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First Apartment Vol 2

A/n: A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment - one story above the “read more” line, three more underneath! Find the first volume here!!

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Betty scurried around the living room, adjusting the throw pillows on the couch and picking magazines up off the coffee table.

“Jughead! Are you dressed yet?” She yelled to the other room, finding herself preoccupied with the cheese platter she had so carefully selected.

“Don’t worry, I’m good to go.” Jughead walked lazily into room, finishing up the final button on his shirt as he went. He paused to lean up against the wall, smiling as he watched his girlfriend move to and fro.

Betty turned around and spotted him, stopping to place a hand on her hip. “Amused, are we?”

Jughead moved across the room, grabbing hold of her arms and kissing the top of her forehead. “Very.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Coming!” Betty called out, turning to Jughead and giving him one last glance over. “Ready?”


Betty opened the door, and a squeal came from the other side.

“Betty!” Veronica practically lunged forward to hug her best friend. Pulling back from the embrace, she held out a small box, wrapped in silver paper. “For you. An apartment-warming gift.”

Betty happily undid the ribbon, opening the box to reveal a framed photo, taken in their high school days, of Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie sitting in a booth at Pop’s. Placing a hand on her heart, Betty sighed contentedly. 

“Thank you, V.”

“Aw great, was I supposed to bring a gift?” They turned to see Archie standing in the doorway, a goofy grin on his face. 

“Hey man, thanks for coming.” Jughead approached him, giving him a quick hug. “No gift needed.”

“I should have known the great Veronica Lodge would show me up.” Archie sent a flirty grin her way.

“It’s easy to show you up, Archiekins.” Veronica quipped, removing her jacket and making a move toward the couch.

Betty gave Jughead a knowing smile before following their friends into the living room. Veronica and Archie had been on and off ever since high school, and if her use of nickname was any indicator, they were definitely headed toward “on again”.

“The place looks great Bets!” Archie said as he looked around, “I should have known you moving in would spruce the place up.”

“You know it.” Jughead agreed, placing a hand around Betty’s waist proudly, “I didn’t even know what a throw pillow was before this girl came along.”

Betty laughed, “Oh c’mon it wasn’t that bad! But yes, I definitely made a few improvements.”

A beeper went off and Betty clapped her hands together, “Dinner’s ready! Come on everyone, let’s move to the kitchen.”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Kevin?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, don’t worry” Jughead said, “He called earlier, he’s going to be a little late. He told us to start without him.”

Veronica nodded, getting up and moving toward the kitchen, Archie in tow. Betty began to follow, before Jughead stopped her by tugging at her hand and pulling her into a kiss.

“What was that for?” Betty blushed.

“For being you.” Jughead smiled, “For putting on this dinner. For saving me from my throw pillow-less bachelor pad. I love you Bets.”

“I love you too Juggie. Now c’mon, our friends are waiting.”

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Favorite highlights of live action Beauty and the Beast

• They stuck to the beginning of the original story where Belle asks for a rose and her father gets lost and finds a fire and food in the castle.

• “Mama said not to move because it might be scary. Sorry.”

• Belle called the castle home.

• LEFOU! Everything about him was great. He got character development, he had some fantastic lines, his low key flirting with Gaston, his singing!!! I love my boy.

• Lumiere dabbed. Twice.

• It was beautiful. Oh my god the castle made me absolutely melt and Be Our Guest was breathtaking in live action.

• Lefou booping Gaston on the nose.

• How during the song Adam sings he’s climbing higher and higher so he can still see Belle.

• When Adam found out Belle liked Romeo and Juliet he was like “ew no not that book here have my entire library so you can read something better that that filth”.

• I really like how Gaston in the beginning wasn’t that bad, but as the movie went on he got darker and darker.


• We finally got an explanation as to why no one remembers the castle and the prince and why the servants were cursed too.

• The guy who can’t remember what he lost in the beginning is Mr. Potts and the minute Mrs. Potts called his name I was shaking my friend next to me because oh my god he “lost” his wife and child.

• ADAM. I’ve loved Adam since forever and he’s still so great in this version AND HIS SONG ABOUT BELLE WAS SO SPECTACULAR I COULD FEEL HIS EMOTIONS.

• Cogsworth & Lumiere are still an old married couple and I love it I love them.

• I know he only had a few lines in Be Our Guest, but Cogsworth’s singing voice was amazing

• Adam’s eye makeup in the beginning that made it look like he was wearing a mask if he stood in the light just so.


• Lefou has a bite mark from Gaston on his lower stomach and when my friend and I saw it we practically screamed because how exactly do you get a bite mark in that spot if you’re not doing some kinky bedroom stuff.

• The line “there’s a beast on the loose there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monsters released” had me so shook put that on my gravestone I fucking love it.

• It’s sweet and cute and beautiful, but when it gets dark it gets DARK, like, goddamn.

• I loved the detail of whenever a petal falls the castle crumbles further and the servants become more like the objects they are.

• Adam’s beast growl at the end when he’s a human again that, tbh, was really hot.

• The guy who, instead of freaking out when he was put in a dress and makeup, grinned and walked away with his hips swishing and totally owned it.

• That same guy and Lefou dancing together ohhh my god I think I started crying they’re so fucking cute Lefou and his cross dressing boyfriend 5ever.

For those of you just listening in, our stores do classes and birthday parties. For the week of spring break, we have a class that runs the entire week where little kids can come in and learn how to do a craft each day. 


…the kids that come to these things are usually under the age where spring break is an actual thing. Oldest so far is 7. Our youngest is 3. Average is about four. 


This does, however, lead to some interesting interactions with small children- which I’m willing to do. (It’s almost always the parents I have a problem with.)

The first is a tiny three-year-old to whom English is her second language. This presents a unique challenge, but if you lead by example you can work around language barriers enough to communicate.

We were making monsters out of clay, which amounts to making a pinch pot, turning it on its side, and then decorating it with googly eyes and making teeth, horns, spikes, and whatever else you might decide to put on a monster face. 

This little girl…

Three eyes, horns, spikes down the back, a forked tongue, stripes on the tongue, spots on the skin, a lunch pail, and a mustache. 

She was so proud of this neon mess of monster that she began menacing people with it. But instead of making ‘monster noises’ like the rest of the class did, she would just creep up on you silently and set it just out of your line of sight. And when you finally noticed that there was a monster there, she would hide behind you, giggling menacing.

This child. 

She’s going places. 

charmer week day 2: first date

“Em. Em. Em.”

Em was lying on her bed, lazily turning pages in her book. She refused to look up at Caitlin.

“Emily. Emilyyyyyyyy…”

Em turned another page in her book. Caitlin could see a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“Emily Rachel Eastman,” implored Cait. “Light of my life. Most generous roommate. Finest setter on the Samwell Women’s Volleyball team. Do I look okay enough for this date?”

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I’ve always wanted to talk a bit lenghtily about my opinions on fic, fic writing and the general writer-fic-reader culture and I just saw an extremely unpleasant “article” on ao3 that righeously attacks a certain genre of fanfic that I personally don’t read, nor like, but the existence of which really doesn’t bother me.

First things first, to me the positives of fanfiction vastly outnumber the negatives. I am used to living in absolute certainty that anytime I want to have fun, escape or get a little hot and bothered, there will always be fic to provide that for me. I will always, always find a fic I love. Notice I am saying fic *I* love, not, “fic that is good”. And having this certainty, I become entirely unbothered by the automatically existing other group, aka fics I don’t love.

Despite commenting on fics as much as I can, and participating in the fandom, there is still something utterly personal about fanfiction to me. It’s reading it on my phone as I’m shaky and queasy on my way to an exam, to a job interview, to an annoying doctor’s appointment. It’s loading up fics to my kindle and reading them at 3am on the plane when it kind of seems like neither time nor space are real anymore. It’s checking my ao3 subscription emails right after my alarm goes off because finding out a fave WIP updated might actually wake my brain up in a pleasant manner. I’m not exaggerating when I say I go through my life non-stop reading fics bit by bit.

What each and every one of the writers responsible for those fics gives me is priceless. And they are not even asking for a price! Just some damn decency.

The phrase “don’t like don’t read” might seem simplistic and in a way, almost illogical - except with the existence of meticulous tagging system, it becomes reality. Tags are there to warn and to entire. Writers, use them. Readers, read them. But it doesn’t stop there. It is, in fact, entirely possible to open a fic and find it wanting and still follow that directive. How? Close the damn tab. If you want to nitpick it, the phrase becomes “i have read, i haven’t liked, i have stopped reading”.

Now, we are people. We get passionate about fandoms, characters, ships, so I get that not everyone - not all the time - is capable of being so chill about being faced with something they seriously didn’t like.

Don’t inflict it on the author. And - and this is a peeve of mine - don’t passively aggresively inflict it on all the authors who might read your vague, public rant and think “is this me?” or who will add it to that ever growing list of mental barriers and doubts that we seem to be soaking up like sponges. Just tell it to a friend. Punch a pillow. Go and find a fic you love.

Remember that even though it seems your taste might be objective, or “common sense” - and this is easy to fall into especially when things like basic grammar are involved - it’s just not. Not in these cases. That description of my daily fic consumption I wrote above? That has been going on for years and years. Somewhat recently I decided to look up fics for an old ship of mine, remembering how deeply I loved them, how I reread them many times, and I was so giddy about getting to enjoy myself like that again. My reaction was a little “oh”. It was not only me whose tastes have changed, but also fandom and fic writing that has evolved, however, that doesn’t at all alter my past enjoyment. And for every fic you scoff at, there might be a reader who is at an entirely different place than you are, and is loving it. Don’t undo their support by your selfish lash out.

Bottom line, just focus on what you do. Focus on finding what you like. Support what you like. It’s not like “bad” and “good” fic are fighting for their place on the interwebs and only one can get the spot. This is not a limited space library. 

If you need a more candid conversation about things like ships, characterizations and so on, turn to meta. Meta is there for people to disagree on, because meta should follow rules of logic and analysis. Fanfiction doesn’t have to.

The Last Time

Heartbreak and sadness are of the deadliest poisons, for they kill you slowly in misery. 

Genre: smut and angst

Sehun continued to pound into you. He kept a steady pace and made sure to hit all the right angles. Your head board continuously hit wall, sure to leave a dent. Sweat made stray hairs cling to your forehead. Looking at Sehun’s body above was like a dream. From his chiseled abs, the his arms that were just the right amount of toned, up to his jaw line that was so sharp, you swore it could cut diamonds. You ran your hands over his chest and over his shoulders, playing with the hair at the base of his neck as he brought you closer to your release.

 "You’re so tight, even after all this time.“ He grunted, a sheen of sweat forming on his face as he picked up the pace. You moaned in response, filled with to much pleasure to form sounds besides wanton moans and mewls. You reached up and cupped his cheek in your hand before bringing your lips together. It was a battle of teeth and tongue. Each of you battled for the upper hand, but in the end you let him win, you always did. He pulled on your bottom lip with his teeth as he felt your walls clenching around him.

 "I’m so close Sehun” you breathed. 

 "Cum for me baby" he replied hiking you leg over his hip and angling deeper inside you. Soon you were seeing white as the knot in your stomach came undone. His name fell from your lips as you rode out your high. Sehun soon followed suit, pulling out and releasing his seed onto your stomach. Without wasting a second he was off the bed and pulling his boxers back on. 

 "Here" he mentioned tossing a towel in your direction, “clean yourself up. See you tomorrow.” With that he gathered his remaining clothes and walked out your bedroom door. It had been like this for months, meeting in the middle of the night for a meaningless hookup, only to pretend you were acquaintances the next day. You were one of the many assistants at SM entertainment. You had gotten the position on a fluke, but you were grateful for the job nonetheless. Sehun had immediately noticed the new girl, prancing through the halls in her modest heels, politely greeting various idols and board members that came in. What captivated him the most was how you looked like a shy, girl next door type on the outside, but you held a glint in your eye that said otherwise. He had a feeling you could be quite dirty outside of work, and he was right. He had made you a proposition; to hookup with him and help him relive stress. Although it was a shocking proposition, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you would benefit by sleeping with one of your favorite exo members. It was a win win for both of you, and there were no rules against dating idols in your contract, so you obliged. Not 1 month after you started your job did the secret meet ups start, and when you were almost a year into working there, and the secret was still safe. 


 You heard your front door being opened and silently shut seconds later, signaling he had left. You sighed and moved to clean yourself up before showering, a feeling of sadness washing over you.  

Probably just the gloomy weather. You thought to yourself as rain continued to fall outside. 

With one last look out the bathroom window, you stepped into your hot shower, feeling instantly relaxed. You let the water consume you, running through your hair and then down your body. No matter how hot you made the water, you couldn’t rid yourself of the guilt and shame you felt after every fuck. You knew it was wrong, no matter how much you wanted it to be right. Even though you were able to silence your conscious every time Sehun wanted to come over, you couldn’t keep it quiet forever. Every time he left there was the nagging feeling tugging at you, eating you from the inside out. Self loathing would spread through every corner of your body, making you regret your decision, only for you to make it again the next day. 

One day I will say no to him…. one day


“Ms. ____________, please put this in the storage room for me." 

 "Of course sir” you replied to your supervisor with a light bow. 

 "After you may take your lunch.“ 

 "Thank you sir” was your response to his retreating figure. He was so busy that you hardly ever saw him. When you did, he usually gave you a list of things to do. You rendered yourself lucky this time. As you began taking the supplies to the room like he asked, you felt your phone vibrate. Carefully placing your items down, you read what was on the screen.

 Also, I need for you to organize the file room. The paper work hasn’t been filed away properly, and it’s getting out of hand. Once that is finished, you may go home. 

“Spoke to soon” you mumbled mostly to yourself. Hopefully the file room wasn’t that bad, You wanted nothing more than to go home and just relax. ___________ 

 The file room was pretty destroyed when you had walked in. Someone had obviously been looking for something, but didn’t want to clean their mess up after. Thankfully, after an hour of organizing, you were almost done. You were bending down to put a file in the bottom drawer when someone came up behind you and shut the door. The sound of it locking filled the quiet space. 

 "I found you" 

 You didn’t have to turn around to know who was there. It was none other than Oh Sehun. He walked up behind you and placed his hands on your hips. You felt his hardening member pressing into your ass. 

 "What do you say we have a quickie before I take off for practice?“ He breathed into your ear as you stood. His breath fanned across your neck as he spoke and it sent chills straight to your core. 

 I have to tell him no, my job could be jeopardized for sleeping with an idol on the clock. But he is so tempting… stupid sexy Sehun. 

He interrupted you internal debate by nibbling on the spot below your ear, his hands found their way around your waist and rested right above your womanhood. You wanted to nothing more than to lean into his touch and give into his needs, but your job was on the line. 

 "I can’t” you finally responded, removing his hands from your body and ultimately turning to see him. Disappointment flashed across his features before being replaced with his signature resting bitch face. 

 "Why? Do you suddenly have morals?“ He retorted, crossing his arms over his chest. That was a low blow, you both knew that. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” Irritation was itching to come out as you spoke, but you held your composure. 

 "Maybe it means that you are such a good slut for me when we meet outside of work, but now you are being a prude.“ His words stabbed through you like a knife. But he wasn’t done. 

 "You do realize I could easily hookup with any one of the assistants in this office right? Who knows, maybe they would be a better fuck than you.” 

Saying you were hurt was an understatement. His words pierced your heart like a dull rusted knife that he kept twisting and twisting as he continued to insult you. You had let your feelings for him go to far, and now you were paying the price as your little charade fell to pieces in front of your eyes. How stupid of you to think that you could be happy with your friend with benefits deal you had with Sehun. What a fool you were for loving this man. Your pride was hurt, and you wanted nothing more than to yell and scream at him, to tell him he was a bastard and didn’t deserve your love. But alas you couldn’t do that. So you heaved a heavy sigh, swallowed your pride and simply stated, 

” I do realize that. Which is why I am ending things here. Last night was the last time Sehun. Have a good life. Exo fighting!“ 

 You walked pat him, brushing your shoulder against him as you did. With unsteady hands you unlocked the door and walked out, leaving a speechless Sehun in your wake.


A week had passed since that day. You had put in your 2 week notice promptly after the incident. Sehun held true to his word of hooking up with another assistant. It was as if you meant nothing to him. But that’s how it works right? A normal girl falls in love with the idol, they have their share of fun together and the idol leaves for bigger and better things. While you tried your hardest to let go of the idea of Sehun, it was proving to be difficult. So hopefully after leaving the company, you would have a better chance at healing, at least that what you desperately hoped for. This was what you wanted for yourself after all. To be more than just an easy fuck to someone. To have meaning to someone. 

You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t watch where you were going. Next thing you knew, your documents were on the floor and so were you. 

 "I am so sorry, are you ok?” You looked up to the angelic voice that was currently helping you gather your belongings. It was another member of Sehun’s group, the leader of it actually, Kim Junmyeon, or Suho, as his fans liked to call him.

 "Oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I was so lost in my thoughts and I-“ 

 "You don’t have to explain yourself to me” he concluded with a silky laugh. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to a standing position. Trying not to let him see how sheepish you were feeling, you smoothed out the non existent wrinkles in your skirt. 

 "I do have to ask though, what was clouding your thoughts so much that you didn’t look to see where you were walking? You seemed like you were lost since way over there.“ He gestured to the hall you had just came from, which was a good 50 feet away. 

You didn’t realize how long you were immersed in your inner turmoil. Out of nervous habit, you began biting your bottom lip. Answering his question was hard, but you didn’t want to lie to him either. Instead of responding you just looked down. 

 "It’s about Sehun isn’t it” he gently questioned, barely loud enough for you to hear. Cautiously you looked up at him and was met with a sympathetic gaze. 

He has to know what had happened, there was no way he couldn’t

Sehun was his roommate so you were sure that suho knew of everything. Shame overtook you, crashing down upon you in harsh waves. A hurricane of guilt and discomfort filled you, flooding your entirety and looking for an escape through tears. You tried hard to hold them back, to ashamed to make yourself vulnerable to suho, and to cautious to let anyone know how much the whole situation affected you. Silent sobs fought to break through you, making your shoulders shake and your breathing become less than perfect. 

 "Hey, don’t cry" he cooed, gently lifting your chin so he could see your face. He saw how broken you really were. You had loved Sehun. He could see that written all over your face. Sehun had broken your heart into a million pieces and moved on like it was nothing to him. He felt terrible for what the maknae had done to the pretty girl who always had a smile on her face while she worked. 

He gently used the pad of his thumb to wipe the cascade of tears from your cheeks. Your struggle to remain stoic was over as you let go of all the pent up emotions. All the frustration, all the loneliness, and all the heart break. Suho sensed your need to cry and pulled you into his chest, one arm wrapping around your waist while the other soothingly rubbed your back. As if out of instinct, you grabbed onto his shirt and cried your eyes out, destroying the designer material in the process. You didn’t care how red your face got or how much your makeup ran in that moment. All that mattered was that you had finally let your wall down and all the emotions were flooding out and into the arms of someone you felt you could trust, even if you had just barely met a few moments back. Suho continued rubbing your back, pulling you tighter against him as your sons began to quiet down. 

 "It’s going to be all right" he repeated like a mantra as he continued his ministrations, “it’s going to be all right." 


Sehun had just caught word from a few other assistants in the office that you had planned on leaving. Even though he had moved onto another easy lay in the building, it didn’t mean he was ready to let you go. He stormed through the halls, looking in all the places you usually were. When all those places turned out to be dead ends, he decided to ask the front desk of your where abouts. Quickly rounding the corner, he got his answer before even asking, because there before him was you, curled up in the arms of his groups leader suho.


A/N: I found this while cleaning out my computer, and I am debating whether or not to continue it. Let me know if you want another part ^^

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Eavesdropping [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Can you please write one where the reader is maggie’s little sister and rick over hears her telling maggie how hot she thinks he is. And he starts flirting with her and teasing her every time they are alone until she asks why he’s doing it and he tells her that he heard her telling maggie? And it leads to smut? Please and thank you!

Hope you enjoy anon!

Words: 2,070

Warnings: Smut, swearing, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)

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Mac Ruaidh - Part Two

Part One

Despite her initial reluctance to relinquish her grandson to Jamie, Lady Dunsany wound up taking the lead in making the necessary arrangements for the sake of appearances. A wet nurse was engaged to take the infant for up to a fortnight; none of them would know precisely when the infant would be brought to Helwater. Ellesmere’s servants (with a few exceptions whose discretion could be trusted) were informed that like his mother before him, the child had died. Ellesmere agreed to let the Dunsanys take Geneva and her child home to Helwater for the funeral and burial. A few days after the funeral, the baby would be brought to Helwater and left for Jamie with a scribbled note and he would make sure the Helwater servants saw him making an appeal for assistance to the Dunsanys.

Letting William go was painful and he had to remind himself it was only for a few days, that he would see this child again. Still, he lay awake each night on his pallet in the loft waiting and praying that that would be the night one of the maids came to fetch him.

Jamie was working through a daze re-shoeing the horses in the yard when Major Grey arrived. Though his bags were brought inside right away, Major Grey lingered in the yard watching Jamie at his work. Jamie bowed his head back to the task at hand and refused to look up again until he was confident Major Grey had gone inside to see Dunsany.

He shouldn’t be so surprised that Major Grey had shown up; he was an old friend of the Dunsany family, which was part of how he’d managed to arrange Jamie’s parole at Helwater in the first place. But Jamie’s mind couldn’t have been further from Geneva’s impending funeral as he crouched with the horse’s foot clutched between his legs and the cold tang of the metal nails clenched between his teeth. He was wondering where on the road between Ellesmere’s estate and Helwater the wet nurse and whoever her escort might be were; whether the journey was making William fussy and irritable or if he was cooperating and sleeping a lot; how many hours it would be before the tight knot of anxiety in his chest would loosen.

Jamie didn’t see Major Grey again until Geneva’s funeral. Jamie attended the funeral along with most of the estate’s staff, standing towards the back of the crowded chapel; he had no difficulty seeing the proceedings. Under normal circumstances, he would have followed along with the service adding his own silent prayers and making note of the differences between this Protestant service and the Catholic ones he knew better. There were more than enough similarities to make up for the differences.

A young mother dead in childbed; her child gone with her; a grieving husband and family mourning her publicly. A heavy feeling of disgust settled in Jamie’s stomach; aside from the first, Geneva’s funeral was both echo and mockery of what his own mother’s had been. William lived though only a handful in attendance knew. Her parents’ and sister’s grief was real enough but Ellesmere sat stone faced, staring at the coffin and undoubtedly judging the soul that used to belong to the body within. Guilt swept through Jamie for he had been so quick to do the same with regards to Geneva. He would try to forgive her for his son’s sake and would beg her forgiveness for the fact the boy could not know her or even know of her. He hoped that made them even.

I’ll raise him as best I can, he promised her silently, and I’m sorry, but there’s only one way I ken how. It’s no the way ye would have wanted, but he’ll be loved. And someday… someday I’ll try to bring myself to tell him the truth. And with the minister’s final prayers, Jamie tried to set Geneva Dunsany aside for good.

Major Grey found Jamie in the crowd after the service had finished when everyone was lingering, uncertain what to say to the grieving family, unwilling to be the first to leave.

“It was good of you to come,” Grey said, making an awkward start.

Jamie grunted his agreement as he moved to find a way out of the crowd, the rest of the servants and staff having drifted out before the service had finished in order to prepare the house for the gathering of guests who would linger for hours or––in some cases––days.

“Are you feeling all right?” Grey asked, his eyes narrowing as he took in Jamie’s haggard appearance.

“Tired is all, sir,” Jamie responded with a curt politeness intended to remind Grey of the company around them. “Ye’ll have heard of the storm we rode through to reach Ellesmere. The carriage was stuck often and it was cold and weary work dislodging it. I’m still recovering and actually ought to be getting back for a rest while I can.”

“Of course,” Grey relented. “I will speak to you sometime before I leave.”

“How long are ye to stay?”

“Just a day or two. I want to be sure the family don’t require anything of me before I return to London.”

Jamie nodded but an acquaintance of Grey’s appeared and struck up a conversation with him assuming Grey had simply been giving instructions of some sort to Jamie.

Relieved to be free of the large group of mourners, Jamie slipped away to the stables where there were a multitude of guests’ horses that needed to be tended before their owners could begin departing. It was the kind of busy work that distracted a person from their thoughts and Jamie relinquished himself gladly to the monotony of movement that exhausted his body so that come nightfall he lay on his pallet in the loft and finally fell into a light but restful sleep.

The following afternoon Jamie was returning with the line of horses from one of the distant paddocks when he noticed the horses increasing restiveness as they drew closer to the house and stables. One of the kitchen maids emerged from the stable with her hands on her hips and crossed to Hughes with a question. Hughes started to shrug then spotted Jamie and the maid’s head spun in his direction.

His heart began to pound and his palms to sweat as he continued toward her at a steady and reluctant pace, all his energy focused on maintaining an air of ignorance, all his mind in chaos as he yearned to have the charade over with so he could be alone with his son in his arms.

“You’re needed in the house MacKenzie,” the maid called when he was closer. Hughes trailed behind her already reaching for the horses’ line while Jamie headed for the nearby trough to wash the dirt from his hands. She followed him with growing impatience. “There’s a message along with a uh… well, you’d best just come and see.”

The maid was close to running but Jamie’s stride was long enough for him to keep up without looking worried or in a rush.

Silence fell in the kitchen when Jamie finally appeared on the scene. A space had been cleared on the table; meat, herbs, and a few vegetables pushed aside in various states of preparation so that a large basket could rest in the middle, away from the edge.

The housekeeper stood beside it wearing an authoritative posture. She held out the opened envelope for Jamie to take as soon as he was close enough. He frowned at the broken seal and peered over the edge of the basket to see William wrapped securely in several layers of blankets, his face barely visible and his nose rosy from the chill in the air outside.

Turning his back on the basket, Jamie pulled out the note and skimmed it, already having a vague idea of what Lady Dunsany would have written for the wet nurse to copy before delivering the child to Helwater. He was pretty sure the housekeeper could read and wondered how deep into the household the note’s contents had already managed to spread.

Setting the note aside, Jamie reached into the basket and pushed the blanket aside so it was clear of William’s face. Relief washed through him as he saw that the infant appeared to be in good health; he wasn’t pale or feverish or clammy and his face had lost the squashed appearance of the recently birthed. Jamie slipped his hands around the tightly wrapped body and lifted it out. Jarred by the sudden movement, William’s eyes flew open and Jamie could feel the baby’s limbs fight against the blanket that kept them tight against his body. A startled cry escaped the bundle and the housekeeper reached instinctively to take the child and calm him but Jamie moved William out of her reach and settled him in his own arms.

Reassured by the solidity of resting in Jamie’s arms and against his chest, William’s cry weakened to a whimper and then faded as Jamie began whispering to him in soothing Gaelic, the vibrations of his low voice radiating through his body. William looked up at Jamie with wide eyes, his mouth forming a startled ‘O’ that made Jamie chuckle.

“What’s happened here?” Lady Dunsany asked as she followed a maid sent to fetch her into the kitchen. She paled for a moment when she saw Jamie holding the baby but quickly recovered.

“I believe I’m goin’ to need to have a word or two wi’ yer husband, my lady,” Jamie said in a way he hoped didn’t sound two practiced.

“What’s this?” Lord John asked coming in behind Lady Dunsany.

Jamie felt a nervous chill creeping up his spine as he watched Grey’s eyes widen momentarily with shock; his features remained unaltered as he looked into Jamie’s defiant face.

“May I see that?” Grey asked indicating the note.

“Lord John, please,” Lady Dunsany said with quiet firmness as Jamie yielded the slip of paper. “This is not the place to be doing this and it’s a matter for my husband to deal with, at any rate.”

Grey looked up from the note and at Jamie again then to the child in his arms. William wriggled a bit and grunted before passing a bit of gas. Jamie struggled not to smile at what appeared to be the babe’s opinion of such scrutiny.

“You are right, of course, my lady,” Grey finally said. “Please, allow me to help you carry your things into the library while your mistress fetches her husband.” He reached over to the table and lifted the basket.

“Thank you, sir,” Jamie said with formality before following Grey out of the kitchen.

He wanted to reach out and take Grey by the collar, push him up against the wall of the hallway and lay into him for interfering; point out that no one beyond Dunsany was supposed to know his full background and that Grey’s assumption of authority in the kitchen threatened what anonymity using the name Alexander MacKenzie gave him. But having William in his arms was more than deterrent enough.

The babe was starting to squeak and grunt again, this time clearly with hunger behind it. How long had it been since he’d eaten? How long would it take till Lady Dunsany could get a wet nurse to the house? What was it Jenny used to give the bairns to tide them over if she couldn’t nurse right away?

Grey strode into the library with Jamie a few steps behind him and dropped the basket on the floor by the desk before whirling around and shutting the door.

“What’s going on, Jamie?” Grey asked, his voice a harsh whisper. “I don’t for a minute believe that you got some random local woman with child the way this note suggests. Not without the household servants knowing about it and if they had suspected something and were gossiping about it, Tom would have heard and informed me.”

Jamie remained silent, turning his attention to William and walking towards the light of one of the windows, swaying as he did and calming the hungry child. William blinked against the light then sneezed.

“What makes ye so sure he’s no mine?” Jamie asked quietly.

“I know you, Jamie. You wouldn’t take advantage of some unfortunate or… or misguided young woman like that,” Grey insisted. “You’re too noble… too noble for your own good,” he added, under his breath.

“There’s much about me ye dinna ken,” Jamie murmured letting William take the end of his finger in his hand. The babe shifted his head towards the finger, mouth gaping, ready to feast. It took a few tries for him to get the finger in his mouth. Jamie hoped the brief washing he’d given his hands on the way inside had gotten that finger clean enough; he could hear faint echoes of Claire scolding him about how sensitive infants could be to those germs of hers.

“MacKenzie,” Dunsany said as he and his wife slipped into the library. “Lord John,” he added, clearly startled. “Thank you for keeping MacKenzie company just now. I think––”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I think you and I both know that whatever is happening with this child concerning MacKenzie is my concern as well,” Grey interrupted with the clear intention of taking charge and a brief glance to Lady Dunsany, uncertain how much she knew of how and why Jamie had come to be a groom on the estate. “Now, as I’m sure your wife informed you, the note claims that MacKenzie is father to this child but it’s clear that he can’t possibly raise the boy here under these circumstances. If you require assistance, I can help arrange for the boy to be sent to his family in Scotland. Presumably he has family who would be able to care for the boy until such time––”

“No,” Lady Dunsany interjected. She had already drifted to Jamie’s side. “That won’t be necessary. MacKenzie can stay here with the baby so long as he’s in our employ. I’ll send to town to inquire after a wet nurse and you can be moved into the house; the child cannot be raised in the barn.”

Grey turned a confused look to his hostess as she reached for William and brought him to her shoulder, a hand caressing the back of his head.

Understanding dawned in Grey’s face and he looked first to Dunsany and then to Jamie for confirmation.

“Ah, yes. Well… I suppose that changes matters… I’ll leave you to your arrangements,” Grey stammered, heading for the door but throwing Jamie a look that indicated there were still matters the two of them would be discussing later.

But the reluctance Jamie felt over the prospect of that discussion faded as he watched Lady Dunsany with tears in her eyes cradling her grandson. He couldn’t begrudge the Dunsanys for the comfort they found in the child but neither was he blind to the difficulties that lay ahead as far as drawing boundaries for how William would be raised and their role in his life. Grey could be an important ally for him when the time came for him to take William home to Scotland. He hoped for all their sakes that a balance could be struck that would enable them all to live in peace for some years to come.

#23- Gags (Destiel)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warnings: smut, use of gag

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I do love writing Destiel. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean is noisy.

He can’t help it. He’s always enjoyed sex, always loved the feel of skin on skin, never wanted to hold back any of the groans and growls the sensations pull out of him.

And sex with Cas? Well, that’s a goddamn out-of-body experience, and he can’t possibly be expected to be quiet with his angel sucking his cock, lips wrapped around his erection and blue eyes staring up at him with no angel innocence at all.

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50 Thoughts While Watching BTS Spring Day MV

1. Taehyung and the slight trip he did while stepping off the platform just broke the internet.
2.The sound of the snow crunching is delicious!
3. Where can i get the bracelets on his arm?? Also smart to freeze your hands off and save your ears.
4. Jungkook you look beautiful *sighs*
5. Lol for a split second Kookie looked like Yugyeom istg
6. Who told Rap Monster he could be this soft??? These blue contacts!!!
7. Jimin is cancelling my future goals in life with that smile by the ocean.
8. Even the subs are in color! Ughh so much prettttyyyy.
9. The train dropped him off at the world’s smallest hotel.
10. Then Rap Monster ended back on the train…reasons
11. JUNGKOOK why are you looking so thoughtful?? Is it because you’re thinking about me? *hint hint*
12. I always knew Namjoon was royalty.
13. Lol let’s just throw random things at our leader in slow motion. At least Jin was throwing a pillow.
14. Neverending “Stairs” symbolizing i don’t know do I look like a psychologist to you?
15. There Jin goes always taking pictures.
16. Honestly they are all so beautiful that I’m dying.
18. The vocals are so sweet and pure help me.
19. Yoongi is brushing his teeth and I’m on the edge of my seat.
21. Tae is taking pics too. I hope my eyes weren’t closed.
22. I just want to point out that Jimin is eating Tostitos. THIS IS MARKETING PEOPLE!
23. That birthday cake is depressing.
24. Jin is wearing a sweater and shorts. The purpose of warmth is being defeated.
26. There is way too much to look at i am seriously overwhelmed by this entire MV.
27. My heart is tumbling like the clothes in the dryer.
30. (I should probably stop screaming)
31.Suga in this pink sweater and contacts shall be my ruin.
32. Can you die by aesthetics?? Is that possible??
33. I just want to touch the softness.
34. How do you get a ticket on this train? Is it like the polar express?
35. Jungkook has been at this abandoned fair deal all day in one spot, clearly he needs some milk or something.
36. You can’t sit on a moving train and throw a paper plane forward. It would fly backwards. #PHYSICS
37. Kookie finally left his window view and is now searching for his purpose.
38. Who am I kidding I don’t even care what any of this means.
39. The vocal line is so smooth like butter on the toast of my life.
40. AWH the squad just fell in line. Maknae life must be sweet.
41. *Starts humming Run under breath*
42. Yo did this turn into Inception or something? Did bro really just catch himself on the train??
43. This mountain of clothes is growing clearly wash day isn’t happening anymore.
44. Wait now everybody is on the train?? Darn you BigHit for always messing with my mind!!
45. All this slow motionnnnn gahhh
46. Slay them Hoseok freaking last
47. Where was this shot? It’s so beautiful!

anonymous asked:

I need some angst... Hanzo, Genji and Zarya's trying to find their s/o who is fighting talon soldiers, and when do find them, they end getting shot right front of them... But somehow ending surviving.


He keeps to the rooftops, far removed from the chaos in the streets. His sonic arrows show him a path through the worst of it and when he stumbles over his teammates, cornered and trying to find their way back to the point, he helps as best he can. McCree waves a thanks at him when he shoots an attacker that would have flanked him but Hanzo barely sees. He’s searching, wasting his sonic equipment to save those crucial few seconds. The terrain is dominated by narrow alleys winding between high buildings that cast perpetual twilight on the streets below and carry echoes until their source is all but indeterminable. What he needs is visual confirmation, that’s the only way he’s ever going to find you in time. The last thing he heard from you was your frantic request for backup, the comm line breaking before you could pass on your position. He didn’t wait for Reinhardt’s permission to go look for you, knows there’s a lecture about teamwork in stock for him, but his team has things under control. You might still be in trouble.

Another arrow loosened and finally your silhouette appears before his eyes, unmistakably alive. Just a little more, around this chimney, he almost slips because he doesn’t look where he’s going, keeps his eyes on you, fearing you might disappear. He spots the man taking aim behind you before you do. And though he shouts, screams in fact so loud his lungs feel like bursting, he’s too far away for you to hear. The gunshot overcasts the sonic waves of his arrow, he’s blind to your fate, doesn’t know if you’ve been hit, if you’re still alive.
He trips over his feet the last metres, falls down the roof, not bothering to catch his fall, grabbing an arrow instead and ramming it into the enemy’s head, clean through his skull until the tip pierces his throat from the inside. He gurgles, falls over and Hanzo has to push his lifeless body to prevent it from falling on you.

You’re unconscious, but your hands are covered in blood, you must have tried to still the bleeding, which means you were still alive when you fell. Hanzo sinks to his knees at your side, searches for your pulse and doesn’t find it in his panic. Nothing, except his own heart hammering in his throat. His vision swims, the spot where the bullet struck in almost the exact same place where he impaled Genji nearly two decades ago, the blood-soaked fabric of your clothes clinging to your skin just as it did back then. He thinks he can smell the dojo, the wood and fibre, the incense, as he presses down on the gaping wound, blood squelching through his fingers. He’s doing it wrong, there’s more he ought to do but he can’t remember, doesn’t know, because all he sees is you and Genji, dying underneath his hands.

When his brother touches his shoulder he nearly screams.

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The Newsies Songs According to Me
  • Overature: everything's good and calm but where are the paper boys?
  • Santa Fe (Prologue): I hate my city and want to move away, why don't you come with me? Aka big bromance
  • The Bottom Line: we raise the kids price of papers so I can make more money cause I'm greedy but I'm also rich!
  • That's Rich: we love Medda but this song doesn't really do much
  • I Never Planned On You/Don't Come a-Knockin: ROMANTIC INTEREST!!! Aka Jack sings a really beautiful song
  • The World Will Know: We are forming a union by ourselves and going on strike
  • Watch What Happens: I'm gonna sing instead of write even tho it's up to me to help these boys. Oh fuck he's cute.
  • Seize the Day: we went on strike and the aftermath is terrible
  • King of New York: tap dance extravaganza bc front page news story y'all
  • Watch What Happens (Reprise): Jack u better not quit this strike, do it for Crutchie.
  • The Bottom Line (Reprise): I'm making a deal with a greedy and rich asshole
  • Brooklyn's Here: we finally have a chance of winning thank you Spot
  • Something To Believe In: it is about one you tow kissed.
  • Once and For All: They illegally wrote a newspaper about how they should be treated fair, you go boys!
  • Finale: jack stays but not for Crutchie, for Katherine
Wedding Day

Summary: The day of Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

Word Count: 2159

Notes: Loved this request!

It was the morning of the wedding, and Ian and Mickey were happier than ever. They had just had the best morning sex ever so they were both practically glowing as they walked down the steps of the Gallagher house. Fiona insisted that they slept there for the night because she wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for the wedding. She could not have the two of them mess something up.

When the couple got into the kitchen, Debbie started to fake gag. “How many times do you guys fuck throughout the night? I can fucking smell it,” she rolled her eyes as Mickey gave her the middle finger.

Fiona stood up abruptly with a big smile on her face. “You’re getting married!” She ran over and hugged them– Ian hugged back, Mickey just sort of stood there. Hugging anyone other than Ian (and his sister) felt so strange to him– luckily the Gallagher family had never gotten offended by his lack of showing affection. Once the eldest Gallagher sibling had let go of the embrace, she watched as their enthusiastic and nervous eyes went from her to each other.

“We’re getting fucking married today,” Ian giggled in disbelief as he pulled Mickey in for a chaste kiss. After all these years, they were finally promising to spend their lives together.

Taking everyone’s attention from the two of them, the backdoor opened to Mandy. She looked different and beautiful as could be– her hair was lighter than ever, and she calmed down on wearing such heavy eye makeup. “Hi, assholes,” she smiled before dropping her suitcase and running to greet her brother and best friend. She hugged each of them tightly and placed a quick kiss on Ian’s lips.

“What the fuck, bitch?” Mickey scowled at his sister for kissing his soon-to-be husband.

Ian shook his head and wiped the girls lipstick off his lips. “What? I felt like kissing my boyfriend one last time,” she jokes. Ian ruffled her hair and pulled her in for another hug.

“I missed you, Mands,” he said in a warm tone. “Everything been okay?”

She nods. “Everything’s been great,” the Milkovich girl responds. “Enough of me, you guys are getting fucking hitched today!” She beams as the two standing in front of her smile. It’s nice seeing Mickey genuinely fucking happy for once. When she hears an excited shriek come from behind her, she turns around to hug Fiona, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. “Can you guys fuckin’ believe these two?”

“It’s fucking awesome,” Carl smirks. He’s proud of his brother for being able to keep such a strong hold on a Milkovich because no one’s ever done that before.

Suddenly Lip walks down the stairs. It looks like he’s still half asleep but once he’s eyes set on Mandy, he gasps and freezes in his spot. When his ex girlfriend gives his a soft grin, he relaxes and walks farther down the stairs and into the kitchen. He walks over to his redhead brother and squeezes his shoulder. “You excited, man?”

Ian vigorously nods. “Fuck yes. We’ve went through enough shit to finally get here. We’re so close to the finish line now.” He kisses Mickey’s head.

Fiona smiles at her brother and then turns her head to the side to see the time. “Oh, shit! We gotta get ready!” Everyone then proceeds to finish their breakfast before rushing to get dressed and prepared.

* * *

Surprisingly, in their previous search to find someone to marry Ian and Mickey, the Gallaghers found out that many of the regulars at the Alibi were ordained, but they chose Kermit to do the job. He seemed to be the least likely to ruin the whole thing.

As Kermit was waiting at the front of the VFW for his two grooms, he heard the wedding bells chime. Everyone excitedly shifted in their seats. Because no one really knew how this wedding would work, Ian and Mickey decided to walk out at the same time and meet in front of Kermit.

When the men locked eyes, the happy sounds of the attendees were suddenly drowned out, and it was only them. This is happening. This is real. Ian’s heart was pounding so hard that he could hear it, and Mickey’s hands were profusely sweating.

Once close enough, the redhead reached out and grabbed Mickey’s clammy hands. He felt as if he couldn’t wipe the grin of his face so he didn’t even try to. The affection and joy in Mickey’s eyes were making Ian’s heart melt.

Kermit then began, and after saying “I do” a few times, it was time for their vows. “I, Ian Clayton Gallagher, take you Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, and in joy as well as sorrow.” Ian chuckled as he started his vows in a traditional form. “I promise to love you through the crazy shit we have yet to face. I promise to never leave you again. I promise to be my best for you. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, fight with you, love you, and cherish you until death do us part,” he says and holds back the tears that are welling in his eyes.

Mickey smiled and cleared his throat before speaking. It was hard to him to describe his feelings in front of this many people, so he steadied his gaze on Ian and kept his focus there. “I, Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, take you Ian Gallagher to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health,” he smirks and he thinks of all the times he’s taken care of Ian whenever he’d been hit with a bipolar episode. He started again, “in good times and in bad times. I promise to never let you go. I promise to never give up no matter what shit is thrown at us next– we’ve made it this far.  I promise to always take care of you, protect you, fight for you, hold you, love you, and cherish you.” He speaks in the most sincere tone anyone has ever heard. “And I fucking mean that,” he adds with a smirk.

They exchange rings then and Kermit grins at them both before saying his final words. “By the power vested in me by the state of Chicago, I now present you husband and husband! You may kiss your groom,” he starts to clap before their lips even connect. While they are in the middle of their kiss, Kermit raises his arms triumphantly. “I present to you the newly married couple, Ian Gallagher-Milkovich and Mickey Gallagher-Milkovich!” Everyone erupts into a loud cheer.

Ian laughs into Mickey’s mouth, but then proceeds to kiss him harder. They’ve never kissed with so much love in front of an audience like this, but they were thrilled about it. When they separated, they rested their foreheads against the each other. “We fucking did it,” Ian giggled.

Mickey nodded proudly. It was hard to believe that they’ve came this far. “I love you.”

“I love you too, husband,” Ian smiled and pecked Mickey on the lips.

Grabbing each other’s hands, they then proceed to walk down the aisle while everyone shouted and clapped for them, but obviously those plans we changed. Fiona and Debbie launched themselves out of their seats to gather their brother and his new husband in a hug. When the girls let go, the newlyweds were suddenly embraced by Mickey’s Iggy and Mandy, which was a huge fucking surprise because it was rare for the Milkovich family to show such affection. Once everyone backed off, it was time for the reception.

* * *

As everyone crowded into the Alibi the music begins to blare. Everyone gets their drinks and starts dancing, but Ian and Mickey hold back. Ever since Ian’s been on his meds, Mickey’s cut back on the alcohol because he doesn’t want Ian to go through it alone.

When everyone was congratulating them, Mickey started to notice that Ian seemed to be growing impatient. Once everyone cleared out from around them, Mickey cocked an eyebrow at his husband and Ian instantly grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward. “Need to taste you,” Ian whispered in Mickey’s ear and started dragging him towards the bathroom.

Mickey’s dick hardened the second those words came out of his husbands month. He’s been wanting for Ian to jump on him since they were getting ready for the wedding.

Ian smirked when he saw Mickey’s needy expression on his face. He locked the doors and sunk down to his knees. He couldn’t deny that the sight of his husband made his own dick twitch, but right now he needed to take care of Mickey.

As he unzipped Mickey’s pants, he grinned at the boner he had exposed. “So fuckin’ hot,” Ian said as he stroked his cock.

Ian had barely even begun and Mickey was already trembling in the knees. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to last long, but that was probably for the better. He tried to keep his eyes focus on his husband.

“What do you want me to do, Mick?” Ian teased.

Mickey let out a lustful sound. “Fuckin’ suck me off!”

With that Ian wrapped his mouth around Mickey’s dick and began bobbing his head up and down. His hand wrapped around the part of Mickey’s cock that Ian couldn’t fit into his mouth. He was doing all the right things with his tongue, causing Mickey to let out sexiest moans that Ian has ever heard. He was pretty sure these sounds alone were enough to make him jizz in his pants.

Ian seductively looked up through his eyelashes. He could see that Mickey was about to cum just from the look on his face– which was fucking hot. “Gonna cum,” Mickey panted. The redhead nodded and prepared himself to swallow. A few moments later, Mickey’s cum shot down Ian’s throat. When he finished, he licked up and down his husbands dick one last time, making sure he didn’t miss anything.

Once completely done, he pulled Mickey’s pants up for him and zipped him up. “Better repay me later,” he joked and kissed him.

“You know I will,” Mickey reassured him. His placed one last kiss on Ian’s lips before the walked back out into the crowd.

As they unlocked the door and made their way out of the restroom, Iggy yelled, “Hey! They’re back!” Ian laughed and Mickey blushed.

“Horny fuckers,” Fiona said to them with a laugh. “Time to make a speech.”

Mickey’s eyebrows shot up. “I have to make a fucking speech?” Publicly speaking was never his strong suit, and the only time it was was when he was making a scene to get his point across.

“Yes, Mickey, we’re making a speech,” Ian tells him happily. Ian grabbed Iggy’s beer and tapped the glass with a fork to get everyone’s attention. He smiled, grabbed Mickey’s hand, and began. “When I was fifteen I made the crazy decision to go after Mickey Milkovich, and instead of him beating the shit out of me, we fucked. Ever since that day I have been so hooked on this asshole. We’ve been through so much– way too much, but we’re still here and stronger than ever. Eleven years ago I wouldn’t never believe that this is where we’d end up, but I’m so fuck happy that we’ve gotten here. I love you, Mick.” He kisses Mickey’s head as everyone clapped.

Mickey took a deep breath and got ready to talk. When Ian saw Mickey’s leg tapping, he grabbed his cheek. “Hey, talk to me.” Mickey nods.

“I tried so fucking hard to hate you when he first started hooking up, but you were like a drug or some shit– I never wanted to want you, but I kept coming back for more. When you left that first time is when I accepted how much I loved you– that’s when I stopped fighting it. After all the shit– Terry, Frank, Svetlana,” he pauses and looks at her apologetically and she smiles at him, then begins again, “juvie, fucking Boystown, the Army, your bipolar disorder, that bitch Sammi, the list goes on forever– I’ll always be here for you. I fucking love you,” he said sincerely. Ian smiles so wide that his mouth hurt.  

Everyone erupted in a big cheer. Fiona had tears welling in her eyes while Lip went to go hug his brother. The Gallaghers told the newly weds how proud they were of them while the Milkovich cousins and siblings shook their hands and offered them a two month supply of weed– Ian accepted it because he knew that was their way of showing their love. Ian and Mickey along with their families have finally crossed the finish line, they’ve overcome so much and nothing could stop them now.

CS FF: Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Egg Hunt for Me

Summary: Never let a pirate plan an Easter egg hunt.  

Rating: G

Note: Just some Easter fun at the expense of our Captain.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Egg Hunt for Me: Part 1/1…

“Swan,” Killian began, as he sat down across from his wife and her mother at Granny’s.  “Why are there bunnies and eggs covering every bloody surface of this diner?”

“It’s for Easter,” she replied.  “It’s in a couple of weeks.  I think this is just the first time we’ve actually been in this realm to celebrate it.”

Killian arched a brow.  “And what exactly does this holiday entail in this realm?”

Snow smiled.  “Kids visit the Easter Bunny. They decorate Easter eggs.  They have Easter egg hunts.  You give kids baskets filled with candy and trinkets.”

Killian nodded.  “I see.  So this is a children’s holiday.”

Emma shrugged. “More or less.”

Snow leaned forward.  “That’s not true at all.  Families also have a big feast.  Easter can be fun for all ages.   And, Hook, since you brought it up, I know Regina is looking for someone to organize Storybrooke’s annual Easter egg hunt in the park.”

Emma let out a scoff. “Mom, I really don’t think Killian is interested in organizing an Easter egg hunt for a bunch of kids.”

Killian held up his hook.  “Hold on.  If there’s anything a pirate likes, it’s a good old fashioned treasure hunt.”

“See,” Snow said with a self-satisfied smile at her daughter.

“Killian, you don’t need to feel obligated just because my mother asked you.”  Emma held up her left hand, flashing her engagement and wedding rings.  “We’re married now.  You don’t need to keep trying to impress her.”

He shook his head. “I do not feel obligated.  A year ago, I was torn away from you and this town. And I wasn’t prepared for how much I missed it.  Storybrooke is my home now, Emma.  I think it’s high time I start acting as such and begin contributing to this community.”

“I think helping to defend it from the villain-of-the month is more than enough contribution,” Emma replied.

Snow patted her daughter’s hand.  “Emma, if your husband would like to volunteer to organize the Easter egg hunt, then let him.”  She paused and winked.  “It will be good practice for when you have little ones of your own soon and have Easter egg hunts in your backyard.”

Emma’s eyes grew wide, as she exchanged a glance with her husband.

Emma cleared her throat uncomfortably.  “We’ve only been married a year, Mom.  Slow down.”

Killian’s lips slid into a smile, as he linked his fingers with wife’s.  “I look forward to the day when we can share such events with our children, love.”

Emma smiled at the thought.  Easter had never been anything special for her growing up.  No big feast.  No egg hunts.  No visits to the Easter Bunny or dying eggs.  She never even got an Easter basket.   The most she ever got was a few measly little chocolate eggs.  

She wanted things to be different for their children.  She wanted to start traditions and make memories as a family.  

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Alexander  pt.1[BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N) 

bts members 

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again … 

part 1 2 3 4 5


Originally posted by sugutie

you fidget and opened your eyes your hands were too heavy to reach out for your phone , it wasn’t there you moved closer to the night stand but checking it it seemed like it wasn’t your phone that kept bothering your sleeping 

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the thing i never got about bubbled is that it was the perfect opportunity from a narrative standpoint for steven to grow as a character. like, the last few lines of bubbled just resonate so strongly and allude that steven is going to realize that measures have to be taken against the diamonds to protect earth so i seriously have no idea why they put those lines in if they never wanted to carry through with them:

“destroying her was the only way to save the planet” “even if it meant shattering someone” hmm sounds familiar doesn’t it? bismuth aired literally four episodes before bubbled, and bubbled is supposed to be a season finale. the pacing would have been spot-on and perfect if it led to steven realizing that the diamonds endangered earth and his family, and he had to do what’s best for earth. now if that means shattering the diamonds or not is up for interpretation, but if the show is about compassion and understanding others, then shouldn’t bismuth’s pov be acknowledged as well? and that’s really where i thought the show was going with the end of bubbled. it almost seemed as if garnet was referring to bismuth and steven was supposed to understand bismuth and her intentions through garnet’s lines.

even if you are arguing that garnet says “everything’s different now” that’s still no excuse to stow away someone who isn’t aware that “everything’s different now,” and a crystal gem, who had been fighting by and for rose’s side for years, nonetheless.

season three had such a strong opening (i.e., having two prominent conflicts that the previous season had been building up to: malachite and the cluster) and then the next season just? starts off with peridot screaming at a monster for eleven minutes? id have less of a problem with that tbh if the episode that literally preceded it didn’t hint so strongly at such plot-heavy/character-growth-related stuff only to never go through with it.

(6) Ignis' pick-up lines

Noctis: You know, maybe we shouldn’t make a fire at camp tonight. Might give the Imperial Troops a sign of where we’re at.
Prompto: But it’s so cold. :(
Ignis: We can all just sit around Gladio.
Noctis: …
Ignis: He’s…hot enough. 
Gladio: …Ignis?
Ignis: Also, I’ll remind you all I tend to get the coldest spot in the tent. I’m afraid I’ll have to keep Gladio at my side every second tonight.
Gladio:  ಥ‿ಥ Awmanyes

Surprises || Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by jjilljj

Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Fluff

It had been a few days since you had last seen him. You weren’t sure what was keeping him so busy, but whatever it was it must have been important. You didn’t mind though as you understood that Jin was always busy, either with music or cleaning up after the boys and making sure they were doing okay.

It was just something you had grown to understand and come to terms with. You weren’t always Jin’s first priority but that didn’t matter because you still knew he loved you. He never failed to make you feel loved and always treated you with the upmost respect.

There were many reasons why you loved him, and you didn’t think anything could change that. Despite the tours and promotions, which were finally coming to an end. You were waiting for the moment when he was free so the two of you could see each other again.

You smiled as you heard the specific ringtone for a certain someone go off. You quickly shot up from your spot at the table and ran into your room where your phone was charging. With a huge smile on your face, you answered the call.

“Hi.” You giggled into the receiver. You heard a nervous laugh on the other side of the line and you felt your heart flutter.

“Well hello there beautiful.” Jin’s voice flooded through your ears and you couldn’t stop the butterflies as they started to fly around in your stomach, trying to find a way to burst out and go free.

“You’re back?” You questioned. You waited the few seconds it took Jin to reply, the excitement continuing to build up and up within you.

“Yeah, I am.” He said. There was something holding back in his voice that worried you slightly. Despite all the happiness building up inside you, you paused yourself to question what was going on.

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8| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3655

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With the knowledge that Jimin was still at Amour, you eagerly looked toward his table when you went down for breakfast the next morning. Of course he wasn’t there.

“Does he ever eat?” You muttered, watching as Dawon, Soekjin, Hoseok, Jungkook, Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon sat down at their table.

Jiwoo, who stood in front of you in the line, heard you, and turned to follow your gaze.

She smiled. “He probably eats in his room.” She shrugged.

“I thought we all had to eat here.”

She shrugged. “I don’t think Park Jimin would do anything to put his ballet in danger.”

You tried to accept that, but still. Why did he not come and eat with his friends?

Heading to technique, your limbs already screamed after yesterday’s class. “You’re so lucky getting the solo, (Name).” Yuna said as she pushed open the studio door. “It’s a massive compliment coming from Madame Choi.”

“Yeah.” Hyeun nodded, popping up behind. “She never gives out solos. You are seriously good!”

An unladylike snort came from across the room, where Minjee and Seohyun sat, tying on their shoes.

“Jesus, Hyeun.” Minjee drawled. “Did you put your diaper over your brain this morning?” She stood up, the whole class now listening in.

“If (Name) screws up, then we’re all going to lose. We shouldn’t be relying on someone who can’t even dance at her own age level.” She raised a pointed eyebrow at you. “No pressure or anything, (Name), but we’re all going to work our asses off and still fail because of you.”

“You are so out of line, Minjee.” Hyeun said, shaking her head.

“And see.” Minjee pointed. “She doesn’t even hang out with people who can help her. We all know that you’re way too butch for ballet, Hyeun.”

Hyeun snapped, striding towards her with her fist raised. “You fucking – ”

“Positions please!” Madame Choi’s voice stopped her hand, just inches away from Minjee’s jaw. You all spun around. Madame Choi was taking up her place at the front of the studio, her face sharp as usual, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.

She stared back at your shocked faces with distaste. “Well come on! We have very little time.” She clapped her hands to Mister Ghim, who was only just sitting down. “To the barre, please!”

After a few glances of confusion, you all rushed to the barres. You pulled Hyeun in front of you. It would be way too easy to let her leg fly back into Minjee’s stomach during a set of tondues. You could see her shoulders rising and falling quickly.

“Hyeun.” You whispered. “Calm down. We’ll sort this out later.”

With Madame Choi in her usual, no-nonsense mood, no one thought it best to tell her about what had been going on. You went through your usual barre exercises, though it took a full ten minutes to relax back into the familiar moves.

“Alright.” Madame Choi called. “Positions for the beginning, if you please.”

You went to the centre feeling everyone’s eyes on you. Even if most of the class didn’t like Minjee, her words had gotten through. A lot was placed on you. Everyone wanted to win this, and Minjee was right. If you screwed up, the class would lose. Trying to expel those thoughts from your head, you raised yourself up onto Pointe. Your left leg immediately came up behind you.

“And music please! And one two three four.” Your breathing was shaky as you held an arabesque, and lifted your arms.

“Chin up, Miss (Surname)!” You lifted your head quickly. You had to block out Minjee’s words. You changed legs, making the series of moves Madame Choi had shown yesterday. You were doing fine. But was fine good enough? You kept going. Things weren’t so bad once people began entering behind you. You were relaxed enough to think about the choreography. The courus weren’t working in the first section, but you continued to do them, as she’d asked.

The rest of your class were finally onstage, and you went through the gruelling routine of quick pirouettes and turns. Now that everyone had the moves, Madame Choi began to change your positions, so that you weren’t just in lines. Now you moved around the ‘stage’, not staying in the same spot more than a few seconds. The music was quick and sharp, and you seemed to be at its mercy.

“Come on!” Yelled Madame Choi at one point. “Focus! You all just changed half the moves! Again from bar fifty three and one two three four.”

She didn’t put you into any of the formations. Instead, You were to dance through them, or inside, or in front of. Your mind was not used to so many quick orders to put into memory, and Minjee’s words from earlier still loud in your head. Every time you forgot a move or went out of time, her voice was there telling you that you were going to fail. And of course sometimes she really was there, sniggering at your mistakes.

“You did fine, (Name).” Jiwoo said at the end of the class.

You wiped the sweat from your neck. “I screwed up a lot.”

She shook her head. “Minjee was talking crap earlier and you know it.”

“I still want to go and punch her skanky little face in.” Hyeun muttered through gritted teeth.

“Not a good idea.” You told her.

“Neither is sitting here and letting her insult us all.”

“Don’t give her the satisfaction of knowing she got to you.” Jiwoo replied. She glanced at you “And I mean both of you. What she said was crap, anyway.”

“Hey (Name).” You turned around. One of the guys from your class was standing there…what was his name again…?

“Hi.” You said.

“Uh…” He looked at you as if you were going to break. “I just thought I’d offer my service, you know if you need to practise for the review and stuff. Just to get everything perfect.”

You stared at him. He looked just about ready to bolt.

“Yeah, uh, just tell me…” He quickly walked away and you turned back to Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna.

“Well, he didn’t seem to think what Minjee said was crap.” You raised an eyebrow at Jiwoo. You knew it wasn’t really fair, but your new found stress was putting you on edge.

“Ilsung’s a jerk, (Name).” She reassured you. “You’re going to do fine. You just need more time to practise.”

You knew you did. You hadn’t practiced last night because you had had to do your correspondence school work. Sadly you had more to tonight, but it would have to wait. You couldn’t let your class down.

By the time Pas de Deux rolled around, you had been asked by several students in your class if you wanted their help. They all seemed to know the choreography better than you did. Even Kihyun came up to you at the end of lunch.

“(Name), I think you may have been a little off on your second pirouette. I could teach it to you, if you want.”

“No thanks, Kihyun.” You had said, trying to smile. “I think I’ll be fine.”

“Right.” He had replied, but then he’d gone on. “Just remember to keep your core in and to get out of it by the fourth beat. And remember in your Jete to check your feet. I thought one was a bit bent.”

“Right, thanks.” Jiwoo had then mercifully broken in and pried him away from the subject.

Even now, as you walked into class, a girl was telling you how she always gained extra marks in exams for facial expression.

“Thanks. I’ll make sure I do that.” You said before giving a rather unconvincing smile and slipped away to where Jiwoo, Hyeun, Yuna and Kwangsik sat.

“God, I’m going to get a major headache if this keeps going on.” You told them with a grimace.

Jiwoo gave a sympathetic smile. “(Name), don’t bother listening to them. You got the solo for a reason, you’re better than they are. Madame Choi thinks you’re doing fine.”

You sighed and bit your lip. They still knew more than you, though.

Eungkwan came in a minute later. His face was the same pale color as yesterday, his eyes downcast. You waved to him friendlily. He gave a weak smile back and went to sit against the piano, far away from anyone else. You turned back to the others.

“Jeez.” Yuna mumbled. “I thought the second years were the rowdiest of them all.”

“Na.” Said Hyeun. “That’s reserved for Jimin and his gang.” She looked at the mirror, slipping a black hairpin back into her bun. “Hoseok’s sooooo dreamy.”

Yuna laughed. “Watch it, girl, you seriously don’t want his sister pouncing on you.”

You listened to their idle banter, stretching and tying up your shoes as Hyeun performed her daily gossip session. While she went through a list of names you didn’t know, you glanced over at Kwangsik and Jiwoo. They’d been as quiet as you, though at the rate Hyeun was talking, it was hard to get a word in either way.

Jiwoo was sitting close to Kwangsik. She was looking down at her hands in her lap, giggling at a joke he must have made. He sat much the same, his dark eyes looking at her shyly, his own smile a bit bigger on his face.

You observed them only for a moment, then left them to it, having a mental chuckle of your own. When were they going to realize?

“Good Afternoon, class.” Madame Zhang had finally arrived, today wearing a white suit which was a little too short for her wide shoulders. You had to admit, white did not exactly compliment her.

“Good Afternoon, Madame Zhang.” Everyone muttered, standing up. Mrs. Shin took her place at the piano.

Madame Zhang pulled out her stool, as per usual, and sat glaring at you all, waiting for everyone to get ready. You hurried over to Eungkwan, who stood ready in first position, his face staring blankly ahead. You still had to stop and swallow before stepping into position in front of him. He placed his hands on your hips, and you felt any power you had drain away. Shuffling your feet into first, you tried to convince yourself you were comfortable.

“Plies.” Madame Zhang commanded unexcited. “One two three four.”

“Someone’s grumpy today.” You muttered under your breath.

Surprisingly, Eungkwan replied. “She reminds me of my mother’s pug dog.”

You snorted, leaning around to look at him. “God, I have to say, you’re right.”

His smile was small, but you could have sworn there was a bit more color in it. His eyes looked brightly at you for a second, before Madame Zhang’s sharp, now puggish voice came in.

“What is it, Miss (Surname), that you find so amusing?” Her small beady eyes stared right into yours.

“Sorry, Madame.” You said, trying to wipe a smile off your face. It was cruel, but you could certainly see the resemblance.

As soon as her stony look went elsewhere, you quickly looked behind at Eungkwan. But he’d returned to blandly staring at the wall above the mirrors, now his face a little tenser than before. You turned back, figuring that was the end of his talking for the day. It had been nice, though.

The class went on and on, until eventually you got to the combinations. Everyone bunched up at the back of the studio and waited for her orders.

“Alright, we’re trying something different today.” Madame Zhang declared shuffling on her stool. “You’re all getting sloppy, so it’s time to move on.”

Yuna and you exchanged glances. Where was the logic in that? Madame Zhang continued. “We’re going to move on to over the head lifts.”

“What?” You snapped, looking at the woman. She couldn’t be serious. She’d have to be insane. Overheads were dangerous, more so than other lifts because of the height and the amount of force used to get up to those positions.

“Over head lifts, Miss (Surname).” She drawled, glaring at you.

“Sweet.” Minjee said with a satisfied grin. Jongsoo high fived her.

“Ma'am, we can’t do those yet.” You protested.

“That’s why we’re learning them, Miss (Surname).”

“We haven’t even done fish dives.” You said.

“Fish dives aren’t as cool as overheads.” Hyeun exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly.

“Yeah.” Yuna admitted. “They look fun.”

“Finished talking, have we?” Madame Zhang said distastefully. “You will begin facing each other with the boy’s hands on the girl’s waist. Then the boy will bend his knees, the girl will jump twice and then lift up, hands on the boys shoulders with her legs higher than the rest of her body. Girls, your head should be way out behind the boy, your belly should be above his head.”

You glanced around. Everyone else was nodding, grinning with their partners. Madame Zhang’s popularity rate had just gone up. Yours however had gone even more down, though you were more worried about your neck getting snapped than your reputation. Eungkwan seemed to be the only one even slightly concerned. His forehead was creased in a frown.

“Have you done this in your classes before?” You asked him.

“Only in advanced class.”

“Miss (Surname) and whoever your partner is.” Said Madame Zhang. “You can be first with Miss Yang and Mister Rhee.”

Jiwoo and Kwangsik were already in position.

“Ma'am.” You tried again. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”

“Come on, (Name).” Jiwoo said smiling. “It’s something new.”

“I’ll be able to hold you up.” Eungkwan told you quietly. “I do know how to do it.”

You bit your lip.

“And my point is further proven.” Minjee’s piercing voice sung across the room. “The judges look for advanced stuff. We’re not gonna get it from her.”

You swore she was getting more confident in her insults by the second. Of course, Madame Zhang didn’t notice. Or maybe she didn’t care. But that didn’t matter. You shook your head.

“Just don’t drop me.” You muttered to Eungkwan, and went into the centre.

Jiwoo gave you what was meant to be an encouraging smile. “You’ve done it before, remember?”

You suddenly did. Jimin, lifting you up, giving you the height to fly.

Jimin. Jimin he wouldn’t have let the class do this.

From your one lesson with him, you knew he wouldn’t make you do anything as advanced and consequently dangerous as this. Oh God, where was he?

But the piano was already playing, and you were facing Eungkwan, your hands on his shoulders, his knees bent, ready to lift you.

“Alright!” Called Madame Zhang from her stool. “Just practise the prep first. And jump two three four and stop. And jump two three four and stop.”

At least she was taking you through it slowly. “And now you want a small lift hold. And one two three four hold her up!” Eungkwan held you up easily, your legs straight underneath you.

You didn’t make eye contact, of course. When you danced, you didn’t want anyone to see the emotion it brought to you, at least, not to anyone who could not understand it. Instead, you glanced at Jiwoo and Kwangsik. They seemed to be doing fine.

“And down two three four. And jump jump jump and hold up, and down two three four.” Your shoes touched the floor again. “Alright, now you will do the real one. Simply jump jump and boys get very low and lift her up just over your shoulders. She should be horizontal.”

Now you did look at Eungkwan. Could you trust him? Of course you could. But could he trust you? You had only done this once before.

“Okay and one two three four and jump and jump and up!” Suddenly you were being forced into the air, Eungkwan’s hands gripping your waist. His body blurred as you were boosted up above his body.

“Oh my God!” Someone cried out, the same time there was a piercing scream. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Jiwoo, fully up in the air, swaying dangerously to the left. Oh fuck, you were too close.

Her body crashed into Eungkwan’s arms and you slipped out of his hands, letting out a cry. Luckily he caught you again, painfully around the rib cage. But he’d lost his balance on the impact, and you came slamming down, your head smacking against the wooden floor.

Everything went black.

But just for a second. When your vision cleared, you saw Eungkwan next to you. People were yelling, your class already crowding around someone.

Oh God, Jiwoo.

You quickly sat up. Your head spinning, but you shook it off.

Oh my God.

You crawled through people’s legs to see. Jiwoo laying there, tears streaming down her cheeks, her face deadly white, wailing.

“What hurts?” Mrs. Shin, the pianist, asked as calmly as possible, kneeling next to her.

“M-m-my-my ahh!” She screamed again.

“Jiwoo.” Kwangsik whispered, swallowing, his face almost as pale as hers.

No one was doing anything!

You leapt up, running for the door. You only noticed Madame Zhang from the corner of your eye, but she stood a little way back from the group, looking pale, staring straight ahead. You burst out of the studio and into to the quiet hall. The left side of your body ached, but you kept running, you feet moving extremely fast considering you were in your Pointe shoes. The adrenalin pumped through you. You banged on Mistress Hyejin’s door. No one answered.

Master Jinho. You hurried to the next door, the one you’d seen only yesterday and you burst in.

Master Jinho, whom you’d never actually met, sat at his desk, elegant, large hands typing on his laptop. He looked up, a frown on his hansom features.

“Sir.” You said, breathing heavily. “Jiwoo. Yang Jiwoo, she’s hurt, badly.” It took him only a moment to stand and be right next to you.

“Show me.” He said authoritatively. You immediately spun around and took off, he followed swiftly after.

“Whose class?” He asked as you hurried up the stairs. Your shoes made it harder, but you didn’t halt back one second.

“Madame Zhang’s.” You said.

“What happened?”

“We were doing overheads.” You told him.

“She fell?”

“Yes.” You replied.

Finally arriving at the studio, you pushed open the door and Master Jinho hurriedly strode in.

“Get away from her, please.” He said calmly. They glanced at him and immediately stepped back, only Mrs. Shin and Kwangsik stayed with her. Jiwoo was the same as when you’d left, her chest going up and down very fast as she gasped in pain. Jinho knelt down beside her.

“Miss Yang? You need to tell me exactly what hurts, alright?” His was soft to her, but nonetheless still in charge.

Her eyes looked glazed over. “Shoulder.” She whispered.

Jinho nodded. “Stay still Miss Yang you’ll be fine.” He slipped a hand into his pocket and brought out a cell phone. No one needed two guesses to work out what he was calling. He walked away to face the window, probably so he wouldn’t distress her.

You slid down next to you friend. “(Name) – ” She gasped out. “Are you okay?”

“Of course Jiw.” You told her.

“I’m so sorry.” Kwangsik whispered to her. You noticed the tear running down his cheek. “I just.”

“Ah!” She panted, squeezing her eyes shut. You glanced at Kwangsik. “Maybe later.”

You sat in silence, both of you, and Mrs. Shin, all feeling helpless. The rest of class kept their distance. You noticed Eungkwan standing quietly in a corner. Are you okay? He mouthed to you. You nodded a yes, your blackout long forgotten as you heard your friend whimper beside you.

Madame Hyejin burst in a few minutes later. “Jiwoo! My girl!” She cried, rushing to her. Her cheeks was flushed. She must have run from a class. Her hands hovered over Jiwoo, but of course she was just as useless as the rest of you. Anything you did would cause her pain.

It took a moment before Madame Hyejin caught herself, and showed a little more composure. Actually, you corrected yourself, you think she actually lost some. For now she stood up, ever so slowly, and turned to where Madame Zhang had stood frozen in spot for the past ten minutes.

“How could you let this happen?” She snapped at the fat woman. “What the hell were you thinking? And where is Jimin! Why was he not here to make sure you did not do such a stupid, stupid thing!” Her accent was thicker than ever. “Where is he!” She growled.

Yuna nervously spoke up. “He hasn’t been here since last Tuesday, Ma'am.”

Madame Hyejin looked just about ready to stab someone. Master Jinho, however had finished making his calls. You were guessing to Jiwoo’s parents, and the ambulance.

Master Jinho laid a hand on Hyejin’s shoulder. “My dear please calm down.” His whispered softly to her.

Two seconds passed before she finally exhaled a pent up breath.

“When will the ambulance get here?”

“They are here in a few minuets.” He said, then turned to the rest of you. “Everyone please leave now, we cannot have crowding.” He told. It wasn’t a choice, it was a request. Everyone slowly left out the door. Mrs. Shin looked at you and Kwangsik before putting her hands on both your backs.

“Stay strong, Jiwoo.” You told her, before going out into the quiet hallway. The paramedics, in their blue shirts and smart trousers, were carrying a stretcher towards you.

“In there.” You told them sorrowfully, pointing to the door.

“Come on.” Said Mrs. Shin “I’m sure you’ll be able to see her soon. But for now, I think we could all use a hot chocolate.”

Behind The Scenes 3 (6/???)

Author’s note: Okay so… I just couldn’t wait to post this part. This scene is probably one of my favorites and I feel its different from what I’ve written before. I’m nervous about it, but I just want to get it out there. It’d be nice to get some feedback from you all. I accept all the constructive criticism I can get because I am still trying really hard to make my writing better for this series. Again, sorry for any errors and sorry for any cultural/environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Action / Friendship fluff (ft. GOT7′s Jackson)

Word count: 4165 (I think this is the longest I’ve made a scene so far!)

City: Hong Kong (Last day)

WARNINGS: Guns (If that should really be a warning??? idk really)

Summary: Rap monster and Jackson handle their deal while Y/n stays behind with maknaes in the hotel.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


“Oh, he’s right there!” He told Hiro, pointing to the dark street corner. After what felt like hours of navigating Hong Kong, they finally found Jackson to pick him up for the deal.

There, in the dark stood Jackson in black clothes, sunglasses and a face mask. The only thing that distinguished him from the dark time of night was the bright yellow beanie he was wearing, a signal that it really was him.

Hiro pulled the van right up to Jackson and Rap monster took the liberty to slide the door open for his “friend”.

“Finally you guys are here!” Jackson grunted as he pulled himself into the warm van, taking a seat next to Rap monster in the back.

“Well, it’s not like we’re from here!” he retorted. “Hey, your guys know the new plan, right?” He knew he had to double check Jackson all the time. After all these years, he knew Jackson too well.

Jackson may have had his face hidden, but by his tone Rap monster knew he was right to double check. “Uuuuuhhh, yeah! They are like so ready for the new plan! Just let me, uh, let me give them a call!” Jackson said with a hint of panic.

Behind his own sunglasses, Rap monster glared at Jackson who was fumbling for his phone to make the call. Of course, when he finally got the number right, Jackson babbled away in Chinese. The multilingual fuck always made up his plans in Chinese. Despite all his attempts, Rap monster could never grasp the language and always resented the fact that Jackson would use it in front of him constantly. “This is why shit always blows up in his face.” Rap monster thought to himself. “Cuz I don’t have a chance to save his impulsive ass. One of these days though… one of these motherfucking days he’s gonna regret ever breaking off from me and starting his own shit… I’ll take back what’s mine! I just gotta be patient…”.

“Yeah… Bye.” Jackson said hanging up the phone. He turned to Rap monster. “Ok, the plans are still good and they know what they gotta do. The vans are all ready to go. Do your Taipei guys have the boat ready?”

“Pft. Since yesterday.” He assured in a believably friendly manner. “They got the house ready to hold all the shit and I meet the buyer on my last day there.”

Jackson chuckled out of relief, so far things seemed to be going just as Rap monster had planned. He still felt a bit nervous and rummaged through his pockets again.

“Bro, don’t be pulling any on the Cantonese shit on me at the deal. I need to know what the fuck is going on.” Rap monster lectured.

Jackson pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “Bruh, no worries, that old fuck knows English.” He mumbled as he tried to light the cigarette he was holding between his lips.

Rap monster scoffed at him playfully. “You need to stop smoking that shit. That’s why you sound like a grandpa when you rap!”

“Ha, fuck you! I just need to calm down real quick.” Tobacco smoke soon filled the van and Jackson was quick to simmer down. “But seriously though, this last minute plan of yours better work out. Sheesh! And I thought I was the impulsive one here.” He smirked letting smoke slowly escape his mouth.

“Don’t worry, it will.”

“Yeah sure… Just don’t forget, with this guy I changed my name to ‘Huang’. I told him you were ‘Minseok’.”


“My poor skin!” Jimin cried as he examined his face in the mirror. “This tour is barely starting and it’s already starting to take its toll on my face!”

“Why don’t you use the skin stuff Jackson gave you?” V suggested as he sprawled his limb across the empty bed.

“Oh yeah!” Jimin ran over to the dresser by his bed and pulled out the large box of skin care products. “Fuck! Just by holding this I can remember the ton of shit that’s in here!”

Curiously grew within you and you left your bed to Jimin’s to see what was his gift box.

Jimin carefully opened his box to find that it was packed with all types of elegantly packaged face masks, serums, and cleansers.

You came behind him to take a closer peek at his gifts, “Oh my gosh! You got those sea algae face masks?!? I heard those are amazing!” you squealed.

Jimin pulled out that box you were screaming about. As if it were a precious artifact, he slowly opened it to find that there were ten masks inside.  “Oh gosh, I fucking love Jackson right now!”

“You’re so lucky!”

“Do you wanna try this stuff out?” He offered.

“No, it’s alright. It’s your stuff.”

“No, try it with me!” Jimin insisted. “I don’t wanna be the only one looking stupid with all this on my face.”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Ok fine, but only since you insist.”

“Let me try too!” V cried, trying to take the box from Jimin.

Jimin was fast and pulled everything away from the tall boy. “No! Do aegyo first and then I’ll think about it.”

V huffed and pouted, but soon broke out into a spasm of cuteness. For a good three minutes he spoke in a complete baby voice, throwing finger hearts and “oppa” and “saranghae” every chance he could. He would have gone longer, but Jimin couldn’t keep himself from laughing.

“Jungkook! Do you wanna do this too?” Jimin called out so that Jungkook could hear him from the other side of the room.

“Nah, I’m good.” Jungkook said from your bed, too mesmerized from the fishes in the tank to care about what you guys were talking about.

“C’mon it’ll be fun!”

“It’s okay.”

“Bitch! Listen to your hyung and get that cute ass of yours over here and do these fucking facials with us!” Jimin shouted.

You and V couldn’t hold back the giggles when Jungkook shuffled his way across the room to the three of you.


The van stopped at the corner of an abandoned warehouse. “Warehouses. It’s always damn warehouses with these people.” Rap monster said under his breath. As he slipped his face mask on, he leaned forward to Hiro. “Keep the van on and be ready. We’ll run back here so we can drive off.”

Hiro nodded, accepting his order.

Rap monster and Jackson got off the van and began the rather lengthy walk to the to the warehouse. From a distance, he could see a guy with a gun standing outside the door looking every which way. When said guy spotted the two of them, he immediately pointed his gun at them.

“Woah, woah!” Jackson squealed. He and Rap monster instantly threw their hands up in the air and walked in a slower, more cautious pace. “We are here to see the big guy! We have an appointment.”

The guard put his gun down and walked up to them both. “Mandatory pat down.” he grunted with a noticeable accent. He stepped up to Jackson first, patting him down practically from head to toe.

Jackson giggled when the guard began patting below the waist. “Hey! Watch what you’re touching down there! You gotta be careful, I kinda liked it!” He snickered.

“Shut up!” the guard barked as he moved over to Rap monster.

Without warning, Rap monster felt a pair of hands slap down on his shoulders and proceed to slap over the rest of his body. The pat down seemed to become more thorough where his pants began. “Damn, Jackson was right, this guy is handsy.”

“You’re both clean.” The guard concluded, letting Rap monster and Jackson into the warehouse.

Inside, the entire place was just one huge, dimly-lit room. There were at least 40 large crates that lined the sides of the small warehouse. Above the crates were metal ledges that also lined that walls of the warehouse. To no surprise, guards were posted to look over the crates and over all who were in the warehouse. As they walked to the other end of the warehouse, Rap monster counted about 20 of these guards. In plain sight, the spot where they were walking to, was a single desk with an older and heavy set man sitting behind it. Behind that man was another line up of 6 guards.

“Ah, Huang!” The man’s voice boomed. “Nice to finally have you… and this must be that friend of yours you’ve told me so much about!” He said as he scanned Rap monster from top to bottom.


With the convenience of the two sinks in the bathroom, the four of you were able to take turns and not be in each other’s way.

First, was the normal face wash. The luxurious cream was so gentle on your skin. You could feel your skin glowing by just coming into contact with it. Next came the exfoliating scrub. You and Jimin oohed and awed at sensations coming from the scrub and the two of you laughed as V and Jungkook kept getting stuff in their eyes because they were scrubbing so vigorously. When it came time to rinse your faces, they also kept goofing off and splashing water at each other.

Next was the fun part. Jimin brought out one of the many containers of a bubble mask cream from the box. You all quickly put on a thick layer, Jungkook and V being savages and using their finger to scoop out the product. “You guys are so lucky that I have more of this shit! If you ever do that again I will cut your fingers off!” Jimin playfully threatening. After the round of laughs you all watched as everyone’s faces fizzed up into a cloud of bubbles.

“Oh shit! You can barely see my eyes!” Jimin shrieked out of excitement.

“Guys! I did it! I’ve finally achieved my life goal of being a cloud!” V shouted.

“I don’t wanna move my face.” Jungkook muttered softly, his face as still as stone. “It tickles too much and I don’t want the bubbles to break off!”

“Bubble pop!… Bubble bubble bubble pop! Bubble bubble pop pop!” you sang as you lightly touched the foam on your face.


Still shielded by his sunglasses, Rap monster glared at the old fuck as he got up from the desk, revealing a gun at his hip. The man steadied himself and limped his way up to them.

“So Huang, you think I’m going to let just anyone in on this gun deal?!? You yourself begged me for months!” His voice croaked.

“Mr. Wu, you can trust him. Minseok has good business in Korea and his drug influence is growing in Japan and the southeastern countries. Allow us to work with you to let you in on our drug trade as well. You’ll have nothing to lose.” Jackson insisted.

The gun dealer continued to scan Rap monster. Rap monster could feel himself getting impatient over the fact that “Mr. Wu” never got to the damn point and Jackson’s gang here in Hong Kong never busted this deal as planned. “Just go with whatever is going on.” He told himself.

“Both of you, take that shit off your face.” Mr. Wu ordered.

Without hesitation, Rap monster and Jackson did were they were told and removed their glasses and face masks to reveal their bare faces.

“Look at you two! Just a bunch of little fucking kids! What do either of you know about this shit?!? Why should I, a man of experience, just make a deal with the likes of you two?!?”

Both he and Jackson stared at the wall across them and Mr. Wu went about his little rant.

“Now, Huang, with you… I think I can trust you, but you’re fucking annoying. This shows that you are loyal in some sense I guess. However, this only makes me question how loyal you are to Minseok…” Mr. Wu then got in Rap monster’s face. “And you! I know nothing of how you are!”

Rap monster fought every urge to push the old man off him. Instead, he stood still, staring straight forward and holding his breath to not breathe in the disgusting smell coming out of Mr. Wu’s mouth.

After a few more thrown comments, Mr. Wu finally reached a conclusion. “I’ll let Minseok in on this deal, but he has to do one thing first.”

“And what is that?” Rap monster asked in a normal tone.

The man limped to the back of his desk and pulled open the loudest, most squeaky drawer in all of Hong Kong. From the drawer, he pulled out a handgun and a single bullet and loaded it into the chamber. “All you gotta do is shoot Huang.”

“What?!?” Jackson exploded. “What the fuck is going on here you old sack of shit?!? We had a fucking deal!” He shouted as he charged at Mr. Wu.

Before Jackson could make contact, one of Wu’s henchmen pointed his gun at Jackson and shot at him. The bullet missed, but the sound alone was enough to scare Jackson back into place.

“You know what?!? Fuck you!” Jackson shouted again. He grabbed Rap monster’s sleeve and pulled him toward the exit. “C’mon, let’s just go!”

Rap monster pulled his arm back and freed himself of Jackson’s grasp. “No!”

Jackson turned back at him in shock.

With no expression on his face, he turned back to Mr. Wu and calmly said. “I’ll do it.”


Now it was finally time to use the face mask you were so excited about. You held back a smile as you all squeezed on to Jimin and V’s bed and laid down as if you were all squeezed into a can of sardines. V shoved the decorative pillows onto the floor to make room for the four of you. From the head board to the foot of the bed, you all laid in order from tallest to shortest.

“Ah, now it is time to let these masks work their magic.” Jimin sounded so relaxed.

“Y/n, what was Chuntao like?” V asked from the other side of the matress. “She was with you backstage last night, right?”

“I thought I saw her front row.” Jungkook said.

“The first night she was in the crowd, but last night she was in the back with me.” You clarified. “Hm, she was rather on the quiet side… She was polite, but not exactly in a very genuine way. The only time she was vocal and involved was when you guys were there.”

“She sounds like a bitch.” Jimin said flat out.

“I don’t know her. I can’t say that about her… Maybe she’s just shy.” You said.

“Nah, she’s a bitch, even Jin thinks so.” Jungkook said. “He said that her personality changes depending on whoever is around her. When he saw her talking to staff, she was practically yelling at them, but around us she tries to be really innocent.”

“Hhhmm, they seem perfect for each other!” V laughed.

Jimin and Jungkook laughed along too, except you. Even though Chuntao might not have been the nicest person, she doesn’t deserve to die. “She only has till tomorrow…” you thought.


Jackson struggled as he was held in place by two of Wu’s henchmen. Rap monster stood a few feet in front of him, the loaded gun already in his hand.

“Dude, don’t do it! Think of our friendship man! You’ve saved my ass so many fucking times! I covered for you anytime you got into some deep shit! I’ve always had your back no matter what! C’mon don’t do this!” Jackson begged.

Wu stood behind Rap monster with a smile on his face. “Go ahead Minseok, pull the trigger. I get new territory with you and you get new product from me. There is no need to involve Huang, he doesn’t bring any benefit to either of us.”

Rap monster weighed his options. “Jackson’s guys never got here and Mr. Wu is right, if I shoot Jackson, I won’t make the deal in Taipei, but I’ll get new deals in the future. If Jackson’s guys do get here and things go down well, we take the guns, sell them, and take a jab at Wu’s gun ring. In that plan, Jackson and I still get something out of it…. No matter what I do, I get something…” he thought.  Without hesitation, he lifted the gun and pointed it at Jackson’s head.

“Do it!” Wu whispered into his ear.

“No! Don’t fucking do it!” Jackson cried. Jackson’s face was filled with fear. Rap monster enjoyed this. He enjoyed seeing Jackson’s struggles and hearing his shrill voice echo through the warehouse. Jackson’s cries were not enough to fully repay his revenge, but something was better than nothing. As long as he was the one to put an end to Jackson, that was what mattered.

“Bye Huang.” Rap monster said as his finger made a slow journey to the trigger.

Just as he was about to pull it, the sound of shattering glass startled everyone. A tin bottle rolled on the floor and soon a cloud of thick smoke began to fill the warehouse. More cans rained in through the windows and the warehouse was quickly flooding with smoke.

“It’s about damn time!” Rap monster said under his breathe. He turned around to Wu just as more more smoke began to conceal everything. Before his new target could be concealed, he pulled the trigger and heard old Chinese man’s body land on the ground with a hard thud.

From the moment he pulled the trigger, he was surrounded by an orchestra of gunshots, footsteps and yelling. Instinctively, he fell to the ground to take cover. He crawled to Wu’s body, taking the gun from his hip. He looked up and all he could see were the sporadic flashes of gun fire. He stayed still, listening out for Jackson. Over the gun shots he could hear Jackson’s voice screaming out in Chinese, but after a few words he heard nothing.

He felt a heavy weight crunch down his leg. Soon the person that stepped on him, tripped over him and fell to the ground. “Shit!” he thought. Quickly, he cocked the gun and shot the guy before he could even turn to see him.

Rap monster shot up from the ground and ran to the direction of the walls to take cover behind the crates for some cover, all the while sending some bullets of his own into the open space. In the process of it all, he felt a burning sensation on his left arm. “Motherfucker!” He shouted. He hid behind one of the large crates and waited.

Not even a minute later a van crashed through the front doors of the warehouse. The tires screeched and the van came to a halt. It unloaded 20 more guys in smoke masks and guns shooting in all directions.

Rap monster decided to be smart and so he stayed put. With all the smoke still hanging in the air, they could mistake him for one of Wu’s guys. The pain in his arm didn’t feel so bad but then again, he was running on adrenaline. He looked down at his arm and thankfully it was only a graze of the bullet.


“This mask smells good. It’s actually making me hungry.” V groaned.

“Me too.” Jungkook added. “Let’s eat something!”

“I don’t feel like going anywhere though.” Jimin whined.

“Ooh! We can get room service then!” V suggested.

Jungkook sat up and removed his mask. “I’ll call!”

Jimin gasped over the fact that Jungkook removed such an expensive mask so soon. “Give me that!” Jimin shouted, ripping it out of Jungkook’s hands and rubbing the remaining residue on his neck, arms, and hands. “This shit is too good to waste.” He grumbled.

Jungkook stared at Jimin as if he were a mad man. “…Ok… Well I want a burger. Tae what do you want?” he asked, pointing at V.


Jungkook’s finger moved over to Jimin. “Jimin?”


Then his finger pointed at you. “My fake jagi?”

“…Chicken?…” you were a bit hesitant about getting room service with them, but then again, you didn’t want to bring down the mood either.

Jungkook got up and went to the phone, finishing the order in a few minutes. “Ok, they said it will be done in 15-20 minutes.” He walked over to your shared bed and grabbed the laptop Jackson gave him. Then he grabbed some sodas from the mini-fridge and passed them to the three of you. “Time for some Netflix!”

Again, you all bunched up on the bed and sat around the laptop. It took a while to decide on what to watch. Most of the time was spent on each of you trying to convince the rest to choose what you wanted to see. By the time the food was brought up to the room, you all still hadn’t come to a conclusion. However, a very sneaky V utilized the food as his distraction and put the movie “Finding Dory” while the rest of you were too busy getting your food off the cart.


Eventually all the smoke cleared and the shots soon died off. Now it was safe for him to come out. Rap monster moved away from the crate, gripping onto his arm. The view before him was dozens of bodies dropped in pools of blood while Jackson miraculously stood injury free in front of his crew and threw orders at his remaining men to load all the crates into the other vans driving in.

“Wang!” He called out as he walked closer.

Jackson looked over at him and instantly his face filled with rage. “You were gonna fucking kill me!” he screamed. He grabbed the gun from the guy standing in front of him and shot at Rap monster without even thinking. Unfortunately for Jackson, there was only one bullet left, but that didn’t stop him from still trying to shoot it. He was in too much of a rage to notice it at first.

As for Rap monster’s “luck”, the single bullet shot into his left arm yet again. It definitely wasn’t just a graze this time and he could feel an immense wave of pain in his arm. Heat radiated on his left side and he immediately screamed out in pain. He fell to his knees and brought his other arm up, pointing his gun at Jackson. Jackson’s men quickly encircled him, making a wall between he and Jackson and they pointed their guns right on him. In an act of stubbornness, he took his finger off the trigger but still kept it pointed at his fellow idol/drug dealer. “I was only playing along you stupid fuck!” he lied. “I was never going to actually kill you.”

Jackson seemed skeptical. “Really?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes!” Rap monster lied again. To make a point, he put his gun down on the floor and slid it away, his good arm going back to pressing down on his wound. Blood oozed down his arm, creating a little puddle of its own right next to his knee. “Jackson, I was never gonna fucking do it.” He let his face drop and he brought his voice down to an exhausted huff. He did anything to make it seem as if he were actually genuine about it all. “I wasn’t gonna turn my back on you like that.”

Jackson signaled his men to put their guns down only after grabbing a new gun off of one of them. His men did as instructed and went about loading the vans with the crates of guns. Jackson walked up to him and looked down at him still with a hint of uncertainty. He kept his finger on the trigger just in case Rap monster tried to pull anything. “I honestly thought you were gonna fucking kill me!” his voice cracked a bit.

“Bro, I wasn’t! What would I get out of it? If I did I wouldn’t be able to take him down on my own and I wouldn’t have my best friend anymore. Not to mention, he was probably gonna take me out once I got rid of you.” He ended with a small chuckle, something to lighten the mood. On the inside however, Rap monster hated this moment. Although he was being smart and faking it all, he hated that he looked so weak. This whole situation should be the other way around and he vowed that he would make that happen.

A small smile broke out on Jackson’s face. “You gotta stop being such a good actor you piece of shit!” He laughed as he pulled Rap monster up.

Relief consumed him and now he was in the clear once again. “Now get back to the fucking hotel so I can get to Minho!”.

This was something really different for me to write. As mentioned before I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback. ^-^ (Also, now I really kinda want to do a Jackson spin off…)