that flower shop

Dear Evan Hansen AU: Of Coffee and Daisies


“I hate this job. So freaking much-damn it Alana where’s the cinnamon?”

“How should I know? You were there last one to use it.”

“You should know by now I can’t believe trusted to take care either myself or anything around me.”

“What’s the order? Maybe they won’t notice.”

“He wants an Iced, half caff, Ristretto, venti, four pump, sugar free, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte. I think he’d be the kind of ass to know if we didn’t out in any cinnamon.” Jared didn’t like working and it it wasn’t for his discount as an employee he would definitely not be working at Starbucks. The meeting place for everyone from teenage girls to hipster douchebags mooching off their free Wi-Fi. “Nevermind I found it.”

Fixing the over complicated order he handed it to Alana to take out but not before contemplating spitting in the drink too give the thing a little more “flavor”. Deciding against it Jared turned back to look at the entrance as the bell rang letting them know someone else had come in.

“-how have you never been to a Starbucks before?”

“They didn’t have any where I used to live.”

“Wow, you really are small town. Come on, we can look at the menu and I’ll buy you anything you want. Just don’t make it too overly complicated, that’s kind of a douche thing to do. Unless Jared’s working, then feel free to make it as overly complicated as possible.”
Ah yes, Zoe Murphy. She worked in the flower store across the street from them and was a regular, always ordering a caramel Frappuccino. They went to the same college and had…differences in approach to school. Close behind her was a new guy wearing the smock for the same store. His eyes nervously darted around the small store from him to the menu to the people around them.

“How’s my favorite hipster doing today?”

“Piss off Jared, Evan’s never been to a Starbucks so I’m treating him.” The guy’s fingers twitched as he looked over the menu, avoiding eye contact with Jared as he began to stutter out his order.

“W-what’s y-y-your closest thing to bb-black?” Jared was a little surprised by the request, unable to imagine this kid drinking anything but a hot chocolate.

“Our dark roast?”

“Y-yeah, t-that.”

“Will that be tall, grande, venti or trenta?”

“I-I-ugh, what?”

“Small, medium, large or extra large.” Zoe translated, glaring at Jared as if it was somehow his fault Evan had never been to a Starbucks before.

“Oh, uh, er-grande? I think?”

“With the Frappuccino that will be six dollars and eleven cents today.” Handing him her card Evan’s shoes widened at Zoe.

“T-t-that’s pretty expensive for some coffee.”

“It is a damn fine cup of coffee,” Jared said as Evan stared at him strangely. “Come on it’s a reference.”

“Nobody gets your dumb references Jared.” Rolling his eyes Jared finished their orders handing them to Alana as he went back over to the register. The two were about to walk out the door when the guy (Evan?) came back, grabbing a few napkins before running off. On the counter was their receipt, flipped over with something written on it.

‘I like Twin Peaks too.’ Jared laughed, finally someone who got his reference.
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