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For some convoluted reason, everyone suddenly starts involuntarily bursting into song “Buffy: Once More with Feeling"-style.

Everyone in the crew has their own musical number revolving around their current thoughts and issues. Donut takes care of belting out the opening number, since he has such great range. Sarge sings about building robots with Lopez. Simmons sings about his dreams and ambitions.

Grif can feel it coming but has no power to stop it and starts singing a soulful love ballad to Simmons.

Simmons malfunctions.

My Captain America cosplay is popping up again, and I’m feeling emotional yall. I wish I could go back in time and show 12 year old me that it won’t just be my friends and I going to conventions and dressing up. There is no need to compromise faith and things you’re passionate about. There will always be love and positivity in spaces where we are inclusive and encourage creativity :)

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So for the 1k follower micro fics (Congrats!! I've been around since 100 I think lmao) I was thinking shance model AU? Like Shiro is a photographer, and Lance looses his first photographer for being too reckless in his shoots or having too outlandish ideas or smth. Shiro finds him and recognizes him and they work together? Romantic obviously, shance is beautiful. Thank you if you decide to do it! 😉 Hmu sometime you're awesome?? Ily?



An annoying brat.

Won’t listen to his betters.

A waste of a nice body and face.

I heard he’s still here just because he knows the CEO.

You really don’t want to work with him. He’ll just drag you down.

All of these warnings floated through his head, but he pushed them away. Shiro had a very strict rule of judging people for himself, and Lance wasn’t going to be an exception. Allura asked him specifically, calling him after months of silence, so the least he could do was genuinely try.

“Listen, Shiro… I know you work in Japan now, but just this once, won’t you come back?” she begged. “I have this male model, and he’s everything you ever dreamed of. Slightly androgynous, especially when he puts on makeup. He’s tall, naturally skinny, has so much natural talent…”

“What’s the problem, then? What do you need me for?”

“No one would work with him.“ 

Shiro was quiet for a moment. “Why?”

“He’s… Cocky. He knows what he can be, but he’s not there just yet, and it pisses people off, and depresses him too when the photos don’t come out as well as they could.”

Shiro hesitated. Said he needs some time to think about it. In response, Allura sent him the guy’s portfolio. He didn’t hesitate in the least when he booked the nearest flight out to New York.

Lance was so much more than his photos.

His skin, the most amazing shade of caramel Shiro has ever seen, practically glowed. It was clearly well taken care of. His hair was soft and shiny, even if a bit short to really play around with. Legs that went on forever, a smooth, taut stomach, slim waist and a gorgeous face.

Shiro’s stomach flipped and tightened as he crossed the room to officially meet him.

Lance noticed him approaching and broke into a wide, slightly goofy grin. “Well, hello there, handsome. Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Shiro was a goner.

They worked well together. Lance had a lot of great suggestions, but he was very pushy about them. Shiro could see how it might irk other photographers, but smitten as he was, he didn’t mind at all. And once he gained Lance’s trust, the young model became much more obedient and willing to listen to him.

They clicked outside work, too. Soon, dinner together became a habit. Either they ate out at restraunts, not exactly dates, but a bit too flirty to be friendly, or they cooked together in Lance’s tiny kitchen. Eating out was nice, but to Shiro, no gourmet meal could ever be as good as eating Mac&Cheese from a slightly chipped bowl in that kitchen.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he first heard him laugh so hard he snorted.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he saw Lance cry for the first time, plagued by insecurities about an upcoming shoot.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with his cooking.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with the charming, cocky yet insecure, incredibly adorable, irresistibly sexy man.

It was in Lance’s kitchen they had their first kiss. It was against the counter they fucked for the first time. It was in Lance’s kitchen that Shiro kneeled one day, holding a small box, diamond ring resting on velvet for the love of his life to accept. 

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Aww omg #15 from your cuddle prompts ("Pull over, I wanna sleep in the back") would be so cute for Baby I think & so fitting

Baby + “Pull over, I wanna sleep in the back”

Late night drives were a constant in a world that was high paced and ever changing. Each Friday Baby would show up at your door, humming a song with his keys swirling around his finger. And today was no exception. You beamed at him as you grabbed your jacket, interlacing your fingers with his. “Did you do anything today?” Baby asked, pulling out one of his earbuds. “No, today was boring. Nothing happened.” You shrugged, and you weren’t lying. You didn’t have work and your show didn’t record so you spent most of the day lounging around your house. “I missed you today.” Baby mumbled, swinging you interlocked hands. “You did huh?” You teased, leaning against his car. “I did.” Baby stated matter-of-factly as you placed your hands on his chest, smoothing over his shirt.

Your arms wrapped around his neck as you brushed your nose against his before letting your lips touch. Baby’s hands found their way to your hips, anchoring your body against his. He smiled against your lips, making you laugh as you shoved him. “I’m so in love with you.” Baby said dreamily. You rolled your eyes, pressing a curt kiss to his lips before ducking into his car. “Come on lover boy, let’s get out of here.” You called as he jogged over to his side of the car, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Baby pulled out his other earbud as you turned on the radio, changing it to a station you both liked. Baby peeled away from the curb and you let yourself get lost in it all. The music, the perfect weather, being here with Baby, his scent, the city lights, everything. You let your mind wander as aimless chatter filled the space. You talked about trivial things, voices soft and tired. You were leaning on your arm, and staring out of the opened window. “It seems peaceful at night.” You said, laughing at the end as this all started to feel a little cliche. Not that you minded. “It’s quiet.” Baby agreed, his hand finding yours that rested on your thigh. You looked over to him, eyes dropping his warm hand that enveloped yours. “Your hands are always soft.” Baby spoke quietly, almost to himself. You let your fingers intertwined, not feeling the need to respond, but just to enjoy the calmness you two rarely got.  

You yawned as you looked back out the window, occasionally glancing over to Baby. He noticed your heavy eyes, and wanted to take you back to your place, but he also wanted to spend as much time with you as possible. And before Baby knew it he had turned out of the city, cruising on the mostly abandoned highway before the scenery changed. You blinked as the city lights vanished the blurs of green filled your vision. “Baby?” You wondered, turning to face him. “I wanted to get out of the city.” He explained while you nodded, another yawn falling from your lips. “Can you pull over, I wanna sleep in the back.“ You mumbled, as the car slowed to a stop. You climbed over the seats and flopped onto the back seats, legs stretched out, albeit a little awkwardly, but you were comfy.

You hummed along to the song that filled the air, eyes still glued to the window. Baby missed the warmth of your hand on his and pulled over after driving for a few minutes. The car rattled as the gravel road met the rocky shoulder. Baby opened his door, and pulled his sweater off before joining you in the back. You instantly moved to lay your head on his lap, sighing as he draped his sweater over you. “Let’s stay here for a bit.” Baby said, his voice thick with tiredness as well. “Okay.” You muttered, as Baby began to trace the sides of your face. From your temple down your cheek, to your jaw and chin. His thumb brushed over your bottom lip, and he could feel the smile twitching at your mouth. “What’re you doing Baby?”

“Memorizing the details of your face.” He said, reaching into his sweater pocket to pull out his IPod.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Because I never wanna forget you.” You expression softened as Baby handed you an ear bud, nodding at you to take it when you eyed him. He copied your action as he placed the other in his ear, and a soft song started to play. “I think of you when I hear this.” Baby stated, looking down at you as you moved to lay on your back. Your hand cupped the side of his face as you stared up at him, enjoying the softness of his features in the moonlight. “I’m so in love you with,” You repeated his words from before, your breathing slowed and eyes dreary. “And I never wanna forget you either.”

we don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me

lionheart | a rae ryder/vetra nyx playlist <3 

“So,” Even began with a cheeky smile, locked his phone and rolled onto his side to face Isak on their bed. “I have great and slightly maaaybe annoying news.”

Isak mirrored Even, an intrigued look on his face, eyes squinted and tongue between his lips as he waited expectantly.

“Good first.” Isak decided and Even leaned in to press quick and sweet kiss against Isak’s lips.

“You get to take me to the zoo tomorrow!” He murmured against Isak’s mouth as if this was all Isak could have ever dreamed of.

Breathing a laugh Isak mumbled “Lucky me.”
Added a kiss and then nodded once, bracing himself before he said “Ok, now the maybe slightly annoying news.”

Even pursed his lips once, a nervous gesture Isak grew very familiar with over the last few months, before the words left him in a rush.

“Mom asked if we would take Lise for two days, because they will have to go to my grandparents house and sort through their stuff to decide what to throw out and all that, now that they are moving down here and Lise would be so bored and also run around there and mom won’t have time to really look after her and… Yeah.” He finished inelegantly and searched Isak’s face for any sign of uncomfortableness or annoyance.

What he found, though, was a small fond smile and one of their signature eyebrow raises.

“Are you saying I not only get taken to the zoo, but also get to hang out with my favourite Bech Næsheim?” Isak mock-gasped “I’m in!”

“Excuse me, I’m your favourite Bech Næsheim!?” Even’s outrage was betrayed by the grin on his face.

Isak pulled a face and made a hmm, not really gesture with his hand.

“What!” Even huffed and shoved gently at the shoulder of a giggling Isak, before he scooted closer and tangled their legs together.

After a moment of soft smiles and hands being interwined, Even’s face sobered a bit.

“Are you sure? I could tell mom I can’t and you’re working or something if you don’t want to, baby.” But Isak was already shaking his head before he finished talking.

“No, I’m ok with it. I love how you are with her and it’s,” he shrugged with one shoulder, “always fun when it’s the three of us.”

And Isak really meant it - the first few intimidating moments of awkwardness aside - he really was gone for that energy loaded little girl. He loved spending time with every member of Even’s family to be honest, they always made him feel like he really belonged with them.

Even smiled at him in that slightly surprised and in awe way that made Isak’s stomach flutter when he leaned back in for more kisses.

After a while Even leaned back, just enough to press their foreheads together and enjoy the drunk-in-love look on Isak’s face for a second before he murmured “Say it.”

He nuzzled their noses together as Isak furrowed his brows a bit in confusion.

“Say I’m your fave.” Even explained with a grin and a kiss to Isak’s cheek. Isak finally caught on and a smile tugged on his lips as half lidded eyes locked with Even’s.

This was their usual playful banter, but Isak knew Even sometimes needed to hear his feelings out loud to get rid of that little voice of doubt.

So, instead of continuing with a drag, he brushed a lose strand of blond behind Even’s ear, before he pulled him in a bit to once again smush their foreheads and noses together.

“You’re not just my favourite Bech Næsheim,” he began in an almost whisper and stroked his hand up and down Even’s back. “You’re also my all time favourite person.”

The bright smile that took over Even’s face made his sparkly eyes crinkle at the sides.

“Yeah?” Even asked and Isak placed three hard pecks on Even’s lips before he answered.


Thanks very much to @sparkleywonderful for the prompt. I hadn’t written Nessian before so this was quite exciting. (Ps your Elorcan prompt is on its way as well)

Nessian: Are you wearing my shirt? 

Cassian snapped his wings out as he stood on the doorstep of his home. A light snow had fallen on his walk home and he flicked it away now to prevent it melting and dripping once he stepped inside. He knew only trouble awaited him if he did. 

Giving his wings a final shake he opened the door and stepped inside and was greeted by a delicious warmth that he could already feel seeping through his weather chilled clothes. Taking off his coat, he hung it by the door and carried the small bag of groceries he held to the kitchen. The house was unexpectedly quiet which either meant Nesta was out or she was napping. Cassian assumed it to be the latter as it seemed to be one of her preferred pastimes recently.

Stepping as quietly as he could, Cassian made his way to the sitting room and that is where he found her. She was tucked into the largest of the couches, head on a cushion and a thin blanket pulled tightly around her. Nesta always looked younger when she slept, even though she had been quite young when she was made immortal, her face took on a careless and relaxed demeanour that was so often absent when she was awake.

He knew he should let her sleep, but his feet betrayed him, and before Cassian could stop himself he was kneeling beside her pressing a light kiss to her forehead. He cursed himself inwardly as Nesta stirred and looked up at him. 

“Hello sweetheart,” he whispered. Nesta only blinked twice, moaned in frustration and closed her eyes again, but still very obviously awake. 

Cassian chuckled and lent in to kiss her once again. As his lips gently caressed Nesta’s skin again, he breathed in her scent. He breathed it in deep, savouring it, but he started a little when he smelt something a little unexpected. Cassian smelt himself, well more of himself than he usually did, He reached up and pulled back the blanket that covered her shoulder. 

 “Are you wearing my shirt?” Cassian asked through his smile. 

Nesta sighed and pulled the blanket back to cover what Cassian had uncovered, eyes still closed. “Yes, none of mine fit.” 

Cassian’s smile only widened at the confirmation and he felt some sense of male satisfaction deep in his chest. His pregnant mate, in his shirt, surrounded and enveloped by him. He thought that maybe he should demand it back, so he could wrap her in his arms and wings instead. He opened his mouth to say as much but he was cut off. 

“Before you make some smartass remark about me taking your shirt with out permission, or you wanting it back, or whatever your brain is thinking…” Nesta paused and snuggled further into the couch and blanket, “I know you love it.” 

Nesta smiled now, a true unreserved smile as she reached out through half open eyelids to stroke Cassian’s cheek. He lent into the touch, covering her hand with his and stroked the back of her palm. Although her eyes were closed and could not see, Cassian returned the smile as he felt utter contentment in what he had within in his hand and heart.

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Imagine what an utter pain in the arse Draco would be while flat-hunting. He complains about everything, scrunches up his nose and yells at the estate agent. Harry gets so uncomfortable every time it happens. He’s beginning to think they’ll never find a new flat. But he should have known Draco would have high expectations. He grew up in a manor for Merlin’s sake. One evening, Harry overhears Draco on the phone with their estate agent and his eyes widen, when he hears Draco say,

“No, you imbecile, we won’t reconsider the second one. My husband only deserves the best and you won’t stop looking until you find something that will make me absolutely certain he has everything he ever dreamed of!”

That night, Harry pays extra attention to Draco’s body while they’re making love.

“Maybe we could take a look at the last flat again? It didn’t seem so bad,” Harry moans while sucking on Draco’s neck feverishly. Draco makes a strangled noise and Harry isn’t sure if it is in response to his question, or to him sucking Draco’s neck. That is, until he hears Draco mutter,

“You can’t possibly expect our child to grow up in a place like that.”

Harry momentarily freezes. He never thought Draco would want to have children with him. But the mental picture that suddenly enters his mind is beyond beautiful.

So now, every time Draco snaps at the estate agent, Harry grabs his husband and kisses him deeply, wondering how in Merlin’s name he got so lucky.


I’ve been actively collecting Harley stuff for 4 years now I think, and what better time to show off my collection than on her birthday? There are a few minor things missing here and there, like my phone case or my mug, or the posters I didn’t want to pry off my wall just for this. My cosplay stuff stayed in the closet for this group photo as well. 

The comics in the front are just a few issues I’m especially proud to have as well as some Suicide Squad variants because I love Lee Bermejo’s creepy way to draw Harls. You might know this if you’ve been following me for a while, but the big Harley in the back is a cardboard poster we stole from the movie theater last year and it’s one of my greatest treasures.

I’m honestly pretty proud of how fast my collection has grown over the past years and I hope it continues to grow! Since Harley has gotten so popular, especially since Suicide Squad came out, I’ll definitely never run out of merchandise to buy, that’s for sure. 

I can happily say that my love for Harley hasn’t decreased one bit since I originally fell in love with her - it’s only getting bigger. I honestly can’t imagine a future where she isn’t a part of my life in any way, and one day I’ll probably be a 60 year old grandma in a Harley sweater. 

Happy 25th Birthday Harley, I can’t wait to celebrate your 50th! <3

alright last one

I am so highkey proud of every single member of got7. I am so proud of them for pushing through and working so hard all the time and never getting a break. They don’t get breaks very often, but that’s not what this is post is about. They’ve worked so hard to be where they are now, and like… honestly this is gonna sound so lame but without this band, I would be nothing. I would be absolutely nothing without these seven nerds who dance and sing and have worked so goddamn hard for every second of their career. They’re grateful and so am I, man. I just… I never really stop appreciating everything they do for us and I honestly am so, so thankful for these boys. 

I made this special darkstache edit for @markired since it’s her birthday! I know how much she loves this ship. (Her headcanons sucked me in this hell.) Happy Birthday, Kylo!

Aaaaa how do I even begin this?? Kylo, you’re so Cool tbh??? I didn’t plan out what to say here. This is the third or fourth time I’ve written it so I’ve given up on coherent sentences at this point.

Uh, okay. I don’t wanna get super sappy here, but… You’re such a huge inspiration to me. So, before I followed you, I’d gotten out of the fandom for a while. About a year, I think? But I came back and followed you. I saw your edits and aesthetics and I thought: “That’s what I wanna do. I can make that.”

Aaaaaaah I’m sorry if this got too sappy. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kylo, because honestly? You’re super good at it. I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day!

Peraltiago Headcanon #3

For @elsaclack because she’s amazing and doesn’t deserve to be sad
(Also I wrote this on mobile so sorry for any mistakes)
On Jake’s first day back at the nine-nine after prison, him and Amy are never not in the same room. At first, nobody notices. Considering that they’re partners (in both work and in life, as Jake keeps insisting) it’s not strange that they sit next to each other at briefings or during lunch. But when Amy doesn’t jump at the chance to accompany Holt on his trip to One Police Plaza, or when Jake doesn’t volunteer to be the primary on a candy store robbery, the rest of the squad starts to notice.
Other than their lack of enthusiasm in the morning briefing, nothing else really seems out-of-the-ordinary. That is until, Jake reluctantly goes to the bathroom and Amy stares blankly after him, or when Amy goes into Holt’s office to drop off a report and Jake can be seen staring daggers at the office’s closed door.
Nobody really thinks much of it (“They’re in love! Let them be close to each other” Charles squeals when Terry brings it up during a stakeout).
The next day is even weirder. Neither of them leaves their chairs for anything. It gets to the point where they ask Charles to bring them cups of coffee when he goes to get his lunch, or Jake asking Rosa to get him a file when she goes to the file room. Gina almost throws up (and it’s not morning sickness) when Amy asks Jake to sign something and they make heart eyes at each other as she passes him the file.
This goes on all day, and all week. It gets better as the month goes on, Amy going on stakeouts, Jake investigating ice cream shop robberies. But there’s still a little reluctance when they volunteer. They both share a look as if they’re checking with the other that it’s okay that they leave.
Nobody points it out to them, nobody brings it up. But it’s there, the little looks from Amy to Jake when he packs up his stuff for a stakeout, or the way he watches her when she leaves to go interview a witness.
Nobody brings it up, but it’s there. They’re both there.

I’m a very mood-driven music listener, like I always think about how I’m feeling and decide what I want to listen to that day. This morning when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to listen to, I couldn’t quite figure out how I was feeling, so I just automatically went to put on Harry’s album. And it made me realize that I think that’s what’s so special about his album. He captures such a range of feelings and emotions and moods with it, you can’t quite pin it down to *one* thing. It’s just like a comfort album, it always feels right to listen to whatever I’m feeling like that day, like my favorite meal or something. And it’s rare to find something like that in music. 

So many of them felt heavy 
with the darkness that weighs on their shoulders
it was a dreary way of existing 
people running from themselves 
their demons
who will save us? they cried at the sky 
who will love us like no one else can ?

the sun, she heard the earth tremble 
and sent down her brightest star 
she had bushy hair that flowed down her shoulders 
a smile that was almost motherly 
and suddenly, the earth felt healed

The people gathered around this Sunshine Girl
they basked in the glow of her positivity 
they bathed in the light she poured out
they took their problems and left them at her feet 
but she beamed like a beacon through it all

I sit next to the sunshine girl
while the people take her kindness in greed
why do you give so much of yourself, i ask ignorantly
she doesn’t answer, instead
she talks with me
she makes me laugh
she becomes my friend, and I am suddenly
engulfed in fire and in a care
that I have not known in years

The people keep taking and she keeps burning
she acts like everything is okay, but i know
she might be hurting
but what can I give to the daughter of the stars?
to someone that the earth looks to for guidance?
I stare at her smile and I think I know

I take the Sunshine Girl’s hand
and I tell her that I am here,
that she is loved and cared for by so, so many
she pauses
then smiles so radiantly that 
I think I should be warm, forever.


the story of the sunshine girl // hnl 2017

for Miri (@bumbleblossoms) who is so kind and caring to everyone she meets and who inspires me everyday. She is an amazing friend  <3. if you haven’t read her poetry, do so now bc she’ll change ur life. 

@shinyzango and her Bendy, having a >:3 contest.