that gif person

a smol unproblematic bean who deserves nothing but love and happiness.

so… somehow, i managed to hit 2k+ followers on here, which is nuts, so i figured in honor of that i’d do my first follow forever/mutual appreciation post???? uhhh…   i’m not very good with words but thank you all for being so awesome and i just need you all to know that i love you very much!!!

thank you to everyone who has followed me despite this blog being seriously ridiculous! y’all all the real mvps!! ♡ ♡

(disclaimer: if i’ve forgotten you, i’m so very sorry! i truly didn’t mean to!! pls let me know and i’ll add you immediately. ♡

also, i’m really sorry if this messes up anyone’s notifs!!!)

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  ↳ For @shanebergaras​ + Inspired by their playlist

Where worlds collide / Blood divides / When darkness falls / F a t e  c a l l s