that fic is forever stuck in my mind

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heeyyyyyy i was thinking about this and how theres actually not so many moxler fanfics :( and i was wondering if you had headcanons about them or some good shit like that

Oh dear, don’t indulge my Moxler headcanons or I won’t ever S T A H P ahahah! xD
Ok, I have a sort of AU Moxler hc that I explained here a while ago (ok my hcs are actually more like unwritten fics because when I start to think about them my mind runs quickly to imagine a whole story ahah xD).
The second one is settled somewhere in the future, like ten years from now, where Seth is stuck forever in the midcarding, misused, working in WWE without anymore satisfaction. Dean had had the same destiny, so he decided to leave WWE and sign with ROH where he started to wrestle again with his old ring name. They lost touch and they haven’t been seeing each other for years, until Seth one day decides to go see a ROH live event cause he misses him every day more and he acknowledges his (secret) feelings for him haven’t changed throughout the years; at the end of the house show they meet and they talk a lot, and Seth tells Moxley he isn’t happy anymore to work like that, so Moxley tries to convince him to leave WWE as well and join him, but Seth doesn’t know if it’s gonna be the right choice. They go out for a drink and eventually, since he’s not totally sober, Seth ends up revealing his feelings to Moxley, and Moxley confesses him that he always reciprocated them. So they spend the night together until they have to part again, and from now on Seth will think more and more about Mox’s suggestion… When one day he is cleaning up his house, he finds his old Tyler Black gear in a box, and wears it in front of the mirror (so GAY ahahaha xD): at that point he suddenly takes his phone and calls Vince McMahon, telling him that he is quitting with WWE. The headcanon ends with the ring announcer during the main event of ROH saying that, for the first time ever, that night Jon Moxley will face “an old friend”, and at that moment Seth comes out as Tyler Black, stepping in the ring next to Moxley, and they’ll look at each other with a smile before starting the match. 

UGH I’m sorry if I was booooring ahahah but I swear to god, sooner or later I’ll turn these headcanons into fics! :C

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ship ask: what song(s) remind you of Skimmons?

What songs don’t remind me of Skimmons might be a better question?! Honestly there are so many that are just Skimmons songs in my mind forever.

“Take Me to Church” by Hozier is the first one that comes to mind, of course. A lot of his songs remind me of Skimmons but that’s the biggest one. “Better Love” off the Legend of Tarzan soundtrack is a close second.

“Shut Up and Dance” by Walk to Moon is another one that always makes me think of Skimmons. “Anna Sun” by them is a good Skimmons one too.

“Beating Heart” by Ellie Goulding reminds me of Skimmons because I used one of the lyrics as a fic title and it’s just stuck with me since then.

“Cardiac Arrest” by Bad Suns, “Another Story” by the Head and the Heart, “Make You Better” by The Decemberists…I know there are more and I’m going to hate myself for forgetting them but these are the ones that come to mind right now!

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I know you've said you're going to write a second part to the infamous dubcon Shyan fic, which I am dying to read! But would you have a problem if I were to write a sequel of sorts (not really a sequel I guess, it would just be like a second chapter where the demon goes through with his threat). If not that's totally fine! That fic has just been stuck on my mind for days

Omfg plsplsplspls pls do the thing I will love you forever

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Hi! I love your blog and the Seth/Kate fics & gifs you create:) can I request the "Will you marry me" prompt for Seth/Kate!? Thanks :)

Alright I blame all you assholes on tumblr and twitter for this absolute piece of fluff you’re welcome also fuck you. I love y’all.

Kate felt the bed shift but didn’t break her concentration. There was something almost peaceful about the methodical nature of cleaning her gun. She knew well enough from her time with the Geckos to take good care of it. It was a sign of how much her life had changed that she took it seriously and found it even comforting to go through the process. But when an arm slid around her waist, she faltered and nearly dropped the piece she was working on.

“You’re going to distract me,” she said softly.

Seth slid the strap of her dress from her shoulder, pressing a kiss there.

“That’s the point,” he said.

He smelled clean and his hair was still damp from the shower that he just took. Kate could feel that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, especially when he pulled her back into his chest and continued pressing soft kisses to her shoulder and neck. Without her permission, her skin tingled in the wake of his lips and she couldn’t help but shudder.

“Do you want to finish this for me?” she asked, though she couldn’t really find it in her to complain about what he was doing.

“Leave it for later,” Seth said, brushing her hair aside.

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