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Eat One, Give One.

On my blog ( I posted about a new event taking place throughout this summer at Old Town Clovis Farmers Market called NOSH.  NOSH helps Fresno residents donate fresh food to those in need.

For this event you buy any amount of fruit from a vendor.  You then pay for a matching amount and give it to the vendor.  The vendor will then place your donation in a box.  At the end of the night, donations will be collected and given to local pantries the following morning. 

I understand that it is difficult for some to participate in this event.  So, I’m letting people “like” That Fresno Blog on Facebook and for every new fan, I will donate a dollar to NOSH. 

If you’d like, spread the word! 

Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf

Launching That Fresno Blog!

After over thinking just about everything, I finally have my blog up and running!  I currently have five posts.

THE NAME:  My boyfriend, Ben, came up with the name “That Fresno Blog”.  It seems direct with a couple of keywords, easy to remember and I realized maybe it wasn’t important to have puns in the name. 

THE FOCUS: The blog is about the people, businesses and events of Fresno County.  Basically, I would love to know people’s background in Fresno County, their opinions either good or bad, and what they are about! 

I plan on posting at least four times a week, but I need your help!  Here are the categories of my blog…

Weekly Features of That Fresno Blog:

1. ART

                        a. Artists (painters, drawers, etc.)

                        b. Musicians

                        c. Photographers

            2. BLOGGERS/WRITERS

                        a. Any blogger/writer from Fresno

                        b. Any blogger/writer actively writing about Fresno

           3. BUSINESSES

                        a. Locally owned

                        b. Small enough where I can contact the owner

           4. PEOPLE

                        a. Inspiring

                        b. Interesting, but not dangerous or questionable, please

                        c. New to Fresno

                        d. Families that have been in Fresno for generations

                        e. Quirky hobbies

                        f. Head of organizations/clubs/projects

            5. EVENTS

Please let me know if you can think of anyone who wouldn’t mind to be interviewed for my very amateur blog.  I’m willing to interview people through email or in person (perhaps with my gigantic 6'6" boyfriend by my side).  You can message me on facebook, comment, or email me at 

WARNING: The blog looks a little sloppy now.  I have no idea how to create a logo, add social media links and all that fancy stuff.  If you can help, let me know.  Also, please be honest about what you think.  Is the blog lame?  Are the posts too long?  Should I take another damn English class because my writing sucks? 

LINK:  Look up That Fresno Blog on Facebook, twitter, tumblr and flickr! 

If you’d like, spread the word!