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A silly question, but here goes; Why is a concave stomach a sign of being in shape for dogs, but in wolves a bad thing. Is this purely a question of food availibility, or is there some physiological difference there?

I’m honestly not sure entirely what you’re asking about, but I think you might be talking about the part of the dog that is called the tuck. 

This is a photo of Fawkes, owned by @impish-iggies​. You can see that he’s got a pretty deep chest and then his torso tapers off so that he’s a very narrow dog right at his withers. That little narrow point right before his back legs is called thet tuck. This is a correct look for sighthounds like Fawkes because when he’s running at full extension and needs to get his legs under his body again, having too much bulk there would hinder his movement. 

However, this isn’t correct for all dogs. 

This is a lab from a UK kennel. (Yes, he doesn’t really look much like pet labs - this is the breed standard conformation). Notice that he has a deep chest and basically no tuck. This is correct for the breed because they don’t gallop like sighthounds - they need to be able to push through vegetation and get lots of power from a sturdy, compact body. 

This Grey Wolf does have a bit of a tuck, although it’s obscured by the fur. It’s not as intense as that of a sighthound, but it’s still present. The wolf doesn’t have a lot of chest, so while it has a slight tuck it doesn’t appear to be as distinct a difference as in other dogs. I wonder if you’re thinking of photos where wolves are severely underweight, and so they appear to have much more of a tuck than they should. 

Here’s an Ethiopian wolf, for contrast - definitely a very different body structure, with a very short chest and minimal tuck. 

After The Party

Raven awoke to the stunning gleam of sunlight shining down through the cracks in the shutters. Surrounding the unicorn were the snoring forms of ponies and woodland critters, sprawled upon chairs, tables, and any free space. A splitting pain shot through his head, his ears were ringing, and mouth felt drier than a desert. He carefully navigated over the piles of sleeping creatures to the kitchen.

On the counter were the remnants of his birthday cake, a wildberry cake from the Critter Market. He opened the fridge in search of something cool and refreshing to drink, but found an opossum and a raccoon cuddling instead. The little critters were lying in a tin foil pan that was once full of lasagna, now full of lasagna and critter. With a sigh, Raven closed the door, deciding to look elsewhere. 

The next logical place to look was the pantry, which was conveniently located next to the fridge. But when he opened the door, a brown, headless body came tumbling out, spilling straw all over the kitchen floor. Normally, one would be concerned when a lifeless and headless corpse falls out of their pantry, but this was a Scary’s lifeless and headless corpse, she’s fine. Without so much as a blink, Raven reached over the scarecrow torso and grabbed a can of soda. 

He silently made his way to the dinner table, where all the leftovers from the buffet were sitting, and took a seat to enjoy his drink. Also at the table, but passed out and grumbling in her sleep, was Juicy Dream. Her pink mane was messy and had a pair of chopsticks and a bunch of cherries sticking out of it for some reason. Raven thought the empty bottles surrounding the mare had something to do with that and decided not to wake her. But as he relished the sensation of cold liquid running down his parched throat, he suddenly realized something somewhat important; he hasn’t seen Jamming anywhere. 

He didn’t see the periwinkle unicorn in the living room or the kitchen, he wasn’t in the dining room, and he was certainly sure he didn’t step over him in the hallway. Curious, Raven got up from the table and balanced his mostly empty can on Juicy’s head before heading out in search of Jamming. 

His first stop was the bathroom. After carefully avoiding an unconscious swarm of mice in the hallway, all of whom he was sure he didn’t invite to the party, he opened the bathroom door. At first, he was expecting to see somepony passed out over the toilet and at least one woodland critter in the sink, instead he found his bathroom door led into deep space. Floating around listlessly in the never-ending void was his toilet and sink, Veves the sleeping monoceros, and Tink, or The Tinkerer, otherwise known as The Doctor. Raven hopped out into space to take a look around. He saw that Veves was surrounded by empty pizza boxes and a mason jar. He took a whiff at the jar, taken aback by its strong, sharp stench. But when he looked at Veves, he noticed something different; an odd mark that stretched across her back.

It was a circular Gallifreyan tattoo. Looked like a bunch of words, or a very long essay, he didn’t know, he can’t read Gallifreyan. 

Realizing Jamming wasn’t in deep space, Raven floated back to the door, passing by Tink, who was surrounded by mason jars of green liquid, accompanied by a motionless giant salt shaker with a plunger and a whisk for arms. The marigold unicorn was still wearing her signature brown hat and coat, but with an odd addition; a very colorful and long scarf. 

After closing the door behind him, Raven decided to search his bedroom, the other most logical place in the house for Jamming to be. But as he walked down the hall toward his room, he heard a faint beat coming from his hallway closet. As one would naturally be confused and curious to the sounds of club music coming from their closet, Raven took a short detour from his search for Jamming and opened his closet door. Inside, among the coats, was a Cyndaquil on a set of turntables, surrounded by a large speaker system, partying as hard as did last night. As beams of mulicolored light danced about in the closet, the music grew in intensity, shaking the floorboards.  

Without even so much as a sound, Raven closed the closet door and went on his merry way to his room. 

As the shades were still down, his room was blanketed in a faint darkness. He reached over and yanked on a chair switch for a floor lamp by his door to illuminate his room. On his bed was Airhead. The burgundy unicorn was sprawled upon a pile of mostly empty pizza boxes, a half-full wine bottle by his side. Stuck onto his horn was the head of Scary Crows, who was snoring peacefully on her perch. On her muzzle was a pair of glasses, probably Airhead’s. 

How wild was this party? He wondered. All he could remember was inviting a bunch of friends over for a small party, then everything else became a blur. 

Feeling compelled to look outside, Raven peeked into the backyard from his window, where he saw Panzer the shark pony’s dorsal fin circling around in his pool. 

At least somepony’s awake. He thought to himself. 

But as he walked to the door to talk to Panzer, hoping he’d know where Jamming is, some sort of odd feeling came over him, as if something in his room was out of place. Other than the pony head skewered onto the horn of a unicorn, everything seemed normal; his sound system manuals are untouched, his favorite book by James Braid still sat on his nightstand, and his collection of 19th century clothing was still in his closet. 

But as he ponder, he divined a profound realization; he didn’t have a floor lamp. Upon closer inspection of the mystery lamp, he discovered that it was not only periwinkle, but also not a lamp; it was Jamming Waves with a lampshade on his head. 

The periwinkle pony was snoring soundly, standing on his hindlegs, and had a chain wrapped around his horn, which emitted a bright light. Next to the sleeping unicorn, sitting on his messy desk, was a gift box. 

Written on a little white tag was, To Rave, Love Jams. 

Without a moment’s hesitation, Raven opened the box. Inside was a copy of the extended and special edition of Pennsylvania Possum & The Forest of Bone. 

With a gentle little smile, he looked at Jamming’s peaceful sleeping face and thought, When’s everypony going to leave?

Happy birthday ya weirdo! He’s an After The Party Story for you!

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Camren? Maybe.

Maybe at some point Camren was real. Maybe this ain’t just a delusion. Maybe Lauren did fell head over heels for Camila and maybe she once felt that it was her responsibility to protect her. That explaining her little actions for the latter. And maybe… Camila fell for her too. Maybe the stares and the winks and the way the way they run their fingers around each other’s skin in a way that they looked so delicate around each other. Maybe it was true.

Maybe it was something magical that turned into a toxic love.

But maybe Lauren is so disgusted by it because she got hurt pretty bad and deep down feels stupid for wanting it to work. Maybe she wanted it like the way she wanted her dream to stardom to come true. And it didn’t and it almost felt stupid. Maybe her hearts contracts every time she stares at Camila thinking it wouldn’t work even if she tried again.

Maybe Lauren fell so hard it still hurts. Maybe it still hurts until now even if they are apart… Even after finding someone else.

Maybe they have both accepted the fact that they are the moon and the sun. Who shines beautifully on their own. Ignoring the fact of what a phenomenon it would be if they shined together.

But maybe they will. Maybe at one point in the next “hundred” years, they would find themselves in each other’s arms. Maybe one day they wouldn’t have to look away before the other would caught her staring. Maybe one day they can be true to themselves. Maybe someday Camren can be real again.


Who knows really…

when you come back after an hour-long break and the report hasn’t written itself yet

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Been following you since the 4thletter days, what are some of your favorite articles from back then?

Pretty much everything Gavin wrote, especially when he got deep into wrestling and other stuff I only know kinda vaguely. Him being so down to talk about that stuff and doing it with good humor really helped me figure out my approach on the site.

As far as favorites among what I wrote? I don’t remember. I’ve googled for some stuff on the site since it closed and found I believe the exact opposite now, so I don’t really think about it too much. It’s just a thing I did for a while. I liked that I did the Black History Month posts at a point when nobody was really doing it on that level, even if I would write them completely differently now.

But yeah, Gavin’s the real MVP. Probably the Top 100 What If stuff, Deadshot’s Top Hat, or maybe the Chikara joints.

cabsim replied to your post “Does anyone have any idea why my script mods aren’t working? I have…”

have you got them more than one folder deep? because im pretty sure if they dont works other! also omg i love udon noodles so much

That’s the thing I deleted them all, redownloaded and made sure they weren’t within any folders and it’s still not working! I’m going to just repair the game for the millionth time this month. UDON NOODLES ARE THE BOMB DIGGITY 

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One time when I was little I was digging a hole for mud pies and it got pretty deep and way down there I found these shells and I was so excited I thought they were fossils and I had made an Important Scientific Discovery and I was all set to contact whoever was in charge of Important Scientific Discoveries when my dad told me that they were shells from a clam bake that had been buried so the skunks wouldn’t get them. I was somewhat disappointed.

Blurryface Album Asks (deep)
  • HeavyDirtySoul:
  • How easily can you move on from the past?
  • Do you let go of your regrets, or hold on to them?
  • Stressed Out:
  • What's the thing you dislike the most about growing up?
  • How has your attitude about the future changed?
  • Ride:
  • Who would you live for?
  • Who would you die for?
  • Would you ever kill?
  • Fairly Local:
  • What does "the few, the proud, the emotional" mean to you?
  • What do you believe about human nature (evil to the core, or not?)
  • Tear In My Heart:
  • When you think of people you love, who comes to mind first?
  • Do you believe vulnerability is a strength, or a weakness?
  • Lane Boy:
  • Do you feel pressured to conform often?
  • Do you conform easily?
  • The Judge:
  • Is there a fictional villain with whom you sympathize?
  • What happens when you die?
  • Doubt:
  • How easily do you trust?
  • Do you often feel forgotten?
  • What do you fear the most?
  • Polarize:
  • What is your disguise?
  • How good of a person do you think you are?
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV:
  • What are you staying alive for?
  • What is your dream?
  • What will you do if it doesn't come true?
  • Message Man:
  • Are you easily understood?
  • Do people really know you?
  • Hometown:
  • Do you like where you're from?
  • Where do you look for fulfillment?
  • Have you found it?
  • Not Today:
  • Do you feel like you have made the world a better place by being here?
  • Do you ever feel like you're crazy?
  • Goner:
  • What is your Blurryface like?
  • Do you believe you are lost?

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I got pretty deep on your blog and then I saw your text post where you said that country music wasn't that bad and I realized I might have went too far


Bad news is I’ve been under tons of stress/in a pretty deep depression and I got art block for like…two weeks. Easiest thing to fuck me over is instability and thats the name of the game at the shop I work at for glassblowing. Not to mention long as hell hours and I have seasonal effective disorder that hits in the summer.

Good news is, I broke my art block. I have a couple of IA sketches to finish up and submit soon and get back on the horse. This was just some art I made for myself. Ghanima again, all freehand and no refs.

The Challenge

There were no sounds of battle to greet Pearl after the warp stream deposited her at the Sky Arena. Echoes rolled off the walls, the indistinct murmurings of a crowd. Rose’s voice spoke, clear above the rest, projecting strength and command all the more compelling for its caritas. Pearl’s feet had barely settled on the crystal pad before she was already moving, past the seal of the Four Paragons and darting up the stone stairway in quick, scurrying steps. 

She wasn’t too late. There was still time.

The stands were densely packed. Gems of every conceivable cut and hue had all quieted the moment Rose Quartz had opened her mouth to speak. 

Pearl saw her back from the top of the coliseum, her hair immense and vibrant like a cultivated field of pink curls. 

“I didn’t come to fight, Heliotrope,” Rose implored. “There’s already been enough pointless skirmishes. I came to talk with you and the gems gathered here so we can all keep this situation from spiraling out of control.”

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Pleaseeeee make one were calum meets y/n at an award show and she's with her band, and they end up making out at an after party OMG BUT LIKE EITHER Y/N OR CALUM GIVE EACH OTHER'S BAND REALLY COOL AWARDS AWE I'M TOO EXCITED

“Hm, that’s a pretty nifty award you’ve got there, miss,” a deep voice greeted you from behind. 

Snorting, you turned around to meet the familiar brunette, rolling your eyes at him. “Who the hell even says nifty nowadays?”

“Hey,” Calum pouted, casually throwing an arm around your shoulder. “I say nifty.”

“Okay, whatever,” you dismissed him, giggling at his face scrunched up in obvious dissatisfaction. 

“Whatever,” the bassist mocked you, pulling you in a little closer to his side as you guys waited outside in the relatively short queue to someone’s (was it Joe Jonas? Pete Wentz? Lady Gaga? You really couldn’t keep up to be honest) after party and smiling fondly at the giggle that flowed from your mouth. “Seriously though,” he started, Calum’s voice taking on a slightly more serious tone. “That little moon man’s a cool award, you know? I’m proud of you.”

Trying to keep the doting smile that threatened to bloom across your lips at bay, you simply shrugged at the brunette’s comment before replying, “Well yeah, ‘m proud of you too, you know. You guys got three of these little dudes,” holding up the VMA icon.

Calum shrugged, though the genuine smile spread across his mouth said he was pleased with your compliment. He was just about to rattle off another comment of praise to you before you tucked your arm around his waist and pulled him forward with you towards the waiting bouncer; the man not even asking for your names, just automatically letting you inside. 

Immediately, you were surrounded by celebrities dressed to the nines, the lavish white couches lined around the entirety of the club a stark contrast to the dirty dancing taking place on the floor in the middle. With a eyebrow raise from Calum and an affirmative nod from you, the brunette led you to the middle of the party and promptly melded his body to yours; his hips moving perfectly in time with yours even as the beats changed from song to song and the hard on in his jeans made it more and more complicated to do so. No thought of potential lurkers vying for a chance to expose one celebrity or another was present in either of your minds, though you supposed when you woke up to a buzzing phone the next morning (with Calum’s strong arm wrapped around your middle) with your management angrily telling you off about the “indecent videos of you and your boy toy circulating all over social media” that maybe you should’ve been a little bit more careful. However, when the brunette’s hold on your torso tightened and he pressed a gentle kiss to the back of your neck before groggily greeting, “Morning beautiful,” in a deep, gravely voice, you supposed it was quite worth it. 

wrapping up famous!y/n blurb night with @featuringluke | +masterlist

Why do you think YOU should be Anya’s top friend?

As requested by mystery478

1. Gino

“We’re knightmare buddies, classmates, and the only Knights of the Round bar Suzaku who get any real screentime! Think about it, we’re always around each other! It has to be because we’re just awesome friends, right?”

Anya: Maybe it’s because you’re tall enough to be my human shield.

Gino: Hah hah! What friendly banter!

Anya: I wasn’t joking.

2. Suzaku

“We’ve got a pretty solid friendship going. You ask me deep questions about my psychological motivations, I’m pretty elusive. That’s the sign of a good Code Geass relationship!”

Anya: That’s pretty valid actually

Suzaku: Right?

3. Jeremiah

“We collect oranges together! Truly there is no relationship more beautiful! Oh, and I also gave you all your memories back.”

Anya: You probably should have said that last part first.

Jeremiah: You think?

4. Bradley

“Sure, I’m an asshole, but at least I talk to you!”


Anya: That was cold.

Bradley: My speciality.

5. Arthur


Anya: Please kitty

Anya: You’re making it hard to maintain my emotionless demeanour.

6. Lelouch

“We haven’t interacted as much as the others so far, but I do give you a lot of opportunities to use the Mordred! On Cupid Day, for example. And every single Black Knight campaign.”

Anya: Why do you think I enjoy fighting?


Anya: Well ok it is pretty fun.

7. Kallen

“Nevermind Lelouch, I’m the one who did the actual fighting against you!”

Anya: Do my friends here on out just include people who I’ve fought?

Anya: That’s sad.


Anya: Wow, you’re good at this.

Kallen: Tha-heyyyyy…

8. Schneizel

“I accepted you into my army even after that horrible business on Kamine Island left you psychologically unstable. That’s dedication!”

Anya: …I think conscription laws disagree.

Schneizel: I’m Emperor apparent. I pretty much am the law.

9. Nunnally

“We may have never met, Anya, but people like to write fanfiction about the two of us because we’re both adorable! So that’s something!”

Anya: I’m…

Anya: I’m adorable?

10. Marianne

“Yoo-hoo! Don’t forget about me, Anya! Especially since we’ve been so close for so long! We always know what’s on each other’s mind! It’s like I’m a part of your soul.”

Anya: AaaahaaaahAAAAAAAAH

Marianne: Didn’t you miss me?

And the winner is…Arthur!

Arthur: [purring]

Anya: I really need a pet to destress me after that.

Me: *sees new bad guy in RID*

Alrighty,okay, he’s pretty cool looking. Nice mask thing, and got a nice, sexy deep voice to go with the evilness i Like it…. wait–




You sat on stiles bed cracking up.
“True story!” He said.
“I can’t believe you had to run through the whole camp butt naked!!” You giggled.
He smirked.
“Tickle monster!!” Stiles began to tickle you and showered you with kisses. He pecked your forehead, cheeks, nose, working all the way down to your lips and planted a long kiss on them.
You gasped for air still giggling.
“What was that for?!”
“You’re so cute when you laugh, I had to keep it going,” he shrugged.
“That was a pretty deep kiss for cute,” you shoved his shoulder.
“Got lost in the moment,” he rolled it off.
“Mhmm,” you teased.
“You’re really hot when you giggle like that ok?”
“Ooohh so my little girl giggle turns Stilinski on!!”
“Shut up!” He threw a pillow at you and you dodged it chuckling causing him to kiss you again.
“If every word I said could make you laugh, I’d never shut up.”