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this AU is quite popular in japanese twitter right now… everyone is drawing and creating stories where Gon is Genei Ryodan member and it is sooo interesting omg haha I always loved dark Gon and this is exactly what I’ve been wanting… bless japanese people…
anyway, I tried to create my version too!

btw try searching 旅団ゴン in twitter, there’s a lot of good stuff! >w

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Can we see more silentscreams, maybe Obi realizing he's safe enough to return some of the kindness hes been given now? And whats dooku up to?

Looking up in surprise when he heard a little click, Qui-Gon stared at the cup by his elbow before looking up at Obi-Wan who squinted back at him nervously. “Is that for me Obi-Wan?” He questioned gently.

At the soft nod he received, Qui-Gon smiled and reached out to gently grasp Obi-Wan’s wrist. “Why thank you then. Join me?” He requested and felt his smile widen when Obi-Wan instantly settled down beside him and curled into Qui-Gon’s side under his arm.

Settling his pad in his lap, Qui-Gon kept one arm around the lad and lifted the cup with the other, rubbing gently at Obi-Wan’s upper arm as he blew on the hot liquid and took a small sip. It was bitter, Obi-Wan had steeped it too long but it was a gesture of kindness, of trying and that was all Qui-Gon cared for it.

It wasn’t like the content was undrinkable, just a tiny bit bitter.

Qui-Gon knew that eventually he would have to leave Obi-Wan behind, he couldn’t bring the other out of the temple and therefor he was trying to get as much companionship to the other and normalizing behavior around him.

So far Obi-Wan was taking to all kindness like a duck to water, thriving off it with a need that was both assuring and terrifying.

Assuring because it meant that Obi-Wan wasn’t fully broken but terrifying because of how it could be used against him if the person in question taking care of him was abusive.

Which was why Qui-Gon would do his best to leave Obi-Wan in the care of people who knew him and wouldn’t abuse that fragile trust that was building.

Luckily, Bant was mostly in temple and when she wasn’t, there was always someone else Obi-Wan was familiar with or trusted enough to at least build a small relationship.

Pressing his lips to the others temple for a few moments, Qui-Gon took a few precious seconds just to reach out to the other through the Force, inviting the other to feel and see him and smiling softly when Obi-Wan instantly responded in turn with a soft sensation of curling closer to the invite, the mental mimicking the physical sensation.


Licking his wounds in private, Yan carefully applied bacta to the burned spots of his arms with low hisses of pain.

But he couldn’t find it in himself to regret it as he no longer had to look at the robed form of Obi-Wan from the corner of his eyes as the other followed him like a ghost through halls.

He knew what the future for the Jedi would entail but…

He knew that man, that man Qui-Gon had mourned almost to ruins and to be confronted with the pale and abused form of said man that was to be used as a tool against his own master eventually…

He couldn’t stomach it.

Yan was a man of means and will and yes perhaps his ideals had been twisted but…

Hearing Sidious refer to Obi-Wan as pet one more time would make him loose his lunch.


Rather the broken man died with the rest of the Jedi when the time came. Rather he died with Qui-Gon as the other hadn’t accepted Yan’s offer.

It would be better for all involved.

There was no salvaging something so utterly broken, only a cloud break for some sunshine and happiness for a little while.

Consider it a last present to his padawan, one last gift.
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The clouds looked like they were bleeding, he thought, the scarlet hue smudged across a sky that was no longer the beautiful blue Gon had once known and would never be again. And even now, that bright red was fading into an infinity of black with each passing second.

How many more minutes of sunlight did they have left? Six minutes? Five? There was nothing they could really do in that short amount of time.

“I don’t know,” Gon admitted. “I never thought that, well-”

“That we’d get to see the end of the world? Yeah. Me neither.”

This is a modern au fic that I actually wrote this a long time ago back in September 2016? It’s already posted on here but I edited it and brought it to ao3 if you’d like to check it out ^^ It’s about the world ending and Gon and Killua spending their last few minutes talking together~

Here’s the original tumblr link!

I’m proud of myself, and I need to thank BTS for it. During years, every time I would mention k-pop, people looked at me like I was crazy. “Why would you enjoy music that’s not even in your language or that you understand?”, “Oh that’s just a phase Lisa, soon you will realize that k-pop is shit!”, “Chinese people? Seriously, Lisa? You could have better taste.” and so on and so forth. I was the only one in my group of friends who loved k-pop, so I never talked anymore about it. I didn’t want to be judged. 

But now, with BTS, they gave me the courage I needed to actually say out loud, and to share stuff on my social networks about k-pop. And you know what? I LOVE IT. And fuck those haters. I will never be afraid of this again. Never.

~ 2xxx’s 1st EP, “Life”, coming 28.11.17 ~

This is going to be so goooood 🔥

“Piss On Me” 

…interesting 🤔 

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Not sure if this has been done before... Main 4 and Adult Trio's kinks/fetish? (ie. S&M, bondage, role play, food play, candles, animal play, worship etc.) I think you get the idea lmaooo

(Gon & Killua are aged up.)

Gon: Aftercare & Bottom

Killua: food play (*cough licking chocolate off bodies) & slight daddy kink

Kurapika: he’ll NEVER admit it, but he REALLY likes bondage. Also consent.

Leorio: CBT (cock & ball torture)

Hisoka: Blood Choking & Ageplay (obviously LEGAL age tho.)

Illumi: Breathplay & caning

Chrollo: Fisting, Flogging & Cupping