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Open Commission!

Hello everyone, I’m doing commissions now and i really appreciated if you can support me :) E-mail me if you interested! (My e-mail is

Chibi Icon ($12)

You can also add a chara in one icon with +$10, like this

Chibi Full Body ($15)

Additional chara(s) +$10, detailed design +$2-$4

Headshot ($15)

Halfbody (Style 1 $18, Style 2 $20/chara)

Additional chara(s) +$15, detailed design +$3-$5

Full Body ($25)

Additional chara(s) +$20; detailed design +$5-7

(I’m sorry i just have a colored sketch for full body, but for people who commissioning me will get clean linearts ofc!)


  • If you interested to commission me, please e-mail me and forward details, such as references and descriptions from there! NOTE: Please be sure to include your Tumblr username in the e-mail so i can keep things organized!
  • Payment in USD only via Paypal.
  • You should completed your payment then i’ll start drawing your commission.
  • NOTE: If you request your original character(s) as your commission, please provide me with references! The more detailed, more better i can draw them.
  • Approx. time 1-4 weeks.
  • Background transparent or simple colour.
  • I won’t draw mecha, furry, R18, gore, realism or semi-realism.
  • I’ll send the wip so you can tell me if there’s something you don’t like and i’ll fix it. 
  • The artwork is then yours to do with as you wish, as long as I’m credited for it!

What will you get:

  1. .jpg and .png formats of finished commission.
  2. .sai or .pdf formats (tentative).
  3. .gif format of drawing process from the sketch till it finished!
  4. NOTE: If you would like physical prints mailed to you, we can discuss it over the e-mail. BUT it WILL effect the final price, however.

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WIP VIDEO #17 - Supergirl 😉
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