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ME:A Fic: Five Gifts (1/1)

Guys. I don’t think I have ever been the first to invent an AO3 tag before. I made this post yesterday night. It’s… been a wild ride?

Pairing: Vetra Nyx/Jaal Ama Darav

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Five Gifts


Some time after the first trip to Voeld—where, yes, maybe she’d complained just a little about the ridiculous cold—Vetra finds a piece of fabric on her workbench. It’s the exact color of her markings, which is strange. Even stranger, the small, delicately-embroidered flowers winding around the edges are gold, and if the fabric is a perfect match for her markings, she can’t help noticing the embroidery’s the same color as her eyes.

It’s a kind of tube. Weird. She has no idea what it’s for. Pretty, though. It’s also the softest, silkiest fabric she’s ever felt, which is saying something because she’s sourced some pretty fancy shit over the years.

There’s no note, no explanation. She asks around, discreetly. She knows how to be discreet. Ryder’s as confused as she is. Drack snorts. Peebee jokes about secret admirers. Figuring it might be some kind of angaran thing, she brings it to Jaal. He’s busy with something, but instead of just turning in his chair or speaking over his shoulder, he stops what he’s working on immediately, rises, and faces her directly, as if she’s now the most important thing he has to think about. She not sure she’s ever going to get used to that. He smiles when he sees the fabric in her hands, but the smile fades when she asks if he knows what it’s for.

“Ah,” he says slowly, as if savoring the single syllable. “You did not get the note?”

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i like to think barry’s last name was actually eugenes but people just called him bluejeans because he loves jeans and it rhymed and it was fun to tease him but he was actually like ‘ha, bluejeans, i like that’ and like a month later he’d legally changed his name to bluejeans and everyone was like fuck??? fuck how do we make fun of him about this this man is a god this man is too powerful?

I’m rolling around on Twitter with tens of thousands of freaked out Americans. Watching senators try to bull the holdouts into voting for this travesty. Including McCain. They’re harrassing a guy dying from cancer to do what they want even thought they all KNOW IT’S A BAD THING. So their choices were–come up with something better, which isn’t possible with what they want. Or some up with something we can pass no matter what it does to Americans. Because we’ll have wrecked Obamacare. And that’s the most important thing apparently. THEY’RE ALL A BUNCH LAZY DIPTHONGS.

hey guess what i was tagged in that song meme not by one but by TWO people (@nightgerbil and @oliversubpodcasts thanks) and i always see my mutuals do it and all of them have wonderful niche eclectic tastes BUT i can’t relate i love POP. anyway:

charli xcx - boys (came out like what three days ago and already #1 in my heart)
sleigh bells - rule number one
hurts - confide in me
METRO STATION - SHAKE IT (certified banger what can i say)
carly rae jespen - cry 
lorde - supercut
perfume genius - wreath (lbr this whole album)
brainstorm - только бы ты на меня посмотрела (eternal banger still goes as hard as when it first came out when i was in school)
mujuice - кровь на танцполе (see above)
miss lana del rey - SUMMER BUMMER

also WILD how many of the people i follow are following each other

(i dont really look through my dashboard anymore so idk who’s already done one but i want to tag my elusive mutuals @violentbaudelaire @bienenkiste @christophermoltisanti and @freshfish)