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Batfam as Tweets and Tumblr Shitposts™
  • Dick: Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad
  • Steph: That was deep
  • Tim: Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie
  • Steph: That was deeper
  • Jason: Common sense is knowing that ketchup isn't a damn smoothie YOU NASTY!
  • -------
  • Tim: What if trees cried because we started eating their fruit because their fruit is basically their babies. So every time we eat an apple or something, we're eating a tree baby
  • Damian: *Slowly backs away from the fruit bowl looking stricken*
  • Bruce: *Not looking up from his newspaper* we're eating their ovaries actually
  • --------
  • Jason: That feeling you get when you're angry
  • Dick: Anger
  • --------
  • Steph: Boys are so lucky to have boners to tell them when they're horny because girls are just like damn am I horny or am I hungry or am I bored I don't know I don't have a dick
  • --------
  • Jason: If I cut off my foot and like swing it at your head am I kicking or hitting you?
  • Tim: You'll most likely mentally scar me more than anything else
  • ---------
  • Dick: Carpe diem seize the day. Carpe noctem seize the night. Carpe natem seize the ass.
  • ---------
  • Jason: 80% exhaustion 10% sarcasm 20% don't care
  • Tim: That's 110%
  • Jason: 20% of me doesn't care
  • Tim: Should've seen that coming
  • ----------
  • Bruce: *Mary Poppins voice* okay children time to go
  • [Fifteen minutes later]
  • Bruce: *Batman voice* I said let's go
  • -----------
  • Alfred: Who ate all the cookies?
  • Dick: Ninjas
  • Alfred: I didn't see them
  • Dick: No one ever does
  • -----------
  • Bruce: *Calls up pizza place*
instant gratification 03 (m)

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➾ smut, angst, fluff

➾the final part of this series, please read the first three parts if you haven’t!

instant gratification 01 | 02 | 2.5

It’s like time has slowed to an ambling crawl, and all that ever exists has ceased to matter; except in this room with the three of you standing, facing each other like fighters in a ring. All you’re aware of is the way your breath has frozen over in your chest, and the way Jeongguk is clutching something so tightly in his hand, mirroring your own fisted palm.

“Jeongguk, no,” the sound of your voice pierces through the tense atmosphere, and is that really your voice? Why does it sound so unconvincing, so lacking in resolve, so broken? You clear your throat and attempt to try again, because your eyes are locked on Jeongguk’s own milky caramel ones, filled with a murky rage that threatens to break past the surface. “Jeongguk, this is not what it looks like, I swear-“

He only responds with an acerbic laugh that’s short and cutting, and it makes every breath you take feel razor sharp.

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Eye Contact (M.)

Originally posted by rapgodv

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 3.7k

Description: Your boyfriend Jungkook was still a virgin, until one night both of you got heated up and it turned out a lot better than you ever expected.

Info: This is my first smut ever posted. I tried to make slightly sub!jk but my heart can’t lmao. Still I hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback! And sorry if my english isn’t always correct, it’s not my first language. Enjoy y’all <3

Parts: 1 | 2 

You were laying on your bed, watching TV and getting more and more bored. Jungkook has been in the shower for only 3 minutes but it seemed like a whole hour. You just needed to do something exciting, to try something new and to spice yourself up a bit. Especially your sex life. Even though you and Jungkook were together for almost a year now, you still haven’t had sex. And that’s because he’s a virgin. Of course you respected him wanting to wait and you don’t want to rush into it if he’s still not ready. You love him, he loves you and that’s basically everything that matters. But every time he was lying next to you, kissing you, touching you or even just looking at you, you would immediately feel yourself heating up. “Why are you blushing again, honey?” he would always ask laughingly, finding it cute actually. You shook your head every time, even though you wanted to moan into his ear and tell him how much you wanted, no, how much you needed him. He is so adorable, sexy, hot and incredibly beautiful. You still couldn’t believe you got yourself a boyfriend like him. You know you’re hot yourself too, but still. You were such a lucky girl. Sometimes you entered the bathroom “by accident” when he was showering, so you could get a little sneak peak of his manly body. God damn, when you saw those shoulders the last time, you could’ve just cum right there by only looking at it. And those thighs…

“Y/N? W-what are you doing?” you heard a serious voice saying. 

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More Than One Night

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pairing: yoongi x reader x jungkook

words: 23,707

genre: angst, smut, college au, fuck boy au

warnings: dirty talk, lots of sex, oral sex 

a/n: this is not how i usually write. so it’s jumbled, and it’s super long i’m sorry. basically ..think about it as a huge imagines

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Summer Fling Part 9

Title: Summer Fling: The Time Dean Winchester Made Dinner

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,054

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

Summer Fling Masterlist

A/N: I can’t believe we’re on part 9 already! We’re almost halfway done the series! I would love if you could leave me some feedback. Literally anything would be amazing. Everything happens in time. Enjoy!


Your name: submit What is this?

You began to stir, your body felt relaxed and well rested for the first time all week. You felt a weight on your waist. Your eyes flew open and you soon realized just where you were. Dean’s room, you thought with a smile playing on your lips. It was Dean’s arm wrapped around your waist, and his chest pressed against your back. You stayed the night and spent it next to him. You opened up to him and here he was. Your boyfriend.

 You carefully turned in his hold, trying your hardest not to wake him in the process. You met with his sleeping form and a smile spread across your cheeks. Dean was so peaceful looking when he slept. The morning light shone perfectly, and you were able to see every freckle that peppered over his nose and cheeks. His hair was sticking up in different directions, his stubble was growing a little more. He was a handsome man and he was all yours. You wanted to drown him in kisses and show him just how much you appreciated him.

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Dean had been hit by a truth telling spell. He had been spewing his deepest darkest secrets without a care in the world. There was one thing you wanted to know, and as much as you knew it was taking advantage of the situation, you had to know what Dean Winchester thought of you.

You looked at him as he fiddled with his gun, taking it apart and putting it back together again to keep himself from talking.

“Dean?” you questioned, touching his thigh gently. “I’ve got a question.”

He looked up at you expectantly. “Shoot, princess. I’m a straight shooter today, so it’s your lucky day,” he smiled.

“What do you really think of me? Like why did you let me come with you and Sam? You have no ties to me. I’m not blood. Why me?” you sighed finally.

Dean narrowed his eyes at you before he opened his mouth.

“I love you,” he stated simply. He looked at you like it was the most obvious answer.

“What?” you breathed, staring at his dark green eyes.

“You’re awkward and weird, and I fucking love it. You exude a confidence that is sexy as hell because you don’t give two fucks about what anyone thinks about you. You like what you like whether I tease you about it or not. You stand your ground and that is a huge turn on. You don’t let me being an ass sway you from being you. And I love you and all your quirks. Shit, I love every damn thing about you,” Dean breathed out, staring into your eyes.

You stared at him, but before you could respond, Sam came through the hotel room door.

“Is it done?” you asked. “Is the witch dead?”

Sam nodded. He looked exhausted. “Yeah, about thirty minutes ago. I’m gonna hit the shower. Dean you alright?” Sam asked Dean.

Dean nodded as your eyes met his, a look of confusion spreading across your face. “I’m way good, dude.”

Sam nodded curtly and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“Thirty minutes ago?” you breathed out.

“Yeah. I felt it,” he laughed softly, looking into your eyes.

“And everything you just said,” you barely whispered.

“The absolute fucking truth. I’m tired of pretending like it isn’t, sweetheart. That truth spell made me realize that I couldn’t keep it from you anymore. I’ve loved you from the minute you ganked that vamp,” he chuckled at the memory.

“I distinctly remember you telling it to ‘suck on that’ right after you separated its head from its body,” Dean smiled. “I knew right then you weren’t like other hunters. You’re different, and I love it,” Dean swallowed. “I love you,” he reiterated.

You stared at him, desperately trying to blink away the tears. Your weird awkwardness had always kept you in the friend zone with most guys. Most weren’t able to believe that a girl like you existed, a girl who loved video games, writing, rock music, and loved any movie that was quotable, so they always kept you at an arms length.

You thought Dean had been another guy to stick you in the friend zone, never getting any other indication from him, until now.

“You don’t believe me,” he mumbled, stepping closer to you.

“It’s not that,” you started but before you could finish, Dean’s hand landed on your neck and pulled your lips to his. He pressed his lips firmly against yours as his arm snaked around your back and pressed you into him, like he wanted the two of you to become one.

You wrapped your arms around this shoulders melted and into him. His lips and roaming hands confirmed everything his mouth had just confessed.

Dean Winchester loved you and all of you. How did a girl like you get so damn lucky?

SHINee when you try to flirt with them

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ONEW: Your shy and awkward attempt to flirt with Onew would make him fall for you instantly. He’d see the same quirkiness and weirdness that he too possesses.  

“I can’t flirt either but I hope my weirdness is attractive in some way. Is that why you like me?” 

Originally posted by shinee-l

KEY: Key would chuckle and run his hand through his hair with a smirk on his face. 

“Oh babe, we really need to get you some flirting lessons don’t we? It’s just lucky that you’re gorgeous so it doesn’t matter. Let me take your number.” 

He confidently gets out his phone and adds you under ‘gorgeous lady.’

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TAEMIN: “Ahhh sorry, I’m not really good with this whole interracting with girls thing. I think you’re really pretty too… Damn, sorry. Was that too forward? Should I stop?” 

*Minho shouts at him* “Just ask her out already!” 

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MINHO: Minho would think you were adorable and love your innocence. 

“You’re so cute! Though let’s have a drink. I’m not the best at flirting when I’m sober either.” 

He’d bravely take your hand and guide you to the bar. 

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JONGHYUN: Jonghyun would completely ignore the fact that you were shy and introverted when you were trying to flirt and just notice how perfect you were. 

“Oh, don’t apologise for being nervous! I barely even noticed! Umm, would you notice if I held your hand for the rest of the night though?” 

Imagine going for a swim in a bikini to tease your neighbor, Dean Winchester, who has been doing the same all day.

Related to these: Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous when he sees a guy leave your house in the morning when your parents are gone on a trip.

Imagine changing in your room while your neighbor, Dean Winchester, is watching from his own window.

Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, implying there are more things he can to you than the boy you had over a few days ago. And going into detail.

He was torturing you. He had made it his life goal to torture you every single chance he got.

That smug smile on his lips as he lay next to his pool, an arm draped over his eyes and he was casually sunbathing gave you all sorts of mixed emotions. For example, you didn’t know if you wanted to punch or kiss that fucking smirk off his face because he knew you were watching. It didn’t help that he had the face of a freaking god but his body too? Dear, nohe was made to torture you. His abs or muscles weren’t as defined as his brothers, the way you had once noticed, but what made you go weak in Dean was his broad shoulders and arms and the softness of his skin. Amongst many many other things.

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Hypeman! - Tom Holland Imagine.

|| summary: tom holland would be such a hypeman, don’t fight me on this!

|| author’s note: requested by multiple anons - enjoy <3

• whenever and wherever you go, you love to capture all your moments and the things you see.

  • including you in front of those things/places.

• the only person who loves to capture those moments, more than you, is tom.

  • like he loves it.

• “baby, can you take a picture of me?”

  • “fuck, yes. give me that.” he’d say grabbing your phone from your extended hand.

• as soon as you’d start to pose, compliments would begin spilling out of tom’s mouth.

  • damn, baby.”
  • “who IS she?”
  • “fuck, yes!”
  • “do that hair thing that you do - ah, yes. there it is.”
  • “that’s my pretty girl.”
  • “that’s my beautiful girl.”
  • “move your head the other way. oh my god.”
  • “mhm, darling. dayum!”
  • “blow me a kiss. shit. i’m one lucky bastard.”

• tom would always call these things out in public places, so that anyone with in earshot would turn to stare at you as tom continues snapping photos.

  • and he always caught the best angles, lighting, and pose. his pictures were always instagram worthy.

• speaking of instagram, he’d hype your ass up there too.

  • whenever you’d post a selfie, tom would consistently comment on them.

• if you post a smiling selfie, or a picture where you look happy, tom would fill your comment section with numerous flirts.

  • “wow, look at how beautiful my girlfriend is😍😍”
  • “look at that smile, holy crap🤤”
  • “that’s my baby❤️❤️”
  • “can i have your number??”

• now, if you posted a sexy/scantily clad picture, tom would absolutely go crazy.

  • “woah👅👅”
  • “how did i get so lucky😩😩”
  • “selfie game is too much🔥🔥🔥🔥”
  • “missing you even more now ;)”

• these comments would always beckon more people to come to your page, and therefore more comments to spill into your posts.

  • this definitely helped boost your ego.

• whenever tom was away, and you were feeling cute, (with or w/o makeup) you’d send tom multiple selfies over message/snapchat.

  • sometimes he’d say some cute ass shit.

• those messages always made you smile.

  • “i miss seeing that smile everyday.”
  • “my girlfriend is the most beautiful woman in world.”
  • “shit, why do you even like me?”

• other times he’d say some fuckboy shit.

  • “mhm, show me more🤤”
  • “facetime me. now. i wanna see more.”
  • “yes pretty girl. fuck me.🔥”
  • “i can’t wait till i’m home…”

• no matter what, you could always count on tom to hype you up and make you feel good about yourself.

  • it was worth even more, knowing that you truly meant everything he said.

• because damn, was that boy fucking in love with you.

lemonsourwolf  asked:

so about that kitten stuck in our garage rooftop... we ended up dismanteling the damn roof, cause i couldn't bear the crying. then we discovered the lil fella had fallen down the rain water downpipe and got stuck underground in the wastepipe, so we dug a 2 metre deep hole in our garden, called the firemen who put an endoscope camera 10metres into the pipeline & were finally able to rescue the kitten. it's a tricolor baby girl named "lucky". we're bottle feeding since mama cat didn't come back.

You are a saint, this was an amazing story from start to finish. I hope you’ll keep me updated on how Lucky is doing! Maybe some pics of this grand rescue? It sounds like a very big effort for a very tiny creature! (But totally worth it)

junior prom?
  • it’s prom season
  • and peter is annoyed
  • just because ned got betty to go to prom w him, he’s been so smug and all
  • like a lil shit
  • and he keeps trying to tell peter that he should ask mj to prom but like
  • pfttt thats ridiculous
  • r i d i c u l o u s
  • mj, on the other hand has allowed herself to fall into the downward spiral of falling in love with peter parker
  • if a cliff was ‘falling in love with peter parker’,
  • she has willingly thrown herself off that cliff
  • it was fun at first, obsessing over observing peter
  • now it’s just plain frustrating
  • because the whole acadec team has grown on her
  • and they’re all forcing her to go to prom
  • esp cindy, she has a soft spot for the girl
  • but she doesn’t really want to go to prom and watch peter get all over some other girl
  • what other girl, you may ask?
  • she’s heard them whispering, peter and ned,
  • ned constantly telling peter that
  • “you’re so into her!” “dude, you’re crushing hard!’ “man, this was worse than liz!”
  • and peter always replying with
  • “no!” “i’m not in love with her! that’s ridiculous, ned! ridiculous.”
  • mj didn’t buy his stupid shit excuses for a second
  • there was a damn lucky girl out there that peter was in denial of liking
  • and michelle isn’t stupid enough to let herself even think for a second that said girl might be her
  • bc rlly??
  • so two weeks to prom right
  • and peter actually does want to go
  • and he decides to ask michelle to prom
  • he doesn’t have a crush on her or anything ok
  • he just happens to not want to go with anyone who isn’t michelle jones
  • and who does that leave him with?
  • michelle motherfucking jones.
  • it’s not his fault that he has butterflies in his stomach whenever she teases him
  • or that he gets a teeny bit turned on at times whenever she has that badass look on her face
  • you know, that look
  • or that he really wants to hug her and never let her go whenever she hears him and ned say something extremely nerdy and dorky and proceeds to crinkle her nose and laugh
  • peter is sure 99% of the human population feels the same way he does whenever they talk to michelle
  • bc she’s so perfect
  • but like in a friend way, of course
  • so one day peter is being a flake
  • and he was supposed to be at his house for a sleepover with ned and mj like a half hour ago
  • so he’s trying to unlock his door but he hears pop music blaring through his apartment
  • and when he opens the door he does a double take
  • because what the fuck
  • michelle, aunt may and ned are all hopping on the couch and jumping around
  • and karaoke-ing ??
  • ???
  • peter is sh00k
  • also holy wow, he always knew she could sing
  • but he’s only ever heard her humming or quietly singing along to songs
  • and because he’s a dweeb, he decides that this is the perfect moment to prompose
  • while ned is rapping to jay z’s part in a beyonce song
  • and aunt may is cheering him on
  • oh god this is embarassing
  • and michelle is singing beyonce’s solo
  • fuck
  • so in true peter fashion,
  • he opens the box of cupcakes he got that spell out ‘prom?’
  • drops to his knees during the chorus
  • “be my date?”
  • michelle is shoOK
  • and everything is silent
  • except for the instrumental of beyonce’s ‘upgrade u’ playing in the background
  • oh my god
  • what
  • “yes.”
  • but then
  • oh no
  • peter just saw her singing and dancing to beyonce
  • petER PARKER
  • aka boy she is hopelessly in love with
  • but maybe he’s too distracted w the thought of taking her out to prom
  • and then ned brings up the idea of taking photos with the cupcake
  • and may looks so excited
  • that she isn’t really annoyed
  • but peter tries his best to make her annoyed
  • so then the next day cindy is gushing
  • she’s like so excited!!
  • and mj is so excited too
  • she is sucked into getting ready at betty’s house w cindy
  • but they both look so happy
  • it’s not that bad
  • but then flash laughs at her in the hallway and holds up his phone
  • ‘man, you two nerds really deserve each other. this is overly cheesy, even for parker.’
  • then she realises that ned posted the photos on instagram
  • by lunch, she’s ready to crush ned’s phone with her bare hands
  • but the two dorks aren’t there
  • so she pulls out her phone
  • and her heart melts
  • there’s this one photo of the three of them
  • ned is super close to the camera, only his eyes can be seen
  • michelle is in her pjs, holding the cupcakes
  • peter is holding the side of her face with his left hand and he’s smushing they’re faces together with the stupidest smile on his face
  • michelle takes a screenshot of the photo and sets it as her homescreen
  • then peter shows up with his lunch tray and a bright red blush on his face
  • they sit in silence for a while
  • “so, am i going to see more of your alter ego, pop superstar, singing and dancing extraordinaire, michelle jones?’
  • michelle groans
  • peter is smiling happily at her
3 Things

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: fluff and smutsmutsmut
Word count: 4,312

A/N: For anon, I hope you like it 💕 I think I’m getting better at writing smut?? Maybe??

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Your yawn drowns out the faint sounds of the TV, head lolling to the side as you stare blankly at the screen. It was well past eleven thirty – well past your bedtime – and you’re struggling to keep yourself upright and alert.

Jimin texted you around ten, letting you know that his shift at the convenience store was going to drag on a bit longer than expected and that he wasn’t totally sure when he’d be headed home. He advised you not to wait up but of course, when did you ever really listen.

Both you and Jimin were full-time students, juggling dead end jobs, homework and nearly non-existent social lives. Busy was an understatement for both of your lives and as a result, you two rarely got to spend much time together. The only time you two really got was when you both settled down to sleep at night. No matter how dead tired either (or both) of you were, when you were curled up in each other’s arms at the end of a long day, you would quietly talk about the events that had happened or catch each other up on the episode of a drama the other had missed that week.

Which was why you were being so stubborn about going to bed without him; not feeling quite right about sliding under those blankets without his cold feet there to press against your calves.

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Claimed. Sam Winchester.

Request by @mistressofallthingsgeeky :Lu, could I get a Sam fic where the reader is being flirted with at the bar, and Sam gets all growly and dominant, and smut ensues? Possibly with a bite kink (bite so hard it leaves a permanent mark), maybe have her call him Sir and he calls her Baby girl?

Triggers: Smut. Possessive Sam. Biting fetish.

Word Count: 1554

Enjoy ;D

“Did you two have a fight or something?” Dean asked Sam as he took shot after shot. Sam really didn’t drink this way he was unless he was angry or they were celebrating something. They hadn’t finished the hunt as of yet so it had to have been a fight between himself and you.

“No,” Sam growled out.

Dean held his hands up. “Easy, tiger. What’s up?”

“Guy’s been flirting with her. I know she’s not interested, but…Why doesn’t she tell him to fuck off?”

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An Unexpected Surprise - Cody Christian Imagine

Request by Anon: Hey! May you do an imagine where Cody and (y/n) rarely fight but when they do it’s a hell of a mess and the current situation is that he and the (y/n) are having a fight, a really big one bc he accused her of cheating on him, bc maybe she’s coming home late and she’s always on the phone, but what really is happeningis that the reader is organizing a surprise birthday party to him, so when he finds out he’s really regretful for thinking she ever could do that to him and a happy and fluff ending? 

Warnings: Arguments, being accused of cheating, some curse words

Word Count: 4,056

Author’s Note: I couldn’t help myself with this prompt. I hope you like it. 

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by eu-nasciassim

Cody’s POV

The first sign

It’s funny how time flies by when you’re not looking at the clock, but when you do watch the clock, time seems to move slower. I drummed my fingers against the kitchen table as I slowly watched the second hand take its sweet time to move around the clock. Y/N was 29 minutes late. She’s never late and I was beginning to get worried something might have happened. If she was working late, she would have called or texted me to let me know. But tonight, she didn’t and I couldn’t help but think of the worst.

Just give her one more minute, I thought to myself as I pulled out my phone. Instead of looking at the clock on the wall, I looked at the time on the phone. Why must the last minute take the longest?

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Scott has been staring longingly at a girl across the bar for two hours and forty-nine minutes. Stiles knows. He’s been keeping track.

“This is ridiculous, man,” Stiles says, not for the first time. “You’re a catch. You’re amazing. You’re perfect. Just go talk to her. I’m sure she’ll be happy if you do.”

Scott turns to him, wide-eyed. “But what if she’s not happy? What if I’m just another creep in a bar hitting on a pretty girl? I want her to know I respect her.”

“By completely ignoring her. Solid plan, Scott.”

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No Regrets (Part 7)

So I’ve been away for a few days, spending some time with my family. Didn’t manage to update this earlier but here it is now! Hope you like it!

Need to catch up? Here’s No Regrets Masterlist

Word count: 2.8k

Warnings: Swearing. Some angst. SASSY TONY.

A/N: Ooh, the tension, guys! Also, this gif is so perfect for this part!

Originally posted by starkexpo

You needed coffee today. Normally you’re pretty cheery when you arrive at work but this morning you were snappy and your colleagues noticed. The girls have asked you to nip around the corner to the café and grab you all some liquid caffeine. You were more than happy to do it – anything to get out of the office today! You were getting tired of all the drama. In a way you knew that this will pass in time, you’d just have to stick through it. But logic was not the dominant force today. Today angst and bitterness were having a day out in the life of Y/N…

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There isn’t anything more sexy and attractive then when you see your girl take off all her makeup, put on some sweatpants, you favorite hoodie, with a messy bun and glasses. And then when you look at her all you can think and say is “damn i’m so lucky.”

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Dean smut - you guys are on a date and some random dude comes up and starts hitting on you (while Dean goes to the bathroom or something idk) and Dean sees this and tells him off (and you find that really hot). Rough smut & dirty talk please?

“Ok, hurry up.” You tell Dean as you see him with a smile watching as he walked towards the back into the bathrooms in the clothing store. Today you were both on a date just celebrating being in the company of one another again before he had to go off to tour in whatever place. You had managed to have him the whole day and some fans had asked for his autograph but it wasn’t anything that was too unbearable. You let your eyes drift away from the direction that he had walked in, walking around the store your hands skimmed over the shirts, and skirts that you had found intriguing and you wanted.  Everything in the store was beautiful to you and if you could buy up everything you would be a broke person.

“I can get that for you.” A deep voice spoke behind you. Turning around on your heels, you looked up at a male who had blonde hair and a bunch of tattoos across his body. He was hot, and maybe if you were single you would take him up on that offer. Then again you were independent so taking things from strangers were not something you indulged in.

“Ah, it’s fine I was just looking and besides I don’t think my boyfriend would be happy to see you buying me something.” You smiled holding out your arms to show off the big leather jacket of Dean’s that you were wearing over your small sundress.

“But he’s not here, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt you. Besides you look pretty lonely to me gorgeous.” The male rasped and you couldn’t help but smile sheepishly and comb your hair behind your ear. “You missed a spot.” He teased reaching his hand out to tug a free strand of hair behind your ear.

“O-oh thank you. You’re too sweet but really I’m a loyal girl.” You grabbed his hand smiling up at him and gently pushing his hand down.

“Loyal, beautiful and independent? Damn I hate that I haven’t been able to meet a girl like you. Dude must be lucky but I can take you from him, just give me once chance.” He laughed softly and you couldn’t help but laugh with him because he was persistent and you had to respect it because he wasn’t overbearing he just seemed fun to be around.

“You’re never going to get that chance, dude.” Dean came up behind you, fists clenched you looked up at him turning flustered because you couldn’t believe he was here, but of course it didn’t take a person long to pee so of course he would be back.

“H-hyuk.” You whispered his name, he took your hand from the other male’s hand with a light jerk holding his own hand inside of yours.

“I’m sorry, don’t get me wrong I know how fine she is. I know she’s beautiful and that smile is to die for. I know that body looks taught and right with her curves and I can guarantee you that if you wondered if her pussy was tight and it would be easy to slip that dress up and taste her then you’re right because I do it all the time but she’s mine and I’m not stepping off for a while.” Dean bowed his head pulling you back from the male and you bowed your head with an apologetic smile as Dean lead you towards the car. Walking outside in the parking lots towards your car wasn’t anything less than awkward. He didn’t say a mumbling word. Jaw clenched he lead you towards the car and you were worried because he was never one to be like this, you were sure nothing ever got you done and seeing this made you feel guilty because you allowed someone else to flirt with you, but it wasn’t like that at all. Once you both made it to the car you opened your mouth to say something, instead Dean turned you around and pressed his lips to yours roughly hands tangling into your hair pulling your face closer to his. He sucked on your bottom lip backing you up against the car his hands roaming over your body feeling every ounce of skin that he could get. He only broke the kiss when he felt you both needed air, opening up the back door he pushed you into the car moving to place you on your knees facing the back seat. You didn’t have to guess what he was up to from the way he slammed the door and got behind you. Burying his face in your neck he kissed along your skin, grazing his teeth against your spots to turn you on as quickly as possible. His hand slid down to your panties, pushing them to the side as his other hand quickly tried to get his dick out of the confines of his boxers. Once he was free he rubbed his tip against your opening before slamming inside of you quickly.

“Dean!” You urged quietly pushing your hips back in a needy manner.

“No baby. Say my name.” He pleaded out bracing his legs on either side of yours bunching up your dress around your hips starting to fuck you harder making the car rock. His hard shaft slipping past your tight entrance and slamming into you.

“Hyuk!” You whimpered out pushing your hips back against his and he gave you a moan of approval slapping your ass cheeks. He grazed his length against your walls rolling his hips as he pushed harder into you. The car shook becoming filled with light cries of your moans and his heavy grunts. He was creating more hickeys on your neck breathing heavily against your skin.

“Don’t leave me baby. I love you.” He groaned out as his hand rubbed your clit quickly and that made you quickly realize what this was about. Your hips jerked forward, gasping you reached your hand back to grip at his hips bouncing backwards, the windows fogged up and the risk of getting caught was heavier but it was more exciting this way.

“I love you Hyuk! I only want you I promise, only you Hyuk please make me cum!” You whimpered out in a needy state squeezing your dripping pussy around him. You could feel the juice sliding down from your parted legs and onto the seats but you wanted more and you urged it. Your hips meeting as he bit on your ear groaning he husked out sweet nothings urging you to cum. In a few more thrusts you were cumming first spilling it out onto his shaft, and he was loving every moment of it. Hands locking around your waist he slammed you backwards until he was burying his load deep inside of you. Holding you to him as he filled you up, he took a few calming breaths kissing over your sweaty skin.

“I should get you jealous more often.” You teased earning a pout and a shove from Hyuk as you both straightened up yourselves.