that girl in front of me who kept holding up her water bottle i swear to god

blue — zach dempsey

prompt: you’re at a pool party with zach and he gets drunk.

request: a pool party with drunk zach fluff?

warnings: fluff, swearing and a little bit of smut (ps im low-key waiting for someone to request a zach smut — just saying!!)

tonight bryce walker was hosting a party, specifically a pool party. things like this weren’t really your thing but you were going for your boyfriends sake, zach.

you just can’t resist his puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous face of his.

but, you told yourself that you’d be the sensible driver tonight and you wanted zach to have a good time anyways and to not worry about getting home because you’ve got it all figured out.

you both arrived at the party, people crowded the edge of the pool as some of the jocks were all jumping in and messing around.

“zach, bro. you made it.“ bryce hollered as he did his bro—hug with zach who returned it, none of you liked bryce at all but we’ll keep that between you and me for now, okay?

zach instantly ran towards the beers that were laid out on the table, he waved one in front of your face but you declined it — he did it once again but this time with puppy dog eyes and a pout on his face.

“i hate you so much.” you giggled, taking the beer from his hands and opening the can. he chuckled before wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on the top of your head since he was so much taller than you.

everyone had gotten into bryce’s hot tub and you got in with zach, you allowed the heat of the water to relax you as zach rests his arm over your shoulder.

jessica had ordered some pizza and she had left it on the table as hannah baker walked out into the pool area, we all cheered and greeted her and she smiles.

“hannah, thank god you’re here. can you please pass me that pizza box?” jessica reaches out for it as hannah collects the box and walks over towards the hot tub.

“baker’s pizza deliveries at your service.” she giggles as you begged for her to get in, everyone agreed as zach takes a swig from the bottle of beer.

“i think i’m drunk.” jessica slurs as she rests her head on justin’s shoulder, you did the same with zach and he gracefully rested his head against yours.

hannah got into the steaming hot tub as you grabbed two slices of pizza, one for you and one for zach.

“thanks baby.” he murmurs as he kisses the side of your head, a blush creeps onto your cheeks as hannah watches you both with admiration.

everyone joked around for a little while and you were one hundred percent sure that zach was completely intoxicated, he was laughing like crazy and him and justin kept going under the water and doing their own see who can hold their breath the longest competitions.

“you’re both wasted.” you giggled as zach’s eyes fluttered closed and opened them again, he smirks before reaching out for another beer that had been placed on the edge of the hot tub.

“yeah but it’s fun.” zach chuckles as he chugs the beer in a matter of seconds, all of the boys cheered as zach raises his hands up in accomplishment.

“fuck, we’ve run out of beers.” justin cursed as zach jumps up instantly, water dripping from his toned body.

“i’ll do it.” zach announces as he climbs out of the boiling hot tub, he holds out his hand for you with another puppy dog face.

“please come with me, baby.” he whines as you rolled your eyes, a prominent smile on your face as you followed after him.

he trails into bryce’s kitchen, water dripping across the carpet as zach stumbles over towards the rack of beers that he tried to hold in one hand.

“here, let me help you.” you giggled as you took some of the beers from his hands, he smirked before placing the ones he was holding down onto the counter.

“you know—“ he cut himself off as he hiccuped, you laughed as he grins. “you’re a really pretty girl and really nice too. i think we should have sex, upstairs, now.” zach slurs as you chuckled at his cuteness.

“well aren’t you just adorable, mr. dempsey?” you smiled as he picks up the beers and stumbles outside.

he hurriedly puts the rack of beers on the edge of the hot tub as he speeds back over towards you.

“yo zach! where’re you going, bro?” justin as zach giggles, he points towards you slyly as you slapped his arm playfully.

“can i tell you a secret, justy?” zach skips towards him like a child entering a candy shop as he leans down towards justin’s ear. “i’m gonna get some.” zach whispers as justin laughs.

“okay bro, don’t be too long.” justin grins as zach runs back over towards you before dragging you inside.

“you’re so drunk.” you mumbled against zach’s wet lips, he chuckles.

“yeah, but you love it.” he grins as you two had the night of your lives.

Perfect For Me

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary: Pietro and you were on your first date. You were enjoying every bit of it until a little comment ruined it.

Request: @emilybillard: Can you do #4 with Pietro or Clint

Author’s note: this one turned out to be a whole fic. (I was roaming around the house and writing it all day) this would have been up earlier if our relatives wouldn’t have visited us today. it’s mostly fluff with a little bit of gloom. You can check out the prompt list and request something. Hope you like it!

Warnings: mentions of alcohol, self-criticism and swearing.

Word Count: 1683

Originally posted by ranrightintomyheart

‘so, would you like to go out with me?’ Pietro rubbed the back of his neck and avoided your gaze.

He had finally got the nerve to ask you out on a date that day. He had developed a great liking for you the day you first joined the avengers. It wasn’t just your beautiful (y/e/c) coloured eyes, your (y/h/c) hair that covered your face perfectly or your fine lips. It was how you were from the inside. How you acted tough but were extra sweet to little kids or the people you cared for, how you laughed carelessly, how you sung your favourite songs while you liltingly moved around; it was how you made him fall for you.

‘are you making fun of me?’ you looked at him suspiciously as you kept the water bottle back on the kitchen counter.

‘no!’ he looked at you. ‘no, I like you a lot. And have been since the day I met you. You are lovely and I want to take you on a date.’ He blurted out.

‘really?’ you smiled.

‘yeah.’ He looked at you hopefully.

‘I would love to.’ You grinned.

‘great! I will pick you up at around 8.’ He kissed your cheek quickly. ‘bye sweetheart!’ he winked at you as he grinned and paced away.

You smiled as you kept a hand on your cheek. You couldn’t help but blush, you were going on a date with Pietro Maximoff and you couldn’t believe it. Wait, you couldn’t believe it.

 The surge of happiness that you had felt left you. He was so perfect while you were…. You. You weren’t the type of girl guys would line up for while Pietro, he was the ladies’ man. Why would he go for you? You were great at breaking bones, you couldn’t act girly. What if he didn’t find you good enough? A tornado of thoughts started to destruct your mind. What were you supposed to do? The thought of going on a date with him which once seemed like the sweetest dream seemed like a nightmare now.

‘it was your fault not mine, you were supposed to dodge.’ Natasha turned to Wanda with her arms crossed over her chest.

‘oh I am sorry, next time I will read a book on “how to train with a master assassin without getting killed!”’ Wanda shot back at her.

You snapped out of your thoughts and waved at them.

‘what happened now, children?’ you asked leaning against the counter.

‘she tried to kill me’ ‘she isn’t good at fighting yet’ they both spoke at the same time.

‘alright hush!’ you moved towards them. ‘I need your help. Both of you.’ You fiddled with your fingers.

‘what?’ Natasha looked at you concerned.

‘it’s nothing serious…’ you started to explain.

‘he finally asked you out!’ Wanda squealed. ‘god, that idiot won’t shut up about you!’ she moved her hands in the air in exaggeration.

‘what did I tell you about reading my mind?’ you glared at her and she mumbled a sorry.

‘what? Who asked you out? When are you going on a date? Tell me everything!’ Natasha gripped your arms.

‘patience!’ you shrugged off her hands.

 ‘Pietro asked me out, we’ll be going out at 8.’ You explained. ‘I need you guys’ help in getting ready ‘cause we all know I am no good with the dressing up girly stuff.’ You looked at them.

‘we’ve got you covered.’ Natasha grinned. ‘I’m going to make you look so good, he won’t be able to keep his hands of you.’

‘yeah,’ Wanda grinned at you. ‘and if you talk about anything sexual about my brother, I won’t be standing here for long.’ Wanda turned to Natasha.

You were looking for a wine coloured dress you had bought recently when you heard a knock.

‘come in!’ you shouted.

  Natasha and Wanda entered the room holding a couple of boxes.

 ‘what you looking for?’ Wanda questioned as she kept the boxes aside.

‘a dress…. found it!’ you took out beautiful lacy dress and showed it to them. ‘I bought it a few days ago.’

  ‘it’s beautiful.’ Wanda examined it.

  ‘yeah, now come here.’ Natasha patted the seat in front of your mirror. ‘Wanda you do the hair, I’ll do the makeup.’ She grabbed her makeup box. Wanda nodded and they both started primping you up.

‘don’t you dare doll me up. If I look plastic, I won’t ever trust you guys again.’ you crossed your arms over your chest.

‘don’t worry and shut up.’ Natasha said as she dabbed on some foundation over your face.

You were pleasantly surprised to see yourself in the mirror. They both had done a great job. You had a natural makeup look with a bold marron lip colour and your hair were in soft curls.

‘you like it?’ Wanda kept the curling iron aside.

‘I love it!’ you got up to put on your dress. You took a final glance in the mirror of your complete look.

‘I love you guys!’ you pulled them in a group hug. ‘thank you.’ You said as you pulled back.

‘no need.’ Natasha smiled.

You heard a knock at your door and opened it.

‘good evening (y/n)- whoa!’ Pietro’s eyes grew wide in disbelief. ‘I got you these.’ He handed you a bouquet of roses. ‘I thought you would be dressing as usual but- whoa!’ he couldn’t take his eyes off you.

‘thanks for the flowers.’ You ran your fingers delicately over the petals. ‘let me keep them in my room and then we can leave.’ he watched as you walked to the end of the room.

‘stop staring at her butt, you have a whole night to yourselves.’ Wanda teased him. A blush crept to both your and Pietro’s face.

‘let’s go.’ You stood before him. He smiled and held your hand.

‘take good care of her! I know where you sleep!’ you heard Natasha yell. You giggled while pietro muttered something under his breath.

‘so, where are we going?’ you asked as you both exited the facility.

‘I saw this restaurant when I was coming back from a run in the morning. It’s very peaceful and lavish. I think you will like it.’ He smiled at you.

‘and how are we going there?’ you asked.

‘stark let me borrow one of his cars the moment I said I wanted to take you on a date.’ He wrapped a arm around your shoulder.

The car stopped as you reached the restaurant and Pietro opened the gate for you. He was right when he said you would like it there, more so you loved it. The place was quiet and dimly light. You sat down near a window.

‘I love this place, it’s so exotic.’ You said.

‘I am relieved you like it. I was shaking from nervousness back there.’ He widened his eyes and you chuckled.

‘thanks and we will split the bill’ you pointed at him

‘you’re the man.’ He raised his arms defensively.

You both spent the time laughing and chatting. You were having a great time until you overheard the conversations of two girls who were sitting beside you.

‘god he is gorgeous, his blue eyes and blonde hair are going to be the death of me’ one of them breathed.

‘yeah, too bad he’s on a date.’ The other one said.

‘what did he see in her?’ the first one said.

‘either he’s blind or she’s hella rich’ they both busted in laughter.

You set your glass of wine aside. You had lost all your appetite. Your mind was in a chaos again, all your makeup seemed like a mask stuck on your face while your dress seemed like an uncomfortable piece of cloth. Pietro had heard it all but didn’t give any attention to it until he saw how uncomfortable you had started to feel.

  ‘or maybe he doesn’t judge people like an asshole and like girls with real beauty.’ He turned to them and they were left dumbfounded.

‘come on (y/n).’ he grabbed your hand and walked towards the exit after paying the bill.

You didn’t say anything, it was what you did when you started to fall apart, you didn’t speak a word. He stopped and looked at you once you were away from the place.

‘I am sorry for what happened back there. I don’t know why people have to be such assholes.’ he said in an irritated tone. ‘please say something.’ He held your hands.

‘you don’t have to apologize for anything.’ You gave him a forced smile. ‘why do you like me Piet? You can get any girl you want. You are amazing and I,’ you looked in his eyes. ‘I am just me.’ You looked away.

‘you say that like it’s a bad thing.’ He cupped your cheek. hearing those word from you made his heartache.

 ‘if I have to tell you what I love about you then even this whole night won’t be enough.’ He slid his hands to your waist and pulled you closer. ‘you my dear, are beautiful. Not just from the outside but from the inside. You are brave, kind, strong, caring, cheerful, brilliant.’ He emphasized each word and a faint smile settled on your lips. ‘hot.’ He wiggled his brows and you chuckled.

‘you are all together are a beautiful artwork. Every one won’t get you and they don’t need to.’ He cupped your face. ‘fireflies are always jealous of the stars.’ The way these words slipped from his lips, in his accent, with his feelings; you melted. You hugged him tightly.

‘you are the best guy I have ever met.’ You said looking up to him. ‘you deserve something.’ You smiled and got on your tip toes. You kissed him sweetly. It was warm and soft. It wasn’t like he had never kissed someone before, he had and a lot. But your lips felt like rose petals, your touch ignited something in him he had not felt before.

‘aww, that’s it?’ he pouted.

‘yeah.’ You chuckled. ‘but only for now.’ You winked and his stomach flipped.

‘that’s my girl.’ He smiled. ‘let’s get back home.’ He wrapped an arm around your waist.

My Soulmate 7

Title: My Soulmate 7

Words: 1824

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Summary: Reader hasen’t found her soulmate yet. Things change when she meets Sam and Dean’s friend and angel Castiel. But what happens when you found your soulmate, but you’re not their soulmate?

Warnings: cursing and torture

Previous parts:

A/N: I’m sorry you had to wait such a long time for a new part. I hope you’ll like this one!

“Cas…” you mumbled, still half-asleep. “Cas my head hurts.”

You turned to the other side, expecting to find an angel by your side. You had a terrible hangover and there was nothing you’d love more, but him healing you.

To your surprise, you found the other side of your bed cold and empty and Castiel was nowhere to be seen. You groaned, covering your eyes with your hand. You shouldn’t drink so much alcohol last night and even though the night ended in a best possible way, you regretted every glass of champagne you had.

You forced yourself to get out of the bed, hoping that some painkillers and a big glass of water can make everything better. You even dared to hope that Castiel is still in the bunker and that he’ll be willing to help you.

As usual, luck wasn’t on your side and all you found in the kitchen were your brothers. Dean was calmly eating his breakfast, mumbling ‘good morning’ when you entered. Sam was a totally different story.

“Tough night?” he asked loudly with a big smile plastered on his face.

“Could you be a little quieter?” you whined, running a hand down your face. “Where do we keep painkillers? Or Cas?”

“Painkillers are right in front of you. And I think that we’ll keep Cas in your room from now on, won’t we?” Sam teased.

You rolled your eyes in response, feeling a blush creep up your cheeks. You bit your lower lip, unsuccessfully trying to hold back a smile that formed on your lips every time you thought of Castiel.

“Shut up.” you grumbled, sounding like a teenage girl who just got her first kiss.

After taking a few magical painkillers and swallowed huge amount of water, it was time for a coffee and breakfast. Sam and Dean left you alone. Usually you liked greasy food Dean ate more than healthy things Sam did. But with a headache and feeling like you’ll puke if you see anything greasy, a plate of fruit covered in Greek yogurt and honey felt like heaven.

“Where is Cas anyways?” you asked, trying to sound casual.

This time Dean was the one rolling his eyes “He had to check something for a case.” he barked at you.

“What’s your problem, Dean?” you asked, confused by his tone.

“I don’t know… Maybe I didn’t expect my little sister to bang my best friend first chance she gets?”

Your eyes widened and once again you felt yourself blushing. “We didn’t… Dean we didn’t bang. Nothing happened. We… we only kissed.” you admitted, looking down at your hands.

Dean smirked at you, shaking his head “Well, if there was someone else instead of Cas, you would. You can’t just get drunk and jump on the first guy you see.”

“Are you trying to act like my dad?” you asked, raising your voice. “Because if you are, I’m sorry, but you’re not dad. He died to save you, remember?”

Without saying another word you storm out. Quickly you changed out of your pyjamas and left the bunker.

Autumn mornings in Kansas were cold, but this morning seemed colder than others. You wrapped yourself in cardigan, mentally cursing yourself for not bringing your jacket and slowed down. You liked walking alone losing in your mind. It gave you time to think things through.

It’s not a secret that only thing on your mind this morning was Castiel. You played last night in your head over and over again, probably a million times. Even with horrible hangover you still felt his lips on yours and, oh god, you wished this wasn’t your last kiss.

It all happened so quickly. When you first find out about Castiel being your soulmate, you hated him. You were sad, really sad and devastated. But most of all, you were angry. Angry at him because you weren’t his soulmate and angry at yourself for letting it destroy you.

But even with those negative feelings, bottled up inside you, you fell for Cas. It was slow and you didn’t think that loving him is possible until he was the reason you wanted to get up and keep going after a bad day. His kindness towards you melted your heart. His voice used to be annoying, but quickly you learnt to love it.

There were many things that you liked about him without even realizing. Mornings seemed dull and weird without the morning routine you two crated. Time passed by slower when he wasn’t around.

You kept convincing yourself that this isn’t true, that you’re imagining it. Slowly, but surely, Castiel burnt down the walls you built around yourself after losing your father. For the first time in forever you let a stranger come close, closer than you’d like.

“Look, look. I never expected to see little Winchester walk around without protection,” a cold, sleazy male voice broke your thoughts. “I guess I won jackpot today.”

You turned around, chills creeping up your spine. Your instinct didn’t let you down and when you turned to face the male, black eyes met yours.

“W-what do you want?” you asked, trying to sound brave, but failing miserably.

“What do I want?” the demon questioned, grin plastered on his face. “Right now, that’d be you missy. Actually I want your brothers and what’s the better way to bring them to me, than you?”

Castiel walked into the bunker, smile resting on his face. Ever since he left you sleep in, he couldn’t wait to come back to you.

If it wasn’t for the night he spent with you in his arms, he’d surely think that he imagined the kiss.

“Hey!” Castiel greeted Sam and Dean. He searched for you in the room, his smile falling slightly when he couldn’t find you.

“Hi!” Sam replied, but Dean ignored him.

Castiel cleared his throat. “Where is Y/N?” he asked, hoping not to sound desperate.

Sam smiled and he could swear that Dean did too. Both brothers had told him that they’d have nothing against him being with you, but Dean warned him not to hurt you. Not that Cas wanted that anyways.

Castiel liked you from the very start and the way you acted towards him at first, hurt him. But even then he couldn’t help but think how beautiful and pure you were.

“She, ugh…” Sam cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortably.

“She what?” Castiel questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

Both brothers avoided looking at him and Castiel sensed tension in the room.

“What have you done?” he asked, getting angrier when he met Dean’s gaze.

“We had a small fight and she stormed off. Don’t worry though, it’s probably just PMS.”

Sam chuckled at Dean’s answer, but it wasn’t funny to Castiel. He felt his rage rise and it took all his power not to snap back at Dean.

“You’re lucky I wasn’t here, Dean.” Castiel threatened. “Where did she go?”

“I don’t know, Cas. She went on a walk, but I don’t know where she is.” Sam replied, scared for his brother’s safety.

It was crazy how overprotective Cas became when it came to you. Sam wasn’t used to it, but he could understand Castiel. He was just overprotective over Jess, if not more. But sadly it didn’t quite help him when demon decided to get rid of her.

“I’ll go look for her,” Castiel announced, turning just as he heard your prayers.

It was a whisper, barely heard, but he knew it was you and that you need help.

“Y/N…” he whispered. “She’s in trouble.”

“Hello fellas!” Gabriel’s voice interrupted his thoughts and shut down your prayers. “Did somebody die or what?” Gabriel chuckled, holding Tublerone in his hand.

“Y/N’s in trouble.” Castiel said seriously. “She needs our help.”

You woke up in a bright room, headache killing you even more than before.

You blinked quickly a few times, trying to adjust to the light, only to be interrupted by creepy voice.

“Look, look who woke up.” male voice said, laughing like he said something funny. “I thought that all Winchesters are tough, but it looks like you’re a black sheep of family.”

A man walked from behind, blade in his hands. “Are you going to say anything or are you going to keep quiet all the time.”

“I ain’t gonna tell you anything, you prick.” you stuttered, looking straight into his eyes.

“Really? I’m sure I’ll be able to talk you out of your decision.”

He walked to you, leaning blade on your cheek. “It’d be a shame to ruin that pretty face of yours, right?” he questioned with a wicked smile on his face. “No, actually it wouldn’t be. I don’t think I could ruin much.”

He walked away from you, playing with a knife. “I saw you and that angel yesterday…”

You felt your muscles tense when he mentioned Cas. Quickly you sent a prayer, hoping he’d hear you and come to save you.

“I’m not sure what he sees about you. He’s an angel and you are… some pointless human. You don’t have anything special, anything worth the effort.” Demon continued, and you felt your confidence fall.

“But you do know some interesting things. So what do you say we start with questions?”

“You’re not getting anything from me.” you all-but-yelled.

“Is that so?” Demon walked to you, leaning knife on your chest. He ripped your shirt with one movement, cutting your skin with it as well.

You screamed in pain, biting your lip when tears blurred your vision. It hurt, it hurt you so much, but demon only laughed, not caring about your pain.

His soul was dark and there was nothing good left in it.

“Are you sure?” he laughed, wiping his blade on your, now torn shirt.

Stubbornly, you nodded, sending another prayer to Castiel. He couldn’t let you down, not now.

Once again, demon ran a blade down your skin, creating a deep scar on your tights. You screamed once again, sobbing at the pain you felt. Tears streamed down your face, creating wet stain on the collar of your shirt.

“Cas, please.” you cried, now praying out loud.

“He’s not coming sweetheart. You better give up and tell me now, I’ll kill you quickly and painlessly. It’s not like anyone would miss you. They don’t love you, you know. For years you were just someone who made your brothers lives harder. And the angel… you’re just a fun for him. Nothing more”

You sobbed harder, when suddenly door burst open. Your head snapped up and you were sure that you’re dreaming.

“What have you gotten yourself into, Y/N?” Castiel mumbled. In a second he was next to demon, his hand on a demon.

“You better close your eyes, sweetheart!” you heard Gabriel yell.

That was the last thing you heard before you passed out from pain.

Maybe all of this has been just a hallucination. Maybe now you’re saved.

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Time For A Good-Bye

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,759
Requested: No
A/N: I promise I’m working on requests. I’ve just been dealing with some personal stuff. 

I could tell something was different with Spencer, since he came home from this latest case he’s been distant and cold; nothing like himself. Instead of the sweet morning kisses I got mumbled ‘good mornings’ if he chose to speak to me at all, instead of a goodbye before he left for work there was nothing, not a word; and I was starting to think I’d done something to change his mood so drastically.

Standing in the doorway to the kitchen I could see a glimpse at the old Spencer, the guy that would wake up and attempt to make breakfast without burning the apartment down, the guy that would call at two in the morning when he was across the country because he wanted to make sure I was doing ok, the guy I fell in love with. I stood there and watched him make his coffee, knowing that when he saw me he’d distance himself again. 

“Good morning Spence.” I said, trying to sound like I wasn’t too upset. I tried to hold back my tears and remarks when he didn’t say anything and walked passed me and out the door. I guess that was it for me, it was obvious that he’s lost interest, that he’d stopped caring; so it’s likely time for our relationship to end. 

Walking to our…. his room and passing the framed pictures on the walls was like looking at different couple. The people in the pictures were clearly in love and didn’t ever see an end to the happiness. But now that I’m standing in the middle of the room, a full suitcase sitting on the bed and contemplating wither or not I should take the photo album he’d given me for my birthday; deciding against it I zipped up my suitcase and with one final look around the apartment I left. Maybe he’d have a chance to be happy again, meet someone who could make him happy for longer than a couple years. Spencer deserved to be happy, he sees too much evil in the world he deserves to have someone to make him happy. 

—Spencer’s pov—

Staring at the paperwork in front of me I couldn’t seem to concentrate. All that was running through my mind was Y/N, and how brokenhearted she looked lately. I knew it was my fault, I was the one making her feel that way; but I wanted to protect her and after what happened with Kate and her niece the only way I knew to protect her was to push her away. 

The sound of Penelope’s shoes coming towards my desk made me look up from the file, only to see a highly pissed off Penelope Garcia. “Do you care to explain why my best friend just called me and asked if I had a place she could stay?” When she asked me, with that I froze, it finally happened, Y/N was gone and it was all my fault. I knew I had to lie about why I did it; I couldn’t put Y/N in danger even if it wasn’t immediate. 

“It’s nothing Garcia, it’s nothing you need to worry about.” I lied looking back at the file on my desk. 

“Well you better figure out a way to make it right.” with that she walked away and I walked out. Maybe I’ve made a mistake; no, I was doing this to protect her. 

Walking into the apartment it felt strangely empty. When I looked around I could see why; half of the stuff was gone, most of Y/N’s stuff was gone. Her favorite book was no longer on the shelf, her half of the closet was empty, her toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner were gone. Like she’s never been here; the only thing that showed she was part of my life was the pictures on the wall, the photo album sitting on the bed, and a letter sitting on her nightstand. Grabbing the letter I realized this was the last form of communication I’d have from her. 

Dear, Spencer
I don’t know what exactly happened between us, but I know that this Spencer isn’t the one I fell in love with. You haven’t been the same in a while and I guess I was finally pushed too far away. I love you Spencer, I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you but I hope you can find someone your'e able to be truely happy with. I love you Spencer but we both know it’s time to say good-bye.

After reading and rereading her letter I realized that pushing her away wasn’t how I could’ve protected her. 

—y/n’s pov—

It’s been four months since that day, four months since I walked out of that apartment, four months of trying to get over a certain genius, four months since I’ve last talked to him, and oddly enough I’ve finally gotten over it. 

“Are you ready Y/N?” Penelope asked finishing the last touches of her make-up. After a particularly hellish week Penelope and I were rewording ourselves with a well deserved girls night out. 

“Hell yeah. We deserve this, no cases, no papers to grade, no boyfriends, just us, some dancing and a lot of alcohol.” I exclaimed putting on my heels before grabbing my purse. It felt good to go out, and after many recent failed attempts at putting myself back out there I have a feeling that this night was going to go my way. “Now lets go Ms. Garcia." 

The bass was pounding through the club, the alcohol was giving me an extra confidence boost, and I don’t think anything could bring me down. This night was perfect and I intended to take advantage of it. 

"I’m gonna go get another drink.” I yelled to Penelope holding up my empty glass. Standing at the bar, waiting for the bartender to get my drink I took the chance to survey the people in the club. It held the regular inhabitants, but in the back corner of the place sat a guy nursing a bottle of water; the longer I looked the more familiar he became. First I started recognizing the small things; like his watch and his mismatched socks, then the jacket he was wearing and then the line of his jaw. I would recognize him anywhere; Dr. Spencer Reid. And as if he could feel my gaze on him, he turned catching my eye for a second before I turned away.  

Grabbing my drink as soon as it was set in front of me, I run back to were I had left Garcia. “Penelope, did you – were you –” taking a breath of the some and sweat surrounding me I regained my ability to talk. “Did you know that Spencer would be here tonight?” By the shocked look she sent my way it was obvious that she had no idea that he was here. 

“I had no idea Y/N, I swear." 

"Well, can we go? There’s this other bar that seems great.” I pleaded, looking back to the corner were I had seen him. OK, maybe I’d lied to myself, maybe I wasn’t completely over him; but when you lose the person you think is 'the one’ it’s hard to get over that. 

“Sure, we can go check it out." 

We started walking to the door, when a hand grabbed my bicep stopping me from walking further away. I turned to face the last person I wanted to see tonight or any other time in the near future. I tried to pull my arm away but he quickly let go looking crestfallen when he did. 

"Hi.” it was a weak attempt to start a conversation, but it was coming from Spencer so unless it allowed him to ramble off facts and statistics it wasn’t going to be much. 

“Four months and all I get is a hi?” I was being hash but I guess I was getting all my pent up anger, and hurt. But in the middle of a bar wasn’t the place to do it; so I grabbed his wrist, told Penelope to wait for me to come back, and I walked out of the packed place to a less crowded sidewalk  so I could hear what we were saying. 

“Hi.” Again, he was starting with a hi. 

“Hi Spencer, what are you doing here?” I asked, there was no reason to beat around the bush. 

“Morgan took me out because I’ve been sulking." 

He’s the one whose been sulking? That’s just hilarious, he probably wasn’t the one who thought they’d done something to lose the one they thought loved them unconditionally, he wasn’t the one who had to hide how he was breaking down so family, friends, and coworkers wouldn’t suspect anything. 

"Why were you sulking Spencer? I didn’t push you away, I didn’t make you feel like I didn’t love you, I tried to fix our relationship while you sat back and watched.” I was close to crying in the middle of the sidewalk, and I refused to let him comfort me if I did. “You kept changing, and soon you weren’t the same guy I’d fallen in love with." 

"I was trying to protect you.” He had whispered it, but he could’ve shouted it and I still would’ve frozen on the spot. 

“Protect me? That’s the most bull shit excuse I’ve ever heard Spencer. I heard about what happened with Kate and I didn’t need you to protect me, I needed you to come home and tell me that you loved me, that you were gonna be there when things got scary. But I didn’t get that; I barely got a word from you when you got back god forbid an 'I love you’.” I couldn’t say anymore, I couldn’t yell and cry over him anymore. 

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry. I realized I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have pushed you away.” His voice cracked and his eyes looked like they would spill tears any second. “I love you, I’ll always love you. And maybe it’s too late to try and get you back but I’ve got to try right.”

He was right, it was too late to get back together. While I did still love him I couldn’t risk going through that again. 

“You’re right Spencer it is too late. I don’t want to risk going through that again. I love you Spencer and I hope that you can find someone who makes you happy.” I smiled softly at him and walked back inside the bar.

What Am I Thinking?

Author’s Note: As requested by the lovely anon, part 2 of If You Only Knew.

Word Count: 1053

- Is there any information available about the Starks? – Natasha was expecting for that. Well, not exactly that way, but she was.

 - Is there a reason why you would want to know about the Starks, Wanda? – The redhead stared the brunette suspiciously.

 - It’s nothing bad, I swear. – She assured quickly, her eyes seemed sincere. – It’s just… I can’t read her mind. – The redhead frowned and the girl added quickly. – (Y/N)’s mind, I can’t read it. I sense a lot of pain coming from her, but I don’t know where it comes from. – Natasha thought for a second.

 - This has by any means something to do with your brother? – Wanda’s eyes widened.

 - Yes… He is curious, about what you said to him the other day. But is also something I was curious about. I know Pietro is short tempered but I can’t lie and say that I do not share his thoughts. We can’t deny what we saw the day our parents died. -  A bomb with Stark Industries logo on it. Yeah, everybody knew by now where came the twin’s hatred for the Starks. – But, after we came to the tower and I had the chance to see them, and live with them… I’m not sure about anything. (Y/N) seems like someone who doesn’t enjoy fights and even Anthony, he doesn’t seem like someone who would send a bomb to a civilian’s house. At least not when there’s no confront around. – Natasha pondered for a moment.

 - We have some files you could like to read.

 (Y/N) was in the training room punching and kicking the punching bag. She needed something to distract her of all the anger she was feeling. Years and years of ignoring the glares and comments about her life and the time of holding back were finally over. From now on if people wanted to talk about her and her family, fine, they could do it, but she weren’t going to stay quiet anymore.

 - I’m starting to think that you’re training to beat someone up. – And he had a good idea who she wanted to beat up. (Y/N) stopped to look at him.

 - Just trying to get in form, Cap. – Just like Tony, making jokes about everything. Steve shook his head giving in. He was about to say something when the twin’s entered the room, dressed in training clothes, and suddenly, the atmosphere in the room changed. Pietro and (Y/N) exchanged a not so friendly look before the girl unwrap her hands.

 - I think I’m done for today. – Steve couldn’t blame (Y/N) or the rest of the people training for their behavior when it’s was quite strange for him to see the twin’s around when not so long ago they were the enemy. They approached him quietly and he decided that was better to talk first.

 - Ok, Pietro you go with me and Wanda, - he looked around the room – I’m going to find someone to…

 - Actually, I was looking for (Y/N) to train with me. – By the look in her brother’s face, Steve wasn’t the only surprised by Wanda’s request. (Y/N) stopped mid action, her water bottle still on her lips when she turned to look at them. She looked at Wanda, then at Steve. Damm, he had to do something to stop the fire that could ignite in front of him any second from now.

 - Actually, (Y/N) was just…

 - No. – She interrupted him without moving from her spot. – It’s okay. I could use some more training. – The smile in Wanda’s face grew wider. And so did the death glare that Pietro was giving to (Y/N). – I just have to get some water and catch my breath a little. I will be back in a minute, five minutes top. (Y/N) looked at Wanda who gave her a nod, still smiling, she skipped looking at Pietro because she already knew he was death glaring her, he never looked at her without hatred in his sparkling blue eyes, and then looked at Steve, giving him a nod, letting him know that everything was alright. Then she turned to leave the room.

 Boy, it was going to be a long day.

 Tony kept captive. Ho Yinsen’s death. Shrapnel shell shardsin his chest. Arc reactor. Gulmira. Obadiah Stane. Ten Rings. Iron Man.

 That was a lot of information.

 - What are you doing? – Wanda’s voice startled him and he turned to look at her, a confused look on his face.

 - What does all of this mean?

 - This is none of your business, Pietro. – She tried to catch the papers from him, but he was way faster than her, in the blink of an eye he was on the other side of the table.

 - You’re hiding things from me now? – Her brother’s voice was filled with what she recognized as disbelief. She let out a heavy breath.

 - I can’t read her mind so I thought about other ways to know what is passing trough her mind. – Pietro knew who her sister was talking about, the Stark girl, whom she was growing closer day by day. He didn’t like that. Had she forgotten that (Y/N)’s father was responsible for theirs parent’s deaths? That they were responsible for them had become orphans? For them had applied to become HIDRA’s experiments?

 - And you weren’t supposed to let anyone read that. – The twins turned to see Natasha entering the room, arms crossed in front her chest.

 - Sorry. – Was everything Wanda could say. The widow started to pile the files when Pietro interrupted her.

 - Can I stay with this… For a while? – He asked looking straight in her eyes. God, what am I thinking, he thought for himself.

 - To what? Have more information to hurt (Y/N)? No, definitely no.

 - Please? – Something new appeared in his eyes and Natasha could name exactly what it was. Guilty.

 - You’ve already read it. – He didn’t say anything as she let him go with the files, Wanda following him short after.

 It was working. Natasha’s plan was starting to work. Wanda had already given in and was starting to get closer to (Y/N) and even Tony, now she had only Pietro to bend. And it had already started.