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Amy Santiago, ladies and gentlemen.

Bucky Barnes, Infinity War (2017)

According to this Tumblr post, Bucky’s new arm in Infinity War is pretty different from the one we saw in the previous movies. Apparently, it’s darker, with gold interlaced. Beautiful! A big thank you to the anon who brought this to my attention and to my followers who sent me reference pictures. (Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12)



What are Alec and Magnus’s biggest dreams? (x)

Matt: *talks about Alec wanting to own a detective agency, “Alec the Private Eye”*

Harry: “A criminal boutique to run, so [Magnus] could give Alec some criminals to investigate!”

Matt: *loses it*

Harry: *talks about Magnus making Alec’s work more difficult and not telling him until he’s 90*

Matt: “You’re a monster!”