that girl looks like a little sulli

Imagine Sam finding your daughter talking to Sully

“I’m telling you, she’s talking to herself.”

Sam laughed as you walked back into your bedroom, a towel around you as you dried your hair.

“I’m not kidding,” you told him. “I just walked by her room on the way from the shower, she’s chatting away to herself in there. Talking through the plot of Moana.”

You allowed yourself a small laugh at that. The kid was obsessed with that movie.

“Do you want me to check on her?” he asked, and you shrugged. “Alright.”

He kissed your cheek on his way to Katie’s room.

“An’ then she was the chief an’ then they all went voyagering on the ocean,” your daughter was saying, and Sam laughed slightly until he heard an all too familiar voice respond.

“They were voyagers? For real?”

Sam pushed the door open, frowning when he saw his old imaginary friend sat on the floor with his daughter, playing with Lego.

“Sully?” he asked, confused, and the two of them looked up at him. “What- ah, what-?”

“Daddy!” Katie gasped, “You can see him?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah sweetie. Can I speak to him alone for a sec?”

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Sully/Hinoka C-S Support

 Written by  snapdrakegames


Sully: Eighty-seven… eighty-eight… eighty-nine…

Hinoka: Sully?

Sully: Ninety… Ninety-one… Hey, Hinoka. How’s it going? Ninety-two…

Hinoka: Hold on, are you telling me you’ve done ninety-two push-ups with just your left arm?

Sully: Damn straight. What, did you think I just started counting at eighty or something? Ninety-three…

Hinoka: That’s… uh… How many of those are you planning to do?

Sully: Ninety-four… Two hundred… Two-hundred-and-one… Wait. I’m on ninety-four, I’m going to do two hundred. Look, could you maybe give me a little- hey! What do you think you’re doing?

Hinoka: One… Two… Th-three…

Sully: You’re doing it all wrong. You’ve got to keep your legs straight, and don’t stop breathing.

Hinoka: F-f-four…

Sully: Hey, cut the crap, Hinoka. I had to do tons of strength training before I started on one-arm pushups. Don’t push yourself if you’re not ready yet.

Hinoka: N-no, I’ve g-g-got this. F-f-five… Six… S-s-seven…

Sully: Dammit, Hinoka, your face is getting redder than your hair. Stop it already, before you hurt yourself.

Hinoka: Eight- ah!

Sully: And there you go. Here, you need a hand?

Hinoka: N-no, I’m good. Damn, you must be really strong, Sully.

Sully: And you’re an idiot. Don’t go doing stupid stuff like this again, Hinoka, not if you haven’t trained for it.

Hinoka: I’ve trained. I’ve been training since I was a child. I can do regular pushups like snapping twigs.

Sully: That so? Still, don’t overestimate yourself when it comes to stuff like this. If you want a real workout, maybe we could spar a little?

Hinoka: Y-yeah that sounds good. But, *huff*, m-maybe a little later.

 [Sully and Hinoka have reached support rank C.]


Sully: Hah! Hyah!

Hinoka: Yah!

Sully: Huraagh!

Hinoka: Gah!

Sully: Wow, Hinoka. You weren’t joking about training for years, eh? Your technique is damn impressive.

Hinoka: Th-thanks. Too bad that only does so much when your attacks are so powerful. Ow…

Sully: Oh shit, did I hurt you? Is your wrist alright?

Hinoka: Not your fault. I should’ve blocked that attack, I just wasn’t quick enough.

Sully: Still, I’m sorry about that, Hinoka. Anyways, let’s take a break. I’ll get you some ice for that.

Hinoka: Thanks a lot, Sully.

Sully: No problem. Here, take this. Damn, you’re sweating like a war horse.

Hinoka: You’re not much drier yourself.

Sully: Heh, fair enough. Good thing “smells nice” isn’t one of the tenants of knighthood.

Hinoka: Knighthood, eh? Why’s being a knight matter so much? If you’ve got the strength to do what you need to do, why should a title matter?

Sully: No way, Hinoka, you’ve got it all wrong. There’s more to a knight than just being a great warrior. A knight protects the weak, devotes themselves to the fight against evil. They fight because it’s right, not because they can. A true knight is a damn hero, you see?

Hinoka: …I get it. And that’s why you train so hard to be a knight? You want to be a hero?

Sully: You got that right. I’m not gonna stop training until I’m the strongest soldier and the best person I can be.

Hinoka: The best person you can be, eh…?

 [Sully and Hinoka have reached support rank B.]


Sully: Hey, Hinoka. Pleasure seeing you here.

Hinoka: Oh, S-sully!

Sully: You alright, Hinoka?

Hinoka: Yeah, you startled me is all. What are you doing here in the stables? Is that your horse over there?

Sully: That’s him alright. He’s a sturdy fellow, a real stand-up guy. Not like he can sit down, of course.

Hinoka: Heh, yeah… Wait.

Sully: Something the matter?

Hinoka: Yeah, he looks a little uncomfortable… Here we go. There’s a big tick, right in his mane.

Sully: Yuck. Give me a second, sport, I’ll yank that right out. There we go.

Hinoka: Be sure to keep a close eye on him. You’ll want to make sure he didn’t catch anything from that tick.

Sully: Thanks, Hinoka. Damn, you sure know your stuff when it comes to horses.

Hinoka: I’ve been around my pegasus since I was a kid. You tend to pick up a thing or two.

Sully: This is your pegasus? I’ve only seen him on the battlefield. He’s even more beautiful up close.

Hinoka: Careful, Sully. He’ll get all arrogant if you spoil him too much. I found that out the hard way.

Sully: You two do seem really close. Yeah, I wish I had the same sort of relationship with my horse.

Hinoka: Stick with him and you’ll get there. If a pegasus doesn’t trust you, they’ll throw you off while they’re up in the sky, and it took a long time for my pegasus to trust me.

Sully: It’s pretty impressive that you stuck with him for so long.

Hinoka: I didn’t have much of a choice. My younger sibling… they were kidnapped when I was a little girl. When it happened, it made me feel so powerless, like there was nothing I could do to save them… Long story short, I started training as a Pegasus Knight so that one day I’d have the strength necessary to rescue them.

Sully: That’s a lot to take on for a little kid. Back then, I was just pretending to be a knight.

Hinoka: I bet you were the toughest knight in the castle, Sully. Besides, I think it’s good that you have all your ideals to look up to. It’s motivating, training yourself to save people, but it’s kind of exhausting too.

Sully: …

 [Sully and Hinoka have reached support rank A.]


Hinoka: Alright, Hinoka… Today’s the day… Let’s give it a shot.

Sully: Hinoka?

Hinoka: Sully! What are you doing here?

Sully: I was looking for you. About the other day, you know?

Hinoka: Oh right. Yeah, I guess I wanted to find you as well.

Sully: I’ve been thinking, you know, and I realized something after hearing about your past. That code of knighthood I’ve been aspiring to reach? You’re already there. You devoted your whole life to saving the innocent from evil, and at an age when I didn’t really understand what it meant. So I guess I’m trying to say… you’re great, Hinoka. Really great.

Hinoka: Sully… Oh, thank you. That means a lot, coming from you. You’re so brave and strong, but you’ve also got a huge, kind heart, and…

Sully: Hinoka?

Hinoka: And… you’re so beautiful, Sully. I can’t even see you without shaking, or blushing like a tomato, and every time we talk I leave feeling so warm and light and… And I got you this ring. I love you, Sully. Would you stay with me for the rest of my life?

Sully: No way.

Hinoka: What?

Sully: Did you seriously propose before I did? Damn it, I came here first, I had your ring behind my back the whole time, and you still beat me too it!

Hinoka: Oh Sully…

Sully: Gods, I love you Hinoka, and I’m so happy that I’m never going to spend another second of my life without you. Come here…

[Sully and Hinoka have reached support rank S.]

Facing the Past - Chapter 10 (Sam Drake x Reader)

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 11

Sam was a womanizer. Everybody knew that. He spent 13 years in prison, of course when he got out he wanted to be with as many women as he could. It didn’t matter to him what they looked like. Tall, short, thin or thick. He wanted to enjoy his freedom, after all, partnering up with Sully meant that he could go back to jail anytime.

Of course, this didn’t mean that he looked at all the women like possible sex partners. For example, when he first met you, he saw you as a rich little girl, who probably had a ski accident which caused her a limp. Sure, he noticed that you were pretty, and he laid his eyes on you whenever you were in the same room as him. 

The interesting part started when you started to threw hateful glances in his way anytime you could. At first, he didn’t know what to think of it, after all he didn’t do anything to make you act this way. Then it started to amuse him, and he made little comments just to piss you off more. Then he found out what happened between you and the Almeidas, and he finally understood why you were so cold with him. He brought back your enemies, no, your torturers into your life, and he felt guilty for it.

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Reaction (F(x) & Girl’s Generation): They all have a crush on the same girl [you], who they just met and is a 98′ liner

SNSD/Girl’s Generation

Taeyeon: *to you* How are you doing cutie? My name is Taeyeon, what’s yours?

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*to the rest of SNSD* What? I couldn’t hear you. It sounded like you guys like MY crush.

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Hyoyeon: *to you* Hello cutie pie. I think you’re super cute.

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*finds out the rest of SNSD like you too* Why do I always get the short end of the stick?

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Jessica: *to you* Hi lovely. It’s very nice to meet you

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*to the rest of SNSD* You better watch yourselves. That cute little thing right there is mine (Ignore the caption)

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Yoona: *to you* *does aegyo to impress you* “Cute just like you.”

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*when she finds out the others like you* “Oh no. What should we do?”

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Yuri: *to you* Why hello there. What’s your name?

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*when she finds out the others like you too* Ugh, how annoying

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Seohyun: *to you* Annyeong. My name is Seohyun. It’s very nice to meet you *becomes very shy*

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*finds out the others like you too* How could you guys betray me like this?

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Sunny: *to you* *can only stare at you in awe* 

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*to the other girls of SNSD* May the best woman win. Which will be me.

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Tiffany: *to you* Hello there beautiful. I’m Tiffany.

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*Finds out the others like you too* *smiles to hide disappointment* It’s ok guys. It’s not like I wanted to be with her cute, perfect little self anyway

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Sooyoung: *to you* Hellooooo. I’m Sooyoung, and what might your name be cutie?”

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*to the rest of SNSD* You guys better walk away, because she’s mine.

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Krystal: *to you* *gets shy and bashful* Hey, I’m Krystal.

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*to the rest of f(x)* You guys better back off. *gives death glare*

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Victoria: *to you* I know we just met, but you’re cute, and I like you.

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*to the other girls* *makes faces at them* She’s mine though

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Luna: *to you* Hi beauty. You are just so cute

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*to other members* I swear I will kill you if you even get near this little ball of sunshine

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Sulli:*to you* I just can’t help but notice how cute you are

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*to the members when she finds out they like you too* you guys have betrayed me

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Amber: *to you* *doesn’t know what to do* Look (Y/N) I’m a rabbit, and you can be my carrot.

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*when she finds out the other members like you too* Aish, how rude. She is mine.

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We Finally Found Paradise

I was going to just write a drabble but it ended up being four chapters. I think I’m going to write more chapters and they may be NSFW. (Most likely)

Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Warning: None
Spoliers: None
Word Count: 997

First a Fiascle, Then A Surprise

You and Sam have been together for five years now, three of those you have been married. They have been the most wonderful five years of your life. Growing up you never had much of a family but Sam, your brother and sister in-law, and Sully have more than made up for it. Elena is the big sister you always wanted while Nate teases you as if you were his sister. Sully was like the father you never had. Always protecting you and making sure no man “got too close to his little girl”. He may have given Sam a few talking’s to due to his past flirtatious behaviour towards women. He eventually caved when he saw how good Sam was to you and how happy you made each other. Sully was the one who was more than overjoyed when the two of you decided to get married. He even gave you away at your wedding.

Nate and Elena had the most beautiful baby girl named Cassie. She had blond hair and looked so much like her mother. She may only be three years old but she is starting to show that she has the same adventurous and mischievous personality as her father.
You and Sam had talk about children. You both loved them but they weren’t right for the lifestyle the two of you lived. Babies were a huge liability in the field and there is always the potential of either you or Sam being shot at, therefore, you two decided it was best to wait a little while. Which was fine with you since you were significantly younger than Sam and if the two of you did decide it was a good time, you would be okay.

But here you are, sitting on the bathroom floor, staring at the tiny, positive, pink line on the home pregnancy test. “Shit,” you mutter under your breath. Damn it Sam and his constant need to touch you and do it anywhere that you may be caught. Which means neither of you ever had protection with you. You really should have been better prepared.
Your mind raced with the possible ways that you were going to tell him. Would he be excited? Or would he be disappointed and not want the baby right now since you two are still adventuring? You groan in frustration and decide it would be best to wait and tell him when he comes home tonight.

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Preference: BSM, You Watch A Scary Movie, Age 4

Harry: “Shh Harry!” you scolded, your eyes literally glued to the screen as the lady on it walked cautiously around her house. “She dumb right Harry?” you said in a smart voice while everyone laughed. “It’s not nice to call someone dumb babe,” he chastised. Harry, the boys, and their girlfriends had all decided to take a night and watch a scary movie. You pleaded to stay up and watch it, which everyone was really hesitant about, but it soon became clear it didn’t scare you and you just thought it was dumb. Everyone screamed as something popped up on the screen suddenly but you barely flinched, sending them all a weird look and saying, “It was only a clown, Harry say’s clowns are nice.” Harry shot them all a look and they all stuttered out something about how nice clowns really were and how they had all been surprised but you weren’t paying attention anymore, “Look everyone! The mean man has a chainsaw!”

Louis: “But I don’t get it,” you said in a shaking voice. “I thought Lou said the monsters weren’t real under my bed.” Everyone exchanged looks as Louis sent Eleanor a hopeless one and she shrugged. “Honey,” Louis said quickly. “Look, Sully is a nice monster isn’t he love? He’s taking care of the little one.” “None of the others is, they wants to make the little girl cry,” you pouted, rubbing your eyes. “Oh babe,” Eleanor said. “It’s just a movie. We can turn it off if you like?” You glanced at Niall and Harry who were looking at you like they wanted to coo and shook your head, “No! We finish it!” They all bit back a chuckle and Louis nodded, facing back at the screen but pulling you onto his lap, “Can we cuddle during it love? In case I get scared?”

Liam: “Please Liam,” you pouted, climbing onto his lap and pulling at his mouth. He smiled, moving your hands away and shook his head, “Last time we watched Enchanted you wouldn’t sleep in your own bed for a week.” “I bigger now!” “That was three weeks ago,” Liam laughed, placing you back on the ground, “Now go pick another movie.” You stomped your foot, pouting until he said, “Hey,” in a warning voice and you stuck your tongue out, moving back to the DVD racks. “There’s nothing else I wanna see!” you whined, just staring at the DVD’s. Liam sighed, “All right, give it here, I didn’t need my sleep anyways.” “Yay!” you shouted, running back over to him and jumping on his lap. “I love you Liam!” “I’m sure you do,” he muttered, leaning over and placing the DVD in the player. “Since we’ll be sleeping together for the next week.”

Zayn: “Is the princess okay?” you whispered into Zayn’s chest as he chuckled. “Yes baby girl, she got away from the dragon. The prince came and saved her, you can look now.” “Promise?” Zayn smiled, rubbing your back, “Promise! Look, they’re getting married baby!” You slowly peeked out from under his arm and sighed in relief as the screen showed a happy scene now. You turned around and sat on his lap, your back to him, clapping as the princess and prince got married. As the credits rolled on the screen, you yawned and looked at Zayn accusingly, “Why we watched that Zaynie? It was scary.” He bit back a grin and shrugged, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would think it was scary. Why don’t we go get some ice cream to make up for it?”

Niall: He held you gently on his lap, your eyes glued to the screen as he snored slightly. He had dozed off towards the end of the Harry Potter movie that had been on the telly and after that, a horror had come on. You hadn’t bothered to wake him up. Trembling, you watched the main actress descend into the empty asylum in the dead of the night. You gripped his leg tightly as she pushed on a creaking door and then you burst into tears as something creeped up behind her and stabbed her in the chest causing her to scream. Niall started awake at your tears and looked at you, concerned, “Princess what happened?” He was still sleepy. You jumped at his voice before crying further and turning to hide in his chest. He glanced up at the screen and face-palmed, “Baby why didn’t you wake me up when Harry potter was over?” You shrugged helplessly, your tears starting to slow down as Niall switched off the movie and put on Peppa Pig. “Look baby, your favorite show’s on.” You shook your head in his chest, thinking he was tricking you as he sighed and just flipped you around so you would know he wasn’t. As soon as you saw Peppa, you squealed, clapped, and completely forgot about the horror. Niall sighed, relaxing again into the couch and covering his face with his hands.

No Rest For The Lovers

Valentine’s Day Padlock story, with outside ideas and slightly based off of usulc’s prompt!

         usulc asked you:

On Valentines day, Tony ponders what Paige could look like under her dress…

Tony wasn’t sure that this was going to be a creative valentine’s day. His hearts had failed when he tried to make them, he’d spilled the glitter, glued his hands together, and sullied his hair with paint. There was nothing he could exactly do to impress her.

         He felt guilty, considering the little he knew from Valentine’s Day after experiencing it for all of time was that you had to get the girl the gift. And then she’d fall in love with you all over again, kiss you, and you’d spend the rest of the night together.

         Paige was struggling as well. Her attempts to make something neat and tidy without feeling the urge to add glitter or paint all over it was a stressful little problem that she was not willing to face. For a brief moment, she even debated making it green, because she would never try to make green creative! But no, she couldn’t give Tony a green valentine’s card or gift, it would be like a slap in the face.

         So, naturally, they were in their respective rooms, Paige the kitchen and Tony the living room, debating on what they should do.

         Eventually, Yellow Belly sat down with Paige and Green Wonder Boy went to Tony. Sitting down next to them, they sat in silence.

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