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Take Care of Me || Justin Foley x Reader

Yes indeedy. Justin is like such a sad baby boy.

Word Count: 682

Warnings: Mentions of Abuse 


    When you first met Justin Foley, he seemed like the perfect guy. He had an award winning smile, perfect hair, great style, and never failed to make you laugh. But slowly, as word of Hannah Baker’s suicide spread, and Justin began walking into class with fresh bruises every morning; things changed.

    The two of you had stopped going on dates first. Then, you began to spend less time together during school. Until, eventually, it was as if you were nothing more than a couple of strangers. You never saw him. You stopped trying to call after the eighth attempt.

    You didn’t want to be one of those people in relationships that just can’t let go. The ones that show up at your doorstep three months after no contact and start breaking things. You had to admit, though, he was a hard one to lose.

    You sat in the empty school lunchroom. There was a basketball game going on next door, and you hadn’t really felt like attending.

    The sound of shoes squeaking on the polished floor came from your right, and you lifted your head in the direction of it. You felt your mouth go dry when you caught sight of Justin. He was staring at you, though one eye was partially swollen shut with a dark bruise surrounding it.

    “Holy hell,” you muttered, pushing yourself up.

    You rushed over to him, smoothing a hand along his cheek. He winced, but made an effort not to pull away. He placed his hand on top of yours, pressing it down harder.

    “Where have you  been?” you asked quietly.

    He inhaled deeply, clenching his jaw. “Don’t ask, please. Just stay with me. I need you to stay with me.”

    You wrapped your arms around him tightly, pulling him in for a hug. “Okay, I won’t ask. Just… if you want me to stay with you, you have to stay with me.”

    He nodded, burying his face in the crook of your neck. You ran your hand down his back, shushing him as his breath hitched, cracking with a quiet sob.

    “Leaving you was the worst mistake of my life,” he whispered. “I thought it would help you. I’m not what you need, but you’re what I need.”

    You pulled away just enough to look him in the face. “I love you, Justin.”

    His lower lip quivered, tears brimming in his eyes. “I love you too, Y/N.”

    “Then tell me what happened,” you replied.

    He looked down, trying to pull away, but you held him tighter. It didn’t take long for the warmth of your body pressing against his own to break through his shell. He melted against you, letting his head fall back onto your shoulder, hands wandering down to play with the hem of your shirt.

    “You know how my mom is. Her new boyfriend is an asshole. If I even attempt to stand up to him he acts like he’s going to murder me,” he said finally. “I hate him, and I hate her. All I need is you. Please, can I come live with you?”

    You were probably the only seventeen year old in town who had their own place. Partly because your parents owned multiple homes and were constantly renting them out, and partly because you were just a trustworthy teen. The baddest thing you’d ever done was steal a candy bar from a convenience store, but that was when you were like six.

    “You should’ve told me,” you said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Of course you can.”

    “I know,” he whispered. “I was afraid you’d think I was just trying to get into your pants or something. I’m not like what Hannah Baker said, I swear. I made a mistake. I should have told everyone that the rumors weren’t true. I really do need you. I have no one else.”

    “I know, Justin. Everyone makes mistakes, but you’ve changed. You’re different now.” You took his hands into your own, bringing them to your lips. “I’m here, okay? I’ll take care of you.”

My Favorite Stark (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1786

Summary: The reader definitely feels overthrown by her younger sister. Pietro is there to remind her that she is his favorite.

Warnings: Sibling Rivalry (?), language

A/N: Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been working on this all week while simultaneously watching The Defenders FINALLY. I hope you love this as much as I do. I decided to name Baby Stark (in this story, at least) Charlotte Maria, just so we’d have a name. Xx

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Eighth year part two

While walking to his seat in the great hall Draco’s eyes scanned the room. The Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw tables were filled end to end with bubbling students, but the Slytherins sat as though they were enveloped in darkness. While most first years were smiling, the ones who were here only one year prior during the war, sat with clouds above their heads. Everyone knew it, majority of the Slytherins parents fought for the Dark lord, on the losing side. Now those parents were dead or residing in Azkaban, just like Draco’s father. A lot of prejudice was meant to disperse with the enactment of the house unity push, but the malice towards the Slytherins ran deep so their efforts would be wasted.

As his eyes scanned the dining hall they quickly met with striking blue ones, Luna. She gave him a wave, he had given back a stiff nod. Draco finally made it to the Slytherin table and sat next to Blaise. They quickly dove into a conversation, both boys avoiding the topic of war and their parents, which they were both grateful for. Blaise had spent the summer in America, visiting places he had always dreamed of going. Draco did nothing noteworthy enough to tell Blaise. Once Headmistress McGonagall took the podium at the front of the hall, all the chatter died down.

“As you all know Hogwarts was home to the final battle of the second wizarding war and had suffered much damage, as well as,” she paused a moment to gather herself, “taking the lives of some of Hogwarts very own. While this castle will never be the same, we do hope you find your time here valuable. Now onto other business, in all of Hogwarts history, the 4 houses have been divided in their common rooms and in this very hall. This year that will no longer be the case. Dormitories and common rooms are now separated by year and you’ll be encouraged to sit anywhere you please in this hall and make new friends no matter which house. We hope you will find peace and a home within our castle walls once again, for Hogwarts will still hold its pride until the very end.” Once she finished speaking and stepped down from the podium, no one clapped, they all took a respectful moment of silence.

The clamor of the great hall didn’t pick up again until the food appeared on the gold dished on front of them. Draco once again felt his eyes wander the hall, drawn like a moth to a flame his eyes landed on Harry. There he sat next to the girl Weasley. Draco felt his stomach turn. She was everything Harry deserved, smart, pretty, talented, and not a death eater. Definitely not a death eater. They were the ‘it’ couple, they both played exceptional quidditch, they both were outgoing and popular, and their relationship even mirrored Harry’s parents. Draco felt sick with jealousy.

Ginny was always the one wrench in Draco’s assumption that Harry had been a little bit gay. Once Harry had met Cedric Diggory, Draco could’ve sworn Harry had crush on the Hufflepuff boy. Which only made Draco feel worse because most Hufflepuffs were the exact opposite of most Slytherins. Draco felt he knew Harry’s type then. But after all the stolen glances, quiet conversations and after mourning over Diggory’s death as if they were lovers, Ginny still was there. Comforting him, loving him. It drove Draco mad.

To avoid getting upset further, Draco peeled his eyes away from the sight and turned them down towards his plate. He wouldn’t lift them again until Blaise reached over and bumped Draco’s arm with his own.

“My bet is we’ve got a bloody good chance of getting a room together.” Blaise said like he had read Draco’s earlier thoughts. The boys smiled at one another and continued their meals. Draco always had a lot of respect for Blaise. He was the smartest next to Draco and Pansy. He didn’t flaunt it either he was down to earth. They got along well with one another.

Draco was about to take another bite of his dinner when McGonagall stopped right in front of him. He straightened up. He couldn’t control the slight fear that ran through him. She was the former head Gryffindor teacher and he was a former death eater. Something must’ve been off.

“Mr. Malfoy,” even his own wretched last name made him cringe, “ would you please make you find you way to my office once the feast is over?” She asked in a polite tone which eased Draco’s apparent tension.

Draco gave a strained smile which must’ve pleased her because she turned on her heel and moved back towards the front. All the possible reasons for this meeting ran through Draco’s mind. Maybe they wouldn’t allow him to go here anymore with a dark mark scorched on his wrist. Perhaps since his family housed the dark lord, they couldn’t fathom letting him walk the halls. He was a trigger for the kids who wished to push the war out of their mind.

He couldn’t have been more wrong though, because after dinner he did make his way to the headmistresses office, only to find Harry sitting upon one of the upholstered chairs. Once he heard the door creaking, Harry turned around. The two boys locked eyes. Harry’s were still as bright as ever.

“Oh thank Merlin. I though I was in trouble for something already, but now that you’re here I don’t believe that’s the case.” Harry spluttered.

“Of course, because you Potter, the boy who saved the wizard world twice would be in trouble on the first day of school. Honestly, they call you the chosen one!” Draco retorted sarcastically. The name “Potter” rolled off of Draco’s tongue with the slightest of ease.

Harry’s eyes brightened at Draco’s use of sarcastic tongue. Maybe it wasn’t the sarcasm actually, maybe it was the fact that the last time they had a two way conversation, Harry tried talking to him, but it wasn’t Draco it was a quiet and deprived shell of Draco’s former self.

It had happened while Draco sat outside the ministry’s court doors awaiting his family’s trial. He wasn’t sure whether or not he would walk out of those doors or have to spend the rest of his days staring at an Azkaban prison cell wall. But when he heard quick foot steps and saw Harry Potter running down the hall towards him, slight hope radiated itself in Draco’s mind.

While he felt relieved Draco also felt angry. What game was Harry playing at, maybe he wanted to hear the minister claim guilty in person, or maybe he wanted to give Draco hope only to take it away last second. Quite the opposite actually though, Harry wanted Draco and Narcissa to walk free, they weren’t responsible for Lucius’s actions. He wouldn’t ever bring himself to help Lucius out of the situation he dug himself into for years.

“Come for more Kudos have we Potter? Isn’t saving our world twice enough? We’re already in your debt don’t twist the knife!” Draco’s shouts echoed through the empty ministry walls.

Harry looked shocked at first but then He stuck his hand out halfway confidently and looked Draco in the eyes, “ I’m not here to make you feel worse you tosser. 7 years ago I refused to shake your hand because I thought you were a twat. I have realized now that you weren’t a twat by choice and you do not deserve to spend the rest of your life in Azkaban. So, let’s start over.”

That shut Draco’s anger right up. A smile threatened to break through onto Draco’s face but he reached out quick to shake Harry’s hand, in fear it would be yanked away from him soon.

Draco was torn from the memory when the door swung open revealing McGonagall in her finest purple robes and recently cleaned glasses. She motioned for Draco to sit, then she herself took a spot behind her desk.

“Now as you know all dormitories are split by year and so I have decided that it would be most beneficial if you two were the prefects of the 8th year common room.” McGonagall said, then giving the boys a look as if daring them to challenge her.

“What exactly does that mean?” Harry asked while playing with his fingers, not paying attention fully.

“Well we need house unity, and what better to promote it than a popular Gryffindor and a popular Slytherin? You guys will share a room and advise your common room. I’ll expect you two to get a long and be able to run things efficiently.” She said it as though it was obvious.

“What you’re basically saying is that you’re going to put me and Potter together because, he’s the chosen one and anyone will follow what he does, and I’m an ex death eater. So if the infamous Harry Potter can befriend a death eater, why can’t all the others?” Draco’s words had no malice behind them, just truth.

“If you want to get technical Mr. Malfoy, then yes. It could be a great opportunity for you two as well though. Don’t think I didn’t hear about what happened at the ministry. You boys aren’t enemies anymore.” McGonagall said all knowingly.

But she wasn’t all knowingly because had she been so, she would’ve known the boys were never enemies. At least Draco never saw Harry as an enemy, his feelings got in the way of that and created a storm blaring in Draco’s mind. 

Draco was about to object strongly to McGonagall’s proposal. There was no way he could share a room with Harry. His heart was too weak to walk into their room every night and see Harry and Ginny, the perfect couple, hanging out in their shared room. The thought of it made Draco dizzy. He couldn’t do it, he just couldn’t.

But before Draco could fit in his opinion, Harry opened his mouth.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea Headmistress! When do we move in?” Harry could hardly contain the excitement that spread across his face. Draco took note of how green Harry’s eyes appeared then. They blazed the same gleam of desire as they did when Harry spotted the snitch on the Quidditch pitch.

Draco hadn’t known what Harrys excitement meant but he knew that this was one of the worst ideas Harry has ever had. If it had gotten bad, Draco knew he would be back here begging to switch rooms. Bloody hell, he didn’t even care if he roomed with Weasley, anything to get away from Potters relationship rubbed in his face.

Even though deep down Draco’s mind was screaming that he would finally get Harry’s attention, because how could you ever ignore someone who slept in the bed across from yours?

⚠️This part is a bit short and the story seems to be going slow, but I promise it’s gonna pick up soon! I just wanted to establish the background and beginning. But let me know your thoughts! The support I got on part one is literally the most amazing thing to happen to me. Everyone on here is so sweet to new writers! Thank you so much for reading 💛💗⚠️



A Streak of Red (Wonho Fanfiction)

Originally posted by kukie

Dystopian AU, romance, action, adventure.

Summary: Wonho was the most sought out criminal in the Sector. Nobody knew who he really was or what he actually looked like, but he was the hero of the oppressed and impoverished. You were the general of the Sector’s Army with an extraordinary brain and years of training and your one goal in life was to take his life.


Chapter One

    Only months ago you were walking down these hallways with him. He would march in the middle of the corridor, a crowd of soldiers following behind him waiting for his orders while you stood by his side, nodding along to the plans he went over with you. Your big brother, Shownu, was both the general of the Sector’s army and the President’s most trusted advisor; he was highly respected within the Sector for his prestigious position in the government. With your remarkably sharp mental capabilities and swift calculative mind, you were able to prove yourself to both Shownu and the President, resulting in your brother always running his decisions through you first and the President regarding you highly.

    ‘We had just gotten off the plane and were at the Supply Edifice checking on recent progress. General Shownu was speaking to the head scientist, Dr. Han, there and he had sent of the guards so he could discuss certain matters in private. One of the guards from the eighth floor said that she’d gotten a glimpse of something passing one of the windows but brushed it off since it moved so quickly and she assumed it was merely a bird. She said about fifteen minutes after this occurrence, all electricity was shut down in the building and the place was pitch black.

    General Shownu was quick to act, though. His first impulse was to protect the source. He locked the door, not allowing any of the guards in, and helped Dr. Han into a hiding spot behind a cabinet in the lab. According to Dr. Han, a dagger smashed through the glass window  out of thin air and stabbed the general’s legs, impairing his movement. He had fallen to the ground and was not able to unlock the door to let us in.

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||❥ the pitcher

m i n g y u ! s c e n a r i o 

b a s e b a l l ! a u

Originally posted by 7teans

words; 2.5k

genre; fluffs + mingyu bein a flirt, the good stuff

synopsis; an anon requested a baseball!au with mingyu and though it is no where near as long as woozi’s, it’s just something that i’d been thinking about. basically it’s you and mingyu bein’ cute when he tries to show you how to do his famous pitch and just know it hurt me a lot writing this :’)

“If you keep staring at yourself in the mirror, you’ll miss practice." 

The words wryly rolled off your tongue upon watching a very meticulous Kim Mingyu rake crooked fingers through his hair, brows pinched together in pure focus as his gaze bore into the tiny mirror magnetized to his locker. You had been fiddling with his baseball cap for the past few minutes or so, trying very roughly to scrape together some patience.

"My hair looks stupid.” Mingyu mumbled in a manner that made it seem he was containing a conversation with himself. A sigh that stretched deeper than the ocean heaved past your lips, a stiff hand thrusting Mingyu’s baseball cap directly into his chest. You examined how he brushed back his messy bangs of dark gingerbread before fitting the cap rightfully so over his head, giving himself one final inspection that you secretly deemed unnecessary.

“It won’t matter anyways,” you balked to Mingyu while slamming his locker door shut, “your hat is covering it all up.” He faced you with a pout that only brought out the natural pink tint to his lips, sultry eyes of darkened oak gleaning over you petulantly.

“You’re not suppose to agree with me, babe.” The lanky boy protested, though his sulky ways were suddenly disintegrating with a snap, hands pushing up the sleeves on his worn out baseball uniform while he bounced on the heels of his feet.

 He was gazing somewhere past the top of your head, presumably littering himself with encouragements to get himself excited for practice. That is until he checked his watch, pupils blowing into full and inky discs before Mingyu was sprinting down the hall.

“Shit,” he had warbled, “I’m 12 minutes late!”

Shocker. You couldn’t avoid thinking, a grin just peaking along your lips as you wandered down the empty hall and out the doors, a glimmer of sunlight languidly washing over the schoolyard. 

Mingyu was still rushing toward the baseball field, one of your featherlight chuckle’s ringing in the air upon the sight of a much shorter baseball player whacking him on the head. You made your way to the bleachers to watch him practice, soaking up the sunlight while it was pleasantly available.

Mingyu was the baseball team’s best pitcher, and someone you befriended while accidentally getting hit in the stomach with a baseball bat during eighth grade. He was the one who struck you rather harshly, though it was completely your fault for concentrating on your iPod while approaching some scruffy kid rambling over his, new and improved striking power.

 He spent a good amount of breath apologizing to you, but even spent even more breath bombarding you with questions of, did you see my stance though? First impressions were, yeah, he’s kinda dumb and a bit cocky but he’s cute and one of the only people here who talk to me.

You could and would easily say to anyone that you had a strong bond, the two of you sticking it out through the hellish ways of high school. Under a very watchful eye did you get to see that scruffy and kinda clueless kid flourish into some rich gift from the heavens, your heart slamming into your throat when you snatched a proper glimpse of him on your first day of senior year.

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A lot of people are tagging about DDP Lotor. And… that’s actually from the second volume of the DDP comic which was mostly penciled by Su but they switched artists after the eighth issue.

The first volume had Lotor looking like this:

After DOTU, Voltron kinda had a weird thing where they were torn between showing Lotor looking more homely or more handsome…. It’s actually something the original Toei anime had a problem with as well, where the depiction of Lotor largely depends on whose the animation director of the episode.

(Left: from one of the episodes that have more poor animation / Right: from episode 22 that evidently spent a higher budget on the animation)

Though overall, Lotor’s official design in the original anime is the one on the right as it goes along with the whole part Altean thing that was only touched upon in the original anime (and in the crossover comic) where he’s supposed to look different from the other Galra.

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Which of the Big Finish audios available on Spotify would you recommend to listen to first? I'm excited to get into it but the list is a bit daunting.

oooh okay!! 

the best way to go about it is to pick one companion and follow their storyline as far through as you can. I’d personally go for Charley or Evelyn. 



  • is with the Sixth Doctor (they mother each other, it’s adorable)
  • her first one is The Marian Conspiracy, which is a fun run around Tudor-Stewart England
  • Evelyn, prior to Bill Potts and Helen Sinclair, held my record for companion fastest to win my heart, it took less than ten minutes (Bill took about two if only bc she wasn’t immediately talking in her first scene, Helen straight up had me within five seconds)
  • the reason why Evelyn is SO GREAT is because she is so outside the usual companion demographic, she’s a fifty-something history professor who makes Six wait while she packs her handbag with hot chocolate and her medicine and refuses to take off her anachronistic cardigan unless she gets cold
  • seriously, she’s wonderful
  • here’s a list of her appearances, you might need to track the individual storylines down since it looks like no one has made a playlist for her stories 

HOWEVER, the audio format can take a bit of getting used to, so I think it is good to start with a really strong story if possible, so, I think I’m going to recommend that you listen to Doctor Who and the Pirates

here’s why it’s a wonderful story to start with

  • the story goes between Evelyn visiting one of her students (joined by Six partway through), recounting one of her adventures with the Doctor, an adventure involving pirates
  • there’s a LOT of fun to be had with this format, because there’s a lot of unreliable narration where Evelyn fudges some historical stuff about pirates with peg legs and at one point gets so carried away that the Doctor gets shot dead only
  • “didn’t you say he was coming around later?” “oh yeah, got too excited, whoops, we were still behind the barrels, it was the FIRST MATE who got shot, lmao”
  • this story format also allows them to make it a musical, partly, Six sings and boy is it the best thing ever
  • they’re literally just ripping off Pirates of Penzance, it’s amazing
  • despite being an absolute joy and super hilarious, the story is actually one centred around loss and guilt, and it’s got a lot of emotion behind it that I really love
  • it’s just so fun yet genuine and Six and Evelyn are so so so great, okay

so yeah, I’d say start there, then go to either Storm Warning or the Marian Conspiracy 

I’d personally go with the Eight and Charley storyline first, because that’s what I did and it was wonderful, plus you get Neverland which has Romana as President of Gallifrey, which is always a great time! 

(also, make sure you find what helps you best concentrate on the audios, whether it’s lying in bed with your eyes shut - great for if you’re sick, trust me - or cooking or cleaning or walking or whatever, everyone’s brain is different and focuses in different ways, find what works for you) 

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Can you do a tutorial on how you color it's amazing

I can try!

First, brushes.

  • I use kyletwebster​ gouache brushes, the eighth in the set for the line art/sketch and the 15th (i think it’s the 15th) in the set for coloring. The gouache brushes are slightly transparent so I can use one color to add a bit of shading instead of a whole bunch. (which isn’t a bad way to do it, it’s just for me, when i color like this though less is more) Also when I color I try to put down as much of one color without taking my pen off the tablet. If I don’t it’ll have a slight marker effect (which i also use when i’m lazy and don’t wanna erase)

First I start of with a sketch, usually in brown I set my sketch layer to multiply. This way colors kinda poke through the line art when I color it. (bc i’m a lazy piece of trash i left off the end of the keyblade. i told myself i did it bc it was better balanced in the frame but really i did it bc i was lazy)

I like to do my flats all on one layer. it’s less layers to keep track of and the paint can have a nice little bleed through effect that I like. All of these colors (except for the keyblade) are on the same layer. I then group my line art and flat colors.

On a new layer that I place above my color/line art group I pick a saturated color (usually blue or purple) and using the gradient tool (i have to transparent one that uses on color selected) I add some color. Then I add a clipping mask (right click on the layer and you’ll see the option) Set this layer to multiply and then adjust the transparency to your liking.

On a new layer I pick a saturated yellow-ish orange and use the gradient tool again, this time it’s on the top of the page instead of the bottom (or wherever is opposite of the “shadow” layer) This time I set the layer to screen.

Now I add 2 more layers, for using the same orange from before on the screen layer and the same blue for the multiply. I add more highlights and shadows on these layers this time with a brush. (I’ve also cleaned up the sketch some more.)

Woohoo we’re almost done! Now I add a layer and use the same brush I used for my sketch to add white. I kinda just put it where ever next to the line art, there isn’t really some complicated formula I use, I just mess around until I like it.

And finally I add a “filter” layer on top of all of the layers. imo it helps unify the colors. It’s usually always a shade of pink (i picked a really saturated pink but i mess around with it) and I set it to soft light. then I just adjust the tansparancy. Then I add my signatures and then I’m done!

Hope this helps!

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What's your favorite Drarry fic? I can't seem to find any good ones these days

hm i’ve read so many great ones but Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill comes to my mind first. probably because it includes so many of my favourite tropes   (eighth year? drunkenness? party games? bottom!draco?? unresolved sexual tension??? i’m in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

So, funny story about me and Avatar: The Last Airbender:

I watched the series premiere back when it first aired (I was in eighth grade, I think) and I was…not impressed. I didn’t hate it or anything, it just didn’t grab me. I think I watched the next episode after that and then kind of lost interest and didn’t spare the show any more thought for a while.

Then, around the time season 2 started, my sister and I were having one of those conversations about nothing in particular and somehow Avatar came up, even though neither of us had been watching it, but she said one of her friends was a big fan and had told her “that water girl has a crush on the prince with the weird thing on his face now”.

And I was immediately so intrigued, because that was a plot twist I never would have predicted based on the three episodes I’d seen, but it actually sounded really interesting. Interesting enough to inspire me go back and watch the rest of the first season, after which I became truly hooked on the show.

Obviously my sister’s friend wasn’t quite right, and I realized that pretty quickly once I watched the show for myself, but it was too late. The idea of Katara and Zuko eventually getting together had been planted in my mind, and I wasn’t about to let it go.

The rest, as they say, is history.

But given that the faint, whispered possibility of Zutara was the singular reason I actually got into the show in the first place, perhaps you can understand why, all these years later, I am #still bitter about the ship wars and how they ended.

asahinanxllx  asked:

So back in tenth grade, I have a guy friend who also likes Shingeki no Kyojin. (he was the one who suggested the anime to me back in eighth grade, btw, were eleventh graders now). Even though the first season was finished a long time ago, we were still talking about it and we even made a code for the sizes of papers so that we're the only ones can understand 😂 1/4 sheet is Isabel 1/2 crosswise is Farlan 1/2 lengthwise is Marco I hope you understand why we named those sizes to those characters😂

Yes. Yes I do. Sounds like you’re having a great time :D

As we’re all pretty aware of by now, Girl Meets World loves hidden and double meanings. In saying that, I’ve noticed that the meaning of the name Riley is “from a meadow of rye”. Now for most people who have taken an American Lit class, one thing comes to mind when you think of the word rye.

Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger.

For those of you who haven’t read it, Catcher in the Rye is about a boy named Holden Caulfield who struggles with the fact that everyone has to grow up. The book gets its title from Holden’s constant concern with the loss of innocence. He didn’t want children to grow up because he felt that adults are corrupt.

When Holden’s little sister Phoebe asked him to name something that he would like to be when he grew up, the only thing he would have liked to be was a “catcher in the rye.” He invented an illusion for himself of a strange fantasy. He stated that he would like to follow a poem by Robert Burns: “If a body catch a body comin’ through the rye.” He kept “picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around- nobody big, I mean- except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff- I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I’d do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.” Holden wants to stop children from “falling” into losing their innocence and becoming an adult, and he takes pleasure in the attempted thwarting of maturation.

The writers are making ties between Cory as Holden, and Riley as one of the little kids that he has to save from growing up.

Over the course of season one and two, it’s pretty clear that Cory tries incredibly hard to create two different version of himself, one being “Mr. Matthews: The Teacher” and the other being “Cory: The Dad”. Whether he succeeds at doing so is a different story, but this point is very well illustrated in Rah Rah.   

Cory goes to great lengths to protect Riley’s innocence, from being a member of the “Riley Committee”, to going absolutely ballistic over the idea of Riley dating someone.

Actually, scratch that.

Going completely ballistic over the idea of Riley dating Lucas.

At first, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us thought that Cory accepted Farkle because he’s been best friends with Riley since they were little and he knew he would never hurt her, but Semi Formal and New Years proved that he doesn’t freak out over Charlie either.

Out of the core four, Lucas is arguably the character that’s had to grow up the fastest (aside from maybe being surpassed by Maya) and is the closest to becoming an “adult”.  He’s had to struggle with his anger issues, getting expelled, the “mr. perfect” label, not to mention the subtle hints of him being raised in a not-so-great family.  

Even though Secret of Life showed us that Cory accepts Lucas for who he truly is, that doesn’t mean he isn’t afraid of him.

To Cory, Lucas represents the journey to adulthood and the losing of his daughter’s innocence.  

And it terrifies him.

Time and time again, we see “Cory: The Dad” doing just about anything to keep Riley and Lucas apart.

Chasing him out of windows and classrooms, the bucket of shoes, physically blocking doors, and picking Riley up to take her as far away from him as possible.

Just like Holden, Cory loves when he successfully keeps Lucas away from Riley, in order to keep her as innocent for as long as he can.

But the longer the series plays out, the more Cory has slowly starts to realize that he can’t keep Riley innocent forever.

In Catcher in the Rye, a good example to demonstrate this point is when Holden goes to pick his little sister Phoebe up at school and sees “Fuck you” written on the bathroom wall. His deep concern with innocence then causes him to create stereotypes of a hooligan, or in his words a “perverty bum”, that would try to corrupt the children of an elementary school.

It’s way more likely that a student at the school vandalized the wall. But Holden can’t see that. In his world, children are innocent and adults corrupt. While this keeps everything nice and simple in Holden’s mind, it also makes it impossible for him to really understand the process of growing-up. While he does realize that trying to rub out all the “fuck you"s in the world would be impossible (“you couldn’t rub out even half the ‘Fuck You’ signs in the world”), he doesn’t make the important connection that it would be futile anyway.

Kids grow up… And sometimes they even write “fuck you” when they’re still in elementary school.

This is a really important link to the Riley/Cory/Lucas story arc because Cory fails to see that Riley makes the first move in just about every single “romantic moment” they have together.

“Cory: The Dad” mostly sees Lucas as the big bad wolf that keeps trying to take Riley away from him.  

One conversation that keeps popping up in my mind comes from First Date.

Cory: Riley, I am begging you, stay in neverland, okay? No growing up.

Farkle: You’re scared of Lucas going out with Riley, right?

Cory: (Scoffs) Oh, does it show?

Farkle: Yeah, he’s good-looking and athletic.

Cory: He’s 36!

Even though using 17 year old Peyton Meyer to play an eighth grader makes the “he’s an adult” jokes much more realistic, it doesn’t change the fact that Cory, in some ways, sees him as one.  

Because of the fact that Cory is making out Lucas to be the big bad wolf in this situation, it doesn’t even cross his mind that Riley’s the one that keeps making all the advances when it comes to dating.

Riley’s growing up whether he likes it or not. The only decision Cory gets to make now is whether he’s going to accept it or get dragged along kicking and screaming.

One of the biggest Girl Meets World/Catcher in the Rye connections is in the book’s ending scene, which starts off with Holden’s little sister Phoebe wanting to go ride the carousel, but then concludes:

"I’m too big.” she said

“No, you’re not. Go on. I’ll wait for ya. Go on,” I said.

Holden is completing his job as the catcher in the rye here. Phoebe is threatening to fall off the ‘cliff’ by saying she’s too big to enjoy the ride anymore. He saves her by encouraging her to ride it. She remains a child for a little bit longer.

After Holden’s encouragement, Phoebe gets on the ride and Holden stands back to watch. He then comments,

“I felt so damn happy all of sudden, the way old Phoebe kept going around and around.”

The Carousel goes around in a circle and does not progress or get anywhere. It’s as if Phoebe will always be a child, stuck in childhood, and this is what makes Holden happy.

But then came the ring.

For those of you who might not know, old carousels would try to liven things up by releasing rings down a wooden chute on the outside of the carousel. If you timed it right, you could reach up and grab the ring— with a very big chance of getting hurt, naturally. But it was worth it: you could redeem the ring for prizes like a free ride.

In the novel, Phoebe tries to grab the gold ring and Holden thinks,

“The thing with kids is, if they want to grab for the gold ring, you have to let them do it, and not say anything. If they fall off, they fall off, but it’s bad if you say anything to them”.

Holden’s saying that you have to just let a kid reach, even though they might get hurt doing so.

And with that statement you get one of the major lessons that Cory is ultimately trying to learn over the course of the show.

Ben and Michael have said it from day one, every character is learning something on this show. You don’t just hit a certain age and stop growing. Cory’s skills as a parent are still developing as he grows into the best father and person he can be for himself and his family.

The “Mother of Ghosts and Devils”

Just as behind the whole Ibibio pantheon looms the awful figure of ‘The Great Creatrix’, so behind the cult of Ekkpo Njawhaw looms the still more terrible presence of Eka Ekkpo–Eka Abassi’s dread counterpart–the source of all evil, the Death Bringer and Fount of Terror. The word Ekkpo does not only mean “ghosts,” it also signifies “devils,” and just as in Isaiah, chapter xlv., verse 7, we read 'I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things,’ so here, amid these rude Ibibios, where woman is now regarded as a mere slave of her overlord man and one would least look for such a state of things, we get not fatherhood but motherhood–'motherhood, immaculate and alone. a virgin birth’–as the source of the powers both of light and of darkness, of good and evil, of life and of death. “Terrible indeed to look upon is this Mother of Ekkpo Njawhaw. Often of colossal size, ill proportioned and coal black in colour, she looms from out the darkness at the back of her sons’ shrine, surrounded with the dreadful insignia of the cult, and with arms outstretched as if to welcome fresh victims. Around her flat, misshapen feet lie skulls, some new and ivory tinted, some blackened with the smoke of many sacrifices, and others carved with astonishing care and fidelity from solid blocks of wood. Two sons she has Akpan Njawhaw, the first-born, and Udaw, the second-born; also two daughters–Adiaha, the elder, and Angwa-Angwa, the younger. "At the planting of farms the lesser rites of the cult are carried out; but the greater ceremonies take place at the New Yam Festival. Eight days before the first of the new season’s crop may be eaten, in any town where this society has gained a footing, the images must be carried forth in solemn procession and set up in the public square.” * On such occasions the figure of Eka Ekkpo stands in the midst, with a son on either hand. Sometimes the effigies of the two daughters are placed there in addition, one at each end of the family line. For the first seven days, at dusk each evening, fowls and other offerings are brought and offered up before the fetishes, while the club drums are beaten to warn non-members among the passers-by from venturing too near the sacred spot. No yams may be brought on this occasion, and as is but meet, victims are first offered to Eka Ekkpo, seeing that she is the fount from which the others have sprung. Akpan is the next to receive offerings, then comes the turn of Udaw, and lastly the two daughters, though these are sometimes neglected altogether. On the eighth day the images are carried back to their usual abode, that of “the Mother” being borne in front. Should anyone chance to meet this terrible procession upon the road, the first thing that a native would do would be to look whether the fetish was represented with one ear or two. In the latter case there would be a chance of life, because the goddess might possibly listen to the victim’s frenzied prayer for mercy. In the former case prayer would be useless, because with one ear (Una Utung) she cannot listen to anyone. Only with two ears is it possible for her to have compassion.

Talbot, D. Amaury (1915). Woman’s Mysteries of a Primitive People: The Ibibios of Southern Nigeria.

* “By Haunted Waters.” P. Amaury Talbot.; JJR’s f/n Edinburgh Review, July 1914. P. Amaury Talbot