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Mickey "The shitty Boyfriend" Milkovich

Mickey and ian have known each other there whole life.

Mickey was there for ian the first time monica showed up. He was there to make him realize Kash was taking advantage of him. He was there for ian when ian wanted to go to military school. When ian was studying his geometry shit. When he didn’t get into military school because they gave the scholarship to lip. When he was taking away by CPS. He gave him advice about being in the groups home. Gave him a place to stay so he wouldn’t have to stay in the group home. He was there when ian left. He went after him, to look for him. He got him off the side walked where he had just been drugged and molested. He took him home. He gave him his bed to sleep it off. HE GAVE HIM A BLOW JOB WHENEVER HE WANTED IF IT MEANT IAN WOULD STAY. he came out for ian. In front of his dad. He went and look for help when he didn’t know why ian didn’t want to get out of bed. He never once gave up on ian when fiona, lip and everyone wanted to take him to a ward. He was go8ng to take care ohf him. He her us. Ian was fucking family. He gave ian a home. He let ian take care of the child ian swore to love so much. He didn’t get mad when ian LITERALLY STOLE HIS BABY. He went to look for ian. To bail him out. He understood what was going wasn’t ian fault, that he couldn’t help it. He took ian to the get help. He was there first thing the other day when visiting hours started. He went back to ian, even tho he realized thing were going to be harder now. He jumped on top of an army officer when they were gonna take ian away. He went after ian AGAIN when he ran away with monica. He pour his guts out to ian, said he loved him and ian broke up with him. He risked getting caught by the police just to see ian one more time. He told ian his plans. He said you “should come” ONCE. He never repeated ian going to Mexico, the complete opposite actually, he kept saying “tell me goodbye”, “this goodbye?”

I’m so tired of the mickey hate I keep seeing. People saying his a shitty ex, forcing ian. Saying he doesn’t care about ians dreams and future. That’s bullshit. Ian’s a grown ass man. He made the decision to go with mickey. He had a choice. He made that choice. HE WANTED TO GO. Mickey didn’t take him away from anything. Ian isn’t getting a fake ID or passport. He is still ian gallagher the EMT. He can get a job where ever the fuck he likes. Mickey is not a shitty ex. He won’t “set a match to ians life” maybe he might give it a little more purpose. Ian himself said he hasn’t felt that thrill again. Not with anyone. If you think mickey is a shitty ex or is wrong for ian or destructive or whatever, you must be watching a different show. And if there relationship was destructive, (AFTER SEASON 3)it wasn’t on mickey’s part

Girl Next Door

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Pairing : Lip x Reader

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You knew the Gallaghers for what seems like forever. You moved when you where 13 years old in the house accross the street. You became friend with Ian pretty fast, spending a lot of time in treir crappy old house. But you like it better than yours, which was almost dead while Ian’s was always in movement. You liked almost every member of his family. Fiona who nearly adopted you, the cute little Liam, Carl and his big plans… And there was Lip. You’re relationship with the blond guy never was easy, that is the least we can say. It has always been intense. For the first year, every time you saw each other, it was like you had to fight. It all change when Ian, sick of you yelling at one another, locked you in the same room. You stayed two hours like that. Two hours during which you finally really talked, sharing things, learning the other. Soon enough you and Lip became friends, then best friends, even confident. Saying that your relationship was perfect will still be a lie tho. In fact, you two stubborn characters almost killed your friendship more than once, but you two were addicted to the other and you never were apart for long. That’s how one day it all change. You actually could not remember from where it starts but there you are, in front of their house, Lip yelling at you. You tried to stay calm but eventually he broke your patience. You were standing really close to him when you sax, in an instant, the look he had in the eye change. From mad it became hot and you both felt the tension in the air changing. You stopped and look at the other for maybe an hour, even if it was probably more seconds before one of you moved a muscle. Then it all went pretty fast. In an nanosecond Lip was kissing you, his hands around your face and your arms around his neck. As you kissed him back you realize how much of an evidence it felt. You stayed like that for a long moment before you heard Debby.

- Can you please do that elsewhere ? You two are blocking the pass and I’d liked to come home.

You rolled your eyes, smiling and enter the Gallaghers house


- Ly


First & Last Appearances - Shameless Season One

 hi i answered some character qs. theres more under the cut (+ more pics)

indigobleau said: Bro bro what’s Ian’s favorite article of clothing??? Also has he ever seen a beautiful stranger out in public and thought about them for a week making imaginary scenarios of them falling in love???

his astro boy shirt!! i draw him in a lot more clothes than he actually owns, but that ones canon. he also enjoys his patterned socks.

& not really, except maybe for that lady at the 24hr bfast diner he goes to at 3am a lot. the first time she called him dollface he was like holy shit (shes one of those people who calls everyone by a pet name). he doesnt have fantasies about falling in love but he finds her very comforting. he also sort of wants to put his face in her soft warm bosom but thats a little creepy ian

egg-face said: have ian and donovan dated at any point??

no. they live & work together tho. so sometimes donovan is like IM GOING TO PF CHANGS & ians like I WILL ACCOMPANY YOU idk if that counts as a date

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This episode was one of favorites. ok this video really deserves more views because omg they’re so damn cute asdfghjkl ♥ (x)

p.s this is one of my first times making a gifset so can you guys tell me what you think of it? i hope it’s not too bad? and this took quite long to do tho, i’m new to doing these gifsets

edit: somehow only the last gif played, and the rest became images o.O but hey, forgive me, i’m still learning ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ

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I need poly Hidden Block boys headcanons someone save me

okay but. yes. i love these dorks. so much. they have my heart.

-once a day, Wallid sends a dumb meme related flirt attempt to at least one of the other boys. “You meme so much to me <3” “I s2g Wallid”
-group laser tag vs. the normal boots (usually the boys get distracted by each other tho. Looking at you Ian…)
-Ian is the one who just sits by himself until Jeff comes over. Then Jimmy. Then Wallid. Then Luke. Then (reluctantly) Caddy and then there’s just a cuddle puddle
-Luke and Jom are super awkward around each other at first (bc they are awkward beans. Bless them) so it’s everyone’s goal to get them to smooch and once they finally do, there is is much ado and celebration and happiness and snuggles
-they hold mini fighting game tournaments and the winner decides the date plans. Ian is ruthless bc LIKE HELL is he gonna let anyone else pick his date
-Jeff makes cookies and other snacks and brings them to the Meetings bc he’s best mom and also sweetest husband lbr

many thanks again to @residentialkinkshaner for all the help!! <3

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