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*slams fist on table* mORE DOMESTIC VICTUURI PLS

u mcreakin’ got it anon! also: i got carried away so i tucked the rest in a read more so i don’t have to crowd your dash oops

  • you bet ur ass victor and yuuri go big or go home when it comes to celebrating anniversaries
    • and if you think victor’s the only one hauling ass over this…. ur wrong
    • every single anniversary is one big surprise after the other and they love each other for it. so much. 
    • definitely the type of couple to travel during their anniversaries, i mean they have the means and the $$$ to so why not
      • first year anniversary? they are big gay cliches so it’s off to paris they go
      • yuuri’s never actually been to paris, or at least had time to go out and explore such a historical city, so victor takes it upon himself to be his personal tour guide 
        • plus, it’s v. helpful that victor’s fluent in french
        • imagine them going to the louvre and yuuri playfully telling victor they can’t possibly hold hands now because the sign clearly says don’t touch the art
          • this is it this is how victor nikiforov died
        • just imagine yuuri laughing and telling victor how much he loves his cute “vkusno!” everytime he eats something delicious and just. wow. point yuuri, yet again. 
        • victor and yuuri being a little sad that the love locks were taken down, but
          • victor takes yuuri’s hand, presses a kiss to his knuckles, and says, “cheer up. we don’t need a lock to say we’ll be together forever; i’m not going anywhere”
          • and the kisses! so many kisses. what saps. they are so in love they love each other so much

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Making a simple Fair Isle hat with leftovers from my mittens (wool + alpaca blend). I’m learning to knit colorwork with both hands so this is a practice project more than anything else… Wrong side on the first pic and right side on the second. My tension is fucking perfect. :’)


[ID: two pics of Q standing at a mic while performing at two different venues. 
In the first (at the Cultch Theatre for The Body Is Not An Apology) they’re wearing an ankle brace; a black tantop, scarf, and jeans; and a teal sports bra visible through the armhole of their shirt. Their hands are held over their belly and they’re smiling as they speak. 
In the second (at Havana Theatre for a CIPS bout), they’re wearing the same black tanktop and sports bra, and a port is visible on the right side of their chest. Their right hand is wrapped in a tension bandage and their left is held over their heart, and they’re looking out at an audience (not pictured). 

I did fucking rock my opening of The Body Is Not An Apology! (I’m not exaggerating when I say it was my best performance to date - both for the audience and for me. It was magic.) And I didn’t do half bad when I sacrificed for a bout at CIPS (Canadian Individual Poetry Slam) either. 

And I think I looked pretty badass doing both. 

How they took the shadows photo...

This is not even a proper fanfiction, more like a scenario?, it’s not even extremely amazing, but it’s fluffy. This image of them, taking that pic, came in my mind the first time I saw it (and tried to hide my huge smile in my morning class :D). Maybe it will make someone smile :) So, here goes fluff about Jikook taking picture to post on Twitter.

Jimin and Jungkook were currently sitting on a bench on the premises of their hotel. They were sheltered from unwanted sights by balcony above their heads, and planters with small pine trees in front of them. Jimin was burrowed into Jungkook’s right side, legs folded, sitting on his knees. With left hand he was hugging Jungkook’s waist tightly, while he drew random patterns on his thigh with the right.

Jungkook was licking and nibbling onto chocolate popsicle, every once in a while offering it to Jimin, who always pouted his lips and took careful small bite, scrunching his face at the cold sensation (“Ow, ow! My teeth, ow!”). Jungkook’s heart screamed excitedly every time he did that – he just looked so adorable.

Jungkook played with Jimin’s hand that was on his thigh for a while, feeling all delightful. It was beautiful afternoon and they earned a break from rehearsing for rest of this particular day. Rays of warm sunlight were dancing in Jimin’s brown hair, causing them to look more auburn. Jungkook offered Jimin the popsicle once again, Jimin carefully taking last bite, when he couldn’t help himself and pressed sloppy, wet kiss with his chocolate lips onto Jimin’s cheek.

“Yah! Jungkook!” Elder probably tried to sound angry, but it was hard to believe him when he was laughing with his head jerked back, hugging Jungkook even more tightly. Jungkook just grinned.
“Sorry, Jimin-ah, couldn’t resist,” he spoke in soft manner (the one that always makes Taehyung to laugh at him when he hears it – but Taehyung now’s not here and Jungkook can use this voice all he wants without being mocked!).
“Mmm,” was the only response from Jimin. Jungkook pulled out his phone, tapping the screen few times, when he quickly reached his hand and snapped a picture of Jimin’s, now with one chocolate cheek, face.

Jimin jumped on the bench, jolting away from Jungkook. Now he wasn’t laughing, instead he glared at him.
“Why would you do that? I didn’t know you’re going to take it, I look horrible for sure! Delete it, Jungkook. Now.”
Jimin crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for Jungkook to comply with his request. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile over this attitude – this was one of few things Jimin hadn’t allowed even him (well, most of the time, but sometimes he spends good amount of time and effort convincing him that even sudden pictures of him are beautiful and Jimin, just occasionally, gives up).
“You looked amazing and the pic is an art piece,” he claimed, looking into Jimin’s eyes, now light brown because of the sunshine. Jimin blinked and shook his head.
“Please, Jungkookie, delete it…”

Jungkook wondered for a while, and then nodded.
“Okay, I will delete it if we take new one and post it on Twitter.”
Jimin frowned.
“We can’t do that – did you forget we can’t post selcas together now?”
“I don’t mean a selca, hyung,” said Jungkook as he stood up from the bench, taking few steps further on the gravel ground. “Look, we can take a picture of our shadows now! Couples do that, I saw it on the internet and I like it very much.”

Jimin hesitantly placed his feet onto the gravel under him, stood up and walked over to Jungkook.
“Have you planned this?” he asked, suspicion in his voice. Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“What kind of lame plan would that be? Now here, you take the picture, so you’d have time to prepare for it.”
Jimin huffed. “Shut up, Kook-ah.”

They moved for a while, looking for the best angle, so their silhouettes would be large enough. Jungkook grinned at Jimin and with warm feeling he saw him, smiling back. He stretched his arm between them and made a V sign, when he heard familiar click of the camera.
“Nice,” Jimin muttered, biting his bottom lip. Then he turned to the younger.

“Now delete it, Jungkook!”
Jungkook laughed and nodded, taking his phone in hands and tapping onto the screen.
“Done. Happy? Now let’s post it.”

As they sat on the bench for the second time and posted the silhouettes picture on Twitter, Jimin (chocolate now dried on his cheek) softly kissed Jungkook, cupping his face. And Jungkook smiled into the kiss, happy, fully melting into the sensation; knowing that the picture he did not delete at all will be his favorite for weeks.

Just until I’ll take next one, he thought, satisfied with himself, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist.

Darkhorn Body/Tail Restringing Guide!

Ok guys! So I know Cuarto has restringing notes on her website, but I found the format kind of hard to read, and wanted to make some notes for people. As mentioned in my review, Theodore arrived really loose (to me) and I wasn’t keen on the jewelry elastic being used. The only thing I’m not going to detail, are the legs, but I do draw out on my string guide below how you should expect the string to feed. Cuarto has much better pics of that on her website, and I just don’t have a small enough tool to get into those front legs right now. 

I do NOT recommend Darkhorn for first time restringers. He’s tricky, a bit specific and fragile, and overall, I’d suggest restringing a humanoid once or twice before trying to do him, or getting someone with some experience to give you a hand.  

Read under the cut! 

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How am I supposed to lower my expectations now???

I don’t actually know. But let’s sum up what we have ok?

- sbb wearing police hat (justice?): player: 02:01
- sbb wearing police hat: today is 201 days since bg started
- sbb wearing police hat: smiley blue birthday candle
- Gemma liking a Monday delivery of a shirt that says: not my baby
- happy birthday Harvey cake
- feb 1 Anne: today’s the day
- feb 1: sbb no longer hanging on that thread - no one’s puppet anymore.
- feb 1: sbb took off the sunglasses for the first time. Looks naked, (=free) only wearing his original bondage
- feb 1: rbb and sbb are no longer posting a warning-like pic. Both pictures were *pure*. No stickers needed. Holding hands. It’s like a new beginning.

Bg side
- not much time because people will start questioning the lack of birth certificate
- paternity test also has a window
- Superbowl and the Oscars are right around the corner.
- tmz non-stop talking about it, getting more and more blatant
- it literally reached its peak. Confirmation came. Ig pic came. J’s were strolling w the carrier. Louis was also papped with B so they cannot really give us MORE.
- Louis can only be papped so many times before people get bored or annoyed.

So idk man.. this is the first time they are so blatantly obvious with references to a SPECIFIC DATE.

I’m gonna remain positive because I’m constantly being told to watch out on Feb 1 and my brain just simply refuses to ignore it and shut up. :)

The Animated Promo Pic

Let’s take a moment and have a look at the image that’s been plastered all over BBC One’s social media pages this week.

They’ve chosen to animate the John-is-literally-Sherlock’s-Heart promo pic.

Not one of the more ambiguous ones, not one with the bride slap bang in the centre. Nope. This one.

But that’s not all!

Let’s first of all take a look at the new promo pic we were given last week…

I know, you probably need to breathe into a paper bag to calm down after seeing them looking at each other again (I understand!)

BUT. From this we can see that, as per usual, Watson’s chair is on the left of the fire.
Now let’s look back at the first pic (which I’ll hereby refer to as ‘Heart pic’). Here we can see that they’ve moved Watson’s armchair to the other side of the room purely for the purposes of this promo pic. They could just have got Benedict to face the other way, or even flip it if they were desperate, but instead they chose to have Watson specifically on the right-hand side of the room…

This is not a coincidence.

I’ve done some annotation of the image check out my mad photoshop skills, as you can see, and they’ve only gone and done it so they can fit the elephant in.



But there’s more! (I know, right! It’s almost as if they plan these things!)
Look at Holmes’ back. I’ve circled it so you can see better. They’ve included a horse-drawn cab. 

And I don’t know about you, but when I see that I can’t help but think of that scene we’ve seen in the trailer, the one with so much sexual tension it’s a wonder the whole set didn’t spontaneously combust. Is its appearance in the promo pic just there as a bit of Victoriana, or does it herald a big, important scene that will happen in one? Please let it be a Johnlock moment


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hello! I hate to be a other, but I must ask, how did you make your trickster dirk gloves? theyre the best ive seen so far!

 hey thanks! my memory on this is hazy since it was over 2 years ago I made these but I Will Try

1. i cut 5 rectangles of fabric to for the 5 stripes. 2 yellow, 3 red. my yellow and CENTER red stripe are cut to **AROUND** 9 x 3 inches. the red stripes on the ends are 9 x 3.5 inches (they get an extra half inch so I can hem down half an inch and wind up with all my stripes being even at the end!!)
** 9 inches is the measurent around the widest part of my arms to fit, 3 inches is how wide I wanted my stripes, so adjust accordingly to your size and desired stripe width! (i say **AROUND** because there’s a lot of seam allowance stuff I added to adjust these pieces when I made them, but I’ve forgotten how I did it specifically over the years;;; make sure whatever width goes around your arm has seam allowance added so it won’t be too tight and not fit you, and that the stripe width pieces have seam allowances accounted for so that when you sew them all up each stripe is equal and at the size you desired)

2. sew the strips together like so (EXPERT ARTIST RENDERING BELOW but keep sewing on your rectangles until you wind up with a chain of your 5 stripes)

3. optional step here, but my fabric was super cheap and a little see-through so I cut a yellow retangle to use as a liner (traced the dimensions of my 5-stripe-piece, so it was probably around 9″ x 15″??)

4. PRESS YOUR SEAMS IT’LL MAKE THE STRIPES LOOK SO CRISP ok fold your stripey rectangle in half, right sides together, (including the liner if you need it), line up the stripes best you can and sew up the side! when you turn if right-side-out you’ll have a nice stripey tube you can stick your arm through

5. hem the top and bottom edges

6. cut a thumb hole close to the top edge – i just hand-sewed around the edges of the hole to prevent fraying

annnnnnnnnd you’re done a sleeve!
tl;dr: sew some rectanges together to make a stripey rectangle. sew it into a cylinder so you can stick your arm through it. cut a thumb hole.

sorry if the instructions are confusing– i’d suggest making a test sleeve first!! i stuck some pics of my sleeve on here too if that helps… good luck!


Business in the front, party in the back.

I have always loved these two photos which show both sides of the same moment. In the first pic, compare Edie’s & Jourdan’s casual pose to Rosie’s & Karlie’s one armed hug and hand hold. Rosie is slightly smiling and along with Karlie’s smirk, they seem to be small signs that allude to Karile’s upper body to below the thigh being plastered to Rosie’s right side for the photo. Konvince me that klose pose was the only option to get the shot. I’ll wait…

Karlie seems to like to hug from the back doesn’t she?  The Kwintessential Klossanova / Boyfriend Karlie move. Please don’t ever change, Klossy.