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It’s strange but in a weird way, I miss my darkness… you know what I mean, the indifferent sadness that you resign yourself to when you’re completely and totally hopeless, when you no longer see a reason to try anymore so you kinda just shuffle along day after day, when nothing really matters because you don’t plan on living for much longer. Things that once ate away at you no long strike fear or anxiety into your heart cause “once I’m dead none of it’ll matter.” I’m told it’s fucked up to say because “Some people are dying to feel any other way! HOW DARE YOU WANT THAT BACK!!” Look at it from my point of view: when I didn’t have any purpose or motivation to exist, there was no stress about work, or school, or anything else; every problem just slipped away with my will to live. I could simply sink down into the darkness and embrace the silence. It’s different now that I’ve been “trying"again… It’s so much harder than before. It’s so fucking bright and loud!! but this time you’re not allowed to just walk away and cave in on yourself! You have to accept and acknowledge everything! And no matter how hard you try, you can no longer channel the familiar sanctuary that you’ve grown so accustomed to! You feel as though you don’t belong there, with the normal people, at all. After you’ve lived with the darkness for so long, can you ever truly return to the light? or will it always have those pieces of you, the ones that it took in the first place?
—  Thoughts I’ll never speak out loud.
(Sorry it’s so long, I’m awful at describing things so it takes me a while to do it)

“It would be Carol, in a thousand cities, a thousand houses, in foreign lands where they would go together, in heaven and in hell.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

Happy April 17th (Carol/Therese Reunion)

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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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But like,,, what if Bing and chase eventually developed an emotional attachment? Because they have so much in common and stuff! (Sorry I'm just trash and I am always on the look out for more ships and this is cute as heckie)

aw, that’d be cute! i feel like it would be a little one sided at first, but it could go both ways!

like bing starting to have feelings for chase but knows that chase just came out of a divorce from his wife so he knows that he should wait.

or chase starting to have feelings for bing and knows that he should move on and find someone new, but just being nervous because he doesn’t know if bing feels/can feel the same.

they probably just bro it up until one of them is brave enough to pull a move. 💚

Odd liar.

A victuuri thingy based on @aina-p‘s AU post. Warning, this is awfully written but I was in a rush to finish this out of excitement. Does this story have a sequel? Maybe, maybe not.

Yuri was, to be fair, quite young when he started skating. And he did it mostly because he thought Yuko was cute, and she liked skating, so of course he had to find a way to impress her with that. He wasn’t exactly talented, but there was no denying that he had potential and talented or not, he was good at it; and he had fun doing it, which was important as well.

So years after his first time on ice, Yuri was now a skating teacher alongside Yuko and her husband Nishigori, and while teaching wasn’t as fun as skating on his own, he had no reason to complain. He was helping others and making some money in the process.

It was weird to have older students; Yuri was pretty used to deal with kids and on rare occasions, teenagers.

Not only the man that crossed the front door was older but he was also not Japanese. And he was undeniably attractive. With his silver hair, piercing blue eyes and cared figure he was drawing all the attention from people all around regardless of their gender. Yuko was obviously impressed when he approached her at the front table.

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Hello! I'm just looking for some advice/tips. I'm a new grad who recently got a job on an observation unit. I'm having a huge struggle with EKGs, even throughout nursing school and still now. One of the older nurses when I was giving report "ripped me a new one" because I wasn't able to correctly identify a rhythm and basically made me feel really awful about it. I feel like I should really know this stuff but I just can't wrap my head around it and I just feel stupid for not understanding.

Dear Anon,

First of all, the older nurses shouldn’t be ripping you a new one. So, on their behalf, I’m sorry you experienced that. What they should have done was offer to help teach you. </soapbox>

OK, cardiac rhythms aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people just get them and others take a little more time to pick up on them. I loved cardiac rhythms and was fortunate to be able to obtain my ACLS as part of a year-long residency program while in nursing school. I spent three days learning EKG rhythms. It was tedious, but well worth the investment. I’ll try to pass along some of that knowledge here.

The first thing you have to do is be very familiar with the elements of the normal EKG. If you know the baseline, you’ll be able to better recognized the arrhythmias. Learning heart rhythms takes time and practice. And rather than re-invent the wheel, I recommend a couple of YouTube videos, each about 10 minutes long, and a PowerPoint-style EKG course that is long, but breaks things down in very simple terms.

YouTube Series: Part 1 | Part 2 

Basic EKG Refresher PowerPoint

If you take the time to watch these videos and review the EKG refresher, I think you’ll be much better equipped to interpret rhythms going forward. It won’t happen overnight, but with regular practice, it’ll come.

Hang in there and good luck!

Mursenary Gary

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Bad Day

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(Gif not mine, originally posted by dallas41chicago88)

Author’s note: This is my first time ever posting writing here and also my first time writing a hockey imagine ever, so I apologize in advance if it’s not awesome and I’m not sure if I’ll be writing more! (If you guys like this one, please let me know and I’ll think about making a blog solely for NHL imagines) but it’s for my sweet friend @carey-pricemas because she was having a rough day the other day and she’s always been there for me <3

To say you had a bad day would be an understatement, your car had spun off on the highway due to some idiot who didn’t know how to secure the things in his pickup, you had to fix your tire yourself, and you were tired from a day at work. All you wanted to do was go home, make some food, maybe catch up on the cheesy reality TV shows that you watched, despite hating the people on them, and sleep the day away

What you hadn’t been counting on was your boyfriend, James, being home so early from hockey. Although when you noticed his car parked in his usual spot in front of your apartment you checked your phone to realize just how late in the day it really was. On an average day you would have been home, dinner would have been made, and you would have been watching said TV shows while you waited for James to be home from practice, but today the tables had turned and you didn’t know what to expect as you climbed the three flights of stairs towards your apartment, fumbling to put the key in the lock.

You had barely stepped foot in the door when you heard a shout from the living room, followed by the appearance of your boyfriend in the doorway to the living room. His face lit up with a smile, the same smile he usually created you with when he came home, but it dropped slightly when he saw the look on your face, it almost made you feel guilty for seeing his happy demeanor quickly  

“Y/N, what happened?” He asked, making his way across to where you stood in the entry way.

You shrugged in response, dropping your many things onto the table by the door and kicking your shoes off your aching feet. Did you really want to burden him with your problems? He already had a lot of stress with how the team was playing and whether or not they were going to make playoffs this year, why add one more thing to his plate? But on the other hand, he always came to you when he had a bad day and he made you promise that you would do the same should it ever occur.

“Just a bad day, it’s nothing to worry about.” You tried to brush it off with a wave of your hand, although one look at his face told you he wasn’t buying it.

“That’s not fair, we promised to talk about these things.” He said with a look that he knew you would give into.

Next thing you knew you were seated on the couch beside him, the TV on but muted in the background, ranting about everything that had gone wrong that day, starting with the fact that you had spilled your coffee early on and ending with your recent debacle on the highway, making sure to use the same colorful language you had originally used in the incident, which made James chuckle. You hadn’t even noticed how much time had passed but by the end of your rant you were leaned up against him, eyes drifting shut and the best part… You felt better.

Whether it was ranting and getting it all off your chest, or knowing that James would always be there to make a bad day better, you felt ultimately better and a lazy smile graced your lips as you watched him flick the sound back on the TV, changing it to your favorite show before settling back against the couch, one arm keeping you planted firmly to his side, head resting on his chest where his heartbeat played a steady rhythm underneath you. 

Glancing up at him, you noticed that his gaze was fixed intently on the TV, giving you the full opportunity to just take in the fact of how gorgeous your boyfriend truly was. Even when he glanced down and caught you staring, you continued with a smile. 

“What?” He chuckled as he caught you staring for a third time. “Is there something on my face?”

Instead of responding you leaned up and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek, your first gesture of thanks.

“I love you.” Was all you said in return, watching the smile bloom on his face.

“I love you too.”

Drabble Request

So @dearevanhansenfanfictions requested this, hope you like it! 

Number: 70

Words: 452

Evan paced around Connor’s room, fumbling with his fingers. Connor sighed looking at him.

“Evan, you are fine. F-I-N-E. You need to calm down.”

Evan threw his hands up and began to ramble, still paced quickly around his boyfriend’s room.

“Well it’s not MY fault that people keep staring at us, like what if they are out to get us? What if they are out to get me?! Like I probably did something and now they want something with me and, and-”

Connor got up, gave a soft stretch and walked over to him. Evan’s rambling dimmed as he stared at Connor. Connor grabbed his cheeks and said

“Not Everyone is out to get you. Stop thinking that. It’s annoying.”

Evan sighed and buried his face in his boyfriend’s chest, softly mumbling to him

“I’d drive myself crazy without you, I would be more of a mess than I am now.”

Connor rested his chin atop of Evan’s head and kissed it softly.

“I know, I would be too.”

They stood there for awhile then departed. Connor softly smiled and grabbed his jacket look over at Evan who looked still upset. 

“You wanna take a walk? Maybe to the Orchard? or the Park? Al La Mode?" 

Evan softly nodded and grabbed his hoodie, slightly reaching for Connor’s hand yet drawing it back. Thinking of what people would say.
They walked out the door and over to Connor’s car. Evan climbed in the passenger seat and got buckled. Connor climbed in after and started the car.

"Are you gonna put your belt on?” Evan softly said, eyeing the unbuckled belt.

He rolled his eyes and clicked his belt, starting to drive over to the Park.

Everything seemed okay with Connor, Evan’s worries subsided. His world just felt less of a struggle.They soon  parked the car and Evan got out, the park seemed kind of crowded for a Thursday. He looked as Connor started to walk towards the gates. Evan slowly followed behind, slightly glancing down at Connor’s hand. He wanted to hold it so bad. Yet what if people saw? what would they say? What would they think of him? What would they do to him? Connor noticed Evan’s nervousness and softly grabbed his hand, looking over at Evan. 

“You are fine,and you are mine. And I’m not afraid to flaunt my handsome boyfriend.”

Evan blushed and squeezed Connor’s hand as they walked. They went over to the playground, which for once wasn’t filled with small children at sat on the swings. Hands still intertwined. He smiled over at evan and gripped his hand tightly as they softly swung.

“I love you Evan.”
Evan softly blushed but smiled brightly. 

“I love you too.”

((I did this quick I’m sorry it’ awful. I’m working on a short story that will maybe be posted soonish. So look out for that. Will be taking requests and such! from the posts I have or even your own Tree Bros headcanons. Love ya guys!))

If NEWS member was your best friend...
  • You: Hey do you wanna hang out tomorrow?
  • Shige: Nah, I have to turn in my first draft by the end of the week and I'm behind. Maybe on Sunday.
  • Massu: Why not? Shopping? I needed a new shirt anyways.
  • K-chan: Tomorrow,,, bro. I have every.
  • Tego: Sorry, I have my first futsal tournament of the season^^.
  • You: What you doing?
  • Shige: Preparing my rods for tomorrow! I'm gonna go fishing with Ohno-kun at 6. Going for that tuna, you know?
  • Massu: Just staring at my clothes. Look, I just got this from one of my favorite brands today. Doesn't it look sick?
  • K-chan: Enjoying my rice. Want some?
  • Tego: (focusing)...Oh me?...Monster Hunter.
  • You: I have been thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend... I feel like it's not working out anymore...
  • Shige: Hmmm...
  • K-chan: Aw I'm sorry. I can have a talk with him if you want.
  • Massu: You have a boyfriend!? Since when!??
  • Tego: Break up if you're unhappy. Break up right away, find someone else. Screw him. Do you know how many guys are there in this world? Countless!

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Hi! Since u don't have requests rn, I figured i'd send u a few (all involving Oikawa, Sugawara, Tendou and Tanaka. 1.what they'd do when they learned their s/os are having awful menstrual cramps 2.what they'd do during their "first time" with their s/os 3.what they'd do/say to their s/os when they're down or feeling bad about life at all. I'm sorry if theyre not specific enough, also i know its too many so u dont have to do them all at once. No pressure. Good luck, btw i love ur writing!!!!! :)

I actually have 50+ messages in my ask box I just haven’t updated my header in a while but I appreciate you sending these in! ^^ I’m only going to do one though since I don’t think it would be fair if I did 3 things in one ask.

What they would do when their s/o has bad cramps


  • I headcanon Oikawa having a sister so he’s had to deal with this before. He knows what to do in this kind of situation.
  • He either lays on the couch with you or in your bed just watching a movie and doesn’t mind if you don’t want to talk, he understands that you’re in pain and may not want to be as talkative as usual.
  • If you called him over, he asks if you need him to get anything and if you say no, he’ll still drop by the store to get your favorite ice cream or anything you enjoy.
  • Oikawa gives you back massages if you get lower back pain and his fingers work like magic to relieve it. 


  • He’s very attentive to you and gets you anything and everything you need. 
  • Need some pain medication? Don’t worry he’s on it in a flash. 
  • Doesn’t mind the mood swings and he knows that you don’t mean some of the things you may say while on your period because he understands that you aren’t having the best of times for the next 3-7 days.
  • Suga will be more than happy to you grab tampons, pads, medication, your favorite snacks- anything. He doesn’t get embarrassed buying these things for you because he loves you and hates seeing you in pain. 
  • Definitely rubs your stomach because he hopes that it will distract you from the pain.


  • He has no idea what to do and is clueless about the whole period thing, which does cause an argument or two. 
  • “You’re just on your period, why are you complaining? Aren’t you just bleeding right?” 
  • “Tendou I’m going to kill you.” 
  • After explaining to him it’s not just bleeding, he’s more sympathetic. 
  • He doesn’t love getting tampons and pads because he thinks it’s embarrassing. But after a female cashier tells him that he’s a good boyfriend for getting a few extra things he doesn’t mind as much. 
  • Definitely tries to make you laugh by doing stupid things.  


  • He has a sister so she’s told him about all the things that happen when you get your period. He’ll ask her for some advice on what to do, too if he panics. 
  • Just like Tendou, he tries to make you laugh because he wants to see you smile.
  • He’ll recommend going on a walk since his sister has told him that exercise can help sometimes. 
  • He’ll understand if you don’t want him around and you want your space. 
  • Plays with your hair and lets you lay in his lap while you two watch movies. 

auronburr  asked:

Your meta analysis gives me LIFE are there any other lines that you really like/wanna analyze?

Ooh actually there was one other small meta that I was thinking about writing in the last week and vaguely forgot to to. It’s parallels between Wait For It and World Was Wide Enough.

There’s a lot of genius meta out there about Wait For it, from the “putting Hamilton on the same level as love, life, and death,” or I think I did a thing way back on Hamilton and “he takes and he takes and he takes” but the only thing he’s been taking so far is people’s affection, like. There’s so much about that song that is perfect.

But I don’t think I’ve seen anyone compare Wait For It and The World Was Wide Enough.

Firstly, there’s the fact that The World Was Wide Enough is the answer to the question that Burr has been asking the whole musical: “is there a reason? Is there a reason why everyone who has ever cared about me ends up dead?” He states that he’s willing to wait for it.

Well, The World Was Wide Enough gives that answer: no. There is no reason. Death doesn’t discriminate, there is no reason he could have known that Alexander would aim at the sky, there is no way he could understand, the whole song is about his increasing breakdown at the inevitability of it all–how his voice breaks at “this man will not make an orphan of my daughter”–how the whole song is about him trying to give one reason after another, but none of them are satisfactory, the scream of “WAIT”–that’s the realization that there’s no reason this should have happened.

Aaron Burr waits the whole show for that answer, and the answer is, “there is no reason,” and then he just sort of…fades. Disappears back into his role of narrator, drops out of our history books; no one really cares what happened to Aaron Burr after the duel.

Then there’s the second part of my comparison of the two songs. Take another look at the Hamilton verse of Wait For it.   

Hamilton doesn’t hesitate
He exhibits no restraint
He takes and he takes and he takes
And he keeps winning anyway
He changes the game
He plays and he raises the stakes
And if there’s a reason
He seems to thrive when so few survive, then Goddamnit—

Looking at that verse in the context of the duel. The whole setup: Aaron sends a simple letter asking for an apology, Hamilton exhibits no restraint in sending back a scathing insult of a response. The game was supposed to be one of politics; Alexander changes it to one of life and death. Raising the stakes indeed.

But there’s this other underlying theme of at least in the first Act, no matter what Hamilton seems to do, he wins. That’s one of the reasons why Burr is fascinated with him and a bit jealous–he walks in and is hired right on sight when Washington rejects Burr, he snags a Schuyler sister when Angelica literally shoves Burr away, don’t even get me started on Non-Stop, Hamilton always wins. And then the second Act is about when Hamilton starts losing–how he starts to sacrifice his morals for the creation of his political legacy (Room Where It Happens, Cabinet Battle #2), he manages to entirely destroy his family through the affair, and his own political career via his letter against John Adams and The Reynolds Pamphlet, he’s a mess, Act 2 is about his downfall.

But Aaron Burr doesn’t really see it that way. Burr sees Hamilton in The Room Where It Happens and he sees Hamilton as winning still (”you got more than you gave”), he wants that, he wants what Hamilton has, he wants to win like that. He goes after a seat in the Senate, he joins the Democratic Republicans, but he still seems Hamilton as winning. Even when they go and threaten him in We Know, when Hamilton says “How do I know you won’t use this against me the next time we go toe to toe?” Hamilton still fully expects them to go toe to toe, Hamilton still fully expects situations in which he might win against Burr–and, of course, that’s all Burr sees. Someone on his level, someone who’s going to beat him again, not someone who has lost everything and is grasping at straws.

It’s this fundamental misunderstanding of how far Hamilton has fallen–it’s this fundamental respect and awe that Burr has for Hamilton–that ultimately leads to the duel.  Burr doesn’t for a moment believe that Hamilton is ever going to lose, because Hamilton isn’t someone who loses at anything. Hamilton can’t lose in his mind. That’s why he becomes increasingly panicked, because he can’t see an outcome of this where Hamilton doesn’t come out on top.

And then he shoots Hamilton.

That’s where the music turns back to Wait For It, that’s where it turns back to Burr asking if there’s a reason. Wait For It is the first time that Burr is completely open and completely vulnerable to the audience, and the shock of Hamilton dying, it puts Burr right back there. It makes him question everything he ever believed about Hamilton, it’s why he re-casts the whole duel in his mind so that Hamilton still wins it:

When Alexander aimed at the sky,
He may have been the first one to die,
But I’m the one who paid for it.
I survived but I paid for it.

Aaron Burr is the only person in the musical who still looks at Alexander with the same awe and respect as he had for him in the first Act. And that’s what kills Alexander, that Aaron never stopped believing in him.

Remus Lupin Headcanon

AKA the headcanon that made my friend cry lmao

  • Could you imagine how violent and awful the first full moon after Halloween 1981 must have been?
  • Imagine the wolf taking it out on him quite harshly, injuring him more severely than it has in years.
  • Then to wake up once the moon was gone, alone and bleeding, in so much pain that he can hardly move.
  • Imagine him thinking he can see one of them - one of his friends -, but it’s all blurry.
  • And he thinks it’s either James coming to give him clothes or Sirius coming to help him up, or even Peter with some reassuring words because he doesn’t know what else to do; James and Sirius were always better at this than he was.
  • And then his vision clears, and it’s no one.
  • Just a tree, a small one, and he’s alone in a forest without his friends, without the people that made him hate himself less.
  • Because they still loved him despite all that, but now they’re gone, and he’s alone.

“kids are great bc they don’t understand societal norms!”

bitch I know I’m at a restaurant and some kid literally just stole something right off of my table

❤; @lanxhu

Sanji wasn’t one for prying into a person’s private thoughts, but he had to admit that he was curious. Striding up to Sunny’s starboard side and folding his arms over the railing, he said nothing at first. Silence bounced between them, until he pulled his cigarette away and flicked the ashes over the side of the ship. “So you used to be with Whitebeard?”

  • - Phil is squishier than Dan, and his hugs are longer
  • - If you say "sorry I'm shaking" to Phil he will say "aw that's okay, that's me before the show". It's his default, he says it to everyone who says they're nervous.
  • - Dan is really awkward, (shocker) you have to intiate conversation with him. As bad as it is, you can tell he's faker than he is in his videos because believe it or not, you make him nervous. He's also usually the one who says "thanks for coming". If you're going with a friend he'll try his best to include both of you.
  • - If you forget to give them the book to sign, they remind you. It's the only thing they know each person is gonna want, and they try to do it quickly. You might not even notice, they take the book, pass it to each other over your head and pass it back to you in the blink of an eye. Use that time to talk to them.
  • - A unique selfie or if you're funny they'll remember you. Although they've literally seen everything by now.
  • - do not confront them about phan I stg
  • - The guard is usually a dick. He restricts your time and doesn't let some people vlog, but know that Dan and Phil rebel against that as much as they can. If you sneak in with a vlog they'll stop the guard and say hi to it. You will not be taken away.
  • - Write everything down as soon as it happens, you will forget the details.
  • -They will say if they recognise you from your URL. Try not to ask them if they know you unless you're 100% sure, because yes, they will say they do to make you happy, and you won't know if it's true.
  • - You will be sad afterwards. And it's okay to want to meet them again.