that god damn tie and his god damn face

“Don’t Look!”

Pietro Mximoff x Reader

Requested? Yes.

Prompt: “Don’t look!”

Warnings: I don’t really think there’s anything yanno; jk. swearing, ummmmm yeah

A/N: This is more like a blurb or whatever you want to call it because it’s pretty dang short sooo.

“Pietro!” you called for your boyfriend who was god knows where; somewhere around the tower as you huffed in annoyance from your room. The problem? Everyone decided to go swimming, and you, for your life, could not tie the strings behind your back. You tried tying it up front and then turning it around, but that didn’t work, it just became loose.

“Yes, my love?” Pietro asked from the doorway, leaning against the frame with a small smirk on his face. Handsome face. God. “Could you please help me?” You asked, clearly irritated as you held the top piece against your chest.

His fingers lightly touched your back as he began to tie the string. “Don’t look!” You groaned, a small pout on your face as you snapped your fingers at him, in front of his eyes. All I asked was for you to tie this god damn thing and you’re trying to look at my god damn boobs. I hate you, Pietro, but god do I love you.

“Sorry, princessa,” his accent rolled off his tongue, his breath on the back of your neck as you shivered slightly. “You’re just so beautiful,” he said softly, finishing double knotting the string before leaning over your shoulder to press a small kiss on your cheek.

I totally don’t hate you anymore. Fuck you, Maximoff. Fuck. You.

You smiled, ignoring the blush that rose to your cheeks as you turned around and grabbed one of his hands. “Come on, lover boy, we have some swimming to do,” you grinned, practically dragging him out of the room as you lead the way. “And don’t look at my ass!”