that finger bite


This one contains NSFW language, so don’t play loudly if you’re at work. But do play. You’ll enjoy.

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I honestly love the way you talk about your bird. Like "yeah he's a fucking demon but I love him"

bc it’s true
i care about his wellbeing and he gives me kisses
but he also sticks his face inside of my ear and then screams really loud. cuz he knows it’ll make me yell and fuss at him, and he fucking lives for the chaos. he thrives off of yells.
he’s a screamin demon but i’ll protect him with my life


summary: Some things that lurk in the dark are nicer than others. || bucky x reader || monster au || nsfw

warnings: smut, oral [fr]

note: this is my fic entry for my favorite hoe’s (@rotisserierogers) halloween challenge! i chose the prompts “monsters aren’t real”“no need to be afraid.” I hope you like this, babe! 

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