that guy and his kid from the movie

Fanstastic Beasts thoughts on Newt & Credence

On a serious note, one of the things I really liked at the end was that when Newt is trying to talk Credence down from his World-Destroying Explosion of Power, he asks Credence “Is it okay if I come over there?” and “Is it okay if I come closer?”

like this poor kid has been getting physically abused all movie and has his every move monitored by people trying to use him, and Graves slaps the shit out of him the second the guy starts acting even remotely scared (and then immediately tosses him when he thinks he’s got what he wanted)

and Newt, even after Credence has destroyed a lot of the city and accidentally gotten Newt locked up in prison, at least has the decency to give him physical space and ask permission to go near him

like it’s really small, but it’s giving Credence some control over who’s allowed to go near him and who’s allowed to touch him when that’s something he doesn’t normally have, and I think that’s really sweet


So what if Karamatsu was only a pain to adults? I’m pretty sure kids would find him cool, they would think he would be some hero from their movies with his try-hard cool guy attire. (Plus they would awe at his cheesy lines like how much he desires world peace and to make dreams come true) (He’d probably cry over his popularity) 

Neighborhood uncle Karamatsu is good Karamatsu.

Let’s talk about Dustin.

They could’ve easily made him the stereotypical “chubby friend” who just loves food, says dumb things for comedic effect, and is one who gets picked on by the rest of his friends.  This trope is so common in films about groups of young friends, guys or girls, mostly young and high school aged.  But they didn’t do that.

This kid is smart.  He has an imagination.  He’s open to all possibilities.  He’s observant - he’s the one who noticed the compasses.  

Yeah he brought food for their excursion, but not because he’s obsessed with it or he brought it all for himself.  He was being logical.  If they were gone for a while or doing anything strenuous, yeah they’d need energy.  Candy, chips, fruit, and trail mix.  

The only thing he gets made fun of for is his lack of front teeth, and it’s only by the two bullies at school.  His friends aren’t “pity friends”.  

tl;dr Dustin is the most beautiful little cinnamon roll

Halloween with Dan & Phil (Holiday Special)

How did my halloween go? Well I didn’t answer the door because I’m scared of little kids so… grEAT.

What about you guys? or have you not had it yet because of timezones omG

i like butts



“I just got a text from Louise saying that she’s going to kill us for not coming to the party.” Dan laughs and tightens his grip around you waist.

The two of you were just eating a bunch of candy while watching movies in the lounge. Neither of you could be bothered to get dressed up and attend a party this year, so you decided to stay home and just enjoy each others company.

You smiled creepily, thinking about all the socialising you missed out on by not going to the party.

Dan lifts his head up to look at your face and laughs, “Why are you smiling like that? You’re so weird.”

You wriggled slightly and Dan tightened his arms even more, keeping you in place.

Dan was in a cuddly mood tonight, so you ended up doing a weird couch-spooning thing, but it was nice.

“Says you!” You laughed. “Mr, ‘fuck my ass I just asexually reproduced I was so jump scared that life found a way and it came out of my ass’.”

Dan laughs loudly into the crook of your neck and ends up wheezing, making you laugh at him.

The laughter dies down after a few minutes.

“I love our relationship,” Dan says honestly, “I love how we can give each other shit, but at the same time accept each other in every way possible.”

You smile softly and nodded, kissing his hand.

“Me too.” You replied wholeheartedly, thinking about how you’d even rather do this over a halloween party any night.

And Dan was thinking the same.

(this doesn’t really have much to do with halloween but oh well its cute as heck)


Phil paused the movie you and him were currently watching, it was a horror movie since it was halloween, but you were just on your laptop and Phil was playing a game on his phone, neither of you paying much attention to the movie.

“I’m just going to hop in the shower, I won’t be long.” Phil gets up from the couch and you reply with an ‘okay’ before continuing to scroll through Tumblr.

About 10 minutes later you heard the shower turn off, and then Phil walking to his bedroom to get dressed.

Another 10 minutes later you realised Phil still hadn’t come back, so you decided to see what he was doing, since you were waiting for him so you could play the movie again, not that it mattered.

You placed your laptop on the couch and walked to his room.


There was silence.. and then suddenly..


You paused in your tracks and turned around calmly.

“Damn! I wanted to scare you..” Phil said and laughed, bringing you into a hug and swinging you back and forth slightly.

“The main thing is that you tried.” You smirked and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Phil chuckled lifted you up bridle style and carried you back into the living room, where you both sat in your positions on the couch.

“Thanks for making me feel better.” He threw a piece of candy at you and it hit you in the chest/boob.

You shrugged and picked it up before eating it.

Phil kissed your forehead and leant his head on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around you from the side.

“This is why you’re my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner.”

Drabbles Masterlists

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Showers with Steve

“The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”

+Sequel to “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids”

Steve comes back from a mission [you are wearing his shirt]

Angst Steve Rogers

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

Steve brings you a cake [despite you don’t celebrate your birthday]

Steve meets you in a vintage dress shop


Showers with Bucky

You watch Ghost Adventures with him

Clara Oswald x Bucky Barnes

Tony buys Bucky’s daughter a Bucky Bear

You call Bucky ‘Daddy’ during fondue

Bucky being protective against catcallers

Bucky helping your son to walk

Would Bucky love a curvy girl?

Does he know about the baby?


“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.” 

Sam and Bucky’s Oreo disagreement


Avengers bad habits + Musicals

Sam and Bucky third and fourth wheeling

Steve and Bucky headcanon on sexual assault

Watching Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings Movies

Recovering from eating disorders/Steve/Sam/Bucky

Chris Evans

Your affectionate dog gets you a chance to meet Chris

Chris Evans falling for you at Comic-Con [you have a disability]

Beach talks with Evans

Sebastian Stan

Being Sebastian’s sister and crushing on Chris Evans.

Sebastian has a day off spends it with family

Domestic fluff with Sebastian Stan

Sebastian wants to ask you out, but you are too young

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The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too.”

Carl Grimes

What dating Carl would be like when on your period.

Glenn Rhee

“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

Daryl Dixon

“Welcome back. Now fucking help me!”

Daryl finds chocolate for you whilst on your monthly


“What’s The Matter Sweetie?”

Negan going out of his way to make you feel better [Also being terrified of you]

Alternate “You”niverse Masterlist // Marvel Masterlist // Headcanon Masterlist // Imagines Masterlist // The Walking Dead Masterlist

OMG you guys. If you don’t see one more film for the rest of the year, go see Moana. I’m still sort of floating. By far the best original Disney score since The Lion King and a beautiful story. I haven’t felt like this coming back from a movie since I was a kid. The magic still exists.

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a definitive ranking of the bee emojis

all at it with the opacity and the gradients! nice work, apple, this is a solid Bee.

what a smiley little friend! his missing legs do not hinder his existence. 7/10.

simple. does its job. kinda looks like a kid’s drawing that you accidentally squished though. 4/10

this fellow’s got wonderful eye contact. he’s probably the guy who’s singlehandedly saving the bees. 7/10.

do you wanna buy some drugs? this guy knows exactly where to get them from. unbelievable. 420/10.

is he shrugging because he’s got no idea what to do and the world’s failed him? same. 8/10

go away. 3/10.

this is very clearly not a bee, but an ant with wings. disappointing work. 5/10

how very similar you two look. don’t worry, i won’t tell anyone. 5/10. 

what a kind little lad! he totally won’t sting you, he’ll just nuzzle at you a bit. 9/10.

-1/10 because if i never see this again it’ll be too soon

I love Seth Gecko because before you watch the show u think he’s like this really cool guy™ - all bad boy swagger and coolness. But he is just.. a dumb ass. He is grumpy all the time and if he had a lawn he’d yell at the kids to get off it. His only cool lines he copied from movie characters because he is a huge ass nerd fanboy. but when he’s off the script he is just so damn stoopid (“from eyeballs to my balls balls”, or can’t even form sentences properly).

He walks and dresses all badass to intimidate but then does a super elaborate secret handshake with his brother before committing crimes - which imo kind of ruins the tough criminal look™ he was going for. Probably why he got beaten up in prison as well. Dumb ass probably tried to form a club house with secret handshakes and shit.

He is high-key stressed all of the time. If someone could read Seth’s mind it would just be high-pitched screaming 24/7. His entire existence is just Seth consistently fucking up and panicking about it - then trying to fix it while panicking and fucking up even worse. The few times he does manage to chill and crack a (lame) joke he is the only one laughing. 

Also, he is a goddamn toddler, has not yet fully understood concepts such as ownership (“it’s mine! i stole it!”). Always whining to the Mom friend™, Kate - who can’t believe this guy who kidnapped her family is now basically her surrogate bratty teenage son.

Anyway… in summary: Seth Gecko = not cool. very lame.

so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please
Watch ‘Rogue One’ Star Ben Mendelsohn’s Heartbreak Upon Learning Mads Mikkelsen Chatted with Rebel Actors on Set

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Ben Mendelsohn plays Orson Krennic, the man responsible for overseeing the construction of the Death Star. To accomplish his goal, he kidnaps Galen Erso, played by Mads Mikkelsen This pits them against the Rebel Alliance, willingly or not.

Yahoo Movies wondered if Mikkelsen and Mendelsohn stayed away from the rest of the cast. “Did you guys do anything to distance yourselves from those actors?” asked our Kevin Polowy. “Oh like that kind of method thing?” clarified Mikkelsen. “Climb a mountain and stay there for five years? Ask your kids to call you a different name? No. No, no. No, no, we did not.”

But it seems Mikkelsen shouldn’t have been so quick to answer for the both of them “You fraternized with the enemy?” joked Mendelsohn? “Yeah, but I’m in between,” replied to Mikkelsen, alluding to his character’s moral gray area. “Sorry, I’m just recovering. Really? You spoke with them?” Mendelsohn followed. “Yeah,” answered Mikkelsen in the affirmative. “I met them. Several times.” “Wow,” Mendelsohn said taking a breather. “Ok.”

It seems Mendelsohn isn’t out of his Krennic mindset yet! “Well, you know, it’s not like I antagonized them,” Mendelsohn said regarding Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, and the rest of the cast. “I mean, it’s like, there was, you know, I was doing my thing. And they were, frankly, not supposed to be anywhere near any of the rest of us. So it was them that was the antagonist in this case…We weren’t doing anything but going about our business. However, having to see them around there? Around us? Bothering things, you know? Eating food that’s ours?”

Mendelsohn then shook his head disapprovingly. “You spoke with them?” he once again asked Mikkelsen. “When we were…? Wow. Ok. Cool”. I just didn’t think I’d find that out right here and right now.” “We’ll talk about it later,” Mikkelsen offered.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: elijah wood appeared in one of the most ambitious film projects ever undertaken, having starred in all three movies of the lord of the rings trilogy, including "return of the king", which won 11 total academy awards including best picture. however, despite the massive and relatively unprecedented success of these films, why is it that the first film elijah appeared in after lotr was a cameo in, of all movies, spy kids 3: game over? what's even more confusing is that he plays a character named only "The Guy". more so, while "The Guy" is the only player to ever beat level 5, how is it possible that a single lightning strike took all 100 of his lives? why did elijah go from international acclaim to easily defeated legend of a virtual reality game? how do you die 100 times at once?
a swiss movie that barely anyone knows but it’s worth watching #1

Sebastian, a 18-year-old guy from Zurich decides to go to Geneva for a year to work as an au pair. His parents think he’s crazy, only his sister (who gave him a kamasutra for his birthday) supports his decision.

In Geneva, everything goes wrong. His au pair family is super rich and therefore has a great house but the kids are so nasty, the parents are never home and they fight all the time. Only the little babygirl he takes care of is not so much of a problem. But his host family is not satisfied with his work and thinks about sending him back to Zurich. The parents are so busy with their work and problems tho so they keep him. 

He meets Eveline, the hot neighbour, and sleeps with her for the first time. 

But he also meets the art student Elodie, the daughter of his host dad who he had had with another woman. 

She is interested in drawing him for her art classes and he becomes her model.

Sebastian falls in love with her but does she love him back? And what about his parents in Zurich who are not happy about their son’s decision? Can he stay at his host family’s house? Does the host dad have an affair? 

Will the kids be nicer to him? What should he do when he has to go back to Zurich? If you wanna know - watch the movie!!!

I rewatched civil war and honestly it got way worse than when I first watched but it got me thinking about my robot son.

Ever since Vision was born, he was already an Avenger. His whole purpose is to serve the world as an Avenger. I doubt his range of social interaction branches outside of the Avengers. Outside of missions, he was most probably confined within the walls of HQ.

He doesn’t have the chance to interact with normal people, like a cashier at the local 7/11 or a kid at the playground. The only people he really gets to interact with are deadly assassin/spies, mentally ill scientists/billionaires, a guy from the 40s and a mind-reader. Is it really a surprise that he’s so awkward?

Give me a scene in a movie where he is given the opportunity to blend in with normal civilians. It’s already a known fact that he could project his clothes; why not change his appearance altogether? Why not just camouflage himself as kind of a more awkward Paul Bettany?

Give me a scene where he orders chipotle for Wanda. Give me a scene where he gets along really surprisingly well with children. Give me a scene where he watches a movie with Wanda in a legit movie theatre, captivated by the audience’s reaction to the movie. Give me a scene where he goes on rides with Wanda in carnivals. Give me scenes where he experiences normal human interaction first-hand with normal civilians leading normal lives.

favorite rt extra life moments

  • geoff giving jack a kiss instead of slapping him
  • live appearance by x-ray and vav
  • painting with bob ross (ft. miles luna)
  • matt bragg getting his head shaved
  • jack getting his beard shaved
  • story time with levar burton
  • gavin destroying his mouth with a super hot sauce
  • matt bragg and jeremy smooching (for the kids)
  • blaine getting his chest waxed (for the kids)
  • kerry and miles slow dancing to ‘how could this happen to me’
  • michael and gavin drinking a gallon each of color-coded milk
  • the internet paying to burn ryan’s awful dad shoes
  • live action amiibo death match
  • gavin watching himself make out in a live action short
  • jack, then jack and blaine truffle shuffle
  • the national disaster of #2spooky2k15
    • beard hair sandwiches
    • kigurumis everywhere
    • cheese master gus sorola
  • glamor shots from ryan the model guy haywood and others
  • alan ritchson and the mac and cheese disaster
  • michael jones
    • eating (and agreeing to vomit up on camera) 12 lava cakes
    • getting his head shaved
    • getting kicked in the face during twister, while in the middle of filming a movie 
    • getting fucking tazed (for the kids!!!) 
  • every time jack gets emotional at the end of the stream because of how much the community gives and because of how good the team backing him is

so you all know who this guy is right?

that’s luke skywalker, played by mark hamill.

duh right? the new star wars movie just came out and all.

well, i checked up on his imdb page and found out that he’s not only luke, but also

skips, from the regular show

the joker from the batman animated series (and from some of the games)

firelord ozai??? from avatar the last airbender

stickybeard from codename: kids next door

and for those that saw the movie:

professor arnold from the kingsman: secret service movie

not to mention tons of minor roles from gravity falls, adventure time, star wars: the clone wars, scooby doo, kingdom hearts, spongebob, danny phantom, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, rocket power, samurai jack, etc etc

like, this is fantastic. thank u mark hamill. the force has always been with us.

I just got off the phone with Brandon from Netflix

I kid you not, he told me his nieces watch All Hail King Julien. And then he said how much he loved the first two Madagascar movies!!!! Like score for best Netflix phone answering guy!!!

I was really nervous at first, but he was so cool. I pretty much just said, “is there any way All Hail King Julien would be able to get a higher episode order?” And he showed me all these things to do.

I recorded myself on the phone cus I knew I’d forget lmao. But anyways..

•Make sure you’ve rated AHKJ. Reviews help too (I am begging you, if your going to rate it, rate it five stars. We’re at like 4 and a half now. It won’t help otherwise.)
•Netflix has a tally system every time a show is typed into the search box (basically, search All Hail King Julien a lot. Lol)
•He emailed me the title suggestion page & told me to put All Hail King Julien Season 8, Season 9, and Season 10 in. You can just type in Netflix title suggestions into google, and you’ll find the page. You don’t need a Netflix account.

Also I didn’t find this out from the phone call, but from other people across the internet. When you call, or use the chat services with Netflix, the people responding have to tell their reps what shows you mentioned. Do this and mention AHKJ!! If you don’t like talking on the phone, use the chat service. I’ll link you, if you can’t find it.

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I can totally see Jared's daughter being all happy and encouraging while the 30stm lawsuit was happening and just doing whatever she can to keep him completely happy no matter what.



anon i love you because when I watch artifact I can’t help but think this same thing. Like I picture jared and her being so close obviously she would know when something is wrong, so she just goes into the studio and gives him random hugs and kisses. I forget where it’s from, but in some movie it covered how children can sense when something is wrong with their parents so it’s a gut reaction for kids to go and ask a bunch of questions or tell stories to distract the parents, and I just see his daughter doing that so much. Jared is such a considerate and sensitive guy his baby would hate seeing him be hurt/cry. I see them having a very mutual relationship like he always helps her and she’ll always help him.

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Hi there (again!) For Klein - I'd like to know the answers to questions 16, 34, and 49. Thanks! ♡

Hi :D Oh I’m so happy to see you in my inbox again <3 

For Klein:

16. Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it? 

Yeah, hearts! HA. Just kidding. He doesn’t have a real collection. He has a small ensemble of cult movie and riot posters, but that’s about it. 

34. What is their body type? How tall are they? Do they like their body? 

Well, I guess I don’t translate their heights in the sims, since I’m too lazy to use the height sliders. Klein would be somewhere around 6′0″. He’s lean and atrophied from years of drug use, so he’s not the strongest of guys but he keeps it together. He doesn’t like his body much, no. But he doesn’t really think of himself in terms of attractiveness. 

49. What is their most valued object? Are they sentimental? Is there something they have to take everywhere with them?

Nope and none! Klein is anti-materialistic, so he owns nothing of real value. He values words and people over objects. 

Thank you for asking!

I can’t stop thinking about the new Jungle Book

That movie was so dang good

Idris Elba as Shere Khan carried this chilling menace, Lupita Nyong’o didn’t have that many lines but the emotion she brought to each one - wow, and Neel Sethi did such a fantastic job, especially in the light of him A) being a kid actor, B) having his very first acting role ever, and C) working almost 100% with green and blue screen and no other actors on the set. Like this kid did amazing.

And I’m still not over Sir Ben Kingsley’s performance as Bagheera. I think this guy single-handedly made me a Jungle Book fan because… okay it wasn’t just Sir Kingsely because the animation team did an ace job on his facial expressions and Justin Marks’ script gave him a wonderful character arc. Like this character legitimately gets to develop over the course of the movie instead of being just the longsuffering guardian of a man-cub. 

And personality just drips from every line read of Sir Kingsley’s for Bagheera. Even when he’s at his most enraged with Mowgli, you can still catch that underlying affection he feels for the boy. (I am so weak for surrogate-parent-child pairings). He’s also such a kind character (and Lord knows I am so very very weak for those too).

And I know I just talked about Neel Sethi, but this kid, guys. Like he’s an obnoxious kid when he needs to be, without getting to the point where he grates on the nerves, but he likewise can pull off sad, heroic, noble, scared, clever, cheerful and… He is legitimately the first Mowgli I have liked.

Go watch The Jungle Book