that good

  • Jay: if you need me, I'll be in the hospital bar
  • Mini: uh you know there isn't a hospital bar, Jay
  • Jay: well this is why people hate hospitals
PSA to all kids and adults who feel like bad people or who are questioning themselves because of the manipulative shit they see on this site on a daily basis

go outside. seriously just go outside. that’s all it takes. take a break from this site. they don’t control you. they are faceless assholes on the internet screaming at you from behind a computer screen to try and make you live YOUR life THEIR way, and then try to convince you you’re a bad person if you don’t. doesn’t it sound ridiculous when you put it like that? well that’s exactly what it is, ridiculous.

it’s easy to become dependent on something like this site. but don’t let that stop you from getting away from it. even if you feel alone and don’t have friends and are by yourself, just go out and find something to do, surround yourself with other things. or if you aren’t confident enough to do that, just do something other than this site. there are other, happier, nicer options. get out of this world. stay out of the discourse. stay away from the poison, at least until you’re feeling detoxed enough to come back to it. it’s not worth it. you’re still a good person, even if you decide to scroll past that post that says “IF YOU SUPPORT (BASIC HUMAN RIGHT HERE) STOP SCROLLING!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!” or the one that says “all my followers better reblog this because x/y/z or else unfollow” because, yes, even if you choose to ignore those types of posts, you can still be a good person.

they don’t control you.


Tokugawa Ieyasu 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

Ieyasu: “Then prove to me that it’s not a lie.”
Ieyasu: “Show me all of you.”

Stared fixedly at me, his whispered voice is serious and earnest.

MC: “…Yes.”

I capture Ieyasu-sama’s eyes and give him a firm nod. As I put my arms around the back of his neck, we kiss over and over. My fingertips touch Ieyasu-sama’s bare skin…I feel deeply that this warmth returns back to me.

His letter:

Each and every time, you come near to me with that fool and delighted face… I have become used to it already to the point it’s beyond irritating and troublesome.

So, you should just stay by my side with that carefree and thoughtless face of yours. And also…tell me. I still need to learn from you about this unknown and strange feeling. And yes, you have no right of veto in this decision, you know?

Don’t leave, Mimi.

- Tokugawa Ieyasu.