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I always wondered, Stan punched three bald eagles and insults them in "The Stanchurian Candidate" and bald eagles are the national symbol of USA, so many people from USA could get offended for that scene and even the townsfolk of Gravity Falls and I wonder, how Disney XD let this air?

I don’t know. Disney let A LOT slide when it came to Gravity Falls and I’m so glad they did. I don’t think it was such a huge deal. It was a funny scene and I laughed at it. Hopefully, Disney will continue this trend of being a little more lax on their censors and I look forward to seeing what turns up from it

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hey, for a funny ron and april scene to redraw as logan and laura - that scene in s1 i think where ron has a hernia or stg and he says "i was born ready. i'm ron F*CKING swanson" and then april pushes him down the hall in his desk chair. cute marshmallow art btw! 10/10 logan would def cry at that lol

AW MAN I LOVE THIS!! i just rewatched the whole scene and it would fit so much, especially with logan ignoring one of his injuries or somethING

and thank you!!! i think laura could do anything and logan would find it cute and cry.


The next TV and BluRay/DVD comparisons for Yuri on Ice’s episode 6 will be coming soon, but for now, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that they fixed the background and Phichit’s eye in the BD/DVD version? (first screenshot) I always thought the red background (identical to the carpet in the TV version) felt random in the photo considering that they were in the restaurant at the time and I’m glad that the animators noticed this too.

It also appears that Yuuri was actually looking at the picture on Phichit’s phone, and not his own (as suggested by the color of the case).