wrong.

so if you are a guy reading this and you have good intentions, but you’re in the same (or similar) situation as the first guy in op’s post, ask your self what has really changed here? why the sudden heartbreak? was it because you really changed? or was it because, you realized she will no longer be available to you,at least, available in your mind, regardless of whether or not she ever actually was? 

another good, and weird, example was a guy who i played with in a community ensemble for a few years. when i told him i was moving away for college, he got ridiculously angry with me, like, how could i betray him like this? what about everything we had?  he said it wasn’t fair for me to do this to him, and that i had to stay in my home town, and that it was time for me to decide if i was going to prioritize my career over him, and if so, that “said a lot about me”. keep in mind that to me he was just this guy that i knew from our community ensemble. and that i was openly gay. (the story gets weirder but again that is a post for another day.) IRONICALLY, he wasn’t the only guy who told me i was “betraying him” for “choosing” college “over” him. 

dudes, i know that heartbreak and romantic feelings can be really confusing. and i know that sometimes it HURTS, or you’re just NOT SURE WHAT TO DO, and that you might not be the most socially adept person. like, i’m awkward as hell, i get it, i don’t always understand social conventions either. and you’re probably thinking to yourself “how did these guys not realize how transparently possessive they were being? that’s terrible!” but PLEASE, if you’re ever dealing with heartbreak from a girl, consider whether or not you are this guy. because none of those guys thought they were “that guy”. and i’m not just some random lesbian who has the misfortune of attracting terrible men to me, or some meanie feminist who HATES the poor menfolk: this is not just a me-thing, i don’t know if i’ve ever met a woman who doesn’t have a story about a boy/man treating them like this. i have lots of amazing male friends who treat me and the women in their life great. 

i added my own stories because i think those are good examples of different way guys do the exact same thing, but this has happened to so many other girls i know in different ways (and guys too, i’m sure, but women who are possessive in relationships tend to act that out differently). you will probably never THINK you are that guy. so again: but please consider why events like a wedding announcement, or coming out of the closet, or going off to college, etc, made you feel such a change of heart. THERE’S ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY.

I know that parts of Tary’s tale may not be the representation that some people hope for in media. But I try my best to let other happier lives and things where that was an open and viable circumstance. Tary’s is important for people that maybe grew up like maybe a lot of my friends did and didn’t have that open welcoming scenario and, I can’t believe I’m doing this on the internet. Anyway I’m sorry. I’m doing the best I can. And not all stories are gonna be for everybody. I can’t please everybody with all the choices we make, and I misstep and I fail and I stumble. And even if a few people get offended I can’t help but feel bad because I hate hurting people. But I promise I’m doing my best, that’s all.
—  Matt Mercer, during his date with chat in response to the backlash from the community.

noodlesexual  asked:

Hey friends! I'd love to see some headcanons about the gang building a pillow fort with their S/O if it isn't too hard to do! (You guys are probably some of the best people around in the imagines community so I love seeing content from you guys. It never fails to make me smile.)

I haven’t built a pillow fort in years. 

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He would try to act like he was to cool to build one but once he started seeing you build it, he joined in.
  • He would only let Noodle inside. 2D and Russel were prohibited to come inside the fort.
  • The two of you made one in your room and watched movies inside the fort. He would suggest to watch movies inside of it. 
  • You also when went out of your way to put little fairies lights inside of it so you could get the Tumblr aesthetic. 

Stuart Pot (2D):

  • He would be hands down to make it. He would steal all the pillows from Russel, Noodle and Murdoc. 
  • 2D even went out on his way to buy extra comfy pillows so the two of you could be comfortable inside of it. 
  • Once the fort was built, 2D got flashbacks from when he used to build them with his parents and he got the idea of you and him having kids doing the same thing. 
  • He would even make sure that the two of you fell asleep inside the fort just for the experience. 

Russel Hobbs: 

  • He was not about making the fort either. He though he was too cool to make it but he also joined in when he seen you making it. 
  • He would make sure that no one seen him do it. But he could tell how much you were enjoying it. 
  • He grabbed his favorite blanket and your favorite pillow and brought them inside the fort. 
  • Russel couldn’t help but kiss you when he seen you so excited to be inside the fort with him. 


  • She was completely up for helping you build the fort. She grabbed all the pillows from the couch and your bed and started making it. 
  • She also suggested that the two of you bring food and have a little small dinner inside the fort. 
  • The two of you watched all the Pixar classics. Up, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.
  • Noodle also suggested that the two of you sleep inside of the pillow fort just for the experience. 
You. Should. Not. Be. Reblogging. From. Outside. The. Community.

Guys, I know you think that vine is cute, or those good luck posts actually work, or that meme is just too relevant, but fucking stop posting them to your lifting blog.

If your lifting blog isn’t a side blog then you should ONLY be following lifting blogs to begin with.

If your lifting blog is a side blog, then post all that cute shit to your main, you know, WHERE IT BELONGS.

The only thing you’re doing when you reblog stuff from mainstream tumblr to liftblr is leaving a trail for haters and doxxers to find your ass.

And if you reblog anything from me, you’re helping them find me too. And the entire community.

So stop it. I’m here for lifting content. We all are. If we want to see other things, we’ll log into our other tumblr account.

When are clexa fans going to stop pretending Bellarke is a hetero ship? Like Clarke is bisexual and being with a guy doesn’t remove her from the lgbt community. I feel like they want her to be lesbian and erase the fact she’s bi so they can have their ship not because they actually care about representation. Because if they did they’d be happy about having a bi relationship and having bi representation instead invalidating bi peoples sexuality as soon as they get with the opposite gender. Just my 2 cents

anonymous asked:

This question might rise your hair up or not, but what the industry thinks about the YouTube channel "The Game Theorists"?

The marketing teams probably care about them as much as any other relevant youtube gaming content producer that has 8 million subscribers, but AAA developers as a group generally don’t pay much attention to specific media members. Some individuals might watch them for fun, but nobody ever goes into a design meeting thinking “Well, the Game Theorists (or any other media entity) said ___________”. The closest I’ve ever seen to someone in the community mentioned by name were “the guys from Penny Arcade” specifically, once over my entire career. Most of the time, the developers don’t even care about specific media outlets unless it’s review time after a title has shipped, because the vast majority of the time the media is really bad at actually designing video games.

Got a burning question you want answered?


Hi ya~ Hope you all are doing well! I’m so sorry for being inactive here, I have been working on original stuff and quite occupied with it so kinda took a break from drawing fanart. Here are some of my original characters sketches I want to share with you guys, they’re all from a fantasy world inspired by a role playing community for artists that I had the honor to join during summer time. I’m still working on each character’s design and story so looking forward to more original stuff coming soon :) 

anonymous asked:

(eren--gayger here i hate tumblr sideblogs smh) regarding the 'old-wave' vs 'new-wave' ereri fanfics, this blog - and similiar ereri fanblogs - are GOLD because you're giving new-wave/season 2 era fic writers the publicity and praise they deserve and i'm just so grateful to have that opportunity both to read new stuff and promote my own things ya know ?? your blog is so encouraging to current ereri writers to keep on going in the knowledge they've got someplace to promote their work, thank u! <3

WELL THIS MAKES ME SUPER HAPPY? I’m actually a little sad that we disappeared during the hiatus, (we both had irl problems & general disinterest for a while) because I feel like this blog has such a huge platform and it could have made a difference in promoting the fics posted as well as keeping everyone in the fandom. I’m only realising in the last few weeks what this blog has become for people, and Tam and I promise to utilise it in the future in a way that will hopefully support more people and promote all the amazing fics and authors out there! (And I’m not intending to toot my own horn here, but it’s all true.) We love the old ~wave~ of fics as you call it, and we very much look forward to reading the 2017 fics & the new ones that comes with season 2!!!!!


MAGI 349 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump.Netabare’s texts ^^

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012

UPDATE: I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

Page 1


The Battle to decide the fate of the world… There is something abnormal in Alibaba’s bright idea?

* On the left side of the page it says: volume 33 now on sale! ( i already have my copy, i love the vepar!sin back cover)

Sinbad’s Thoughts: What’s your plan, Alibaba-kun?

Alibaba: With my “great magic that connect dimensions” I will take down both the vertical and horizontal walls of the world.

Arba: In other words, will that be the abolition of God’s multilayered structure and the complete integration of the Rukh?

Aladdin: Doing both never came to my mind.

Alibaba: really?

Sinbad: ….

Night 349 “Involved Human Beings”

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