that first one and that eighth one though

A Theory... [EP57 SPOILERS]

So the Grand Relics so far have been part of 6 of the 8 schools of magic… the only two missing so far are Abjuration and Enchantment.

My pet theory is that there are actually another two, and not one, artifacts hanging around. And, perhaps a less supportable but more fun theory, that Barry Bluejeans A. Has one of them and B. Isn’t Barry at all.

Tackling the first one:

Griff is many things, but incapable of counting to 8 is not one of them. There’s gotta be a reason only 7 artifacts exist, and I’d like to think that there’s just only 7 that he wants the boys to know about, or that the eighth just doesn’t exist yet. Take a look at the definition of Abjuration:  

  Abjuration spells are protective in nature, though some of them have aggressive uses. They create magical barriers, negate harmful effects, harm trespassers, or banish creatures to other planes of existence. 

Doesn’t that sound like a useful weapon in the fight against a huge, evil, world-devouring planes-hopping creature of hunger and darkness? 

So, either there is an 8th artifact somewhere in the world (perhaps being kept safe by Barry & the Red Robes? Yes I know this contradicts my other theory shhhh), or it doesn’t exist yet & needs the combined destroyed magic of the other 7 artifacts to exist/be usable (which would explain why Lucretia would’ve risked sending THB to retrieve the Bell, despite it being nominally safe & harmless in Wonderland- it was needed). 

Let me now elaborate on that second one, which is less supportable but fun to screw with:

Here is the definition of Enchantment: 

  Enchantment spells affect the minds of others, influencing or controlling their behavior. Such spells can make enemies see the caster as a friend, force creatures to take a course of action, or even control another creature like a puppet.

So that definitely sounded like something I’d heard in the episode, said by BBJ himself: 

“’I’ve used it to recreate my physical form several times in pursuit of my goal. I’ve come close, but I’ve never reached that goal. It’s because, once I’m in my body, I’m gonna forget all of the truths that I know now, in my lich form. And I can try to convince myself to follow my own commands and he shows you that coin shaped object that you saw him speaking into earlier and says ‘But, well, I can be pretty stubborn, and I also don’t have any of my potent magical abilities inside of my body, cause I’m not gonna remember the fact that I’m a lich at all.’”.

Okay, so  I know this is only 1 little morsel of a line, but it just… unsettles me. And I’m just a little curious, and bear with me here, if perhaps Barry has the Enchantment relic, which would let him suggest and control other characters- or perhaps even imitate the appearance of a beloved blue-jeans-wearing man? Is this Barry really Barry at all, or just an Enchantment laid upon the boys to enlist them in his grim tasks (whatever those are?). Could he even be manipulating or causing some of Magnus’ ‘memories’, such as the final scene when he remembered fighting alongside Barry?

Missing from this pile are Abarat and The Picture of Dorian Gray but otherwise all darlings are accounted for:

The Haunted Looking Glass, compiled by Edward Gorey, is a book which I originally found in my elementary school’s library when I was in second grade. The binding was coming unglued, I could see the threads that held the book together were also coming undone. I loved this book. It was a first edition. I checked it out all of the time. I read it on the bus. During recess. I adored this book.
One day, it was gone.
I was really wrecked over it. I cried and cried. It had made such an impression on me that I mentioned it to my best friend years later. In eighth grade, she gave me a copy even though I didn’t remember the full title. For my birthday, my mother got me the first edition–not the same one but at least in better condition. Present is that edition although I prize both.

House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski triggered nightmares and hallucinations. I never got scared while reading it, but the suspense did result in “baited breath” and some nervousness. Ironically, with every reread, this book now keeps me grounded in reality. It’s my security blanket on psych wards, although, had they known what was in it, I’m sure it would’ve been deemed “inappropriate for the unit,” particularly since Beyond Good and Evil didn’t even get passed the techs last time. Most of my favorite quotes are from this book.

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle shaped so much of who I am today. I read it by chance. That edition is part of The Masterpieces of Fantasy edition, an incomplete collection my mother subscribed to for a long time. I almost didn’t read it because it had unicorns in it, and I wasn’t into them at 11. Or ever. But the writing is pure poetry, and while the book is pure fantasy, the sadness of reality is there between the lines. Page 207 (a copy is somewhat pictured here) still evokes deep emotion in me and provokes tears from my eyes.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende was the first book I stayed up all night to read. I was twelve and it was a little childish for me, but I was consumed by the creativity of the story. It was a fantastical delight brought to life with powerful themes for a children’s book. I discovered it by way of a different edition, a dark green cloth bound book from the public library.

The last book is a set of lithographs and letters from Edgar Allan Poe’s life, the absolute most influential writer for me on this list. I used to have “The Raven,” “Annabel Lee,” and “City in the Sea” (my favorite!) memorized, and I won ribbons for reciting “The Tell Tale Heart” as a teenager. I ADORED him. He still has a roomy space in my heart.

What are your favorite books? Why do you love them?

So, funny story about me and Avatar: The Last Airbender:

I watched the series premiere back when it first aired (I was in eighth grade, I think) and I was…not impressed. I didn’t hate it or anything, it just didn’t grab me. I think I watched the next episode after that and then kind of lost interest and didn’t spare the show any more thought for a while.

Then, around the time season 2 started, my sister and I were having one of those conversations about nothing in particular and somehow Avatar came up, even though neither of us had been watching it, but she said one of her friends was a big fan and had told her “that water girl has a crush on the prince with the weird thing on his face now”.

And I was immediately so intrigued, because that was a plot twist I never would have predicted based on the three episodes I’d seen, but it actually sounded really interesting. Interesting enough to inspire me go back and watch the rest of the first season, after which I became truly hooked on the show.

Obviously my sister’s friend wasn’t quite right, and I realized that pretty quickly once I watched the show for myself, but it was too late. The idea of Katara and Zuko eventually getting together had been planted in my mind, and I wasn’t about to let it go.

The rest, as they say, is history.

But given that the faint, whispered possibility of Zutara was the singular reason I actually got into the show in the first place, perhaps you can understand why, all these years later, I am #still bitter about the ship wars and how they ended.


My cute little time-line. I feel like it should have a story attached this year.

The two bottom ones are me now (aren’t I cute?)
The two before that are last year’s visibility day.

The very first one, I was seven. The one after that I was nine, and the one after that eleven. I’ve always had that vague little idea that something was off, but I didn’t really start thinking about it until about the next one.

That one’s bigger than the rest because even though it wasn’t obvious to those around me, it was a big time in my life. It was the year and a half long stage of the worst depression stage of my life. Seventh grade through the first few months of eighth.
I’m not going to get into the nasty bits. Just what I learned from them.

I discovered my sexuality, I realized I didn’t believe in God, I really started to discover my interests. I found out that I didn’t have any real friends (save for a few), and I realized that I was completely and utterly confused, but that was okay. That little off feeling came back, because there was suddenly room for it now that I was coping.

Which brings us to the sixth picture. When I really started to be happy again, even if I was still struggling to cope. I had learned that even though it was rough, it was gonna be okay. And I learned something else about myself, which came with its own little suitcase of problems.

I’m transgender. I came out to my parents in the winter of eighth grade, and they’re unsupportive of that. My sister is incredibly supportive, and I’m beyond grateful for her. I honestly doubt I’d be alive without her.

I came out at school at the beginning of my freshman year in high school. I’m in a position where I still get negativity– I do live in the south :P– at home and at school and online, but its okay. I have found myself and even if its still hard sometimes, I’ve come way too far to fail.

I found my best friends (one of which is also my girlfriend), and I absolutely adore them, and I would say they are one of my greatest sources of support.

My name’s Tobias Kalei, I’m 15 years old, I’m a boy, and I’m transgender. Happy Trans Day of Visibility  ❤