that first one has to be my favorite sasha picture ever


The Melbourne-born actor Chris Hemsworth, 33, will tell you that there is no better place in the world than his native Australia, and he wants everyone else to know this, too: Mr. Hemsworth, who is most famous for playing the Marvel Comics superhero Thor in the 2011 eponymous movie and who is reprising the role in this fall’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” is on a mission to promote his homeland through his role as global ambassador for Tourism Australia, the country’s official tourism organization.

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Nothing Better - A Roman Reigns Story - Part 1

A romantic honeymoon on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii should usually consist of sun, fun, and no drama whatsoever. Hopefully the newlyweds got the memo. Mini-sequel to ‘Into The Deep End’. Two-shot. Roman Reigns/OC

Comments are greatly appreciated!

Standing on the deck of their gloriously beautiful bungalow, Sasha smiled in amusement at the brightly-colored fish swimming about in the clear blue water below. Holding her camera up, she took about half a dozen photos, rotating the lens as she snapped a few more shots of the area surrounding their living quarters. The bungalow stood over the lagoon in a secluded part of the island, with a boardwalk that led to the shore. The space was large, with a bedroom, a common area which had plenty of color; oranges, yellows and reds. The floors were dark wood and the furnishings were plush, inviting and cozy. The master bed was king-sized with soft white sheets and pillows. Outside the hut, a Jacuzzi tub sat a few feet away from two wicker lounge chairs, where she and Joe sunned, shared many a smooch, and just lazed around in general. A staircase spiraled into the water for canoeing and in the couple’s case, skinny-dipping. In place of doors were beautiful floaty curtains to pull for privacy. The wraparound terrace where she currently stood gave away stunning open views of the ocean from every angle. There weren’t many places she’d been to that was as beautiful as this and she was just soaking it all in.

Click here to see Joe and Sasha’s honeymoon home

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So, I figured I would make a long list of people who have helped get me hear or have just kept me company! This is in no specific order:
@shitpost-no-kyojin - So, when I first made this tumblr not too long ago, I asked Ivana (that’s her name I’m only saying it because she has said it on her blog) for advice! Which helped tremendously! (Funfact she was my first follower) And she’s also quite a nice person and we’ve become great friends!
@definitely-not-normal / @hanjizoe-official - A great artist and my smbtf! Haha, many of you guys know her as we talk a lot over our blog, and some people (shipping anon-kun) even ship us XD Anyways, we talk a lot and she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet (also the majority of my trolls are on her) so Thankyou!
@how-to-lifu - (it’s 4pm here, ha!) Me and Blub (that’s her nickname I think I’m allowed to use that) talk a lot, and she’s both very friendly, and very evil >:D (I mean that in the best way possible). I’ve had much fun being evil with you!
@a-youngblood-killjoy heyo! So killjoy (I’ll just use that to shorten the name) is one of the first people I met on tumblr (along with the people listed above) and was such a friendly person! I’ve really enjoyed our (90% of the time very weird) talks! Even though we can’t talk too much because of a big gap in time zones, when we can it’s always really fun, so Thankyou!
@shingeki-no-dead-otp / @reblog-your-erwin / @my-cat-trastu - another person who I’ve been talking to since day one, I also asked them for any advice when I first got a tumblr! This helped very much and along with Ivana I credit them as part of the reason I got here! I’ve really enjoyed when we talk, so Thankyou!
@likeahbraus / @rolfthesonofashepard - my DADMOM! another one of the people who I started talking to very early on when I made this! She is an amazing person and has a great interpretation of Sasha from AoT and Rolf form Ed Edd and Eddy! She’s such a nice person and very funny, so thankyou!
@ackerme - my mom (but not literally)! - I started talking to her a little later than most of the people on this list, but I sure am happy I did start talking to her! BUT MESS UP AND SHE WILL SCOLD YOUR ASS BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID! XD All jokes aside, she has a heart of gold and is one of the best people you will ever meet, so thanks mom!
@mommakirschtein / @mikasita-ackerman / @fokal - My Momkasa! She is a super lovely person and the first RP blog I talked to (lol I remember I threw cookies at her with @definitely-not-normal)! She is such a sweet person and all her RPs are great, so I advise checking them out! Thank you Momkasa!
@teatimewithamz - although they are the most recently met person on this list, already a great (and terrible too but in the best way possible) friendship has blossomed between us! They are a very funny person and very fun and easy to talk to! Thankyou!
@daydream24-7 - A very friendly and considerate person (and a fellow member of the Mikasa support squad!). Although we haven’t had the chance to talk too much, when we have she has always been very friendly and supportive! So, thankyou!
@redcoaster - a fellow artist (and an amazing one at that)! We haven’t been able to talk too much, but when we have the conversations have always been very fun and interesting! She is a very friendly person and very nice to talk to! If you haven’t already I advise looking at her art, it is amazing! (My personally favorite is the female Titan)! Thankyou!
@hanji-freaking-zoe-official - such a nice and easy to talk to person! Thinking about it now, I don’t quite remember how we met, but I’m sure happy we did! When we have conversations (by conversations I really mean goofing off together) they never fail to keep me entertained! So, thankyou!
@h-a-n-j-i–z-o-e - I met them pretty recently, but they are such a nice person and a great RP blog! I’ve had fun goofing off with them RPing as Levi or Ymir, and they are so easy to have fun with! Thankyou!
@annie-leonhardts-ass - A fellow member of the butt brotherhood! They are such a sweet person and I’ve always enjoyed our chats very much! (We may or may not be a cult where we make sacrifices [only occasionally human] to attack on Titan characters butts). They play a great Annie and write very well! Also their responses will never make you fail to laugh (like seriously XD)! Thankyou!
@casually-not-fitting-in - one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We haven’t talked in a while because I’ve had finals, but I can’t wait to chat with them again! I’ve always loved our conversations and look forward to the ones ahead! Thankyou!
@bxtrxyed - another great RP blog! He is a very friendly person and we always have very enjoyable conversations! AND GUESS WHAT I WAS THAT ANON WHO SAID YOU WOULD BE SALT!!! SO, HA!! XD But all jokes aside, Thankyou!
@necrochet - Not an AoT blog, but still a hilarious person and such a fun person to talk to! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT ASK HIM TO SEND YOU PICTURES OF MUSCULAR TOAD!!!! Our conversations never fail to make me laugh! Thankyou!
@timid-warrior - another person who I met VERY recently, but nonetheless ( or should I say nichtsdestotrotz ;) ) I have very much enjoyed our conversations! They RP a fantastic Bertholdt, and they are such a nice person! AND THEY STILL WONT FREAKING TELL ME WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT MY ICON!! I have enjoyed our conversation so much! Thankyou!
So, now that the list is over I just want to give one more big thankyou to all these people! Whether they directly helped me with my blog or are the reason I enjoy doing this and stay on tumblr, they all have positively contributed to me in some way, and I have no doubt things wouldn’t be as enjoyable without each and everyone of them! Also… I’m probably forgetting someone, and as soon as I post this I’m gonna be all like,“What I talk to them literally daily how did I forget them!?”… if you’re one of those people I’m sorry! Please message me telling me, I promise you I won’t mind! Haha, I was kinda debating being a dick and leaving out people who I always talk to to deliberately annoy them, but I decided not to! Well, anyways, this is already long enough and I doubt anyone’s gonna read the whole thing, but I also want to say Thankyou to each and everyone of you who were weird enough to somehow like my trash content! So, thankyou to all of you guys!

inmyownfiction  asked:

Lauren~ if yo ever have time and you want, could you give us (me) more Jean headcanons? (modern ones, because I love the high school things lol) *hugs*

Oh my goodness, of course I can give you (and you in particular) more Jean headcanons! Modern au is my favorite too, so here we go!

  • Jean is an only child, and really dislikes it. When he was younger, his mom’s sister lived nearby, so he always had his cousins around to play with, but they moved away when Jean was five. And then he was alone. The Kirschteins lived in a neighborhood that was primarily older couples whose children were in high school or older, so Jean didn’t have many other kids to play with until he started school. 
  • Jean had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid, to compensate for his loneliness. His mom would watch him run around the house, on an imaginary adventure with his imaginary friends, and would marvel at her son’s creativity. 
  • It was also during his childhood that Jean was drawn to art. He would doodle pictures all over EVERYTHING as a child. So his father decided to channel his son’s apparent natural talent by teaching him how to sketch and draw. That was how Jean first made friends in school, with his drawing abilities. 
  • Jean is a very neat, organized person. He would always stay within the lines of coloring books, not wanting to upset the order. His room’s always decently clean, even in high school and beyond. He just likes things to look ‘nice.’ He’s not a complete neat freak, but disorganization irritates him.

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Christmas Special *requested*(Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader


Words: 1,300

“Good mornin’ sleepyhead.” You heard a faint gravely voice say, waking you up. You rubbed the back of your hands against your eyes and yawned, sitting up a little. Daryl was standing in front of you with a tray of food. Consisting of eggs and bacon, with some freshly squeezed orange juice. “What’s this?” You asked gaping at him. “Breakfast in bed. Don’t ya know anythin’?” He said and you just rolled your eyes and smiled at him, biting your bottom lip. He was standing there in a pair of boxers with a white t-shirt, and his hair was in a bit of disarray. You were convinced that there wasn’t a better sight in the world.

He put the tray carefully on top of your lap, and sat down next to you. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” He said kissing the side of your neck. “Merry Christmas to you too.” You said giving him a soft kiss. “I can’t believe you did this.” You told him, taking a bight of bacon. “I just wanted to do somethin’ nice.. I dunno..” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. You could tell when he was becoming self conscious, wondering if he had done something you didn’t like. “Well I love it, and I am going to expect this kind of treatment every morning.” You stated. “Yeah, ya wish.” Daryl answered, feeling relief that you had liked what he’d done for you. “Here have some.” You placed a piece of bacon against Daryl’s lips and he took a bight.


“Alright! Which one do you want to open first?” You asked Daryl, taking a seat on the floor next to the tree. Daryl just grunted and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, here lets start with this one.” You said, handing the package to him. He smirked when he opened it, seeing the pants that he told you he didn’t need. You smiled at his expression and handed him the next gift.  His eyes widened when he tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a brand new crossbow. “Holy shit, where did ya get this?” He asked you, aiming it to check if the barrel was still centered. “A sports shop a few miles away from here.” You told him. “I think It’s the TenPoint Ca-.” “Carbon Xtra Deluxe with ACUdraw.” Daryl finished for you. “Yeah, what you said.” You replied grinning at him, you didn’t know shit about crossbows. “It also has that thingy that holds five arrows, instead of the three yours only allowed.” You told him. “Thingy? Ya mean a quiver?” He asked, chuckling at you. “Uh, I guess.” You replied smirking.

“Do you like it?” You asked. “Yeah it’s great, thank you.” He said leaning forward and giving you a deep kiss. “There’s also something for you in your stocking.” You said giggling. Daryl walked to the fire place, stuck his hand in the stocking and pulled out the motorcycle parts. “Cant believe ya remembered this.” he said in surprise. Daryl never had anytime to do anything for himself, let alone find new items that he needed. He was always thinking of others. “It’ll be nice for you to finally use your bike again. I know how much you miss it.” You told him. “I missed it too. Going on rides together, it’s been a while.” You said smiling and he nodded.

“I got ya somethin’.” Daryl said and you raised your eyebrows. He went over to one of the drawers and pulled out a box wrapped in glittery gold wrapping paper. “Carol wrapped it.” He told you, walking back over to you. He laughed at your eagerness, when you took the box away from him and practically tore it open. “Oh my god, Daryl.. I can’t believe you got me a polaroid camera.” You said, turning it around in your hands to get a good look at it. “Hearin’ ya goin’ on ‘bout it was almost as bad as Mrs. Niedermeyer and her damn pasta maker.” He mentioned, grinning at you. “I love it!” You shouted and threw your arms around his neck and peppered kisses all over his face.


For most of the day you went around Alexandria taking pictures of your family (for all intents and purposes). You got a great one of Rick holding Judith, with Michonne standing next to him on thei front porch. Carl putting his hand in the way so you couldn’t get a clear picture of him. Glenn and Maggie, walking down the street with Santa hats on their heads. Eugene staring blankly at the camera. Rosita sitting on Abrahams lap. And Carol, who was working on cooking for tonight, with Sasha and some other members of the town. Last but certainly not least was Daryl, he was the one you were taking the most pictures of. One of your favorites was him putting on the new parts you had gotten for his bike, kneeling on one knee.

“Come on Daryl I just need one decent one.” You weren’t able to get one of his face because he would always dodge it. “Please, for me.” You looked up at him innocently, swaying back and forth. “Fine.” He sighed and stood next to you. “You have to smile though.” You instructed him. “I ain’t smilin’.” He sternly told you. You ended up telling him a dirty joke that he actually laughed at and snapped the camera with perfect timing, putting your head close to his. “Look at this! It came out so cute.” You said, showing him the picture. He couldn’t believe it, he actually looked happy. He cupped your face in one hand, kissing you softly and you took the opportunity to quickly take another picture of you two kissing. “Fuck, I’m never gonna be safe am I?” Daryl said and you shook your head laughing a little.


“Dance with me?” You asked Daryl. You were at the Christmas party and Daryl was being his usual antisocial self, leaning against the wall. “Nah, I don’t dance.” He said looking at you as if you had grown a second head. “Ok. I’ll admit I’m pushing my luck a little.” You said chuckling. “Rick will you dance with me?” You asked Rick who was standing next to you and Daryl, talking to a couple of people. “Sure.” He said smiling at you and followed you to where everyone was dancing. Daryl just stayed there and watched you laughing and having fun. He noticed you glancing over at him a few times. Daryl wanted to be able to do that kind of stuff with you, but for some reason he just couldn’t. You both were complete opposites of each other, however there was no denying that you belonged together.

“C’mon, stop bein’ such a pussy. Do this for (Y/N).” Daryl mentally scolded himself. He made his way through the crowd to you. “Mind if I cut in?” He asked Rick, who had a surprised look on his face and so did you. Rick bowed to you and you did a little curtsy, laughing at each other. When Rick left Daryl slid his arm around your waist and you placed your hand in his. “Yer gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” He asked you. “You’re actually good at this. Who would have thought?” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. He rolled his eyes and grunted.


When the party started to die down you and Daryl went back home. “So how was your Christmas?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his shirt collar. “Best I ever had.” He said leaning his head down for a kiss, but you slid out of his grasp. “Well it’s still technically Christmas and I have one more present for you.” You said winking at him, taking slow steps backwards. Then you hurriedly scrambled up the stairs laughing the whole time, with Daryl following closely behind you.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a fun and safe holiday everyone! Please comment, letting me know if you liked it and would like more stories like this in the future! Xoxo

GoddessesofWrestling’s Top Ten Women Wrestlers of 2016

10. Ember Moon 

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

With a successful debut at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, Ember Moon has caught the eye of the WWE/NXT Universe. Her finisher is so killer and goes along perfectly with her character. Hopefully in 2017, Moon will capture the NXT Women’s Championship or possibly even a call up to the main roster. I look forward to seeing more of her in 2017.

9. Nia Jax

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Being called up to join RAW’s main roster during the 2016 Draft, was an interesting call for Nia Jax. I mean she didn’t stay in NXT for very long, but had an excellent feud with former NXT Women’s Champion, Bayley. Although in 2016, Jax has proved herself to be a force reckoned with. She won multiple squash matches and now is feuding with former NXT Women’s Champion and three time RAW Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. I’m excited to see where this feud will lead us in 2017.

8. Lana

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

2015 was a messy year for Lana. She “split” from Rusev and ran off with Dolph Ziggler. Lana the proceeded to become “Cool Lana.” Then, Summer Rae became “romantically” involved with Rusev and started managing him. This feud between was confusing to grasp on to. Also, even before we could get into the feud, TMZ broke news that Lana and Rusev were engaged in real life. So, WWE had to scrap the feud and Lana gained a little backstage heat. However, The “Ravishing Russian”, Lana, has done very well in 2016. Lana successfully debuted her wrestling skills at Wrestlemania 32. Her character was so flawless and the wrestling moves she performed at Mania went along very well wit her character. Also, she was very dominant on the microphone. In 2017, I really hope to see Lana wrestle full time and continue to deliver promos and pipebombs.

7. Alexa Bliss

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

First off, when I heard WWE could take picks from NXT for the Draft, my mind did not immediately go to Alexa Bliss. So, when Alexa Bliss was drafted to Smackdown Live, I was shocked, but also happy. Bliss worked very hard in NXT and did not come from any wrestling background. She started off as a very sweet face, which I was okay with at first, but it got old real quick. So, when she turned heel I was excited. She became the manager for Murphy & Blake and helped them to NXT Tag Team gold. After the tag team went their separate ways, there was really nothing left for Bliss in NXT. When she was drafted, I hoped Smackdown Live could really develop a strong heel character with her and they fulfilled my hopes. They solidified her as a monster heel and she starting feuding with Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. I wished Becky’s title reign was longer, but I’m happy Bliss finally has a chance to shine. In 2017, I hope WWE continues pressing her as the dominant heel in the Women’s Division.

6. Bayley

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Okay I seriously love Bayley. I think she is the female John Cena (sorry Nikki Bella). She connects so well with the younger audience and she sells her character so well. I do personally think Bayley should of been called up to the main roster during the Draft or even sooner than that. I feel as if they kept Bayley in NXT too long, but I understand why. She was the one of last original women in NXT. Also, when I say “original women”, I mean Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Summer Rae, and Sasha Banks. She ended up finally debuting on the main roster at Battleground on July 24, as Sasha Banks’ mystery partner. She then went back to NXT, to fight Asuka for the last time at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II. FINALLY, on the following RAW after Takeover Brooklyn II, Bayley debuted on RAW as a full time wrestler. So far, Bayley has feuded with Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, and feuding with Charlotte. In 2017, I hope this feud continues and Bayley ends up winning the RAW Women’s Championship or she keeps serving us some Hugger Realness.

5. Naomi

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Do you feel the glow, because I certainly do. In 2016, we saw the end of Team B.A.D. (*grabs tissues*). I do certainly think this was the best for Naomi, because she needed to develop a eye-catching character for her own well-being. So, when the WWE Draft happened and she was drafted to Smackdown Live, I was thrilled. I have always loved Naomi’s charisma and wresting abilities. She has always been very athletic, I mean I remember watching her on NXT with AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. She personally stole the show for me there. Although, Naomi has never really stuck with a character. In 2015, Naomi started to develop this “Glow” character. She would come out and wear this light up shades and shoes. That character was soon replaced by her Team B.A.D. persona. Then that character would soon be scrapped because Team B.A.D. split up in 2016. So, Naomi was back to sqaure one with no character. Until, she debuted on Smackdown Live with her revised “Glow” character. I instantly loved it. I thought it was entertaining, fun, and charismatic. Also, her wrestling abilities have improved as well. So, in 2017 WWE needs to elevate her character by putting her in a solid feud or even put her in the title picture and maybe let her win a title this time.

4. Asuka

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Asuka won my heart in 2016. She defeated Bayley to win the NXT Women’s Champion. I feel as if it was the right choice to pass the torch to Asuka. Two reasons: 1. Bayley’s time was ending in NXT 2. Asuka already has a strong wrestling background and a solid character. Asuka’s character is amazing because Asuka doesn’t have to talk trash to beat you. She is more on the lines as my skills speak for me. Asuka’s wrestling abilities are phenomenal and you can tell she has been doing this for a long time. After ending Bayley’s title reign, Asuka feuded with Nia Jax and beat her. Then, she and Bayley met the final time at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, where Asuka retained. Also, she beat my girl, Mickie James, at NXT Takeover Toronto. The best thing for WWE to do with Asuka in 2017 is to let her title reign pass Paige’s title reign because this will portray her as the most dominant figure to enter the Women’s Division.

3. Sasha Banks

Originally posted by mitchtheficus

Oh my girl, Sasha Banks, slayed in 2016. I have been such a huge fan of Sasha Banks. I’ve been a fan ever since she was Mercedes KV and when she was a little face in NXT. Sasha has grown so much since departing from NXT. At Wrestlemania 32, Banks and her fellow NXT alumnae, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, delivered the best match of the evening. It was a Triple Threat for the new Women’s Championship. Also, I lived for Banks’ Eddie Guerrero inspired gear. She took risks that match and this elevated her as a primary figure of the Women’s Division. After losing at Mania, Banks split from Team B.A.D. and ventured into various feuds. My personal favorite feud of 2016 was Banks versus Charlotte. This feud almost knocks Lita versus Trish Stratus out of the water. I mean honestly I was on the edge of my seat every time those two fought. Also, they main evented and opened for RAW several times. Although, I do like Banks as a heel, I didn’t mind her as a babyface. In 2017, I hope Sasha Banks will eventually feud with Bayley (causing her to turn heel) or maybe feud with some other fellow NXT alumnae like Paige or Emma (my bad Emmalina).

2. Becky Lynch   

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

The Irish Lass Kicker stole my heart in 2016. A side note, I loved when she changed her hair to a bright orange instead of that dark red she had in NXT. Anyways, back to Becky Balboa. At Wrestlemania 32, Becky Lynch participated in one of the best women’s matches WWE has ever seen. After Mania, her eye got messed up and she had to get stitches, but she still fought and looked beautiful at the same time. When the WWE Draft took place, Lynch was drafted to Smackdown Live. I was happy because I felt as if WWE needed to split up the Four Horsewomen. Being drafted to Smackdown Live, gave Lynch her own time to shine. She became the first ever Smackdown Live’s Women’s Champion and this put her as the top face of the Smackdown’s Women’s Division. In 2017, I hope Lynch is given another title reign or even a feud with Nikki Bella would be interesting.

1. Charlotte

Originally posted by charlotteflairdaily

This was a no-brainer. Charlotte Flair was the Last Divas Champion and became the New Women’s Champion in the same night. She feuded with Natalya, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and most importantly, Sasha Banks. Also, she got some new ring gear and an amazing robe. Anyways, Charlotte and Sasha Banks delivered a feud of a lifetime. This feud was arguably better than the Lita and Trish Stratus feud. Besides delivering one of the greatest feuds of all time, she widened her move set. Now, we see Charlotte doing moonsaults. She helped Dana Brooke settle on the main roster by making Brooke her protege. She finally broke free of Ric Flair and slapped him twice. Also, she yelled and cursed at him. Now, I’m gonna give Charlotte a free pass on this, but whenever she delivers a promo or a pipebomb, she cannot control the volume of her voice. Her loud, booming voice is overshadowed by the fact that she has a solid winning PPV streak for the entire year of 2016. Also, a major note Charlotte is now a four times Women’s Champion. Congratulations to Charlotte for working hard and coming so far from being Summer Rae’s BFF in NXT.

anonymous asked:

Can you share some little head canons about the The Squad™(by that I mean Sasha, Marco, Connie, and Jean!) They are my fave little group!!

Um, of course I can do some headcanons for The Squad™! They’re my favorite little group too, and they need some more love! (I will apologize for how long it took me to get to this; school. I will also apologize for making it a little more shippy than usual, but I’ll do my best to keep it neutral so all ships have their day.)

Any AU:

  • They became friends by accident. Connie sat next with Marco and Jean at dinner the first night, and the three became friends by proximity. They started hanging out together, training and studying and just hanging out together (depends on au, of course.) Then, they got Sasha involved by jumping on the teasing train that grew after the potato incident, (cause there was probably one of those in a modern context too.) At first, Jean and Connie join in on the teasing, but Sasha just dishes it right back at them until they gain a mutual respect and just become friends. Marco was friendly the whole time, of course. 
  • When Sasha sneaks food into class, the boys all get a cut. 
    • Connie was the first person she ever willingly shared food with. Jean and Marco were close seconds, but no one let Connie forget that he was first. 
  • Marco, Connie, and Sasha are the only people who know that Jean’s terrified of thunderstorms, and are therefore the only people capable to calm him down through one. 
  • They tease each other relentlessly. Even Marco, who was so sweet in the beginning, is just destroying his friends with these witty one-liners, and they all just throw it back. If you didn’t know them, you’d think they hated each other. But it’s all in good fun, and they know what’s too far and never go there. 
  • They initiate the prank wars. Any prank war that occurs, you can bet that one or more of them was involved in setting it up. 

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Answering all your Questions <3

konstancijaa_hoodif you could travel for free to a place where would it be?

I would want to go back to Bali <3

charlescagni If you had to be any animal…what city would you live in?London 

me11nawhere’s the next place you would like to travel this year???


maelys.nwwhat is your favourite thing about travelling?
Discovering and immersing myself in new unknown cultures!

I was born in New York, I am of lebanese and Algerian origins, I lived in Switzerland for 15 years and in the UK for 2

yxleviHow many places have you visited already?
Hmm.. I can’t say :p haha

yxlevi hobbies?
photography,filmmaking,tennis,soccer… long walks on the beach ;)

charlescagniIf you had to be a brick, what building would you be part of ?
Empire state building
benovarozaliewhat place that you’ve visited has been your favorite?
yxlevi Favorite season
Summer Obviously ;)

charlescagni If you had to be someones toilet paper, who would it be ?
Justin Biebers.

that’s not a question lol

yxleviFavorite pizza toppings

melanieb_1999 What do you recommend is a good camera for beginners in film?
your IPHONE!

blurryfacemichael if you could only keep 1 of your senses which would it be? (like smell, taste, touch, sight or hearing)
TASTE. cuz I love food lol.
charlescagni Can you be my tomato to your chicken salad ?
psommerfeld What kind of camera do you use? 💚
I use a canon 5D mark III

hannah.louiseee2001 Will you marry me?❤
Where’s my ring :(

maelys.nwWhat’s your happiest memory and why?
Its hard narrowing it down to one single event in my past… a lot has happened and I’m more happy on the amalgamation of multiple events that made my childhood for instance. One of my favourite times was living in England so I guess that would be one of them!
anis.ellyShows you’re currently into
True Detective, Archer, Freaks and Geeks,Empire & Limitless
siianniie@kalousseimi WILL YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND.!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
maelys.nwif you had to choose between digital camera & film camera. what would you keep?
THAT’S AN EVIL QUESTION! Both have their perks and faults. I really really couldn’t say haha. Probably digital.
yxleviNationalityyyyy? 😁
Swiss and American!
klthm_Favourite country you ever visited?
aura97_Favourite country you’ve visited? Have you been to Spain? Love your videos btw 😍💜
Indonesia! Yes I’ve been to Mallorca and Madrid! (and thank you :P )

aura97_What are you studying at Emerson? Lots of love from Spain 😘
Film and Tv Production - Lots of love from my dorm room x
mack_widemanWhat made you choose Emerson?
I honestly had the choice between Emerson, attending the best film school in the UK which is in Scotland and a school in London (that wasn’t too good). To be honest, the decision was a bit rushed and I did not think it through enough. The reason I picked Emerson is because of the reputation it has for filmmaking. Additionally I had the possibility of starting in Spring that meant I could travel more… so yeah it was more “appealing” i guess.
nurizneewhen is your birthday?
December 17th!

iz.xy How do you get your hair so luscious?
I got it from my mama.
nurizneesay iznee. okay that’s not a question but say it
aylaredzicn What’s your favorite Football team ? and do you like Animals ? ❤❤❤😍
Barcelona :) - I LOVE animals

sly_dancer What’s do you like the most about living in Boston?
I couldn’t say, yet! I’ve only been here 2 months!

karina_ibisheva What are your plans for the future?
No idea haha. I want to be a filmmaker or a comedian, we will see where life takes me.
ericsmodeCan you pop lock and drop it?
Yeah I actually have a video of me doing it, I can send it to you if you want.
bebellep What you know about Brazil?
beijou (& I’m going to an island there this summer!) 

ameerahparvez what are you studying at Harvard?
I studied books. I hope you know the Harvard thing was a joke haha :p
skywalkersyd if you could remake any movie what movie would you pick and why? Also as a side, who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life? 😊
The percy jackson movie. I feel like it was badly executed sadly, I LOVED THE BOOK (Which is weird cause I never read). I would Cast myself haha.

january_white What is your favorite subject to photograph? #1 most embarrasing story?? What do you like most about film? Favorite birthday memory? And lastly, do you have any nicknames for your dog? 🐶
I like taking photos of people on large spaces of epic scenery. I like capturing a moment in time and having it immortalised through moving pictures. I call my dog Pouch Pouch! I can’t think of the most embarrassing moment of my life because I embarrass myself all the time.

fridasjoooberg Have you ever been to Sweden?💃
No! But I have swedish friends and I’m going to visit them in the Summer in Stockholm!

genesis_pollypocket@kalousseimi favorite color?
Black and Navy Blue

jasmine.247 What’s you fav music?
Tropical House and rap

leabertelle What nationality are you? Xx
American and Swiss

maryamalhilabi_ What’s your heritage?
Lebanese and Algerian
maryamalhilabi_What do you study?
Film and Tv Production

eyyowonderlandcan u come to Sweden sometime?
June 10-12th!
maryamalhilabi_Favorite pizza toppings?
I don’t have to repeat my self hahah. I LOVE EVERY PIZZA

maryamalhilabi_How difficult it is to think of new video Ideas?
Very hard. Especially because everyone is creating nowadays, its hard to come up with original ideas.

arielle_m__Can you say the ABC’s backwards?

hollyvws Do you miss high school?
Weirdly… I do. It was much easier than College. Not only academically but mentally too. You just have all the people you love, (or hate), in the same place. It makes it easier to cope with. Now everyone of my friends are scattered across the globe and it’s difficult sometimes.. I miss them.

hollyvwsApple juice or orange juice?
hollyvwsDo you have a favourite type of dolphin?
The cute ones that let me pet them


magdabaumerI know you’re born in NY, but where’s your origin in Europe exactly?🌍 @kalousseimi

dana_qasemWhat are you studying in uni??
Film and Tv production
art_booksWhere have you lived in your life?
New York, Geneva, London,Boston & now Bermuda.
art_booksWhat do you do at 1am?
sleep or watch useless videos and think about life.
maryamalhilabi_Why do you love unicorns so much?
I have no idea, I wish I could explain. Its like the relationship between a fan girl and Justin Bieber.
hartIf you could speak any other languages fluently what would you want to speak?😊❤️

keelykbrewer Can you dance?
Debatable. I’m alright haha
keelykbrewerWorst movie you’ve ever seen?

keelykbrewer Most boring class you had to take in school?
Every class is boring… Lol. jk 

keelykbrewer Worst subject in school?

keelykbrewer Have any tattoos? if not would you ever get one?
I was thinking of getting one, but I don’t know if I would really be able to commit to one. Just having a un erasable drawing on my body that will one day be unreadable because of ageing skin feels weird. My sister has many, but so far I haven’t been in the part of my life where I feel like i need or want a tattoo.
keelykbrewer Favorite performer at the super bowl halftime show? Do you even care about American football?
I don’t watch American football but I heard Bruno mars killed it.

keelykbrewer Favorite youtuber?
Caspar lee
nilys_bookstories Where would you like to live?
I’m content in Bermuda, but London is the best city ever.

nilys_bookstories What’s your favorite country?

nilys_bookstories What languages would you like to speak?
Italian, Spanish.
gbrasil27 Who is your biggest inspiration? /Tell something about yourself that anybody knows
Tyler the creator. I’m actually not very cool in real life.. shh don’t tell anyone.
gbrasil27 Have you ever dated someone? When you dicided to study film in college?
I had a girlfriend for 8 months, that is the longest I have done. I decided I wanted to study film at the age of 16.

jfcalenawhy are you so obsessed with unicorns?
bro no idea hahaha

_ines_kjcDo you listen to hard rock music?
No :(

_ines_kjcFavorite book ? ☺
Outliers- Malcom Gladwell
_ines_kjcHave you ever been to Portugal?
YES! Lisbon! for a music festival.
Ines_kjcAre you dating ? 😜
No one wants to date me :(

sourcottoncande What’s your favorite video you have made? ❤️
14 days in Bali!

murmelhanna Were you in Barbados July 2013? If not I met your doppelganger 😮
I was haha. Weird. 

yo_morgsHis FACE LOOKS LIKE JOSEPH @madii2901
OMG YAH TOTALLY! Who’s Joseph?

liviamilyDo you like ducks??
What inspired you to do what you are doing know?
A search of approval for my creations I guess.

Have you encountered a fan before?
Only once at Heathrow airport! was a lovely encounter!
kendalllljennnerWhat’s your perspective on culture? since you have experienced many types in your lifetime of traveling
Culture isn’t something that defines you. I learned a lot of different things through different cultures and it made me realise that all of us aren’t very different from one another, despite our origins and countries.

oiamcnFav pair of shoe this month
Yeezy Boost 350 oxford Tan
ch3lsey98F avourite movie genre?
eggperz Your First impression on Sasha when you first met her?? #AskKal
“This girl knows ALOT about books”

a.ndoIf if you were kidnapped and the only way your kidnapper would allow you to escape is to eat dog shit or drink your best friends piss, what would you do?
nadirazlin what you would have on your pizza?
nadirazlin favourite movie?
The Beach

nadirazlin who inspired you to be a filmmaker ?
nadirazlin favourite song at the moment?
Don’t Bryson Tiller

nadirazlin where would you travel next?
nadirazlin do the dab
I did it

nadirazlin what shampoo do you use?
I don’t wash my hair.. Jokes don’t worry I’m clean haha. Garner Fructose

nadirazlin coffee or tea?

nadirazlinwhat filter do you use the most?
E4 on VSCO
nadirazlincan you pronounce my name without getring it wrong? its azlin
Azlin x

.hartWho are you spending Valentine’s Day with?
I spent it third wheeling on  my parents Valentines date. 

arimry96 What’s something you really wanna do before you die?

kristarice525Why are you so amazing? ily❤️
AWWW <3 

I’m wondering how you call your fans?
I’m not very comfortable with the term FAN. I love all of you like friends!

knightwing23Whats your fave city/country?
London, England

cassidywalkeerWill you be my valentine? Love you and your videos!!😚💓
Yes I’d love too sorry for the delayed response lol
cassidywalkeer Favorite album atm?? Love you! 💓💓💓
The life of Pablo (kanye)
andreamerbarry what is your dream?
To be happy and successful doing what I love. Filmmaking.

jenaosselaerIf you could only listen to 1 song your entire life, what song would it be?
Love yourself
_it_s_anicaI would love to know :What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was Yes ? and - What is your favorite and least favorite thing about creating stuff ? ✨
Can I get a billion dollars? I love creating because it allows me to channel all my emotions into something that I can see later on and remember what emotion or idea of whatever the thing in question was. The major setback in creating is constant creation, which I have started doing. Its very difficult to always be funny or always be entertaining. With today’s generation and technology I feel like we need to be constantly entertained and fed information in order to stay interested. Therefore in order for people like me, creators, to stay relevant, we need to be uploading and posting 24/7. And that’s what I like the least I think.
michelllesuHow tall r u ?

5 foot 8

ocampolleanIs English your first language?
No not really, I think it’s french. or both haha.

anamareuhWhere are you from?
anamareuh How old are you?

anamareuhDo you have any tattoos?
anamareuhHow many languages do you speak?
3, Mandarin, English, French
katovanroy_Film you have watched most?
The Beach
anamareuhDid take the pottermore sorting quiz? if you did what house are you in?
anamareuhWhat’s your favorite band?
Future Islands
Have you watched American Horror Story, if yes do you like it?
i’m too scared to watch it alone haha. I will grow the strength to watch it soon.

anamareuhWhat’s your opinion on long distance relationships?
if you love the person, it can work. My parents met when they were 16 and continued seeing each other despite being on two complete different sides of the United States. And at that time they didn’t have Skype or facetime… That shows that if the love is strong enough than you can probably make it work! 
can you say hi to me?
hi x
nadirazlintravelling or filmmaking?
wow. thanks. for hurting my brain. haha. I can’t pick.

lilflowernerdHow do you find yourself to stay motivated? Any advice? 😁
Sometimes I am not too motivated really. It takes a lot to wake up in the morning and say hey lets be productive. I learned over the years that the only limitations that you have as an individual are set by yourself. Therefore if you think that you can’t do something, you will feel like you can’t and you simply won’t do it. You need to believe in yourself and force yourself to do certain things. I keep this in mind everyday when I wake up and through this I am MOTIVATED!

_itscessyAny advice for people who plan to travel alone for the first time?
Meet as many people as you can, take as many videos and photos, immerse yourself in the culture, don’t be afraid and LIVE!
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_itscessyAre you superstitious? If so, what are you most superstitious about?
handing the salt without putting it down at dinner.

trinabowbina3 places that you have never visited before but would like to in the future
New Zealand
iya_what camera do you use?

siianniieWILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE!!!!! @kalousseimi 💋❤️💗💖💛❣💘💚💕💝💙💞💜💓


sashaalsbergWhat Hogwarts house are you in? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

jelassilina fears?
spiders and getting lost in a supermarket

readingbythefireplaceIf you could change anything about the world we live in, what would it be? 🌸🌻
wow. deep. Maybe everyone’s obsession with fake beauty.

readingbythefireplaceWhat would you do if you won the lottery? ⭐️
I would donate to various charities but also please my self. Invest in my future!

readingbythefireplaceTu parles français ? :p

fridasjoooberg Do you have tumblr?
yes this is my tumblr :p

madina.mavlanWhat time is it in Boston?
right now 9:46 pm

madina.mavlanWhat do you want to achieve through your YouTube channel?
I want people to laugh and be distracted from their daily routine and enter a world of lol.

madina.mavlanAny advice for how to ‘punch someone in the face’ but not literally? 😾😸

nadirazlinwhos your spirit animal, mine is my best friend bc shes awesome

greenlittlepeaWhy did you start your YT channel ?
I had too much free time lol

greenlittlepeaWho’s your fashion inspiration ?
Justin Bieber not going to lie, kid’s got style

greenlittlepeaFavourite film ever ?
The beach.

jade_wunderle_Favourite place you have visited? ✈

★ Rulana Abidi ★ @ATL_rulana Feb 20
How tall are you? How was the last modelling gig? And how many times have you been on a plane? =p #askKal

I am 5 foot 8. The gig was so fun! I hope I get to do that more often. Literally wouldn’t be able to say but about 200 i think

Alright so everybody wants to know what I think about Beth surviving that shot to the head. So let me be clear. I’m on the fence. I fell in love with Beth when Daryl did ok. So I really cannot subject myself to that kind of heartbreak again. With that said, I think most of the theories floating around are awesome and I’m admiring them from a safe distance. It’s hard to believe she might still be alive after what we saw. It wasn’t just a bullet graze. It was full on in the head, shown up close and personal. And they carried her body out. Prepare to read a novel now.

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More on the Jean death front

Okay, so some people are saying that Jean is Isayama’s favorite character so he would never kill him. And, yes, that in itself might save Jean.

However, I believe that’s the only reason Jean would be saved. Jean went through a good amount of character development when Marco died, correct? Well, think about how much the other characters would go through if Jean died right in front of them and they couldn’t do anything to stop it. I think I can actually feel the development right now.

Jean doesn’t really have a place anymore. He does fill the place of a normal solider with moral trials, but we’re losing space for something like him, someone to whine talk about the way the Survey Corps is currently operating. I rolled my eyes when he was talking about it last chapter. Also, other characters fill the space of “normal” solider. Connie, Sasha and even Armin, to a slightly lesser degree. I have seen more work on Connie and Sasha’s characters lately and I have to wonder if they’re going to edge Jean out. He has also been there to create conflict with Eren, but now that the plot has really blown up, there are so many characters that can take that roll.

Now, on to the theories of how Jean leaves.

Theory 1: Armin reaching under his cloak for a gun and shooting the woman.

This theory is plausable, but there is one fairly large hole. Those guns we have seen the Survey Corps don’t seem like they could be hidden in one of those cloaks.

(yes, I had to use this picture)

There are smaller guns in the SnK universe but I don’t think I’ve ever seen some one from the Survey Corps handle one. Also, if they did get their hands on that equipment, don’t you think they’d give it straight to Levi? I mean, look what he did in the picture above with one of the longer ones.

Theory 2: Mikasa saves Jean

Yes, this is the theory that, in my opinion, makes more sense. Mikasa is an undeniable badass, but she does look kind of far away to be doing anything. It’s still possible though, just like the Armin theory.

Another thing: People who are trying to convince themselves that Jean is alive because the blood splatter we see is small for a gunshot wound… Well, first manga and anime aren’t very well known for being anatomically correct, but never mind that. Secondly, from what I can see, those guns are less of guns and more like tiny cannons. After all, look what happened to Nifa

and that was when Kenny was still fairly far away too, don’t forget

This woman is holding one of those guns at point blank range right at Jean’s head. If she fired, it would completely blow his head off.

And that would, coupled with the fact that I don’t remember the cart they were in ever stop moving, it would result in about the correct about of blood that is contained in that splatter.

Also, Isayama said this chapter left him feeling fairly depressed at the end of writing it (I’m simplifying) so it is possible that’s because he had just decided to kill off his favorite character. Because of the situation that they have been put in and all the parallels that it has to Marco’s death (which I just barely scratched the surface of and I’m not going to get into those for that reason), if I was writing this, Jean would be dead.

Now, I want to make this very clear. I have no idea if Jean will live or not. No clue. It’s possible that he’ll die, but he might live. I don't know. But I felt like getting all this out there anyway.


So if you missed it (and I don’t know how you could have if you follow me on social media, because I posted about it NONSTOP), last night I got the chance to meet one of my absolute favorite wrestlers, sashabankswwe​.  The whole experience of driving 11 hours to go see my first NXT show was incredible and I plan on writing a post about it sometime tomorrow.  But I did wanna talk about this for a minute before crashing for the night (the 12 hour drive home today has me a functional human being only in the loosest sense of the term).

I talk about Sasha Banks on here a lot.  I mean, I talk about wrestling a lot, but I probably talk about Sasha Banks on the internet more than I talk about any other wrestler.  And driving down yesterday, I realized that I maybe haven’t ever properly articulated why that is. I’m gonna try to do that now.  I’d been a fan of Sasha’s for about six months before I found out that she’s my age.  That was a weirdly pivotal moment for me.  I’m so used to the people that I look up to being older than me.  I’m not sure why (maybe because they usually are?).  For some reason, seeing that this girl who was literally born the same year as me doing what she loved at the highest level of performance possible in her field was just the most inspiring thing to me.  After that, watching her rise up the card, consistently putting on show-stealing matches and defying preconceived notions of what women’s wrestling could be, and eventually becoming the NXT Women’s Champion was just the coolest thing, and she became one of my favorite wrestlers.  She also became a big reason that I kept taking fitness and health seriously, which has resulted in me being a genuinely happier person for the last year or so.

Over the past few months, Sasha has been really great about communicating with her fanbase, largely via Tumblr.  She’s also been cool enough to give a couple nods my way, whether it was just favoriting my posts that geeked on her most recent match or, more recently, scolding me for not having her shirt yet on Instagram.  A few months ago, she even reblogged the only fitness progress picture I’ve ever posted, which I basically saw as the world’s way of saying, “Yes, keep doing that, good job.”  So I shot her a tweet a couple days before the show saying that after seeing her match with Becky Lynch at Takeover, I’d decided to drive down to Florida for a house show.

When we got to the show, we were basically handed meet and greet tickets and told that Sasha would be one of the performers signing.  I was tired, gross from driving for 11 hours straight, and also HAD LITERALLY NARROWLY MISSED WRECKING THE CAR AND DYING TEN MINUTES AWAY FROM THE VENUE (this is a real thing that actually happened that I will explain tomorrow, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest).  Basically, I was a mess.  And suddenly I was basically told that I was gonna meet the Queen in like, 15 minutes.  I scrambled about and charged my phone for a minute so I could take a picture, and then got in line.  I went to the show with my friend Kasey, who immediately observed that I was already blushing because I am a calm, cool, collected guy, obviously.  Now, let’s be clear: wrestling is obviously 100% real and unstaged and not fictional in the slightest, but if you’re one of those “smart mark” types, I believe you’d say that Sasha was doing the meet and greet “in character”.  Which meant that when I got to the front of the line and asked her to sign my “WE CAME FROM VA TO SEE THE BO$S” poster, I was greeted with, “YOU STILL DON’T HAVE MY SHIRT.”  And like, look, she was right, I made a mistake and I’ll be the first to admit that.  The Boss was gracious enough to forgive that and stamped the poster with her autograph stamp (because Sasha Banks is a queen and pens are for peasants) and then snapped a quick picture, demanding that I hold up my sign when she saw that I wasn’t.  We were rushed off by security after that so the Queen could meet the rest of her subjects.

After the show we hung around and ended up meeting almost all of the wrestlers that were at the show, which was super cool.  Unfortunately, I missed Sasha when she came out of the building.  I had brought a copy of one of my comics for her as a thank-you for all the inspiration and Tumblr shoutouts and whatnot, but didn’t get a chance to give it to her after the show.  This was a slight bummer, but at this point I had basically decided that I had to come back in August for another show, so maybe next time.  Instead, I spent the post-show hangouts talking to a cool little gal named Izzy (if you watch NXT, she’s the girl Bayley always hugs at ringside) and her family (WHO ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE AND HELPED US FIND A HOTEL THAT DIDN’T DOUBLE AS A METH LAB).  They had a bunch of cool stories that confirm that Sasha is a really amazing human being, which made my night even better.

Obviously I’d have loved to tell her some of this to her face, but hey, meet and greets run like clockwork and the Queen is a busy lady.  We checked into a hotel at about 1AM and, upon charging my phone, saw that her only comment on my Instagram photo of us was “Did you get my shirt” (the merch booth couldn’t take cards that night so I couldn’t get one there, which was a bummer, but I’ll have one by the next show for sure)

It was pretty perfect, all said and done.  When we got to the venue before the show, I was so fried from that drive that I found myself wondering how on earth I was going to be able to get in that car again in less than 18 hours. But a few minutes later, as I was walking away from the meet and greet, I knew the whole trip had been worth it.  I got to meet the Queen.  23 hours in a Toyota Yaris is nothing. 

DWTS Tour, Harrah’s Cherokee

The show was great but what happened after was even better!  Except, no Val :(

My friend and I dragged our husbands with us to Cherokee, so they hung out in the casino while we went to the show. Val and Jenna were FIRE when they danced together. FIRE, y’all. I also really enjoyed Alan and Brittany’s contemporary and Val and Emma’s version of “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” I could watch Val perform that dance with a phonebook and I’d still feel it deep down. I’m not sure what or if anything was changed since neither Peta or Rumer were at our show. I had purposefully stayed away from tour show pics and videos so I could experience it for myself!

One highlight of the show that I particularly loved- during the Q&A, Melissa asked Val what his favorite moment was during his time on DWTS and he answered, “Seeing my brother win the mirror ball trophy.” Cue screams and maybe a tear or two, ha!

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