that good

Did a little redraw of an ooooold drawing of Syr to warm up tonight, since I haven’t touched my tablet since stormblood release ahaha

honestly I love seeing my improvement when I redo old doodles

OK RE: YESTERDAY IT WAS THE GUY IN THE BACK PLAYING THE PIANO IN THE FLANNEL SHIRT!!! what do y'all think am i deluding myself or did he look directly at me like,, several times

also didn’t film this but their next performance was a love song and he looked at me several times again throughout it gah

It’s okay to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. The mere fact that you’re still in here means that you’ve had to put work in to get to this point. Yes, there are parts of this canvas that still need to be painted, but don’t beat yourself so much over what isn’t finished yet. Don’t you remember what God is doing in you in this season? Don’t you remember that He is strengthening you to make it through? Because of Him, you’ve got this. You’re going to walk across out of this season you’re in and you’ll be able to say “God brought me through this. I know He did. I see His hand in all of this.” So keep going. Don’t discredit the progress you’ve made so far and know that the Lord is carrying you through, all the way to the end.

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 3:14

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

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Heyy I sorry to bother you ;; but do you have faves chen and baek blogs? like Chen biased or just central-baek or something like that? SORRY AGAIN I LOVE YOUR BLOG

hello baby boo~!! don’t worry, you are not bothering me - at all! sorry for the taking so long to reply, when you sent the message i was on mobile ;; okay… i don’t know that many jongdae’s blogs :’c im sorry, but i’ll try my best!

@byunchen @daemondcrystal @achenlove @galaxychen @daeafterdae-blog @chenlq @dayafterdae @chen-suality @daelysunshine @honeyjongdae @innochence @kimjongdaenet @kimjongdae-net @ohhappydae @overnightprincess ; this are the ones that come into my mind, but you can find more on this list: here since i’m not much of a help :’c

@baekhyunsama @grinding-on-baek @mochibaeks @baekhyuntella @baekhyeun @baekiya @pornbaek @achybaekyhearteu @bbhsthighs @ibyun @sefuns @lionbaekkie @baek-a-licious @dearbyun @byunvoyage @sebaeked @baekby-n @princebaekh @kamikoy @yeolhighness (she posts a lot of baek too!) @baekhyun-ah @baekhyun-net @progamerbyun @baekhyun-jpg @byunbaekhyungifs @byunbaekhyunsmiles @solobaek