that grey's moment

  • Oda: So my pitch is an adventure Shounen manga with pirates as the main protagonists. There will be cool fighting with weird exciting powers and everything.
  • Editor: Cool.
  • Oda: And like, also, corrupt constitution, conspiracy theories, racial prejudices, mass genocide, slavery and human trafficking, CHILD slavery and trafficking, cannibalism, illegal lab experiments, war tension that could break any moment, basically grey morality all around.
  • Editor:
  • Oda:
  • Editor:
  • Oda: ...and big boobs?
  • Editor: Welcome to the company.
  • dragon age inquisition: god can you believe those grey wardens?? they really fucked up. just can you ever forgive them for their actions?!
  • me: you mean by how they were just trying to do their jobs but were maliciously manipulated by the antagonist and basically fear itself?
  • dragon age inquistion: ...god can you believe those grey wardens..

by the way there was an updated mod on nexus for f04 called Dustbowl that changes it’s scenery to be more desert-y!!

I really want to try it out, it’s a little buggy but it’s definitely something I’m sure a lot of fnv fans will enjoy!