that girl ratchet

isn’t it fucking wonderful to know that a stupid white girl can become famous and go on talk shows for acting like a “ratchet” and “ghetto” black woman but when actual black women act this way, we get killed, ostracized, have shitty stereotypes assigned to us and basically be called trash? isn’t that fucking amazing to know that our “ghettoness” can be commodified by ANYONE but US?

Some 2016 Video game scribbles. Some games I love, some games I like, some games with animals that I absolutely hate, but think they’re kinda cool.(looking at you Trico!)



The Last Guardian.

Ratchet & Clank. (Remake)


Final Fantasy XV.

Titanfall 2.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Quantum Break.

Gears of War 4.

Dark Souls III.

Tons of mistakes. Whatever, I dunno how to draw.

Alternative Black Girls

Black Girls are the ratchet type,

Black girls are the ghetto type

No! I am an alternative black girl,

The one who watches anime and play video games,

Listen to rock music, listen to k music, and cosplay my features,

Very quirky but I’m still in the game,

Be kawaii & embrace my melanin,

Maybe you should stop assuming that all black girls are classless & ignorant,

We’ve been silence for so long that we feel the need to express our lives,

But, you don’t wanna hear us but rather see us tear ourselves apart in hell,

We chosen our own destiny & respect all black girls around the world,

Society is the one to blame and they claim to tame me,

But no no,

I’m livin for my lifestyle for that I breathe in the life cycle,

Just to escape this bullshit called reality,

I’m fatality and this is my philosophy,

There is so much white nonsense happening in my house right now. There is pale ass man with some nasty ass unwashed hair calling them “dreads,” there are a group of white girls calling themselves “ratchet,” and “on fleek,” and somehow devolved it into calling themselves “fleeky.”

I will never forgive my father for inviting his college students over for thanksgiving.

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THE SECRET Benefit of Loving Cartoons, Comics, Video Games and Anime

New video for those who happen to give  a F*ck here is something that anyone young and old can take away from being a fan of any of Animation, Video games, Manga and Comic Books.There are surprisingly a lot of scientific benefits which I go more in depth in today!