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Word ski jumping in different languages and most popular ski jumping hill in the country 

I have to thank everyone who helped me with this post. 
First: @fabiantasticschaer​ and @desciglio2​ for this idea! 
Second: @makeitlookeffortless​ @buckelhupfer @kamilsdoublegold@justaddsomeglitter@worldskijumping@wellingers​ and tzortzina_vat, lucille_mrgr, aorlandic on instagram!

I know I didn’t add all the countries but I did my best and tried to put all that I can. I’m sorry if some pictures doesn’t look as good as others it was hard to find pictures and I also had problems with my font in some languages. Some countries don’t have their own ski jumping hill so I took other popular hills I hope you don’t mind this. 

This is just a small list of counttries lets hope soon we will add more :D 

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Can I see something from when you first started? Not talking 4-year-old you drawings, we all have those - I mean when you actually decided to start drawing for good. I'd like to see how you've progressed.

Oh, I’ll try! I’ve suffered a lot of hard drive crashes over the years and I have a tendency to burn or trash old art, so I have very little old work. 

These are the oldest I could find, from 2010 (senior year of high school). That was when I starting thinking I’d get long-term serious about art. Then I spent my college years honing my skills. I had a horrid habit of slapping COPYRIGHT in big ugly ass font on my online art when I was a teenager hahah

I think both of those were in coloured pencil. Something I used to use a lot as a teenager, but won’t touch now. 

Last move b4 mate

no you cant rhyme in english, you cant wash your dishes,
and you cant be malicious, you always attract bitches,
watch me how I ditch this, fuck around for a fetish,
and no Im no British but watch me how I finish,
Im Finnish, heart colder than Norway in a blizzard,
chelsea number 10, call me eden hazard,
be careful Im no Yll Limani n'guitar,
you lame ass in an S class, thats defined as bizarre,
and I aint no fucking Patrick, ima motherfucking mastermind,
stealing hearts since eleven, material so hard to find,
so realistic yet to notice you are so blind,
pouring my heart to lyrics, 1000 metres Ive lined,
1000 souls have I touched, not even reached who I want, 
wrote 1000 letters, all with the same font,
took many shots, all came back to haunt,
me the angry blonde,
give me a wand and I’ll expecto patronum, 
kim is to slim, to me you a synonim, 
you are the light so shine me - im so dim, 
its Fit o'clock but no I wont go gym, 
she says that Im shady I say that im just slim, 
stop me, 
a dontwannabe- I dont care bout the rhyme,
I dont care who sees this, I dont wanna be sublime 
baby we got much to do- to do that far less time, 
and as I wait for her to be mine,
tell me how do I act like we’re just … fine.


Hey, friends, I don’t know about you but I find our desktop theme really hard to read. So I went through and increased some font sizes. I know zero things about HTML, so idk how to make the pink darker (the contrast with the white is no), but let me know if the font sizing helped? Or did I break everything completely?

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I need 50 - 100 photos of typography out in the real world by Tuesday for my Graphic Arts class and I hardly have 15!!


Just take pictures of fun looking fonts that you see at a store or whatever! Send me one picture or send me 10, EVERY PHOTO COUNTS! (Where I live is so hard to find stuff like that and I don’t need to be kicked out of stores for taking photos)

i managed to get my work for today done! :D so i wrote a thing.

kiwiitin​ asked “maybe Jack getting to see just how bad Rhys is in the kitchen? By accident witnessing him trying to make something maybe?"but left it up to me to put it in canon or in quid pro quo verse. Because I am a masochist, I’m gonna do both. This is the one for the canon verse!! The other one I’m saving for tomorrow <: along with claptrap/loader bot bc #challengeaccepted

This one is gen and set during the title sequence of ep.3!! No shipping sorry s: next one, i promise! (although if you squint you could probably see rhack bc i am v v predictable)

heavily inspired by kiwiitin‘s art, specifically, this one <:

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My progress on the hardsubbed version of Kuroko no Basuke 75.5Q

This is a preview of what you are going to expect from the subbed version I am doing. Please bear with me as I am unable to find the Japanese RAWs so I have to make due with the Chinese Subbed version. I’ve made absolutely sure the font is big and easy to read while covering the Chinese subs.

I’ve only got 10 minutes and 37 seconds done with the hard subs.


Bookworms are badass

I wish I could tell you a story about how I completed a series of books in a super fast time, or managed to sit and read for a ridiculous number of hours straight, or how people are astounded at how quickly I read, but I can’t.

I have dyslexia, which means I find it really hard to read. My eyes skip lines, words become blurred, letters change places, and very often I will misread words, which changes the whole meaning. I find very often that I have come to the end of a page, but have no idea what I have read, so I have to go back and re read. This means I am slow, and I struggle with big books, with small text and complicated words. I struggle with books with annoying fonts.

However, I adore to read. Since childhood, books have been my escape. They have contained my friends, my favourite worlds. I start reading and I am lost, it’s impossible to catch my attention when my nose is buried in a book! In fact, as a result of my love of reading, my dyslexia wasn’t discovered until I came to university. They believed that with all my reading at home, I developed strategies to help me cope, that I have unfortunately hit my peak and this strategies will no longer work, I need to tackle my dyslexia head on now!

But, I will never stop reading, no matter how hard I am finding it. I will always carry a book with me, I always will. No matter where I was as a child, my nose would be buried in a book.

Please promise me, if you are a fellow dyslexic reader, you are still a badass bookworm. If you don’t read the classics, or any books outside of a particular genre, you are still a badass bookworm. If it takes you ages to read a book, it doesn’t matter, you are still a badass bookworm.

I don’t know if this really counts for @books-and-cookies #bookwormsarebadass as it isn’t really a story on par with most of the others! However, people are always very surprised to hear that I love to read, that reading is what makes me happiest, when I am dyslexic.


Okay. So here’s part 1 of my jearmin comic I started almost a year ago. Sorry if the text is hard to read but I couldn’t find a good font so I decided to write everything myself XD There’s still only 6 pages and the style changes a little because I was so slow. Let’s see if it takes me another year to make the next part :P

I hope you enjoy it even though nothing much happens yet.