that girl is so damn lucky

BTS reaction them watching your performance


He would be smiling sooo wide. Like proudness would radiate off of that boy maybe even some cockiness cause like you are his and you are so amazing and talented??? How did he get so lucky?? (this gif doesn’t even relate but i wanna use it cause he looks so mf good like damn)

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I just know Yoongi would look the most smug out of them all. He would look chill and calm but his face would have the biggest smirk and inside he would be so happy and full of pride I just know.

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He would so cocky about it. He would just be like yes my girl is up on the stage getting it and everyone is in awe watching her. Plus he would hype you up so good and get turnt as fuck and probably make other members get turnt too

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Get ready for your #1 fan to flip his shit. He would be singing, dancing, probably embarrassing himself in the process, obnoxiously clapping, etc etc. All in all he would be such a supportive little mushroom hobi stans collect your man

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I think he would turn so shy tbhh. Like he would giggle and watch your performance with a goofy smile, then look at his members that are probably teasing him and blush and smile even harder like he would be a giggling proud mess 

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HE WOULD BE YOUR #1 HYPEMAN. He would get up from his chair and yell the lyrics and dance like an idiot and probably nudge other members to get turnt every 30 seconds and just smile and act like an idiot the whole time tbh

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I think he could go two ways. Either he would try to be chill and subtly hyped just playing it cool or he would be an absolute fanboy mess like this boy would be getting so many weird looks (mostly by namjoon and yoongi lmao) and you would probably be facepalming so hard.

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Requests are open :) - Lexii

I do not care if Killian is old in this AU. I do not care if he is young. I don’t care how or why he is the age he is. All I care about is that Captain Swan will - somehow - be meeting for the first time again. This will be their, what, fifth time meeting each other? Five times and each damn time they’ve somehow shown that they love each other. 

How lucky are we that we, as a fandom, get this? How lucky are we that we get to watch our OTP find each other and fall in love over and over again?! 

I don’t ship Captain Swan because they are aesthetically pleasing (though that does help). I ship them because of their story, because the lost boy and the lost girl were able to find a home in each other over and over again. 

So make Killian old, make him young, give him gray hair and wrinkles or don’t. Either way, at the end of the day, Captain Swan is true love and they will once again show that they are timeless

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It’s late and I found a bunch of good Supernatural gifs to explain my dog’s reaction to things that happen in public.

Someone pets her without permission:

Someone tries to feed her:

Another ‘service dog’ screams at her:

When both of us see a child being dragged out of the store by a parent because they’re being a brat:

When a child screams “PUPPY” for more than 2 minutes straight:

When someone says that “she so cute”:

When someone baby talks her:

When someone tries to ask me about my disability/why I need her:

happy tfc hcs to get u thru the day;

  • neil looking up at random moments during the day like when the foxes go out for dinner together or the light from the sun rising  filters through the stadium just as they’re doing their morning stretches or when someone makes an amazing goal, or when wymack ruffles kevin’s hair with a scowl on his face and just being… so filled with warmth and love and practically feeling it leak out of him because he is alive and he is alive to see this and he has the privilege to see the sun rise every morning for the rest of his life and feeling so damn grateful and lucky that it evens feels a little sad, like that ache in your chest when you think about how much you love someone
  • dan and allison and renee having girls nights together where they talk shit about the guys and cuddle and do each others makeup and at 2 am when they should be asleep but are eating popcorn and watching silly romcoms, dan just says, “i love you guys so much” . allison teases her for being sappy and renee says i love you guys too right back and they’re all at peace and happy together for a night.
  • nicky is completely happy and comfortable with his sexuality and misses his boyfriend like hell so when they finally visit each other its like an explosion in his heart and he never wants it to end
    • nicky seeing his cousins repair some of the damage done between them and being so fucking proud becuase they’re growing up and they’re healing in their own way and they’re not the tortured, abused kids he first met
    • nicky having the realization that he doesn’t need to take care of them 24/7, and he can take care of himself sometimes.
  • kevin finding other interests other than exy. kevin learning how to be slightly less obsessed; watching the History channel instead of just exy games on tv, reading books, trying new things and new habits and seeing who he is outside of exy. kevin being happy. kevin recovering. kevin accepting the fact that he’s not the best at everything and he doesn’t have to be. that he can make mistakes and be awful at something and it can be fun and silly and have no real weight in his life.
  • i made a seperate post about this but andrew learning to trust other people in his life enough to let them touch him – that not everything has to be sexual or violent, he can be touched casually, and nicky can pat his arm, and renee can throw an arm around him, and neil can spend hours tracing his back or playing with his hair without the pressure of it ever becoming something else. andrew letting himself be vulnerable to the people he cares about because its an important part of his recovery.

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the naughty list

word count: 441

Shawn walked through the front door and was immediately caught up in the sweetness of sugar that filled his apartment. He heard humming and the soft spinning of a rolling pin coming from his kitchen. The corners of his lips tugged as he kicked off his shoes and slid out of his coat, being greeted by the warmth of his entryway.

He walked slowly towards the kitchen and there she was. She was pushing the rolling pin slowly across a thin layer of dough on their countertop. He watched her as she hummed something familiar, but he couldn’t quite catch what it was. She swung her hips ever so slightly with the tune of her song. He felt his heart expanding as he watched this beautiful girl he was so damn lucky to call his.

He stepped in on the smooth tile floor and walked towards her. She turned and a grin painted her face the moment they locked eyes. He reached her and pulled her in tightly and they stood there for a beautiful second before the ding of the stove went off. She slid out of his embrace and reached the oven to pull out the most beautiful looking gingerbread cookies that Shawn had ever seen.

He hadn’t really seen a lot of gingerbread cookies in his life, he’ll admit, but they were definitely the most beautiful. “So, this is what you’ve been up to all day,” he smirked at her as she pulled off a festive oven mitt that looked like Santa’s hat. “I wanted to feel more Christmassy so I thought that I could bake for us,” She replied not looking up as she delicately placed the cookies on the cooling rack.

They sat there in the kitchen for what felt like hours catching up and laughing and talking as they always did. She would ice the cookies with her tongue sticking out just slightly in concentration. Shawn would naturally try to steal a cookie or two and be scolded with, “You don’t want to end up on my naughty list do you, Mr. Mendes.” “But I’m always on your naughty list,” he would reply with a wink.

She would give him a swift kiss on the cheek as she moved towards the door. His eyes following her body as she stepped away from him. Their eyes meet and she would say, “Bring the frosting.” Her sentence barely had a second to sit in the air before Shawn was up and chasing her to the bedroom to ensure that they would both be on Santa’s naughty list this year.

This girl told me that suho looks better in person than in photos and i’m just like

you’re telling me he can look better than this


i am confused



how he can get even more beautiful

i cry

what do you mean he can slay my ass harder than he already does

is this man even real


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Stydia | married life

Get ready for my domesticity!kink…

-Stiles and Lydia sitting on the balcony of their home, drinking wine and watching the sunset as the kids (2 girls and a boy) enjoy the last minutes of the summer evening.

-Lydia climbing into bed after her shower, exhausted after a full day of work and kids, wearing one of Stiles’ of uni tshirts and a pair of laccross shorts. Stiles, after all these years, stares at her still not believing how he got so damn lucky. 

-Stiles being a stay at home dad until the kids are old enough for school, packing lunches, doing laundry and making dinner for his wife. Lydia loving him more and more everyday.

-Stiles and Lydia at their youngest sons graduation from BHHS, Stiles wiping away tears, until lydia reminds him that now they can have old people sex whenever they want and not get interrupted. Stiles barks out a laugh that causes everyone to look at them

-Lydia tracing the band around Stiles ring, thinking back on everything that led her to this moment. Stiles waking up and not saying anything, just watching her softly in the morning light, both of them looking at each other with a look that says a million words. 

When you got into  a fight...

You growled quietly as you stood up, dusting off the dirt from your arms as you retrieved your leather jacket from Andy. You turned to glower down at the girl cowering on the ground, wiping the blood from the lucky shot she had gotten. “Next time, learn when to keep your mouth shut,” You stated, crossing your arms and setting a firm glare down at the female who had been harassing you and Andy most of the night you had planned, “Because next time I won’t be so kind. Keep your damn hands to yourself.” She glowered up to you and looked away before you and Andy walked off. “Well damn.” He said, throwing an arm around your shoulders. “Didn’t know you could fight like that.”

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Sup yall :) your girl is currently unavailable due to massive jaw/cheek swelling (damn you wisdom teeth) so i just dug out 2 pics from this summer when things were easier and the weather was kinder…have a wonderful bellarke night and lets hope itll bring us many platonic moments

@starkdelinquents @goldenheadfreckledheart @bellarke2k17 + anyone who wants to do it i hate the thought of bothering people omg

I can’t wait to open and close the car door for my girl. I can’t wait to sit in the same spot for hours while she naps on me even though my arm has fallen asleep. I can’t wait to constantly reassure her that her body is my favorite form of art. I can’t wait to have arguments and let her win because she means more to me than my pride. I can’t wait to listen to her babble for hours because her mind is my favorite aspect about her. I can’t wait to sit in her presence and wonder how I got so damn lucky.

This is how well somewhat spent my 1 year with my amazing girlfriend, didn’t want to overload snapchat with my whoooole day lol. but fuck i am one lucky girl i got the greatest and bestests goofball ever god i feel like I’ve known her my whole life. she’s my bestfriend and doesn’t care about my terrible addiction to video games and she has the kindest and the biggest heart ever and she’s damn beautiful inside and out ❤ so here’s to more and i can’t wait to keep spending these years together, i love you carley happy 1 year!

It’s not Thursday but throwback to this wonderful beach day. Also, Happy 5 months to the love of my life. I love you so much. I can’t believe it’s almost half a year already since I’ve met you. I’m so lucky to be in your life. You’re honestly the best damn thing that has happened to me. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and loving me. I’m sorry we don’t agree on everything sometimes but even when you’re mad at me, I can’t help but keep falling in love with you. I love you beautiful! Goodnight 💕!