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Wizard & Familiar AU!

Gon is determined to become a great wizard, just like his father before him! Killua is his familiar, a blue eyed cat whose fur is entirely white, except for the thin line of black that runs vertically between his eyes. There is more to this familiar than meets the eye. Before one journey can be complete, another one begins!

The original idea for this au is @jyuanka‘s, first mentioned in this post. When I expressed interested, I was encouraged to elaborate. I bet you didn’t expect me to elaborate this much! (Fact: Neither did I. My inability to write short prompts for these two may be my own curse.) Thank you so much for indulging me.

So I fell asleep while my dad was watching Phantom Rouge earlier and had a dream about hxh since I guess I was listening to the movie or whatever.

But in my dream Gon and Killua both (along with Kurapika) had their eyes taken but instead of the situation being all grim and tense, they were just whining about it the whole time… Well Killua was whining.

Gon was still trying to run around like normal and was like “Fite me” to everyone who told him to stay put because he has insanely strong senses and doesn’t need to see.

Kurapika was all “woe is me” and TOTALLY milking having no eyes. Being completely and utterly useless and dramatic. You know, moaning dramatically and flopping on the bed, couch, floor, etc.

Killua was just being a whiny brat and complaining about every single inconvenience…. Not exactly a new development (I love this kid). But like. He was really REALLY clumsy without being able to see. Like he was being all cocky and arrogant… Until he consistently tripped over stuff and ran into walls because he “couldn’t see any damn thing.”

Leorio? He was legit their babysitter because no one could do ANYTHING without either putting themselves in danger or getting hurt or complaining.

mostie01  asked:

Please write this!! I need more Sith quigon and Sith tahl plotting with raising obiwan into their apprentice/Son.

“Focus Obi-Wan, focus… yes, that’s it,” Qui-Gon praised.

From where Tahl was sitting in the comfortable armchair, she could see that his midnight blue eyes were full of pride and she too could not keep the proud smile off of her face when she watched her son perform his difficult task of Force manipulation.

The young child was currently in a one handed handstand, sweat was forming on his forehead and his eyes were closed in concentration and his free hand was outstretched to several small objects he was levitating. All kinds of things were floating through the room and not ones were they colliding with each other.

Qui-Gon’s eyes followed a couple of books that were floating near his head, while Tahl concentrated on the little imp. She had seen the brief grin that had appeared on his young features and moments later, she knew what had went on in that brilliant and mischievous head of his. Qui-Gon’s lightsaber rose from the man’s belt and he reacted just a second too late, before it was out of his reach, hovering above his head.

A playful smile appeared on bearded features and the male Sith reached out with one of his hands and he Force pushed the young boy, who promptly lost his balance and fell to the wooden ground with a thud. The objects in the air were barely caught by Tahl, who watched in amusement, when her husband literally pounced on the young child and tackled him by tickling him half to death.

“No, stop! Not there, nooo,” Obi-Wan was half laughing and half crying, while he struggled to get out of his father’s grip, but to no avail.

“No chance little one, this is your punishment for taking Daddy’s lightsaber,” Qui-Gon said, but there was no sternness in his voice. It meant that he was not angry or disappointed, he just had searched for an opportunity to torture his little one.

“Mom, Moooom, please! Help me,” he begged when he realized that he could not stop the older male. Tears were escaping his eyes and he was laughing really hard by now.

Gold-green eyes connected with sea blue ones and a silent conversation was held through them. The female stood up and put her work aside for now, before running forward and jumping against Qui-Gon. The two adults rolled around the floor for a few moments, as if they were children too, but eventually the male Sith allowed his wife to pin him down. Meanwhile Obi-Wan was catching his breath.

“Obi-Wan, come quick. I don’t know how long I can hold the evil Jedi,” the Noorian said and there was a sparkle in her eyes, when the ginger haired boy immediately sprung into action. He came running over and promptly sat on his father’s legs.

“What now Mom?” he looked seriously up at the older woman.

“Now we have to extract valuable information from him, like where he hid the cookies.”

Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow at that. He had NOT hid the cookies, this had been his wife, but he would play along for now. “I will never tell you Sith scum anything,” he growled and even bared his teeth a little, just for show.

“Believe me, you will,” she made sure that he was indeed pinned to the floor by using the Force. “Obi-Wan, do you have an idea on how to get the information we require?”

The ginger haired boy pondered for a moment, then his blue-green eyes wandered to his father’s bare feet. An evil grin appeared on his freckled features. Qui-Gon had only ONE weakness – in the boy’s knowledge at least – and that were his feet.

The long haired male regretted having taken off his boots. Granted, he always did so, he just felt more ‘free’ like this. But when the little brat actually started to tickle him in return, he couldn’t take it and broke out into laughter as well.

Tahl gazed down at her struggling husband, whose eyes were tightly shut and who was desperately trying to break her hold on him. He looked a lot younger in this moment and he was just as handsome as she remembered him to be. Her heart skipped a beat, when she realized how much Obi-Wan had done for them, without really knowing it. He was the reason the two Sith got up every morning, despite their setbacks concerning the Jedi Order. He gave them a huge reason to stand up each morning and to try again. It was all in hope of a better future for their Obi-Wan.

“Enough… please…” Qui-Gon barely managed to get out, “I’ll tell you… everything… you want to… know. Just PLEASE… stop!”

Obi-Wan did so, when his mother nodded her approval. The older Sith took a few calming breathes, before opening his eyes and gazing into expecting blue-green ones. “The cookies… are in one of the pots in the upper drawer… in the kitchen.”

“You heard him Obi-Wan, now go and see if he tells the truth.” The ginger haired boy nodded enthusiastically and hurried away. “Don’t forget to wash your hands,” Tahl yelled after him.

Qui-Gon chuckled, “I just hope that he won’t use this unique… technique… on future Jedi that he might run into.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” yet the female Sith could not help but chuckle at the mental image she received, “he is smarter than that.”

Obi-Wan chose exactly this moment, to reenter the living room. He was carrying a box in his hands and sat down on the ground, next to his parents. Tahl sat down next to him and therefore allowed her husband to sit up as well.

The long haired male gazed lovingly down at the child and reached out to ruffle his ginger locks, to show that he was not holding the assault against him. Obi-Wan giggled in delight and moved so that he was resting against his father’s chest. Meanwhile opened Tahl the box and handed each male a treat. In this moment, everything felt joyful and right. Everything was as it was supposed to be.

“Do you think the Jedi are so mean, because they don’t have a family?” Obi-Wan’s voice suddenly disturbed the peace and he looked up at his mother in question.

“I don’t know,” she exchanged a glance with Qui-Gon.

“Well, I think they are jealous, because they don’t have families,” decided the young boy.

“That might be the case,” Qui-Gon began, “all the more reason to show them a different way.”

“Also, it is not hate you should feel for them, but rather pity. They do not experience love like we do, their Code does not allow it the way ours does… you should feel sorry for them.”

“I do,” he nibbled on his cookie, expression thoughtful and not focusing on anything in particular. “Is this why we are stronger? Because we have each other I mean?”

“Yes dear one,” bearded features smiled at the boy in his arms. “And one day, the Jedi will realize this, or bow before us.”

“But until then, well-behaved little Sith need to sleep,” Tahl cut in and as if on cue, Obi-Wan yawned. She reached out and took the tired boy from his father’s arms, who quickly kissed his son’s forehead, and she brought him into his room, before putting him into bed. She wished him a good rest and silently closed the door behind her.

When Tahl entered the living room again, she found the older male cleaning up the mess the three of them had made.

“I have almost finished the next strategy, do you want to take a look?” Now that Obi-Wan was asleep or at least in his bed, they could openly discuss their plans, without having to fear that he would follow them in an impulsive and reckless moment.

“Yes,” he answered, “have you remembered to calculate the costs of the bounty hunters?”

“Of course,” she replied and picked up the previously discarded datapad. “I am not sure about the cell however. Can we be sure that it will hold against a Force sensitive?”

“Add Force suppressing cuffs and we should be fine,” he straightened up, arms full of stuff and he walked around the room to put them back to their original place.

“Well then, what about this…”

They were still a long way from victory, but both Tahl and Qui-Gon, were confident that one day, the Sith would not just be a minority…