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Interview: Bart Starr (of Graduating Life, Mom Jeans)

“I think taking the music shit too serious and acting like I’m a sensitive artist makes no one have a good time, so I try to act like a dang goof ball.”

Let’s start with how Graduating Life came to be. I know you’ve been in the Fresno DIY scene for a while now but Grad Life is just starting to break the surface, becoming almost like a household name in the emo community around the country. Where did you guys start and how has it changed to where you are now?

BART: I’ve known our drummer Logan since high school and I’ve always done projects with him but I was never fronting the band. Once my other band, Meet Me in Montauk, started to do less, I got Logan to record the first EP with me. I didn’t plan on doing anything with Grad Life until after I recorded the second EP.

I stumbled upon Freakin’ Weekin last October after someone had shared it online, and that was one of my favorite records for quite a while, and still is. With it only being 9 months between the release of Freakin’ Weekin and An Introduction To Rock And Roll, how did you guys grow as a band and really decide that this project was something you really wanted to push?

B: I wanted to make an album with my friends because I didn’t know if this was going to be my last effort in music or not. So until this album, Grad Life had been just Logan and I. On the album, I wrote the skeletons of the songs, but my friends in Just Friends, Save Face, Mom Jeans, and also Ryan helped me add all the cool shit on it.

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Eat One, Give One.

On my blog ( I posted about a new event taking place throughout this summer at Old Town Clovis Farmers Market called NOSH.  NOSH helps Fresno residents donate fresh food to those in need.

For this event you buy any amount of fruit from a vendor.  You then pay for a matching amount and give it to the vendor.  The vendor will then place your donation in a box.  At the end of the night, donations will be collected and given to local pantries the following morning. 

I understand that it is difficult for some to participate in this event.  So, I’m letting people “like” That Fresno Blog on Facebook and for every new fan, I will donate a dollar to NOSH. 

If you’d like, spread the word! 

Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf