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Whatever else happens in my life, I made a squirrel friend today. Literally came up to me twice and sniffed my hand. I think I’m officially a Disney princess now 👑

S2E4 Pidge + Keith + Dragonfly stick bug


170223 Aladin Fansign

Maknae lines self portraits of Jimin.

1. Jimin
2. Jungkook
3. Taehyung


Casually stating few facts

1. It’s been like 5 minutes into the Vlive when Kookie managed to mention Jimin
2. Like… he just started and it was already about Jimin
3. Jungkook is a sweetness in human form, the way he interacted with fans and the surprise and excitement over how many people are watching… oh my ♥
4. Jimin pretends he hears music when it’s probably impossible, I mean, through two closed doors and walls and…?
5. More likely Jimin was just stalking Jungkook’s Vlive
6. (That’s what boyfriends do anyway.)
7. Did you notice how Jungkook jumps every time he hears something from outside of the room? He literally waits for Jimin to come
8. Finally his wish comes true
9. JiKook gets into this feud about loud music
10. In other words Jungkook tries to have Jimin by him without making it obvious
11. Jimin half-heartedly plays along
12. Jungkook loves Lie. I love Lie too - coincidence? I think not. Anyway
13. Jimin is embarrassed and finally decides it’s the right time to storm in
14. With Tae as his wingman
15. Jungkook stares at Jimin’s chest. I feel you, Kookie
16. Jimin is so pretty
18. Jungkook is frozen, astonished by Jimin’s beauty
19. Jimin looks at him
20. Jimin tilts his head and he leans closer
21. Jungkook finally looks at Jimin
22. Jimin leans even closer
23. They share a look full of obvious but unstated emotions
24. Tae needs to step in and cut them off since they probably will kiss
25. They snap out of their inner world, we can really see the shift in Jungkook’s amazed/attracted face when he looks at Tae like, whoa, I forgot where we are, lol
26. It ends, my heart ends too

Bonus question time:
You know how Jimin had this ring in that “my hand is all better” vid? It’s not the best quality, but anyway:

The same poor quality, but still:

Yeah, so, in my opinion it’s like (70%?) 80% chance it’s the same ring (Jimin had a similar one when they were leaving for Thailand, but that’s different one.) So either Jungkook wears Jimin’s ring, or they have a matching pair. (It’s just a conspiracy, what do you think?)

That would be all.

Have a beautiful JiKook day ♥

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Introducing: THE JACK EFFECT Part #2

If you haven’t been subscribed to him before, you will be now.
Look at these blues. (。 ◕///u///◕。)

I honestly can’t remember how I managed to get these edits done. It’s really not helping that I had to give him freaking space-eyes that stare into my soul and rob me of what little sanity is left ahaha I’m fine… (ʘ‿ʘ)

ok but established klance au where theyre hiding their relationship bcos what if the teams gonna think its not safe for voltron but at some point theyre idk like

keith is in the dining room with the rest of the team but lance is late bcos sleeping in is just a thing he likes to do and he finally comes in and takes the seat right beside keith and pecks him on the cheek out of a habit with “hi babe” and just starts eating like nothing happened and the rest just freaking stares at him bcos wtf lance since when 


content: After hearing some suspicious noises coming out of Dean’s bedroom the night before, Sam decides to confront his brother.

word count: 2,088

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Sam’s voice sounds very serious while he leans against the kitchen counter and folds his stupidly long arms in front of his chest, glaring at his older brother with the familiar I-don’t-support-your-life-choices look. He doesn’t even waste his time with a “Good morning” or something similar and that’s always a bad sign.

Dean, however, isn’t really impressed by that. He places the bacon onto the hot pan at a leisurely pace, ignoring Sam completely, until he finally shoots a quick glance over his shoulder.

“And what’s so important at 7 a.m.?”

Sam huffs impatiently. “You know!”

Dean rolls his eyes. “No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.”

Sam fidgets uncomfortably as if he’d rather be somewhere else and doesn’t want to have this discussion at all. And then he starts to gesticulate, flailing his limbs in Dean’s vague direction, and performs a very complicated dance with his eyebrows.

“How about we talk about last night?”

Quite suddenly Dean’s attention is grabbed, but he keeps himself from acting like a deer in the headlights. Instead he clears his throat and asks, a bit croaky, “What do you mean?”

“Well, just look at you!” Sam says, pointing at Dean’s face with an accusatory expression. “There is that stupid grin I’ve seen so many times and I think it’s even worse than ever before. And let’s not even mention that huge hickey on your neck.”

Dean ducks his head and tries forcefully – and highly unsuccessfully – to fight back a blush.


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anonymous asked:

do you have any more headcanons on Newt being completely fucking wrecked by Credence having longer hair, because I may be in desperate need of headcanons and all of yours are pure G O L D


Ok so a preface here is that I hardcore headcanon that Newton Scamander has a type. Newt’s type is dark haired, intense, competent, and intimidating/probably dangerous to him.

(See; Tina tries to arrest him multiple times, he responds with goopy smiles and awkward hair touches. also: Leta Lestrange)

So anyway, with this in mind, it actually takes a while for Credence to really hit Newt in that type. It creeps up on the poor man.

Like, yes he registers for a bit that Credence does look much better now that his hair is growing out and he’s starting to relax and smile a little more. But he still for a while thinks of Credence as someone who he’s taking care of and who needs help.

And that doesn’t really start changing until like, a long while, when Credence starts getting more confident and coming into his own and embracing who he is. And even then Newt doesn’t really register what has happened until probably one day he literally just turns around and it suddenly hits him like a goddamn brick wall that Credence is right there and is standing up straight and holy shit Credence is actually slightly taller than him when did this happen how could this happen what is happening.

And the floodgates goddamn open because Credence is doing wandless wordless magic like it isnt even a fucking big deal and he’s so gentle with the animals and he still has that stare that could fucking gut you with those dark eyes and when the hell did he get hair like the poetic dark hero of an old gothic romance???????

It all pieces together for Newt in one sudden awful moment when he’s like

oh no



After that it is a constant awareness and Newt suffers so, so much about it. Because he has realized that Credence is Hot and he cannot deal with this he cannot unsee it. He isn’t equipped to handle an insanely powerful dark force housed in someone who is stupid levels of beautiful and honestly loves the creatures and is so gentle and careful while also being always ready to fuck shit up in a wildly dangerous way and Newt’s heart can’t deal with this HE CANNOT.

And Credence ending up just absurd levels of pretty isn’t even just me waxing poetic like it’s ezra goddamn miller. This becomes a constant problem and one of my favorite running gag headcanons is that Credence Is Gorgeous And Doesn’t Get It. 

When Newt takes him back to America Tina is internally like “goddamn where is newt going where he finds guys like that and can he take me next ti-….CREDENCE. OH MY GOD CREDENCE THAT’S CREDENCE

Later she’s like
“So…Credence really turned out….”
I know” Newt groans, facedown on the table and Suffering

Someone (probably Newt who is staring very firmly at Credence’s left shirtsleeve and wincing the entire time) has to try and sit this boy down and explain like

“Credence, people don’t stare at you because they think you’re a freak. It’s because you are…very nice to look at.”

And Credence is just like

The Grey Suit (part 2)

I had multiple requests for a part 2 of The Grey Suit, so here you go (:

(Shoutout to my bestie @baz-n-simon​ for supporting me through every fic)

Original was inspired by @ddoale

You can find this work on ao3!

(Part 1)

The Grey Suit - Part 2 (0.6k)


Snow is a wreck when we sit down for dinner.

We’re at the middle of the table, furthest out from my family. I had Snow sit across from me, next to my baby brother, and I could hear Mordelia huff in protest as I took my seat next to her. She had a devious look in her eyes, and I tried to convince myself that that was the only reason I asked him to sit on the other side. I didn’t succeed though.

When we’re settled at the table, I allow myself to glance over at Snow. Only a glance, I tell myself. No longer than a few seconds. No need to indulge. But Snow is nervously fiddling with his tie, and his suit coat is snug against his broad shoulders, so I let my eyes linger much longer than intended. I can never seem to just look away anymore.

Snow’s hair is still slicked over from my fingers running through it, and I suppress a smile at the thought that he decided to keep it that way. A few of his curls have slipped down in front of his face again, as if tempting me to reach across the table and push them away, but after putting a large wrinkle in his tie, Snow swipes them back into place.

“Basilton?” My step-mother’s voice breaks my gaze, and she’s looking at me with a raised eyebrow when I take the platter she’s handing me from across the table. I ignore her stare, though, as I let Mordelia take a roll from the plate, then pass it back across the table to Snow. I suppress another smile when he takes two rolls, then awkwardly holds the platter like he’s not sure what to do with it.

“Here, Snow,” I say, holding my hand out, and suddenly I feel every eye in the room on me. Even my baby brother, who has no idea what is going on, is staring me down. Snow passes me the plate, though, and I sit it down rather loudly in the middle of the table.

“Thanks,” is all Snow says, and that seems to break the attention away me.

When everyone begins eating, there’s a small nudge against my shoe. I suppress a third smile when I realize it’s Snow’s foot resting against my own. I look up to meet his gaze, his eyes smiling, but he’s just chewing his food like it’s not a big deal that his foot is touching mine under a table at dinner with my family. I didn’t dare to move it away though. Not that I wanted to anyway. Instead, I gently lay my shoe on top of his and look down.

Dinner continued on then, mostly in silence, with the occasional clinking of forks and mumbles to pass a dish. With no food on my plate, I make a routine out of staring at Snow, looking away to adjust my suit, taking a sip from my glass, looking back to stare at Snow, looking away to fix my tie, looking back as I pass a dish to Snow, and then let my eyes linger as I stare at him some more. This went on for at least ten minutes until I felt a finger being jabbed against my side.

“What?” I say, as my glare turns to Mordelia. She motions for me to lean in, so I do, and she cups her hand against my ear.

“Why does your friend keep staring at you?” she whispers, adding a quiet giggle at the end.

This time, I let a small smile spread across my lips.


Baz looks really amazing in his suit.

I remember reading smth about a girl mistaking a guy for a mannequin and began to like check his clothes, and screamed when he moved. But like, imagine it as Sheith?

Shiro is walking in the mall and he sees this mannequin (Keith). With mullet? Confused, he walked over and gently brushed his hand over the mullet, his hand touching the neck. Keith turns around, startled and Shiro shrieks as he leaps away, causing Keith to freak out too. They stare each other, eyes wide and confused. Then they laugh.

Shiro then apologizes, flustered but Keith continues to laughs, shaking his head.

Aaaaand, Shiro’s in love. So is Keith, lol. :’)

This Isn’t Happening- Chapter 1

She was absolutely certain that Jared freaking Leto was staring at her. Then she shook her head and pinched herself because of course he wasn’t. Was he? No. That’s ridiculous. Just stop. Was he pointing in her direction? She turned her head slowly, trying to see what he was pointing towards, but there was nothing behind her but empty space. The guy he was talking to laughed and Jared lightly punched his arm. Jennifer kept walking down the path, eyes down, focusing on the packed dirt beneath her feet. The fangirl side of her brain was obviously giving her delusions.

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His Whole World

Request: THAT ONE ABOUT T'CHALLAS WIFE EXPECTING A BABY WAS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER READ. I was wondering if you could do kind of a continuation of it. Like her actually having the baby and him being all panicky and his wife is just like “CALM DOWN WILL YOU!?” He would probably spoil him or her to no end.

Part 1

You woke to a sharp pain in your lower stomach. You laid there trying to figure out if this was just another Braxton-Hick’s contraction. They’d been given you labor scares for a few weeks now, and you didn’t want to wake your husband unless you were sure this was the real deal. He was so anxious about you going into labor he barely left your side anymore. It would be more troublesome if you didn’t need him so often. You were huge; your beach ball tummy made it near impossible to do simple everyday things like tie your shoes or stand up from a seated position. T’Challa was a great help as you waddled through your day. Another contraction hit you, you glanced at the clock. It was 2:36 AM. Your OB told you if the contractions began to last for longer and become more frequent, then you were going into labor. The contraction lasted for about a minute and a few minutes later there was another.  You got out of bed and started walking around the top floor of the house gathering a few things that were outside of your hospital bag, like your toothbrush. The time passed and the contractions were only getting more painful. You knew of a coping mechanism, but you’d need T’Challa’s help.

“T’Challa,” you shook him reluctantly. He had looked so peacefully asleep. He woke quickly and sat up looking you over with a worried, if not sleepy, stare, “Don’t freak out, but I’m going into labor,” you tried to speak in a calm even voice.

“What?!” he yelled, and hopped out of bed “We have to get you to the hospital, I’ll-”

“Hey!” you yelled grabbing him by his arms, “Calm down. We took the classes together, what did the doctor say?”

“Who cares about the doctor?!”

“Early labor can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, no need to go to the hospital, not until my water breaks at the very least. Now I want to take a bath, it’ll help me relax.”

T’Challa helped you get into the bath, and it would have been comical to him, to see your belly poke out from the bubbles, but he was a nervous wreck. Eventually you kicked him out of the bathroom because he was making you anxious. You would never have awakened him if you had a choice. You closed your eyes and focused on relaxing while T’Challa tried to exhaust his nervous energy. He checked and rechecked the hospital bag, then he added a few things that you had forgotten. Next, he sent out messages to his closest affiliates canceling any plans he’d had. At around 9:45 you were calling for him. He was back upstairs in record time.

“Water broke, we gotta go,” you gritted out. He helped you get dressed and called your OB. After you were dressed he got you out to the car that was already waiting for you. The driver held open the door, and T’Challa loaded you into the backseat. He sat beside you and you huddled close to him as you tried to breathe through the contraction. His hands were shaking, but he took your hands where they were balled up in fists on your lap and tried to be as soothing as possible. The drive wasn’t long at all, and T’Challa insisted on carrying you in, and you were too busy concentrating on not crying to really fight him on it. You were put in a room as you waited for the real action to happen. T’Challa was pacing again.

“God dammit sit down!” you snapped. He jumped at your sudden outburst but did as he was told especially after the look you gave him. However, as he sat down he began bouncing his leg, “Babe, breathe with me,” you demanded and began your deep breathing exercises he followed along and actually felt a bit better.

A few more hours later, the magic started. T’Challa held your hand while you pushed, the lower half of his face covered with a mask, but he looked at you and he saw a goddess. Even covered in sweat and tears, your face contorted in pain and determination while you pushed, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. You rested your forehead against the back of his hand that was holding yours as you sobbed from exertion. He was saying sweet nothings to you and cheering you on. Hours into the stop and go of pushing and waiting you were done. Soon enough you could hear your little baby crying. You cried too because there were so many emotions happening at once. You were relieved, elated, exhausted, and so damned joyful.They placed your baby on your bare stomach and covered him with a blanket while they clamped the umbilical cord.  You let T’Challa go so he could cut the umbilical cord. You watched, so happy to be done pushing, but also so in awe of your baby. Eventually, he was put in your arms and you looked up to T’Challa to see he was crying just like you were. You leaned into him heavily, still smiling, but now crying even harder as you looked down at the little baby in your arms.

At home, T’Challa rarely ever put your son down. The little baby was already spoiled, he wouldn’t sleep if he wasn’t in someone’s arms, but T’Challa never minded. He spent many nights happily holding his son, you often had to demand to hold your own child, but you didn’t mine either. It was nice to see your two favorite boys together. At night when the baby was asleep in his arms, T’Challa would tuck him into the crevice of one arm, and grab you with the other.

“You have given me everything. You have given me the whole world, I can give you nothing so great but to cherish your gifts.” he’d say. You’d just nuzzle in closer, and watch your son sleep.

~Mod Lillian

Generator Rex, season 3, episode 10, watch a 16 year old single-handedly decimate an air fleet of highly skilled, military trained, agents while protecting a civilian 

Fate, I Suppose

“George, stop pulling your sisters hair.” You say sternly from the stove, finishing breakfast. You walk over, placing the food on the table and within a minute the older boys are grabbing it. You ruffle Lucy’s hair, kissing her as the tears start to dry on her face.

“Where’s William?” You say, as George and Peter look at you with stuffed faces, Katie helping feed Lucy in her highchair. “Anyone?” You say, looking at your little army of children. They all shake their heads as you get the last bowl of food, trying not to spill all of it’s contents onto the floor as William runs by you, sitting in his seat.

“What are you-” You begin when you hear John coming down stairs.

“Toys fucking everywhere,” you hear John say annoyed, as he kicks things to the side, stomping angrily into the kitchen.

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a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves